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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 12, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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we're all just shook up by the whole, the whole thing. we're all, all scared. >> a person every interest, may be out on bail. but, now, his parents in the spotlight. why police want to question them under society, two women violently a assaulted, the heart break plaguing philadelphia neighborhood right now. >> on the defense, but not backing down. >> in retrospect i probably would have done things little differently. >> donald trump junior speaking out for the first time on television about that now infamous meeting with a russian lawyer, what the president's son is now saying, plus, did his father know? the stars are in the philadelphia area, pink performs in atlantic city. >> ♪ >> and james blunt and ed sheeran at the wells fargo center. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ by the way, james blunt stops by live in our studio this morning. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so did you go to the concert last night, i heard it was packed. >> let us know. ed sheeran, james blunt, at it again tonight. but james is with us today. >> look at that video and imagine just singing just to you. >> , who james blunt? >> ♪ beautiful. >> mable, a little later this morning. >> well, now. sue be? >> you wish. one wishes. >> it will be hot in here. oh, wait, that's the wetter. >> ya, well, this is going to be worse today. even added excessive heat watch just for good measure, now down to seven out every ten in your weather by the numbers, here it is, the counties affected by the excessive heat watch. it is all the urban, i59 corridor there, will feel like it is in triple digit later on today, so prepare tore that. do any exercising your tee do
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outside either this morning or late, late, late in the day, we're off to muggy start with bus stop buddy and the dog and the water bottle by his side. 79 degrees, southwesterlies at 8 miles an hour, keep an eye on the kids, if they're at camp over exertion on day like today, not good idea, 57 degrees in lancaster, allentown, 69 degrees in hazleton. seventy-nine in atlantic city. seventy-eight in cape may. close to 80 in rehoboth beach, to start the day. yesterday, was 91 degrees. >> probably day one of the heatwave. today expecting 93, feels like 100 or more in the possibility of pop up thunderstorm later on in the day. so, there is your wednesday. and we will talk about how much hot at the will get tomorrow, coming up in the seven day forecast, right now, big accident, to tell you about, affecting major roadway. this is i59 northbound, just before woodhaven road. and this accident is forcing everybody into the left lane.
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two lanes here crawling by, undoubtedly very large back up behind it. so, just going to have to pack your patience, on i59 northbound, near woodhaven road this morning. go to un err providence township tell but accident here, black rock road at route 29 also the concert tonight, sheeran, james blunt, lots of traffic around south philadelphia tonight. >> okay, 7:03, cosmea dinardo a game we're get to go know. he's free on bail. he has been named person of interest in the case of four missing young men in bucks county. >> and they haven't been seen since last week. so seem like big folk thus morning on cosmo dinardo's parent, the dinardo family. >> that will happen tomorrow. today marks first full week, since the first of the men went missing now we have day
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four of the search of the rural area up here where the dinardo family owns a lot of property, 70 acres they've been looking around, so tomorrow grand jury we've learn convenes in doylestown, to start to hear testimony, first to up appear in the morning tomorrow, the parent, of cosmo dinardo now 20 years olan now free on bail. the bensalem couple own the properties up here. and we said because they own so much property and companies that they wouldn't have any problem coming up with 10% of the $1 million bail their son was head on. they front that last night, and authority hoped to keep them lock up with that high bail. but, they only kept him locked up barely 24 hours, he was out by dinnertime, 6:00 p.m. last night. >> did you know that his parent own the property. there is some information that i am privy to that i can't share with you. and i want to be very careful to stress that he is a person
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of interest. he has not been charged. or arrested with respect to any of the missing four young men at this time. >> what i can tell you, that is encouraging, is any major investigation like this, we have gotten an ton of leads, and we've been able to eliminate a lot of information, which is helping us narrow our focus, but we have so much more to do. we have a lot of information coming in from the public. i urge to you continue to use crime watch. continue to call the tip line. >> when they got their subpoenas to appear before a grand jury, they got one of the best defense attorneys we've learned, fortunato perry, jr., partners with brian mcgonigle, those two names now very familiar to our viewers, they were part of and leading the defense team for the bill cosby case you'll recall. and we also learned not only did they get subpoenas to testify, but the cell phones of cosmo, his dad, antonio,
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46, and 47 year old mom sandra, also have all been legally seized. detective, prosecutors, tracing back who was where, when, based on the pings to the closest cell towers with those phones, phones connect to the cellar towers, as you drive around, just with having your phone powered on. you don't have to be on a phonecall with somebody. those phones also have records of any text messages, direct messages, and obviously the call histories, as well. so, prosecutors tomorrow, sources tell us, will go to the grand jury, and force cosmo dinardo's parent to testify in secret session under oath what they know about their son's actions, whereabouts, acquaintances since the fourth of july, especially a week ago today, when the first of those four jimi patrick vanished without a trace so far. alex, mike? >> wow, tomorrow will be a big day in this case. okay, steve, thank. 7:06 exactly now. >> let's get to the next story where two women are dead after
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a shooting in fairhill. >> yep, apparent happened around midnight. two victims found in a pick-up truck. the truck was still running. the engine still running. lauren johnson on this story. >> reporter: hey, good morning, mike. so a family has had a sleepless night here on lauren street, they still continue to stand out front on the front stoop of their home on laurence street trying to make sense of what happened just steps away from the front door. they did share pictures with us from social media of their loved ones who they say were shot in cold blood. here they are, family members say 35 year old little iaian a mendosa and 19 year old as she marie torez sitting inside the red pick-up truck savagely shot to death. mendosa's sister tells us the truck belonged to little iaian a's husband, police working to confirm that information n addition to trying to figure out why these women were targeted. here is chief inspector scott small. >> based on preliminary investigation, it appears that the shooter or shooters fired multiple shots, into the
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passenger side front door of this toyota pick-up truck, striking both of the victims. >> some witnesses say both shoot remembers in the vehicle when they fired shots. so it is possibly a drive by. we did find numerous spent shell casings on the highway. >> police tell us ideal weather could be very helpful in their investigation. because dozens of people were outside at the midnight hour when the bullets started flying. several witnesses were taken to homicide for questioning, and police hope more people will come forward. police also plan to return to this street later this morning, and here ' zero's why, live look at the telephone pole where the street signs perched also a camera, actually one on both sides, several homeowner hears also have cameras perched up on their homes, police homing to get their hands on that footage to help them with this investigation. mike and alex. >> all right, lauren, thanks.
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7:08 now. >> a former lehigh county teach is her charged with inapropriate conduct. >> that conduct involved his student, and snap chat, karen haas the story. hey, karen. >> hi, guys. few months ago, 29 year old david was a music teacher at white house township high school facing felony charges for inappropriate conduct with minor, couple of minors, been arranged on using snap chat to send and exchange nude photos with three of his current and former student. there he is. school district was notified of his activity last fall. which led to that police investigation, former student say he was well like. >> he did lose his job, resigned from his teaching position back in february, now awaiting date for preliminary hearing. guys? 7:09. >> well, president trump's
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son, donald, jr., defending i have self this morning after his meeting last sumner june every last summer with a alleged kremlin attorney, president trump has been tweet being this this morning, and of course, reaching to the fact that donald trump, jr. spoke with sean last night, so this morning, donald trump, jr. said my son donald did a good job last night, he was open, transparent, and innocent this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. sad. >> well, political history may be making made here, that's for sure. >> and the next one says remember when you hear the word sources say, from the fake media, oftentimes those sources are made up and they don't exist. >> carolyn shively trying to sort this out for us. >> it seems to be pointed at the media instead every his son for his son's part, donald trump, jr., called this meeting a nothing. saying, it was simply opposition research.
