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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> we've found human remains in approximately 12 and a half foot deep common grave. >> breaking developments this morning, on the search for the four young men who vanished in bucks county. investigators have found one of their bodies, and other human remains. >> good day everyone it is july 13th, 2017. >> so the worse case scenario in this very detailed search. good to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton. >> straight to team coverage. jenny joyce standing by with more on today's grand jury hearing. >> first we get to steve keeley in solebury township
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with the latest on this search this morning, steve? >> reporter: source tells fox 29 no one addition a 12 and a half foot deep grave by themselves, and nobody burries four bod that's deep by themselves. so, to expect more than one arrest, probably, for both, the homicides and the attempt top cover up the murders afterward. so we get a midnight news conference with the most grim news possible, that they discovered bodies burried here, just as they believed they would when cadaver dogs had the ability to sniff that deep down underground, and tell the people that trained them that there were human remains deep underground. and so last night, they brought construction lights in, as they got close, because they wanted to continue working for the first time this week past sundown. and then after telling the families, the district attorney, matthew weintraub, told us. >> there are additional human
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remains inside that grave. so this painstaking process will go on. we're not done yet. this is a homicide, make no mistake about it. just don't know how many homicides we are yet to know the answer to that question. and i want to let you know that we reiterated over and over again, and it goes to say one more time, to the families, that we're strong, we're going to remain strong, and we're going to see this investigation to the ends. we're going to bring each and everyone every these lost boys home to their families, one way or another. and we will not rest until we do that. >> well there are helicopters hovering overhead now with sunrise, and that may tell us that work never stopped with those construction light, and continues right now, and we expect another update at 11:00 t
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they may have found since matthew weintraub talked to us at mitt night. that will be 11 hours, and that's a lot of time perhaps not just here but to find out what the investigators found about why this happened, what was the motive behind all of this, to maybe help explain this. but right now, very unexplainable. >> missing person's case now a homicide investigation, steve, thank you. >> the parent of shows are scheduled to face grand jury think morning, prosecute remembers hoping that they can give them some answer. >> so we continue our team coverage now with jenny joyce, in doylestown, because the parent are expected to make appearance today. jenny? >> reporter: yes, alex, thinking they'll be here sometime around 8:00 this morning, so we're just couple of hours away from that. and investigators really, are hoping that this grand jury can help them figure out what cosmo was up to over the past week, since the four young men went missing. dinardo was taken back into custody, this was yesterday,
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on stolen vehicle charge of the police accuse the 20 year old person of interest of trying to sell a car belonging to one of the four missing teens. now, cosmo and his parent, antonio and sandra, will appear at grand jury hearing beginning at 9:00 this morning to help investigators pinpoint time line of events of this missing persons and now homicide case. it has been one week since the first of four men went missing while the remains of dean finocchiaro whether recovered last night, jimmy patrick, mark sturgis, mark meo remain missing, and parent every dinardo spoke on camera yesterday. >> it is obviously very tragic situation. mr. and mrs. dinardo are parent, and they certainly can sympethize with the parent every these young boys who are missing, and i can tell that you they're doing information their power to cooperate with law enforcement investigation at this point. >> reporter: dinardo being held at bucks county prison on five milled cash bail accused of trying to sell one of the missing men's vehicles, which
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was found on his family's property. it is unclear whether or not dinardo will be called to testify, and whether or not he might decide to invoke the fifth amendment, alex, thomas? >> okay, we have to see then, thank you, jenny, for giving us that update. of course we'll continue to cover there is more developments throughout the morning. because this happened overnight. so we get to more news in just south carolina but let's get a check on the bert. expecting another very holiday. >> heat warning, right, knew. >> right. excessive heat warning for philadelphia and everybody else, is under heat advisory, the hottest of our three days in a row of zero nine greet or above, and a six out of ten in your weather by the numbers. excessive heat warning for the areas highlight in the red, the advisory, and the outlying areas, just means, it will feel like it is in the 90s instead of the hundreds, starting offer in the 70s, 80s, with bus stop budd think morning, and the water bottle should be at your side all day long, it is a mix of sun and clouds this morning, and 79 degrees already.
