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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 13, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> this is a homicide, make no mistake about it, we just don't know how many homicides. we are yet to know the answer to that question. >> investigators find the remains of 19 year old dean finocchiaro, inside a 12-foot grave. the other disturbing discovery inside that grave, as the search for the other three missing men continues. >> and back in jail. authority are zeroing in on that person of interest, cosmo dinardo and his parent. >> i don't want to condemn them. this is their son. but we could use cooperation from whatever source. >> when dinardo's mother and father will face a grand jury, today. >> so it is thursday, july 13th, 2017. we are going to have your weather and traffic momentarily. we want to focus on this story since it happened overnight.
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>> the fear of so many, the fear of investigators, as they spent countless hours, detail going over the 90 acres of this farm, we've live team coverage this morning, let's get right to the breaking news. >> so, investigators, they made a major break in the case of the four young men, who vanished, in bucks county. authorities found one of their bodies, because they discovered remains late last night. and they identified as 19 year old dean finocchiaro, other human remains also found in the 12-foot deep common grave on a farm in solebury township. and that farm is owned by the person of interest, cosmo dinardo. >> crews covering the story from all angles this morning jenny joyce more on the hearing being talk about the suspect in days, the parent will be called to the grand jury. >> showing awe look at the farm this morning, the cars every all of the people who were working thon case. >> let me clarify, not suspect, person of interest in this case.
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>> the solebury township with the latest on the search that's starting back up this morning. >> the reason i say it is not starting back up, is, they brought construction light in, yesterday, and that was a first. they've been stopping work before sundown, every day, and then last night, we realize they were close to something, common sense told that you, that's why they wanted the big bright light, so they could work through the night. and soon after the sun went down, that's when they made the grim discovery, and it wasn't until midnight, because they had a first tell the family of dean finocchiaro that they found and positively identified dean, but dean wasn't the only body they found down there. they believe they have all four, they believe all four were killed, and they just don't know how they were
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killed just yet. but they believe for sure this is a homicide. so at midnight we get the official word from the district attorney, matthew weintraub. >> we have found human remains in a approximately 12 and a half foot deep common grave, that we have painstakenly dug with a lot of care, so as not to damage any potential evidence. there are additional human remains inside that grave. so this painstaking process will go on. we're not done yet. >> this is a homicide, make no mistake about it, we just don't know how many homicides we are yet to know the answer to that question. >> so, when you are looking now live, down from our helicopter skyfox, you're seeing those tents set up. they're set up for couple of reasons, first of all, the heat, they want to protect
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from the possible element, because we've had the chance of severe thunderstorms all week, and they've got quota hole there. and thirdly, they know these helicopters are hovering overhead. they know what they found. so the reason they've only positively identified one of the victims is they've only pulled one of the victims out of there, likely, and you heard him say painstakenly, they're in the just digging up and pulling things out of there. they've slowly moving them all that dirt, and that's a lot of weight. that's tons of earth, 12 and a half feet. and it is a big hole. and it was done probably with construction equipment. and so they're digging by hand, around these human remains, very delicately, to bring them back up, and then get them to a medical examiner, and that's why we don't have all four positively identified just yet, and that's why you see the work continuing, right now, and that's why they just can't do this instantly. but they're not stopping through the night. they're working, and they're working out in this heat, and
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they know this is important for two reasons: the investigation and to get those answers, to those family member, who have been holding vigil it seems outside here. that's the saddest part of all, to see the families huddled together, i was told, with them, and they've been getting updates we don't even know about, from the detective, and from the authorities, investigating this case, and yesterday they got the update that they didn't want to get. but they feared, and they were hoping for a miracle, you know, we had those three young women, in cleveland, who were kidnapped in 2002, then they discovered them in that man's basement in 2013. so there is always a glimmer every hope. but that hope was shattered last night at midnight. guys? >> we have to keep that in mind, such emotional morning for those families. real quick, steve, if you can, can you give us better idea of the location of where the remains were found? i mean, this is such a large area. that will a main road leading to a house, to a particular house on the property? >> yes, these are just off main roads, and remember,
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they're two dinardo property simultaneously right around the corner of two main roads. and even though we are out here in the country, you can see, this is quite busy road where we've been getting the news conferences. we're right around the corner down the street in from all of the digging. sixty-eight ache zester on this property. a lot of times we're getting some wrong information, 68 acres on one, .89 acres on the other, and it was on the other where they found one of the other men's cars that we reported on monday, which is right next-door. and that tells that you it is all happened in real close proximity, and the f boulevard i coincident will he defines mass murder as the killing of four or more people in close proximity in both time and location, and this seems to fit the definition every mass murder to a t. >> steve, we're seeing on the left part of your screen, there the road where steve is standing, where you can see it is a busy road. lot of traffic this morning. hard to imagine, just off of that, there is just big search
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that's happening for the other remains. >> authority, they want to know the parent of cosmo dinardo, what they know, his mother and father expected to face grand jury think morning, we are showing you video whether cosmo dinardo was blout back in, and arrested for car theft. we continue with our team coverage then with jenny joyce in doylestown, where the paren every cosmo dinardo are expected to be this morning. report yes, good morning, alex. so grand jury proceedings are known to be secretive. they're not open to the public. they're meant to bring winning cents -- witnesses in, to learn more about ace case before charges are filed, bringing in cosmo dinardo parent here to testify before a grand jury set to begin at about 9:00 this morning. they want it learn more about what cosmo dinardo has been up to over the last week since these four young men went missing. dinardo was taken back into custody yesterday on stolen vehicle charge. police accuse the 20 year old person of interest of trying to sell a car belonging to one of the four missing teens,
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now, cosmo and his parents, anthony and sandra, will be at the hearing, start at 9:00 this morning, to help investigators pinpoint a time line every events of this missing person's and now homicide case. it has been one week since the first of four men went missing while the remains every dean finocchiaro were recovered last night, jimi patrick, mark sturgis, mark meo remain missing, parent spoke to us yesterday saying dinardo, anthony, and sandra, they're parent themselves, they sympethize with these families, offered no further comment. dinardo is being held at bucks county prison on $5 million cash bail accused again of trying to sell one of the missing men's vehicle which was found on his family's property. so it is unclear whether or not dinardo himself will be testifying before the grand jury today. alex, thomas? >> okay, thank you, jenny, still so questions surrounding this entire case, we will stay on top of this, give you more
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details and information throughout the rest of this morning. >> coming up on 7:09. we're also learning more, though, about the four young men, and how they know each other. >> yes, the big question here, what is the connection to the person of interest, cosmo dinardo. karen hepp digging into that one, karen? >> so what happens, with this group of people, talking about five people right now, they had some overlapping circles of either friends from school, some from work, sometimes shared interested posting on saturday same on line groups about sneakers and atv's according to >> we've been trying to connect the dots to learn how the four missing men and the person of interest cosmo dinardo all know each other. what we've learned is that jimi tar patrick and cosmo dinardo both went to high school together. they attended holy ghost prep in bensalem. we've also learned that mark sturgis, and thomas meo, worked together. dinardo was arrested yesterday accused of stealing and trying to sell a car that belonged to
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meo and contained his diabetic supplies. of course, so many of you were glued to any update in this case. we're expecting another briefing from investigators, at 11:00 this morning. we will bring it to you live on tv or streaming on our web page or facebook. >> and so many people have been praying that this would not be the outcome. there was a vigil last night. this is loyola university in maryland, jesuit school, where jimi patrick just finished up his freshman year, he was going to be a sophomore, see faculty, staff, on campus at the baltimore chapel to pray for jimi and all of the g men. the university president says that patrick had just finished his freshman year with distinction, such a tragic lost for all of these families, as they're getting news that they did not hope to hear in this one. but that's the very latest, on what we're learning about this whole situation white now, guys. >> you have to think of the families and what they're going through, to have their four young men, just very sad.
