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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  July 13, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> we have found human remains. >> breaking news overnight while you were sleeping. new developments this morning in the search for the four missing young men from bucks county. investigators have found one of the victims' bodies, cadaver dogs led authorities to the bodies of 19 year old dean finocchiaro, inside of a grave. >> good day, it is thursday, july 13, i'm karen hepp. >> good morning, i'm thomas drayton, good to have you with us, we'll get to weather and traffic in a moment. first our team coverage on this breaking story. >> we've got jenny joyce covering the parent of the person of interest who are headed to court this morning to face a grand jury about but first on the right there, let's begin with steve keeley joining us from solebury township with the very latest, steve? >> reporter: we are here live. we had a midnight news
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conference that was called by the district attorney. and we new there was going to be some breaking news when he did that. what happened was in a midnight news conference at of missing men's families were obviously first told privately earlier, the grim news so many expected, and the family feared. human remains discovered deep down 12 and a half feet down. so far, the only one that is missing has positively been identified, dean finocchiaro. the district attorney did not say, likely, because authorities did not know for sure just yet at midnight, whether the other human remains found belonged to the others. >> there are additional human remains inside that grave. so this painstaking process will go on. we're not done yet. this is a homicide, make no mistake about it. we just don't know how many homicides we were yet to know the answer to that question. and i want to let you know that we reiterated over and
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over again, and it goes to say one more time, to the families, that we're strong, and we're going to remain strong, and we're going to see this investigation to the end, and we're going to bring each and everyone every these lost boys home to their families, one way or another. we will not rest until we do that. >> and so this missing persons investigation is now officially and publicly become a homicide investigation. and a source close to the investigation says to expect more than one arrest for the homicide and this attempt to cover up after burying bodies deep underground one of the now positively identified as the 19 year old no one had seen since last thursday exactly one week ago to go, thomas. >> all right, steve keeley, certainly more developments in this case, it was a long, detailed search. news we certainly didn't want to hear, but a lot of people may have expected.
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steve, thanks. >> let's head over to the investigation right now, cosmo dinardo's parents scheduled to go before a grand jury think morning. we have jenny joyce in doylestown with what we may be expecting out of that. >> good morning, so investigators are hoping that this grand jury helps to shed some light on what cosmo dinardo has been up to over the past week since these four young men went missing, cosmo dinardo taken back into custody yesterday on a stolen vehicle charge. police accuse the 20 year old person of interest of trying to sell a car belonging to one of the four missing teens. now cosmo and his parent, anthony and sandra, will appear at a grand jury hearing beginning at 9:00 this morning, to help investigators pinpoint a time line of events of the missing persons and now homicide case. it has been one week since the first of four men went missing while the remains of dean finocchiaro were recovered late last night, jimi patrick,
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marge sturgis, mark meo remain missing, attorney for dinardo's parent spoke on camera yesterday. >> it is obviously a very tragic situation. mr. and mrs. dinardo are parents, and they certainly can sympethize with the parent every these young boys who are missing, and i can tell that you they are doing information their power to cooperate with law enforcement's investigation at this point. >> dinardo is being held at bucks county prison on $5 million cash bail accused of, again, trying to sell one of the missing men's vehicles, which was found on his family's property. it is unclear whether or not dinardo could go before the grand jury today or whether or not he could invoke that fifth amendment. karen, thomas? >> jenny, thank you, of course still developing story. we're on ton of all of it all morning long, it is one every these days where one of the other big stories is going to be the weather, the hot temperatures. >> we'll see just about everything but snow today. we have heat advisory, sue serio? >> we have heat advisory, and
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heat excessive heat warning for philadelphia. so, this is going to be the worse of it. we told you as we were predicting this heatwave, thursday would be the worse day. so we've gone down to six out of ten in our weather by the numbers. again this urban corridor here, the i-95 corridor, where the excessive heat warning is in effect it, will feel like 105 or more. then the heat advisories in the outlying areas where it is cooler but it is still going to be very, very hot. 80 degrees, already, southerly wind at 5 miles an hour, sunrise happening at 5:44. right now, we have 72 degrees in pottstown, up in mount pocono, it is 68 degrees, already at 81 in wildwood, and atlantic city. not a lot of relief if you are at the shore this week. yesterday heatwave day two with the high officially at 91, 87 is your average hi, we will get into the 90s today, possibly upper 90s, where it will feel like 105 or more whether we factor in the
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humidity. sunset time now 8:29. so, that is your planner for thursday. we are taking a look at traffic this week, as well. and, it is mostly about the construction, as we get started on your thursday morning. yes, here we go, with a look at what's happening on the schuylkill westbound at gladwynn, we have construction there that's got everything at stand still at the moment, as folks get off of the schuylkill, off of the gladwynn exit, i should try, try to get on the schuylkill expressway, we'll finds out more about that. we go to the vine street expressway, which is closed for construction, until about 5:00 a.m. travel times are pretty good this morning, as you try to get where you're going on time, except, of course, you have to go around the vine street expressway. karen, thomas? >> sue, thank you so much. let's get a look at some of the top stories making headlines right now as well at 4:06. preliminary hearing for suspect at a deadly road rage shooting in chester county.
