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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> mom defending her daughter. mom now dead, double stabbing leaves a mother dead and her daughter clinic to go her life. ex-boyfriends, cops are looking for him. a war hero, former presidential candidate, and long time us senator, now in the fight of his life. john mccain is diagnosed with aggressive form of brain cancer. his prognosis and the emotional statement from his daughter. >> well, it will be a big day for oj. had i freedom on the line, what to expect from his nicole hear on fox, cover it live at 1:00 this afternoon, good day, it is thursday, july the 20, 2017. other ryan in the control room. july 20th. that's the day in 1969 where we walk on the moon.
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>> oh? >> it is coming you up at 7:20,. >> we will be talking about that, let's do it sooner than that. okay. hi, aling. >> hello, mike, how are you? >> best day of my life. >> you know how i'm feeling? hot. this weather it, cents like inevitable. just sweating, just expect it, and it will happen, right, knew. >> at least it looks good, if you can be in air-conditioning, look at beautiful sunrise from the platt bridge, why not go over here, from the platt bridge, then block the sunrise, i'll just stand right here. isn't it pretty to start the day? let's just talk about how hot it will be today. seven out of ten, in your weather by the numbers, it is a heat advisory, for the outlying areas, and excessive heat warning, not just for today, but it lasts all the way through tomorrow evening, with the heat index today, tomorrow, during the peak of the day, 100 or more. 70s and 80s our temperatures, as we get started. muggy the dog is back, water
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bottle back, but today is national lollipop day. all right, dangerous heat, 97, feels like triple digit, sunset 8:25, how long is this going to last? well, we'll let you know as we try to inch hate, it is difficult out there, bob kelly, just so humid. >> ♪ lollipop ♪ >> no problems on the boulevard or 95, the problem we do have is on the blue route, 476, here is a live look, the northbound lanes, just north every route three, the west chester pike, couple cars involved in a accident, couple rescue squads, northbound, into exit number nine, on the new jersey turnpike, an accident, just north of he can it number four, which is route 73, there, in mt. laurel, new jersey, and there is the back up at the interchange, as you try work your way on to the
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turnpike, i would use 295 to play it safement and fire in the neighborhood, has septa's route 13 using shuttle buses along woodland avenue, between 40th and 49th. mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:03 this thursday, mother is dead and her 21 year old daughters in critical condition, stabbed, both of them stabbed in south philadelphia. >> and police are looking for the prime suspect, who happens to be the daughters exboyfriend. jenny joyce at the scene, along daily terrace right now, jenny? >> look like she is having microphone problems, we will get back to her in just a little bit. >> it seems as the mother, this ex-boyfriends comes in, the way it has been present today police, start stabbing the daughter and the mom steps in to defend her, she is taken to the hospital, both of them taken to the hospital with stab wounds. she was in stable condition, the mother, for little bit. and the daughter was in critical. but the mom ends up dying. >> yes, very unexpected that
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the mother died. >> so we will give you details as soon as jenny's mike gets fixed. >> only happened few hours ago, so we'll give you the update. >> sixty-five year old woman is in jail after allegedly stealing a cab overnight, aling. >> the woman was pick up in germantown, en route to sugarhouse casino. when she asked the driver to pull over, the driver got out of the car to help the woman, and that that's when police say she jumped into the drivers seat. >> this happened around 1:00 a.m. officers spotted the woman in the cab with the 23 year old woman, and her ten month old in the back seat. >> hold on. she become up affair? -- a fare? >> yes, acting like a taxi driver. the woman under arrest, and will be charged with auto theft. >> well, that's an interesting trip to the sugarhouse casino. >> yes. >> wow. >> around 7:30 last night authorities responds today call for a person with a semiautomatic handgun on the 400 block every east somerset street in kensington. when officers arrived on the scene, they found a woman shot, they then confronted the suspect who police say was
