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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  July 21, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. tonight oj simpson sitting inside a prison cell in nevada but he won't be there much longer after nine years behind bars today he convince add parole board he's no longer a& threat to z i'm lucy noland. thanks for joining us. eyes across america were glued to tv's today hark kenning back 20 years to the trial of the century. iain page is here with more on what happened today. >> lucy kind of did feel like 20 years ago. as america watched the trial of the century. this time, though, oj wasn't trying to avoid going to prison, he was trying to get out. >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> simpson's expression says it all. >> thank you. >> after nearly nine years in prison, the former nfl star was granted parole for his role in a
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robbery in las vegas. >> and we have that you are currently well very recently turned 90 years old. 90 -- i'm sorry about that. [ laughter ] >> you look great for 90. >> i feel like it though. >> the parole board member asking the fallen celebrity if he was humbled. >> are you humbled by this incarceration? >> oh, yes, sure. as i said i wish it would have never happened. i'm no danger. i didn't pull a gun on anybody. i never have in my life. i've never been accused of it in my life. nobody has ever accused of me of pulling any weapon on them. i've done my time. you know, i've done it as well and as respectfully as i think anybody can. >> his daughter became emotional giving her testimony sometimes stopping to shake her head. >> on behalf of my family, my brother, my sister, an aunt, an uncle, his friends, we just want him to come home. >> during the hearing simpson
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was assured bite victim of the crime that the former football star has a ride waiting for him when he gets out. >> and if he called me tomorrow and said, bruce, i'm getting out, we will you pick me up? juice, i'll be here tomorrow for you. >> oj simpson in a blue button down shirt and white t-shirt with close cropped great hair overcome with emotion. >> nine years away from your family is just not worth it, and i am sorry. >> he'll be released in october and it's expected he'll move to florida with his children. simpson served minimum of his nine to 33 year sentence. he will have to follow some strict probation rules once he moves back to florida. lucy. >> all right, thank you much, iain. no shortage of reaction in the delaware valley to the parole board's decision. this is how it look at melrose diner in south philadelphia when folks there heard. few even took notice. that is a far from the oj what
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happened parties we saw during the murder trial in the mid 1990's. people are still opinionated whether simpson should walk free those opinions don't seem quite as fiery as they were 20 years ago. >> i think he got paroled on the merits of this case. not on the merits of the other case. on the merits of this case, nine years was a long time to spend in jail. >> if that was my son or daughter there would be trouble. he wouldn't be walking the streets. i think he's still a dangerous man and he should have been kept in. >> simpson is expected to walk out of prison as early as october 1st. but could head back if he violates any terms of his paro parole. on your radar tonight, we got heat. a lot of it. for a lot of folks, too hot to enjoy the great outdoors today. live look at reading. if you were hoping for one of those, you know, nice, cool summer nights tonight was not your night. so we're not, um, we're not cooling off any time soon are we, kathy. >> no way. >> no way, no how.
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>> no way. i can say that with such confidence i looked at the forecast five different ways and there's no way out of the this one. we're talking about a seven-day heat wave. it's not just a couple of days here or there. it's an extended period of time. that creates a big stress on our bodies. we're looking at temperature of 82 at this late hour. dew point temperature 68. so the humidity is increasing. we're looking at a few fair weather clouds out there. otherwise all that shower activity has died down we lost the heating of the day and a few more spotty showers are possible tomorrow afternoon. the temperature in the poconos not so bad. 66. 82 in philadelphia. 81 in millville. 74 in trenton and wrightstown where we saw some heavy rain and severe storms earlier, and down the shore, pretty warm. we get the southerly flow. now becoming a little bit more southwesterly, 80s still locked in down shore with the exception of cape may. look at that ocean water temperature 76. i was in sea isle this afterno afternoon. and that water is no joke. it is really comfortable. right now it feel like 85 in philadelphia. 93 in wilmington. 95 in dover.