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already in the 80s to the south of us, in dover, and in cape may, and rehoboth beach, not too much relief in brigantine either with 78 degrees temperatures, it is 72 in pottstown, so, day number two is yesterday. high of 91 degrees. just like we were the day before. today w we will probably be hotter, more humid, 95 with chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms, later on in the day. so that's today. but there is some relief from the excessive heat coming up in time for the weekend, we will have those numbers for you just ahead in our seven day forecast. but as we look at traffic, on what is this, thursday morning, thank goodness, when is bob kelly coming back? route 202 and the schuylkill expressway, everybody moving along just fine. and new jersey, route 42, at creek road, folks heading into the city, still have smooth sailing there. even though volume is picking up little bit. we have construction to tell you about. between columbia avenue, and
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marlboro street. this is on richmond street. i believe this is in the port richmond neighborhood. for the remaining part of i59 and the girard avenue area, that massive construction project continues. so until that is finished, and that's going to be on august the fifth, your alternate is frankford avenue. guys, back to you. >> thank you, sue. 6:07. now to another local story that's making national headlines. a preliminary hearing for the suspect in the deadly road rage shooting in chester county has been postponed. >> such emotional case. >> this week's hearing for 28 year old david desper has been re scheduled for august 17, at his attorney's request. police say desper right here shot and killed 18 year old bianca roberson after they both tried to merge in a single lane on a stretch every route 100 in west goshen township back in june. >> 6:07 tonight story that we first broke on good day yesterday, a mother and stepdaughter gunned down in philadelphia. while they satin side of a
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running vehicle, a truck. police say 35 year old lilly anna mendosa and 19 year old elvly torres had just pulled to the curb in a pick up, gunman pulled up alongside them and opened fire. happened yesterday 3,000 block of north laurence street crescent ville. both were shot in the head. so far no arrests. >> police found a 57 year old woman dead in a home on north hill creek drive in crescent ville yesterday. she was stabbed in the neck and beaten with a hammer. investigators recovered weapons at the scene, but police have not yet made any arrests. >> 6:08. a man murdered right in the street in atlantic city. the evidence police hope will help lead them to the shooter. >> also this morning, fall out from donald trump, jr.'s meeting continues. how the russian investigation is yet again over shadowing the president's agenda, both here at home, and abroad.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> look at these beautiful sunsets t looks beautiful now, when it is early, still kind of cool. >> wait until noon. >> exactly. and then you'll be miserable, basically, be prepared, folks, have water with you all day today. 6:10. this morning investigators are looking into a deadly shooting in atlantic sit. >> i so we know police are
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searching for the person who gunned down 28 year old and the any mccrea. >> shots happened tuesday night, on the 1800 block every lincoln avenue. that's on the west side of the city, far from the boardwalk and casinos. firefighters at the scene had to run for cover while trying to save the victim's life. authority say someone was actually shooting at the first responders. >> two of them were former military guys. and they know what gunshots feel like. they know what the sounds are. and where they're coming from over their heads. so, you know, based upon some of what they heard from some of the neighbors was the people were shooting at our firefighters to prevent them from caring for the victim. >> even though the interview was on the board walk, again there is incident happened away from the boardwalk, the west side. but the firefighters are okay. no arrest haves been made. if you have any information, call police. >> 6:11, heads up if you have verizon. why the company is urging all of its wireless customers to change their passwords, and their pin codes. >> ♪
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>> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of bucks county where four young men vanished. authorities have found one of the bodies, and it has been identified as 19 year old dean finocchiaro. other human remains were also found, but have not been identified.
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cadaver dogs led authority to the scene inside a 12 and a half foot deep grave. see the video, worked late last night trying to figure out more about this. it is on large farm in solebury township owned by the parent of the person of interest, cosmo dinardo, a story we'll be covering all morning long, and we'll give you updates. >> 615:67:89 even at this hour, sue, you step outside, oh, you can feel it. >> it is very soupy out there this morning, and it will be excessively hot, humid, for all of us today. the warning is for the i95 corridor area, philadelphia county, and the surrounding counties, the heat index, and the advisory area will be in the 90s, and the warning area, triple digits. that's what the temperature, it will feel like against your skin, if you're spending any time outdoors, and we're hoping you can at least get indoors and in some air-conditioning for part of the time, especially because of the air quality alert that's been added to the excessive heat watches and warnings, for folks who have trouble breathing, especially, these are challenging days.