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they've decided to postpone that hearing, the hearing first scheduled this week for 28 year old david desper, now scheduled to to august 17th, at his attorney's request. police say he shot and killed 18 year old bianca roberson, after they both tried to learning into a single lane in west goshen township back in june. >> he booth a bottle of mill being 100-dollar bill, but the bill was fake, according to new jersey state police. they say that guy right there, used a counterfeit bill at a wawa along route 40, upper pot grove township there is was last month. police say the man has several tattoos and left in a silver suv. take another look. if you know him, give police a call. >> 4:07. senate judiciary committee says it may call on former campaign chairman paul manafort to testify in the russia investigation next week. he attends that now infamous meeting with donald trump, jr., jared kushner, and russian attorney back in june every last year, also
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retroactively testified, after revealing work for proo russian political party. shows he was eager to receive damaging information about candidate hillary clinton, from that russian attorney. republicans applause his transparency, while some democrats continue to harp on their collusion theory. >> his dad is professional, and donald trump, jr., simply has done what his father has taught him to do. >> a drip, drip, drum, a lot of things that don't seem to have much to do about nothing. >> today the president is going to be holding a joint news conference with the president of france, where he'll likely be pressed for more details about that meeting. >> meanwhile, u us senator spent more than five hours grilling the president's nominee for fbi director, now woe handle that role. fifty year old christopher ray fielded questions from senators on whole range of topics including the firing of his predecessor james comey, and the president's latest tweet, when questioned about his priorities, he responded
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that he would quit before breaking the law for the president. if i am given the honor of leading this agency, i will never allow the fbi's work to be driven by anything other than the fact, the law, and the impartial pursuit of justice, period. >> he wants a major convictions against enron executives it, worked as chris christie's attorney during bridgegate. >> 4:09. staying on top of all of the breaking news in the case of the four missing bucks county men. >> still a heed here on "good day" philadelphia, a body has been found. plus new charges for the person of interest in this case. all right, sue, we send it back over to you for a check of the weather. >> yes, heat advisory in effect for today. that will affect what a lot of people's plans, of course, we are also looking at heat advisories for the outlying areas. it is going to feel like it is in triple digit today. and you got to take care of yourself. we'll warn you as best we can
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coming up.
