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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  July 10, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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very good morning happening right now on "good day philadelphia", back in court, 18 fraternity members facing charges in the death of a fraternity pledge, go before a judge. big question, is there enough evidence to take that case to trial. also ahead this morning without a trace two bucks county teens missing both disappearing within 24 hours of each other and now hunt to find them. and the clock is ticking, deadline to come up with a budget just hours away but our pennsylvania lawmakers any close tore reaching a deal. if your riding septa we have big changes involving how you pay, starting to day. great to have you with us on this monday and then there were two. i feel like we're voting people off the island.
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>> true, it is vacation time. >> we're in, we're out, we're back. >> welcome back. >> thanks. >> good time off. >> good relaxing week. >> i'm chuckling because your little one roofus is here running around the studio back there somewhere. >> i think he wants to be floor director, sorry keith. >> we will make him an and are before the 6:00 o'clock hour. >> we're running low on people >> we will take it. >> how nice was yesterday. >> beautiful. >> today semi perfect and then humidity returns. you know the drill, it is still july and that is how it happens so we will start with a nine out of 10, almost perfect for today, we're off to a beautiful start this morning, not a cloud in the sky, can you see that, full moon, we look up at that exactly when it is exactly full but it is beautiful this morning. 70 degrees. calm wind, relative humidity 57 percent. sunrise time is 5:42. we have 61 in allentown. north and west of the city
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we're in the 50's, open windows sleeping in kutztown, hazelton and mount pocono at 51. down the shore we have 72 in ocean city. seventy-two in cape may. zero seven in rehoboth beach. it was a perfect sunday with a high of 83. when normal is 87. that is where we're heading to day. slight chance of the stray shower later on in the day, but not a whole lot but we could see a little pop up or two but looking nice, we will tell you when heat or humidity returns with the vengeance in a few moments but bob kelly, his turn to take vacation this week so we will take a look at traffic this week and we will start off with a look at the tractor trailer accident that happened overnight, in pennsauken, new jersey 73, and 130, officials they were able to get the tractor trailer backup right, last night and you can see all of the work it takes to take an overturned tractor trailer backup on its wheels again. that happened overnight.
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it happened 1:30 in the morning. watch out around 73 and 130. this is not too far from the betsy ross bridge. another look at, construction, of course, that is what happens at this time of the morning, the schuylkill westbound, approaching conshohocken, and route 42 at creek road, we have some problems there, and we will take a look at the rest of what is going on as the morning goes along but luckily except for that pennsauken incident we are looking good, thomas. >> thanks, sue. 4:03. eighteen former penn state fraternity brothers will be back in court facing charges in the hazing death of the sophomore pledge. the judge will ultimately decide if there is enough evidence to send this one to trial. jenny joyce in the news room with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as of right now it is scheduled as a two day event. apparently there is surveillance video that prosecutors plan to use to hold these 18 fraternity members accountable for death of their greek brother and classmate timothy piazza.