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>> 98 degrees is the record, forecasting now 95, it is becoming less and less likely that we will see a tie or breaking that far record. we're close to 08 degrees in philadelphia right now, there, in dover, and in wildwood, 79 in atlantic city, the cooler spot of course mount pocono 69 . but this is the heat index, what it feels like right now, feels like 86 degrees already in dover, delaware, 82 is the heat index, here in philadelphia. we're still under marginal risk of severe thunderstorms, i think, what we will see the most are heavy downpours from some of the pop ups come through, maybe little thunder and lightning. things getting interesting out toward pittsburgh, we see the area of rain, some of it heavy, moving there, we will continue to watch that throughout the day today, but it look lick it will stay dry for us, throughout the morning later on in the day pop up thunderstorm we will be
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watching for. look pretty isolated about 3:00 p.m., few more numerous 6:00, 7:00 in the evening, continue popping up through the overnight hours into friday morning. when we could see a little bit of rain perhaps to start the day, and then, guess what? yes, in the afternoon, and evening, as you're trying to go out for friday night maybe, more pop up showers and thunderstorms, but again, not everybody will get one, every minute of the day, we won't wash out friday, and we will look forward to saturday, and sunday, when we maybe get a little break from the humidity. so we're two days into the heatwave. ninety-one on tuesday. ninety-one on wednesday. today, 95. and then in the 80s friday, saturday, sunday. lower humidity saturday. but it start to get sticky again, as we head into the middle of next week, don't forget, when you get in your car, more p.m. m101.1, in case you forgot your forecast for today. in case you forgot it will be hot, we'll have the forecast on the radio for you, too, yes, that's a little hard to forget. let's see where what we have traffic wise as we start off
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thursday morning. vine street expressway, already starting to back up, as we are headed toward the schuylkill, from 95, headed out toward 95, folks, are moving along okay. let's look at route 309. at highland avenue. everyone speeding along just fine. hey, there is another concert at the bb&t pavilion tonight. this time it is for nerve, cheap trick and led zeppelin all on the same bill, starting at 7:00. lots of extra traffic around that camden area. >> we know where you will be at 7:00 tonight, sue. >> stairway to heaven, man. >> 6:18. president trump is in paris today, and will hold a joint news conference with fran's president. >> two leaders discussing syria, combating, but will likely press president trump on the ongoing probe. says it may call on president trump's former campaign chair to testify in the russia investigation next week. paul manafort attended the now infamous meeting with donald
6:19 am
trump, jr., jared kushner, and russian attorney back in june of last year. emails just released by trump, jr. showed he was eager to receive damaging information about hillary clinton from that russian attorney. republicans applause his transparency, while some democrats continue to harp on their collusion theory. >> his dad is professional, and donald trump, jr., simply has done what his father has taught him to do. >> a drip, drip, drip, a lot of things that don't seem to have much a do about nothing. >> president trump will spend two days in france for bastille day. he is the guest of honor at the military parade, on the 100 anniversary of america's entry into world war i. >> meanwhile, us senators spent more than five hours grilling the president's nominee for pb i am director how he would hand the role. fifty year old christopher ', former federal prosecute earth, fielding questions from senators on arrange of topics including the firing of his potential predecessor, james comey, and the president's latest tweets, so when
6:20 am
questioned about his priorities, ' responded that he would quit before breaking the law for the president. >> if i'm given the honor of leading this agency, i'll never allow the fbi's work to be driven by anything other than the facts, the law, and the impartial pursuit of justice, period. >> ' won convictions against enron, and worked as chris christie's attorney during bridgegate. >> 6:20. do you have verizon wireless? if so your personal information may have been compromised. >> so we know the personal information of at least 14 million customers was leak on line, verizon, urging all of its wireless customers to change their past words and pin codes this morning. the company says the leak was caused by human error. records of wireless customers who called verizon in the past six months, were found, on an unprotected amazon storage server.
6:21 am
verizon says the issue now resolved, and no lost or theft of customer information took place. >> forbes has released their list of the most valuable sports franchises in the world. and at number one, the dallas cowboys. but, where did the eagles lands then? can you guess? we are going to reveal.