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>> we have a look at the records to beat today. we told awe little bit earlier, this week, about how thursday would be the worse day of this heatwave. and even though records have been standing for a long time, we have a decent chance of at least tying the record of
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98 degrees for the day, would you think in the middle of july some of these records would be in triple digit, but that's not the case, so we're shooting i guess for wilmington and philadelphia to be at 98 degrees today. we have a good chance that far happening. but the more important thing, what it feels like outside with 105 as the heat index for today. the possibility, especially along the i-95 corridor, we told you yesterday, about the urban heat islands, concrete, and steel, with a whole lot of buildings, it holds the heat better. but, everywhere is going to be feeling this heat, and of course we cannot remind you enough to stay hydrated. so,. >> this is yesterday and the day before, we could get to around 97 by the ends of the day today. it is 80 degrees in philadelphia, already. 81 degrees in wildwood, 68 degrees in mount pocono, but the heat index is already
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85. so, we walk out the door 4:00 in the morning it feels like eight a degrees. well, it is no where but up from there. then with the possibility of cold front coming through, a lot of instability in the air, marginal risk once again of severe weather later on in the day. and although we're not showing you anything on radar right now, because we don't have any precipitation, really not until later on this afternoon, that that possibility is there. so, here we go, with about 2:00 in the afternoon, north and west of the city, some isolated thunderstorms, you can see, on this future cast, how there is just like these isolated circles here, the possibility that you won't see a thunderstorm at all. and if you do, it could be a really strong to severe one, with heavy downpours, a lot of thunder and lightning, that possibility exists through the night really, through 8:00. here is 11:00 more thunderstorms, and here's about 4:00 in the morning, around this time tomorrow morning, when we could still have few leftovers, and with some renmant of the colds front coming through on friday, which will break the
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heatwave another chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms toward the afternoon and evening. so, a lot going on weather wise in the next couple of days, but be prepared for very hot day. yesterday, in philadelphia, we got to 91. atlantic city, reached 90, and so did wilmington, delaware. so, 93 is where we're going for one possibility of high temperature today. but it could be even higher, 87 tomorrow, and we stay in the 80s through the weekendsment looks like saturday is once again the best weather day of the weekends, giving that one a nine, because humidity will be down at least for a little while. that's the seven day forecast, promise you pictures there, but the words coming. so that's what we've got there. it is a chance, sorry, we're taking a look at the traffic situation, this is the schuylkill expressway, and, again, at a stand still. looks like the road is closed.
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still trying to figure out why that's the case. but it is a construction situation. the schuylkill westbound at gladwynn. vine street expressway still closed until 5:00. and we will take a look at traffic on i-95 at girard avenue, and everything is moving along fine, very early in the morning, as volume picks up. we will take a look at that, as well. karen, thomas? >> sue, thank you so much. that construction project is happening overnight, it has been helping between 202 and of course route one city avenue. we'll have more on that. >> 4:16, breaking news, coverage of the four missing young men out of bucks count. >> i the bodies of one of those men has now been found, the kad daffer dog led us to the bodies of dean finocchiaro, burried deep in a grave, 12 feet deep, on grave in solebury township where they're centering their attention, cosmo did i narrow's home, other human remains were also found in that grave, as well.
4:17 am
they've not yet been identified. >> we've been trying to connect the dots to learn how the four missing men, and person every interest cosmo dinardo, all know each other. what we've learned jimmy tar patrick and cosmo dinardo both went to high school together. two attended holy ghost prep in bensalem. we have also learned that mark sturgis, and thomas meo, worked together. dinardo was arrested yesterday, accused of stealing and trying to sell a car that belonged to meo. it contained his diabetic supplies. of course, so many of you are glued to any update in this case. we're expecting another briefing from authorities at 11:00 a.m. this morning, we'll bring it to you live here on fox 29 or streaming on our web page or facebook. >> once again that's at 11:00 this morning. 4:17 now. this morning, investigators are looking into a deadly shooting coming out of atlantic city. police are searching for the person who gun down 28 year old anthony mccrea, shot rang
4:18 am
