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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 21, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this time victim is in the a man in the wheelchair and his caretaker also shot. we are giving you details of the hunt for gunman. another rock star gone too soon. >> ♪ >> linkin park front manchester bennington a father of six, found dead of the apparent suicide, erie connection between his death and another famous rocker's death earlier this year. the juice will soon be on the loose, once again. >> i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> o.j. simpson convinces a nevada parole board he is fit to be a freeman. >> i basically have spent a conflict free life. >> but not over yet what still has to happen before he walks
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out of prison. heat is on again our longest heat wave of the year drags into its fourth day, so how do you stay cool? forget pool or water park we will test out some more unusual ways to beat the heat. good day it is friday, july 21st, 4th day of the heat wave so why would we have extra wraps on. >> are you okay. >> i will tell you why, we have put these sheets, in a freezer, up on the second floor for about two hours. >> they are cold. >> they are cold. >> that was within of the tips we red, we googled this unusual ways to keep cool, people put their sheets in the freezer and put them on their bed. >> i brought mine from home. where did you get yours. >> i brought this from my home >> you have purple sheets. >> yes purple is my favorite color.
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>> yes. they are winter sheets they are flannel. >> it looks like a fleet blanket. >> yes. >> what is all over here. >> you know we're in a heat wave, you brought flannel. >> so i brought my flannel sheets. not working as well as cotton sheets. >> definitely chilly. >> cotton's cold. >> you have unusual ways you will keep cool let us necessity using the #fox 29 good day. >> meantime, excessive heat warning is still in effect. it was never lifted overnight. >> oh. >> it has been n effect since yesterday. i a seven out of 10, and yeah, here we go, it will feel like 100 or more in someplace is today. you the warning is for urban areas, sultry start with bus stop buddy at the shore, dogs, probably not supposed to be on the beach but oh, well 70's and 80's on national junk foot day, no rain on the radar, 80 degrees but feels like 83
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and 79 in wilmington and atlantic city. sixty-seven in mount pocono. we were a sweltering 95 yesterday and today an equally sweltering 96. another scorcher. it will be hot. ninety-one by lunchtime bob kelly so here we go again. >> you know yesterday i picked up austin from school early and took him to lunch and we went to the exton mall. it was packed. folks said when it is hot, they get a lot of walkers, folks come out, they had folks from some of the, you know, rest homes i was going to say nursing homes, senior center, walking around, so there is an idea. go shopping. 7:03. slow go on i-95, schuylkill expressway, an accident on the westbound side of the vine street expressway. westbound approaching the schuylkill expressway. also another accident west on the schuylkill involving a tractor trailer, right here at the city avenue off ramps so
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that is causing a bottleneck for everybody leaving town trying to get out pacitti, a hot mess to begin with without the accident so extra time needed there. warminster regional rails, one of the trains two cars short so expect overcrowding and backup traffic on the stations there. trenton regional rail line first train out of the gate running with the delay. an accident in chester county this is 202 south right at the off ramp for route 30, behind the trees there and as we pull out we have a regatta coming into town. kelly drive closed, they will be out there today, boats will be arriving, setting the tents up there along the drive, mike and alex, back over to you. so who would shoot a guy in the wheelchair? they shot him in the head. this is in the tioga section of the city. >> not only a man in the wheelchair but his caretaker shot trying to protect him and his family and police are looking for two gunman. steve keeley is at the scene
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on north gratz street with more. >> reporter: this just shows how little anybody values life you don't feel bad that the guy is paralyzed and shoot him point blank in the head. here's front door. notice next tooth door bell and above handle of the white storm door all that black stuff there is fingerprint dust, the reason homicide was hoping for fingerprints on that door is that these two guys trying to get in the house, were trying to force it open while this guy jamal thompson 36 year-old who was shot before earlier in life 15 years ago at just 21 and that is how he ended up in the wheelchair paralyzed from a previous shooting he was trying to keep them out and force the door shut. he just came home and got help up these steps. look at our video now. notice nighttime shots of the house first of all but out front of the house with the emergency flashers you will see the car behind inspector scott small a very nice bmw. he was coming home with that
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51 year-old man. they were in a nice flashy bmw shiny, clean, car. maybe that is what attracted these two guys walking here on gratz street right along the railroad track here saw and then maybe saw as potential robbery victims. >> thirty-six year-old victim shot and killed who was wheelchair bound. he just returned home. the 51 year-old male who was shot in the leg is the caretaker of the homicide victim, they just returned home, the caretaker was helping the 36 year-old who was in the wheelchair up the steps and into the front door of his home and that is when two male is a arrived, point of gun, they forced open the front door and the 36 year-old wheelchair bound victim was actually struggle telling try to keep the door closed and that is when one of the perpetrators fired at police one shot striking the
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wheelchair bound victim in the head. he fell off and was subsequently pronounced dead. >> so why was jamal thompson so hard trying to keep them from getting in his house? why they trying to get to something? well the bet on the family's behalf that is they called him uncle mal and why? because inside the house upstairs while these two guys with guns are trying to get in four little kid and a 61 year-old. the 61 year-old mother is in there and 15 year-old, two, seven year-old twins and a four year-old and uncle mal did his best to save them from being woken up by gunman or even worse. so they will remember uncle m al fondly perhaps saving them , from a nightmare of who knows what would have happened had they got in the house around those kid. they don't have a description of the people that killed him and hopefully get more help from the bmw owner getting treated for leg gunshot at the
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hospital, guys. >> caretaker, wow. >> all right, steve. 7:08. o.j. simpson as you know granted parole after serving nine years in prison in nevada nevada parole board needed four votes, four board members , all four had to vote yes for his early release. iain page has more mr. simpson i do vote to grant parole, when eligible. >> simpson's expression says it all. >> thank you. >> after nearly nine years in prison the former nfl star was granted parole for his role in the robbery in las vegas. >> and behalf you are currently most recently turn 90 years old. i'm sorry about that, 70. >> you look great for 90. >> parole board member asking the fallen celebrity if he was humble. >> are you humled by this incarceration. >> yes, for sure i wish it would have never happened. >> i'm no danger to pull a gun
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on anybody. i never have in my life. i have never been accused of tonight my life. nobody has accuse meade of pulling any weapon on them. i have done my time. i have done it as well and as respectfully as i think anybody can. >> reporter: his daughter became emotional giving her testimony sometimes stopping to shake her head. >> on behalf of my family my brother, my sister, aunt, uncle, his friend we just want him to come home. >> during the hearing simpson was assured by victim of the crime that the former football star has arrived waiting for him when he gets out. >> if he called me tomorrow and says bruce, i'm getting out will you pick me up, juice i'll be here tomorrow. >> o.j. simpson in the blue button down shirt and white t-shirt, overcome, with emotion. >> nine years away from your family is just not worth it.
