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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  July 24, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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here we go again, take a look it is all lit up, talking about that radar right there, severe storms slamming the region right now from the city downpours to shore flooding, how this weather is impacting you this morning. it is very, dangerous to drive right now on the road but take a live picture outside as we were coming in on the schuylkill expressway lots of hydroplaning and flooding conditions. we have an accident, we know it involves multiple vehicles on the schuylkill expressway, although we are showing you lightening coming through our area, bob kelly will have latest. also ahead an 11 year-old boy recovering after being shot by a stray bullet, search for the shooter, eventers another day, the clues this morning coming up in a moment. and lets give guy news on this monday, wait is finally over we have our people report
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to go day eagles quarterback, rookies, selected veterans will be coming to the novacare sent they are morning. it is beginning of the training camp. >> follow accounts out there keep asking how do you think eagles will do this season? i'm not saying a word. great to have you with us on this monday, we have a lot to talk about, commute down right messy, you have a lot to talk about in a moment, bob, updating us on the road, car even, good morning welcome back. >> thanks very much. you need arc out there, call noah we need the arc. >> i felt like it was a snow day driving in, white knuckles because of the heavy downpours and some flash flooding on the roadways this will be our situation for the next hour or so, at least, six out of 10 is your number. we have flash flood warnings for the entire area highlight ed in green there that is a lot of the metro area, chester county and a lot of your new jersey counties as well, camden and gloucester and salem in particular. so, there it looks like all that lightening this radar is
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lit up with this line of showers and thunderstorms moving through, and we also can see beginning of the even at least for this round we will zoom in closer there to show but we will take a closer look at that rain coming up. it is 72 degrees. it feels like 72 bit is still pretty muggy and a lot of thunderstorm activity this morning. we will have a high of 88 today. still humid but we are out of the 90's. we broke heat wave yesterday with high of 89, but, we will get rid of the humidity, eventually, but not today. bob kelly, lets get right to that situation on the schuylkill expressway. >> everybody gave a great example, you know what we had to go through coming in here this morning, heavy downpour, obviously if is there a drain most likely it is clogged and we have a shot down of the schuylkill expressway right now. schuylkill expressway all lanes are closed, in the tunnels, under 30th street. i will step aside here as we look at some lightening trying to grab my other clicker here
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and obvious lit the rain, giving us some, there we go, all right, schuylkill expressway westbound the accident occurred in the tunnels here, under 30th street station. here's a live look at the accident scene. so this is westbound coming out of south philadelphia. look at the water, in addition to the rain, the water there is just pouring out from above , above 30th street station. so we have a box trip and a couple of cars in what would be the eastbound side, westbound headlights coming toward us coming out of south philadelphia. so both directions of the schuylkill closed right now. i will tell you probably what happened. i saw it myself. anyone this that left lane you hit the puddle because the drains block, all that water just flips up and over the concrete barrier and right into the windshield of the guy coming the opposite direction. probably saw it happened a dozen times on my way in here this morning. here's a box truck that spun
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out, a live look at i-95 southbound right here in the tunnels, under penns landing, and be careful because right now we don't have the daylight obviously. drains are clogged. they come up out of no where like log flum style and we have had hydroplaning, a couple accidents overnight but again, heavier rain is what we're dealing with right now and as sue just mentioned getting out of the front door in the next hour or so we have to deal with this at philly international. heading down early get a flight out expect delays, you want to check with the airline because there were some flights that were delayed, cancelled last night that aren't even going to be able to get out of the gate first thing here this morning. south jersey same deal. live look at route 73 over in, maple shade, new jersey where we see again heavy rain, poor visibility, it will take you longer to get here with no traffic this morning, and i typically get here at about 3:30 or so, it took meehan