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>> thankfully, 11 days away from the start of training camp, it will be all about carson wentz. he needs to step up on and off the field, and he's already doing it off. back in north dakota announced the launch of his ao1 foundation, his foundation combines his love for god, the outdoors, and dogs, and today he talk about what he's trying to accomplish. at the end of the day, pro-football career, maybe i'll play top 40, i don't know, tom brady mate be playing a lot longer, who knows, but his is something that will definitely supersede. that will on the fields is what a lot of people know me for, but at the end of the day i hope this makes a much bigger impact. >> to a little bit of soccer, the usa taking on mark in the gold cup.
6:25 am
tide two-all in the 76 minute. jordan marks with second goal. that will was the go ahead goal. the united states win three-two, in wimbledon, joke very much had to quit, had the first set, faded from there. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> thank you, sean, forbes released it list of the worlds' 50 most valuable sports teams, and the eagles weren't number one, but we are on the list, so there is good news. >> kind of down there on the list, but at least we made it, right? >> so the top spot went to the cowboys, yes, tommed the list for the second straight year with $4.2 billion. so where did the eagle come in? bumper 22, 2.5 billion. we tied with chicago bulls. the cut-off to qualify is higher than ever at $1.75 billion. so at least we qualified, right? >> yes. so here is the rest of the top five real quick. some or team madrid five on the list, barcelona soccer team came in fourth, alex is a big fan, soccer team
6:26 am
manchester united ranks third, number two no surprise here, the new york yankees. >> no surprise. >> can you believe jones bought the cowboys back in 89 for 150 million? and now it is worth 4.2 billion. >> he knows thousand make that monday. >> i 700 million in 2015 alone. >> have you been to the cowboys stadium? it is intense. >> how dare you? >> just saying, they have victoria secret insideof the stadium. >> pretty elaborate. >> clubs in there, stuff. >> that's how they make their money, has a lot to do with premium seating, sponsorships. >> saying, jerry jones is about that money, hon. >> i make you holla, right, knew. >> i'm still reeling from three of the top five soccer teams, why aren't we watching more sock snore. >> we should. >> it is an international thing. >> i think you're right. >> i think you can say barcelona so you can say bar barslona! >> zest i have heat all day today. basically whatever the temperature is, at about bush
6:27 am
add five, 10 degrees, that's what it will feel like outside for all of us. it will be a little too much, just take care every yourself today. more about whether we will get a break from the heat coming up in a few minutes, steve? >> reporter: well, sue, no one's had tougher job working outside in this heat than the big investigative team that has been digging for days and last night they spent their first time digging beyond sundown. and if you are just waking up, we've got some big news today. they found human remains, bodies of the missing men, so far, just one identified. we're looking life from skyfox, where you can see, the work has continue all night. since we got the announcement in a midnight news conference, and more details on that for you.
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>> we have found human remains. >> search for four missing young men in bucks county, investigators have found remains of one of the menace the search continues for the other. >> facing a grand jury, the parent of cosmo dinardo, person of interest, expect in the court today. prosecute remembers hoping they, the parent consideration give them some answers. >> and dangerously hot. temperatures stay in the sizzling nine's today, but it will feel much hotter, as this heatwave continues. >> get ready for another hot
6:31 am
one. >> it will feel like you're sitting on the sun today. do you like it hot? >> i'm used from -- i am free texas so i'm used to it. >> you guys have a dry heat? >> drier, little different. what can you do, sue? >> all day long. >> it is what it is. >> you can cope as best you can. that's what we try to help with you advice, drink ago lot of water, drinking a lot of water, and drinking even more weighter. but just really, just don't know whether it will hit you if you are outside. happened to folks yesterday at the pink concert on the beach, all the sudden you just kind of feel overcome, so, that is another reason to just stay hydrated, try get relief from the heat. excessive heat warning, excessive heat advisories for the region. temperatures already in the 70s, 80s, to get started. bus stop buddy has got his water bottle, remainder of the day, 79 degrees, calm wind, remember, if you're want to exercise outdoors, maybe take the morning walk, maybe it
6:32 am
make it as early as possible, try exerting yourself early in the day, 82 degrees in cape may, 81 rehoboth, 77 the current temperature in medford lake, 72 perkasie headed to the 90s again today, probably 59 whether all is said and done, because of the humidity that you factor in, it will feel like it is triple digits. pop up thunderstorm for good measure, that's what happens on a hot and humid day. we get some relief. it looks like it is only going to be a three day heatwave. more details on that in the seven day forecast coming up. right now it is time to check traffic on your thursday morning. as things heat up, and we get some sun glare, hazy, as we look at this shot of the ben franklin bridge, folks coming into philadelphia on the left hand side there. volume picking up a lot we have disable vehicle, southbound, 202, and at route 29 off to the side, tow truck is there, so it doesn't look like it is impacting your commute at all.
