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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  July 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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away odors for up... 30 days. breathe happy with new febreze. a disabled man shot and kill. steve keeley is on the scene in a live report in just moments. also ahead you know it,
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the heat is on, get ready for another scorcher, team coverage of what you need to necessity before you head outside that door. a lawsuit begins a local fraternity lack of action a family says nearly killed their son and how they want to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. did you watch it live yesterday? parole granted for o.j. simpson after nine years behind bars, the juice will go loose, and the big question is what is next for him? great to have you with us here on "good day philadelphia" on this friday. i'm thomas drayton. karen hepp has the week off. she will be back on monday. it doesn't matter where you are, new jersey, parkway or here in philadelphia it is down right, hot. lets begin with sue serio outside in center city, good morning, sue. wait, i felt a breeze. you know how it is when you are outside, hot, humid and finally feel a breeze it is so refreshing. it is a hot breeze. you will get one every once in
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a while out here. we have a look at what is going on with our number of the day, lets get to it. first start with the excessive heat warning ine affect lets see through about 8:00 o'clock tonight. we have a feels like temperature that will be in triple digits for some of us, and there is the number of the day, a seven once again, some think it should be lower because it is so oppressive out here. seventy's, 80's off to a sticky start with bus stop buddy. ever present water bottle. put some ice in there as well so it stays cool. nothing on radar 80 degrees our current temperature and it feels like 84, the temperatures in the 80's, we have got 180 degrees in atlantic city. sixty-five is you are cool spot in the poconos. seventy's just been where else it was sweltering yesterday with a high of 95. it felt hotter then that. today we will get with now the number is 96 today that is
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what i decided on, heat way day number four, well above 90 . the question is will this heat wave last into the weekend? we will let you know when we bring you the seven day forecast in a few moments. >> we are anxiously waiting sue, thank you. stepping outside you know it is hot. these are temperatures that you do not want to play around with. we have tips for to you remember this morning. our jenny joyce continuing our team coverage in fairmount. good hot friday morning, jenny >> reporter: thomas, if i didn't have to i would not want to step outside. it is not i great friday to be outdoors in this heat unless you are by a pool or down the shore like our karen hepp is, lucky duck there. today hydration is key because heat is certainly dangerous. it has been so hot. city issued a heat healthy mergecy which means heat hot line is up and running. so are cooling centers. despite the heat we have found people under the late afternoon sun the mayfair night market last night, music was going so were the fans keeping things cooler, and
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people telling thaws water, and water ice or water ice were their two solutions to the heat last night. looking ahead at today if you are someone without air conditioning make sure you open up those windows. even though air is hot it need to circulate through your home check on your elderly neighbors and family members. we tell people to wear light colored clothing, take breaths out under the sun and heading out later tonight take advice from the people we spoke to the a the night market. >> this weather sucks. i'm sorry if i'm not loud to say that on tv but thinks really hot. he gets heat streak, i get heat stroke. >> this is awesome. i never had water ice. i heard it is water ice in the it is hot. >> reporter: what are you doing to stay cool.& >> drinking water, most of the time we stay in the air conditioning. >> the heat is my weather. hotter it is, the better i like it.