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extra 10 or 15 minutes to get here this morning. give yourself some extra time, so that is without saying for morning rush hour so far, karen and thomas, back to you. can't say it enough. these are severe storms rolling through right now, it is down right messy. lets get outside, steve keeley out and about how is it looking, steve. >> reporter: we made it down to egg harbor township as we make our way to the shore and in monroe township right before we got into atlantic county we had to pull over. this is best weather we have been driving in since we start todd day around 2:00. sue has it right i could not believe we were doing white knucke driving in july and downpours and lightening with none in stop, lightening flashes every other second and the rain made visibility, zero i said to my driver, greg, if anything is in front of us we have zero warning and we will slam into it. people on the new jersey turnpike where i began my day, around 2:00 which is just
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pulling over, everybody driving smartly with their flashers barely going 20 miles an hour if they were moving. most people filled the rest stop right away, wise move not even to drive. way to give yourself extra time call in and say i will in the leave until this storm passes. we have had, big warnings about strong winds, that is why we are doing our report in the truck while we're moving because we thought it might be dangerous to be outside plus we didn't want to start our day getting drenched. when i saw a tornado warning last night until 12:15, i thought no one is warning anybody but the shore is away different animals this time of the year, then any other time and when you have a tornado warning at the shore and thank god these strong wind are going straight and there is no idea of any idea of a tornado coming again but when i have a tornado warning at the shore you have people in condos five stories high. they can't get to the first level because that is another condo they didn't rent. they don't have anyplace to get out of there they have all those windows so they can get
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good views and i thought population swells so much at the shore, that this is the war time of the year for a tornado warning for the new jersey shore but thank good ness no tornado hit, and when we talked about potential for flooding you see chad ford flooding we showed on the air, that is kind of in a land area , can you imagine all this rain hitting where you have bay on one side and ocean on the other and we talked about the drains. drains don't accept water at the shore. i'm sure well see more flooding as we head there we are passing story book land for you folks wondering where we are. we will see you from the shore in the next half an hour, guys >> thanks, so much steve 4:07 is the time. >> we will have more in weather and traffic in just a moment. stray bullet goes through a home in chester hitting an 11 year-old boy inside. >> right now investigators are looking for whoever is responsible for this. it happened just before 10:00 saturday on the 3400 block of township line road. police say that shots were fired, outside of the home, and one of them went right
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through where a little boy was sitting in his own house, neighbors say watching tv. they heard 20 shots fired according to witnesses. daisy riveria's grandson his classmate with this child. >> he was usually sitting in the kitchen watching tv, and bullet just, a stray bullet came through the glass of the door. >> nice little boy. nice family. he plays with the other kid, every day, rides his bike, wears the helmet, good kid. >> that boy is listed in stable condition, and in philadelphia at chop. it is sentencing day foreman convicted of shooting a cop in west philadelphia. in april, jury found william noland guilty in the shooting of philadelphia police officer daniel costik. it happened at 50th and master in april 2015 but officer cost ik was able to return fire he could face as long as 40 years in prison.
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later today, we will have a new district attorney. kelly hodges is taking over for seth williams who resigned after pleading guilty to federal bribery charges. he is in jail awaiting sentencing. hodges is former city prosecutor who will be first african-american woman to serve as d.a. lets go to north philadelphia where a man is dead in another is in critical condition after a shooter opened fire on them. both men were shot several times around 2:30, yesterday morning. this is on the 800 block of west russell street. both victims were rushed to temple hospital, police have not made any arrests. state police right now are investigating a hit and run that killed a man, happening on i-76 on the eastbound lanes right near montgomery drive late on saturday evening. medics pronounced 30 year-old man dipped at the scene. police believe that the person who struck the man was driving a dark, newer model car, the car may have some damage to the passenger side, and then the windshield. time is just about 4:10.