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piazza was found dead in february with toxic levels of the alcohol in his body, and injury from a series of falls. sophomore engineering student was a pledge at beta theta pi fraternity new banned from campus. a grand jury investigation found that the actions and in actions of piazza's classmates may have made his injuries worse. eight of the students are charged with involuntary manslaughter, others are charged with aggravated and simple assault and then tampering and related offences so this is footage of the students charged in the case entering the courthouse for a previous hearing. according to prosecutors, he had fallen down, stairs multiple times. surveillance video shows four fraternity brot are carried piazza's limp body backup stairs where they poured liquid on him and slap him in the face apparently one student who insisted piazza needed medical treatment was confronted and shoved into a wall piazza was found in the
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basement 10:00 the next morning when the fraternity brothers called 911. penn state began cracking down on greek life any organization that hazes with alcohol, physical or mental abuse will be shut down, and the changes came after piazza's parents demanded the board of trustees do something to prevent anything like this from happening ever again. so today's hearing will begin at 8:30. we have a crew there dave kinchen will bring us live reports on developments in this case, thomas a lot more to come, jenny joyce this morning, jenny thank you. we're following breaking news out of south philadelphia , police are investigating after seven tractor trailers caught fire in the shipping yard. fire crews received the call around 10:30 last night. they were able to put it out an hour later. police say tell us arson may to be blame but fortunately there were no injuries. police respond to a call for a stabbing victim it happened near doyletown hospital. no word on the identity of the victim or their condition. 4:06. police need your help tracking
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down two missing teens in bucks county. middletown township police say 18 year-old dean, lives in the hampton bridge section of the langhorne. he was last seen friday night around 6:30 getting into a koran hampton drive. no one has heard from him since. take a look if you know anything, his whereabouts, give police a call. in newtown township police say jimmy patrick has in the been seen or heard from since july 5th, he didn't show up for work and had no contact with his family, which they say is not normal. if you know anything, you know what to do give police a call. following this developing story out of harrisburg this morning we are just, hours away for the deadline to have governor wolf sign off on a budget for pennsylvania. it is now day 10 in the stalemate, negotiators are having a hard time reaching an agreement on how to pay for three to billion dollar budget package. lawmakers are trying to close the deficit of more than $2 billion. governor tom wolf has until
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midnight to sign, veto or allow it to become law without signing it. police in burlington county this morning are still trying to sort out details of the deadly home invasion in moorestown. a resident in the 700 block of hartford road reported that two men broke into his home just after midnight sunday. they began to struggle and resident stabbed both suspects , one died at the scene. now it is believed that the other may have checked himself into the hospital with the stab wound. fox 29 caught up with a man at the home, when he saw us, he jumped in his car and sped off police say the public is in danger but neighbors do want answers. >> fit is random, not random, who is involved, who is not involved so we can take proper precautions for ourselves and our families and kid. >> people are alarmed. >> i'm sure they are. how can you not be when it is in your own neighborhood? >> police have not released the name of the man killed and so far no one has been charged in kensington shots ring
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out in broad daylight near kid s playing in the sidewalk pool. police say 21 year-old man had just walked out of the grocery store and hopped on the bike when a guy shot him four times it happened yesterday afternoon on the 1800 block of east atlantic avenue. that man was rushed to temple university hospital where he is in critical condition this morning. police say that it is incredibly fortunate that none of the kid, were hurt. these poor children, just trying to have a nice time, on this summer afternoon in the pool, and then within 4 feet of them, is there a male being shot, shot at and shot right in front of the children. thank god none of the children were struck. >> yeah, close call here. police say the victim has not been cooperative with their investigation and so far no arrests. septa is changing the way that it collects regional rail fares, starting to day if you board in center city between three and 7:00 in the evening you will have your ticket
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punched before you go to the train. that remains the same. it has been in place for about a year now. now septa staff will give your tickets back to you so thaw can give those tickets to the conductor on the train. you still won't be able to by fair on the train and you'll be need to go buy that ticket well in advance. a heads up for nj transit riders major service changes due amtrak work at penn station in new york begins today. changes impact a handful of lines, weekdays only through september 1st. there are three round trips from newark to washington that are going to be cancelled about 20 percent of the service reduced. travelers you are urged to check the new schedules before you board the trains. time right now 4:09. deadly crash at a delaware animal shelter, still ahead police are trying to determine how the driver who control of her car, killing herself, and several animals. also, from russia with controversy, this time involving donald trump, junior
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we will tell you about meeting that has the president's son speaking out, but first weather and traffic, double duty, sue. that kind of week and we do have this look at pennsauken new jersey we will toll you earlier about a tractor trailer accident that happened overnight. happy to report that the road is opened again, everything is running smoothly, let's hope we can say that about the rest of the morning. your updates on weather and traffic is coming up.