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point ago gun toward officers, and threatening to shoot them. that's when seven officers opened fire, the injured woman and suspect are both at temple hospital in critical condition. >> a lot of women being attack lately. i think that's the eighth woman in the philadelphia area, in a week. >> 6:05. outpouring of support and well wishes for senator john mccain and his family as we learn the that long time republican is now battling brain cancer. doctors have diagnosed the 80 year old with a aggressive form of cancer called glioblastoma, discovered during surgery to roof blood clot above his left eye. he has history of health problems including mel no, ma'am a mccain's office issued a statement saying the senator and his family are reviewing further treatment, which could include a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. >> welshing megan mccain, senator's daughter and fox news channel host, and contributor, released a statement on her family's behalf. she says, quote, it won't surprise to you learn that in all of this, the one of us who
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is most confident and calm is my father. he's the tough he is person i know. the cruelest enemy could not break him. the aggressions of political life could not bends him. so, he's meeting this challenge as he has every other. cancer may afflict him in many ways, but will not make him surrender, nothing ever has. >> and that was only a part of her note. beautiful heartfelt one. the white house released statement from president trump last night it, said, quote, senator john mccain has always been a fighter. melania and i send our thoughts and prayers to senator mccain, cindy and their entire family get well soon. >> former president o'bauma who squared off against mccain for the presidency in 2008 tweeted this: john mccain is a american hero, one of the bravest fighters i've ever known. cancer doesn't know what it's up against. give it hell, john. >> so many people were tweeting, well wishes, and he is a fighter, that's for sure.
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>> for sure. we're looking forward to the liberty medal over here at the constitution centerment we'll see if that's going to happen. 6:07. should we get back to harry in south filly? >> gentlemen, jenny joyce's microphone is up and working so let's get the latest from the scene, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, police are looking for the 25 year old suspect believed to be the 21 year old victim's ex-boyfriends, apparently they broke up only a few days ago. police believe that break up likely what fueled this deadly violence overnight, so police say this double stabbing homicide happened a little bit before 2:00 this morning, here on the 2700 block of daily terrace, in south philadelphia. investigators describe a gruesome scene, both inside and outside the property owned by the philadelphia housing authority. when police arrived, they found a 48 year old woman stabbed in the neck and chest. but she was conscious, and she was talking to police, she was transported to hahnemann hospital, and was expected to survive, but actually, succombed to her injuries during surgery.
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police say the woman's 21 jerold daughter was stabbed in the neck and transported to penn presbyterian hospital in extremely critical condition. neighbors, who saw the victims lying bloodied out front of the home, this morning, tell us they're in a state of shock. we're hearing boys on the block rendered aid until medics arrived. but there was only so much they could do. >> there were teenagers out there trying to help her, her neighbors trying to help her, trying, you know, telling everybody that was coming along, call the cops, call the cops. she's dying. call the cops. aim know shock. and i'm sad for that family, for her daughters. i'm really sad for them. because they're young. >> and that neighbor referring to the 21 year old victim and teenage daughter who lives at the home. unclear where the teen is right now. but, we believe, that police are likely protecting her, as police continue searching for that 25 year old suspect, mike and alex?
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>> scary, all right, coming up on 6:09. one of the most anticipated parole hearings i've ever heard of will happen in nevada today, when o.j. simpson will be, well, either let go in october, or not. they'll decide, four people will decide at the parole hearing. >> and did the cowboys dodge a bullet? why elliot likely won't face charges in connection with a bar fight that sent a man to the hospital.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> beautiful. >> you didn't tell me to look up yesterday. i didn't notice. >> it wasn't dark. >> yes, it was. >> oh. >> look at that. >> all right, derrick pets, our astronomer guy friends he watches the show is that correct venus? is that the snore star? is that venus, america curie? mercury rising? i don't know. 6:00 is -- 6:11.