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another chapter will be added to the probe in the possible ties between russia and president trump's campaign team. >> well to day congressional investigators will begin questioning president trump's son in law and senior white house advisor jared kushner. kushner scheduled to testify before close doors before both senate and house intelligence committees this week. members will ask him about his contacts with russian officials during the election including that meeting he attended last summer with donald trump junior and russian lawyer, kelly ann conway insists the russian investigations are a way of time. >> the president has always said the russia investigation is a russia witch hunt, conclusion in search of evidence. honestly what are we doing here? what is this about? the taxpayer money, the diversion of resources and time. >> in the meantime congress is set to pass bill with the new round of sanctions against russia the legislation is aimed at punish moscow for meddling in the presidential election and its military
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russian and ukraine and syria. 4:10. coming up next on "good day philadelphia" talk bay major mess here concern growing over a large hole opening up in the street in kingsessing, why neighbors well, you can see why they are worried, and this situation will only get worse. plus we had a devastating tragic nair took the life of the couple almost 100 years old, how so many people that loved them so much, there they are, they are remembering them but first we have to talk about that weather this morning, the sky, it is all lit up, rain coming and look at that radar. >> yes, we have severe thunderstorm warning for burlington, ocean counties until 4:45. so for a little while longer. if you are planning on leaving right now and if you can probably delay your trip please do so because, this may be the beginning of the end, for the war of it, we will examine our radar a little bit more closely when we come right back.
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rainy days, and mondays. >> this only add to the misery this morning. it is horrible outside. first of all, it is monday morning, then we have music that wants to push you back into bed. then we have to deal with all
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this rain out there sue serio. >> that is right. the whole day won't be a rainy day but it will be pretty soupy because we are expecting humidity hang around the rest of the day. looking at the direction that the rain is moving especially with the lightening here everything is moving to the north/northe out of our area and delaware is almost in the clear at this point. we will zoom in a little bit closer, heaviest rain, lightening, thunder all in southern new jersey around burlington county, ocean county, trenton getting a lot of heavy downpours and thunderstorms. we are still getting rain in philadelphia but up to the north of us it is raining quite heavily as well, poconos , lehigh valley, here in delaware county we have a few heavy downpours as well in chester and as we go into ocean county, and down along the expressway there in egg harbor, down through ocean city, atlantic city is raining steadily so that trip that steve was just describing down the expressway is not a fun
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one this morning, if you can put off, leaving, do so it will be a little bit better in an hour, maybe even less, flash flood warning continues for this area highlighted in green because flooding often continues even after the rain end and flood advisory for a lot of our shore counties as well as philadelphia, and burlington county and a few places to the north of us as well. so, it is going to be with us for a while. as we look at seven day forecast with numbers but not word just yet things will start to improve as we get in the week. best part about this seven day forecast is, there are no 90's tonight, heat wave is over. we may get close to 90 later on today but, it is going to be kind of humid but there is a break, for the humidity, coming, up throughout the middle of the week, even when we get in the mid 80's by sunday, it is still not in the 90's. so things will get better, bob kelly, i promise. >> going to get are two best
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word, we will get you going this morning. 4:15, live look at is what left of the accident that occurred on the schuylkill expressway within the last half an hour, it is right underneath 30th street station so headlights coming toward our camera leaving south philadelphia leaving and coming toward center city. obviously drains are all clogged here so what happens is somebody is coming along from the opposite direction hits that puddle and that big splash of water comes on to your windshield and that moment try blinding, which just stops your heart there for a second, it happened a couple times on the schuylkill on my way in this morning, that is what probably caused the accident. you can see cars off to the right. at least we're getting through slowly and that is the key, give yourself some extra time, it will take you longer to get there at lee in the next couple of hours until we get this heavier rain out of there another accident this guy here , hydroplaning, box truck spun around, this is i-95
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southbound, right here in the tunnels underneath penns landing. is there a live look, is there ben franklin bridge to give you an idea. so only one lane going south, on i-95, heavy rain coming through south jersey, route 70 westbound, flooded out at kings highway for the gang over there in cherry hill. down the shore the atlantic city expressway getting hit with those heavy rains and, of course with the rain comes mother nature's light show, boom, there you go, right there do you see that? lightening happening, fast and furious out there this morning , we will see it in the cameras and you will see it as well. blue route 476, another roadway where speed are knocked down naturally because of the weather conditions, so far, so good though on mass transit. karen and thomas back to you. thanks for the update. a large sinkhole in southwest philadelphia is causing concern this morning. >> all right. we can see dr. absolutely enormous. people want to get repairs before it gets worse and creates more dangers. >> residents have been watching this grow wider by the day. it started out as a small
4:19 am
broken pipe on the 1200 block of 51st street just a couple days ago. in the weekend rain set in and , well, created a bigger problem. >> the ground collapsed, and then maybe about an hour later after that, the ground opened up more. >> you can see where the street, is there nothing underneath and that will start caving in as well. >> so, big question everyone wants to know is who will fix it city's water department tells us it is a private contractor but contractors say it is not their job to repair. so they called the streets department when they discovered ground under the street was hallowed out 17 feet deep, neighbors say they won't rest until they get crew out there to cover up that hole. over in hatfield, montgomery county police are investigating a shooting that killed a 31 year-old man. >> police say person who pulled trigger is actually the one who called 911, he waited at the scene until police got there just before midnight, there is the scene the the
4:20 am
2400 block of east oroville a road there, was a disturn answer that broke out before the shoot bug no word on what the charges may be. time 20:00. three people dead after a shooting near erie, pennsylvania. violence broke out yesterday morning. authorities say they are not searching for any suspects, at this time, and they are also not releasing any information about the people who died, or the relationship between them. 4:20. how about this one a purple heart on a long journey home. >> road to get there, it was a long one after decade of searching, how it was finally return to the solder's family.