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>> some of these we've seen on capitol hit. >> in retrospect would have done things differently. >> downplaying his meeting with russian lawyer last june during his father's presidential campaign. in an exclusive interview with fox's sean, president trump's eldest, said, nothing in this meeting made his antenna go up. >> if there was something that came from it that was shady. if it was a danger to national security, i would obviously bring it right to someone. but i didn't know where anything was, turns up, it was nothing. >> trump junior released his emails with the british publicist who set up the meeting. after the new york times said it planned to publish them n1 the publicist said the lawyer was with the russian government. and had information that would incriminate hillary clinton, as part of russia and it government support for mr. trump. trump, jr., responded: if it is what you say, i love it. >> also, there, for part of the meeting, jared kushner, trump's on? law now serving shot white house, pan manafort, trump's campaign chairman. in the end, trump junior said
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the lawyer had no information on clinton for them. but this may fuel the senate intelligence committee's existing investigation into potential links between russia and the campaign. >> the investigation is now more than just obstruction every justice investigation, more than just a perjury investigation, it is a treason investigation. >> some legal expert say not so fast. >> while they might be jumps it doesn't make them criminals. you know, the fact that they had this meeting is not etched of treason. >> these tweet out this morning and last night are the only things we have heard from president trump, since the news broke over the weekends, he heads to france later today. mike and alex, back to you. >> he hasn't had any public appearances over the past couple every days either, has he, carrion. >> no, heist been very quiet. the white house hasn't been talking too much either. dose have some public event scheduled tomorrow in france, where he meet with the president there. >> it is called laying low.
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7:13, almost, in a matter of seconds. >> the public feud between president trump and cable show host, joe scarborough takes new twist, scarborough says he's leaving the republican party, and intends to register as an independent. and he served gop congressman in florida from 1994 to 2001. says republicans, are quote, betraying the party's core culture. >> and she, mika shall because of all of this publicity, just signed six figure, three-book deal yesterday. >> really? >> we need to do something that will create havoc. >> you think we need some controversy? >> they say the ratings went up. >> do something. >> why do i have to create the controversy? >> they resorted to getting engaged. i don't think that's -- >> that's not going to happen. we need to do something new, that's been done now. we will be thinking of something then.
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>> hum. >> you can't think every anything. >> well, i'm column p with something. >> you'll be shocked, and the scandal will rock the delaware valley. all right, 7:14. >> well, thousands of law enforcement officers, family and friend, they paid their final respects yesterday to new york city police officer, killed in the line of duty. >> beautiful scene. mourners gathered at a bronx movie theater to remember officer family ex-convict, ambushed her, in her cruiser, last wednesday. shooting her in the head right in front of her partner, so officer had been on the force for 12 years, and was the first female new york city operation for die in the line of duty since september 11, 2001 miosotis familia, so many workers who didn't know her
7:15 am
personally say her character through them to her funeral to say good-bye. didn't even know her, but wanted to go to the funeral. >> it is important to be out here because i'm new yorker. and i respect the police. and they have a hard job to do. than is just part of the job of risking their lives every day for the people of new york. >> this also important to remember that she leaves behind three children. her killer died in a shoot-out with police. 7:15. the united states declares another success. military officials say they successfully shot down a missile in mid-air. >> this was a, well, previously scheduled test, but the us says it has nothing to do with north korea's launch a balistic missile last week. >> the department of defense releasing this video here, the terminal high altitude area defense, or the thad successfully shot down target during yesterday's test overall lascar. it was launched north of hawaii, from us air force c17 cargo plane. this was the first time the system had been tested, on an
7:16 am
intermediate range balistic missile. >> just in case north korea does the unthinkable. all right, 7:16. pope francis continues to shake things up in the catholic church. shake, shake, shake of the his latest mover calls for adding a fourth pathway to sainthood. the new route for people who have lived a good catholic life and freely gave their life early for other people. up until now the catholic church required marter dom, living life of heroic values, or having clear saintly reputation. that's that sounds a lot like sue serio to me. >> you work with us every day. >> well, the fortitude of endurance, maybe, yet, coming up on 20 years here.
7:17 am
>> oh, my, saint sue. >> all right. well, you know what? another summer, another heat index, of 100-105, and another excessive heat watch. yes, i want to just tuck that in a little bit. it is sticking out. wait. all right. you know what? just bear with me for a second. because -- >> no, it is all right. we're fine. >> upkeep you a breast. >> yes, that's right. >> there is a warmfront. >> every day. >> you know what? you're not even going to get a break at the shore today. it will be zero nine on the beach. this is mostly at the jersey shore, and then 94 tomorrow. so even if you like to take your walk on the beach, just confine it to the morning or the evening, the middle of the day, not good. moderate lightning threat, pop up thunderstorms, possible, and nine out of ten, your uv index. we have 68 degrees, in mount pocono, 77 in dover.
7:18 am
the 79 degrees, that's in atlantic city international. and we have a dew point, of about 70 degrees, so it, hasn't gotten too bad yet. we're in the uncomfortable range, headed toward oppressive later on in the day. we have heat index of 82, is what it feels like if philadelphia, right now, marginal risk of pop up showers, thunderstorms later in the day. that's the drill pretty much every day when it is hot and humid. look at tomorrow's high temperature though. the actual temperature, forecasting 98 greets, for thursday. cold front comes through friday, thank goodness, that will give us a low humidity day on saturday. yahoo. and sunday's hi, 89 degrees, back to the 90's probably by monday or tuesday of next week. and that is your seven day forecast. it is time to take a look at traffic. and we still have this accident, that has blocked two lanes of i95 northbound, just near woodhaven road. so folks are just scrambling to get into that left lane.
7:19 am
it is just slow going there. so the back up, edges tends pretty far down i59, again, this is northbound, around woodhaven road, avoid this until they clear that accident scene. the schuylkill expressway westbound approaching route 202. accident there in the king of prussia area. will slow you down. and this accident, in upper providence township, is at block rock road and route 29. so, as far as speeds are concerned, traveling around the region, it is kind of slow going this morning for everybody, mike and alex? >> people on twitter are saying, were you trying to create a scandal. look at the ratings up? they couldn't go any higher, please. nothing but shock that you guys do. >> more like you. i feel like nothing you do would shock people. >> i can't imagine alex coming up with anything shocking. but mike, scary what up might come up with. common, people. >> i agree. >> come on.
7:20 am
you come up with a scandal this time. speaking of scandal, kim cards ash yan, i think she has a scandal on her hands but she cleaned it up. >> she is in the hot seat this morning. >> that looks like cocaine that. >> that's what they're saying spotted hine her in this in the chat video. she has had two different explanations. >> oh?
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on mi came across this housentry with water dripping from the ceiling.
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we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more. >> is that john in the control room? >> oh, di did that. >> even more shocking! >> oh, stop it. >> just kidding. >> did i see a finger go up there? there she is. >> there she is. hi, di. yesterday we talk about freebies, we had freebies at 7-eleven, slurpees, we had the chick-fil-a thing, right? >> but now we could get freebies, or one person will get a freebie from mcdonald's, if you're luck. >> i well, can we all get it?
7:24 am
>> lauren? >> clear it up for us. >> ice cream cone, isn't it? >> yes and no. you can all get a free vanilla soft serve ice cream cone on sunday, which is national ice cream day, if you download the app, okay. >> oh? >> one person can get the golden ice cream cone, which is essentially free ice cream for life at mcdonald's, if you download the app and then go into enter the sweepstakes between 2:00 and 5:00. so everybody gets free ice cream with the app. one person get free ice cream for life. gold-plated like ice cream cone? right? >> god. >> i think so. >> this, see there is sounds like something i would actually win. i played the lottery my whole life. but i'll win this, a cone, he is the rest of my life. >> but free ice cream. >> the thing is, but ice cream is not expensive. at least not at mcdonald's, this would be something i would win, too, cheap and make me fat. like i would rather win something, you know, more
7:25 am
expensive. >> yes. >> well, you could sell the goal end cone. >> i don't want free ice cream for life. >> by the way. >> yes? >> who needs a mcdonald's hamburger app. what happens on this app? >> everybody want -- every company want every person to have their app it, keeps you loyal, you can find all of the deals, and all of that. >> yes, i guess you can find the specials, and the promotions they have going. >> yes. >> you could order on line, and some places, you snow. >> oh, yes, have it delivered or something. >> got to have a big mac. we saw this survey, you have it, too, how much do you think you spends a year driving around philadelphia looking for a parking spot? and then putting stuff in it? >> in new york? in new york it is $2,200, and 107 hours of your time. honestly, i hate to say this, sometimes it is cheaper to get a parking ticket, than to circle and circle and circle. >> true. >> and winds up over paying for parking. >> right. >> you shouldn't do, that but just saying that can be cheaper in the end.