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♪ empty boardwalk in ocean city, new jersey, a little haze there i but still so breezy and still so comfortable this morning and in a matter of hours very crowded. people owe vacation week as we head toward the middle of july and i looked it up and yes, we are having a full moon this morning. if you want to, take a howell at the moon before sunrise. reason it is called thunder moon because this is the month july when we have most thunderstorms on average, very stormy month because it is most hot, humid month of the year so it stand to reason that would happen and it is not even out of the question that it could happen to us, this afternoon. we're about to head into a very hazy, hot, humid weather pattern, once again, no
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surprise for july, and it was nice yesterday, wasn't it to have that respite after the cold front came through on saturday night. so, still a little bit on the comfortable side today, by tomorrow you'll be perspiring outside again today. eighty-seven should be our high later on. we will be in the 70's in the poconos today and mid 80's at the shore. so, right now, no precipitation to show you, none on the way those pop ups could happen later on and we will show thaw right now in the future cast. a couple cloud here and there this morning, a few more than we saw jed on a day that was absolutely perfection. by 10:00 o'clock you might get a few cloudy period and see pop ups happening, it is impossible to say exactly where but just instability in the atmosphere throughout the afternoon, and you may get a shower, you may not and if you do it shouldn't be a big deal. so that is today's precipitation, forecast, as we look back, before we look ahead, weekend was pretty good 87 on saturday and then that
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comfortable 83 yesterday with the low humidity. humidity we will transition now but start to get more sticky by end of the day 87 degrees and then possibility of heat wave number three, but of 2017 and then three days in the row of 90's and possibility of the pop up showers and thunderstorms never out of the question when it is hot and humid but as we head into next weekend we should be back in the 80's. that is your seven day forecast. i promise word are coming all we could manage was pictures and numbers in a moment. you know how it is. we will take a look at traffic happy to report there are no problems this morning. look at how smooth sailing is from the new jersey side to the ben franklin bridge we are looking at just a few cars there. of course, requisite overnight construction and we have it going on, schuylkill westbound approaching conshohocken curve but everybody getting a long there okay, and then we will take a look at some of the speeds as you traveling around this morning.
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most everybody is averaging around 44 miles an hour on most of the our major roadways , we will call that smooth sailing. lets hope it lasts, thomas. >> i think bob just told everybody to stay home today. >> thanks, bob. we will see how long that lasts. 4:16. iraq's prime minister declares a great victory in the fight against isis, leader celebrate nothing mosul after troops drove isis militant from the last strong holds. it comes after nearly nine months of the deadly combat in the region. isis over ran mosul and swept across northern and central iraq in 2014. now they have control of less than one square mile. baghdad residents filled into liberation square to celebrate iraqi forces success. >> fighting this terrorist group for three and a half years now, lots of cities and towns and we are now in mosul. eastern part liberated and now one part left in the west. >> we are happy with such victories where we expelled
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isis rats. >> battle has killed thousands and displaced a million people isis still controls some villages in iraq and large parts of the land in syria. 4:17. we are getting new information about a meeting between donald trump, junior and russian lawyer during the presidential race last year. trump junior says his brother-in-law jared kushner also took part in the meeting at trump tour with then campaign chairman paul mana fort. new york times report ago this trump junior agreed to the meeting after he was promised damaging information about hillary clinton. trump junior says lawyer only wanted to discuss moscow's ban on adoptions of russian children by u.s. parents. revelations about the meeting come as president trump returns from the g20 summit where president faces criticism of his handling of election meddling in the election and reports of the proposed cyber security unit with russia. >> the president trump still knows that they medicineled, president putin knows they are medicineled but he will never admit to it, and that is all
4:18 am
that happened. >> so far they have not paid a single price for that. >> i'm intent on punishing rushing have russians for interfering in the election. they will did it in france. they will note germany. they are doing it in the balance tics and balkan states their neighbors. i want a clear message to russia you will pay a price for under cutting democracy and if president trump doesn't embrace this he will be empowering russians and betraying democracy. i cannot say it any clearer then that. >> president trump tweeted this quote the fact that president putin and i discussed a cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't, but a cease-fire can , and did. back here at home tragedy in delaware where woman died and four legged animals became innocent, victims in the fiery car crash, now this morning police are trying to figure out what led to the woman to crash her car in the spca setting that building on fire. our sabina kuriakose has more.