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good morning i'm sean bell football's back, training camp starts today for eagles. rookies, quarterbacks will be in cam top get to hear from carson wentz this is afternoon phillies and brewers howie kendrick is picking upright where he went off before he went on the dl. right here with the two run single, phillies go on to win six-three. this is their first time they have won back to back series, since april. to the open championship jordan spieth almost blew this thing but had a craze gi final , five holes on the 15, from 48 feet out, that is an eagle, birdie for spieth.
4:24 am
spieth finished 12 under for the tournament winning his third major. and temple making the rounds, right here promoting the program, yesterday, they went to elmwood park zoo to take pictures, sign autographs and, of course, chill with the animals. their first game of the season is september 2nd at notre dame that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> i love that. coming up next at 4:30 and all morning long we are dealing with this really heavy rain out there. >> radar says it all right there. we will have the latest on the storms coming up and your traffic, what is going on out there, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 4:24. live look at the schuylkill expressway, actually no, we're looking down the shore old glory getting a work out down there we will check the jam cams and sue has the rainy forecast when we come right back.
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welcome back severe weather creating dangerous conditions throughout our area including in blackwood new jersey there is a downpour lines. >> let get tout jenny joyce at the scene of this one. we have so many dangerous conditions. jenny, tell us what you are seeing right there.
4:28 am
>> reporter: good morning karen and thomas. we have a down power line that is also on fire here, look at those sparks. it is live along, black horse pike. and we saw all this heavy smoke but we exit todd see what wassing on we do know that this happened around 3:30 , police say they don't have any witnesses and they don't know fit was cause by lightening strike or what we have fire departments here on stand by, pse&g has been net filed and we are awaiting on the arrival, to deenergize this line, before the fire crews can start working on this active fire. we asked whether there is a concern this could get worse, police on the scene, say it has been pretty much been status quo all morning but they have been keeping us back , they said we cannot get closer to this. they are turning all vehicles around here, at almond son
4:29 am
road, to the route 42 north ramp. so you can see a lot of smoke here. you see those flames and sparks. definitely something to be concerned about. but would i say for the next 25 minutes this morning between 3:15, 3:45 we saw flash after flash after flash of lightening in this area it was pretty unbelievable every 22nds or so we were a little concerned about doing a live report because there was so much lightening and it is such , such heavy rain. thomas and karen. >> well, it is dangerous out there. thanks forget ago this report. stay safe, jenny because it is dangerous driving around, white knuckle conditions hydroplaning. >> very wussy morning for crew s, emergency personnel as well. lets check out latest conditions looking at that radar, sue. >> we have a severe thunderstorm warning that continues until 4:45 for toms river area part of the ocean county, as you'll see in a
4:30 am
second that is where war of it is right now. flash flood warning, flooding lingers long after the rain end in our area, and all of the areas here are under a flash flood warning until six or 7:00 o'clock and this flash flood watch until noon today in philadelphia because we have chance for more storms popping up. you see war of it is starting to head, slowly out of the viewing area but we have showers around in the lehigh valley, poconos mountains and here in the philadelphia area. it is still raining but the lightening is worse in ocean county where we still that have severe thunderstorm warning in effect and trenton area still getting those heavier downpours. it is such a challenge as we have been talking about because we all drove in, during this event this morning but rain has eased up in olde city thank goodness. 72 degrees is our current temperature. sunrise time 5:53. will we see any sunshine today
4:31 am