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>> karen, thanks. >> coming up on 7:11, of course, we will follow that story throughout the morning. but trump, it has been a rough week for the white house, wries welling headlines about the linc to rush. but the president has a chance to leave it behind, at least for today. >> we know he's in par thinks morning, for talks on tackling terror. caroline shively, more on this one, what can we expect? >> reporter: we can expect him to speak about five hours from now, thomas, alec. his focus will be on secure it but all anyone here in d.c. wants to talk about is russia. president trump arrived in paris early this morning and holds joint news conference with the french president later today. he'll face a press court eager for answers about donald trump, jr.'s meeting with the kremlin connected lawyer during the campaign. the white house is already pushing back. >> they drip, drip, drip a lot of things that don't seem to have much a do about nothing. >> the president tells road ers, he doesn't fault his son for meeting with the russian
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to claimed to have dirt on hillary clinton and he says he only found out about it a few days ago. mr. trump even told evangelist pat robertson he believed russian president may wish clinton was in the white house. >> if hillary had won, our military would be desomated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like about me. and that's why i say why would he want me? >> trump, jr. says no information on clinton came out of the meeting, but it certainly has stoke interest in ongoing selections -- investigations about possible connection between russia and the trump campaign and given ammunition to democrats. >> when they say there was no connection whatsoever to russian agents, no collusion, no involvement, these emails demonstrate themselves, these meetings did take place, with high level officials of the campaign. >> russia central topic at confirmation hearing for fb i am director nominee christopher rayon wednesday. ray told law make that's he would resist any undue pressure from the white house on russia.
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>> no one squad me for any kind of loyalty oath at any point during this process, and i sure as heck didn't offer one. >> wray also told lawmakers he does moth believe special council robert muller ' confirmation is a wave hunt directly contradicting the president. alex, thomas, back to you. >> okay, thank you, caroline. 7:13. >> there is some good news we know congressman steve scalise is out of intensive care. sources say he was released from the icu yesterday. but remains hospitalized in serious condition. scalise was shot in the hip last month, when a gunman opened fire on a republican congressional baseball practice. it happened in northern virginia. he was first released from intensive care in june, 22nd, following multiple surgeries, but was readmitted to the icu last week due to an infection. he's being treated at the med star washington hospital in d.c. >> 7:13. there is a massive fire fight in the western us. >> yes, crews trying to get the upper hands on more than three dozen wild fires, raging all across california.
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>> hot, dry conditions, making their fight even more difficult. as the flames get closer to homes, hundreds of people evacuated northeast every santa maria. and then in another county more than 100 homes and businesses have been destroyed by fire. resident are returning to charred ruins. >> as i was coming up the road, all of the houses not here, and kind of here and, there my stomach wag singing. >> we've lost memories, my poor children, they grew up here, you know. family home. >> so far this year, forestry officials say flames have scorched more than twice as much land mass compared to last year. >> working out west, i've covered so many of these wild fires, and they can say, you know, we have it 70, 80% contained, then just like that it can change direction, we're seen so much devestation over the past several weeks, because of the dry conditions, sue. >> we have excessive heat warning because the humidity will make it feel even hotter than it actually is, with tull
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temperatures mid 90s, speccing it toll like triple digits in the warning area, and in the mid 90s for the advisory area. so everybody's going to get something. and then we have our air quality alert. with unhealthy cons takes cents of air pollute and the, especially, troublesome for sensitive groups, like folks who have breathing difficulties. so, down the shore, going to escape, well, not much today. this is going to be in the 90s on the beach today.& so, if you are going to take your morning walk, it as good idea. evening walk, but maybe just kind of take it easy in the middle of the day, jump in the 64 degrees ocean. we had little up welling at the ocean, ten is your uv index, the rip countries social security low today. definitely dealing with a land breeze today at the shore. it is 80 in atlantic city international airport, same here at philadelphia, 70 degrees in mount pocono, but what's it feel like? we already have 85 degrees heat index in philadelphia, and it is only 7:15 a.m. marginal risk of strong to severe thunderstorms, later on
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in the day, when we get some of those pop ups, then into tomorrow, down around pittsburgh, out to the west, looks like, an area of very heavy rain moving out of cleveland, toward the western part of the state, few isolated storms in west virginia. nothing happening here at the moment. it is not until later on in the day when we expect things to pick up and maybe get a little action, probably, heavy downpours, what we will deal with more than anything, little bit of thunder and lightning, but you can see, from the future cast, by 4:00 in the afternoon, casino every cloudy, few pop ups, and they become more numerous towards 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. more isolated. may get one, may not. almost and relief to get a heavy downpour after a day where it is 59 degrees, and it feels like 100. here is friday, quite a bit of cloud cover. some more late day showers, and thunderstorms, this is the cold fronter that's going to take the heatwave away. so this will be day number three of 90 or above. ninety-five today. upper 80s tomorrow. and mid 80s for saturday, and
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sunday, upper 80s by sunday and monday, so we could be very easily putting together another heatwave for the middle of next week. could happen. that's your seven day forecast, don't forget 101.1 more fm. your weather authority forecast available there as well once you get in the car. and you will want some entertainment if you're on this road. this is a look, is this route 30 bypass we're looking at here right now? okay. well anyway there is a lot of volume out there this morning. patco, let's talk about that. i think we're not -- well, what we've got here not matching what's going on tv. i think we have little issue hereof problems with our pictures this morning, so i'm just going to tell you that the route 30 bypass, there is an accident just past route 340, where the right lane is block, and there is a problem with patco between philly and
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lindenwold, new jersey, they're operating on an emergency schedule because of a derailment of a piece of construction equipment. so, maybe make another plan if that was your route this morning. >> yep, i know the information changing like that, sue, we will have an update. you're going to update us in just a moment, thank up. 7:18. what a night. >> specially for pink fans, yes, she returned to atlantic city and she did her performance in ac. so she gave thousands of fans a real treat of the concert right on the beach. look at her! >> have you ever been to a pink? >> she's a great performer. she doesn't think what anybody thinks. >> she has her own thing, her own mind, and her leer innings are wonderful. >> what were you asking me being thomas. >> i forgot. no, i was asking if you've ever been to a pink concert. >> i have not. have you? >> i have, several years ago, do you remember her first albumn watch was it? can't take me home? it was more after r&b sound? >> yes. >> her sounds has more evolved
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over the past years. >> she didn't like doing that albumn. >> she didn't? >> no, it was years ago, with la read. part of a girl group, or three of them. and they had auditioned for la read. and he said i like you. so the other two were out. she was casino every on the fence about taking it, but you have to take your career. he really shaped her. he produced her first albumn, more every r & b sound. she toll him afterward i just don't feel like it is authentic, i don't feel like it is myself. she ended up changing her style. good albumn. >> look has really paid off. when you be more of yourself people can feel that, they though that. >> she has a lot of energy in her concerts. >> swinging from the rafter. >> do you remember that, what was that, the grammys, upside down singing and spinning and the water. >> and they told us she did that last night, too. i don't think we have video of it, but they said she was over at the beach, doing all of that swinging. ya, she is like so intense, used to work out a lot. >> e is in shape. >> she has it together. >> have you ever done that little back flip spin thing on - >> on wires? >> well, it is like a clot
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holding you up. >> oh, i know what you are talking about, i forgot what that is called, new form of work out. >> i tried it once. >> and how did it go? >> so painful. >> painful? >> oh, my god, chickee crab fries behind us. >> oh, look at that. >> don't see that every day. >> so we will tell now little bit where you can get some free french fries and things, i wonder if he's gig out free fries to everybody here on market street? >> have to turn that crab fries around. >> how do you like them fries? >> so you're swinging upside down, but kind of holds you right here. not the most comfortable thing. >> well, it is working out, not supposed to be comfortable. >> you feel it for about a week. >> that means you really pulled the work in, that's good. so yes. today is national french fries day. and don't you want some free fries? we will tell you where to get some. but what about the espies last night? the sport stars came out. and we have a look at the top five months you may have missed, plus, a surprise appearance from former first lady michelle obama. >> payden, did you hear what payden said? not everybody was laughing,
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that's straight ahead.
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>> lauren, what's the deal here? >> pretty big, let me start with good news, and that's no information that we know of was stolen. but, yes, 6 million verizon customers had their names, addresses, phone numbers, in some cases, pins leaked. what happened? wasn't verizon's fault, their systems were safe. a vendor that they used, human error, information put on, you know, cloud storage system, and in that process it was made available for external access. >> so what do we have to do now? >> well, as a customer you should probably change your pin, that's always the answer. and as a company, big companies, all companies, meade to make sure the vendors that they use that their systems are safe, as well. >> in the past, we saw this, i
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mean, have seen this number of times. there have been lawsuit. do you think we could see potential class action here? >> lawsuit about -- no, because no information was stolen. that's just my opinion, though. >> yes, couldn't it be a possibility maybe down the line since it is out there? >> absolutely a possibility. >> thank you for your legal analyst there. >> yes, appreciate it. >> let's talk about french fries day, i love freebies, we have a chance to get some free fries. >> basically any fast-food place go into today there is some sort of fries promotion. mcdonald's has the best one. if you have their app, and you order french fries, you get medium fries, so not a small, they'll gave you a medium, substantial. not just today, it is free all of this month, all of next month, until september 7th. so that's the best one in my opinion. >> oh, yes. >> but dairy queen, actually has a deal on fries. same for ash i's, their curly fries, burger king, most of the chains today. >> so that's like the power of the apps.