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a teenage boy lost his leg while playing on a train. >> freight training hit him in kensington, 3600 block of castor avenue. the boy was rushed to the hospital. >> right now, the 14 year old is in surgery. doctors are trying to re-attach his leg, and stabilize him, as best he can. >> police are interviewing an engineer who witnessed what happened from another train. the accident shutdown trenton septa line, now on schedule. >> very sad. like the 21st we've had recently. >> little girl lost both of her legs, i saw an article about her, she dancing again. >> oh, which is wonderful. she has been a dancer all of her life. >> it was great. >> 6:12. tensions mounting between the white house and the justice department. why president trump says he regrets his choice for attorney general. >> oh, man did he rip him in the new york times.
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♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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>> 6:15, watch it if you're in a car, and you're leaving things in the car, that could melt, and of course, people, pet, don't even think about it. so, the excessive heat warning is in effect through friday evening, so, it lasts throughout the day today, and even through the night tonight, and into tomorrow. because we don't get a lot of relief overnight whether it gets very muggy, then all of the outlying areas are under heat advisory, we also have the air quality alert, as if it wasn't bad enough out there. so, makes it very, very difficult for those with health issues, 97 today, 95 tomorrow, today's the official heatwave, but tomorrow's when we extends beyond a three day heatwave which we haven't done this year, so far. still steamy saturday. storm chance with high of 90 on sunday, outside chance we could even get to zero nine on monday. so few more days of this could end up being a five or six day heatwave. don't forget 101.1 more fm after you get in your hopefully air-conditioned car, tune the radio, enjoy the
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music, get a refresher on the forecast. >> 6:17. good morning, delays in new jersey, along route 73, heading through mt. laurel, also starting to see delays on the freeway, coming in toward philadelphia. fire location, at 48th and chester, septa says they're going to start rolling the route 13 back on it normal track. so that's good news for the gang in delco, headed northbound, on 476, we had that earlier accident, right near the broomall interchange, looks like it just cleared out of the way. so that's good news, get ready here comes another opening, same ship, same time. 6:20 at the talcony palmyra, right now traffic moving, so these guys making it just under the wire, but if you are grabbing your coffee and keith i would head right for the betsy ross, that's the way to go, mike and alex, back to you. >> hours away from parole board hearing in nevada. o.j. simpson he is his freedom on the line at the parole boards, four people rule in his favor oj would be released in october, found guilty in
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2008 of arm robbery, kidnapping after confirm takes with a sport memorabilia dealer. couple elf dealers in a vaguest hotel room. >> so joel waldman love in lovelock nevada with what we can expect as mike mentioned if they say he can get parole he could be out by october, if they don't, he might have to wait another one to three years, joel? >> alex, mike, good morning to you, that's exactly correct. let me just layout the plan for the day today. we're in front of the lovelock correctional center in lovely, lovelock nevada, where oj has spent the better part of nine years, since being found guilty on that aggravated assault and kidnapping, back in 2007. so today there will be parole board hearing, at 1:00 p.m., eastern time, 10:00 a.m. out here, it will be done via teleconference, so the commissioners will actually be in carson city nevada about
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100 miles south where we are a, teleconference, speaking with o.j. simpson as well as some members of his family his sister shirley baker, his sister around he will supposed to be present, as well, what's interesting, one of the victims supposed to speak as well from the armed robbery, his name bruce, supposed to testify in favor of o.j. simpson according to reports, two of them have made amends about what happened back in 2007. this gentleman is expected to testify in o.j. simpson's favor and the widely held belief is that he will, in fact, be parolled it, doesn't mean he leaves prison today. the earliest he could leave prison would be october. alex and mike? >> joel the reason, some people have come out and said he's had clean record, i guess, when it comes to how he's been? >> a model prisoner? >> yes, a model prisoner?
