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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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who shoots a man in the wheelchair? shoots him in the head. apparently two guys with two guns and he was not only victim in the home invasion, search on for gunmen right now >> i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> o.j. simpson will soon be a freeman, a parole board grants him his freedom after an emotional plea, what is next for the former nfl star.
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[gunfire] >> body cams were rolling moment philadelphia and septa cops opened fire on a armed man on the street why septa's police chief felt this video needed to be seen, by you. and our heat wave, is in today four so how do you beat the heat? it just looks hot? we will test some unusual ways to keep cool. >> if you have any suggestions , let us know. >> yes. >> some tricks. >> maybe stay home. >> yes. >> good day everybody it is friday july 21st, 2017. it is hot. >> how hot is it. >> thank you. >> yes. >> it is so hot that i saw a chicken lay an om let. >> seriously what are unusual ways you stay cool. do you do the ice cube on the wrist. >> i have heard of that. >> or blood circulates in a couple minutes all the way
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around. so keep them coming. use the #fox 29 good day. >> put it on tv. >> you will be able to use these tips too. >> i'm a big fan of the baby powder in the nooks and crann ies, make sure everything stays smooth. >> yeah. >> feels like a 100 or more, excessive heat warning is still in effect until 8:00 o'clock tonight. we have a seven out of 10 today, yes, hard to catch a breath outside so like a lot of people buddy is at the shore. most of the temperatures in the 70's, a few in the 80's and national junk food day so we have all that and bag of chips. we have nothing on radar at the moment. we have a temperature of 80 degrees. sunrise was official at 5:50. it feels like 83 already. seventy-nine in atlantic city. seventy-two allentown. seventy-eight in dover delaware. that is what we have to start. yesterday we made to it 95,
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today about 96 and another scorcher 824 is your sunset time feeling hotter then that but we do see relief in sight in the seven day forecast bob kelly, so excited for temperatures in the 80's again >> we have a cold front coming in 6:03. no problems leaving king of prussia they were working all night on the schuylkill. you'll fine thawn even road surface between conshohocken and belmont and they will be out there all weekend long. let's zoom into south philadelphia where an accident had 26th street. i'm not sure fit opened backup yet. twenty-sixth street heading in to the schuylkill expressway all lanes block for the lah 15 or 10 minutes. would i use i-95 coming off the vine expressway. here's the shot of the sun about to rise up and over neighborhood. it will be hot. this is a live look at boulevard come from the northeast for gang in dance down avenue at bailey road, watch for a crash. if you are heading to or from
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any of the delaware beaches here's a live look at bell wear memorial bridge. for the gang down the shore cape may courthouse route nine blocked with down wires at route 83. otherwise mass transit looking good, mike and alex, back to you. how low can you go a man coin are confined to the wheelchair shot dead in the head in the cities toy yoga section. >> his caretaker shot trying to protect him and his family. so police are looking for two gunman. >> um-hmm. >> steve keeley on the scene at north gratz street with more. >> reporter: of course we all remember last week nation and all philadelphia was gripped by the murders of those four young men. that got a lot of attention. you have to wonder where is the attention because since then, we have had triple the number of people killed here in the city of philadelphia and it just keeps getting worse because it was so many young woman, innocent woman, who may be broke up with boyfriends or just raining place, raining time in a
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pickup truck with dark windows and killers thought they were men in there. who knows. but violence is getting out offhanded. today we have a man who was shot when he was 21 years old when he was in the car, paralyzed, comes home, just before midnight, he is in his wheelchair. they are backing his wheelchair up the steps as we go to the video in the dark. fifty-one year-old man drove him home in the bmw. maybe bmw, very nice, clean, shiny car in the middle of the night attract the attention of two guys walking around with the gun looking for random robbery victims, who knows. but this guy in the wheelchair 36 years old, tries to shut the door on them before they get in the house, why? because in the house, there is four kids and 61 year-old mother. kids know him as jamal thompson and he is a good uncle because he kept these two gunman from getting anywhere near the kid and we're talking two, seven year-old twins, four year-old,
