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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 22, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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years ago. they have learned to love them like they were their own and now they are. >> we really fooled them. they had no idea that was happening at all. >> what do the kids have to say. >> i was just so happy. and mickey decided to give me a hug and wiped my tears because i had tears coming down my face. >> the happiest place on earth, it sure looks that way. >> congratulations. >> deborah: and that is "inside edition" for today. i'm deborah norville. thank you so much for watching. we will see you again next time. >> he is currently incarcerated for life of violence. in 2016 he was charged with firing a gun into a crowd. pedro has maintained his innocence. >> eyewitness testimony is unreliable. the jails are filled with people who dna evidence could clear them.
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>> wow, you are freaking out about something it has nothing to do with. >> there bunch of incompetent pools not to be fired. >> all of my daughter's birth pictures were in the third floor. >> may be right. >> wrong, you're in the bronx chasing a story of a man that might be called another prisoner on rutgers island. >> this is pedro, he is currently incarcerated at rikers island. in 2016 when he is 60 he was charged with firing a gun into a crowd in a section of the south bronx. the entry it occurred in september of 2015. a teenager was shot in the like. pedro maintained his innocence since the day he was arrested. initially eyewitnesses told investigators that pedro was in fact the shooter, landing him in
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his cell. fast forward to today, everything is flipped. it's been reported that at least two eyewitnesses have changed their two and say that he was not the shooter. some claim that there are pressured by detectives to figure pedro in the shooting. the shooting victim has come forward to say that pedro is not the person who shot him, even with all of that, pedro remains in custody charge, not convicted of any crime. wednesday he had hearing and they got deal. probation for five years and if no incidents his record would be wiped down. he turned it down. his mother said he would never say he was guilty of something he did not do. pedro graduated high school through ged program through rikers island. he was actually offered a full
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college scholarship and he can excepted behind bars. he can get out right now to the tune of $250,000 bail. i came to speak to his mother, she is not responded since i got here. i spoke to her on the phone earlier. she started a crowdfunding site attempting to real tread raise bail money because if he is a release by september 1 to lose a scholarship. >> there's been a lot of comparison between pedro and the man who committed suicide after helper months about stealing a bookbag. >> pedro's charges more violent. while he was incarcerated during his first year he was brutally beaten. that video came out and was released in pedro had to spend months recovering from that. the security officer that assaulted him has since been fired and is not being reprimanded by the state of new york. >> 2 million we have mike
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snyder, veteran of a lot of big cases and stories. what is this a better justice system? >> eyewitness testimony is unreliable. dna evidence in many of the that will clear him. the fact that he's not willing to take a plea says a lot to me about why he's there. >> but witnesses initially did describe the message shooter. why should there testimony be discounted. >> that's why we have an appeals process. we have to see if the eyewitnesses change their story. it may be this young man needs a new trial to establish the reality of what it is not. we have shaky eyewitness accounts, you have them in jail where he was beaten, the police officer who made an arrest in getting jammed up in the charges. from every angle the sky. >> hold on, everything you said is troubling, but none of what you said exonerates it. >> all we have is eyewitness
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testimony which is unreliable. so it has to come down to a friend six or ballistics. otherwise what else do you have? >> high-speed chase. >> another case of road rage, this time in virginia. on monday a truck driver honked at a mercedes driver who is going under the speed limit and then pulled over to the side of the road. got out and the mercedes drivers went on a racially charged rant. >> go back to mexico. >> i'm not mexico. >> no charges were filed. >> think about a little boy named jed in texas is just two years old. this makes it so impressive. he can shoot a basketball from the top of the kitchen counter, from behind the sofa, he started out practicing in the trashcan and has become a master of the longshot.