out tuesday night on the 1800 block of lincoln avenue. that is on the west side of the city and it is far from the boardwalk and casinos. firefighters at the scene actually had to run for cover while trying to save the victim's life. authorities say someone was actually shooting at the first responders. >> two of them are former military guys. and they know what gunshots fields like, they know what the sounds are like, what the color is from over their heads. you know, based upon some of what they heard from some of the neighbors was that the people were shooting at our firefighters, to prevent them from caring for the victim. >> the fire fight remembers just fine. no arrest haves been made. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. >> and police have found 57 year old woman dead in a home on north hill creek drive, this happened in crescent ville yesterday. horrific crime herement. she was stabbed in the neck and beaten with a hammer. investigators did finds the weapons right there at the scene. no word on any suspect or after he cents at this time. >> scary moment for more than
4:19 am
two dozen kids after the bus they were in was involved in a accident. this all happened, it happened yesterday afternoon, in burlington county, new jersey, along rule 38 near south church street. that's in norristown. no words as to what caused the accident. >> state regulate verse reject add row questions for emergency hearing to block construction of a valve coal station. west goshen township filed the request from the public utility, addressed. now, the issues will be skulls dollars at previously rescheduled hearing in harrisburg, on tuesday. finally have come to an end. the so-called masterminds at the lane closing scheme on the george washington bridge will not be going to prison. federal judge in new jersey sentenced david wild stein to three years every probation yesterday, 500 hours of community service. he pleaded guilty to his involvement in the scheme to close lanes on the bridge back in 2013. and that led to gridlock in the town of fort lee, for
4:20 am
days. prosecutors argued this was a way to punish the mayor of the town for not endorsing governor chris christie for re-election, wild stein paced -- faced up to 27 months in prison. >> new jersey transit approved a new budget, with it comes dozens every new trains, whole lot of buses. more than 100 new rail cars will replace the oldest cars in the transit's fleet. the new cars will eliminate the disliked three-person seat that require someone to sit in the middle. in favor of multi levels with roomier, two-person seats, certainly more popular with riders. >> there is a south jersey woman, she is really frustrated, a mom of two kids, talking about the cost, the hidden cost that could wind up in your bills. she shock about one she just got from the children's hospital of philadelphia network. her name is pam ambrose yo, the bill she goss it, too kids, wellness exam, but when she got $60 charge for each kid insurance wouldn't cover she called the offers and said what is this?
4:21 am
she was told it is for the use of the ipads to fill out the information questionnaire prior to the doctors visit. >> she said you filled out questions on an ipad when you got there. and i said yes. she said that's what the charge is for. and i was like that is ludacrous. >> chop did responds to our request for comments saying the charge were for the clinician's time to interpret the results, and not for the use of the ipad, but pam said she should have been told of this big fee up front. >> if you stopped by city hall, don't be alarmed if you hear a few sleeks. it seems mice have the run of the building. throughout its 116 year history, city hall has had it fair share of the little creatures, but long time workers say the current mice population is exploding. employee tell about 8 miles were caught in one room last week. the department of public property says no, there is no problem. >> all right, 4:21, one every these real rough news days, let's bring you something good, good news, had a lot of people that had a lot of fun
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm sean bell. thankfully we're 11 days away from the start of training camp, and it will be all about carson wentz. he needs to step up on and off
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the field, and he's already doing it off. check it out. back in north dakota announced the launch of his a01 foundation, his love for god, the outdoors, and dogs. today he talked about what he's trying to accomplish. >> at the end of the day, pro-football career, maybe i'll play tom 40, i don't know, tom bratty might be playing for a lot longer, who knows, but this is something that will definitely supersede that. on the field is what a lot of people know me for, but at the end of the day i hope this makes a much bigger impact. >> to a little bit of soccer, usa taking on martin evening in the gold cup. tietide two-all in the 76 minut, jordan marks, with a second goal. that was the go ahead goal. the united state wins three to two, in wimbledon, had to quit. lost the first set, and then sort every just faded from there. that's sport in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> all right, coming up, we have had a lot of development overnight at the next half hour we'll give you the very
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>> we're not done yet. this is a homicide. make no mistake about it. we just don't know how many homicides. we are yet to know the answer to that question. >> it is far from over. breaking details this morning, in the case of the four young men right here who vanished in bucks county. >> yes, they've found the remains of some of the victims there, and positively identified one of them, not the news that anybody was hoping for in this investigation. we have two live reports and team coverage in a moment. >> good to have you with us this thursday morning, it is july 13th, 4:29. i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp. >> sue serio, weaver a lot to get to today. >> potentially serious conditions, two days in a row with 90 degrees or above, high humidity, now this will be the worse of it, we probably won't tie or break the records, but really the heat index is what we are dealing with today that can be in the triple digits, six out of ten, national weather service has issued an