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i'm sorry. >> he will be released in october. it is expected he will move to florida with his children. so lets see how different newspaper around the country handled this. the philadelphia daily news they say it is tee time, he likes to play golf. if he goes back to florida he can play golf every day i guess. >> if florida grants that nevada has approved it but florida also has to do it. >> new york post, geese. >> bolt your doors, hide your wife's and your memorabilia too. >> daily news out of new york, butchering the truth, um-hmm. >> u.s.a. today, national paper, o.j. still makes us watch, and wonder. >> interesting. >> washington post. >> simpson granted parole will be released in the fall. >> very straightforward. >> if he does go to florida miami herald after being released, o.j. plans a florida
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return. >> i will tell you lost angeles times, they have a favorly subdued head line. >> o.j. simpson given parole after nine years. >> what do you think. >> eleven pennsylvania seven. >> we will write in two attorneys to discuss. so many people were watching yesterday. >> yep. >> they are trying to say what is going on here. parole hearings are different from a trial. they wanted to know the process and hear from an attorney like how do you think this turned out. we will have two attorneys. get their perspective on this to talk about the vote yesterday. >> well, i thought it was weird, i never seen a parole hearing but it seems like they were going back and retrying the case. >> that is exactly what i thought. first 30 minutes he was explaining, it seems like the conviction was raining and talking about how, yeah, it was all over the place. >> yeah. >> so, that was done nine years ago why are they doing it again. these aren't even judges. it is weird. pennsylvania state police
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forensic investigators searched home of the chester county wife and mother missing since april. >> sky fox flew over her home yesterday on hedgerow rain in malvern as investigators brought out bags and containers of evidence. investigators say that four three-year old ana was last seen by her husband on april 10th before she left for work in west chester. her car was found, may fifth at a walking trail in the area state police would not comment on what they were looking for or what brought them back, to the house. at 7:12. let me tell you this philadelphia has a new district attorney and we have made some history here. board of judges elect former city prosecutor kelly hodge, as the interim d.a. she's 45. she will finish off second term of former d.a. seth williams who resigned last movement he is in jail awaiting sentencing for his federal corruption convictions , she's the first
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african-american woman to ever hold this office in the city of pennsylvania. of course, seth williams was first african-american to hold the office has well. >> in the sit of philadelphia in the city of philadelphia. >> yeah. philadelphia is getting a visit from the nation's top law enforcement officer. attorney general jeff sessions will speak with local police along with state, federal officers about combating violent crime. today's event comes on the heels of the new crime report that shows that murders are up 20 percent in the city, and sessions will also talk about sanctuary cities which philadelphia has been since 2014. >> also interesting concerning all of the things that have come out recently with trump and what trump has said about jeff sessions. >> new york times articles and crump just really criticized his choice. he said i would not choose this man again if he knew he was going to recues himself in the russia investigation, wow.
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wow, chester bennington the voice behind the man band linkin park is dead. >> his sudden dead stunned the world yesterday and bears similarities to the death of the fellow rocker chris cornell. >> his friend, chris's birthday yesterday. >> it was his 53rd birthday and tragically he died on cornell's 53rd birthday. he was having such a troubled pennsylvania. chester bennington just 41, he was found in his los angeles home yesterday. he leaves behind six children from two different marriages. a very talented musician. >> ♪ >> we're learning his death is being investigated asiana parent suicide. tmz reporting that the 41 year-old hanged himself.
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he battled drugs and alcohol over the years as mike just mentioned. there are also reports that bennington was struggling with the death of his very close friend sound garden front man chris cornell who died by suicide in may. he had a strong bond with cornell. killed himself on what would have been his 53rd birthday. mike and alex, he was very opened during several interviews. he talked about his pennsylvania, childhood at six or seven years old he was abused for many years, he was bullied in, high school which he had a very difficult time coping with and that led to heavy drug and alcohol abuse over the years. >> he wrote songs about all that. >> his last single back in february was entitled heavy. very telling. >> wow. >> so many fans are upset to hear this. >> 7:15. well, doesn't look like we will get a break from these scorching temperatures. the longest heat wave we have had this year. >> yes, inn deed it is.
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this is difficult. reporters go to school and learn how to do broadcast journalism. i think this is within of the toughest assignments. you have to figure out how to tell the story of really cold or really hot. so you normally go where people are jogging and sweating, right. >> as we just saw. >> someone jogging and sweating. what did you come up with here , this is not easy. >> reporter: i wish i had an egg to fry or something. >> it is so cliche. >> yes, i know, aren't they all. >> that is like using the roller in the snow, it is all cliche. we do this so many times. it is certainly a challenge. what i will tell you it will be hot later but that will not keep people people away from kelly drive. we will see people running, cycling all day long. that is why people come here. they are used to being on it here in the elements. but because we are in a heat wave city issued a heat healthy mergecy which means heat health line is up and
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running. cooling centers and heat wave expected to last through tomorrow. we will not see a nice cool down until sometime next week. earlier this morning we caught up with two ladies out for a morning walk. they tell us they are committed to exercising at lee three days a week no matter the weather but they wouldn't dare come out here mid afternoon to break a sweat. >> oh, my gosh it is unbearable and especially in the late afternoon and to try to come out here, it is just not a smart way to do it. in the summertime what do you expect. it is hot, humid but it is not stopping us from getting out here and taking our walk and running in the morning. >> it feels like a big blanket is being put on you but as long as, you know, you stay positive, you know, you can get your work out done. >> reporter: right now there is a little bit of the breeze. >> yes, it feels wonderful. >> reporter: but you wouldn't do this in the after noon. >> oh, no, no, i think exercise in heat like this, take it indoors. >> reporter: just going to do a couple quick tips. looking head, it will be 96
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degrees. actually sue serio sent meehan e-mail. i just updated the forecast. no longer 97. it is 96. we should all be thankful. we love sue serio for that right? so, if you are out and about today, obviously you want to stay inside, take lots of breath, if you don't have air conditioning, goat one of the cooling centers. if you have have in issues call that heat hot line (215)765-9040. and also, on >> i'm in a situation, my apartment building has emergency repairs, no electricity from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. that is my nap time. so if anyone has any solution for me how to stay cool for my nap that would be wonderful. >> i do, because i am so old, in my, when i grew up, in the heat of kansas. >> you didn't have air conditioning. >> we did not have air conditioning. so what you do, jenny, is that you take all of the bed
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clothes off of your bed, right , lie on the bed, totally naked, hopefully you have work up a real sweat and then turn a fan on you. yeah. >> um. >> yeah. >> reporter: i can't, i don't have air conditioning. >> she mention that had. >> i also read. >> i'm out of luck. >> i could, i mean i could come over there and low on you orphan you, you know, like a big palm fan. >> she just walked away, that is what you do you just walk away. walk away. >> that is always the safe way walk away from mike. >> i do have air conditioning at my place. >> come on over to my place. >> there will be no kind of pressure, i can't stand any kind of pressure. >> i'll keep that in mind. >> but i do have a lot of
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coffee. >> sue, i think heat is getting to our brain. that will be the excuse. >> jenny, that is not your only choice we have a get room at our house. come on over. if you have phillies tickets for tonight be prepared for long lines at the cold beverage establishments at the ballpark because it will be 92 when the game begins, it is grateful dead tribute knit, they are giving away t-shirts. but look at your weekend at a glance. ninety-six today. ninety-six. so much cooler then 97. ninety-two tomorrow. ninety possibly on sunday and we could break the heat wave on sunday and we could get to a big whooping 89. regardless today is another day of excessive heat. warning in effect until 8:00 o'clock feeling like triple digits out there, pca heat line philadelphia corporation for aging
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(215)765-9040 they have a lot of great advice for folks and they can help you find out if you are suffering excessively from the heat as well. 80 degrees is our current temperature in philadelphia but it feels like the 83. headed to 96. the heat wave doesn't break on sunday eld could be monday and definitely by tuesday. temperatures in the 80's. hopefully staying there for a while. while you are turning on that air conditioning tune to 101.1 more fm did you hear it before , alycia our intern heard us on the radio in her uber on the way in. >> you are on tv, radio, cabs, all over. 7:31. good morning everyone. slow go out of the northeast delays on the schuylkill we have an accident, westbound on that schuylkill expressway. if you are going to and from the delaware beach test day we have sun glare to day as we roll through new castle, wilmington, south on the new jersey turnpike disable tractor trailer near bordentown interchange, and an
7:22 am
accident on the vine expressway, this is westbound, right here, right at ben franklin parkway as awe approach the schuylkill expressway, there is also some new changes coming our way to the ramps at 22nd street ramps to and from the vine street expressway. keep that in mind coming into downtown this weekend. accident west on the schuylkill this is right at sit avenue. look at them out there, it is hot, sitting out on the concrete barrier here of the schuylkill, this is westbound right at city avenue traveling this tractor trailer and we have phillies, chicago and doby brothers at 7:30 under the stars, mike and alex, back to you. people weighing in on twit ter here unusual ways thaw stay cool to beat the heat, using #fox 29 good day. some people do in the do that. >> please use the #and we can get you on tv. >> yes, yes. is that rehoboth?