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>> okay, come on. >> reporter: hard to believe from their friendly demeanor but these two dogs are home less and nameless. it was 5:00 sunday morning when animals were delivered to terry friedman's front door already shelter dogs at brandywine valley spca across the street car crash and fire met these pets have lost another home, kerry witnessed chaos from her porch at quarter past midnight on south and sixth street in new castle , delaware. >> we heard a vehicle and saw it coming flying down this road, and probably 60 miles an hour or more and just went straight through intersection and parking lot straight in the building. >> reporter: one car crash killed the driver, set off a two alarm fire, three cats were also killed, and shelter has 100 animals and fire fighters and neighbors came together to pull them to safety. >> they were busted out windows, dogs were burned. >> reporter: rebecca weaver said she and her family ran to help. >> i had one and there was, a burn this big on top of his ear, bleeding, and there was
4:20 am
another dog that had burns on the face. >> reporter: crash left a gaping hole in the building. neighbor kerry and others took in many of the animals but with extensive damage and few option this is no kill shelter need the public, to step in. >> we're asking folks thinking about adopt to go day is the day to do it. we have 98 animals displays that had need a home to go to. fortunately community did come together and we could have who more lives tonight. >> investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused this driver to lose control and crews have begun to clean up process, but shelter officials say it will take sometime, before they can even begin to plan honorary opening their facility. in new castle delaware, sabina kuriakose for fox 29 news. time is 4:20. delaware state police are searching for driver who struck a man in the wheelchair and then kept on going. police say a 29 year-old man was heading east on east lee boulevard in wilmington friday
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night when a dark colored suv struck him near north market street. driver stopped at first and then took off. victim has serious but non- life threatening injuries. lets go to lower providence montgomery county where this dunkin' donuts is closed this morning following a nasty car crash. police say someone drove right in the restaurant just after midnight, fortunately the store was closed at the time and no one was injured. the crash is still under investigation. there is a new rule for catholics around the world, why popular diet is toast when it comes to celebrating holy communion, we will explain but first here's sean bell. coming up in sports in a minute i'll update you on markelle fultz injury. luckily not as bad as we thought. hear what he had to say next in sports.
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i don't know, but sixers might be cursing. another top draft pick with another injury. luckily this one isn't that bad, markelle fultz twisted his and until his last game but luckily just a sprained ankle. ice it up, get some rest and he will be just fine but sixers are sitting him out rest of the summer league for precautionary reasons. yesterday fultz talked about what he accomplished in the summer league. >> i think i accomplished to be a leader, and, court smart and give my teammates the ball
4:25 am
defensively i improved a lot. and just, again, just knowing that everybody on this club was going to be faster, quicker and will be able to play. i definitely learned a lot. to the phillies/padres in the third freddie galvis with the monster two run shot he had two, on the day, phillies had six total in the game. they went on to win, seven-one that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. coming up here at 4:30 manager gone wild, what in the world, got into this guy right here. he is dancing or at least trying trying to on a buffet table and i'll tell you this one does not end well.
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back in court, evidence was collect but is there enough to send the case begins 18 fraternity members accused of a death to trial. also a shut down is over but will those working in the garden state get back pay? this morning we have the answer. and, what happened here? another beach mistake? oh, the details on this one float ago way. great to have you with us
4:29 am
on this monday morning, karen hepp, bob kelly, they are off somewhere in the sunset some where tropical, beautiful but look who is back. >> we all get our turn. >> we do. >> and roofus is running around the studio. >> he is a jack russell. that is why we called him jack >> we have a store which a dog name jack. >> dog's at work. >> yes. >> random tweeted out a photo he is already tired from running out the studio. >> no doubt. >> it is a dog's life that is what they say. but for people today, and your dogs, this is going to be a warmer one and by end of the day you will feel humidity return but we will still give you a nine out of 10 because it really won't be back with a vengeance until tomorrow the humidity i mean. things are beautiful this morning and hardly any cloud, so go take a look at that full thunder moon, before the sunrise, which is officially at 5:42. we have 70 in the city.