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>> yes. according to all reports he gets up, has breck fag 6:30 a.m., prefers cold cereal as opposed to hot breakfast, he goes and works at the prison gym, he sweeps the floors, he cleans the equipment, they say his knees have really been hampering him, so he hasn't been exercising quite as much, but by all accounts they say 99% of the roughly 1800 or so prisoners behind me, they all really like the juice. they like to see him parolled according to report from the inside today will be his chance to talk to the parole boards. then we will find out if in fact it does happen. guys? >> we'll have it live here on fox, thanks, joel. see you next hour. apparently lost about 70 pounds, too, so must be picking up weights in the gym. >> he gets to wear some jeans, top. >> yes, prison issue stuff, though. but you know, 82% of people who go in front that far
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particular parole boards get out. so, he's got good odds there. is there finally some hope? in the immediate future for the phillies? forget immediate. the young player whose recent hot streak helped the team win it first series this. they exploded last night against the fish.
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>> phillies with explosion, against the marlins, followed up game with a 20 hit game. it was led by nick william, he's been red hot lately, in the first inning, williams with a hit to the gap. that's an rbi triple batting .444, the phils go onto win ten to threement check it out in the rockies game. you get foul ball right here. if you don't have a glove catch it with your hat. fan catches the ball with his cap. look at. that will great play by him. look at that, a lot of love from the ladies around him. to the usa, in he will salvatore, the 41st minute, a perfect set up, leads to there is omar gonzalez with the header, great goal, the us wins two to one, they'll take
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on costa rica in the semifinals. to the mls, philadelphia union taking on montreal in the 51st . nice goal for montreal. the union go onto lose two to one, that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> thank you, sean, let's talk about the cowboys running back elliot. he may have dodged the bullet for now. >> dallas police have suspended their investigation, into an altercation. a bar fight at a bar that elliot was allegedly involved in. police say the victim has not responded to attempts to contact him, even though he was bloody. and no witnesses have come forward. that indent happened sunday, and the victim was left with a broken nose, blood all over the floor, elliot not named as a suspect by police. >> now could just go away or suspending it? >> yes, maybe go away. sue will not go away.
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>> no, no matter how much you want me to, i'm still here to tell you, about the heat that won't go away. we have an excessive heat warning for the philadelphia area heat advisory, the outlying areas, even if you're at the shore you won't escape the heat. we'll answer that coming up. jenny? >> good morning, liver on the scene of double stabbing homicide what police are calling tragic, see the crime scene unit here there is investigation will continue for awhile. back to you.
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>> a mother is dead, her mother in the hospital after overnight shooting in south philadelphia, their connection, as police try to track him down. >> senator john mccain, diagnosed with a brain tumor, his prognosis and the outpouring, this is bad. >> disturbing video from local restaurant, cock roaches crawling out of the wall? they didn't send the inspect stores even after they saw this footage. >> judge wouldn't he? i guess we'll finds out. enjoy your breakfast, good morning, it is july 20, 2017. >> double check is that a race inch or -- >> my race sin moving. >> oh, have you ever been to the palm restaurant? of course you have. it started i think in new york then they move to
6:30 am
philadelphia, years and years and years ago, so they went through this two and a half years renovation, but one of the main things, go in there, get steak, potatoes, whatever. >> yes, lobster. >> look at all of the charicatures on the wall, talking about the inside, the charity tuscon the wall. that's what was famous. so we, this is live shot, inside of our new palm restaurant. this is how they do it. >> she does it right on the wall. >> wow. >> because we were talking about this yesterday. we thought maybe she did it off the wall, and then kind of pays dollars it up. >> i thought it for years was a stencil that they then paced up on the wall. so, we shamed them into doing us. the four every us, me, and alex, and sue, and bob, and that's what they're doing inside the palm right now. >> wow. >> that's pretty cool. i would also like to say, i know we're seeing a man now, but whether we talk to the palm yesterday, a woman over this. so i love the girl power aspect of this. how there is a woman behind all of these charicatures. >> we sent her a shot
6:31 am
yesterday. already traced it out. >> and we have no idea what picture was sent, right? >> no. >> there is no telling how we will come out. >> looks like i have my hand in my pocket. >> which is typical. >> they captured your likeness. >> maybe they have pool there now, i don't know, i haven't seen the new palm. >> is it right by the bathroom. >> oh, wow. >> well ... >> so, people willing going by, oh, i got to go, look, it is mike analling. >> so we will keep checking back in and seeing the revolution throughout the show. >> frequent viewing in that location. >> true. >> i mean, everybody pretty much goes in and out of there, and my good friends used to say we're going to the palm. >> yes. >> oh, ah, excessive heat warning, what can we say? it was bad yesterday.