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>> yes, rehoboth beach. >> i'minging there today. >> that is good idea to stay cool.
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it is hot. >> how hot is it. >> it is so hot my thermometer goes up to you've got to be kidding me. >> ha. ha. ha. >> do that again. >> you sound like woody wood pecker when you laugh. >> i do not. >> it is true rude to chew gum but this is a tip, somebody through in on twitter. gum and drink cold water. >> that is at the same time. >> okay. >> you are chewing that gum, smacking. >> don't swallow gum now. >> wow. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm key hydrated you ever
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feel water in your body, you can feel it running through your body. i just felt it. >> keep drinking because i think you need it. have some more water. >> oh, many feel a while ago pepper mint oil i still feel it. >> wow. >> you will feel it, probably for most of the day. >> tingling. >> it feels good. >> 7:27. keep tips coming. >> yesterday, so many people watched as o.j. simpson convinced parole board he should be a freeman but did they make the right choice? why did they vote yes? our legal experts will weigh in next. >> that should be good. as you probably remember in may. >> i. >> you rode the orient express >> we went through italian alps but did you know mike and alex that josh gadd was there too. >> it is sort of like the same epic mountain greenery. >> hop on the septa.
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>> i have been on the septa. >> yes. >> you are rolling through and it is awesome. >> yes.
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still 80 degrees. feels like 83. after yesterday's sweltering high of 95, today we're expecting 96. it will feel warmer. heat wave day number four will be today. we will see fit extend over weekend coming up in just a few minutes with the seven day forecast bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. 7:31 on a friday end to the workweek. always unusual delays on a friday, right now just backup on i-95 due to construction, schuylkill backup here accident westbound involving this tractor trailer. this is westbound right at city avenue, extra heavy from the boulevard out pennsylvania the scene, septa running with delays on the warminster, one of the trains is two cars short today. we will overcrowding, trenton line, one or two trains with delays, heading down the shore just keep in mind atlantic city expressway to the parkway
7:32 am
only has that within lane. live look at the construction on the parkway. expect delays. if you head to the delaware beach, good to go pack your shade we have sun glare as you roll through wilmington. mr. simpson i do vote to grant parole when eligible and that will conclude this hearing. >> you just heard the moment, when o.j. simpson found out he could be released as early as october 1st after spending nine years in jail for a robbery in a las vegas hotel room, but that was one point to get to that point. it is 75 minutes. so many people were watching. i was watching social media. there was questions about what was supposed to be happen and why they voted yes. we will bring in our attorneys , chaka johnson and fred tecce, good morning to you. >> good morningy want to break down big moments from the parole hearing.
7:33 am
first, i want to start with the first 30 minutes, oj simpson and his property and he tried to set up and explain that he was just trying to get his property back and he got aggressive. >> it has been ruled, legally by the state of california that it was my property and they have given to it me. i had it. >> well, my question was... >> so it is interesting, this is a parole hearing are we supposed to be talking about the trial, fred. >> no, and the problem is, he is wrong it wasn't his property, the property was ultimately return to the victims. parole hearing he would have done better if chaka was representing, i guarantee what he would have done is not get in the argument about that. he made a ton of comments that were not accurate. >> he made it seem that the property was in his possession according to the california court. >> he did and thankfully parole hearing was 75 minutes and not 10 minutes and that came at beginning.
7:34 am
he was allowed to make amend and answer some other questions more to his benefit. toward the end of the hearing there were moments of the laughter, his daughter got a chance to speak, victim which i thought was huge spoke on his behalf. he got away from that initial moment of cringe where he did get aggressive and not his finest moment. >> we will go through those individually. i want to stay in the beginning part. because after they went over the trial and he went in this long part. he warned them this might be a while. lets get to the part where they asked him out of the nine years you have been incarcerated what was most significant part. it was interesting how he turned about learning an alternative to violence. >> the alternative to violence course is i have always been pretty good with people, and i basically spent a conflict free life, you know, i'm not a guy that ever got in the fights on the street and with the public and everybody but
7:35 am
as that is said... >> i do think this was a interesting part. conflict free life. one of the moments people talk about this morning. do you think he spoke with his attorney and his attorney wanted him to say things like this, chaka. >> would i imagine so. at the end of the day his answer was seemed well put together. i don't think it was rehearsed it seemed to have a good amount of sincerity involved. getting paroled you have to remember you are speaking to& member of the parole board who mike said we are not judges and you have to give kudos to the parole process when you are trying to get paroled. when asked what the highlight of your incarceration was to say well, listen i have participated in the programs, offered to me by the jail, by the incarceration system that was a smart move on his behalf >> do you agree. first of all two specific programs that the parole board asked him to take that he didn't take. he had to answer no, i didn't, no i didn't twice. secondly for him he led a
7:36 am
conflict free life is repugnant to me. parole board trying to determine whether this guy should be assimilated back in the society. dozens of times police were called to his house including one time he tried to beat nicole brown simpson with the baseball bat, beside civil jury found he almost decap rated. he should have just said knock nothing. he would have been better off. >> is issue that is not supposed to be brought up because they are only talking about what is surrounding the robbery. >> i agree with that but issue is whether or not this man is prepared to be assimilated back in society. he when he makes a comment that he had a conflict free life when evidence is overwhelming to the contrary then no he is not supposed to go back in the society. >> problem for mr. simpson will be many folks will take the position that fred has taken which is we're going to mortgage everything that you have done, quite frankly over the last seven decade of your life on a few instances and i
7:37 am
do believe that as monday morning quarterback and dissect everything that o.j. simpson said yesterday, we have to keep in context what he was thinking. he is 70 years old. >> i'm with you. >> for the most part he has a led a conflict free life. >> beating a woman with the baseball bat and decap taiting her. it is not what he did. i agree. it is what he said about his pennsylvania that is what he should be tried and quite frankly judged with respect to parole on. not what he did. i agree with that. that is not relevant. when he led a led a conflict free life when evidence is overwhelming to the contrary he is not entitled to parole. >> fred, did you mention this, earlier, there were certain program he was expect to take or at lee parole board seemed to think so. they did ask him when it comes to the alcohol, his problem, they asked him have you taken a course. and this is his response. >> i think i made it clear back then i never had a
7:38 am
alcohol problem. if i took that alcohol course it would have been more for my children in case they ended up having a problem. my kid don't have a problem. i don't think anybody accused me of having a alcohol problem or any kind of substance program. >> i thought this was interesting. this can't be g mentioning to the parole board i didn't dough what we kind of agreed to do. >> right, look, fit was me par roared board told me to run around like a chicken that is what i would do. he was asked to do it. he didn't do it. 98 percent of the other inmate who answered no with that question would have had a problem. 's then to say i don't have an alcohol problem. he never seem to have one but parole board asked him to do it. >> something i do, i agree with fred. >> yes. >> we should mark this moment down. >> but i agree with fred on on that issue, any other inmate given a strict prescription by