4:30 am
excessive heat warning for today, for the counties you see that are highlight in the red. where we expect the heat index to be 105 or more in that area, and then, in the surrounding areas, plenty hot and humid, as women, so very few places really except for the mountains that you can go for true relief from this heat. so, once again, we bring you bus stop buddy with the water bottle. and the dog, of course, which indicates that it is going to be a humid day today. but, it is an important day today that you should take care of yourself, specially, in the middle of the day between noon and 3:00 when the heat and humidity are at their worse and to try to not over exert yourself, stay hydrated if you do work or going to be outside. 80 degrees already, southwesterly wind at 5 miles an hour, sunrise time is 5:44. and once we get the sun in the picture, then temperatures will rise rapidly. 75 degrees in lancaster, 77 in trenton, 74 degrees in allentown, we're in the upper
4:31 am
60s in mount pocono, as we said, the only really cool spot in this whole scenario, even at the shore, we're already at 81, in ocean city, new jersey, and 83 degrees down in rehoboth beach in delaware. yesterday was day number two, of this three-day heatwave. it looks like it will be confined to three days, but today at least 95 degrees, the records for today is 98, as we mentioned, we may not get there but it is important what it feels like outside, and it will be extreme heat and humidity. sunset time is 8:29. so, that's your thursday planner, from the weather authority. we check back in with the vine street expressway. still closed. we expect that to stay that way. pretty good about pick that up at 5:00 in the morning, checking on i95, around the the cottman avenue area, shows traffic moving very smoothly, different concert tonight at this is for nerve. cheap trick, and led zeppelin, all on the same bill. it all start at 7:00. expect a lot of extra traffic in the camden area, as on the bridges around then.
4:32 am
thomas, and karen? >> sue, thank you, 43:00; authority as we've been mentioning all morning long have found the body of one of the missing men, cadaver dog, led investigators to 19 year old dean finocchiaro. >> also, team coverage on this one, because it is developing right now. our jenny joyce, she is covering the parent of the person of interest because they're going to court this morning. >> but first, let's begin with the news we learned early this morning, shortly after midnight. steve keeley in solebury township. steve? >> reporter: well, let's go right to the video, you'll see the picture of the youngest of the four missing reported missing last friday at dinnertime. here we are, hearing the news, that his family was told before the media was told at midnight, that his remains have been positively identified, too soon to know whether the first of the missing remains were the result of being shot and killed or murdered some other way. the other human remains have not been positively identified yet publicly, so it seems
4:33 am
authority are still wait waitinn yet another vital part of this investigation now, that they found human remains, and that is the autopsies, rulings, and findings of the medical examiner. >> i can't comment on the type of homicide that it is at this point. but i am comfortable classifying it as homicide. i'm very, very sad to say that we can now identify dean finocchiaro, 19 years old, middletown, as one of the people that was found burried in that grave. he's been missing since friday. we notified his family that we have recovered his body. >> now, that's been the tough he is part of covering this story, and being part of this investigation, seeing all four of the missing men's families huddled together, nearby, every day, every hour, they have been getting private
4:34 am
updates from authorities. this finding, and this latest update, late last night, and the public announcement after confirmed their worse fears. now the question is do authority think all of this are the acts of just one man, a source tells fox 29 to expect more than just one arrest for the killing, and burying the bodies up here, 30 f philadelphia. >> karen, thomas? >> steve keeley on scene for thus morning, thank you. investigators are hoping to get some answers from cosmo dinardo's parent, scheduled to go before grand jury think morning. we continue our team coverage with jenny joyce, at the bucks county courthouse in doylestown, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, thomas, we are expecting activity here at the courthouse, sometime after 8:00. that's when we expect cosmo dinardo and his parent will likely arrive for this grand jury hearing. cosmo will be transported from the bucks county prison, where he's being held on $5 million cash bail on stolen vehicle charge. police allege the 20 year old person of interest of
4:35 am
attempting to steel, to sell a car belonging to one of the four missing teens. investigators are looking to cosmo's parent, antonio and saundra for clues in this case, at the grand jury hearing. they are hoping to learn more about what cosmo has been up to over the last week since the first of four young men went missing. while the remains of dean finocchiaro were recovered last night, jimmy patrick, marge sturgis and mark meo have not yet been found. attorneys for the parent spoke yesterday. >> it is obviously a very tragic situation. mr. and mrs. dinardo are parents, and they certainly can sympethize with the parent of these young boys who are missing. and i can tell that you they are doing information their power to cooperate with law enforcement investigation at this point. >> reporter: it is unclear whether or not dinardo himself could testify today or whether he will try to invoke the fifth amendment to avoid incriminating himself. thomas, karen?