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you just download the app, and you show it to them, they scan it, you get your little freebie. >> and delete it right after. >> that's the way do you it. >> in mcdonald's case you have to order through the app, so little more intense. so i'm calling today friday. usually little friday, but today's fry.& >> it is a little joke. >> it works, friday. well, weaver some free crab fries, have you had chickie's and pete's crab fries before? >> no, never even heard every them. >> oh, neck time you come to philly we have to get you some crab fries. >> how many times a year do you come down here, lauren? >> twice a years. >> you have a personal information, come any time, we'll have crab fries waiting for you. >> do you have to try craig fries. >> well enjoy them. see you later. >> if it is free it is for me, right? 7:26. well, overnight, remains have been found in a grave. this is live look, we're over in bucks county, the scene where investigators have been for the past several days, searching for the four missing
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men. well, now there is new charges for the person of interest in the case, cosmo dinardo, and plus, his parent are expected to make appearance before a grand jury this morning. so, we're going to and liz this from legal perspective work our attorney, ken rot while ever, we will de that when we come back.
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>> fawn human remains. >> breaking developments, this
7:30 am
morning, in the search for the four missing young men in bucks county. as you just heard, investigators have found remains everyone of the men, as the search continues for the others. >> okay, so we're going to continue to follow this story and in a a little bit, weaver over legal analyst, paren of the people of interest, spec today appear in front every grand jury morning. >> a the love questions why a grand jury, what's the difference between a person of interest, and a suspect, we're going to blake it down coming up in just a moment. also, live team coverage on this, but we have to talk about the weather, extreme conditions, this morning, sue serio. >> yes, and we've been telling you, sent we predicted this heatwave, today would be the worse of it, indeed it is, weaver our excessive heat warning, in effect, where it will feel like 105 perhaps here in philadelphia. but in the height of the worse of the day, and then the advisory in effect for the outlying areas, where it is only going to feel like mere 95. muggy start to the day on this national french fries day, bus stop buddy celebrating
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poolside. day we can practically friday your french fries outside without any assistance, right? so, off to sunny start. 80 degrees, in philadelphia. we are are expecting few clouds before the day is through. but not enough to stop us from being in the 90s once again. 70 degrees in mount pocono. 81 degrees in wildwood. and not a lot of relief at the shore, at 78 already, cape may . sea isle sit it is starting the day at 80 degrees, ocean water little cooler today. had little up welling. so i think that will help refresh you. yesterday, was number two in a row of zero nine or above, with high of 91. today we expect to get to you 95 degrees, with your sunset, not happening until 8:29. that's your planner from the weather authority. take a look at couple of our roadways in the area. traffic wise, things are moving along just fine on the platt bridge, headed into and out of the city. and while we take a look at the platt, let's tell but this problem on route 30 bypass, it is an accident on the westbound side of the bypass,
7:32 am
just after route 340, with the right lane block. we're looking at a picture of reading, pennsylvania right now, where traffic is also moving along with all of that sun glare, just fine. one more problem to tell but, patco, between philly and lindenwold. operating on their emergency schedule, because piece of construction equipment caused a little bit of a derailment there. look at trenton, new jersey, trenton makes, you guys, and the world takes, so that's a look at your traffic for this morning, back to you, alex and thomas. >> thank you, sue. 7:32, we want to get back to major development we've learned about this morning, in the search for the four young men who vanished in bucks county. >> we know one person has been identified. the other, human remains have been found. >> we have found human remains in a approximately 12 and a half foot deep common grave that we have painstakenly dug with a lot of care, so as not to damage any potential
7:33 am
evidence. i'm very, very sad to say that we can now identify dean finocchiaro, 19 years old, of middletown, as one of the people that was found burried in that grave. >> just listening to the county d.a., cadaver dogs led authorities to the remains, deep inside after grave in solebury township, and while this is happening, they look for, we mentioned, other remains, but not identify i had just yet. the parent of the person of interest, cosmo dinardo, expected to appear before a grand jury. so a lot of questions surrounding this, right now, so we bring in legal analyst, ken rotweiler with more so we can get more understanding. >> good morning. >> so first we start with the grand jury, expected to happen in about an hour or so from now, we have the person of interest, cosmo dinardo. first, let's break down the person of interest, why they're calling them that as opposed to sus neglect. >> i think at this point he is a suspect, they may be saying person of interest.
7:34 am
suspect is somebody little more proof, more suspicion. i believe he's been a suspect since monday, i'll tell you why. if we go to monday suspended on up related weapons charges, i think they suspected him then. what happened, though, is he got out on bail. he had $1 million bail. and you only have to post 10%, he then got out. i don't think they like that, they suspected all along that this is probably the person that did this, in terms of these four individuals. so, on wednesday, yesterday, he was arrested for the theft of a car that was owned by tom meo. he then tried to sell that car for $500, to some other friends. so they then arrested him again, and now he has a $5 million cash bail that right now he's in prison. that's where they wanted him to be in jail. because now what they're doing them ' empaneled this grand jury, the grand jury see if there is enough evidence to indict him for the murder of at least one every these individuals. >> that's where things get real interesting. why grand juriy? why not i know the parents expected to appear today, this
7:35 am
morning, why not just have, i don't know, bring them in for questioning? why in front after grand jury. >> because they're collecting evidence. they'll see what the grand jury does, the grand jury has cents the ability to subpoena people, so they subpoenaed mom and dad, dinardo's mother and father. i think ask dinardo to come in, too, represented by council. i think he'll plead the fifth. i don't think he'll give any information. but a lot of surprises so far. so anything can happen. >> so they think the grand jersey sure fire way to get the information they need? >> yes, absolutely. i think then they will ask the grand jury to make a recommendation, grand jury then can make a recommendation to indict or not indict. based on the evidence so far from what we're hearing so far looks like an indictment. >> they'll ask series of questions, ken, in i one who is called before a grand jury, can they bring their legal councilsy? >> no. >> why? >> because you're not allowed. grand jury rule. you bring people n it is basically the prosecution gets to ask the questions before the grand jury, the lawyers have to wait outside in the hallway. so you're asked questions. that's because you want an
7:36 am
honest discourse there in terms of given the grand jury the information, without a lawyer, interceding. if a lawyer goes, in thomas, you know what will happen? don't answer that question. we will take the fifth. which means that grand jury proceeding would be worthless. >> when we look at the case we are talking about now homicide investigation. how does it lead from being a single homicide to a mass murder? >> because they have to find those, you know, they have one individual identified, right? now they're trying to find other individuals. that look like a mass grave there, i mean, 12 and a half feet underground. the k9's found the one, as the day goes on, i think we will find out whether they find any more. >> four more individuals, it is considered a mass murder? change any of the charges, the penalties? >> doesn't really change the charges, i mean, if he is charged he'll be charged with murder one, just be with one individual, but four individuals, there will be four counts of murder one. but, you know, look being the penalty is the same for all of them. so it doesn't really make muff difference. obviously the families want to know. because you have got a bunch
7:37 am
of grieving and worried families not mowing what happened to their loved ones. >> what's the legal pros what's it comes to searching, talking about 90 acres here whether it comes to searching private rest glenn. >> you need a search warrant and probable cause, oh, i think they got that easily in this case, i don't think any problem at all to get search want. matter of fact searching both properties, one large acre track, then another large acre track, i'm sure they have search warrant for both. >> so many people are asking, on facebook, social media, saying right now we only know one person of interest, cosmo dinardo. is it likely there might be other charges? seems hard to believe one person could have done all this? >> that's true. you have that 12 and a half foot hole. and i guess the question is, did he do this himself? who dover it, did they do that themselves or was there help? remember this family though owned cement company that had, you know, back hoe diggers, you know, heavy machinery, society for the. and this cosmo dinardo probably knew how to operate that machinery. so not out of the question that he could have done it himself. but that's one of the
7:38 am
questions that the da's offers and the police are trying to ascertain, whether this was just one person or number every people. >> okay. >> we will find out more in the investigation, we'll find out what comes out of the grand jury. >> i sad situation. it is horrifying for the parent, for sure. >> do you have think of the families. >> definitely have to think of the familieser. >> good to see you. of course a story we'll stay on top of all morning and throughout the dayment make sure to stay tuned to us for those updates. but we'll take a quick break. #p
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> my neice told me about this. >> well, some people like to play this. >> when you hear what it is, you'll be like hum why does she know about it. >> explain it again. new edition, original ones, i never played it, but i heard about it. >> i forgot what it is now, yes, toll me about it briefly, okay, why do you know about this, why are you playing? supposedly supposed to be kind of like an adult version of maybe like asking series every questions, and adult content, that i don't want to have a conversation with my neice about. that's why i was little concerning. so apparently, the box is now hot pink. >> because they're doing new
7:42 am
edition there is one is designed for women. it is called the party game from horrible people. so the new edition costs $5 more than the original version, contains exact same cards. creator say they're taking aim at the pink tax, where we've covered that story before, so many companies, they put something in pink, they charge more for it just because it is pink. in other reason than that. but, in this case, little different. profit will be donated to employ's list, which is a political action group. so if you want the pink cards against humanity box, pail little more. >> the original version kind of the adult only where you ask series every questions, and it is adult content, and now they put it in a pink box, and selling it for little bit more. that's the extent what i know about it. just in a group setting, almost like spin the bottom. >> spine the bottle? >> i don't know where i am going with this. >> kids involved? >> i -- like playing spin the bottle back in the day. >> i bet did you. >> i thought we were going to play the game this morning, no? >> i didn't hear that one, no. 7:42, as with most awards shows, fashion was the center
7:43 am
every attention at the espys this morning. everyone is talking about joel embiid. did you see what he was wearing last night? the outfit that may have won him best dressed for the night. we'll show it to you. you brush your teeth diligently... two times a day right? but 80% of bacteria aren't even on teeth.