7:39 am
parole board and not only doesn't do it but then gives a little bit of a the answer that he gives is sort of full of attitude quite frankly. i think that was not his finest moment. but he had more good moments then he had bad and quite frankly he has done almost a decade that in itself, i will let you get to your next point i know where you are going next. >> they talked about he has taken other programs, he gives advice, to the other inmates. so the attorney and o.j. did go through other programs that he has done but lets move on from o.j. because they did have people speak on his behalf, one being his daughter aren el and things got emotional. >> no one really knows how much we have been through dealing with the last nine years. my siblings and i, and family know that he didn't make the right decision on that day but we know his intentions were
7:40 am
not to go in and to make the wrong decision at the wrong time. >> i mean they were tears, she was talking about he is my best friend, i thought, okay, this is strong here to have her come out here and say those things what do you think , fred. >> when you are a lawyer it is smart move, very emotional testimony, again i find troubling the fact that overwhelming evidence was he instruct these men to bring the gun when they went in the hotel room. other thing that bothers me deeply when murder of his wife took place his children were upstairs this notion that somehow this guy deeply cares about his children. at the end of his life he was a model inmate, but, you know, less is more in this case. i were his lawyer i would have done less with the daughter. >> you are saying not have her speak at all. >> stick to the part about she misses her father, he is 70
7:41 am
years old, twilight of his life but to have her start the contest the evidence like did he in the beginning parties a mistake. that is just my um humble opinion. >> always large in the backdrop is whackly what fred said everyone will constantly think that the verdict was wrong in october of 1995. we have talked about this now for several moments and three or four times it has come up about nicole brown simpson even in the course of this dialogue we are having this morning. that was a proper move, to have his daughter, now maybe not right daughter or maybe she didn't give as emotional testimony as we would have like. i would have like to seen more emotion, and seemed subdued for my taste but i think it was an appropriate decision to have her on there. >> did you want her to fall out, chaka in the beginning she was crying, she could not speak, she had to pause. >> she should get an emmy. >> if her father is not paroled yesterday his next opportunity is at minimum one
7:42 am
year. now if all of the things you say are true and he is in the twilight of his life and those sorts of things, quite frankly would i like to see more emotion. >> really quickly because my producer is saying we have to wrap. one of the victims of the robbery came out, and talked about this, and can you give me one sentence friday and one sentence shock. , no i can't, it is compelling that he did that. it did help him a lot. >> chaka. >> it helped a great deal and that was the thing that got him over the top. >> if you get out tommy will there been to pick you up. >> juice, i will be there to get you, juice. >> they have come to terms over the past nine years and they are good friend. >> if he would have taken 30 months that were offered it wouldn't have been nine years. 7:42. we will take a break.
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we have a look at i-95 northbound, just north of 413. this fire resulted right after an accident, and what looks
7:46 am
like, and it was on the shoulder, car came up behind him, crashed behind him and instantly burst into flames. so we could see fire fighters,& actually came upcoming down opposite side of the roadway. this is a tough stretch, i-95 north, north of route 413, up in the levittown interchange. i'm not sure if there are injuries or whatever. fire fighters just arrived. we had good flames there they have just knocked the flames out but look at delays there i-95 north just north of route 413, up in the left down interchange. here's another camera a closer look here, you can see that is vehicle, that they just extinguished and only left lane, squeezing through. officer came opposite way on i-95 to get in there and knock flames down. using schuylkill expressway over weekend notice something different, sound usual big bumpy ride, they have milled roadway, 3-inch bump as you
7:47 am
change lanes between left and right lane as part of the paving operation to becoming in the city over next couple of days, be ready for delays between 476 and city avenue. some delays on september's a regional rails, warminster, trenton line, heat wave underway. how hot? sue has the answer in 15. numbers are the same as they were yesterday high in the mid to upper 90's. feels like temperature few degrees warmer then actual temperatures. some could feel like triple digits to day and air quality alert is in effect today as well. walking outside the door it is 80 in philadelphia. seventy's tooth south of us. lower 70's to the north of us but in philadelphia, it feels already like it is 83 degrees.
7:48 am
there is not too much of a chance of pop up thunderstorms today. there is a chance but slight. greater chance tomorrow and on sunday, we may make it to 90 gannon sunday or we could break heat wave with 89, still be hot though and on monday as well but we have relief from the heat, mike and alex, middle of next week. >> more breaking news here this morning the trump administration is going to ban american citizens from traveling to north korea, following the death of the at owe warmbi er, otto passed away after falling into a comb a rex tillerson is implementing a geographical travel restriction for north korea in other word you cannot go there which would make the use of u.s. passports to enter the country illegal, the restriction would go into effect about 30 days after a notice is published in the federal register but it is not immediately clear when that will officially happen but would i imagine very quickly.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
bennington was found dead in his l.a. home yesterday. apparent suicide. tmz reports that the 41 year-old hanged himself in the closet. he was battling drug, alcohol abuse over the years. >> so we will bring in doctor mike now, this morning, because so many people were surprise by this. one person said they spoken with him recently. he talk about how happy he was it seems surprising. >> well, you never know what is really inside someone's head. this is just yet another example of a amazingly talented young person's life tragically coming to an end. yet again it brings up topic of death by suicide. we need to be aware of the people around us and we need to be able to discern whether or not they are hurting or not >> well, what do you look for. >> lets take a look. i put up a couple things. if you have a loved one or history of anxiety, and depression, that certainly increasing your risk of death by suicide f someone in your
7:53 am
family feels hepp less and they tend to be impulsive about things that is a risk factor. if they have had attempts at death by suicide, family history someone in your family died by suicide and marital status. if you are alone, isolated, that is a high are risk of death by suicide. all of these things are something that you need to look for and be aware of. >> well, he was upset too about one of his good friend chris cornell hanged himself eight weeks ago. >> it was his birthday yesterday. when you have highly talented amazing people like this, i happen to believe they feel life in a different way, they feel the highs and the low a little bit more intensely. look, i want to make sure that everyone knows that if you are thinking bad thoughts, get help. look, there is some organizations out there,
7:54 am
michaels giving hand there is a phone number. american foundation for suicide prevention and national suicide prevention life line. the numbers are there. if you are out there, folks and you know someone or you are having thoughts that you are hepp less that things can't get better, please call. they have done interviews and people hoff survived attempts at suicide and the minute that they do the act they realize they made a mistake. many fail at the a tempt. that is very, very profound. if you are hurting get help. >> people that get depressed they turn to alcohol and drugs just makes it worse. >> that is another risk factor alcoholism is another risk factor this poor guy not only suffered child abuse which left him, and that is something that it permanently destroys lives. people don't know i take care of adults that have had that happened. >> sexually abused at six or seven. >> yes. >> thanks, doctor.