4:30 am
fifty-nine in pottstown, 51 until the mountains, sweater weather almost up there. sixty in trenton. very comfortable morning. zero seven in rehoboth beach, and in medford, lakes 64 degrees, reading 61. this is a nice one. we had a perfect sunday. it was below, humidity was nice break in july, 83 was our high. normal was 87 by the end of the afternoon, stray shower, not out of the question and like i said it will be a little bit more uncomfortable by end of the day to day. from the 60's to the lower 80 's by lunchtime, high of 87. that is your planner for your weather authorities. now we will check traffic as well because bob kelly is off all week. we will look at our travel times this morning, if you are going, westbound, on the vine it will take but two minutes to go from 95 to the schuylkill. that is a good thing. southbound i-95 from the vine to the blue route that is a 16 minute trip and also, all
4:31 am
systems go eastbound on the schuylkill from city avenue to the vine, only five minutes this morning, get out there now, thomas. >> let's race on out thanks, sue. 4:31, 18 former penn state fraternity brothers will be back in court facing charges in the hazing death of the sophomore, pledge. now the judge will ultimately decide if there is enough evidence to send this case to trial. jenny joyce in the news room with more, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: prosecutors say surveillance video in this case tells story and proofs that these 18 fraternity brothers need to be held accountable for death of their pledge and classmate timothy pea as a piazza was found dead in february with toxic levels of alcohol in his body and injuries from a series of falls, and the sophomore engineering student was a pledge at beta theta pi fraternity and now banned from campus. a grand jury investigation found that the actions and in actions of piazza's classmates may have made his injuries worse. eight of the students are
4:32 am
charged with involuntary manslaughter, others are charged with aggravated and simple assault, evidence tampering and related offence. this is footage of the students charged in the case entering the courthouse for a previous hearing and according to prosecutors the night piazza died he had fallen down steps o stairs multiple times , the surveillance videos shows four fraternity brothers carried his body backup stairs where they presided to play around, pour liquid on him and slap him in the face. one student who insisted he needed medical treatment was confronted and shoved in the wall. piazza was found in the basement around 10:00 o'clock the next morning, that is when the fraternity brothers, finally, called 911, and, doctors estimate that piazza had a blood alcohol content of .40 a dangerously high level. today's hearing will begin at 8:30. we have a crew there. our dave kinchen will bring us live reports on all of the developments in this case.