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worse today. feeling like a hundred or more, heat advisory in effect for the outlying areas, we go down to a seven today. if you like this heat, and humidity, you may wasn't to higher number, but you won't get it. it is national lollipop day. none for the dog, butts stop buddy having one, and also, of course, the ever present water bottle. so necessary on a day like today, if you're lucky enough to be near a pool good for you. but for a lot of folks it is days where you got to be out of doors or don't have air-conditioning, hopefully you can go to a mall or restaurant or somewhere, where you can get a break, 79 degrees, it a mix every sunday and clouds outside. headed to high of 97. you know it will be brutal heat kind of day. >> yes. >> kind of day where go through your phone, and fine your friends that have a pool. >> oh, yes. >> can i come over? >> come over? what are you doing this afternoon? >> i'll bring some smacks. >> good morning, here we go, getting ready to go back down
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the tac-pal, another quick opening here this morning, traffic stopped on both side of the betsy ross. >> i at southbound, time to make the donut, heavy from bridge street in toward girar girard. >> south jersey delays already on the 42 freeway coming in towards philadelphia. had the earlier accident on the nor bound new jersey turnpike right at exit number four, and if you are hungry, i got cool spot for you today. our breakfast segment we are going to the woodbury station cafe, old train station turned into a restaurant. bring the kids, i'll bring the tv camera, see you there for breakfast later this morning, mike and alex, back to you. >> mower dead, her daughter critically injured. after a knife attack in south philadelphia just a few hours ago. >> police say the daughters ex boy french just few days, matter of fact when they broke up is responsible, and they're
6:34 am
looking for them, jenny, what else is going on? >> yes, we do know that that man remains at large this morning, that's according to police. tell us he is a 25 year old man, criminal past, and this morning his face was pick up on police cameras, along this block, so they're use that surveillance footage, as well, to get better glim p but they do believe that they know who this person is. so right now 21 year old woman fighting for her life, her mom dead after this early morning violence, police say the stabbing happened just before 2:00 this morning here on the 2700 block every daily terrace in south philadelphia. investigators describe a gruesome scene, both inside and outside this property, owned by the philadelphia housing authority. when police arrived, they found a 48 year old woman, stabbed in the neck and chest but conscious and talking to police, she was transport today hahnemann hospital and expected to survive but succombed to her injuries during surgery.
6:35 am
her 21 year old daughter was stabbed in the neck transferred to penn presbyterian in extremely critical condition. neighbors who saw the victims lying bloody outside of the home say they're in a state of shock. hearing that boys on the block entered aid until medics arrived, but there was only so much that they could do. >> i heard children yelling, young boys, trying to save her life. save both of their lives g laying there bloodied. we didn't know what the outcome of either of them would be. it was horrific. it was sad. and i pray for her daughter, and i pray for her daughter that's in surgery right now and her whole entire family and all of her family on this block. >> and that neighbor says the 48 year old woman has at least one other child, another daughter believed to be a teenager, additionally, police tell us if there was a witness to this horrific crime, that person is now working with
6:36 am
homicide detective, again, as police continue searching for this 25 year old suspect. mike and alex. >> oh, brutal. all right. 6:36. >> claimed the lives of senator ted kennedy and both biden -- beau biden matter of fact. thomas, tell us more. >> this one certainly tough one. send more mccain returning at his home in arizona said to be in good spirit after doctors removed brain tumor. it was discovered during surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye last friday. doctors have diagnosed the 80 year old with a cancer known as glioblastoma. it is a highly malignant form of cancer that spreads quickly because it is so close to a large network of blood vessels in the brain. mccain as you know has a history of health problems including melanoma. in some started to speculate about his health, six weeks ago when the senator appeared confused during congressional hearings with former fbi director james comey.