7:26 am
>> i've been so frustrate the in new york you just pull in, oh, the parking garage, i don't care if it is $102 an hour. >> because -- >> i'm over t i don't care. i know. it is ridiculous. >> sometimes my friends, if we're going to an event, oh, i'll drive. like oh, then we have to spends all of this time circle around, trying to find parking i'll just take uber, that way be dropped off. not have to worry about it. >> uber. lyft. >> you guys have via yet. >> what's via. >> via for vehicle, it is a sharing program, but you hardly ever pick anybody else up. and if you do it really doesn't waste too much time. five bucks. >> wait. >> go anywhere in the city five blacks. >> flat rate? >> yep there is week, 295. you'll never ride the subway again. come here a lot you'll never ride the subway again. >> just manhattan or other borrows. >> they might be expanding to some borrows, as far as i know, it is just manhattan. >> yes, five bucks. >> is it nice cars or anything
7:27 am
goes? >> ya, black cars. >> oh? >> oh, my gosh. >> just like uber but obviously the bigger cars, because they're using more people. >> okay. >> although wait. i might no, i've take answer va in a smaller car, too, and you never wait. it is great. >> i'll try it. >> i'm not a spokesperson for the company. >> certainly not. hey lauren see you tomorrow. by the way she mentioned new york $2,200 a year, around here, just under $400 that we blow driving around looking for parking spaces. >> i'm gas or with parking tickets and stuff? >> i believe it is gasoline. >> okay, because parking tickets. >> oh,. >> those can be 300 a pop. >> yes, they can add up. >> 7:27. a teenager dies after using her cell phone while she was in the bathtub. >> what. >> but how? what it was connect today that could have caused a tragedy plus other things that you do every day with your cell phone, that could cost you your life.
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>> get ready to rock out with pink tonight, thousands of locals lining up this morning, expecting 50 to 60,000 people in the heat. >> and more music here, james blunt in the studio this morning. oh, remember this song? so don't miss him.
7:31 am
he'll n live here in the studio at 9:30, maybe he'll tell one of the ladies at fox 29 here that we're beautiful. >> i'm sure he will. it is kind of what he does. >> remember the guys used to play this song for their girlfriends. >> i always thought it was he was stalk ago woman on a subway train. >> i thought it was he wanted to get back with his girlfriends oring? >> we'll ask him. because i think, over ten years, i thought it was a stalking, that he just was looking at a stranger, i'll never be with you, kind of creepy. we'll ask limb about it. think it is about his exgirlfriends. >> okay. >> we'll clear it up. >> hey, sue. >> hey. 7:31, look who is here, bus stop buddy ready to take a dip in the pool. oh, if we were only all this lucky to be poolside on a day like today. bcause we're already starting off in the 70s and old's, make sure, you stay hydrated, if you want to exercise early morning or evening, the best bet on day like today, already 79 degrees, 8-mile per hour
7:32 am
warm breeze out of the southwest, other temperatures being lancaster, at 75. mount pocono, at 68. already hitting 70 in hazleton, doylestown, 75 down in new jersey, ocean city, 79 degrees, and there we, are we've hit zero eight already in rehoboth. seventy-seven in dover, delaware. so, yesterday, we got to 91. probably day one of the heatwave. can't say for sure, because the other two days haven't happened yet. but predicting 92, 93 for today. and the possibility of pop up shower and thunderstorm, sun won't set until 8:30. so, that's your wednesday outlook, relief from the heat coming in the seven day forecast, we'll have that in just a few moments. right now it is time to check traffic and we start off again with this accident, on the schuylkill expressway, in king of prussia area. it is 202, and the schuylkill, and everybody's off to the side. but it is still slowing folks down in that direction westbound on the schuylkill
7:33 am
expressway. and the accident on i95 northbound at woodhaven road. that involved a trang tore trailer. and two right lanes are still blocked. go down to cottman avenue, you see the back up, extends the northbound side on the left-hand side of your screen. and the back up is all the way down to cottman avenue and beyond. >> and beyond. thank you, buzz. 7:33. quick look at your top stories, the person of interest in the case of four missing young men up in bucks county free on bail. there he is, cosmo dinardo release from the jail last night after posting 10% of his $1 million bail. in other words, $100,000, for unrelated gun charges. meanwhile, dinardo's mom and dad have been subpoenaed, to appear before a grand jury, tomorrow, and sources tell us, investigators have seized the cell phones of antonio dinardo, his wife, and son. hum. dinardo was -- has not been
7:34 am
charged in the disappearance every these four young men, cosmo who i am talking about, just the gun charge. >> two women dead after shooting in fairhill around midnight last night, little iaian a mendosa and ash will he marie torres found in a running pick-up truck shot multiple times in the head, neck and torso. police hope to find answer when is they head back to the scene of the crime. they will ask resident to provide video from the private cameras found on that block. >> fourteen year old texas girl is dead after reportedly using her cell phone while in the bathtub. >> madison co died sunday, an appears she reached for her cell phone while taking a bath. the phone was plugged into the bathroom outlet at the time. a family member says there were burns on her hands. ko had just graduated eighth grade. >> we've all thought about doing that, i would think, over the years. anthony, thanks for coming in. >> yes. >> our tech expert.
7:35 am
is that possible? >> it is possible. unfortunately, it is a very low possible, but obviously proves you have to be careful with electronic devices in water. the thing that's strange about this in bathrooms it has been in building code since 1975. those circuits are supposed to have an interrupt. called gfci. basically if a hair dryer, say, get thrown in the bathtub it, should cut it off so the voltage that get released won't kill you. so there is a couple of different things that could have happened. one, maybe there was a bad circuit in the house. you know, not social security that you or i or anyone would really test, two another thing i brought is a bunch of cablesment some real, some of these are knock office. a lot every times go to 7-eleven, buy the 2-dollar not certified samsung or apple cable it, could potentially put all of the ac voltage right through. >> it coincides with the voltage. >> exactly, combine that, say, the phone she was using it wasn't in the report but say it was a phone made of metal.
7:36 am
that's going to also further conduct more electricity. so again, it is not a smart thing, but she is 14 years old, and you look at all of these tv commercials, right, waterproof, water recess at any time there is device, that device, and just a really -- >> soaking in the tub. >> unfortunate. really terrible. >> and even more to that, though, there are other things people do with their phones. people take their phones with them everywhere including when they go to sleep. sometimes you may put it under the pillow right next to them in bed. that can be dangerous too. >> yes, i saw a story the other day phone caught on fire because someone was charging it while they were sleeping under their pillow. what people don't realize is these devices here are computers. they're more powerful computers ten to 15 years ago, they're inner pocket. when you have your 3d, 4g, 5g, if you feel these things they're cooking, really hot. add electricity, then get in a area that doesn't get to breathe un your pillow. that's not good idea. >> i've done it.