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>> reporter: yes, eat more water ice. >> yes. >> reporter: today will not be ideal for recreational sports if you are someone who likes to break a sweat and work outside, it is best to do it in the morning. i expect we will see those avid runners, cyclist here on kelly drive. they do this summer after summer. heat bothers them less and less. however, heat can have adverse effects on many people. the city does have a heat hot line take this number down just in case (215)765-9040. you can also fine more information on the cities web site on how to stay cool and, of course, locations of the cooling centers, bob kelly, new back over to you i have taken all precautions and cancelled my run on the kelly drive. i want to play it safe. i don't want to over exert myself, all chores cancelled as well. 5:05. hot as jenny just mentioned and crews working all night on the schuylkill expressway. no break tapping on the
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boulevard there, we will sip down to the vine street expressway, they should have it rolling any minute between the schuylkill and broad street there, that overnight construction. septa says first train out of the gate on the paoli thorndale line running with the delay but other lines are running with no delays at lee for the moment. here's a live look at the blue route 476 right here near mid county interchange where they are picking up construction through the overnight. head together poconos this weekend no problems here, live look from 309 just off of the northeast extension, allentown interchange. we will do a ramp shuffle today, between the second street ramps, again, they are moving cones around so on ramp from 22nd street to go west, will open up today and coming off schuylkill and on to the vine are vine that off ramp to between the second street will close so watch out for new traffic patterns developing right here along the between the second street ramps in downtown philadelphia. and then first avenue ramp out here, 422, you'll see
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construction today, both market frankford and broad street subway they have just started to roll role the trains at 5:00 and we are running with no delays. we have breaking news overnight family is briefing, disable man shot dead and caretaker in the hospital after a home invasion shooting in tioga. police now searching for two gunman in the reason y steve keeley on the scene at north gratz with more, steve. >> reporter: thomas, this is s mh of twitter shaking my head and you will hear a man in the wheelchair is shot in the head and killed. why would anybody shoot a man hoist paralyzed? well what happened was this 36 year-old man shot at age 21 in a drive by while he was in the car and paralyzed 15 years ago arrives home and you can see another vehicle now with the emergency flashers like that double parked. person riding his home has a bmw and they've mergecy flashers on like. that lets go to the video they get home around midnight. as they are going in to the
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wheelchair bound man's house here on gratz street, these two guys with two guns come up and try to rob him. guys trying to force their way in the house. man in the wheelchair very bravely, because he has got four kid upstairs and 61 year-old mother is trying to keep them from getting in the house and trying to shut the door on him with the use of his arms that he still has and they shoot him in the head. then man drove him home in the bmw doesn't try to get in his car and try to drive away he starts running for his life down this way and they go after him and shoot him in the leg too. >> we found ballistics evidence right by the front door where the 36 year-old wheelchair bound male was killed and we also found three separate shell casings on the sidewalk south of the decedent 's home where caretaker was shot. we know there was two separate caliber weapons were used because shell casing are clearly two separate sized shell casings so we know two
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guns used and according to witnesses, there were two shooters. >> reporter: so, the fact that these guys shot their guns so often at both of these guys and if you kill somebody who is bound in a wheelchair you may kill other people abe and that is why this jamal thompson died heroically. who knows what they would have did if they got to the kid or older mother. they will have a fun memories of him saving lives. police will come back here with the search warrant because they are at odd figuring out what would be the mote think of house in the middle of the block where they are trying to get in the house just hoping to find something or were they just looking for people to rob and think saw a flashy bmw here and thought guys had money who knows. but this latest violence in philadelphia just five hours old, again, thomas you will shake your head when you hear a man in the wheel share shot for a second time and this time killed over who knows why
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>> night after night dwelling this violence. steve, thank you. >> september [gunfire] a police releasing this chaotic body cam video after officers, opened fire on a armed suspect in kensington, philadelphia and septa police now conducting an internal investigation. the shooting happened on the 400 block of east somerset street. this took place wednesday night, as you can see in this picture the suspect jose soto points a gun at responding officers, seven of them open fire on him police were called to the neighborhood after reports that soto had shot his 48 year-old wife at a home nearby and she's in critical condition this morning with the gunshot wound to the chest , septa chief tom nestel decided to release that video in an effort to be transparent >> i think that we have to provide that video for the
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public, you know, it should be a public program in the a private investigative tool. >> once again this is an ongoing investigation and suspect jose soto is in stable condition, and faces a laundry list of charges, police will not say how many shots were fired by those officers. i'm sorry that it happened i'm or toy nevada. i wish, i wish richeo had never called me. i thought i was glad to get my stuff back but it wasn't worth it. you know, nine years away from your family is just not worth it. i'm sorry. >> i do vote to grant parole. >> thank you. >> it was a live event, millions of people watched, o.j. simpson will soon be a freeman and nevada parole board, unanimously granted simpson early release. he has served 79 years, for
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2007 arm robbery and kidnapping in vegas. he went before the parole board via video link. simpson said he has been a model prisoner enrolling in conflict resolution programs, even starting a baptist prayer group. he accepted his role in the robbery and trauma he inflict on his victims. simpson now just want to be move on, be with his family and stay out of trouble. >> i have always thought i have been pretty good with people and i have basically spent a conflict free life. >> simpson is set for release in october that will mark his full nine years serving time. he asked for permission to re electricity to florida to be near his family a request grant budd that could still be reject by officialness florida they have up to 45 days to make a final decision. time right now 5:12 on this friday morning.