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15 year-old and 61 year-old innocent woman inside and he kept them from getting in but that is why he got shot in the head and killed because they were frustrated they could not get in the house. then they turned their attention to the bmw driver. he does not get back in his car. he dry toys runaway. they shoot him in the leg as they runaway they getaway with nothing. they kill a guy in the wheelchair. how bad is violence getting in philadelphia, alex and mike. >> wow, unreal. god. 6:06. o.j. simpson will soon be a freeman in nevada parole board unanimously granting simpson early release from prison. seventy year-old had served nine years of his nine to three three-year prison sentence for 2007 armed robbery, kidnapping in las vegas. he went before the four member parole board via video link yesterday. simpson said he has been a model prisoner and enrolled in the conflict resolution program and even starting a baptist prayer group. he accepted his role in the robbery. simpson now just wants to move on, be with his family and
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stay out of trouble. >> i always thought i was good with people. i basically spent a conflict free life. >> simpson is set for relief in october. he asked for permission to re electricity to florida to be with his family and other children. a request that the board granted b thaw could still be reject by officialness florida they have up to 45 days to make a final decision. 6:07. it doesn't look like we will get a break from the scorching temperatures this weekend. >> nope. that means you'll need to take extra precaution if you are spending anytime outside. jenny joyce is outside right now, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. i have to be on dose see my hair blowing or my blouse blowing a bit? >> no, okay. is there a little bit of breeze out there. >> yes. >> sunnies coming up later today it will be extremely uncomfortable once those temperatures rise to the upper
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90's. we are watching get their morning work outness here along kelly drive but because it has been so hot the city issued a heat healthy mergecy which means heat hot line is up and running and so are cooling centers. heat wave expected to last through tomorrow but we will not see a nice cool down until sometime next week so people who do work out doors are advised to do it early even before the sun and then the heat peak in the afternoon. one woman says that she thrives in this heat she's out every morning, rowing along the river a lot of people who come to kelly drive each morning they are used to it. it is summertime. we will be careful. this is what we like to do we like to come, work out. staying hydrated is hugely important on a day like today and if you or anyone you know need assistance you can call that heat hot line that phone number is 25157659040. mike and alex. we will check back all
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morning long. tragedy that didn't have to happen, police chief in minneapolis speaking out for first time after shooting death of that woman, that woman called 911 for help. the changes the police chief is vowing make. plus days after president trump called out the attorney general, jeff sessions is making a stop right here in philadelphia. we will tell you when. blank
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do you want to see what it is like to be a cop, septa police released this chaotic body cam video after officers opened fire on a armed suspect in kensington. >> philadelphia and septa police are conducting an internal investigation. hand down [gunfire] >> shooting happened at 400 block ofe somerset street. jose jose soto point aid gun at responding officers, seven of them opened fire on him, police say they were called to the neighborhood after a report that soto had shot his 48 year-old wife in a home nearby. septa chief tom nestel decided to release the video in an effort to be transparent. >> i think that we have to provide that video for the public. it should be a public program in the a private investigative tool.
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>> suspect jose soto is in stable condition and facing a laundry list of charges. police will not say how many shots were fired by officers. >> just a lot. 6:12. attorney general jeff sessions head to philadelphia today just days after being called out by the president and what he is expected to address in his visit in center sit. >> main he will do that here in fail today. warning for coffee drinkers. hey fellows listen to this one brandish ewing a recall why it could be giving some men the wrong kind of boost in the morning.