7:37 am
i bet a lot of people do it. >> i still have the phone in the bed with me. so it wakes me up. my alarm goes off. >> i'm guilt tie. sometimes i fall asleep with the phone in bedment luckily in that case i am not charging it at least, so it will diane be set when i wake up and no juice, but not catching on fire. >> see what i do, now even thinking about it more after a case like there is my cable is not long enough to get into bed with it. so it could only sit on my dresser. >> so sounds like -- >> see a doctor. >> so sounds like overall we just need to be concerned or just cautious whether we have our phone charging where we place it, what we do with it. >> one thing to throw out there, family go set up go fund me page, raised then thousand dollars so i'll share on line put it on twitter, unfortunate situation. >> yes. >> it is. >> but if she had -- if it wasn't be charged and the phone fell into the water? >> she would have been fine. >> would have been fine. >> phone wouldn't have, but she would have been okay. >> thank you, anthony. quick break. ♪
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>> what is night's all-star game was a pitching due he will. >> after letting up, you know, a hit, he got bailed out by bryce harper, look at that right there. so it was not a hit. bryce was great kate. so oh, no runs, which is rare for someone in the phillies bullpen. i didn't write that. this game went to extra innings, and in the top of the ninth, robby hit solo homerun. that was the game winner. the american league wins two to one. what's that mean? they'll get home field advantage in the worlds -- they don't do that any more, what i meant to say. that used to mean the american league would get home field advantage. but people got upset about that. and i did, too. i never liked that rule. if you have the best record in baseball, should get home field advantage, right? >> oh, it has been restored?
7:42 am
>> yes, it was goofy. what, over ten years, i guess, yes. so pink is going to sing and perform on the beach. richard is there already. is he hiding? >> he's trashed. >> reporter: the concert series is officially kicking off tonight, guys, right here, the beach has transformed into this beautiful venue, find out how you guys can still get tickets, where they're going to be, coming up right after the break. look at these waves. z test text1 p
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why visit great wolf lodge? because we've got fun for everyone in the family. adventure-seekers -- check. magi-questers -- yep. never-grow-olders -- double check. the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in.
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>> watch out if usual ' travel in the king of prussia area this morning. because that accident still out there. it is on the shoulder. it is on the schuylkill expressway westbound approaching route 202. but everybody's offer to the side. and slowing down little bit there. the bigger problem is on i-95, northbound, just before woodhaven road. look at this back up, that's caused by an accident, which is forcing everybody into just one lane. and the left-hand lane. so a lot of merging, to the left going on on i59 northbound, stay away for the next little while. besides pink, in concert tonight in atlantic city, weaver one little closer to home. it is rod stewart and cindy lauper at the bb&t pavilion tonight in camden. they start at 7:30. so, tonight's the night to quote rod stewart's song, did
7:46 am
you get that, alex? >> did i. >> ♪ tonight's the night ♪ >> back to you >> when's bob kelly coming back? anyway, heat index will be between 100-105 today. this is why we have an excessive heat watch in effect for gloucester, camden county, the northern half of burlington county, mercer county and across the river in pennsylvania. we've got philly, delaware county, part of chester, new castle county, the places we expect it to be the hot else. you won't get a lot of relief at the shore in the mountains, but will be a little bit better. so as the jet stream retreats, and we are to the north of that, hopefully, soon, we will be back to cooler air, but not
7:47 am
today. we've got a lot of hot weather on the way. so as we look at some of the things you can do to help yourself out, stay in air-conditioning, and slow down, but if you don't have air-conditioning, try it avoid using the oven, you don't have to tell me twice about that. close curtains, bowl of ice near fan, sometimes good to cool you off. sort of make shift air-conditioning, of course, we cannot remind you enough about staying hydrated specially in you are going to be outside today. seventy-nine greets, in philadelphia of the 68 in mount pocono. 79 degrees in wildwood. these are your current actual temperatures, and here's what it feels like, 82, is your heat index already in philadelphia. and another reminder, eye to the sky later on, because we are under a marginal risk for severe thunderstorms, later on in the day. not only today, but tomorrow, as well. tomorrow, will be the worse of this heatwave. with the actual temp of 98 degrees. and the heat index, even higher than that. but cold front will touch off some showers and thunderstorms on friday. give us a great start to the
7:48 am
weekend. mid 80s, not as humid saturday. little hotter on sunday. but still not too bad of the and staying pretty warm through monday and tuesday of next week, al next. >> thank you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, this is going to be great. pink is in town for her beach fest concert down in atlantic city. tonight's show is only one of a few in north america. so we have to support our girl. i know she is from our area, richard. you're in atlantic city now where they're getting things ready and setting the stage. >> hey, good morning, i'm here with don guardian, mayor of atlantic city, congratulations even on his day off. you will love. >> this he does what the other do, we ride the board walk, right? >> good morning, great to welcome fox 29 to ac this morning. >> absolutely big news coming out of ac today.
7:49 am
we have huge concert, who is coming, what can we expect? >> yes, nine hours to go there is vacant beach will have 50,000 party goers to see pink, only east coast live performance. you're going to see on the beach, not just great singer, she is a delaware valley girl, spent her summers on the jersey shore, so we are really going to embrace her, great singer, great acrobat. don't think you'll be missing any of those aerobics because she on the beef. >> guess what, the atlantic city beach fest be concert series, doesn't just start tonight. but goes the rest of this week. then further down into the summer, as well, big act coming get to in a knacked s but pink known for acrobat when she performs, and you're probably well i'm coming to the beach right? could she possibly be doing that. >> absolutely. you're going to see as we spin around, the set up here, that's going to allow her to do that. so you just going to have great time be able to come down to the beach, enjoy the wonderful refreshing water that we have today. enjoy typical beach day. then enjoy show sounds every pink, watch her perform for
7:50 am
us, both singing and acrobat i cannily, of course stick around, enjoy fine dining or just enjoy lie breaks cents at the beach or bay bar. >> which is the easy part. listen there is isn't the only guy we got to talk to. we have a big one here, we have chris. how are you, sir, welcome in chris howard here, director, you've been working hard on this, how are you feeling in this is mid week concert right. why mid week? because usually thursday, friday, saturday concerts. >> this is huge for the city. the city already pack on the weekend. we want to focus on mid week events. now tack being bringing tens of thousands of people in, not just tonight, doing it all over again tomorrow for brantly gilbert, will be tacking -- packing the city, restaurant, hotels, couldn't be more excited. >> obviously great for atlantic city, staying over, ac part of this, you can kind of see the venue p explain to what us we looking at smear. >> looking at the vip up here, general admission out there. two levels of general admission gold and silver. then all the rest general admission goes all the way back this whole thing will be
7:51 am
pack tonight. i can't wait to see it. >> things are still going on behind us here, if you can take a look at this, these guys are working through the day all the way up to start today of the concert. it will be amazing. where can we get ticket? right on the board walk here? >> ticket master. com. all done through live nation. there are i'm sure still ticket available, trying to pack as many people as we can. come on down. >> gates open 5:00. you guys have to get down to the beach. you have waves crashing, wind coming off here, not as hot as it feels right on this heatwave. it will be an amazing night. pink will be flying all over this place right here to kick offer the atlantic city beach fest concert series. thanks for having us down and good luck with the rest of the week. back to you guys in the studio. >> oh, all right. >> very nice. >> that's so cool. i mean, got to be full circle for her. she used to come down the shore, now performing down the shore, welcoming to her home. >> ooh thousand people, 7:51. >> here with the question, if you kiss someone other than your partner, does that count
7:52 am
as cheating? like is it really cheating? we're going to discuss that with preston and steve next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and pink is not the only artifice our area, we have rod stewart, we have cyndi lauper, we got this guy, james blunt, ed sheeran in town at the wells fargo center. james is going to be in our studio live coming up. >> ♪ whoooo.
7:53 am
7:54 am
going somewhere? here's some advice. tripadvisor now searches more than 200 booking sites to find the hotel you want and save you up to 30%. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor.
7:55 am
>> are we showing that because that's where pink is from, doylestown. >> makes sense. >> hey, press on and steve, the radio audience, we didn't want to us from freight anybody, we don't usually show visuals during our simulcast, wmmr, because it is too frustrating for your listeners, but have they gem near a television right now, we will get to that in just a second, but first, alex holley has a question about relationships. >> you guys ready?