4:36 am
>> jenny, thank you. this is an ongoing investigation, as we mention, when news breaks you can certainly count on fox 29, both on air and on line, for all of the latest details we invite you to head to >> pennsylvania state police are investigating the death after 11 year old boy who died at summer camp. he had gotten sick there. this happened up in pike county. his name daniel beer from norwood, new jersey, and died at a hospital on monday. police will awaiting the result. toxicology test. >> the town council of smyrna, delaware, launched an investigation into the small community's police department. this comes a year after the town's fraternal order every police launched a vote of no confidence against the department's chief. the f.o.p. questioned chief norman woods ability to lead and hold officers accountable. according to published report, the town will spend no more than $20,000 on this investigation. >> the father of the penn state student right here who died after a series of falls inside a fraternity house says he's irritated with the pretrial hearing for the
4:37 am
student's charged with his son's death. nineteen year old timothe piazza died in february after investigators say he fell several times and was ignored by other members inside the now shuttered fata threat a pi fraternity house, charged 18 men with various crime. piazza's father says he hasn't seen much remorse from the defendant. pretrial hearings will pick back up next week. >> philadelphia police are lying to figure out who gunned down a beloved mother and her step daughter when they satin side a truck maybe a case of mistaken identity. here are these women. police say 35 year old lilly anna mendosa and 19 year old asmarie torez, just pulled to the curb in a borrowed pick up when a gunman pulled up along them and then opened fire yesterday right after midnight. this was the 3,000 block of north laurence street in crescent ville. they were both shot in the head and police do think it might have been a case every mistaken identity. now we get to northern liberties. police need your help tracking down that guy. here is the thing. he just created very dangerous situation that could be
4:38 am
deadly. he fired a gun up into the air on sunday night, happened right there on the 800 block of north or the any streetment they released this video, police did, to show who he is, and to try to get him off the street. no one was hurt. that's a dangerous course of action. >> 4:38 is the time. no pot? it is an emergency. >> this is a first. really one state has just declared a state of emergency because they're running out of legal marijuana. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. i'm lumy bargain detergent shifcouldn't keep up.ter. so, i switched to tide pods.
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time now 4:40, some good news here, congressman steve scalise is out of intensive care. >> sources say he was released from the icu yesterday but stays in the hospital in serious condition, shot in the hip last month when a gunman opened fire on republican congressional baseball practice in virginia, first release from the intensive care june 22 following multiple surgeries, but he needed to be readmitted to the icu last week due to infection concerns. he's being treated at the med star washington hospital in washington. >> this morning, crews are trying to get the upper hand on more than three dozen wild fires burning in the eastern us. talking about hot, dry conditions, making it very difficult to fight this 1n california, hundreds of people have been evacuated northeast of santa maria, more than 100 homes, businesses, destroyed in butte county. so far this year forest officials say flames have scorched more than twice as much land compared to last year. >> all right, 44:00; the state of nevada is running out of
4:42 am
pot. the state legalized recreational marijuana less than two weeks ago, and now the supplies are solo, the governor really has declared a state of emergency. he says the retailers say they're going to run out if they don't get a new gliff are you in the next few days, officials there are now looking at the rules deciding whether to ease up regulations to increase supply. >> 4:42, some local towns specially down the shore. you know all about flooding. but, could be worse. >> why scientists are concerned about what is happening in the future. and they say, you should be, too.