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eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health.
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7:46 am
>> would start off with this view of 42 it, eastbound side, site back up, trooper in montgomery county. pretty typical for a thirst morning. let's check i95, around the girard avenue area, looks like, a lot of volume, but moving along just fine. some of the travel times this morning, will take you three minute to get to on the vine st. expressway, from 95 to the schuylkill expressway. >> southbound from the vine to the blue route, and eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway, little slow there, but nothing extreme, so maybe just end up being a couple of minute, late, don't miss this forecast, it is coming up in 15 seconds. >> if you manage to stair any
7:47 am
air-conditioning the past couple every days, lucky you, not everybody has that option, some work outside there is will be the most dangerous the past couple of days, we had 90s yesterday, we had 90s on tuesday, and today, it looks like it will be in the mid 90s with heat index specially in the warning area, in triple digits. but everybody's going to have hot and humid weather and it is unhealthy for sensitive groups. we also have added an air quality alert. the number to bead for records, 98 for record in philadelphia, set in 1994, all of our records are in the mid to upper 90s for this date. see what happens, we'll let you know tomorrow of course, marginal risk every strong to severe thunderstorms, were specially forecasting some heavy downpours, kind of relief after a day this hot and humid. 80 degrees in philadelphia right now, and in dover, 81 in wildwood. and it is not even 8:00 in the morning yet. so 95 will be our high today. feeling hotter, late day thunderstorms, thunderstorms with cold front on friday.
7:48 am
lower humidity saturday. still hot as we head into the beginning and middle of next week. alex being thomas? >> i have the three hour deodorant on. so we'll see if it holds up. >> but this is like what you're on for six hours, right? >> so you'll let know know when it wears off? >> might be time to reply, just saying. twenty-fifth annual espn espy awards were held last night, and russell westbrook, look, lower thirds, look what he is wearing. look at those pants, man. ya, he was named best male athlete adding another trophy to his mantle. also name nba most valuable player in new york few weeks ago. he averaged triple double, breaking oscar robertson's record for most trouble doubles in a season. also known for his fashion. he knows how. >> you have to have a certain swag to pull that off rooks submit. >> right. >> they can did it. simone biles gymnast woulds the espy for best female athlete, beat out serena william, katie, candice
7:49 am
parker, simone won four gold medals at the rio olympics, one of only four women and the first american to win four golds in a single olympics. >> congrats to simone biles. those were some of the big awards of the night. but there were some other interesting moments from last night's show. patron make may have himself in some trouble. >> well, because sometimes it goes over great, sometimes don't. peyton manor, manning the host of the show, and he had a lot of fun cracking jokes on people. take a look. >> our gymnastics team was so dominant kevin durant told me he wants to play for them next year. >> ya, look at that face. not impressed. or amused. but kevin responds wad tweet which simply included there you go. the flat face emoji, he left the thunder to go to the warriors in a chance to win first ring which ended up hang, all right, back to some of the other jokes peyton was making, yes, poke fun at himself as well. take a look.
7:50 am
>> yes or no. >> i'm fine for now. >> really? i'm actually wearing one now. >> put me down as a maybe. >> i think we'll turn that into a yes. >> i'm retired. okay? and therefore i live in a retirement home. why shah weird? >> yes, sir. you like that? do you like that? you know what it is called? it is called winning. it is called ac champ up. >> oh, lord. so, someone that did not win an award, but certainly looked like a winner, joel embiid, been everywhere, did you look at the suit? something there. big orange suit there, jacket, nice pant, i think a lot of people really thought, you know, he looks sharp. you have to be a person that's not afraid to go out and go bold. and he certainly did. so, pretty interesting. there was also a lot of inspirational stories during the show. fans and players, wowed by the
7:51 am
little guy, dar yet robertson, won the jimmy v persevere end award, has been in and out of the hospital for all of his life for disease that affect his growth and his organs. the teen is a regular on the side lines, mercedes benz super dome. also, another moment that a lot of people are talking about, was former first lady michelle obama. she made appearance. >> nearly 50 years ago, she created the special olympics. and over the course of her life, she turned that visionary idea into a world-wide movement with competitions across the globe. so alongside heroes like jackie robinson, billie jean king, muhammad ali, arthur ashe, there is eunice kennedy shriver. this is the story of her inspirational legacy. >> so that is the first lady giving the arthur ashe award, of course tennis great to eunice kennedy shriver who
7:52 am
died in 2009. and her son, tim shriver, alongside special ailette, accepted the award on her behalf, so pivotal creating into he special olympics. we will talk fashion, about the dress michelle obama was wearing and more coming up. >> that russell westbrook outfit, seriously? >> he looks good. >> yeah, he ails knows how to bring it, that's for sure. >> think i can pull it off? >> maybe, ya. >> karen? >> i do think so. weekend thomas is pretty hip. >> oh, i haven't seen weaken thomas. >> all right. >> okay. >> you haven't seen weaken thomas? >> , no glint whether we did the escape room. >> that was just after work, still, i guess so, did he have his sleeves rolled up. i heard he gets different kind of reaction when he rolls his sleeves up. >> we'll talk about that late. for some reason, seeing me different light, just by rolling up the sleeves. >> you know who could pull that off though? richard. >> oh, he sure could. he's also talking about some men's fashion things this morning. bring out the hats. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:53 am
>> i have seen weekend thomas. and it is good as he's maing it sound. we are in the midst of the first heatwave. what's the easiest way to cool down for a guy? simple as putting on one of these. but how do you go shopping for them? how do you figure face, all of that, coming up right after the break. p://>[a5df]
7:54 am
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>> 7:56. some of the moyer is you've seen, have you noticed more of the tobacco, cdc says they have. >> they found tobacco use rose 72% in top grossing move frist 2010, to 2016. >> though the overall percentage of tobacco use in g and pg rated films have decreased by 87%, some organizations have called for movies to be rated r if any form of tobacco is used, except when in a documentary or when portraying historical figure. >> i was watching a marathon on the twilight zone, you remember that series? back in the 50's, 60s? >> i remember. >> smoking, non-stop, funny, because it is like you seem
7:57 am
very stressed. have the cigarette. >> that was the solution to everything. >> my have times have changed like an aspirin. >> what's the last movie you've seen then, was there smoking in it? >> coin remember you. >> don't remember the last notchy? >> i don't get out much, no, don't watch it. >> v. tv rocks the brain. >> you make tv. you don't have to watch it. what about you? >> the tupac move. >> i there go. >> yes. >> but i don't know, historical one? probably doesn't count. >> for a few years you shyed away, kind of taboo, didn't want smoking in film, now kind of, i don't want to say -- >> relax that thought. they're saying all right, maybe it is not so bad. we'll start putting out. >> see, he's noticing. >> see what the cdc does then. so when you think of summer break for your kids what comes to minds? >> problem bring think about outdoor activities, sunshine, but experts say those days are long done. >> now kids likely to spend their summer breaks glued to ipad or watching it. v. scientists say kids return to
7:58 am
school in september overweight, and in worse health after their fitness level drops. experts fear that these lazy sum coaster have severe long-term health impact. it could raise the risk every obesity, heart disease. >> need to push our kids out the door. >> i used to love riding my bike. >> i did too, every afternoon. are you okay? >> what was that? >> somebody had little too much fries? okay, toney? >> he didn't finds that fun. >> i no, he didn't. he just gave you the kevin did your and the face. >> please, people, just, the memes from the kevin durante espys last night, so fun. >> i you know what's funny, his mom was there, she was laughing. >> so when ma'am laughs, it is okay. >> when mom is laughing at you, you know it is bad. she should know. you don't laugh. not at your baby, no. >> speaking of moms, my mom's birthday. >> it is? do you think she is watching? you should say happy birthday. >> she is not watching. >> well say happy birthday anyway. >> happy birthday mom. she is not watching. >> you have something for her
7:59 am
though right. >> yes, little surprise. she is visiting so when she wakes up everything is decorated, everything is there for you. >> oh,. >> i heard he had streamers, balloons, gift, like wow i hope my mom is not watching because i have to do better. >> all of the dad years i have to make up for. >> is that what it is? >> i was a good child. >> wild child. >> in england right now, she sever little spring garden arrange. >> from glands? wow, impressive. i would have been wait until i get back? so happy birthday mom, i'll take this, show it to you around noontime when we go out for lunch. >> she is up probably watching doctor phil or something. >> just not you? >> just not me. >> well happy birthday, hope you have a great day today. hope you have a great surprise from thomas. >> dad day to you, thursday, july 13, 2017. >> this is "good day philadelph. >> a missing person's case, now a murder case. we have found human remains. >> investigators fine the remains of one of the four