7:56 am
>> yes. >> do you guys consider can i g someone other than your partner sheeting? is it actually cheating? >> preston? >> kissing someone other than my partner, would it be cheating? is that me kissing someone or my partner kissing someone? >> no. >> all right, now, listen, i think i know what you are talking about, they were saying a passionate kiss. >> passionate. >> not just -- ya, that's a betrayal of sort, absolutely. >> yes. we can make out with each other. that would be no problem. but no, i think, yes, kissing someone else passionate, of course it is cheating who is saying it is not? >> if i saw my wife making on somebody -- >> hey, hon? >> ya. >> i'm going to be mad about it, right? >> we are bringing it up because they did survey, 19% of men, they think that passionately kissing someone else is okay. >> 19% of men are idiots. >> true. >> listen, and i'm sure those 19% don't go home to their significant others, the girlfriends, wives, say hey i was making out with this other
7:57 am
girl today but it is okay, right? no, of course it is not okay. >> so let's talk about the women. 9% said it would still be okay it, wouldn't break up the relationship. it shouldn't. >> ya, i know, someone consider it less volatile if at club or something, but i mean, it is a violation of your trust. >> would it ends your marriage? maybe not. but -- >> but would always be brought up during a fight. >> oh, ya. >> go kiss the hooka. >> and you would be on the couch, man. >> absolutely. >> uh-huh. >> cathy? >> yes, look if it is something you're not going to tell them you probably shouldn't be doing it, maybe it wouldn't break up the marriage, but yes, that's cheating. >> that's cheating. >> yes. >> what's your take on it, mike? >> absolutely cheating. >> it is absolutely cheating, right? >> if i saw my girlfriend making out with somebody else, i would probably -- i would never talk to her again. >> we went over this, guys, couple of days ago. and mike said on the air that he believes physical cheating is worse than emotional
7:58 am
cheating. he said you can fall in love with someone else, just don't do anything physical with it and i'm okay. >> it is the other way. emotional cheating, well, listen, i think we've heard surveys from women who have said and guys that they would be more hurt if there was emotional connection as opposed to just frivolous one night stand. >> i agree. because then you get all mushy feelings and call about them and when they want for breakfast in the morning and everything else. >> i couldn't get the visual out of my mind. speaking of visuals, what's this about? these are you folks back in the day. >> oh. >> yes. >> can you guess who is who? >> little throw back picture thing we did little while back, ya. >> let's go. lower right hand corner blonde man, is that you, steve? >> no, no, no, that's actually gary bucey. no, that's nick murphy, our video guy. you don't see him. come in, nick. i want to see transformation? >> see the difference. i don't know.
7:59 am
>> yes, he was little different look there >> stands over there. >> this is nick purr if i, what he looks like now. >> oh,. >> so you wouldn't have seen him alive. the rest are all main members of the show. >> yep. >> he didn't want to be out long. >> the one in the upper left hand corner, the red sweater, that's cathy. >> yes, upper right, that's cathy. >> yes. >> i have the glasses on and reading the book. >> it is easy to t i mean, preston still looks like preston. >> he does kind of, yes. >> my gosh. >> cathy for little while, she was an argentinian child in the upper right-hand corner. and me, the bottom middle, the archive photo, actually taken by a young abraham lincoln. with a box camera just before gettysburg. >> yep, tin type. >> ridiculous, thank you,
8:00 am
guys. see you later, guys. good day, it is wednesday, july the 12th, 2017. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelph ia". >> holding out hope. the search for missing men in bucks county end tens nice. >> anything is possible, i have hope. >> person of interest now back on the streets as his parent are now in the spotlight. >> kardashian controversy. kim kardashian feeling the heat for something spotted in the background of her snap chat video. how she is shutting down drug rumors now, with two different explanations. >> summer in full swing. it is hot. >> ♪ i met you in the summer ♪ >> forget sprinklers and pools. how you can make your home the coolest on the block, with battle balls. >> battle balls and a pool necklace. >> you remember this song. >> ♪ you're beautiful ♪
8:01 am
>> now james blunt is changing things up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> when i found myself in the middle ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> he joins us live in the studio this morning, to talk about his new sounds, and touring with ed sheeran. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i like that. >> yes. >> faster pace. >> switching it up. >> yes, because that song he did before ♪ beautiful ♪ >> yes, again, the same voice for everybody you impersonate. always the same voice. >> everybody's johnny mat us. >> johnny mathis, who i saw on tv the other night. sammy davis, jr. >> yes. >> and now james blunt. >> they all sounds the same to you apparently. >> ♪ beautiful ♪ >> is sammy and james blunt. >> don't, don't, don't. >> beautiful ♪ >> it is so wrong, every time.
8:02 am
>> just wrong. >> anyway, so get ready, the mighty good day philadephia art players have created our version of the song beautiful. >> oh, gosh. >> we'll play that for now matter every minutes. >> if that was the preview. >> but yet, we're going to stick around for it. >> can't help ourselves. >> not going anywhere. >> okay, let's get to the weather for today, and try and avoid it, put it off. but hot and humid. little later on, seven out every ten, is your number today. as things get worse every day, with the heat and humidity. today we have an excessive heat watch in effect for heat index values between 100-105 later on. so poolside is the place to be of the just like bus stop buddy, and muggy the dog. temperatures already in the 70s, and 80s, and here's a live look at old city, and christ church steeple there, 75 degrees, not too bad right now. so, if you want to go out and
8:03 am
take a walk, or run, this is the time to do it already 82 cape may, 81 rehoboth beach. just get worse from here, because not expecting sea breeze, kind of lands breeze today. there is 78 in pottstown yes, yesterday was 91 degrees today specking high temperature every 92, yes, the possibility later on, of a pop up shower and thunderstorm. that's 92 for today. that will be day two of heatwave. we have some relief in the heat coming up in the seven day forecast, but traffic to talk about right now at 8:03. new accident to tell but unfortunately, also on i-95, northbound three cars involved in this one. they probably were in the back up from the accident that's further north there, so, this is the ramp to cottman avenue. see the fire department on the scene, i59 northbound, stay away from that. let's look at route one, roosevelt boulevard, the outer
8:04 am
drive, an accident there. this is northbound, happened at grant avenue. so slow going in a lot of places this morning. no surprise there. and we'll keep you updated i59 northbound situation coming up. guys? >> thank you, sue. 8:04. now. cosmo dinardo is free on bail this morning, that's the guy person of interest in the case of four missing young men in bucks county. meanwhile, we're going getting report investigators want to talk under oath to his parent. >> the family and friends of jimmy par at that time prick, 19 from newtown, he was the first of the four reported missing a week ago today. so, now, this now officially a week old, when they filed a missing person's report. a good college kid, just
8:05 am
completed his freshman year at loyola down in baltimore, just returned back home with his family, and then suddenly vanished a week ago today. so the new part of the story we broke last night after the all-star game with dave schratwieser, grand jury, being convened, to hear testimony starting tomorrow morning, on this missing men mystery, among those first subpoenaed to appear, the paren of cosmo dinardo, and those parents, his father antonio, bailed his son out of bucks county prison last night at 6:00 p.m. putting up the 10% every his $1 million bail. and we reported earlier this this week that the prosecution was pushing the judge for high bail, 1 million is high, but not high enough. to keep cosmo lobing up more than one night and barely over 24 hours. not only 46 year olan wife and mom sandra dinardo subpoenaed
8:06 am
to appear before grand jury up in doylestown, both of their cell phones and their sons phones we've learned have been seized with warrants. now, authority want it question the dinardo parent under oath when they'll be compelled to testify, in a secret session about the their son cosmo whereabouts and actions since the fourth every july and the day after specifically july 5th, when jimi tar patrick suddenly vanished without a trace. >> using anything from major construction equipment down to the finest sifting equipment you can imagine. because some of it is just heavy bulk work, construction work, and others we want to be careful not to miss the most tiny piece of evidence. and i suspect that we will find both types. the amount of manpower we've
8:07 am