6:33 am
we go to the schuylkill schuylkill at city avenue and it is a jam cam again, a daily occurrence, westbound schuylkill at city avenue slow going there. guys? >> thank you, sue. >> and major break today in the case of the four young men who vanished in bucks county. one of the bodies has been found along with other remain remains. >> we can now identify dean finocchiaro, 19 years old, of middletown, as one of the people that was found burried in that grave. >> cadaver dogs led authority to the bod that i was inside of that 12-foot deep grave. you can see they had tents set up last night. our crews this morning are covering this developing story from all angles, jenny joyce standing by with more on today's grand jury hearing. >> first to steve keel any solebury township with the latest on the search that's now a homicide investigation. steve? >> reporter: well, let's put
6:34 am
up dean's picture right now, remind our viewers that he was the youngest of these four just a 19 year old kid, and a pretty good kid, according to his family and friends. and his family got the grim news before the public did in a hastily called midnight news conference. and as we can go to a live picture now with sun up, the work never stopped finding these young men. this is a mass grave we're talking about, even though only one has been positively identified, they found, they believe, all of the bodies burried, 12 and a half feet deep in a mass grave. that isn't dug by hand, by the way, you don't do this with a shovel. so construction equipment. and usually operating construction equipment and doing something like this, and killing four people, because this is definitely a homicide, the da said, isn't done by just one person, either perhaps, and the source says to expect more than one arrest, and too soon to know whether the first of the missing remains were the result of being shot and killed, they just don't have
6:35 am
an answer about what kind of homicide this is, but they're sure this was no accident, obviously, and the da now waiting for the medical examiner, and the autopsy, and the rulings on both how they were killed, and the positive identifications on the others down there, and then the other part of the investigation, why were they killed? what's the whole reason behind this? here is matthew weintraub, in a midnight news conference. >> i can't comment on the type every homicide that it is, but i am comfortable classifying it as a homicide. i'm very, very sad to say that we can now identify dean finocchiaro, 19 years old, middletown, as one of the people that was found burried in that grave. he's been missing since friday. we notified his family that we have recovered his body.
6:36 am
>> coincidentally, alex, thomas, it was dean's cell phone that was still powered on, still binging to a cellar tower nearby here, and that is how they pinpointed and the first place where to dig, where to look, and then the cadaver dogs were brought to the site where the pink was, and the dogs have the ability to sniff a human body 12 feet deep underground, and that's why they were focusing that all week. >> that's amazing, that vital clue led authorities to that very scene. 12 feet. steve, thank you. 6:36. so now moving forward, investigators are hoping to get some answers, from the parent of cosmo dinardo, the person, suspect, not suspect, person of interest. this morning his mother and father, they're schedule to go before a grand jury. >> so now we get to jenny joyce in doylestown where they are expected to be this morning, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, alex and tomorrow, yes, everything is expected to be begin around 9:00. we are thinking we will start to see activity at the bucks
6:37 am
county courthouse around 8:00 this morning, cosmo dinardo and his parent will be brought to the courthouse, cosmo will be transported from the bucks county prison where he has been held on $5 million cash bail on a stolen vehicle charge, police allege the 20 year old person of interest attempted to sell a car belonging to one of the four missing teens, investigators are looking now to cosmo's parent, antonio and sandra, for clues in this case, at the grand jury hearing. they're hoping to learn more about what cosmo has been up to the last woke since the first of four young men went missing. while the remains of dean finocchiaro were recovered last night, jimi patrick, marge sturgis, tom meo have not been found. >> it is obviously a very tragic situation. mr. and mrs. dinardo are parent and they certainly can sympethize with the parent of these young boys who are missing, and i can tell that you they're doing information their power to cooperate with law enforcements investigation
6:38 am