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the cab culprit a video you have to see to believe here. coming up next here on "good day philadelphia" we told but this story yesterday, today, we have the actual video footage, how is a woman able to steel a taxi even pick up a fare? we will show you straight ahead. bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, 5:13. live look at an accident on i-95, it is north bound, right here near bridge street come on as we get ready to wake up this morning hello wilmington delaware, first state, what is a traffic jam to get youinging this morning, nellie. we will be right back.
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reading, good morning to you. it is another one, another hot day but at least it is friday sue serio. >> we had a preview of the thomas drayton weekend. highs in the mid to upper 90's again, we have got to a 95, officially yesterday, because it will feel like 97 to 103 and that is why weather service issued the extreme heat, warning, again for today , excessive heat warning, ozone air quality alert in effect as well which is why we will tell to you take frequent breaks if you have to be outside over exerting yourself
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can lead to some problems. phillies back in town first home stand since the break and brewers are the opponent, the game time is 7:05 and you will , be in the 90's at 7:05 on grateful dead tribute night tonight. muggy one, and they have got special tyedye t-shirts they are giving away. 80 degrees in philadelphia right now at 5:17. feels like 84 in the city. feels like 38 in wilmington. heat index is 85 in atlantic city. when we talk about dew point that is is measure of moisture in the air. above 70 in the dew point you are in oppressive humidity range and look at how far above 70 in dover. seventy-seven millville. seventy-eight in dover. dew point of 77 as well, in wilmington. we are in day four and we don't get relief at night it
5:18 am
stays muggy. rest of the day to day we probably won't see too many if any pop up showers or then are storms. likely had greater tomorrow afternoon and evening and sunday, sunday most iffy day of the weekend whether we will see thunderstorms. day four today, day five tomorrow, we could get, day six on sunday and maybe even seven on monday depending on the what the actual temperature turns out to be but relief comes by middle of next week back down in the 80 's, which seems warm, but it actually seems cool compared to the 90's we have had past couple of days. don't forget about 101.1 more fm we will give you your forecast on the tv and radio too, bob kelly. >> got you coming and going as they say. 5:18. good morning. tgif, hello to wilmington, showed you last time around waking up nice and calm, no problems at all, no problems for folks able to go over delaware memorial bridge
5:19 am
heading down the shore for weekend. problem in the neighborhood northbound i-95 at bridge street brideberg section of the city not impacting traffic too much because it is on the northbound side right as you come out of that construction zone. septa says paoli thorndale first train out of the gate running with the delay of about 10 minutes or so, it is not junk food day you can eat anything you want as much as you want and then go back to healthy choices tomorrow. hello to the shaders, maple shade, new jersey route 73 near fellowship road. quiet but again it is a friday , summertime. we will see a lot of unusual traffic jams this afternoon that push to the beach happens shortly after that 12:00 o'clock hour and if you are watching us down the shore cape may courthouse route nine at route 83 we have down wires block the southbound side of route nine and get ready to row your boat here in town this weekend, the philadelphia youth regatta sets up along
5:20 am
kelly drive, kelly drive will be closed all day tomorrow which will push that extra volume on to the schuylkill expressway, thomas, back over to you. i thought it was junk food month. >> just one day? >> yes. >> all right. maybe health food month next month. not happening. look at this video right here this is what we have been telling you about woman accused of stealing a cab a story we broke right here on good "good day philadelphia" yesterday. police say that woman pick up a fare. big question is how does something like that happen. our sabina kuriakose shows us how this all played out. >> reporter: video show a cabdriver helping out a passenger but no good deed goes unpunish. a kind hearted cabdriver helped a customer out of his taxi and into i gas station convenient store and this is moment a six five-year old woman pays him back by jumping in the driver's seat and then
5:21 am
taking off. it was all caught on camera. >> that makes you think twice about wanting to be a good samaritan. >> reporter: cops say it was just pennsylvania midnight when freedom cabdriver pick up his fare in germantown. surveillance video shows two stopping at this gas station on north broad street before the woman, gets behind the wheel, and then, won't budge. police are called but the suspect identified as betty davis thomas drives off. it wasn't licensing before cops at 25th district, saw her , outside of their station and then they pulled her over but get this, she has had passengers, in the back seat. >> that one, took the cake i mean she took the cab, she pick up fares, she made run in s. >> reporter: twenty-three year-old mother and her infant daughter hailed the cab, not realizing that the driver was a fake. no answer at betty's door thursday, meantime cab customers in the city say it is terrifying to realize that