edge employed is mind-boggling, what it will take apparently, and we're committed see this through all the way to the end regardless whatever that may be. >> we reported jimi tar patrick missing for full week had the one connection that we new of with cosmo dinardo that they whether facebook friends. now, phone and phone records, will have text messages, direct messages and call histories, but also, authorities looking at phone pinks on cellar towers, that tells where the phone was, at what time even when you're in the on a phonecall. so that's what led authorities to the farm field. the grand jury again their investigations are secret. those subpoenas cannot have a lawyer in the room with them. but we have learned, alex, mike, that the dinardo parents have hired very prominent defense lawyer, for the too and owe fortune perry, jr., we know as fred, who with zero we last saw frequently almost daily as part of the bill
8:08 am
cosby defense team. of course his law partners with moorestown's brian mcmonagle. so, another big very high profile case for fred perry and brian mcmonagle to take on here. >> steve, thank youment 8:08. >> donald trump junior speaking out a mid a fire storm surrounding his meeting with russian lawyer during the presidential campaign. meeting reportedly supposed to yield incriminating information about hillary clinton and the clinton campaign. sawed he met with the attorney because he wanted to hear what type of details she had. donald trump, jr. spoke exclusively last night to fox news' sean, about what he thinks about what happened now. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things little differently, before the russia mania, before they were building it up in the press. for me opposition research, they had something, you know, maybe concrete evidence to all of the stories i had been hearing about, probably under reported for years, not just during the campaign. so, i think i wanted to hear
8:09 am
it out. but really, it went no where. it was apparent that wasn't what the meeting was actually about. >> he did acknowledge woe have done it differently if he were to go back. >> of course operation research, every campaign does it, not with one of our enemies. that's the problem. >> president trump tweet being this this morning, supporting his son, he wrote, my son donald did good job last night. he was open, transparent, and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. sad. then the next one remember when you hear the word sources say from the fake media often times those sources are made up and do not exist. >> awe inspiring story out of florida family every nine got caught in rip tide in panama city beach, onlookers bands dollars together for helpment look at. that will 80 people in total. form human chain, to reach out
8:10 am
to the family and help get them back to shore. >> wow. >> everyone made it out of the water unharmed. >> strangers come together, do what they have to, that's amazing. >> looks like it got pretty deep too. wow that's great. >> wonderful. glad everybody mate it out. >> nicely done. all right, another kardashian controversy. kim k there is time again, feeling the heat for something spotted in the background of one of her snap chat videos. how she is shutting down drug rumors, looks like cocaine. couple every lines of coke there. she says not. and i, you know what, i back her on this. >> what? you are backing a kardashian? >> i am. i am. we'll show you proof that's not coke. >> and summer is here, man. we are feeling the heat. but, forget sprinklers, and pools. how you can make your home the coolest on the block with battle balls and also a chill necklace. one that will keep you cool
8:11 am
and keep you looking good. >> if you got battle balls would you get the red ones or blue once? >> blue. >> blue. #p
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> coming up 8:14, the problems keep piling up, so dot backups. this is a look at the westbound schuylkill expressway. the onramp from south street. i hate, hate, hate this merge there, and somebody, of course, had little fender bender looks like when that was happening. so you've got to be careful, specially in the morning. so, yes, so it is a slow merge, with the police car there. again, schuylkill westbound from south street. new accident to tell you about, actually had this last tim, just more and more responders here, i59 northbound, the off ramp to cottman avenue, so it is the left lane, i believe, is the only one that's getting by here. and we have the other one to the north of that, that had cleared up, now new back up on i59 northbound, so you still need to stay away from there
8:15 am
then roosevelt boulevard, still dealing with, that some of our travel times this morning, as you are trying to get where you're going, the vine, from 95 to the schuylkill, that's a little slower than average, but it is still five minute, not bad from i95 southbound from the vine to the blue route, but eastbound on the schuylkill, eastbound, 12 minute drive for this morning, we will be back in 15 seconds. with your forecast. >> allergens, very low with grasses recalling but tree pollen, mold spores seem to be the highest these days,
8:16 am
ragweed, not usually an issue until the autumn for us, today, though, it is the heat index, it will be the problem today. >> making it feel like 100-105. how about the shore if get relief there? not much. expecting high of 92 today. on the beach, and 95, tomorrow, the jersey shore, and moderate lightning threat, actually for both days, with the chance of pop up shower and thunderstorm, just greater chance tomorrow. uv index is a nine, ocean water temperature around 74 degrees, and the rip countries being is low. do not forget the sunscreen out there. temperatures mostly in the 70s, hit zero eight in atlantic city, wildwood but what does it feel like? well it feels like little warm than that, dew point not as high as they'll be later on, and we still have that marginal risk of severe thunderstorm, so yesterday in philadelphia, we hit 91 degrees did reach zero nine in wilmington, probably another day in the 90s today.
8:17 am
one more tomorrow. that should it be for the heatwave. tomorrow will be high of 98 for the actual temperature, feeling even worse than that, getting comfortable, though, thanks to cold front that will come through on friday, and the best weather day of the weekends guys saturday. low humidity. >> great. >> i'm flying to denver today, going to the heat -- getting out of the heat and going to the coolness of the mountains. i like when the olympics come to the united states, some los angeles, atlanta united state and france of course intent competitors when it comes to the olympics, now have to work together shall because the international olympic committee has recorded los angeles and paris the 2024 and 2028 summer olympic games. >> the catch, though? those two sit list have to work together to decide who will host which year. >> if they can't come to an agreement, then the commit lee to vote ton in september. >> and then just force one
8:18 am
city to take 2024, the other one say 2028. seems so long -- >> why such a big -- why can't they come to agreement? >> let's get to it. >> yes. >> let guess. >> either way you'll get. >> you'll get it. you're going to get it. some cities don't even want it any more because you lose so much monday. >> i so much work, all of the stuff you have to puck in, infrastructure. >> 1984. >> but what's cool is like when i went to atlanta recently, get to still see the renmant of it. driving by the highway, up in new york city, they still have renmant out thereby where they play the us open, of the 1939 worlds fair. some of the stuff hangs around. >> and then people go on tours to see it, they want to learn about it. >> yes. let's talk about uber drivers working long hours to make ends meet. according to new report, that could be dangerous. you don't want to be out driving around if you're sleep. >> i the report from usa today t says that low fares, and profitable incentives keep drivers working past safe limit, ride hailing service don't set how many limits its
8:19 am
drivers can work. >> not good. >> so that means they just keep on driving, so they're trying it get more money, so it rival lift shuts down drivers after 14 hours, but with uber, they're working dangerously long, and they say that tired driving is can sometimes be worse than drunk driving. >> exactly right, yes. fourteen hours even seems long for me. i mean, shouldn't maybe eight to ten hours? i don't know. remember the watermellon dress that did you? i was gone here, but that was so fun when i saw it on instagram. >> a lot of people putting up the watermelons, look like you're wearing the dress, so one mom, well, she way ahead of all of that, more than just watermellon. >> cute. >> she uses all kinds of fruits and vegtables, and even flowers to dress up her daughter. so now we're thinking, all right, we are taking this up a notc. what other things can we use to make it look like we're wearing fashionable clothing? >> are we going to use food or? >> random items around the office? we're figure it out.
8:20 am
>> nut and bowl, cucumbers? >> richard now on his way to stone harbor. >> yes, just left, atlantic city, going the speed limit right now. we are high tailing it to stone harbor. because when we come back, we are going to tell how is down there, what they're doing, and why you need to get down there now. keep driving the speed limit. this is very safe.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> ♪ you're beautiful ♪ >> i've misunderstood this song, i think. he was talking about how he saw this girl on a subway train. and would see her, and he'd regret the fact that he couldn't be with her, even though -- and it seemed like he was stalking her, like kinds of creeping on her. from down the subway car. >> maybe he was creeping on her, she just didn't know it. >> he's here in the 9:00 hour.