7:55 am
>> break. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped.
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7:58 am
nothing in common but need to go from one place or another and never see each other again. >> ahh. >> i see evil on this train. a passenger has died. >> it looks good. >> was that johnny dep with the mustache. >> oh, yeah and this is going to be one of the biggest casts you have seen, in they say over a decade. so johnny dep is there, lot of great people are there and, of core are course, josh gadd and when asked by a member of the media which cast member wow like to be bunk with the in the orient express with the cast that include penelope
7:59 am
cruz, daisy ridley, he was quick to say, one woman dame judy dench. >> johnny dep. >> necessity him well. >> michelle fifer. >> know her too. >> daisy. >> just met her, lovely girl. no, you dream about working with great actors. it is an experience where you get to learn a lot from watching and in the case of murder on the orient express i don't think i'll ever have a better master class, and all of the people aforementioned but also, you know, dame judy dench, sir derek jackabee, i felt like only one on the cast without a knighthood, kenneth brown. >> so yeah, this will come out in november. coming up in the 9:00 o'clock hour people are talking about josh gadd behind his back and they will tell them what they are saying. >> why would they do that and why would you do that. >> you know, what you see is what you get with me.
8:00 am
>> yeah. >> i want people to know what they are saying. he loves philadelphia. we will talk about that in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> sound good. good day, it is friday, july the 21st, 2017. a man in his wheelchair shot and killed in his own home, two guys with guns forced their way in and opened fire. who police are looking for right now. the juice is loose. >> mr. simpson i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> a parole board grants o.j. simpson his freedom, what is next? it involves his children and we will tell you where they are right now. from game of thrones to game of groans, the creators of this hit hbo show now face intense, backlash, after they announced plans for a new
8:01 am
sci-fi slave drama. why they say the critics are not seeing the whole picture. ♪ heat wave >> sweating in july. the longest heat wave of the year, continues and we need some relief, we will try out some weird, cheap ways to keep cool, and we will see if they actually work. >> ♪ >> some guy named joe hit me up on twitter, he says that he will go, well, i didn't know this was coming, amanda, put your bear feet against the wall if your feet are hot. >> i have done that. >> that is something. >> yes, or on a tile floor. >> make sure your feet are clean. >> well, yeah get dirty walls. >> laying on the tile floor in the bedroom. >> dogs do that. >> yes, i have ended up face down in the bathroom a few times. >> yes. >> joe wrote in and said he will go to the strip club because he says, i don't know
8:02 am
this but they keep them very cold. >> you have no idea. >> you don't wear a lot of clothing either. >> from what i hear. >> all i can tell you, it is hot. >> how hot sit. >> it is going to be more esther i can this joke, a little high brow, politics, little washington d.c. >> here we go. >> it sure is hot. >> how hot is it. >> it is so hot they installed a fan in the debt ceiling. >> that was great. >> high brow. >> he's here all week. >> i just don't do vaudeville stuff, this is high brow entertainment. keep it coming here, what is an unusual way that you beat the heat? >> we want your tips. use #fox 29 good day so we can show it. >> this is day 45 of the heat wave. >> it feels like it. but it is only day four. >> really. >> longest one we ever had was 18 days in a row.
8:03 am
>> 1989. >> eighty-eight. will not even be close this time. a little bit of perspective. your number is seven, excessive heat warning does continue today, and thinks still pretty dangerous heat and we have cumulative thing going day after day after day in this oppressive heat. sultry start at the shore at bus stop buddy he brought dog and beach ball. a bag of chips, because it is national junk food day. 82 degrees. we have cloud cover here in olde city but it still feels like 85. yesterday's high a sweltering 95. today right around the same about 96 degrees when all said and done this will be day number four of the heat wave, we will tell you when it end, right? that is coming up in just a few minutes. in the meantime bob kelly you are watching a situation on
8:04 am
i-95, good morning, everybody. situation on i-95, a vehicle fire, following an accident it all happened about a half an hour ago in the northbound lanes of i-95, a vehicle fire crash right now looks like they have two lanes coming through at 95 north of route 413. watch for the jam on behind it as we roll up bucks county this morning. another situation is westbound schuylkill expressway tractor trailer accident right at city avenue interchange causing a back up from say the boulevard all the way out toward belmont regatta coming in town, fail youth regatta taking over kelly drive setting up tenth and bringing in boats later today and drive will be closed tomorrow. heading down to the shore later today just keep keep in mind ramps from the ac expressway to the parkway are only one lane opened with the conn trucks.
8:05 am
a little tip? difficult this last week when i went to the shore. avoid the two, 3-mile backup on the expressway, get in the left lane, pretend you will go north on the parkway, go north and just flip around on the ramps, that is way to do it. i stayed to the left as if you were going to go north on the parkway and then you just take the parkway ramp north and then go back the expressway and pick up three fly around ramps, guarantee you saving you 45 minutes. >> thank me later. >> tee time test it this afternoon. a man in the wheelchair, shot dead, and his caretaker in the hospital after they were both shot in the cities tioga section. police are looking for two gunman trying to force their way in the victim's home. it happened in the 3300 block of north gratz street around midnight, a 36 year-old man who is wheelchair bound was shot in the head and then died on the scene.
8:06 am
his 51 year-old caretaker was shot in the leg while chasing the two shooters. >> wow. well, okay. again, lets get out to jenny joyce because she has the tough assignment of trying to make, it is so hot story interesting. >> i think she has done a good job so far. >> she has been giving us tips >> she has two more hours to go. what do you got this time. >> well, i have shirt less men on the water. >> that is good. >> alex, isn't that something interesting. >> doesn't that make it hotter >> that makes it hotter. >> yes. >> yeah, okay, i didn't think that went through, thanks, alex, but they look cool because there is a really nice breeze flowing here along the schuylkill which is nice, however there is serious component to this story which is the fact that the heat is dangerous with another day in the 90's. so for that reason city has issued a heat healthy mergecy.