at this point. >> reporter: and so that was the attorney representing cosmo dinardo parents in all of this. it is unclear whether or not economy may be called to testify himself today here at the grand jury hearing, or whether or not he may invoke the fifth amendment. you guys? >> thank you, for that update, jenny. so, so many questions. so we'll see if they're going to be there today. 6:38. the bridgegate saga may have finally come to an end. >> the so-called masterminds of the lane closing scheme on the george washington bridge will not go to prison. >> a federal judge in new jersey sentencing david wild stein to three years probation yesterday, and 500 hours of community service. he pleaded guilty to his involvement in a scheme to close lanes on the bridge back in 2013. it led to grit lock in the town of fort lee new jersey, prosecutors argued this was a way to punish the mayor of the town for not endorsing governor chris christie for re-election, so he now faces up to 27 months in prison. >> the father of a penn state student right here who died
6:39 am
after a series of falls inside a fraternity house says he's irritated with the pretrial hearing for the students charged with his son's death. nineteen year old timothy piazza died in february after investigators say he fell several times and was ignored by other members inside the now shuttered beta theta pi fraternity house, prosecutors charge 18 len with various crimes, piazza's father said he hasn't seen much remorse from the defendant. >> pennsylvania state police are investigating the death after 11 year old boy who died after getting sick at a summer camp in pike county. danielle beer of norwood, new jersey died at a hospital monday. police are awaiting the result after toxicology test. >> in new jersey, state, obviously new jersey, police are looking for this man right here. he bought a bottle of milk with a fake hundred dollar bill. they say that guy right there used counterfeit bill at a wawa along route 40, upper pot grover township last month. police say the man, he has several tattoos, left in silver suv. you see right there on your
6:40 am
screen. take another look. do you know him? give police a call. >> coming up on 6:40, a south jersey woman is speaking out, about the cost of medical care for her childrenment is. >> she is shocked about a bill she got from children's hospital of philadelphia network. >> pam said she took her two kids for an annual wellness exam, normally covered by insurance. but when she received a 60-dollar charge that insurance wouldn't cover she called the offers. she says she was told that the charges were for the use of the ipads for a questionnaire that was prior to the doctors visit. >> she said: you filled out questions on an ipad when you got there. and i said: yes. she said that's what the charge is for. and i was like: that is ludacrous. >> chop is now responding saying the charges were for the clinic's time to interpret the results of the questionnaire. and not for the use of the ipad. but pam said she should have been told of the fee up front. >> guess what, pam says she's not going to pay that bill.
6:41 am
>> we'll keep you updated. maybe they'll make that balance to zero. >> it does sounds little weirds. >> you think they would tell when you you walk in, we'll have you fill out this questionnaire, by the way we'll charge you $120 for your two kids. >> i would say well don't you have paper format of this? i'm write out my answer it is that's what it takes. >> pen and paper, that's just fine, 120 bucks for, that see where that goes. how do you feel about mice? >> not a fan. >> rodent. >> unless it is like from the movie five goes west? >> quite different here, over at city hall. did you hear about this? yes, seems that mice are running amuck in that building. city hall has had a rodent issue in the past, but long time workers say the current mice population is out of control. employees telling about eight mice were caught in one room last week. the department of public property says we don't have a problem. >> are they in that building? the people say there is not a problem. with you in that room with the
6:42 am
mice? easy to say it if you're not dealing with them. >> eight? >> in one room. into the we have a problem here. >> ya, not that we know what that feels like. >> see a mouse running around in the early hours? >> i've not. but i've seen people talk about it and you can't bring food, right, open food. >> don't put food. i don't even put my bag on the ground. >> you saw one. >> couple, yes. you know, it is the normal part of living in the city. but got some visitors in the morning. >> i would rather see them just out in the street than like going across my feet. >> you work at your computer and then whoosh, right across. >> and i love cheese. guess i won't be bring that for lunch any more. >> don't talk about our mice problem on the air. >> not bad any more, real. >> i 6:42, keeping kids out of trouble, how one local golf course giving back to the community one golf ball at a time. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer
6:43 am
joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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>> dean finocchiaro's body has been found, more remains were found, cadaver dogs led authorities to the scene. now you are taking a look at this morning, skyfox over this area. this is a 90-acre farm that is owned by the dinardo family. you can see they've tents set up. the remains found inside of 12-. >> so this, when i mention the dinardo family, of course it sounds familiar, because the person of interest is their son, cosmo dinardo, who has been re arrested in jail with