8:24 am
i think i need to clear -- i'm not explaining this properly. this is what i mean. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ my life is brilliant. my life is pure ♪ i saw an angel ♪ of that i'm sure. she smiled at me on the subway ♪ she was with another man ♪ ♪ but i want lose no sleep on that because i've got a plan ♪ ♪ you're beautiful ♪ you're beautiful ♪ you're beautiful it's true. ♪ >> i saw your face, in a crowded place ♪ and i don't know what to do. but it's time to face the
8:25 am
truth ♪ i will never be with you. ♪ >> see? how creepy was that? >> now, with a was creepy was the fact you put your mouth on that pole. >> yes? >> that handrail thing that everybody holds onto. >> i didn't put my tongue on it. >> your lips all on it. >> i wasn't the to make it as creepy as possible, i think we accomplished that. >> oh, ya. >> so apparently, well, we'll ask him if that was the idea that he was kind of creeping on a woman on a train. >> did you know that woman who was on that train? >> i had no idea. >> you -- even know her name? >> i went up and asked for her permission, would she wave. >> do you know her name? >> i have no clue. >> where is she from? >> we were on that train maybe minute and a half. >> that's great. >> the fastest music video ever shot. >> didn't have permission, just went down there and did it. >> now you can can't get in trouble. you admitted. >> bigger and better than
8:26 am
ever. time to get ready for dinner en blanc. >> oh, this will be great. so, how you can be a part of it, and is there a way around the waiting list? there is like 45,000 people, who are wait to go get on this list, we may have a secret for you. we'll tell you how to get in. >> so 45,000 people trying to get, you know, only 5,000 people can go to it. >> ya? >> 40,000 left in the cold, or heat. >> so we will get you in, man, and look at the food. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
8:27 am
so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill. we can do that. great. i live in a post-war, pre-war, mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit. well sir, i can see that you live in a twin and based on the size, your usage has been spiking. ♪ that's exactly what i thought. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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8:29 am
frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ >> nine -- 8:29s marriage that hard? i want myanmar i had folks to weigh in here, because jay-z seems to think so. he says fighting for hess relationship was harder than growing up in the project also getting shot at. and joining a dating app pays off. how one couple's three year
8:30 am
back and forth on tinder got them a free trip. sue, maybe i should sign up for tinder after all? >> then you can join, and then get married and find out that it is really hard. >> or get a free trip. >> right. >> that's what i was looking for. >> not all the time. not always. if you marry your friends, it is always a good idea. anyway, heat index, values today, could be between 100-105. that's why we have the excessive heat watch in effect, why bus stop buddy and muggy the dog are by the pool today. where ever you are, make sure to have some water handy, make sure you take care of the kids, the pets, and of course, anybody else who needs your help on a day like today. because it is going to be hot and humid. we're at 75 degrees right now. not bad out there already at zero eight in atlantic city, wildwood, cooler zero seven mount pocono. and yesterday's high was 91, so that was day one, we think, of the heatwave.
8:31 am
today, day two, high of around 92 even hotter tomorrow, we bring you some relief from the heat in the seven day forecast, which is just ahead. at 83:00; we will check traffic for you. and the problems, numerous ones, that we have out there this morning. including, new accident, on i-95. this is, well, we did tell you this this last time, three cars, and it is the ramp to cottman avenue. everyone being forced into the left lane. you can she happening. northbound side on the left hand side of your screen. and then this problem, the schuylkill westbound, onramp from south street, always difficult merge there, we did have accident there, and don't forget about all of the text interest traffic in south philadelphia tonight, ed sheeran, james blunt, in concert at the wells pharaoh center, starting at 7:30 also happening, big event en blanc, outside, la -- lx. my girl.
8:32 am
>> oh, hi, welcome back, just talking about me, plate ago dish for dinner en blanc. welcome everybody to "good day" philadelphia. do you remember alex whomy? >> i do. >> we didn't get the memo on the white. >> i will always remember dinner en blanc, one of the first event i went to when i dame to philly. mike took me. >> we've done five of these. how good is your memory? what are the five locations in. >> we started at logan circle, jfk bridge, avenue of the arts, then the navy yard, and then last year, for our fifth anniversary, on the art museum steps and the ben franklin parkway. >> explain exactly what it is? >> pop up picnic that pops up in a surprise location. everyone wears white. bridges their tables, chairs, linens, and their food. and enjoys a great party. >> there is so much interest in this. i heard the wait list to get in here was more take 40,000 people. >> yes, up to 43,000 people. >> how many people can go though? >> this year we are going to be around 5300.
8:33 am
>> 5300. >> which is more than last year? >> it grows every year. >> this year will be the large toast happen in the united states. >> in all of the country. other cities do. >> this i've seen this, now we are the biggest. so, this is the idea. you put out a spread like this. and eat outside. >> yes. and if you don't want to bring your food, you can offered from our catering partners this year, which is very exciting. >> who is that guy? >> i'm airy miller. >> in yeadon. >> in lansdowne, about the meat for the platters. >> rosemary: >> i went to high school with rose mayor eye lasagnia. >> salami. >> yum. >> paprica sal a.m.y? >> good, very good. >> okay, that's kind of basically what you will provide. >> absolutely. that's what we'll provide. >> hi, who are you? >> lynn bono from feast your eyes catering, and we are doing the first course, second course, and we're putting together the cheese boards and
8:34 am
the salumi boards. >> this is your cheese board? >> collective creamery. so this is al innings. >> hi, alex. >> we have alex book ends here. what is collective creamery? >> a woman powered cheese see he is that, local cheeses, delivered all over philadelphia and southeast pa all the way up to the lehigh valley. our cheeses are 100% grass fed, delicious, hands made artisan cheat, really special. >> i like that. and this is what makes it interesting, because people have to put it together. like you have to put together your own stuff unless you get these packages and work with different restaurant to get it all done for you. >> about positive% of our participant ordering the catering meals, 07% bring their own, like to create their own tables. >> if you have never heard about this, this is the way it works. where is the location this year? >> secret location. >> where is it this year? >> secret location. >> when is it? >> august 17th. >> where is it though? >> secret location. >> so how do we find out at the last minute where it is going to be? >> when you register you pick a departure point.
8:35 am
maybe 30th street station, and you're pled with a table leader and they bring you to the secret location. >> how do i find out what it is? >> they lead you there. >> they will? what if i don't -- i can't rely on them, maybe on twitter? >> no. >> you don't call, text? >> , no the table lied ers bring the participant. >> where is it this year? >> somewhere in this great city of philadelphia. >> but i want to make slur we talk about, there is a way, because i know we mention, so many people on the wait list, where you can jump the wait list and get a ticket. how do you get that? >> we're doing two auctions, three auctions, one just finished, two more auctions, that benefit fairmount park conservancy, very exciting, they'll be posted on social media. and then, there is also the phase three lottery for anyone who hasn't attended in past years, do a drawing from the wait list. so more people in? >> exactly. >> new people? >> new people, right. >> there is 40,000 people won't make t so i would get on that. to wrap up this. where is it this year? >> somewhere in philadelphia. >> okay. >> really is a great time. imagine, random spot in
8:36 am
philadelphia. all of these people coming to the, hanging out, having good time. >> i'm trying think, where haven't they done it? where would be good? >> the ben franklin bridge. >> shut down the bridge. >> we'll see you august 17th. >> we'll finds out then. >> maybe old city? >> just shutdown market? >> independence mall or something? >> oh, ya, independence mall, all the way down to the constitution -- who knows? >> we'll see. >> all right, so we put up picture hereof kim kardashianment look if the backgrounds there on the right-hand side. there is a table, she is in a hotel room. are those lines of coke, and i mean cocaine? she says no. >> she has two different explanations for it. we will give them to you, see what you think. >> she calls it candy. that isn't cleared up. >> and you believe her.
8:37 am
8:38 am
mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> kim kardashian, denying cocaine use after fans pointed out a white substance that was behind her, line up, it looks behind here in a selfie. so, they noticed see behind herman they were paying attention, but they see lines what looks like white powdery substance in the background. and ya, so the white lines in question, you can see them, they're circled there. >> this is a hotel, right? she is in new york sit which her child, that's a hotel room. it does look like lines every cocaine. but they're not that i would know about there is but certainly, they're not -- it is not cut into thin lines. it is just kind of big and messy. >> really? kim was quick to shut down the accusations on twitter she posts dow not play with rumors like this so i'll shut it down. this is sugar from our candy mess from dillon's candy shop. that's what it is.