5:22 am
you may never necessity who is behind the wheel. >> it is a legitimate company, they have cabs out here all the time i wouldn't think twice bit. >> i am just thankful that nothing happened and me and my daughter were safe. >> reporter: at alleged thief has been charged with auto theft, the cabdriver is back working in his taxi picking up fares, let's hope this bad experience does not dull his appetite for helping others. at police headquarters, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> bold move, time is 5:22. nature bit family is suing two fraternities, several members of the both and local bar. suit comes after their son suffered a life altering brain injury because they say in one called 911. this right here is surveillance video of the 2phi cappa members, carrying iain mcgiven back to the frat house he had been knock unconscious following a fight with members of the another drexel
5:23 am
university fraternity. his family says he was dumped on a couch where risk manager stayed with him for several hours and then went to bed. ten hours later his worried parents drove to the fraternity house where they found him covered in vomit and blood. >> they need to know they have to call. they should in the second guess or try to hide anything. they just to have call, when things are bad. >> universities need to do a better job of telling people you won't get in trouble. this is something that we a broad because we want to save lives. >> iain, now 23, has had four brain surgeries, suffers seizures and memory loss and no use of his left arm. parties name in the lawsuit could not be reached for comment. drexel says it does have a protocol that gives students amnesty from disciplinary action when calling the proper authorities for situations involving students who need emergency care.
5:24 am
5:23. philadelphia has a new district attorney, board of judges elect former city prosecutor kelly hodge as the interim d.a. the 45 year-old will finish off second term of the former district attorney seth williams resigned last month he is in jail right now awaiting sentencing for his federal corruption convictions no more perks talking about a big change when it comes to shopping at target. why retailer is targeting those cheap perks that we all love, we will tell you why, good day fill after this. meta appetite control...
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to $20 and include canned wines, sparkling varieties, row says and reds. you will want to act fast because the sale end on sunday 5:28. imagine traveling from new york down to d.c. in under 30 minutes and we are not talking about by plane here? coming up at 5:30 the hoopla over the hyper loop how proposed underground transit system could revolutionize travel in and out of philadelphia. we will be right back. #p
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man gunned down in his wheelchair, see details coming in. we will have a live report from steve keeley in just a moment. search for a missing mom, no one has seen her in months, investigators still trying to determine what happened to her also do you feel the heat? hard not too. just how long will these dangerously hot temperatures stick around. probably heading to the shore to cool off. it will be hot down there too. i know, here we go again, sun just beginning to rise, normally sue serio this is time of the day that i love, then you have to think sun will rise and it will get hotter. >> and yet, still better then it will be later on, so put
5:32 am
tonight perspective this will be day number four of the heat wave, we will call it an extended heat wave because it goes beyond three days but it will in the last beyond five or six. longest we ever had was 18 days. nothing like that in our future but today it will feel like 100 in places especially in the city or other urban areas, wilmington, trenton. it will be seven out of 10, probably lower number for some , and national junk food day, miraculously, we have brought bus stop buddy down the shore. it is friday. people will be there. temperatures in the 70's, few 80's and sultry start this morning. we have a beautiful sunrise, that is official, at 5:50 this morning with 80 degrees at the moment, and it feels like 84. we have got 78 in dover. we have 73 in reading. up in allentown we are in the 70's this morning and humidity out there as well, so
5:33 am
sweltering 95 for yesterday. heat wave became official. today we will go to 96. hot and humid all day. you know the drill. ninety-six but feeling warmer then that and sun won't set until 8:24. but there is relief in the seven day forecast we will tell you which day, coming up in a few minutes, thomas. all right, sue, thank you. 5:33. let's continue our team coverage, temperatures will be down right, dangerous so that means you have to take proper precautions, jenny joyce continuing our coverage in fairmount this morning, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. 5:30. it is quiet here on kelly drive but we do see a runner coming up beside me. perhaps because of the heat. we have seen a few cyclist as well but it has been so hot city issued a heat healthy mergecy which means heat hot line is up and running. so are cooling centers. our sue serio says heat wave will last through tomorrow but we won't see a nice cool down until sometime next week.