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atlantic city 93 and tomorrow those feel like readings good up into the 100s. excessive heat warning right through tomorrow evening at 8:0r and our adjacent suburbs in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. it will feel like it's between 100 and 105. so another day of oppressive heat. as we go hour by hour tomorrow, we're looking at some hazy sunshine. a few showers and storms popping up later in the day but becoming more widespread during the day on saturday. showers and thunderstorms firing up. possibly in the morning. and then another round in the afternoon and into the din are in hour. so please be aware of this. a possibility of three different rounds of some showers thunderstorms and very heavy downpours. so overnight tonight, the low temperature 79 just a warm nig night. and very sticky. we'll start off the day in the 70s. by the afternoon we're going for a high temperature of 97 degrees. a pop up afternoon storm is possible. once again hazy, hot and humid.
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86 for friday. rip current risk will be moderate please only swim where those beaches are guarded and most guards are off duty about 5:30 in the afternoon. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority saturday 93. sunday 92. more storms. monday 91. the heat breaks tuesday. but still in the mid 80s for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. wow, lucy, we're talking about the longest heat wave that we have seen and our dave kinchen is live in port richmond. dave, it's hot out there and it's really hard to beat the heat. >> reporter: yeah, really is. i mean like me i took the sport coat off but it's still pretty warm. people we talk to still went about their day. the better news they did it with hydration. >> on a night like tonight you got to have a water ice. >> reporter: it may be blazing at the market in mayfair.
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>> it's very hot night. great night for water ice. fabulous night for water ice. >> reporter: we found one of his customers on a mission all the way from tennessee. >> this is awesome this is really great many i never, arc i heard it's not water ice. water ice. >> some people decided no to the stay out for too long. >> this weather sucks i'm sorry if i'm not allowed to say that on tv's but this is really hot for us? jennifer harris concerned about her two-year-old son nicholas. >> is it hot for you? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i think that's a yea. >> reporter: over in wissonoming some spanish speaking gents were enjoying a game of soccer. >> how do you say hot in spani spanish. >> cal lee end thai. >> he said it's very hot. i could not disagree. others played basketball and looked like they could use water ice themselves speaking of just how is jimmy france staying cool himself? >> drinking a lot of water and gatorades. >> okay. >> that's all you can do. and sell water ice. >> all right. >> that's the name of the game, isn't it? >> reporter: guess so. i don't know how those guys were
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playing sports in this weather. i can't play sports in wintertime let alone when it's 95 degrees. lucy? >> i'm sure you can. all right, thank you very much, dave kinchen. pennsylvania state police investigators spent hours today on the case of a missing local mom no one has seen anna since april. we first brought you her story right after she vanished. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live. state police work into this night. >> reporter: lucy, they did. they didn't leave until after 8:00 o'clock tonight, and that is after being here almost all day. people concerned about this wife and mother hope investigators found something that will help them find her. state police combed the inside and outside of this home on hedge row lane in malvern well into the evening. bringing out bags and containers of evidence. it's the home of 43-year-old anna who vanished three months ago. >> time has past. a lot of time has past. >> reporter: group of concerned people who formed a
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group called find nan watch closely throughout the day as forensics investigators concentrated on several hours outside the house, too. >> if you hear anybody talk about anna, she was the kinds defendant, um, sweet evident to woman always smiling. >> reporter: some in the grew new anna from her job an actuary at joy ya financial. others like jacqueline swan are just from the area but touched by what's happening. >> boots on the ground. trying to get flyers out. media attention, to find this woman. >> reporter: anna lived in this home with her husband and now four-year-old son. but her parents and siblings are in poland. the investigation has been quite until today. we know according to investigators that the woman was last seen by her husband on april 10th before she left for work in west chester. they were notified the next day after she didn't show up for work. her car was found may fifth at a walking trail in the area. >> someone needs to care. you know, we need to be her voice. >> reporter: and we contacted
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state police. they would not comment on what they were looking for or lucy what brought them back out here today. that's the very latest. back to you. >> thank you, shawnette. in bucks county investigators have been digging again looking for clues into the murder of four young men. police were back on cosmo dinardo's family farm in solebury township exactly one week after he confessed to killing the four men. they're not finish with their work on the properties. the families of the four young men who decide are saying goodbyes this week. this was the scene tonight in bensalem where family and friends gathered for a memorial for 22-year-old mark sturgis. the funerals for the other three young men are this week as well. up next, a lawsuit against a local fraternity. the lack of action the family says nearly killed their son. a local cab driver's taxi stolen. and the woman who police say did it actually picked up fairs. ♪
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>> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing.