yeah, we probably will but we have chance for scattered thunderstorms throughout the day especially throughout the late afternoon. we are not dealing with 90- degree temperatures any more but it will be close with a high of 88, and it is still, pretty humid as well, so we will continue to keep you updated on that situation, and needless to say, there are plenty of challenges on the roadways, this morning, and bob kelly is here what is going on. >> trying to get a handle on everything going on. best advice to take your time if you can delay your trip by an hour to let dust settle if we could. here's the westbound schuylkill expressway in the tunnels under 30th street station, again, it looks like right now this whole left lane flooded out and problem here is not only do we have flooding from the rain at least here water from above just dropping down below. all lanes on the schuylkill were blocked for a little while and expect delays in both directions coming into center city. now we are told closure here of i-95, thinks all started
4:32 am
right here in the jackknife tractor trailer southbound i-95 right underneath ben franklin bridge. looking at the cameras they are pushing all traffic off on to race street so southbound i-95 from northeast philadelphia, pushed off into center city. until they can deal with this situation, again, southbound, it looks like they are starting that traffic through. this is what we have been dealing with all morning. we have a closure, they shut it down, they open it backup trying to let stuck traffic through. so all of that is happening while rain is copping down hot and heavy on us. poor visibility. give yourself plenty of extra time rolling out of the driveway in the next hour or so until we can get some of these storms out of here. flooding in new castle route 82 block, again any roadways, that are pren to flooding and right next to any bases of water, obviously we will see flooding this morning. route 40 flooded out down in delaware. here's a live look at 42 freeway as jenny joyce was
4:33 am
saying a lot of extra traffic being pushed on to 42 because of those sparking wires but you can see heavy downpour, ponding, as it makes it tough to see lane markers. so be careful in the construction zones. route 70 westbound, also they were telling me they were flood out near kings highway, live look not that far from that close another point. market frankford and broad street subway lines they are using shuttle buses until 5:00 karen and thomas back to you. really busy morning. we have team coverage on all this. lets get to steve keeley where we are expecting flooding conditions down the shore and he is in ocean city with what he is seeing, steve. >> reporter: we went south and north of atlantic city. we are seeing a lightening show over casinos and i looked at radar and it looks like latest storm was just going to clip the northern part. we were going to be out of it in ocean city. we are seeing non-stop lightening just 25 minutes up the parkway, and that is
4:34 am
atlantic city that area we are at a house i used to live at way back at 31st and bay avenue. dawn see that lightening show. you can see it going every two minutes. place where jenny joyce is we had driven right by there and that is where lightening was hitting every 22nds which i talk about at 4:00 a.m. there was no fire there. it happened between three and 4:00. we just got through that. we wouldn't venture out of the truck because we didn't want to get in any trouble. you see lightening. you can see that northern jersey shore towns are getting hit right now, by storms, that when you see that lightening every two, you have lightening , thunder and more torrential downpours and strong winds was warning from the weather service. you can see what the previous storm did here i know 34th street well and that is why i came here. this is flooded air but you can see some receding. you see these win things here that looked like somebody had a boat resting on these and
4:35 am
they were driven here to the middle of the street. you don't want to be driving around. when you are first person driving in the morning and one kelly and sue serio will tell you this, branches are down, greg, come over here, it looks like a railroad tie in the middle of the bay avenue which is a main drag where they had big night in venice show. you don't want to hit this at 40 miles an hour. watch out for stuff flood, pushed out in the roadways and if you are driving this early you are first one to come across branches, wires that may have come down and so forth. we will drive and walk all the way over to our truck and see drains here unlike fill drains by the schuylkill they are getting the job done, it sound like somebody car going here but no block here. greg, come over here and you will sea water working down there. you can see how much water is in the sewage system here. we have seaweed here but nothing blocking this drain. but the water is almost up to the heavy iron part of the drain and you can sea brings around the train so you can
4:36 am