5:34 am
people who do work out, outdoors, here you are advised to do it early before the sun and heat peak in the afternoon one man that we spoke to this morning said he rides his bike to work every morning. he didn't think it felt too bad but he was working up a sweat. he was a few miles into his ride. >> pretty good this morning. came out, nice breeze, later on it will be bad but right now it is good. i drink fluid. i have gator aid, water on my bike that is frozen. just trying to stay hydrated. >> reporter: you always come out in the morning. >> yes, this is best time. when i get off at 6:00 it will be hot, like yesterday, it was burning out here but i felt good as long as i was riding, motion was cool, it is not bad but i have been riding for a few miles. stay hydrated. if you can, avoid this. >> reporter: avoid this recreational sports in the
5:35 am
afternoon unless you have to. be sure to drink lots of water , if you don't have air conditioning head to the many of the cities cooling centers, pools, spray ground. there are options. bottom line take it easy, rest often and call heat hot line if you need anything. that phone number, (215)765-9040. bob kill i. >> i'm thinking my flip and fill pool this afternoon with my beverage of choice, perhaps for happy hour outside on the deck, i cannot wait. jenny's ready to go. good morning everybody. tgif, at 5:35. we are looking good on the major roadways, some slow go here on the boulevard, little slow on 611 coming down into willow grove. hello wilmington they are working on 495 north bound right at exit number one which is route 13, du pont highway, down the shore on a friday hello cape may, live look at the garden state parkway just north of the cape may
5:36 am
interchange, in problems or delays this morning. a lot of folks using back road to get down there like 47 or 347 but route nine through cape may courthouse watch it because we have got down wires blocking the southbound side of the route 83, also wires down across northbound side a little north of there and up here in norristown an accident at swede road and evergreen avenue, thomas, back over to you. 5:36. lets get to breaking news in the tioga section. wheelchair bound man is dead this morning, his caretaker in the hospital after they were shot during a home invasion. steve keeley on the scene. police are searching for two shooters, steve. >> reporter: this was just before midnight and you can go two killers because they are shot that was deadly when it came to the man who kept them from getting inside the home. he is in the wheelchair because he was shot before at age 21. at age 36 he gets shot and killed. here's video on gratz street
5:37 am
where we are in the tioga section this man comes home gets a ride home from the man in the bmw who his 51 years old and as he is being helped up the steps, five steps in his wheelchair as he just gets in the front door these guys are trying to force their way in the front door and man in the wheelchair who still has use of his arms is trying to slam the door shut and keep them from getting in the house they calm him uncle mal because these little kid with his 61 year-old mother and dose than the want two guys with two guns getting near kid and mom. he bravely is trying to force the door shut despite guys waving guns in his face and they shoot him in the head. then they turn their attention to the driver of the bmw who goes running for his life down the street and they shoot him in the leg before running away with nothing. >> the caretaker was helping the 36 year-old who was in the wheelchair up the steps and into the front door of his home, that is when two male is
5:38 am
a arrived point of gun, they forced opened the front door, a 36 year-old wheelchair bound victim was struggling to keep the door closed and that is when one of the perpetrators fire at police one shot striking the wheelchair bound victim in the head. >> reporter: homicide over at the hospital hoping to get a better description of these two guys, two guys, in two hood, and as we come back live here we are down here just a few doors away and you can understand how sad lives people have to live even outside in this heat that they are outside on the front porch see kid toys, game monopoly and almost in the prison cell out here in your own front porch bars head to toe and you can understand why after this story here. >> life changed in a matter of moments there steve keeley this morning. >> 5:38. pennsylvania state police forensic investigators are searching home of the chester
5:39 am
county wife, mother missing since april. sky fox over her home yesterday on hedgegrow lane in malvern, as investigators brought out bags, and container of the evidence. four three-year old ana lived there with her husband and new four year-old son. investigators say she was last seen by her husband april 10th before she left for work in west chester. her car was found may fifth at a walking trail in the area. members of the group called finding ana are closely following this case. >> if you hear anybody talk about ana she was the kindes, sweet woes man always smiling. >> somebody need to care, we need to be her voice. >> state police would not comment on what they are looking for or what they brought out from that house. one hundred years old and she for the for her country and even her right to play golf, quite a ride, this amazing woman's story coming up in just a moment, it is a
5:40 am
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phillies back in action against milwaukee brewers and they are seeing aaron nola trying to kept momentum alive. to the brewers, playing pirates, tied at two, jack harrison with the single to right. run comes in. he advances to second and pirates take the lead. they went on to win four-two.