8:00 am
missing young men in bucks county. what else they discovered inside after 12-foot grave while they focus on person of interest cosmo dinardo. >> steamy and stiffle. the heat intensifies in our area. >> is relief on the way, and whether storms are rolling in. >> staying cool and looking cool. men let's get summer red. >> i ♪ it's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes. >> rocking the perfect hat to keeping it professional with no sweat. how to turn up the heat in your summer wardrobe. >> if you can't decide the best restaurant, there is an app for that. >> the simple spin of the wheel, poutine war discount right at your fingertips. >> hopefully will make things a lot easier. right?
8:01 am
when it comes? >> and more fun. >> yes. >> game of chance. >> we need to find something cool today. >> slushy, little ice cream? >> water ice. >> block every ice will will feel like well over 100,. >> and specially in the city where we get into the dangerous levels with excessive heat. the warning is for philadelphia, and the surrounding counties. the excessive heat advisory, is for the outlying areas, so everybody is going to be hot and humid today. including your pal, bus step buddy. but he's enjoying some french fries this morning, because it is national french fries day. off to muggy start with 70s, 80s, yes, muggy the dog is there, as well. so, that's what is going on with your pal buddy, and don't forget the shades, it is really squint i out there this morning. 82 degrees our current temperature, little bit after breeze, thankfully. it is 82 also in trenton, and wilmington, 74 degrees in mount pocono. and at the shore, in the much
8:02 am
relief. eighty-one in ocean city, the bore walk in atlantic city 80 degrees. inland, we've got 78 in camden, new jersey, so, yesterday was day two, 09 degrees or above. >> this will be our heatwave today once we hit 90. but we think we will go all the way up to 95, and feel like triple digits in the city, later on in the day, sunset time 8:29. so that's your thursday planner. at least the weekends is coming, and we've got some relief from this excessive heat coming, as well, but no relief from traffic on i95 southbound, that's the left-hand side of your screen there, where we see traffic jam, we're right at allegheny avenue headed towards the city. we go to new jersey, 295 northbound, near route 30. weaver accident in the left lane slowing folks down quite a bit. problem with patco between philly and lindenwold, new jersey, operating on an emergency schedule, do you it a derailment. that's because piece of
8:03 am
construction equipment kind of messed things up there. so problem the with the patco line between philly and lindenwold, guys. >> thank you, 8: zero three, back to the top story this morning, because investigators made a major break overnight in the case of the four young men, who vanished in bucks county. they found the remains every 19 year old dean finocchiaro on farm in solebury township. >> our crews all morning long covering this one. jenny joyce standing by with more on today's grand jury hearing involving a person of interest. but first, steve keeley in solebury township, steve? >> well, this work by this large investigative team, this big dig out here, never stopped yesterday. that was a first. they've been stopping at sundown. they brought in construction lights, worked through the night. we put up skyfox, at first daybreak today. and we caught them still digging, still working, diligently, under all of these tents, keeping the evidence free from any possible thunderstorms that would come,
8:04 am
keeping everything from the public's eye, because they know these helicopters looking down, and keeping work at what is a difficult, definitely hard job to do, knowing that they're digging up the bodies of four loved people. and i'll run some of the midnight news conference that we got, a couple of the answers from that first, even though only one of the four has been identified. you're going to hear the district attorney say they believe all four were found, and found by the trained dogs, who are somehow able to pick up the scent of a dead human being, even burried 12 and a half feet deep down. secondly, he was asked if anyone's getting charged with homicide now that they found people killed. >> we had cadaver dogs. and i don't understands the science behind it, but those dogs could smell these four boys, 12 and a half feet below the ground. that's something that we are going to look at very, very
8:05 am
closely. i feel that we bought ourself a little bit of time in charging mr. dinardo with these stolen car case today, and get that $5 million bail, it is my hope that he does not post, that but that's his prerogative if he can post it, but we will start looking seriously at the homicide charges, in fact, we've already pursued that option. the investigation as you all know has taken two tracks. it has been about recovery on one side, and about ascertaining what actually occurred on the other side, and we're still pursuing both of those avenues at this time. >> so, what pinpointed this spot that you're looking at from the air right now, this is a massive farm out there, the size of nearly 100 football fields, to put it in terms, the public can understanded, and we learned that once the family reported the young man who has been positively identified, dean
8:06 am
finocchiaro, missing on friday, detective started tracing hess his cell phone, saturday they traced ping to close by sell tower pa put that phone in the spot where they are now. so they brought philadelphia police up here, first thing monday, and cadaver dogs pick up the sense of those human remains, so that's how they found that spot with the help of that cellular phone still powered on, still sending out signal, then the dogs, that's how they've come to this spot now five days after they first started looking for everybody on sunday morning. guys? >> five days. once again, the search, it is only isolate today that area right now, and not other areas of the 90 plus acres in. >> do we know? >> no, they are looking all over the county, matthew weintraub saidment look, we know about this one person of interest. but no way did he do all of this himself. no way did he dig a 12 and a half foot trench, even if he had construction equipment from the family business, all
8:07 am
by himself. so, our source tells us expect more than just one arrest when all of this is known. and certainly, a wide ranking investigation for sure, because it all didn't just happen here, all every these guys were met up somewhere else before they met their demise. >> okay, thank you, steve. certainly there will be more updates this morning, i'm sure another presser that will be after the show. but also, just about an hour from now, the parent of cosmo dinardo identified as person of interest in this case are expected to make appearance before a grand jury. >> his mom and dad expected to face a grand jury morning, jenny joyce, in doylestown. jenny? >> good morning, thomas, al eggs, grand jury proceeding expected to happen here at bucks county courthouse, beginning at 9:00 this morning. so, any moment, we could expect to see cosmo dinardo's parent arrive here at the courthouse, we are awaiting that, dinardo taken back into custody yesterday on stolen vehicle charge, police accuse the 20 year old person of interest of trying to sell a car belonging to one of the four missing teens, now, cosmo
8:08 am
and his paren, antonio and sandra, will appear at a hearing beginning 9:00 this morning. so the point of all of this for the grand jersey to help shed some light on what cosmo dinardo has been up to over the last week since these four young men went missing t has been about a week since that happened. while the remains of dean finocchiaro were recovered yesterday, jimi patrick, mark sturgis, and tom meo remain missing, the attorney for dinardo's parent spoke with us yesterday just saying that these -- cosmo's parent obviously have children, they understand, they set p.m. eyes with what these four families are going through, offered no further comment. dinardo is being held at bucks county prison on $5 million cash bail. but again, expected to be here at this grand jury proceeding later this morning, unclear whether or not he, himself, will testify. alex and thomas? >> thank you, jenny, i'm sure we'll get back to you if you
8:09 am
see them wacking to up that courthouse, thank you. 8:09. >> happening today, hundreds of airport work letters rally at noon to demand a resolution from american airlines contractors, prime flight and pros peck. the workers are holding off on their strike another day, as talks between the airlines and the airport workers union continues. the rally is going to be at philadelphia international airport. terminal b and c. so once again, it is happening today at noon. >> peng comes home. the singer hits the ac beach with thousands of her closest friends. but did the heat put a dam perron things? >> also, did you know, it is national french fries day, and we're celebrating this morning. good morning, with chickie's and pete's, what they're doing today to bring you some cheap crab fries, and help out a cause. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:10 am
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♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
8:12 am
starting off traffic at 8:12, with a look at the schuylkill schuylkill, this is right around the belmont avenue area and it is barely moving, really stop and go, this, i believe, are we going into or out of the city here?