4:33 am
factor. 4:32. police are searching for four young men in bucks county who all went missing late last night. last night there was a heavy police presence in solebury township. our steve keeley joining us with the very latest, what is going on here, steve. >> reporter: thank god for nearly full moon because that is only light we have out here other than our camera light and we will turnaround and show you how isolated this road is that we're on. you can see sunrise over the horizon over this farm field and woodland is here on aqua tongue road off of route 202, the only other light out here you can see this house, with the storm door opened. that is owned but not occupied but it is now, the center of this investigation, with these four young men from their late teens to early 20's who suddenly vanished without a trace. one other light, headlights on a solebury township police car that is backed in the driveway , in front of what appears to be a garage-type
4:34 am
shed, to this house, and a law enforcement source involved in the investigation tells me they found one of the four missing men's cars, in that garage. police are checking to see whether any of these mens phones, credit or bank card have been used, here comes an isolated car so we will make sure our camera guy and police warned thaws they fly over this hill and then they see a police car and camera crew and slows down. this gives you a sense how isolated this is and maybe somebody was hanging out here without anybody knowing it, because, there is no neighbors , anywhere near here, thomas. that gives you a sense where this investigation is. police were here until 1:00 a.m. investigating, not including this officer who is guarding the scene here and you can see yellow tape to the left on the side of the police car. so detectives out here all over this properties, and until 1:00 a.m. and we are told they will be back out here as soon as that sun fully comes up to continue this
4:35 am
investigation. so, family, constantly worried about these guys since they went missing, the latest missing almost a week now since the day after fourth of july which is last wednesday, and then again, be in has hurt from these people. they have not reported, very unlike all of them. police have been trying to find a definitive link and other than family of one of the four saying they are all acquaintances that is first time they found out that these four from four different towns in bucks county all somehow are linked not just with thin investigation but linked in terms of the either friendship or some kind of an acquaintance. that is very latest, thomas. >> it is bizarre, the question is where are those four young men, steve keeley, thank you. 4:35. talking about power of social media helping reunite a woman and her dog. jude zimmerman was waiting to pick up her son from newark airport when someone slipped in and stole her car with her dog, jack/jack still tonight. luckily jude's boyfriend
4:36 am
posted about the missing dog on social media and led them to elizabeth, new jersey where jack/jack had been taken in by deli owner who said pup had been wandering around. >> people say we think we saw the dog at sunset deli. and within that hour i was at sunset deli and found him. >> police still have in the found jude's car or the culprit but jude says she chalks it up to having her four legged friend back as a win. governor chris christie catching heat over new report helicopters for personal trips , according to the report , republican governor used helicopter to attend a presidential debate and to make appearances at sports talk radio stations. new jersey was reimbursed for 34 of the flights but he took nearly 100 trips in the last two years which cost taxpayers about a half million-dollar. after new jersey state governor shut down busted your fourth of july plans, a little bit of good news you could be
4:37 am
eligible for a refund. department of the environmental protection says all reservations at new jersey run recreational sites will receive a refund. department says that it could take several weeks for credit card reservations to be refunded. those who paid for cash or check will to have follow-up with their specific park office allstate run parks, recreational areas, forest, camping areas, historical sites and beaches were shuttered after lawmakers failed to pass a budget before the july 1st deadline. london back in the head lines this morning, another massive fire, this one affecting a popular tourist attraction, we will have the latest, tell you exactly what happened in this london fire, stay with us. first kid
4:38 am
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we have a developing story , flames broke out just after midnight local time at camden lock market a very popular tourist attraction, three floors and roof of the building burned at, well, what was a popular tourist attraction. fire crews were able to contain fire, no one was injured, that is good news, but you'll remember just a few weeks ago a massive fire rocked london, when greenfel tower a 32 floor building burned killing 80 people. back here at home thousands or fleeing from their homes on the u.s. pennsylvania particular coast after 40 wild fires devastated parts of the western california, colorado, oregon,
4:41 am
arizona fire fighters have not been helped by extreme heat this past weekend with temperatures in the hide 90's. there is some good news temperatures are expect to drop by double digits in the next day or so hopefully they will have it better controlled police in ohio continue to look for the two gunman who opened fire at a gender reveal party, this is near cincinnati , sunday night, to 22-year old woman was killed and including a pregnant woman hosting the party. that woman was revealing the sex of her baby as a boy, and she who that child after being shot in the leg. take a look at this video we have been telling you, do you see that guy dancing, he is in the background? it is in the a nightclub, that is a pizza joint and he is dancing on the buffet table. he is a restaurant manager manager at stevey b's buffet in michigan is seen jumping on serving stations and playing with the food. this all happened after the restaurant closed. the manager has been since
4:42 am
fired. the restaurant has not only apologized to the customers but it announced it is shutting down. 4:42. move over iphone there is a new phone making headlines but this one, well, we will say this one will be playing tricks on your eyes, like something you have never seen before. will you buy it.