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if any nba teams are looking for a good three-point shooter, they can check amount. >> will he could stomach the three-point shot. >> believe it or not, it's been six months since donald trump took office and became the 45th president of the united states of america. a lot of controversy, a lot of news, a lot going on and a lot of people who think he's doing fine. >> controversy continues today with reports that sean spicer is on the outs. real clear put the nine biggest polls put the rating at about 39% that stem from route 43 when he is inaugurated. i went to my go to focus group of nuts. not my words, these are the words about the book written about these guys. they hang out in front of fred and pete's. >> what a good-looking crew he
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here. >> a good-looking ones aren't here yet. >> where are they? >> were going to wait for the older people to show up? >> there still let's install mostly with trump. >> so he's having a hard time. but i think he's doing great. like i said, think i'll vote for him again if i'm still around. >> too many people are against him. rather liberals are what they are. >> you looking at me like you don't want me to come near you. no comment. >> you guys give great no comments, you ever had at me, i like that. >> this group is not all-pro trump. you remember the author of the book -- i think the guys in over his head. he comes out of real estate with no political experience and they
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talk about how they don't even socialize with people outside their political beliefs. this crew gets there every morning and is trump people there out there having coffee. the more you get to know people on a personal level and get be on the politics the better off we are. >> the one thing trump supporters were squeamish about was his tweeting. >> if you just wouldn't tweet that has to stop. >> i think so,. >> what's your take on the first six months? is the message getting out. >> to his message seems to be getting out to his base. the base seems to be locked in at that 39%. he seems to be content with the idea that this is okay. i can effectively do what i want to do. the question is, what does he
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want to do and how he wants to do it. legislation? we haven't seen anything pass congress. executive orders? is done a lot maybe he's content to try to govern that way. >> the polls have been wrong before. a wall street journal poll came out this week saying they looked at county see flip from obama and they are still over 50% approval rating. i would say people who voted for him are happy. >> people who didn't vote for him? >> he did not win the popular vote so he is always going to have an uphill battle. >> look at that red and blue map and it is very deception. everybody has a right to be heard. >> ip on this beautiful day in beach haven, new jersey. i bring you an exclusive with the shark whisperer. patrick dalton from new jersey is a beach celebrity after rescuing a sandbar shark with his beer hands. >> i am an adrenaline junkie.
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>> i don't know why, i just have that instinct. they became friends of patrick after she shooting the video he was actually swimming in the ocean with his son. >> we heard this gristle and all of a sudden they were flagging people to come in. people are saying shark and freaking out. we turned around, it wasn't a great white but it wasn't something i wanted to swim with. >> patrick is no stranger to sharks. he has gone shark fishing and he had take the shark before. but a baby sandbar shark is his first. >> for all you activists out there, we save the shark, he was rescued and it wasn't beached. i felt good about it. >> the shark whisperer is in good shape. no bite marks. he said it almost got him but
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they are said to be pretty common at the jersey shore and not aggressive. >> it was not a big deal. to me it was a non- issue. i'm glad the shark made it. and everybody can go back in the water and swim and have a great vacation. >> mike schneider, you have seen crazy video in your career. how does this request mark have you done anything like that? >> i think the hero is the guy on the jetski. he one-handed this thing. >> i imagine he's using the proper way to use all the shark. i think this is awesome because most sharks and human account you see people killing sharks or sharks killing people. it's nice to see that sharks need our help. >> you serve, aren't you worried about sharks? >> i was in the water on sunday chasing these giant race around. they were right under people's feet. they had no idea they were there. the people knew what was out there under their feet when they
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were swimming all of the time -- >> many family suffered personal loss on september 11. three weeks ago the tree that was dedicated to andy o'grady was cut down.
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>> high-speed chase. >> the black. [applause] 's from seattle that is a local celebrity because she loves to ride the bus by herself. her owner used to take her to the dog park by using the bus. one day, she left without him. >> she knows her stops and exactly where she's going. everybody know who she is with her bus pass on the back. her owner gets called about people thinking she's lost. and he just says no, she knows what she's doing, leave her alone. >> i don't think i could ever see something is beautiful as a tree. the words of the poet killed on flanders field in world war i. there's another tree inherent in park that marks something
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special. a landmark for the time that's cut down to two bureaucratic oversight. >> it many jersey family suffered personal losses on september 11, 2001. in bergen county alone 107 people were lost. to honor their friends and family, people put together memorials, some are large like the one at highland seals that lists the names of every person that was lost. others are small like the tree that was dedicated to andy o'grady here at harrington park elementary school. three weeks ago, that tree was cut down. it used to be right here but it was cut down as part of a parking lot project. the school needed 15 new parking spaces and the tree was simply unmarked and in the way. i spoke to doctor adam, superintendent of the school district to get to the truth. >> this was a terrible accident done by the district contractor. >> the real reason for the tree removal? public safety. >> this project was run the concept of trying to provide the better traffic flow and more secure and safe place for people to drop off and pick up their
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children. >> the memorial was funded by a group of teachers who no longer work at the school. it makes sense that the current administration had no idea the tree was planted as a memorial for randy. >> it was a tree planted in memory. we as a school district are going to make that right. >> a new plaque along with the bradford pair tree which is the same temperature that's cut down will be placed alongside a memorial that sits right inside the school. every dedication ceremony will take place in the next couple of years. >> 15 years can be viewed a lot of different ways. through nature, the dirt that goes on top of the plaque, it's buried over now. but in the life of this person was lost, 13 years you think oh in 15 years my tribute monument. >> if you lost someone that
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tragically and horrifically 15 years can seem like yesterday. >> the family is going to remember being there to plant a tree, that day that's fresh in their hearts when they planted that tree that is now cut down because of an error. >> does this vacant lot of concrete and asphalt hold the bodies of american heroes? an archaeological dig is underway for they build a pre-k school on the site. >> we all have a desire to recognize sacrifice, recognize the great lengths that people go to in terms of their commitment to create country, family, community. everybody likes have closure. >> i wanted tell you about this. the american heroes you may not have heard of. during the battle of long island in august 1776, the maryland is save general washington's army and perhaps entire revolutionary cause with their sacrifice. >> the british did a pincher maneuver where they sent their troops around jamaica pass and
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they were going to cut off the americans so how this engagement culminated. >> today, the site is on ninth street between third and fourth avenues. next american legion post. that post is a metal site from the 1950s memorializing them. i wondered how many people went by this place every day not knowing what happened here. i thought about how much of a slighted is that these men's bodies lie on recognize it was said to be in on marked mass grave created by the hessians and british. then kimberly mayor, a historian told me that they are not buried there. >> traditionally, the british would have had traders on a hot summer days in august where the local residents with the enslaved would've been in charge of burying whoever died on site.