8:13 am
westbound or eastbound, where the jam is? >> into the city, yes. well, makes sense there. over to new jersey we go. 295 northbound, near route 30, left lane is block there, due to an accident. so, try to stay away from that, if you can. there is another concert tonight. at the bb&t pavilion. this one, quite a bill, for nerve, cheap trick, and led zeppelin, altogether, the led set lynn experience, i should say, at 7:00 p.m. but no doubt, they'll be playing stairway to heaven tonight. and there will be a jam in that area, as well. we will take a look at the forecast in 15 seconds. >> starting off what will be
8:14 am
our heatwave, haven't seen the high temperature yet but for cents casting about 59 degrees, it should be above 90 for sure. we had 91 degrees on tuesday, 91 on wednesday, and this will be the worse of it. so, try to slow down. i know a lot of these seem obvious ideas to help you through a hot, hot day, and if you can't stay in air-conditioning, then avoid using the oven, closure curtains to keep it cool in your house, and some folks like to put a bowl of ice right in front after fan, sort of makeshift air-conditioning, if you don't have it yourself. regardless, drink plenty of water, even if you're in air-conditioning, because this casino every day can take it out of you. we have heat index in the 90s and hundreds today. the hundreds are in the warning area, the advisory area will have the heat index, will be about five to 7 degrees above the actual temperature, and the air quality alert, unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups today, in most of our area. about the record we thought yesterday we might get close to this record, it is looking
8:15 am
little less likely because of some cloud cover in the forecast for later on in the day, 98 degrees, the record set in 1994. regardless, it will feel like 98, by the end of the day, and under marginal risk every isolated pop up showers and thunderstorms, kind of sounding familiar this forecast, day after day in july. right? 82 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. but, it feels like 89 already. look at this. heat index of zero nine in wilmington, and 97 in dover, delaware, and this is still pretty early in the morning. watching this area every thunderstorms around pittsburgh this morning, and just to the north of that, in the northwestern part of the state. again that possibility is there, for us later in the day. some showers, thunderstorms cold front on friday. enjoy saturday. slightly lower humidity, before things heat up again as we head into the middle of next week, alex and thomas. >> thank you, sue. so speaking of the heat and all that we're dealing with,
8:16 am
it didn't stop the droves of fans going to the pink concert. >> bucks county native returning to our area with a rocking performance on the shore. >> so karen, you have all of the details from the show. we want to hear it. >> reporter: it was a great show, hot show, both played in, but let's first take a listen. >> oh, yes, get tag party started out there down in ac on the beach. i love when thief these beach concert, so does everybody else, they line up early, richard curtis there when they lined up early in the day. of course pom people shared, little bit after issue with the extreme heat, humidity, but they were ready. they know how many people come. they know how many paramedics they need. they did treat number per of people for heat related illnesses and dehydration. but all of the fans there said it was totally worth it. >> she's awesome. great performer, she doesn't care what anyone thinks.
8:17 am
>> her lyrics are wonderful. >> we love her songs. so i didn't realize thomas that you are a closet pink fan, that were you buying some of the early albumns of pink. >> the first albumn, as i mentioned, i thought it was a good albumn. >> but you don't remember the name of the albumn? >> can't take me home. >> yes, first one. do you remember that first one. >> what was the first sing snell. >> oh,. >> so many hits, fun to watch. >> then she had misunderstood or something about that? >> yes. >> i'm trying to look up the first single was. >> megan, do you know? >> there you go. was that the first one? >> there go. are you pulling it up? >> most girls and you make me sick. >> you make me sick. >> oh, yes. one of our producers tracey down there with her daughters, one of the concert that you can take your kids to, so i think a lot of people did, that as well.
8:18 am
another show, james blunt on the show, totally smitten, he was so much fun. but he was also with ed sheeran having the second of the we shows in philadelphia, last night, so, we like, don't always get our stars out and about town. we like to know where they are eating, what they are doing, so they had a great dinner rittenhouse. they went to a steak house. he enjoyed a meal with friends over at steven star's barkley prime and what did they orders? we know that they love wings. writing some book about wings. but they decided to go with like high end steak. had 120-dollar cheese steak made with the rib eye, truffles trees wiz, fresh baked sesame roll. ed also had san witch with lobster on top of that. so the one thing, you know, the steak san witch, was 143 bucks. >> you've had a lot of their durst, have you had that? i know you had the wagu beef. have you had the steak sandwich thing? >> i think so. i think they brought it in when we had, what's her name? >> that's the only time you can have it.