tell, the water was flooded this high earlier overnight when they got hit with earlier storms, so not as bad here in ocean city as we feared but look at this lightening show over atlantic city. if you are up in atlantic county and says ocean county and burlington county it goes to the atlantic ocean from the delaware river to the atlantic ocean you may get hit. good time to stay put where you, i stay inside don't drive out in these lightening storms , do not go out in this stuff, because you just saw what jenny joyce was reporting on. stay put, stay safe, guys. >> excellent advice, glad flooding is not worse. lets keep tonight new jersey, thanks, steve. if you drink and drive there and there are deadly results you will go to jail. there is a new law where drivers convicted of the killing someone while driving drunk will survey minimum of three years in prison. this goes for both cars and boat operators as well. let's stay in new jersey. governor christie has sign another law letting people sue
4:37 am
websites that charge people to remove their mug shots. new jersey is joining more than a dozen other states with similar laws. also in new jersey, lawmakers are considering a new measure to help police bolt the states opioid crisis. bill would allow officers to access the prescription drug monitoring data bait without a court order. it is meant to target physician whose might be illegally prescribing painkillers. governor christie is opposed to the idea and says law enforcement officials should get permission from a judge before being able to view that database. 4:37. >> it had been decade since this item has been missing. talking about a purple heart here. it has finally been reunite united with the war hero family. >> mystery began several years ago when that medal was found in the dirt in upstate new york. well, there was a nationwide search to reunite family with that medal. is there the medal. finally discovered it once belonged to the family of the late bernard j mcnamara a
4:38 am
world war two native and bronx native. chuck schumer called him a true american hero. 4:38. we are following breaking news this morning look at this scene from blackwood, new jersey. crews finally a raving here after a down power line, causing a, fire that you can see growing in the last five minutes here. crews have their hands full all across our region. we are following latest on the radar coming up with the weather forecast as rains come down and traffic situation, this is an ideal situation you just saw with a number of road closed, look at that radar, still lit up this morning. we will be right back. first kid
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well come back. this is a live lot at scene where we have had massive severe flooding in the area downpours of rain, lightening strikes and all that creating dangerous conditions where we are having trees coming down and wires are coming down as you can see happening right now in blackwood, new jersey where we have a fire because these wires are down and they will stay electrified until rescuers get out there and electric crews to deelectrify those lines. they are certainly having people there, working to protect people from that area. we will stay on top of the different situations throughout the delaware valley it is coming up on 4:42, happening right now and they are trying to figure out this
4:42 am
tragedy nine people were found dead in the back of this massive tractor trailer. it was at a wal-mart parking lot in san antonio texas. >> three dozen others were found live telling officials they were heading to houston after crossing the border. some said they crossed the border at lor raid owe on foot and there were 100 people in back of the cab but the others fled. mostly from mexico. others from guatemala. wal-mart employee called police sunday after a man in the truck, asked him for water it was hundred degrees outside but truck wasn't air conditioning and temperatures inside likely reached 120 degrees. we will show you this star bucks customer did a whole lot more then get coffee. >> he risked his life after mask man barged in the coffee shop taking place in fresno, california. >> the armed man threatened an employee with the gun and knife. then there was a 58 year-old customer who snapped, bangs with the chair, they had a fight until the customer grabs
4:43 am
the knife and then stabs the person who was initial attacker my goodness we're watching it unfold. he runs away, police find him a few blocks away, and he is in the hospital facing charges 4:43. talking about the rain all morning licensing rolling through at your use causing issues for people heading out to work this morning. >> we will be right back. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone
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good morning. 4:45. updating our breaking news,
4:46 am
look at this in blackwood, new jersey we're looking live from our news van jenny joyce raced to the scene here, thinks right off offal al-zawahiri -- almondson road, where power lines, probably ignited after getting hit by, lightening within the last her or so, and psa and g crews air arriving on the scene there a lot of this is unfolding as we speak here. so watch for local detours in the neighborhood at almondson road off the 42 freeway in blackwood, new jersey. now lets go to the live jam cam. i-95 is now closed here in center city all because of some flooding, and jackknife tractor trailer right in the tunnels there underneath ben franklin. thinks a live look where i-95 all traffic forced off on to the center city interchange so southbound i-95 pushed off at callowhill, and you can see penndot crews they have their