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>> so where are they? >> they could be in what is now the first four street basins or along the qantas canal. that would've been in the line of retreat. >> still a story that has residence for us when we think about her rocks. it reminds me of the line in the old western, when the legend becomes fact -- >> mark what you think about the story and the final resting place? >> it ties into everything about new york and new jersey, pennsylvania for that matter. the whole of washington's retreat came across the hudson river near alpine. how many of us drive each and every day down a road with a historic sign that says something related to those events which ultimately goes back to the skies for maryland. >> that's good. my name is steve duncan. i'm known throughout new york city as the bubble man. >> he breaks in over $700. >> how could you not love
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>> high-speed chase. bad news to report. the alex of a but new jersey by mental activist have gone missing after he went hiking in new hampshire has been found. greg, head of the ocean county chapter of the sierra club the body was found by another hiker. the investigation of the cause of death is continuing. >> you just rescue effort to free a humpback willing california. this took place on tuesday. the whale was trapped to fishing gear that was striking it to the ground. it's the seventh time the sure that a wheel has got caught in fishing gear on the west coast. it was free in the whale is expected to survive.
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>> i am utterly mesmerized by the story you are presenting today. bubbles. the new economy, and maybe you will be the next bubble millionaire. >> maybe. it's no secret that york city is a performers paradise. from the artist to not sure what you would call the. >> it is pretty crazy. >> i don't know what you call him. let's just say there is money to be made and on thursday night when he see that an action where i'm at the bubble man. >> my name is steve duncan. i am known throughout new york city as the bubble man. >> i met stephen washington square park. before the bubbles could begin we needed supplies.
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stephen has been at this since 2008. >> i remember i was on 31st street and i happened to pass by a vendor. he was selling these plastic bubble toys for $5. i remember sitting there being mesmerized at all the bubbles i saw. just the size of them. i just remember thinking, while. i have to have that. what started off as a part-time gig is a full-time career. he owns a company called bubbles unlimited and travels throughout the park. a good weekend he brings in $700 in cash. i enjoyed so much. there is not a day when i don't see myself out there.
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>> what is your secret? >> a magician never tells the secret. >> he's a magician now? >> he's an entrepreneur. how can you not love bubbles? >> is a good for the environment? >> seems to be fine. he seems to be a nice character and we wish him success with bubbles because not all us cannot work for a living. >> that's like a six hour day. >> that's a hard six hour day. that's a bubble factory. >> it's a dangerous job.
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>> we have former tv news member mike schneider. you were on last week told us about the 20 year battle with lyme disease. what is happening? >> i came on to complain about how a lot of journalists don't pay attention to it are doctors. they're not educated what it's about. literally thousands of people reacting to what they saw on the showing coming to me for facebook or twitter, and upper of interest. of people suffering from lyme disease. they're gratified that someone is speaking out in a public way. >> what can be done? is there way to eradicate the tics? >> there's work being done on that. their studies being done. a lot has to do with the tics that are out there that are more plentiful than ever because of the winter we had. it's a multistage process. >> tell me about the day-to-day. >> it varies. some days it's fine, other days i wake up in my elbows hit her to my knees hurt. today's a good day because i'm here. >> thanks. >> has been a wonderful week chasing news for all of you. bill will be back on monday. i'll be back on tuesday keeping you dazed and confused and having a good time watching our
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show. peace out, have a great weekend, love you lots. >> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down by logging
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