8:19 am
>> yes, trust me, wasn't for me, they brought it in, jeannie mi from the real. >> oh, that's right. >> we wanted to try fancy cheese steak. we tried to fool her how much it cost you. >> did you ever look at a menu how much they cost, and your eyes get big. >> i think i will ' pason that one. >> but lobster on top of the cheese steak. that will was a lot. he was hungry. >> right. the truffle, just fancier, fancier. also talk about air around a grand, trending as well, across the upon, getting so much support. and the people of manchester ever since that horrific terrorist bomb that happened at her concert. well now she a hon who are area citizen of manchester. after having, you know, because they had the terrorist thing. then went back, had the huge fundraiser show, she brought in every star from all around the globe to sing and perform. so, the people, in glands, in this area, they call them counselors, they just voted as a really emotional hearing to awards this distinction of making her an honorary citizen, to her, because of all of the outreach that she did. coming back to two weeks later
8:20 am
for that benefit concert that so many people went and watched, guys. so that's what's trending. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you, trendy karen, we appreciate, yes, let's not have that original pink song, just remember have some choice words. >> okay. >> so not a prepare row at here. >> probably why meg and the -- like it. >> look at you. >> okay. >> like 20 years ago, wasn't it? >> she first came out. yes, where is time going? >> national french fries day. celebrating with chickie's and pete's. what they're doing today, to bring you cheaper crab fries, and also, help a great cause. >> first, richard is out and about. showing us the latest men's fashion. looking very dapper, my friends. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, thank you, thomas. whether going out for night on the town, quick hundred watch your fred or sitting poolside. there is a hat to beat the heat to do it. >> if you're like me, i have no idea how to do it. here from dressing jane, and
8:21 am
she. >> going to hook us up right after the break to make these look nice. >> got it. >> what do you think? >> ♪
8:22 am
mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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>> did you know it is national french fries days, thomas is outside with the owner, of chickie's and pete's'. >> do you know how good it smells out here right now? it is national french fries day, of course, our sponsor, chickie's and pete's friends of the program, pete, always good to see you, my friend. >> we call it national french fries day,. >> not only french fridays but also special day. the third annual crab fries, for heroes. >> that's correct. all of our stores today, will have dollar crab fries, so walk in to chickie's and pete's, a dollar, great deal, 5-dollar pitchers every miller lite. all the money not just the profits all of the money for
8:25 am
those crab fries and miller lights will go to the pop survivors find, fraternal orders of police, we will also go out to precincts all day, the police stations. >> right here in this mobile aoun submit. >> will take our mobile kitchen out to places around the city, different precincts, and feed the police officers, keep us safe in philadelphia. >> we mentioned the thirds year you're doing this, fries absolutely amazing, you're raised $30,000? >> that's correct. it is amazing, so on dollar fries, you can imagine, how many poe fate owes that is. >> any location to go in, you get dollar fries? >> all stands alone locations, not venues like in a stadium or something like that. >> and you have other specials? course. >> on a friday like this, because it is not like french fries day but frying outside. >> if you want a fries, today is the day to have it. >> so we mention, you also have an eating contest. french fries eating contest. >> we do, our packer avenue location, tonight at 6:00. we have crab fries eating contest, some of the wing bowl eaters, wing a door, oink
8:26 am
oink, pittsburgh people i i, some of the great i guys you see at the wing bowl, will be eating crab fries, america's fresh gift certificate, and rather, crab cries for life which doesn't make me really happy because they're pretty big guys. >> come on down, get chance to win something real cool. get a chance to help great organization, we want to thank our sponsors, chickie's and pete's, always good to see you, it is hot out here. he didn't want to mention it but drink specs, as well. all of these special, alex, we bring it back to you. >> sweet. great thing. i like t here in philly, it is national crab fries day. it is more tan just french fries day, thank you, thomas. 8:26. take a -- take a spin and eat. we know specially in your family lurks the couples, so hard trying to pick what restaurant aisle ' eat for your night outright? now there is an app for that. just a simple spin of the wheel. plus, it gets you dinner with discount. i like the sound of this. we will explain. spot luck, baby. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
8:27 am
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>> major developments in the case of four missing men in bucks county, crews working through the night, searching for more clues. early this morning, authorities announced one of the bodies had been found. the victim is 19 year old dean finocchiaro. more remains were also found. cadaver dogs led authorities to the scene inside deep grave in solebury township 12 feet deep. on large farm owned by the person of interest, snows. expect the in the next 30 minutes, parents every cosmo dinardo to appear before a grand jury. jenny joyce outside of the courthouse, as soon as we see them i'm sure we will go back to them, first a check of the weather, specking another day of extreme heat. >> yes, and alex, this is the worse of the three day heatwave that we are predicting, the fourth one, of 2017. kind of cumulative, i guess, with each day building up a
8:31 am
little more with heat and humidity. it will feel like triple digits in philadelphia and the surrounding counties, thousand the excessive heat warning. and in the outlying areas, very hot and humid, as well. bus stop buddy here with his shades on, quite squint i out there, around the city this morning, offer to muggy start, on this national friend every fries day, 82 degrees the current temperature, but the feels like temperature is 89, so, it already feels like it is close to 90, and it is not even 9:00 in the morning yet. watch again interesting cluster every thunderstorms moving into the western part of the state, i think they'll spread some cloud cover, and eventually we will get some pop up showers and thunderstorms here, with a high of 95 degrees. >> first to the schuylkill expressway, and, this is right at roosevelt boulevard. very, very hazy out there, and whole lot of traffic headed toward the city, southbound on
8:32 am
the boulevard. construction, some mobile work crews in the area of the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, this is approaching the ft. washington exit. and the patco situation, well, still operating on the emergency schedule, and what that means is trains are operating every 15 to 20 minute between philadelphia and lindenwold, new jersey. alex? >> thank you, sue. 8:32, so last week, we, will explain this in a second, i promise, but talking about this new app, where it can decide for you, what to eat. because so many times, you get together with your family, loved one, who ever, your friend, like arguing trying to figure out where are we going to eat tonight? here is when we talk about it. >> you might know this, mike. i don't know, but you know there was an app developed locally. and they partnered with local restaurants, what do you you pull up the app. what did you say, scott? >> pot luck. >> pot luck. >> pot luck? is it green and black. >> spot. >> spot luck. there you go. what you do, you pull it up. they have connections with different restaurants, you just press what area of town
8:33 am
you want your restaurant to be in. and you press it, it decides for you, and whatever restaurant it picks for you you get discount, local things from them. like -- >> oh, okay. >> specials and discount from it. but all like local spots. >> do we not do this on the snow. >> i don't know. i thought we had it? >> oh, let's do it tomorrow. >> so we're doing it today. doing it right now. so, yes. it is spot luck. i have creator of spot luck here, good morning. >> what's happening, alex, how are we doing. >> did i explain it right. >> i think you did, one thing it is smart discount. see we felt prices in a restaurant on tuesday at 2:00 p.m. when it is raining really shouldn't the same as friday night at 6:00. so the discount you get is based on day, time, weather, and other factors and restaurant occupancy. >> i like that. >> i think you nailed t i think you got new job with spot luck. >> sign me up. i love it. >> so, with this, it is an app, how much is the app? >> the app is totally free. >> love that. >> i know, free 99, spot luck, actually numb burr one dining
8:34 am
app on itunes. maryland, dc, maryland, new york, new jersey, philly people love spot luck. so many great places to eat. it is kind of hard to figure out where to eat right? >> so true, philly has great food. right now we have up the app which you have on the ipad. walk us through it. >> for sure. download the app free, what area you're in, pick what neighborhood you want to go to and instead of arguing hey alex where do you want to go? i don't know tomorrow where do you want to go? one spin per day. >> so in old sit. >> i right now in the neighborhood section. >> old sit. >> i we have it selected. >> you can go to anyone every these neighborhoods if you like to. >> you're all over filthy. >> and pick different cuisines, but you get one spin per day. that's it. >> so what cuisin did you pick? >> i picked old city. i pick olds sit. >> i so it is spinning, spinning, spinning. >> it is spinning. and this is the fun part. right? i steads of arguing for 15 minute, take 15 seconds. pick a spot. enjoy a discount. >> it picked for us, okay? >> there you go, right now we go to blue martini therefore 20% off our entire food food
8:35 am
and drink. >> cool. >> what happens if it picks it for you and people are like because there always that one person in your group no, i don't really want that. let's do something else of the. >> yes, well -- >> what do we do? commit in the. >> first tell them to download it and they get one spin, but go anywhere else for 10% just for sporting local, local and locally owned. if you don't like for whatever reason you lands on you can go anywhere else for 10%. >> okay, so still get the discount. >> still get the discount. we try tone ties you to go to blue martini to go to that restaurant where you're going to get the higher savings. and what what is really cool depending what time you get there your discount changes. so you might get 20% when it is 6:00. but you might get 30% if you get there at 43:00 or 5:00. >> i go to bed early doing the show, so that's perfect for plea. >> the kicker, if it rains, you get weather bonus, so all of the discounts go up. >> i like this is supporting and encourage people to go to local biggs cents. but i have to ask. >> what's that. >> how are you guys making
8:36 am
money the app is free. we get discount. how do you? >> actually win-win-win. the restaurant wins, consumer wins, spot luck wins. we charge the restaurant a sign up fee to join the platform, hundreds every thousands of users so they get access to the platform, then charge them for fee for every diner we bring, in so based on performance f we bring in bunch of diners they pay us bun of of money. but our incentives in line. the app is free, it is fun, it is relevant. so, we let the app speak for itself and driver business in. >> also a fill ill connection right? >> it does, we got josh in the house over here from philly. we hire people from philly. really big fans, it is local, right? we are local. we want to make sure we employ local. make sure we support local. so philly was actually the first city we, panned dollars to outside of dc. man philadelphians loved it. it is just like one of those things where you get over here, food, food, food, an either city. >> perfect. so we have this big wheel here. i want to spin it because it is here. >> let's make it fawn for the
8:37 am
users, dot alex spin. whatever you land on here, download spot luck, if you match what alex gets, we will give you $20 gift cards to that restaurant if you dine there tonight. >> oh, this is pressure. >> a lot of pressure. you'll be influencing everybody's dining habit tonight. >> i know. here we go. >> let's see what we got. >> good spin. go one of these at home? >> commonwealth. >> commonwealth old city. >> let's do it,. >> right around the corner. >> all of the folks download the app it is free, spot luck. and then commonwealth, they can death -- >> anybody that lands on commonwealth or goes out to eat at commonwealth tonight put al next your review, or fox 29 in your gp review we'll hook you up with a gift cards. support local, save local, have some fun. that's what eat something all about. >> thanks so much. appreciate t thanks for coming in. to all of viewers, eating at commonwealth, your welcome. >> thank you, 8:37. jesse williams, and his new woman. well, you know he's going
8:38 am
through a very public divorce. but now he's been spotted when someone new. what is going on? because he was just talking about the fact that he got a divorce. well, the people are talking, so you know we'll start talking about it.