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because we've got fun for everyone in the family. adventure-seekers -- check. magi-questers -- yep. never-grow-olders -- double check. the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in. sky fox is on its way to the brush fire at wharton state park but on the way they are providing that beautiful sunrise. >> thinks indication of just how hot it will be, sunnies in full force. >> well in the 90's again kid, for the fourth day in a row, weekend will be hot. >> you will feel it. >> 6:15. a powerful earthquake on the greek island of cos kills two people and injures 200 others. two men on vacation from turkey and sweden died in the collapse of a tourist bar, and
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the quake measured 6.5. it damaged churches and castle and older buildings in the town. experts say seismic activity is common in this area of the greek island. >> wow. 6:16. is what the temperature now. >> well, heat index, that is probably more significant is already in the lower 80's. >> wow. >> only 6:15 in the morning. it is a beautiful sunrise in wilmington delaware. you can see the haze, settling in, this is sort of the accumulative thing now that we're in the fourth day of this heat wave, of how uncomfortable it is going to continue to feel. so with highs in the mid to upper 90's and feels like temperature in triple digits in someplaces, it will at lee feel a few degrees hotter then it is and mid 90's is quite hot enough, thank you very much and then add in in ozone air quality alert. you can see the air and see pollution in the city in the air in some cases. lets go down the shore rip
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current risk is low today, it will be about 90 degrees, still hot tomorrow but not quite as hot, very high uv index of 10 and ocean water temperature is 75 degrees. doesn't that sound refreshing. eighty in philadelphia. that is actual temperature. seventy-seven in wilmington. seventy-eight in dover. 64 degrees in mount pocono. this is what it feels like 83 in the city and the same the atlantic city international you are cool spot, refreshing spot, definitely, the pocono mountains. so nothing on radar to show you, lets see how long this will last. definitely today and tomorrow, probably on sunday we will reach 90 degrees and then monday on monday as well so we could break heat wave as early as sunday as late as monday by middle of the neck week in the middle of the 80's with relief on the heat is on the way. just a couple more days of this bob kelly, hang in there. >> get the pool ready to go again today. 6:17. we have a couple accidents this morning latest one right here on the schuylkill
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expressway, coming into girard on the eastbound side and outside this fellow here was facing the opposite direction in the eastbound side right here near girard avenue not a good way to start your work end off. but they push him off to the shoulder, traffic backup from city line on in. here we are seeing another bridge opening underway, captain steuben here that same barge that comes up but four times this week i guess. why doesn't he just stay there he comes all the way north and then go back home, they are dredging. >> they are dredging. >> yeah. >> so, if he doesn't make a coffee stop at wissonoming yacht club we should have a bridge opening around 6:20, is there the alternate right there the old betsy ross bridge there in the neighborhood. watching us down the shore hello cape may courthouse route nine, blocked because of some down wires maybe a
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thunder boomer rolling through there last night. head together shore today remember crunch time, begins between 12:00 and 21 of the back road like 55, looking good this morning, and then keep in mind it is national junk food day you can eat anything you want as much as you want, doughnuts, fried chicken for everybody today. mike and alex, back to you. 6:19. fatal police shooting, of that woman up in minneapolis, who was dressed in her pj's, well, police chief says it didn't have to happen. >> that is message from the chief but she spoke publicly for the first time, about the shootings since it happened almost a week ago. the 40 year-old justine diamond called 911 to record a possible assault in her home, as she approached a patrol car an officer in the passenger seat shot her. that officer is not speaking with investigators but other
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office inert squad car says he was startled. police chief ace pol guying. >> on their squad cars you will fine the word to protect with courage and serve with compassion. >> this did not happen. >> i don't know how you can be ambushed by a laid any her pajamas who called police. >> focus of the investigation is on the officer's field training and why his body cameras was not turned on. philadelphia is getting a vice it this morning from the nation's top law enforcement officer. >> attorney general jeff sessions is in town meeting with officers from across pennsylvania. >> yes, the ag will speak with local police along with state, federal officers, about combating violent crime, today 's event comes on the homes of the new crime report that shows murders are up 20 percent in our city. sessions will also talk about sanctuary cities which philadelphia has been one since 2014.