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>> breaking news out east germantown section of the city. skyfox is over the 5900 block of
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beachwood street. hopefully we've got the images for you because a porch has collapsed. there we go. firefighters say the roof completely fell off the building right around 10:30 this evening. however, as bad as this looks, nobody is hurt. so that is a piece of good news. a strange story of a stolen cab. a woman got into a fight with the driver over a fair, and then things took quite a turn. the driver actually went out of his way to help her before all of this went down. our sabina kuriakose has the video that shows how it happened. sabina. >> reporter: lucy, investigators are calling this bizarre. you're going to see in the video this woman looks like they can barely walk one of the reasons the cab driver got out of his car. well, it turns out she can certainly drive. >> that makes you think twice about wanting to be a good samaritan. >> reporter: think twice after seeing this video. this is the moment a tab driver helped a customer out of his taxi and into a gas station
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convenience store. and this is the moment the 65-year-old woman pays him back. by banking on the cab in anger and then jumping into the drive's seat. >> that one took the cake. i mean she took the car and she took the cab. she picked up fairs. she made money. >> reporter: cops say it was just past midnight the freedom cab driver pick up his fare in germantown. surveillance video shows the two stopping at this gas station on north broad street before the woman gets behind the wheel and won't budge. police are called but the suspect identified as betty davis thomas drives off. it wasn't long before cops at the 25th district found her right in front of their station. but get this? betty had passengers in the back seat. police say a 23-year-old mother and her instant daughter had hailed the cab. not realizing the driver was a fake. cab customers in the city say that is a scary thought. >> it's a legitimate company and
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they have cabs out here all the time, you know, i wouldn't think twice about it. >> i'm just thankful that nothing happened and me and my daughter were safe. >> reporter: the alleged thief is charged with auto theft. she's not home. we went to her house for comme comment. cabdriver, lucy, is back working tonight. back in his cab. let's hope he has a smoother night. back to you. >> and still does all those good deeds. all right. thank you much, sabina. a drexel university fraternity just got slapped with a lawsuit by a familiar who'll says the frat failed to live up to its brotherly mission. they say its lack of auction almost killed their son. he was part of pie cpa if i fraternity. he's now incapacitated much his family says one simple call for help could have changed everything. >> this is two frat members carrying iain mc gibbon back to the frat house on powelton after he was knock unconscious hitting
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his head on the settlement in september of 2015 after fight with members of the another frat delta sigma if i. >> it's very simple to pick up your phone. it takes two seconds to dial 911. >> reporter: that did not happen according to iain's family instead they say he was dumped on a couch where the fraternities risk manager stayed with him for a couple of hours, then went to bed. >> hour after hour after hour his brain continued to swell as he lay abandoned in his fraternity. >> reporter: it wasn't until ten hours later that his family worried that he hadn't come home drove from narberth to the frat house where they discovered iain covered in vomit and blood. >> we're the ones that found him. and we're the ones that called 911, and we're the ones that have had to live with this for the last 18 months, and we'll have to live with it for the rest of our lives. >> iain has had four brain surgeries. suffers seizures and memory loss and has no use of his left arm. the lawsuit names two fraterni
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fraternities several members of both and cavenaugh's river deck where owe iain and his friends were at an all you can drink party. it claims gross negligence, careless and reckless actions and up actions which caused catastrophic and life altering injuries. >> shouldn't second guess. they shouldn't try to hide anything. they just have to call. when things are bad. >> they robbed him of his chance of recovery. it was stolen from him by the fraternity system that doesn't require a call to 911. >> as iain's family fights for justice, they say the now 23-year-old is fighting to get better. >> he has, um, persevered through this. he has, um, up days and down days. but, um, he has been awesome. >> reporter: the parties name in the lawsuit had no comment. direct system university did release a statement offering its steadfast sympathy and support tour mc gibbon his family.