6:37 am
listen. >> you reach the conclusion that there was no reason to bring charges against secretary clinton, so you reached a conclusion in the case of mr. comey, the president comey -- >> no, sir. >> case of president trump. >> it include combination of chemotherapy and radiation, former vice president joe biden lost his son beau biden to the same cancer. john and have i been friend for 40 years, he's gotten through so much difficulty with so much grace. he's strong, and he will beat this. >> mike pence shared this message of support on twitter. he says, cancer pick on the wrong guy. john mccain is a fighter, and he'll win this fight too. >> doctor mike will join us in the studio coming up in the next hour.
6:38 am
>> yes, oh, gosh, and i'm sure that joe biden was going to give maybe still will in october, you know, john mccain was given the liberty medal at the constitution center, joe biden the head of the constitution center so probably would hand it over to him. all right, thank you, thomas. >> we will bring in doctor mike to talk a little more about this prognosis and what it means and how serious this is. >> 6:38ment family and friend, they are gathering today to lay to wrist thomas meo. >> the community still trying to cope and come to grips with his murder. and that of three other bucks county men at the hands of that confessed killer, cosmo dinardo. >> so steve keeley is outside of the place where visitation is happening this morning with more. steve? >> reporter: well, count this reporter as among the large group trying to figure this out and cope with this themselves. because i still can't put my hand around this after being up in solebury five straight days last week, and now, sadly, here for the first of
6:39 am
four funerals for the four young men killed so savagely up in new hope. the news that griped the nation last week, still so hard to just fathom this week, friends say, we obtained this bloody selfie of the accused killer beaten up from a previous fight before the killings that he was in at a strip club, where he even hinted in his own words that his potential for vie len. he write who ever jump me is a dead man. that's photo surely not the one friends want to see and think about as they lined up last night here for the first viewing which they'll do again today from 8:00 to 9:00 before his 10:00 funeral this morning, instead these happy big smile pictures, of tom meo made in a video column and by his girlfriend, and such a wonderful job. and coincidentally, tom meo's best friend, mark sturgis being laid to rest later tonight at bensalem funeral home for a memorial service from 7:00 to 9:00. as these two best friends always together, in life,
6:40 am
killed together, last week, and now soon to be remembered and laid to rest together on the same day today. alex, mike? >> all right, steve. 6:40 now on this thursday. >> president donald trump with some harsh words for top justice department officials. >> oh, man. he rips a bunch of people, the new york times, the new york times, not sure when this interview was done, but jeff sessions should never lee cues himself from overseeing the russian investigation, that's what president trump says. calling the move unfair to the president. so president trump talking third person there. president trump said he would have chosen somebody else for the job had he known he was going to recuse himself, jeff sessions. meanwhile donald trump, jr., jared kushner, and paul manafort, have been called to testify before the senate judiciary committee involving the russian meddling investigation. that should happen next week. are you ready for some weird video?
6:41 am
>> it is not weirds. it is gross. >> are you ready for some gross video. >> just saying. >> well, there is one. >> i can't look. >> don't we have footage of more than one? oh, there is another one. cockroach seen crawling out of the walls. why the health department though won't sends inspectors. even after we showed them this. what's it take? >> and a man armed with a trash can facing off verse us a man with a michetti? >> where could that happen? >> how this scary road rage incident came to an end.