8:07 am
heat hot line up and running, cooling centers are opened or head to the city pool or spray ground. people still working out here on kelly drive seem to have their own strategy as to how to exercise without overheating. >> i drink plenty of fluid. i have gator aid in my bag. water on my bike that is frozen. just trying to stay hydrated. >> reporter: you always come out in the morning. >> yes, definitely, this is best time. >> heat doesn't bother you. >> no i'm an or kiddy bloom in the heat it feels like a big blanket. as long as you stay positive you can get your work out done >> right now is there a breeze >> it feels wonderful. >> but you wouldn't do this in the afternoon. >> oh, no, no. i'm exercise nothing heat take it indoors. >> i was out yesterday at 96. >> how did that feel. >> hot. >> so that was a little hot. >> yes it was hot but i'm back
8:08 am
again to day. >> i wish i could say that i was an ana orchid that bloom in the heat but i'm a super baby. i have been talking about my condition, no air conditioning all day. people tweeting me. couple good ideas. why don't you see an old movie , nobody in the theater, get two hours in the dark. that is a really good plan. or spruce street harbor park at hammock. >> you can check in a hotel, check in a hotel. >> yeah, no. >> no. >> let's be honest here, yeah. >> well, you are an orchid to me, a delicate flower, there is no question. i'm a wilted pansy. >> what would you be.
8:09 am
>> is there a holy bush. >> red ber is. >> yes. >> yes. >> that describes you. >> yes. >> sweet as a berry with you a little bit thorny. >> yes. >> and a little thorn i. >> i believe holy hawk, that a holy hawk. >> it matches my dress. >> yes, a little bit. >> i will be a holy hawk. >> yes, i have never heard of a holy hawk. >> it probably smells different. >> it is. >> a little different. >> 8:08. listen to this... >> mr. simpson i do vote to grant parole, when eligible. >> thank you. >> you see that reaction? he knows he is soon going to be a freeman and nevada parole board unanimously, four members of the parole board
8:10 am
all four had to vote yes to release o.j. simpson early from prison. he is 70 years old. he served nine years of his nine to three three-year prison sentence for 2007 armed robbery and kidnapping in vegas. his daughter arenel got emotional as she spoke in defense of her father. >> no one really knows how much we have been through, just over the last nine years. excuse me. my experience has been he is like my best friend and my rock. >> so. >> her rock. >> and one of the victims of the robbery came out and spoke and said hey, if you were to get out and he turns to look, i will be out there to pick you up. >> juice, i will pick you up. >> o.j. got emotional.
8:11 am
>> he is supposed to get out in october we will see if he will get out there. >> that is true. >> can you imagine, the media frenzy outside of that love lock prison on october the first when is let go. will he end up in florida? florida has a right to say no. >> nevada agreed but now florida has to agree. >> yes. >> i think in all he had five kid, one of them died. but four left. arenel was only one of the kid that showed up yesterday. >> she's the oldest. >> why he yes, first wife. >> they talk about the robbery he said if it is personal items he wanted back and came out during 75 minutes he said one of those was a picture of my dead child and that is why it is so personal and i wanted to get it back. >> all right. >> so lets see jason simpson remember him at one point people were pointing the
8:12 am
finger at him for nicole brown /ron goldman murders, and also from the first marriage of oj. he has supported his dad over the years but maintains low profile now. he happens to live in georgia. >> so lets get to the children with nicole brown simpson. >> this is most recent photo, there are others, but this is old but she has maintained a low profile. >> cindy and her brother they should be in their mid 20's by now. >> and they were just children when their father was going through through the trial and sidney is now 31. >> she's 31. >> yes. >> she lives in florida st. petersberg where she lives there. >> that would make justin 28. >> my gosh, they were little kid when this happened. >> he lives in st. petersberg as well. >> he is a real estate agent and as we know, o.j. asked for permission, he mentioned several times my children, i want to be there for my
8:13 am
children. justin was seen, yesterday around the time of when the parole hearing was happening leaving a store but he declined to comment, photographers there and he didn't want to comment. >> he didn't watch. >> people are speculating. >> yes. >> who knows, the parole hearing was kind of long. >> true. >> okay. 8:13 now. richard, he is a very fit man. >> yes. >> but he does consume beer every now and then i noticed that on a friday when it is hot, why not richard. >> happy weekend, yeah we're here at sly fox brewery right here in pottstown pennsylvania one of the largest, most environmentally friendly brew eries in the region. we will show you what makes them that and how do they make delicious beers. how many beers do we have on tap. >> nineteen to try. >> we have to get to work. >> cheers. >> happy friday.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
what did they do back in the day when this city was
8:17 am
first establish. let's go back to 1776. we have contacted people over at the american -- >> museum of american revolution. >> they didn't have air conditioning. >> no. >> they didn't have what we had to keep cool. how did they do it. >> phil, welcome. how are things over at museum. >> very good. >> good crowd. >> we are opened every day and we're opened late until 7:00, in july. >> i understand you are at third and chestnut. >> we are right here in olde city. >> beautiful building who is this dude. >> tyler. >> hello, tyler. >> hi. >> man of very few word. >> so this looks hot. >> yes, yes. >> i mean, it is well. tyler will tell you but it is hot, it is wool, it is summertime. so they have got to get something to keep them a little cooler. one of the things, washington
8:18 am
frequently ordered was issuing vinegar to be put into. >> what. >> vinegar to be put into mixture of water with soldiers canteens. >> it was vinegar, water they put in their canteens. >> yes. >> that sound horrible. >> it is an acquired taste. >> just a splash or whole thing. >> just a splash of it. >> in water. >> we don't know what they thought they were accomplishing with this. it is controversial whether vinegar is actually helpful in humidity and heat. but, there are, there was one officer for example, one of the hottest battles, battle of monmouth said there were troops fainting around him. he would have done the same had he not had his apple cider and vinegar. >> you just said a little while ago it was water and vinegar. what is this apple cider. >> apple cider vinegar, yes,
8:19 am
type of vinegar. >> wine production in the united states and grapes were both vine and vinegar is very limited at this point. >> yes. >> so apples would have been a source of most products. >> people today are doing apple side air vinegar thing and we have them segments where they say it is bad for your teeth if you drink it straight since it is george washington, yeah. since it is george washington drinking this does that explain the teeth situation. >> it is interesting, i hadn't thought about that. >> that was a myth he had wooden teeth. >> he didn't have wooden teeth he had a mixture, he was missing most of his teeth. >> see, you cannot drink apple cider vinegar. >> he had missing teeth. >> see you over there at museum. >> such a beautiful place. >> you have to get over there third and chestnut. >> thanks, tyler.