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it does have a protocol that give students amnesty from disciplinary action when calling the proper authorities about a situation involving students who need emergency care. >> dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. delaware county we've just met the biggest little fan of police officers three-year-old rider sims is his name. patrols driveway of swarthmore home in a battery powered police cruiser. he wears a police uniform pretty much 24/7 rarely removes his police hat he use a pair of street hockey goals as a make shift jail cell and keeps an eye on traffic passing his house so drivers have to keep to the speed limit, right rider was born prematurely and developmentally delayed but when he's in uniform, his mom says all is right in his world. >> that gives him the security to where he can actually funk. he can take that transition and it makes it a little easier for him. he's delve in his own place, you know, this is where he kind of
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belongs. >> comfortable place for him. >> oh yeah absolutely. well right owns 30 to 40 toy police cars and many of them have functional sirens. which run pretty much most of the day it's a nice quiet household, sean bell. you know how we found out about this ridley township police posted his cute picture because he brought them all cookies. isn't that nice? >> it is nice. but right now i'm dealing with an an oj zig and i'm frustrated by it. okay. i really am. not just him as an individual but the whole bs around it. i'll tell you why i refused to watch the patrol hearing today in my commentary.
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♪ >> the juice is about to walk free. sean bell isn't very happy with
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what he calls the circus around what happened today. his commentary, he's fired up, in 15 seconds. ♪ coverage around oj simpson parole hearing is embarrassing and absolutely shameful. since when do we need live coverage from every television station on a parole hearing? especially when dealing with 70-year-old man and a robbery case. there's so many different things we need to worry about. so many cases we really need to pay attention to, yet this is what we televised. i refused to watch the parole hearing today. i mean on twitter i saw there was a guy wearing a kansas city chiefs tie. okay that's what he chose to
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show has fan dom on national television. it's the kardashian effect. the media will do anything for ratings and money. to be real, i can make app argument the circus in the media coverage is the reason oj is who he is. the guy is diss dilusional because we've treated him like this since he was a 20-year-old football player. i can careless about the man. he turned his back on the culture along with a lot of other faults. we as a society really need to stop sensationalizing such garbage. >> lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, sean bell. apple lovers get excited about the generation iphone. well jp morgan analysis, say that three times fast, nolan, expects apple's iphone eight to hit store shelves in september. jp morgan also predicts the price to break $1,000 for the base model, sean bell. that should fire you up. that's a big chunk porn the current base model of theism phone seven which starts at 650. >> i'll stick with my i phone
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six which i still love. >> i'm going back to the flip phone when it was all so simple. >> how would you like to travel from new york city to washington in 29 minutes. >> okay. >> with stops along the way like in philadelphia. if space xceo elan musk realizes his dream of being underground super high speed pod could it happen much that's not going to look like that at all. nyi. [ laughter ] >> new jersey transi. >> exactly he just got the okay to build a hyper loop connecting new york, philadelphia, baltimore and d.c. 29 minutes for the trip. he got government approval but he's not saying exact who'll from. >> i'm all in. >> are you. >> i could live in new york, work in d.c., 29 minutes. >> i'm there. >> you're in this pod. what if it gets stuck underground. claustrophobes are not happypy
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happening right now on "good day philadelphia" break ing overnight disabled man shot and killed during a home invasion and his caretaker also shot, we will take you to the scene in a live report. also don't have to tell you the heat is on and get ready for another scorcher. we have team coverage this morning looking at radar, sue. >> that is just cloud, satellite picture. >> there is no rain in the forecast. usually cools us off. not the case here. sue will have you covered. we have team coverage with our jenny joyce as well. plus just days after president trump called out attorney general jeff sessions is making a stop here in philadelphia, when and where and why straight ahead. you probably saw this one yesterday parole granted for o.j. simpson after nine years behind bars, the juice will


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