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♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to sue serio i think i found bob kelly. >> where. >> do you see that boat drift
4:45 am
ago way. >> they goes. that is in cape may county, a sail boat drifted in the is your f it happened yesterday. he is probably safe back on shore, right now. north wildwood second street bridge, life guard they helped stabilize the boat and we understand bob kelly was not injured. >> i know exactly where that is that that is with your little spot, in north wildwood we love it. g everybody got that under control. it looks like teamwork going on there as far as traffic is concerned we will start off with an accident in abington, it is, at meeting house road, and, sunset avenue, that happened very, very early this morning if that is your neighborhood that will slow you down this morning. there could be a little extra traffic around the man center for performing arts in philadelphia because of an 11:00 a.m. concert, it is called rockology a young people concert part of the series at the mann. if is there is extra traffic
4:46 am
that is y north bound at blue route, looking good this morning as we start to see beginnings of the sunrise and we will go over to new jersey and check route 42 at creek road still dark but everybody is moving along okay. starting to get extra volume. that is because it is monday and folks are coming home from the shore. we will talk about weather coming up in 15 seconds checking a few headlines this morning we will start off with, humidity returning, yes, yesterday was pretty comfortable, actually saturday night and sunday looks good this morning is great. by end of the day you'll feel it again. heat wave possible this week, in fact, pretty likely and that will be the fourth one of the year, chances of some storms always comes along with
4:47 am
heat and humidity as well, so, we have got that full moon out there just a little while left to look at it, it is, the thunder moon, because july is the month with the most thunderstorms, it is also sometimes called the buck moon because this is the time of the year and i just looked this up when the deer, the male deer their antlers are the biggest. it is called the buck moon as well. this is fun. what we like to do, trivia. on a monday morning. plus, it is a pretty nice morning so there is not a lot of action going on. there could be by end of the day. looking at future cast we will see a few cloud here and there , not quite as perfect as yesterday we could get a pop up shower north and west of the city, a few more pop ups toward evening but mostly not seeing too much today but as we head into tomorrow here we are with a mixture of sun, cloud in the 90's, pop up thunderstorms anytime in the afternoon and evening and then by wednesday we should see a
4:48 am
cold front coming through and so that may be more widespread with the thunderstorms by wednesday afternoon but you can at least count possibility of afternoon thunderstorms every day when it is hot and humid. eighty-seven is your high. we there on saturday. we were below average yesterday. back to 87. ninety's. ninety's, on tuesday, wednesday, thursday with the possibility of those pop ups we have just mentioned and we should be back in the 80's heading in to next weekend, thomas. >> heat's back, thank you. lets talk about this new study coming from penn state, researchers say woman who receive false positive mammograms results are more likely to take anxiety or depression medication. researchers analyzed insurance claims of was man who had to take more than one test to resolve a false positive mammogram result. team says there was a 20 to 30 n patients beginning to take anxiety or depression drugs. study authors say findings show a need to include stress,
4:49 am
anxiety when considering recommendations for mammography. find as peer in the journal medical care. believe it or not citrus foods may help to protect your brain, new study that reveals eating oranges and other citrus can cut won chances have getting dimension a chemical within the acids supposedly helps slow or reverse impairment of the memory as one gets older. may want to consider drinking a glass of low sugar orange juice every morning. new rule for catholics around the world concerning bread, vatican has ruled gluten free bread cannot be used for holy commune john but for those people who cannot tolerate it low gluten is just fine. you have heard of every organic food under the sun, right? now there is an all organic water called asarasi and it is strictly organic because it comes from mapel trees. first time usda certified water as organic.