8:20 am
>> nasty. >> cheers to you. >> i don't think they are serving that at the ballpark tonight, but phillies are back in town, first home stand since the break. they have not done badly. 92 degrees, it is a folks getting those t-shirts and it will be muggy for all of us, a lot of cold beverages sold for sure. going down the shore, low risk of rip currents, land breeze at 91. still hot. not as hot on saturday, with a high of 86. ten for your uv index, put on that sun screen and keep it up excessive heat warning continues today, it never was lifted from yesterday, feeling like 100 degrees or more by the end of the afternoon. ninety-six today. ninety-two tomorrow. that would make it a five day heat wave, if we reached 90 on sunday, close call, that would be a six day heat wave. but by tuesday, wednesday, thursday bob kelly, you can
8:21 am
sleep out in the ham mock outside and actually breathe. >> find me there all weekend. making sure it works. good morning, on a friday, slow go, coming into philadelphia on the vine street expressway and schuylkill expressway that accident here, north on i-95, just cleared out of the way so we are starting to move again rolling north up into langhorne. a new accident here at 295 northbound at route one for gang heading up through trenton, and the schuylkill expressway, inbound, extra heavy from city avenue into center city, mass transit both warminster and media elwyn line running with delays, stay there we will be right back. p://>[a5df]
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
you want to hear a under statement. >> what. >> hbo's game of thrones has been a huge success. >> yes, under statement. >> yes. the winning series will conclude next year. >> what are they go to go do. they have to come out with something else. >> they are working on other project, same creators from game of thrones and hbo this one has them in hot water as
8:25 am
fans they are upset about the subject. it is controversial, thomas. >> they are not in hot water with hbo, it is fans that are not too happy here this one making headlines around the world. go on line, see it popping up, lot of articles all over the internet. many calling for network to stop production here. they don't want to see this going forward. here are headlines here, the creators, are producing this new series called confederate for hbo and the show explore the what if, what if the south succeeded from the union and slavery was still legal. hbo they are expecting this one to be a major hit but some , some people are questioning whether these guys right here are the right people to address the subject, because of their race. in fact, people sounding off on twitter one person writing do we need another series about suffering and people of color written by white men? another post comparing this to remaking of defeating nazi germany and allowing holocaust
8:26 am
to continue. but, also on the project we should know our husband and wife, malcolm works on the fox show empire and both are african-american. show were this, basically, saying on that she understand the concern, here but wishes that all of the criticism would have been reserved for the night of the premiere to see whether or not they actually succeeded in what they were intend to go do hbo, they are not giving a lot of details about the show such as casting or even the air date, we know it will be on sunday night but not a single script has been written. >> they have not even written a script. >> no. >> that is why we don't understand why we're getting criticism here just wait and see. >> okay, we will. >> thomas, thank you. 8:26. >> richard is at sly fox brewing and if i heard them correctly last time you went in, 19 different types. >> of beer.
8:27 am
>> wow. >> richard. >> get rolling, richard. >> his weekend starting early. >> it is amazing, now look, you said it was 19. i'm standing on 25,000 gallons of beer. brian, is this all of it. >> is there more inside, check it out. >> when we come back brian will give us scoop on how to create delicious beer at home.
8:28 am
♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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8:30 am
one of my favorite episode of seinfeld. we found this survey state by state, what people hate in certain states in the united states. guess which state chose seinfeld to hate.
8:31 am
there is a state in the 50 states that said they don't like seinfeld they won't watch it. we will also tell what you new jersey, pennsylvania, and delaware hate. it is a weird, weird survey. >> and do you remember this from yesterday? we made it on to the wall at the palm. >> yeah. >> you know how they have the characters all over but we noticed something wasn't quite right with our drawing, so we decided to show up and see for ourselves. >> bob, we blasted in there after the show and we fixed it >> by today they roleerd all over it again. >> they are probably doing it for channel 10 now. >> 8:31. we have got sun glare on i-95 but that accident earlier this morning, northbound, just north of bristol still causing delays, north on 295 an accident near route one with some sun glare every where, and you think it is hot, we have a concert across the river here tonight, chicago
8:32 am
and the doobey brothers, listen to music, old school. and the 22nd street ramps we will see reshuffling going on over the weekend. how hot will it get to day. sue has tonight 15. getting rowdy in the studio here, we have an excessive heat warning in effect for the actual temperature in the mid 90's. it will feel like 100 or more off to a sultry start with bus stop buddy, muggy the dog accounts temperatures in the 70's and 80's. don't forget water. it is national junk food day so have that bag of chips. eighty-two feels like 85. it is only 8:30 in the morning
8:33 am
ninety-six should be our high. we will be in the 90's by lunchtime, hot and humid all day long. another scorcher. we will tell you when we will get a break in the excessive heat coming up in the seven day forecast, alex. >> thanks, sue. >> richard curtis, we're asking people, sue, different ways to cool down from the heat and some people are saying, go grab a beer. i don't know if that helps but it might make you feel better. >> richard at one of the largest breweries in the region. they make all kinds of beer at this place. you are checking them all out. >> when i say they are huge, they are huge. we are in the gigantic warehouse. this is where all that delicious beer comes from. pipes, valves, pumps, thinks how beer is made. >> this is it, it taste a lot of pipe work to make good beer >> we are here with brian, the brew master. thinks your brainchild. is this something you went to college for? how do you become a brew
8:34 am
master. >> i studied philosophy and literature in college but drank a lot of beer. >> anyone who drinks a lot of beer in college you too can work with sly fox brewing. >> we are looking at main ingredient. >> malted wheat, barley, rowed malt and hops. i will show you where they get at it. >> that is what will make this citrusy flavor delicious. >> they get dumped in and work pumps through and goes up to the kettle. >> what kind are these guys. >> those are an american grind , variety, nice orangey, zesty and vibrant. >> is there a certain hop that sly goes always go to. >> just another tool in the toolbox. >> obviously from the hops they get put in, we have the taste coming out but this is where magic truly happens because these guys are making it roll. >> this is where we extract. >> giant ipad what are you doing. >> turning on the lights for
8:35 am
us. we take sugar from the grain and we are just finishing up. we are starting to oil. >> how long will this boil for >> for about 70 minutes. then we will set to it a fermenter. >> here's what is amazing about you guys, you can everything. you don't use bottles, you are using actual cans. which is totally different from your traditional beer. >> we will get a chance to see the can line run. >> you have to take a look, give them an overview of this place. it is incredible, how many people you have employed here and how much goes on, i cannot wait to see how this canning will run, because i'm super excited bit. >> when we come back what do you think show us the canning line too. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> getting ready to pump grain out and be used for dairy cow feeding. >> all this will turn into food for cows. >> yes you make dog biscuits in the back. >> we have someone making dog
8:36 am
biscuits as well. >> you guys do it all here. >> hey you have to take me to the next stop, alex, what are you thinking. >> they are mentioning cows and dogs, so what are they doing for the foxes. >> what are you doing for the fox population that is a good point. >> i don't know about that. >> there is a beautiful stuffed one in the tasting room. >> there is. >> we will get to that another day. this is amazing. thanks for having us out. >> let's go to the cannery. >> they can call it sly hound, sly dog. not the same ring. what are unusual ways to stay cool in the heat, this is frommontty g a friend of the show just put water in a spray bottle and spray tonight to your fan and you will fee so, so cool. let us know some of your tips for staying cool, we will deal witt all throughout the weekend use the #fox 29 good day you can get on tv.
8:37 am
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now if i had to guess, i'd say somewhere upstairs there's a broken pipe. let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance. call today to see how much you could save. mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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8:40 am
what are you doing? >> i'm eating romen noodles with tabasco sauce sprinkled all over them. >> why would you do it. >> i saw the scientific journal eating real spicy food >> you are starting to tear up >> will make you sweat, which then turns your body, it cools
8:41 am
down faster for some reason. i don't know, what the science is. >> i'm like what? >> my gosh. >> put more hot sauce. >> i have never been a fan of hot sauce, i know people that put it on anything and everything. >> my mother keeps tonight her purse. >> why? >> she loves spicy food, that is why she's always so cool. >> did you want to be cool dude? aj styles is with jen right now. >> he is the champion. >> he is the champion. >> u.s. champion. >> he has allowed me to try on the belt. >> try it on just for a short time. >> we will talk about this big event happening on sunday, and we will talk about some moves because i fancy myself, and we will talk about, everything else, is that cool. >> cool with me. >> is there your song. can you hear it. >> that is his song.