6:46 am
$5 million bail. >> as we know the parent already called into court by grand jury. they'll be asked series every questions, as we take another live look here. under those tents right there, 12-foot grave remains found in what authorities are calling a common grave. it has been very detailed search, very, as steve keeley was mentioning earlier, it was a cell phone ping that led authorities to the very location. >> so we will give you more information, because it looks like some of the investigators are back on this site this morning, they work late last night, as they found some of these remains, so we will give you more updates at 6:46, though, we will get a check on traffic. >> right. we've got a situation on route 202, guys. it is a disable vehicle, and you can see, they got the arrow truck right there, keeping people off the shoulder. apparently, this car lost a tire, tire kind of rolled off into the grassy noll there. so this could be out there for little while. this is route 29 area of route
6:47 am
202 southbound. so it is slowing everybody down little bit on prime traffic time anyway. we go to the schuylkill expressway, at the boulevard, as the boulevard empties into the schuylkill, it is hard to see, because of all of the sun glare, and the haze, because it is already so hot outside. as far as getting where you're going on time, let's see where that might happen. it looks pretty good actually on the vine, when you get from 95 to the schuylkill expressway, in two minute, you're having a good morning, i59 southbound, from the vine, to the blue route, a 16 minute trip. little slower on the eastbound schuylkill from city avenue to the vine. that's a nine minute trip for you. but nothing extreme out there this morning, as you try get where you're going on time. forecast, oh, it is a scorcher. we'll have the numbers in 15 seconds.
6:48 am
>> 6:48ment alex just asked me about us compared to dallas, right, al next it is 79 degrees here. 81 degrees in dallas. and dallas has a very similar forecast to us with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, possible today, then heat index that makes it feel even hotter. see hotter spot? phoenix is at 90, and still the middle of the night there. and las vegas at 88 degrees, so i guess there's all someplace we can point to, where it is a little more challenging. excessive heat warning is in effect today. technically from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. already getting hot out there nowment then the outlying areas, we have heat advisory, in effect, for the heat index, how it feels outside, 90s for the advisory, triple digits for the rest of us. unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups with the air quality alert in effect, as far as the records is concerned, yesterday, looks like we might come close to
6:49 am
this record. today we are going for 95. looking like a temperature may not make it close to 98 degrees. that record was set in 1994. here's where we are at the moment. 79 degrees in philadelphia. eighty in dover and wildwood. little more comfortable up in the mountains 69 degrees, no heat advisories in effect there. already feels like 82 degrees in philadelphia. the heat index is 86 in dover, delaware, we're under marginal risk, of severe weather, later on in the day, looks like some that far is moving into pittsburgh area or just north of it, heavy downpours, no rain to show you here on our radar. watch for the pop up showers, thunderstorms later on in the day with higher 695-6789 then we stay in the 80s through the weekends, some showers, thunderstorms tomorrow, cold front, lower humidity on saturday. we will take it whether we can get it in the middle of july. and probably, by the middle of next week we will be back into the 90s, no surprise there. guys? >> this would be what heatwave number five next week? >> this one, current one;
6:50 am
four. >> four, so next week would be five? >> yes, if we get that one. because it looks pretty close between, you know, with 89 degrees, we easily get to 90. >> one after the other. >> summertime. >> yep. >> thank you, sue. a local golf course is doing its part to help teenagers in trouble with the law. >> i love this program, karen, a lot of the kids here oh, this will be so boring. but they ends up loving it. >> because it is an exposure that some of them have never had. they winds up getting into trouble in the past, but they want to give these kids an opportunity to see something they might not, tune see the other opportunity. this is the first t-golf course, one of several, partnering up with the sports for juvenile justice program. so this is the brain child of the philadelphia sports collaborative. funded by the dhs through family court and the d.a.'s office, so these are kids who have got never trouble had some exposure to the law in different ways, nothing having exposure to the golf, the links, getting out there, learning it, and doing pretty good job out there. so they're seeing things they may not see at home or in their neighborhoods.