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but a lot of people think he will resign after being ripped by the president, who put him in that position. he was within of the first people to support donald trump during his campaign. we will see what happens. fueling the frenzy the tweet from lebron james himself that has sixers fans thinking could the king becoming to philadelphia? >> here we go
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phillies back in action against milwaukee bruiser. aaron know lays trying to keep momentum alive. to the mets/cardinals bottom of the international tied at two jose reyes at the plate, rock tote first base, but he beats out the throw. that should have been a routine play, look at this he puts on the speed and that is the ballgame. mets win off of that play, three-two. to the open championship first round on the 14th hole, look at this long birdie putt, perfect by jordan spieth. he shot a 65, five under on the day, currently tied for the lead with two others, no
6:25 am
one has separated themselves in the first round. to the flyers noland patrick missed another day to skate because of a face infection. i never heard of that before. flyers haven't released details about the injury. this comes after he miss developmental camp because he was recovering from sports hernia surgery. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> sound intense. >> well, i had a face infection for 35 years but is what a face infection. doctor mike is coming in. he is a big hobby fan. my face is infected. is lebron james coming to the sixers, seriously. >> he tweeted something yesterday and people are all excited again. lebron and ben simmons they are friend. lebron gave him a birthday shout out. he said happy birthday to my l ilbro, ben simmons. that bye 21. lets have a shirley tell with many a twist. i know joel embiid loves
6:26 am
shirley temples. simmons responded i appreciate it, bro. that is all it was. now people are freaking out. lebron loves to hang out. there is a picture they posted maybe he will come to philadelphia. >> do we have that kind of money? >> yes. >> are we off here, just because he said,. >> yeah. >> ben simmons last week tweet ed emoji eyes, looking eyes at lebron like hey, inside joke, yes. >> sixers haven't said anything bit and i don't know, wouldn't we have to give autopsy lot, sue. >> can we afford lebron. >> most of the tweets i'm getting when will you get rid of the heat f i could, i would we have another day of the excessive heat warning but is there a end in sight. we will give you today's numbers under blazing sun coming up.
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don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a caretaker also shot. we will tell but ongoing hunt for the gun man. >> i am no danger to pull a gun on anybody. i never have in my life. nobody has ever accused me of holding any weapon on them. i have done my time. >> well... it is t time for
6:30 am
o.j. simpson. will he end up in florida. o.j. granted parole. is what next for mr. simpson once released from prison? october. a warning for coffee drinkers one brandish ewing a recall, why it could be giving some men the wrong kind of boost in the morning. wow. >> i know that coffee gets me up in the morning, that is for sure. >> um-hmm. >> you do drink a lot of coffee. >> i certainly do. >> good day, it is friday, july 21st, 2017. heat wave continues. you know, it is, really hot. >> how hot is it? >> i put bread in my pants this morning and now i have toasty don't want to see your buns. >> wow. >> okay. >> nice. >> that brain is cooking. literalry. >> it is fried. >> so are there weird ways thaw keep cool? use the #fox 29 good day.
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>> okay. >> we can see them. we will test them out. don't send anything too crazy, because sue i don't know if we will do it. >> well, we were talking about yesterday how back in the day before everybody had air conditining they used to go to the park with the blanket and pillow and just sleep outside hoping for a breeze. we will take every breeze we can get to day because it will feel like 100 or more. excessive heat warning continues. junk food day bag of chips for bus stop buddy but don't forget large size water bottle filled with ice water, sultry start to the day, 70's and 80 's this morning but nothing on radar, so current temperature is 80, feels like 83, and other temperatures, 70 pottstown. sixty-four, that looks refreshing in mount pocono but atlantic city international has 79 degrees. we have a high today of 96, day number four of our heat wave, how many will we rack up
6:32 am
we will let you know in the seven day forecast just ahead bob kelly. >> rack them up, good morning everybody. 6:32 exactly on a friday morning slow go on the schuylkill expressway, we have a disable on the platt bridge zooming in. it is platt bridge, this fellow not having a good start on the trip to the airport here. we have him off to the shoulder and got a tow truck to take him to the local garage. we have a bridge opening, tacony palmyra that looks stuck. ship just passed underneath here so hopefully in the next five or 10 minutes we will get it back down and get back into business. betsy ross is your best bet heading outside the front door this kind of shot says it all, live lot boulevard. you can just imagine heat from the sun here as it begins to rise over northeast philadelphia 80 degrees already on a friday morning. if you are watching us down the shore or heading there no problems here live look at ocean city new jersey, garden state parkway, toll plaza looking good, maybe to or from the poconos this weekend live look at the northeast
6:33 am