5:43 am
brewers have who their last five games. to the open championship, how would you like to start off like this first hole, charlie hoffman from the rough , and look at that, perfect shot, that is an eagle , hoffman ended up at three under, two shots behind the leader. to the flyers noland patrick missed another day of skate because of face infection. i never even heard of that before. flyers have in the release mid details about the injury. this comes after he missed developmental camp because of, recovering from sports hernia surgery. that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
welcome back at 5:46. stories like this next one are decade in the making. more like a century month. man we will introduce to you is 100 years old, she served her country, played a whole lot of golf along the way and she's more than happy to talk about her amazing life's journal which our fox 29 photo journalist bill rohr. >> am i looking at you right now, which would you prefer? allison house or as she likes to be called nor business to give you a history lesson 100 years in the making. >> january 25th, 1943. >> reporter: that is day nor walked in the asbury park, new jersey recruiting office and signed up for the armored. >> we came from england when
5:47 am
my dad was out of work after world war one and he told us as growing children don't you ever forget whatever you have you owe to this country. >> reporter: she felt it was her duty to serve in the military during world war two so nor left her home with 150,000 other woman, served in the woman's army auxiliary core. at a time nor could never imagine would it turn to the career. >> it started out as a private and i ended up as a lt. col., which at that time was as far as you could go. i got all kind of odd and end here. >> reporter: as she looks through pile of photographs, these stories are as crisp as paper they are printed on. >> i was than the afraid to fight city hall if i thought i was right. >> reporter: while nor was in the army, she found love with the game of golf. >> he was a full colonel. >> reporter: senior officer told her golf course on
5:48 am
saturday mornings was only kept opened for men, she took offence, for the battle and was allowed to play too. >> we played nine holes of golf. i never went back. my point was you cannot do this to women. i was in the bee loved by that colonel. >> reporter: nor travel the world and held every job imaginable. >> i also worked under people that i ranked which was very difficult but if you were a woman at the time you just can't do that. you have to be... >> reporter: she retired in 97 with award, accolade and lessons. >> for me it was a way of life once i got in it, i loved the discipline, i loved the challenges. it is a beautiful book. >> reporter: given to her by her bible study group with card, well wishes on her 100th birthday makes the day more
5:49 am
special. >> can't begin to tell you how meaningful it is to me. >> reporter: book of memories. >> lovely gesture. >> reporter: one hundred years in the making. bill rohr, fox 29 news. got to love it. 5:49. good morning, everybody. tgif. here on the schuylkill expressway volume coming out of the south philadelphia heading in toward 30th street station. crews pick up the cones on the schuylkill so they are gone but you have an uneven surface out that way into philadelphia , over weekend. here's a live look at delaware memorial bridge from the new jersey side, friday afternoon, summertime, lot of activity heading down toward the shore. if you are down there watching us down there in the cape may courthouse area, down wires across route nine, southbound block at route 83. so look out there phillies return home for a home stan tonight at 7:05 milwaukee in town so we will see extra volume head income toward stadium area how about it, we will listen to the music, doob
5:50 am
ey brothers in chicago at bb and t pennsylvaniaville john over there in camden that will bring extra volume over ben franklin bridge for the evening rush hour. we have the regatta closing our kelly drive all day tomorrow starting at around 6:00. septa says paoli thorndale line first train out of the gate running with delays. it is national junk food day, eat anything you want in any quantity you want we will go back to being healthy, tomorrow. sue, put down your cheese burger come on lets go we have to dot forecast in 15. it looks like it will be at least a five day heat wave, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday toys day, yesterday high was 96. today we will there been. yesterday's high was 95.