6:51 am
off i shall say the staff dedicated to keeping the young men out of jail. >> it helps me like think about more life than just the hood. >> i thought at first -- i got the hang of it and pretty fun. >> gives the kids space to just be kids. no one will get arrested on the golf course. no, you know, safety concerns. it gives kids a free space to just express themselves, be kids, enjoy themselves. >> and if you've ever been out there and hit golf balls around it, gives you a lot of focus, and you have to have the challenge behind it, so doing great job. it is sort of the chess game behind it, once you learn thousand do it both physically, mentally, great program and helping to change the course of these kids lives, guys. >> amazing, though. i mean, got swings. had some pretty good swings. >> yes, takes focus and patience, to make sure you get everything down right. my end, wow, great for them, great. thank you shall karen. >> 65:00; kevin hart at it again. this time, he's launching new comedy streaming service.
6:52 am
we're going to gave you a preview next. what hasn't this man done by now? >> making even more money. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ dinardo
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> 6:54. >> kevin hart. >> i was googling, $120 million, that's how much he's worth.
6:55 am
>> wow. well, that's a lot of money. but now he's probably going to make even more money, set to launch new comedy streaming service will feature unscripted series kind of like this. >> no, no, we don't want that to happen, no. >> no, just give me a second. >> no worries, no worries, take your time. >> hole on for a second. come, on, eric, i wouldn't consider did. >> no, you are not use it again, this is day three. no way, you tore it up. you tore it up. that is no excuse. i lost a kid, you had to clean it up. no. >> listen to me. >> not good. >> eric, listen to me, now, eric. >> i don't want to hear it. >> fine, back off. >> somebody else. somebody else. >> you remember that, the next time you ask me to fill it up myself and i say no. >> it is illegal. >> i'll say no then. i'll say no next time. >> snow is kevin hart's show called kevin hart lyft legend, he pranks people as the driver, donald mack, and he was trying to find a bathroom in that clip apparently. and the service is being
6:56 am
dubbed the laugh out loud network. it will launch august 3rd, and the laugh out loud app will be available on iphone and android, and there will be an ad free option available for 2.995 month. his own streaming. >> i'm signing up. you just look at kevin hart and you want to laugh. >> exactly. i didn't even recognize him at first, wait a minute. then over time okay, ya, that's kevin hart. i mean, what will he think of next? he knows how to bring in the moola. >> that he does, 120 million. >> 5:56 this thursday morning, following breaking news. >> we want to give back to this news that happened overnight. and the search that's now happening this morning, for the four missing bucks county men. bodies have been found, remains have been found in common grave. taking live look now, you can see, they had tent set up. this is where investigators have been searching. this was, what, about four days, make it day five. and one has been identified, as one of the missing men. >> shortly after midnight we got word, they told us about the body that has been identified, we'll have more on
6:57 am
that with steve keeley who is on the scene, also there is morning, we mention a person of interest, who is being held in his parents will be called to grand jury. jenny joyce? >> yes, good morning, guys, so snow's parent will be here at the bucks county courthouse grand jurily hear testimony from them, the pair subpoenaed in a attempt to learn more about their son's whereabouts, over the last week. we will be right back. cosmo, cosmo dinardo
6:58 am
come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit, only at sesame place go before they grow.
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>> this is a homicide, make no mistake about it, we just don't know how many homicides. we are yet to know the answer to that question. >> investigators find the remains of 19 year old dean finocchiaro, inside a 12-foot grave. the other disturbing discovery inside that grave, as the search for the other three missing men continues. >> and back in jail. authority are zeroing in on that person of interest, cosmo dinardo and his parent. >> i don't want to condemn them. this is their son. but we could use cooperation from whatever source. >> when dinardo's mother and father will face a grand jury, today. >> so it is thursday, july 13th, 2017. we are going to have your weather and traffic momentarily. we want to focus on this story since it


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