4:50 am
kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it. time 4:50. parent company of sears and k-mart is shutting nearly four dozen more stores, they are having a hard time here, eight sears locations and 35 k-mart stores are affected. they are added to the list of 236 stores on the chopping block for 2017. company wants to focus on its best stores and growing its digital footprint. last time sears actually turned a profit was in 2010. in the past two years it has closed nearly 300 stores. lets talk about this phony was telling but displays on smart phones they're reaching new heights here. camera maker readies introducing a high end smart phone that it says, offers, who will graphic images, it is called hydrogen one and according to red it switches between traditional to the content, who will graphic multi view content, 3-d and
4:51 am
interactive games but this one is not going to come cheap. aluminum version will cost you $1,200 and titanium one will cost you $1,600 but images will be popping out according to red. 4:51. how about coffee that tastes like a million-dollar. denver international has un veiled a coffee machine worth over a million-dollar. it is called java box. coffee drinkes can choose from nine different types of beans creating 6,000 combinations, green, unroasted coffee beans, go in one end and fresh cup out the other, supposed to take real pure. whole process takes less than a minute, and it can cost you up to 20 bucks.
4:52 am
mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
4:53 am
fromto the wobbling yogis.kers to the stationary race winners, we all need lean protein. and it comes in a jimmy dean's delights breakfast sandwich. stacked with 17 grams of protein. lean into a great day. shine on.
4:54 am
♪ >> things flowing nicely looking at platt brink at 4:54 very good morning on this monday, hopefully you had a nice, relaxing weekend we will check weather and traffic in a bit. if you are looking to head out to a great beach bar look
4:55 am
no further then garden state they have great beach spots, right? lets talk about the rusty nail in cape may it made daily meal 's list of top 25 beach spots in the nation. on their list of things to try the bar's signature drink called the hammer, kind of lead tour own conclusion what the hammer will do to you. best part of the rusty nail you can bring your dog. beer bash in asbury park made the list and got shout out for loud music and rum buckets. beach bar offers oceanfront views and direct access to the beach allowing to you enjoy cocktail with your toes in the sand. >> ♪ >> hey. >> this was a good time, a latin party at penns landing, thousands of people enjoying music dancing, latino food at hispanic fiesta there were crafts for many latin american countries. goal of the festival is to unite and raise awareness of culture through celebration. i mean i'm overwhelmed,
4:56 am
puerto ricans, and all of the nationality, american, you know, they are like one place, for everybody. >> we're here every year we love it. music, good food and good people. >> the fiesta was part of the peco multi cultural series which showcases different cultures. 4:56 on this monday. we are covering several big stories this morning. jenny, good morning. >> the 18 fraternity members charged in the hazing death of 19 year-old pledge timothy piazza will be back in court for a preliminary hearing. this will determine whether the case will head to trial. we will be right back. why are you deleting these photos?
4:57 am
4:58 am
because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for two times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. you...smells fine, but yourin your passengers smell this bell dinging new febreze car with odorclear technology cleans away odors... ...for up to 30 days smells nice... breathe happy, with new febreze.
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back in court 18 fraternity members facing charges in the death of the fraternity pledge, they go before a judge but is there enough evidence to take this case, to trial. without a trace, four bucks county teens missing all disappearing, within 24 hours of each other, the hunt to find them. also ahead clock is ticking deadline to come up with a budget just hours away but are pennsylvania lawmakers any closer to reaching a deal? guess what if you ride septa listen up here's big changes involving how you pay, starting to day. it is great to have you with us, time is about to click over to 5:00 a.m. on
5:00 am
this monday, beautiful way to look up and look at the boardwalk. it is just two of us my friend s, you and i, sue on this monday morning. >> i wish we were walk ago long the boardwalk together. >> would have been great. >> but we are thrilled to be with you to tell you it is a nine out of 10 today, only reason it is not a 10 because by end of the day you will feel humidity coming back and we have ever so slight chance of the pop up shower but buddy is dockside today, and then he disappeared what just happened while i was gone. bus stop buddy started becoming a magician? anyway, nice start to the day, i have to pay attention to what i'm doing here. 68 degrees. 5:42 is your sunrise time. you can see first glimmers of the daylight there 68 degrees, with calm wind, checking some other temperatures we're in the 50's to the north of news pottstown, allentown, mount


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