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>> one small step for man. one giant leap foreman kinds. >> oh, man, i can still remember laying on the floor of my living room in wichita kansas watching this. it was on this date, 1969, nasa delivered john fk den a promise to send americans saferly to the moon apollo landed, set foot on the lunar surface, coming up at 7:00 how you can get your hands on a piece of the moon. >> really? >> they brought back some moon rocks. >> i do remember that. >> i remember we had buzz
6:45 am
aldren talking about his experience, just amazing. >> the bigger question when you were laying on the floor, were you in your underwear or your pajamas. >> what? >> it was i believe in the evening, so i believe i was in my pajamas. >> it could still go either way for you, so -- >> yes. they had foot i, foot i pajamas. >> oh, they were the best. >> yellow. >> like the tell he tub i yellow. they weren't around. >> hey, po. >> i don't want to say back then, because, you know what i mean. >> of course. >> trying to be sensitive. >> ya. >> good morning shall everybody, here comes the sun, going to go hot one today, hello chester county. live look at 202, in valley forge, we are back to normal, on the talcony palmyra bridge, just look at the haze.
6:46 am
>> ooh work wire way to philadelphia i, slow going coming down the boulevard, slow going on the schuylkill expressway, if you are getting ready to leave collegeville, royersford, okay herement but watch, bamm, when we hit the breaks, right there, at around that trooper road interchange, and that takes us into king of prussia. if you'ring into out of philly today no problems at least this morning, mix every clouds, sun, 79 down on the runways, but, no delays on the tote boards, so that's good news. how hot is it going to get? the answer in 15 seconds. >> we got mid to upper 90s yesterday, officially 96 in philadelphia, the feels like temperatures, though, and that's what the air feels like against your skin, as go outside.
6:47 am
they'll be between 98 and 105. and, we have an ozone air quality alert. for high concentration of pollute and the in the air. so, let's get right to the seven day forecast, because, it is blazing heat, 97 degrees high temperature today, that will be official. now we will be in a heatwave. but this one will last longer than previous ones this year, 95 tomorrow, dangerous heat continues, still steamy in the lower 90s, on saturday, some cloud cover, around on saturday, maybe pop up thunderstorm, and storm chance on sunday, as well. still hot on monday. we may not be in the 90s, but will still be hot. by the middle of next week, by wednesday, we will be into the mid 80s, and that seems cool in comparison to what we've got right now, guys. >> you got it, sue. >> okay, well, this next story if you're eating breakfast, i apologize, it will make your
6:48 am
skin crawl. >> customer at a philadelphia eatery just finishes his meal and sees some roaches crawling nearby. so steve, he took this video at rooney buffet monday. yes, those are roaches, you're looking at, crawling on the side after restaurant boot. we check city records, turns out the restaurant passed the health inspection four days before steve had dinner there. restaurant owner apologizing and sailed she called the exterminator, and now the problem is fixed. >> we apologize to all our customers. >> horrifying, i just had a nice full belly. i thought i had a good meal. and you look and you see all of thee roaches crawling out after hole. >> the city health department says they're not sending back to inspector tours, even though this video is shocking instead the owner showed us the patched up hole pledged to do better going forward and we reached out to the city about the possibly flawed inspection (they are not sending anyone back, so far no response.
6:49 am
is it because they already did the inspection, they feel you just can't go? >> well, there were there four days before this. >> yes, so what difference would it make? they didn't catch this. >> really. >> you know what? when i first heard this it made me wonder. how many times do you walk to a restaurant, oh, we're good. but if they didn't catch that? >> can you trust it? >> show me your restaurant that doesn't have a cockroach though. not that -- i mean, you know, they shouldn't be out there in the dining area. i went to one -- >> okay, if it is in the kitchen? >> you find me a restaurant with a kitchen that doesn't have a cockroach in it and i'll eat that roach. >> oh, gosh. >> now, i'm not saying ya, it is bad, i was at this real fancy restaurant in new york, i won't say the name of it, same thing, roach, it was a first date, and she is sitting there, you know, and the roach d a saddle on it. went behind her head.