extension just outside allentown, mass transit so far so good, mike and alex, back to you. >> i said how low can you go? a disable man in the wheelchair is shot dead during a home invasion in tie ohio. his caretaker also shot in the hospital. police are now searching for gunman behind this. steve keeley is on the scene, with more and what happened, steve. >> reporter: jamal thompson was 36. the way he ended up living in the wheelchair this is second time he was shot. he was shot before and paralyzed at age 21. on the street you see reserved parking for handicap and you see signs that say watch children. jamal lived were four young children. that is why they called him uncle mal and they were from 15 down to four years old and uncle mal did something spectacular for these kid because despite being in the wheelchair when he came home with his friend in a bmw and
6:34 am
that is probably may have attracted two guys with guns just out at midnight looking for some random robbery targets. these guys are trying to get wheelchair up five steps and in the house. as they get jamal at his front door as he is just trying to get through front door that is when these guys pulled guns on him and jamal struggles, with these two guys because they are trying to get in his house and he is trying to shut the door and they shoot him point blank and kill him. you will understand from inspector scott small what was going through his head, he was trying to protect the kid. >> upstairs at the time where he lives were family members. there was a 61 year-old female and there were four other juveniles age 15, two, year-old twins and four years old they were all upstairs at the time. they heard commotion, shooting but they were upstairs in the bedroom and did not see anything they were able to
6:35 am
provide with us some information. fortunately none of the residents of that property were injured in anyway. >> reporter: they probably can thank paralyzed jamal thompson for that because these guys never got in the house, and gave his life up, keeping home out of the house. then these guys turned their attention to the bmw driver running down the street away from his car just trying to get away from it all and they start firing at him and they hit him in the leg. so homicide talking to him at the hospital now hoping to get a better description then vague one, just two dwight with two caliber guns wearing hooded sweat shirts 98 degrees and they have hooded sweat shirts on. >> a man in the wheelchair. >> what a way to end the week. >> think of the family too. 6:35. two more victims, confessed killer cosmo dinardo will be memorialized, funeral services for 19 year-old jimmy tar patrick will be held today in
6:36 am
newtown. private mass at church of the saint andrew and that will happen at 1:00. memorial services for 19 year-old dean finocchiaro will be held tomorrow in levittown, he will be remembered at the doherty funeral home from noon to four. an emotional good bye for another would be of the victims in bensalem last night where family and friends gathered for a memorial for 22-year old victim mark sturgis. meanwhile investigators have been digging again to look for clues in the murders. police were back on cosmo dinardo's family farm in solebury township yesterday exactly one week after dinardo confessed to killing the four men. authorities say that there they are to make sure that they find every possible piece of evidence. bucks county district attorney matthew weintraub says the property will soon have to be return to the dinardo family.
6:37 am
6:37. police released shocking video capturing moment woman steals a taxi cab, we told but this yesterday, and as this driver was trying to help her inside the store when she stole this taxi cab. >> take a look at the video here just pennsylvania midnight when freedom can driver pick up the six five-year old, betty davis thomas in germantown. you can see two stopping the gas station, driver helping her out. woman then jumps behind the wheel and drives off. >> that makes you think twice about wanting to be a good samaritan. >> it is a legitimate company and they have cabs out here all the time i wouldn't think twice bit. >> if she happened to drive by the 25th district police station. so they pulled her over, cops pulled her over. she had passengers in the back seat, she stole it and stopped to pick up a fair. >> look at that. >> my goodness. >> does she get to keep money
6:38 am
from the farey don't know. >> khaki cabdriver. >> i don't know. >> oh, man 6:37. it doesn't look like we will get a break from the scorching temperatures this weekend so get ready we are still going with this heat wave that means you'll need to take extra precautions if you are spending anytime outside and jenny's spending at lee five or six hours outside, straight good morning, i think i'm doing it right. i'm following rules because i'm standing under a free, standing in the shade despite the sun coming up this morning 97 degrees, that is what our sue serio says. we love her but we dent like. that people here along kelly drive are getting their work out in before the heat kicks in this afternoon and because we are in a heat wave city issued a heat healthy mergecy which means it is up and running. so are cooling centers. heat wave is expect to last through tomorrow but we went actually see a nice cool down until sometime next week. people who do like to work out
6:39 am
, outdoors you are advised to do it early before had sun and heat peak in the afternoon one woman said that she thrives in the heat she's out every single morning row in the river. >> it doesn't bother you. >> no, i'm an orchid i bloom in the heat. >> what are you doing. >> rowing my single boat, every single day and i row more than a thousand miles in my single every year. >> reporter: you ever come out in the afternoon. >> i was out yesterday at 96. >> reporter: how did that feel >> hot. >> reporter: so that was a little hot. >> yes, it was a little hot but i'm back again today. i drink a lot of water and maybe i'll douse myself in cold water from the hose when i get back in. >> reporter: you didn't jump in the water. >> no. >> reporter: heat didn't keep people from enjoying an evening out on doors last night, mayfair night market had a great crowd, water ice