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>> 4:45, continuing with breaking news coverage. >> there has been major break overnight while many of you were sleeping in the case of these missing men in bucks county, one of their bodies has been found there. the victim 19 year old dean finocchiaro, more remains were also found there. it was the kad daffer dogs that led the investigators to the scene, and they found a 12-. it is on that 90-acre farm where they've been searching, sifting through the dirt and evidence there. that farm is owned by the parent of the person of interest. cosmo dinardo. >> also, a lot to talk about this morning. traffic and weather wise, sue zero. >> weather the big story today, happy to report there aren't any major incidents with traffic as we take this look at the ben franklin bridge from the new jersey side. heading into philadelphia, free and clear this morning. and a look at the loud 42 at creek road, quite a few cars for this hour of day, but
4:46 am
everybody moving along just fine, heading toward philadelphia. and, this view of i95, at cottman avenue, plenty of room for you to make your way out early on this thursday morning. but later on today, oh, boy, this is going to be the worse every this particular heatwave. we'll have the details coming up in 15 seconds. >> he can he is i have heat warnings. you know where you live. then the heat advisory, for all of the outlying areas, excluding the mountains, and even lancaster county, that doesn't mean it is going to be nice and cool out there. but it will be better than it is in the urban areas. so, with the heat index of around 105, plus we have an air quality alert in effect
4:47 am
for today. because of the lack of winds today, the excessive heat, the humidity, unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups, folks with asthma, and other conditions, that make it difficult to breathe outside. as far as records are concerned, it is unlikely that we will tie this record for today. it is looking less and less like we'll get to 98 degrees, but 95, is high enough. and there is the predicted high for today. and the possibility, by 4:00, of a few afternoon, isolated pop up showers, and thunderstorm, and that possibility exists through this evening, remember to keep an eye on the sky later on, we're in the mid to upper 70s overnight, but, by friday, one of our computer models is keeping us in the 70s, others are taking us into the 80s, but doesn't look like we will get into the 90s again on friday, which means, three-day heatwave. and that's enough for most of us. 80 degrees in philadelphia right now. eighty in dover. 68 degrees in mount pocono. and the heat index, it is
4:48 am
already 85 in the city, already feels like 87 in wildwood. so, not enough of a sea breeze, i'm afraid, to cool thing off there. still under a marginal risk of severe weather, some of those pop ups could be strong to severe. but it look like with some rain coming in at least with some of the storm, probably will be a relief for a lot of us, and water your lawn, as well, you see some thunderstorms way up to the north, and big hampton, none that far is here at the moment, as we mentioned earlier, we don't really expect anything until later on in the afternoon, as far as showers and thunderstorms are concerned. but the possibility is there today. more tomorrow with a look at a cold front coming through. that will not necessarily cool us off a lot. still in the upper 80s over the weekend, but saturday, looks like it will be a low humidity day. and sunday, we are pushing 90. back to the 90s probably by the middle of next week, we may even end upgoing through this heatwave thing all over again. thomas and karen? >> again, and again, in the
4:49 am
middle of summer, sue, thank you. not necessarily this system, but future system, more than 20 new jersey communities could face chronic flooding within the next two decades. that's according to a study from the union of concerned scientists. >> in you, they describe chronic flooding at happening every other year. and these are places that so many of us go. like wildwood, beach haven, seaside, all experience that flooding due to what researchers are calling an expected intermediate rise in the sea and ocean levels. >> 4:49. in this day and age just about everyone knows how to use a computer, right, some better than other. that local boy you just saw is actually programming those computers. >> he is a coding wiz kid. get this, he's only eight years old. our photo journalist, bill roar, checks him out. >> i want you to see how much code there is. >> he loves using the family computer. not so much for playing video games, but actually creating them. >> i started learning thousand code using something called mit scratch. and basically i just use
4:50 am
youtube videos. when i got stuck i had my mom's help. >> he is up here pretty much all of the time writing computer cod, coming up with future inventions. >> robot that makes you pizza and gives you massages. >> probably a few years away. right now, though -- >> so you need to start the program. >> this happy go lucky eight year old is making it easier for kids to learn to code a computer. >> this is story booth. >> it started out as a tool to help friends learn to code but grew into something bigger. >> the story bo. it is tactile. so that our blind friends can actually feel and touch and tell what things are. >> helping his blind friends with computer coding has given him the opportunity to speak all over the country. >> today i would like to tell you about an exciting adventure about me. >> an internet search, you can find him speaking at the ted x youth conference in scranton. >> i thought it would be great for my friends. >> this is last year. >> this is the home screen. >> now he's putting all every his energy into the new mobile app he's creating. >> it is called pollinator for
4:51 am
pat. teaches you how to make your own pollinator guard glenn see, he lovers nature and want add par dime. >> lists all of thee plants. >> international competition that uses kindness, creativity. >> tells you how to provide food for a pollinator. >> and collaboration to make a difference in the world. >> so, that's pollen ate err path. >> this year, thousand eliminate waste. >> did you know there are actually 4,000 species of native bees. >> help the kids pill their own. >> this is my favorite. >> just like he did at his nazareth pennsylvania home. >> would your our bees in danger, they won't pollen ate our plant which provide us food. >> helping bees pollen ate is a huge task for a eight year old, but his mom and did a are there to help. >> i'm real excited that he's becoming a life-long learner. that will gives me great joy, he doesn't see it as a chore, he doesn't see it as something he has to do, but he really enjoys doing it. >> yes, he came, he came. >> in nazareth, bill roar, "fox 29 news."