8:42 am
8:43 am
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one sure place you can cool off blue mountain in the pocono mountains it is 10 or 15 degrees cooler in the higher elevation then it is here in the city, one of the only places not under excessive heat advisory or air quality alert, remember philadelphia corporation for aging their heat line is
8:45 am
(215)765-9040. for some good tips on how to keep cool, and they can let you know if you are excessive ly suffering from the heat as well. so stay safe there. temperatures are edging in the 80's in lancaster and reading this morning. eighty-two wilmington. eighty-two in philadelphia heat index in the city is 85. eighty-seven in wilmington. is that 97-degree heat index in dover, delaware. crazy. very hot and humid needless to say. this is day four of the heat wave, chance of thunderstorms popping up tomorrow and sunday we will be in the 90's both days and maybe even on monday but relief comes tuesday, wednesday, and thursday when we're back in the reasonable 80's mid week. >> will feel reasonable after feeling the heat wave. >> so excited. >> i know. >> we have a super cool guy in here. >> um-hmm. >> one of the biggest stars of the wwe.
8:46 am
>> it is a big star. >> jen's giggling. >> you are super nice. you are a bad guy. >> not a bad guy, good guy, but tell me what there is, here, and, you have my belt on , and, we will and, spend the belt, and this is u.s. champion. >> yes. you are not here. so, and, and, we're hoping to see new rest will mania. we are hoping to go to summer slam and is there anyone you want this wrestlemania. >> i mean whoever they put in front of me, but this isn't about who i want, it business what the fans want and i want to give the fans what they want. >> fans, we're concerned about shayne mcmahon. >> yes. >> you have talk to them. there was a plane accident. >> helicopter crash. >> yes. >> you have texted him housedog.
8:47 am
>> doing fine, thing about shayne mcmahon takes they big bumps out done himself with the helicopter crash i think. good on you shayne, you did it >> you have a 12 year old at home. >> do i. >> he he fights his mom. >> no. >> but i have three sons. >> they fight each other this go crazy do you ever pick a fight, and give them a couple extra moves. >> sometimes, yes to see if they can pull it off. >> so i have suggested the idea of me doing a move. you have said, it is not thaw are intimidated by me, you know, you don't want to embarras yourself. >> am i afraid you'll take me out. no, that is not it. i'm just saying, you wouldn't do it. it wouldn't do anything for you. >> absolutely. >> we have ladies and gentlemen, from i think he fridays northeast philadelphia
8:48 am
>> from northeast philadelphia >> yes. >> 460-pound. >> i do. >> yes. >> by the way, brideberg pennsylvania. >> did you mention there is no >> this is bobby break legs. >> yes. >> i love it. >> i think we start competition with the friendly handshake. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> and we learn about this. >> is this a sleeper hold. >> yes. now, nighty night. >> yes. >> we have to wake him up if you want. >> old school. >> yes. >> i don't don't know fit was the slap. >> i'm up. >> that is how you wake him up >> chief jay strongbow style here. >> this guy knows his stuff. >> here's what we're talking about. aim he proud. you can go away now. >> sorry, bob.
8:49 am
>> can i jump off top rope. >> whatever you need to do. >> i appreciate the fact you have gone yoga pants as opposed to under pants. >> okay. >> you are wearing. >> those are not yoga pants. >> what are they. >> that is my gear. >> but i like that you are fully panted, fair. >> fair enough. >> you are wearing my belt in that picture. >> you know what, give me that >> we will see you on sunday. >> i will get my belt within way or the other. >> do you mind showing those tattoos of your kid. >> it is right here. >> so i don't forget the birthdays. >> that is craze. >> look at that. >> wait a minute. >> you are very tan, it is because you are from south. >> fine, we're good, it is cool. >> she's running off camera. i'm about to go get it.
8:50 am
she has my belt. >> thanks, aj. >> yes, they are still available, you better get them >> bet them. >> do you see this, everybody. >> do you see this. >> she should know not to start something you could do us a big favor, right now. >> where are those noodles at i'll have her eat a bowl of them. >> be careful. >> okay. >> beer gardens. >> yes. >> they are all over across the city, 307 lar thing for a while but in this weeks alex around town i will show you one that is doing things a little differently. this is not your momma's beer garden. they take it to another level. i'll explain how and why. >> okay.
8:51 am
hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america.
8:54 am
good morning, everybody. an accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound right here, near the roosevelt boulevard. it looks like what would be the two right lanes getting by so coming into philadelphia, bumper to bumper approaching belmont into the boulevard, we have a regatta in town that will close our kelly drive to vehicle traffic tomorrow but you'll see boats, spectators, setting tents up all along the river later on today. if you are using schuylkill into philadelphia through weekend they have milled the roadways so bumpy ride from conshohocken to belmont so keep that in mind through the weekend. back to you. we have another suggestion on twitter about how to stay cool unusual ideas. so, take the eye think you just mentioned this, take iced tea and you put tonight a spritz bottle which we don't have. >> why are you putting tonight a bowl. >> you will be the spritzer, dip your fingers in there and hit me in the face. >> just hit you in the face.
8:55 am
>> no, just flick, more of a flick. >> you said hit. >> you smarty. >> yes. >> wish full thinking. >> okay. >> are you ready. >> i'm not sure what the why it could not be just water but some people have sunburns they put tea on their body. >> tea leaves. >> okay. aloe vera. >> yes. >> do you want me to flick you . >> why do you get such pleasure out of this. >> it is funny. >> that went right in my eye. >> we don't have napkins in here. >> zoom in. >> it is sweet tea, disgusting >> tea need sugar otherwise it is just muddy water. >> i have never like sweeteners in my tea. >> i wouldn't spritz with you tea without tea. >> we love our sweet tea. >> well, how do you feel. >> i feel cooler, yeah.
8:56 am
>> lets get a breezing on here >> thank you. >> so keep you're december coming in, hopefully this will all be over in about an hour and then we have the weekend. >> so the reviews are in and we smell rave review coming up , new movie dunn kirk is being called a great war movie even generating oscar buzz. how does our movie critic feel bit. harry styles is in this thing. harry styles. maybe he can't. we will talk to our critic. do you hate cleaning. >> yes. >> if you live in arkansas you do. is there a new math that is breaking down our dislikes across the country. we will go to each state and find out what people in that state hate the most. what do you think delaware hates? what does pennsylvania hate? what does new jersey hate?& we will find out. >> am i on this list anywhere. >> i'm sure.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
a lot of people heading to ocean city, new jersey. we're trying to find unusual way to stay cool share them using #fox 29 good day, place body products, lotions, moisturizers, face mys, in the fridge for a cool blast when awe reply them -- apply them. it is friday july 21st, 2017. jen fred here. >> good morningy love this dress. >> thank you. >> very nice. >> this is my like when i go out of town dress. >> really. >> are you going out of town. >> but wrestler guy was here let's have a party. >> yes. >> aj styles. >> it is a burst of color and yet it has holes in it for ventilation. >> it is a thousand degrees


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