6:40 am
sales were up and people made sure to drink lots of water, and lots of gator aid. back here live, we were talking all morning long about creative ways to stay cool. so you know what i have heard i heard pepper mint oil gays trick. maybe you can try that out and see. so pepper mint oil they say can cool down your body. >> yes. >> put some behind your ears or your neck, get some call j es kline and get pepper mind oil and see fit works. you will be begin guinea pigs. >> we have it right herey carry pepper mint oil with me. >> i do woman that carry pepper mint oil with them at all times wow, yeah. >> it opens up your senses. >> ivoried about this. it has to be just a drop because this can irritate your skin. but i know people that use it to calm down too pepper mint
6:41 am
oil. >> you need more. >> what? >> it smells great. >> that is fantastic. >> do we feel cooler, do you feel cooler. >> i feel cool. >> cooling sensation. >> it smells great, it is calming i think. >> energizing too. >> and cool you down. >> well, whatever you do let us know do you put ice in your shirt or whatever, i don't know. here we go again, folks, another rock star has died. lincoln park front manchester bennington found dead by suicide: the erie connection between his death and another famous rockers death earlier this year.
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6:44 am
one of the trains will be two car shorts, overcrowding, situations, developing here on the warminster line, the trenton line, also running with the train as delayed out of the gate. southbound i-95, delays through construction zones, delays on the schuylkill expressway eastbound from an earlier accident at girard avenue, we will zoom into a crash in conshohocken, elm and
6:45 am
walnut police on the scene, out to malvern we will go, live look at 202 ramps, well, from 202 to the 30 bypass, and right there that whole interchange where they are also doing construction. you can see accident right behind the tree line there keep that in mind heading out front door through frazier rowing your boat, tomorrow kelly drive will shut down as we welcome philadelphia youth regatta to town. all that extra volume pushed on to the schuylkill expressway, of course and they have been doing construction not only on the vine but good news/bad news here 22nd ramps will reopen today, and that is good news for gang from the parkway, gain access to the vine expressway and schuylkill but then on the flip side, they will close one of the lanes on the off ramps so 22nd street ramps we will see new development there and we are back in business tacony palmyra moving again after that earlier opening.
6:46 am
how who it will it get? sue has the answer in 15. here's ocean city new jersey looking fantastic this morning. fantastically hazy. i don't see a lot of people on the boardwalk just yet but give them time. it is not only a prime time for vacations but folks are heading down for a long weekend undoubted at the shore , why? because of this. the extended heat warning until 8:00. it has been on since yesterday we have never lifted it but we don't get relief at night when we have had day after day after day of excessive heat and humidity and philadelphia corporation for aging heat line is (215)765-9040. they can let you know some great ideas to keep you cool
6:47 am
because there is an air quality alert in effect in addition to the excessive heat warning. 80 degrees in philadelphia but feels like 83, already we will get to 96 today, feels even hotter, 92 tomorrow, close to 90 on sunday, and that could be the end of the heat wave if we don't make it, but it will be hot and humid, good chance of thunderstorms both days of the weekend by middle of the next week we will be back in the 80's and i got to tell you guys alyss an hour intern just told me in her uber she heard 101.1 more fm and she heard our forecast on the radio in addition to tv. we're multi media now. >> double time you are every where. >> yes, so excited. back to you. >> interesting news cover, it is tee time, o.j. simpson likes to play a lot of golf. he may be playing some golf in
6:48 am
florida when he is set free, after almost nine years in nevada. what is release date early october. >> yep, it could be but that is scheduled time. nevada parole board they unanimously, granted simpson early release from prison. here's the moment when it happened. >> fine the defendant o.j. simpson not guilty of the crime of murder in violation of pennal code 187a a felony upon the nicole brown simpson a human being as charged in count one of the information. >> thank you. >> we went back to the 90's, for the crowd, nicole brown simpson murder trial and ron goldman and then we went to yesterday. >> paroled for a different crime, thomas drayton what else did we learn yesterday? it will be real interesting to see how many people watched
6:49 am
that yesterday. >> an estimated 150 million back in 1995 for the verdict can you believe that. >> i thought it was more than a million watched it yesterday with you maybe they don't necessity details. >> numbers are not out but millions of people watched. i could not get my family away from watching verdict. it was first time he was up for parole. he is serving or has served nine of his three three-year prison sentence for that 20 on seven armed robbery and kidnapping in vegas. he told the parole board look i'm a change man. >> i'm no danger to pull a gun on anybody. i never have in my life. i have never been accused of tonight my life. nobody has's accused me of pulling any weapon on them. >> simpson mentioning his children... >> simpson said he is a model prisoner enrolling in conflict resolution programs even starting a baptist prayer group. he accepted his role in the robbery and trauma he infringed on one of the victims. one of them testified that he is gay man.