8:41 am
>> you know did i see a picture with she and her daughter at dillan's candy the other day. >> this is interesting, because normally people say stuff to hershey doesn't responds everything, unless it is a big deal. after that people are like um, i don't know. so she posted another video with a different explanation. >> oh, no? >> okay, you guys, i just got back to my hotel room. and look at this table. same position. it is still there. >> my candy boo, please, no, no, that's mine, so we did go to dillan's candy shop. i did think that it was our picks i sticks. but after all of that this table in th in the background, a marble table, you guys. like come on. >> i just really can't believe this. >> oh, see, now? >> table. >> that's the same hotel roomy think i believe her. >> if that's -- it the same to me. fancy. who has maybe tables in their hotel rooms. i've never this that.
8:42 am
that's besides the point. >> where are you staying? >> you've had marble tables? >> i think there is marble in some hotels. >> fancy ones. >> how about the ritz carlton. >> i've never stayed there so i won't know. that's how that happened. >> the wyndham has. >> they have marble tables? oh. >> is it maybe like the paint or actual marble? >> that's true. now, that i've seen, the counter tops? >> it is concrete then paint it like marble. >> or just put the cover over it to look like it, the point is do you believe her? mike you said you -- >> i hate to agree with her. but i do, i think it is marble. >> back to the hotel rooms. you have been to fancy places, have you ever seen a marble bus, looks like somebody's head? i've never had that. >> place in new york that has marble bus heads in the rooms. >> as artwork? >> not that fancy hotel, i think the muse hotel, there are buzzes in every room. >> clearly i need to do more living, folks. >> ya. >> the high life.
8:43 am
>> apparently that was not a cocaine bus, no. >> i didn't mean that kind of high life. >> what kind of high life. >> fancy life. >> oh, the beer? the high life? miller high life? what? no? >> no. >> you know what? if you're going to explain cocaine use, should you have that whatever, those flowers on her head? you. >> got to be looking good while you explain you don't do cocaine. >> well how does the flower thing on your head, that does make you look better. >> it filters your, muse it out, gets things together, yes. >> okay. >> but when you're trying to make a serious point, little flowers on your head? >> she is a beautiful woman. no question. and i would buy this explanation. >> okay. >> why would lauren be down by the river? >> let's finds out.
8:44 am
>> hi, guys. i'm on a boat with superstars on the schuylkill, yep, we've got some local stand outs, heading across the ponds to compete on a world stage. we'll tell you all about it coming up after the break.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> not too lady up there in the pocono mountains, that's the spot to be on hot, humid day, higher elevations, the humidity hasn't hit them, as much as it has us, but we have an excessive heat watch in effect for today. the entire afternoon, when we expect it to feel like it is 100-105 degrees, right now, it is 75 in philadelphia. little bit of a breeze, which is making it feel better, but it is zero eight, warm nerve atlantic city, and in wildwood right now. you want to see where it is even hotter? at the moment, well, there is a raleigh, 79 degrees. there is 84 in miami, phoenix still the middle of the night. ninety-two today. ninety-eight tomorrow. ninety-eight ties the records, from 1994 if we get there, it will be a heatwave after the thirds day in a row, but then
8:48 am
thunderstorms, cold front friday, means lower humidity on saturday. heating up a bit on sunday but should clear out and the oppressive humidity just in time for the weekends. >> i love it, 8:48. >> four local rowers are head today bulgaria tomorrow to compete in the worlds championship. >> who wants to go to bulgaria tomorrow? they do. lauren's with them. >> hey, i am, guys. and i'm with coach zach coons looting the way here getting everything started for us so we can see them in action. so guess what i just learned, mike anal innings? i would be right off the boat here, why? how much do you have to be weighing on average? >> average 154. >> guess how much i weigh, chris? 162, i'm off the boat. these two guys aren't. this is big honor for them. >> right here. >> very excited. just great opportunity. >> you're at 100. >> competing at the level we can find out there. >> you've been coaching two of them since when, high school?
8:49 am
>> high school, yes. had the opportunity while in high school. casey helped to graduate the year before and same thing with steve he was at another high school. came out this year, and it's been great, great honor to work with such fantastic athlete. >> we put microphone on right on the front and the back. which is it? >> the bow. one going across the furthest, furthest from us. >> see how excited you are? >> i'm super excited right now. >> he said i'm super excited right now, trying to concentrate. >> having great time on the schuylkill river. >> gotch you. >> now, these guys had to put this together pretty quickly? >> yes. we started the camp on june 6. and then trials started on
8:50 am
june 25th, and then since we won trials, we only had couple of more weeks to polish everything up. >> looking good. i didn't realize how -- strong? >> definitely strong, being light weights, they look very lean, but at the same time they did a lot of training regimens that build strength, putting on mass to stay at the weight. >> how lucky are we to have the schuylkill here for them? >> oh, a great tradition of rowing out here on the river, great athletes come from this area, road on this river throughout their career and lifetime. >> you guys leave tomorrow what time? >> 6:00 p.m. we flight out of philadelphia. >> how many hours is your flight? >> fly to paris, then we have a lay over, then i think it is another five hours. >> we wish you well. and i asked you earlier, can we watch and cheer you guys on while competing? >> yes, the final races, on line, so we have old rowing championships, will have.
8:51 am
twenty-three tag, look at there, and have direct you to the live feed they have. >> we're cheering you on. let us know how it goes. thanks for temple letting us borough this pan tune boat. >> mike, alex, seeing some superstars, right here on the schuylkill. headed over to tomorrow. >> yes. safe travels. >> yes. >> very cool. >> the technology is great. that shot really held up. >> it did, like we're having great time on our way to bulgaria. >> very crisp, clean. >> yes. >> you know the thighs probably burning, thank goodness that segment is over. >> yes. now we can relax. >> breaking news out of northeast philly. >> police investigating a homicide in crescent ville happened just after 7:00 this morning on hill creek drive. so police say a 57 year old man was stabbed in the neck and assault wad hammer. see heavy police presence there, walking around trying to figure out what other details they can get. he was pronounced dead at the scene and no arrests have been
8:52 am
made. as of yet. >> quick break.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> winning lottery numbers. one of philadelphia's favorite sandwiches make the best in one of the country. here is a hint. it is not a cheese steak. john's roast pork sands rich wrapping dollars as one of the 23 best sandwiches in the united state. it has been philly favorite since 1930. some other sandwiches getting shout out, main's lobster roll, tasting table says bite into cape elizabeth has the best and also chicken parm from milano, so john's roast pork, look at that. i have to go over there. >> okay, so so i know we saw te rowers, they need some help,
8:56 am
$20,000 trying it raise, so far only about 4,000, there is that go fun me page. i believe we'll have this on our website fox 29 so you can crib, as well. what will you search megan if you want to go on go fun me and finds it? specifically scrolling to the top? crescent rowing club. >> look at their arms. >> oh, they'll have a great time. >> yes they are, bulgaria. >> what an experience. so, james, you know this song, beautiful. really changing it up. >> people have asked on twitter to see the creepy video again. my version of beautiful. >> let's get it out of the way now. >> of course i don't want him to see it. okay, we'll do that right after the top of the hour here. plus. >> is marriage real that i hard? jay-z seems to think so. why he says fighting for his relationship was harder than
8:57 am
growing up in the project and also getting shot at. >> getting shot at? >> ♪ come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit, only at sesame place go before they grow.
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>> ac tonight pink, this afternoon, i would like to stand with about 06,000 people in 09 degrees heat. that's what i'm into. >> for pink, though, it is worth t you might turn pink. >> oh, i will ' be pink. i turn pink watching pink. high, karen? good morning. >> she's in the pink. >> i am in the pink. i love pink. i think of her, exactly, put this on in honor of her. all of those people will be dancing, moving around. >> looks like you have some kind of plant growing on you, like a vine if. >> she looks fine in her vine. high shall everybody, july the 12th, 2017. here we go at this hour, joining a dating app, pays off. how


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