4:52 am
>> you think it is too soon to send him my resume? >> he can actually. >> wow. >> 4:51, are you in the g more tobacco in movies? the cdc certainly is. >> they found the tobacco use rose 72% in the top gross being movies from 2010 to 2016. though the overall percentage every tobacco use in the grp rated films decreased by 87%, organizations have called for movies to be rated r, if any form of tobacco is used, except if it is a documentary portraying a historical figure. >> did you buy on amazon prime day? lot of people did. you did. >> i was glued. i bought stuffy didn't need, like a curling iron. >> did you not. >> it was a good deal. someone's going to use it. >> i got a metal detector one time. so they brought in whole lot more sales even than "black friday." >> 60% more sales growth than last year's "black friday," and cyber monday, best selling echo dot speaker priced at $35. other top sellers included the instant pot pressure cooker
4:53 am
and amazon house brand batteries. 100,000 products were ordered at discount over a 30-hour period. the gift cards were pretty good. thirty-nine bucks for 50-dollar gift card. >> all right, berks county's been there recently, check your lottery tickets. what was that, bucks county's been there recently to. >> if you've been in berks county, you live there, you drove through, you stopped at the gas station. >> i have not been there recently so i am not a winner. >> but someone hit the jackpot there. five lucky numbers. are you one of them? we'll have them for you. there they are, four, 12, 15, 23, 29. good luck.
4:54 am
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4:56 am
>> good morning to you, the sun will be rising real any just a matter of minutes. well, in the next half hour. >> listening to pink, she was in atlantic city kicking off concert series out, there always incredible performance. saw pink several years ago, her voice simply amazing, more coming up in the next half hour. great to have you with us this thursday. let's talk about kevin hart. >> set to launch new comedy streaming service everything from zombies sit comes to deaf comedy inspired shows. >> so heart will have a show called kevin hart lift legend, he pranks people as driver donald mack. the service being dubbed the laugh out loud network. it will launch august 3rd. kevin has part nerds with lions gate for help with this
4:57 am
one, big company, laugh out loud app will be available on apple and android, there will be an ad-free option available for 2.995 month. >> speaking every monday i, if you bought a cash five lottery ticket in berks county check your numbers, because there was a winning ticket that was sold worth $125,000. pretty good. that was sold in upper burn township. it was purchased at love's travel stop last tuesday. there are the winning numbers right there on your screen: four, 12, 15, 23, 29. >> 4:57. let's get back to the break cents news we're following this morning, the search for four missing bucks county men. a live report coming up in just a moment. that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter)
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>> we have found human remains. >> they've found a body, breaking development, this morning, in the search for those four missing young men, in bucks county, investigators have found one of their bodies, cadaver dogs, led investigators to the body of 19 year old dean finocchiaro inside a grave. >> this has been a very detailed search. good to have you with us this thursday morning, i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp, it is 5:00. >> let's do our team coverage right now, there are two discontinuing angles we need to have covered this morning. jenny joyce covering the parent of the person of interest who will be headed to a grand jury think morning. >> but first, our steve keeley joining us from solebury township with the latest, steve? >> reporter: yes, quick correction, they found more than one body. they've just positively identified the one


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