8:39 am
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no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> where are we going to eat? and then we go to the same place. >> so new couple alert, in the middle of jesse williams heated custody battle with his estranged wife it seems may now know who the grays anatomy star is turning to for some emotional support. >> oh, let's get the dish, carlos, from page six, joining us, what's the scoop. >> good morning, truly, i knew about this earlier this year. we reported on it first in
8:42 am
may, that jesse williams and micah kelly were dating but they now have just made their relationship public. sort of. they were seen out in west hollywood on a date, i believe it was, monday night when the picture surfaced. and he still is in the middle of divorcing his wife and his partner of 13 years. and obviously she is not happy about mik a and jesse. and when they did first start, they were first photographed together in january, and that's when the rumors started, that they were seeing each other. sources at the time told me that they had started dating last year. >> but carlos, as you know, jesse and minka were very private wearing baseball caps, didn't want to be photographed together. why now? >> i don't think it was intentional. they got caught. >> i don't think it was intention at at all. appears to be a paparazzi shot. and they were discreet. they were wearing baseball capsment didn't seem too happy about the photo.
8:43 am
and he actually appeared on jay-z's current albumn, the footnote on his current albumn, where he blasted reports that he cheated on his wife, and that he was having an affair. and to be fair, i've spoke tone sources from both, who knows both of him, sorry? >> no, we didn't say -- go ahead. >> yes, spoken to sources who know both him and his wife they told me that mika is not the reason why they split a lot of reasons, a lot of things that went into the demise of their relationship. >> dow want to schenn sean, you talked about the time line. you said what as early as year ago, they were spot the to go. was he he still -- going through the divorce then? >> well, it wasn't a year ago, from what i know, they started dating last year. it is not that they've been seeing each other for an entire year. >> even still. had the divorce proceeding started then? people are throwing all kinds of things out there, poor jesse, but -- >> yes. and it seems like it is going to be real ugly. when they first announced that they were splitting, everyone
8:44 am
that i spoke to told me that it was going to be amicable, not going to be messy, but, you know, now obviously with these photos coming out, it has gotten very ugly. he claims that she is not even g visitation with their children. so it is getting ugly. >> pretty sad when there are children involved. carlos, always good to see you. page six. good to see you guys. 8:44, okay, we check back in with richard looking at the summer hat trends foremen. >> not every guy can pull off a hat. >> i'm sure richard can show you how. >> thomas, you couldn't be more true. in fact, we're at a department store full of hat. i found one that doesn't look terrible. listen, guys, get the paper, get the pens out. we come back, al lera has fawn hat for everybody including myself. we are going to give you all of the scoop on how to make it look good, stylish, staying cool in the summertime. we will hang around with these guys until then. hey great job so far.
8:45 am
8:46 am
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>> the pocono mountains, extreme, with the heat, humidity, as we have here, now, just watching the numbers, 82 degrees, in philadelphia, and wilmington, in the seven's, to the north of us. but look at what it feels like, heat index of 89 here in the city, of 90, what, 97, in dover, delaware, that's what it feels like out there this morning. , the area every thunderstorms, western part of the state, to see how much of it holds, together, and we are expecting some pop up showers anand thunder, not until late he in the day after 95 degrees, 58's off that, looks like out who of the weekends days, alex, thomas, saturday is your day. slightly lower humidity. i'll take it in july. >> thank god necessary. >> oh, yes. >> but either way with all of the sun, and the heat that we are dealing with, by the way, getting a lot of tweets about the fences behind us. >> keeping us inside. >> yes. >> exactly. >> trying to keep us contained. it is for a segment come un many. we'll explain. with the heat, the sun, you guys, doctor g up, we want you
8:49 am
to be able to wear a hat that we can pro tech yourself from the harmful race, we want you to look good. >> what do you wear? do you have a big head, according to alex who told me last week, what do i get, richards. >> i didn't say that exactly. >> it is okay though. >> glad you asked, here, dressing jane, works out of the station with us. >> that's right. >> you have the inside scoop of looking for hats, how toth them up and look styler? >> absolutely. so guys i like to say first and for most, take your face, shape, into consideration. every hat is not for every guy. >> okay, so my face is a nice round face. thanks, mom. i don't have that tom crews jaw line. what do i wear? >> so you need either a traditional snap back or traditional fedor a. >> can only be one fedor a per group. so think about who you're hanging out with. >> i am glad you said that,
8:50 am
can't stand six guys, all wearing the same hat. little diversity. >> come on, so much diversity over here, tons of hats, tons of guys different faces and different. come on, alex, first model here. what are we looking at here? >> i like to tell people traditional fedora, looking for updated fabric, accent, so he has lighter color pallet. the blue, right in season, then the ribbon trim detail on his hat is up a dated feel and look for summer. >> nice, seems like it gives it little bit of pop. with summer you want the bright colors. >> he can actually, great or go either way punch bright or soft muted pastels. >> totally different, now i got yelled at the commercial break, because i called this a winger hat. >> this is straw, witch hard. >> nice straw hat. >> getting his ferrell vibe on, newest update taller crowns, wider brims on hats. little more fluid. every guy should not be
8:51 am
rocking this. >> what i love about this hat, just how long it is up top. >> it is called a crown. the tall crown. so wear your crown up there. but he is killing that and like i said he has his for he will thing going on. >> he is a for he will look alike. that's not a wicker, one more time, straw hat. >> that's updated seasonal fabric, like linen, straw, those things feel summary, that hat would not be good tore say fall or winter. >> but here is something that you blew my mind with this one. you've made a baseball cap look good. >> okay, so the traditional snap back, what i like; updated colors, prints, fabrics, we did both here, ben has on something like a blends of some straw and linen, but also got a real nice leather detail on the brim of that. traditionally, guys wear their snap backs, athletic inspired. i mean, common. >> you have the phillies on there. >> that's great. but when we want to be a little more stylish, let's opt for updated version on the traditional look. >> i love the looks. three wildly different looks, fellows, common all back in,
8:52 am
show one more time how different and unique all of the looks can be for the summertime, keeping it cool, looking awesome. lisa did you kick butt jobs dressing these guys up. >> thank you. >> when we come back, so much more to show you, i think dress shirts, how to keep cool. >> how to beat the heat guess what putting a hat on your held is step one. >> that's the deal, that's it. step one guys good job. we are complete. >> love it. >> one every these has to be for you, right? >> are you saying that thomas needs a hat? >> he is. >> deep breath, thomas. i'm nervous. >> richard, bring back the hat you think i would look good in or point to the hat you think i would look good in. >> okay. honestly this would be you right here. this look. >> i'll rock it, bring it back, i'll rock it. >> we'll see, i'll bring one back for you. >> you said what i was thinking. why do male models bite their lip? >> i think they feel like if you're going down the runway do you have do a little, let's see, oh, ya,. >> you like like having a
8:53 am
stroke. >> well, they do, maybe they're trying -- >> why they never ask me to model anything. >> bite lips, i don't know. 8: 53. this fitness model cause being controversy again. she was slammed for the way she stays fit. while pregnant. now, she expecting another baby. and getting shame all over again. #p
8:54 am
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8:56 am
>> want to win the lottery every waking moment. there is a right way to do it, the numbers you should be playing to increase your odds. >> whether it comes to hitting the club, should you really? the age people think is just too old for a night of partying. and at what age, all right, you need to stay home. >> thirty, 40, 50, 60, 70 a? >> eighty, 90, go for it.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
we are celebrate, celebrating the beard. look at that. they have some great beards, we will tell you about a great event that's happening, and we will explain what's going on, why everyone outside has a beard on. we'll explain that. good day to you. it is thursday, july 13th. >> sorry. >> what do you have going on. >> i have coffee and crab fries breath. i didn't want to insult. >> what a mix. >> good morning, guys. i was junk looking at the twitter, 32 years ac, live aid. i couldn't even believe it. >> thirty-two years. >> my gosh. >> looking beautiful this morning. at 4:00 a.m., you don't realize that, then 9:00 a.m. comes around. >> you're good friend, thanks you, thomas, very sweet. >> you mean you sat next to her for like two hours, she is gorgeous and it takes that long. >> we don't talk to each other during


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