6:50 am
nicole brown's sister, simpson 's sister however, tanya brown, isn't buying it. >> bringing up a whole bunch of anxiety because yeah, forgive me, stumbling, i'm nervous, i witnessed something when he was on he got really angry and empathetic. it had me really worried. >> that was tanya brown she does not go by simpson anymore he just wants to move on be with his family, stay out of trouble and set to be released when he will have served his full nine years, nine of the 33 years. he asked for permission to relocate to florida. that was his prior home. he want to be near his family. that was a request approved by nevada board however, as you know, florida officials still need to approve that request. it will take 45 days for a final decision. >> he almost made a joke yesterday i know you don't want me here anymore.
6:51 am
>> board laughed. >> board said in comment. >> certainly interesting, i was definitely watching as well. >> wow. >> thanks, thomas. >> listen to this. >> ♪ >> chester bennington voice behind hit band lincoln park has died. >> his death is being investigated as a suicide, as some similarities between the death of fellow rocker and close friend, chris cornell, and so bennington was found dead in his home in los angeles yesterday. the 41 year-old hanged himself bennington battled drugs and alcohol over the years. he was quite opened about that there are reports that bennington was struggling with the death of his close friend and sound garden front man chris cornell who died by
6:52 am
suicide, in may. he had a strong bond with cornell and died on what would have been the sound garden singer's 53rd birthday. my goodness. lincoln park was scheduled to go out on tour. >> yeah, next week. >> ban tweeted out this image of the bennington, you see him out in the crowd and other lights up. >> my goodness. >> one of the ban members wrote this shocked, heart broken but it is true, official statement will come out as soon as we have one. >> so many people were shocked to hear about this yesterday. >> especially when you have children, he had six kid with two different woman. chris's 53rd birthday. 6:52. we have to take a break. this summer
6:53 am
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by visiting our website you ever hear of best herbs coffee? well, it is being recalled after f.d.a. analysis discovered presence of the chemical, in the drink that is also an active ingredient in viagra. well, the product is marketed as a male sexual enhancement supplement. the f.d.a. noticed it says, it
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has potential to lower blood pressure to dangerous levels if you drink too much of the coffee. coffee with viagra in it. that will get you up in the morning. >> that is called a morning perk. >> yes. >> oh, really. >> weekend is coming. >> wow, you would need it. >> what? >> what, i'll need two cups. >> if i'm still drinking coffee after four hours, call a doctor. >> yes. >> put him in the ambulance. >> i will call everybody i know, it is still around after four hours or make a film. 6:56. >> lets talk about the heat, okay because we're still in the heat wave, expected to last, through the weekend, so jenny, you are giving us some tips and letting us know what we should be doing.
6:57 am
>> my number one tip is if you can get down here by water, come to the water, get to the pool, go to the city spray ground at some point today because 96 degrees is just too hot to do anything else outside we will be right back.
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this time victim is in the a man in the wheelchair and his caretaker also shot. we are giving you details of the hunt for gunman. another rock star gone too soon. >> ♪ >> linkin park front manchester bennington a father of six, found dead of the apparent suicide, erie connection between his death and another famous rocker's death earlier this year. the juice will soon be on the loose, once again. >> i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> o.j. simpson convinces a nevada parole board he is fit to be a freeman. >> i basically have spent a conflict free life. >> but not over yet what still has to happen before


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