6:50 am
on the banket. toyed make a decision at that moment. do i tell her, i mean, i'm trying to impress her with this fancy restaurant, so that goes out the window if there are roaches. so i didn't say anything. but the mate interest d new me from doing television. he came over, he admitted we killed it, if you want to come back for a free meal. so right in front of her. >> what's interesting about this story, once you went to the manager and said look you have cock roaches, now he what they gave him? >> what? >> $5 off. >> are you serious? >> i'm serious. >> that's not true. >> that's true. i heard the story, sabina kuriakose did the reporting, she said they offered i am five. now that this has gone out and he posted now saying okay, we'll gave you a free meal. yes, they offered him $5 off. >> here is the thing, if you saw a bunch of roaches. is that a prize, another meal at this place?
6:51 am
>> seriously? okay. well, now, speaking of new york, you're going to see some footage from the street of new york, guy armed with a trash can. he gets into an altercation with this guy in the car. so the guy goes into his car, and pulls out ... oh, ya? a michetti. >> wow. >> who bridges a trash can to a fight? we'll play the rest of this, it gets better. >> when we show who won?
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> roller coaster ♪ >> the ohio players, okay, let's do play-by-play of this fight. so there is a guy, he's if a car, silver car, this is on the street of new york, he get into a fight with this dude. well the dude picks up a trash can, okay? watch it. >> here comes the guy. the guy in the red hat is going to pick up a trash can, come on, come on, is this a completely different angle or something? >> looks like -- >> oh, he's already gone the can in his hand. fantastic, he has the trash
6:55 am
can. common. oh, okay. now the guy with the michetti says look at this, i have a michetti. >> what? >> oh, ya? okay. >> going back and forth, seems like it is over, right? >> oh, no, no, no, don't go after my female friend. i'll i have with you this michetti. oh, wow, he threw. >> did he lose the michelley? >> out in front of the car now. >> well, if you're going to use a michetti. >> well, if you lose your michetti get back in and try to drive. >> oh, wow. >> now, what's weirds about this? >> oh, so intense. my gosh. >> then they just stop. >> look at all of the -- >> okay, see you later then, got to go. ya, where's my michetti? honey, have you seen my michetti? all right, deer. >> oh, no, he goes back? throw a bottle at him? >> oh, that will get him. pair every under pant. >> honey get if the car so we can drive off. >> oh, now she is talking, oh,
6:56 am
god, get if the car. >> so how do it ends? >> and he's just going to leave his michetti on the street? i don't know how i feel about that. >> welshing they just swing by michetti r us and get another one. >> and who has a michetti in the back of their car? is this a thing? >> ya, and where do you keep your michelley? >> only in new york. >> that's true. >> well, police say the face-off started when one of the men was walking along the street, looking at his phone, the driver, who is 40 years old, makes a comment about him not paying attention, in the crosswalk. and they got in a big fight. ya. >> but it is weirds, they just stop for a second, and -- >> or okay, we're done. they were both detained by police. 6:56. >> big day for o.j. simpson, his freedom on the line in nef add a we're just hours away from hearing from a hearing that could make o.j. simpson a
6:57 am
freeman. what to expect at the parole hearing in nevada later today. >> good morning, mike and alex, one woman is dead and her 21 year old daughter fighting for her life. police tell us the suspect, the daughter's 25 year old ex-boyfriends, live here, in south philadelphia, with information on this double stabbing homicide coming up next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> grizzly double stabbing, mother dead, her daughter clinging to live. their connection to the attacker, as police hunt for him right now. bat lynn brain cancer. a difficult diagnosis for senator john mccain, how the politician once a prisoner of war is now facing his greatest fight yet. >> decision day. he captivated the country, more than two decades ago. >> orenthal james simpson not guilty of crime of murder. >> today the worlds' attention turns yet again to o.j. simpson, hours before he face as parole board to learn his fate. will he face more time behind bars? or walk a free man, come october? >> suspension scandal. a college student sent accused of cyber bullying after tweeting out apology letter from his ex-girlfriend.


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