5:51 am
i will to have correct. that we're expecting to be in the 90's through saturday at the very least. we have an excessive heat warning in effect. we have lifted heat advisory for outlying area. it doesn't mean it won't be hot and humid but not enough to quite meet criteria. it will feel like 100 or more in many places today take care of yourself especially the follow thanks bob kelly talks about that work outside, slow down, take plenty of breaks. you think you should do more then you should be doing when it thinks hot and humid, lots of water, dress in summer and stay in the shade if you can. if you don't have air conditioning try to find someplace to go that does, at lee for the war part of the day. 80 degrees in philadelphia 80 in atlantic city. seventy's in other places but here's what it feels like heat index of 84, and it is not even at 6:00 in the morning. almost there. no rain. we had thunderstorms roll through northern part of the viewing area last night and it doesn't look like we will see
5:52 am
too many, if any, pop up today , different story tomorrow over weekend, not a wash out but there is a chance through the afternoon tomorrow , of pop up showers and thunderstorms, a few more during the night and on sunday we will see quite a few cloud and that is where things get tricky on sunday where we may not necessarily make it to 90 degrees, but there is your official heat wave as of yet, day number four, today, five, and then possibility of not making it to 90 on sunday but regardless by middle of the next week heat wave will be broken, thomas. >> how many different ways can you say it is hot? it is hot. >> right. >> sue, thank you. tragic news voice behind hit band lincoln park chester bennington has died. >> ♪
5:53 am
>> bennington was found dead in his l.a. home yesterday of an apparent suicide. tmz reporting that the 41 year-old hanged himself. he battled drugs, alcohol for years, there were also reports that bennington was struggling with recent death of his close friend sound garden front man chris cornell who committed suicide in may. lincoln park was scheduled to go on tour next week. jada pink it smith opening up but her troubled pennsylvania and her connection to dude pack shaker , during a radio interview, she revealed she was dealing drugs which she met tupac, first time, was back first day of high school and then quickly became friend smith said two built a close relationship based on survival >> one of the things that is very interesting that i have never really said before when i first met pack when we first met i was a drug dealer, yes, and then as i was coming out something very bad happened to me as i was coming out of the life, he was going more into
5:54 am
the life... >> smith said she will reveal more details about the relationship in her upcoming book. time right now 5:54. we will be right back with a check of your weather and traffic gannon this very hot steamy morning. lets take a look at the poconos, time for me to retire have a great morning, "good day philadelphia" right back. >>jason: my dad taught me to play the piano
5:55 am
when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today.
5:56 am
5:57 am
is there the sun. live lot platt bridge as we get this friday morning started, it will feel like we're on that sun, sue will have an updated forecast coming up in just a moment here at 5:57. how would you like to travel from new york down to d.c. in 29 minutes, space x ceoe lon musk wants to make it happen. he is looking to build an underground super high speed pod called a hyper loop that would connect new york, philadelphia baltimore and washington d.c. he says he has governmental approval but has not said exactly which agency. happening right here on "good day philadelphia" break ing overnight a disable man shot and killed during an home invasion and his caretaker also shot, a live report when good day continues in two minutes. mom gets breakfast in bed...
5:58 am
you get to do the dishes.
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bring 'em on. dawn ultra has 3 times more grease-cleaning power. a drop of dawn and grease is gone.
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who shoots a man in the wheelchair? shoots him in the head. apparently two guys with two guns and he was not only victim in the home invasion, search on for gunmen right now >> i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> o.j. simpson will soon be a freeman, a parole board grants him his freedom after an emotional plea, what is next for the former nfl


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