4:47 am
arrows across here. they have the flares here trying to not only get truck out of there but also get in there and unblock the drains. here's the tractor trailer, that jackknifed about an hour or so ago, southbound i-95 right here coming into center city. anybody leaving northeast philadelphia, the neighborhood trying to get down to the airport i-95 is closed right now. they are pushing everybody off into center city on to callowhill street. we had a closure and accident on the schuylkill expressway both lanes moving once again there, and here's two different camera shots of the both atlantic city expressway and garden state parkway, again, a big light show happening right now down the shore as we heard from steve, we have got a down tree on the atlantic city expressway, eastbound right here near hammington interchange and steve said it right we're trailblazers first won out of the gate and if we don't have the daylight hearst just yet any area that were flooded there is debris that could be in the roadway, northbound 295
4:48 am
watching out for flooding conditions approaching 42 freeway. any construction zones like this one here in bellmawr prone to flooding because there is drainage grates all moved around and flooding in new castle route 82 right here at ford road, karen and thomas back to you. all right. most of the weather drama is starting to edge out of the philadelphia area and move into northern new jersey. we will zoom in closer here with our radar and you see lightening around trenton area , toms river area as well. still some scattered showers around our region but not as heavy as what we're seeing, still heavier downpours around pocono mountains as well as mount bethel, here in
4:49 am
philadelphia the rain starting to leave us but as you know, once the rain leaves it doesn't mean flooding is over with. so be careful port richmond raining lightly palmyra more heavily there we will go back to toms river in that part of the garden state parkway, which is probably not a good place to travel either and as we have been telling you all morning delay your trip as long as possible to give things a chance to settle down now that the war of the rain is over. we have lingering showers in cape may county and little egg harbor and lewis, delaware, lighter rain at least. flash flood warnings continues until six or 7:00 depending where you live in these area highlighted in green we have flash flood advisory, and that is at the shore points until 5:45 this morning. so things might get settled down after that but our flash flood watch continues in this area, until noon time, today. flooding lingering after the rain end and we may not be
4:50 am
finished with rain because we have a marginal risk for rest of the day of severe thunderstorms. looking at future cast you can see heaviest of the rain moving out but by 4:00 we will see scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up again and some of that could linger because thinks all very slow moving these systems lingering in to tuesday, on and off rain possible tomorrow. we are finally rid of the humidity for wednesday at least for a little while. it is summertime after all. 72 degrees in philadelphia we are heading in the high of 80 's and it will feel warmer because have the humidity. eighty-four tomorrow with lingering showers, nice day on wednesday, and thunderstorms possible on thursday into friday, but a fabulous weekend shaping up, for the last weekend of july, mid 80's, sunshine both days, make your plans now even though it is only monday, guys, something to look forward toy don't necessity how to act with the 82 degrees. >> no 90's. through sunday.
4:51 am
a growing number of the people squeezing their work outs on the job. i was supposed to say like karen but i know you too well. >> i'm putting on my makeup doing my squats, hair, you wouldn't believe it. sometimes i do sit-ups in the make up room. new study says benefits of exercising while at work out weighs distractions. local researchers, studied about 60 folks as they simultaneously worked on their computers and they did this, they walk on the treadmill. during a 15 minute session there was a slight drop in their performance. overall researchers say active work stations are a good way to keep people healthy and minds sharp. new study public in the latest journal of medicine and science and sports and exercise. if you are looking to shed a few pound eat a big breakfast. >> new research that shows your morning meal is the key to weight loss. this new study in california looked at more than 50,000 people, in these researchers believed the most successful weight loss tragedy is three
4:52 am
meals or less, in snacks here, with a bulk of your food eaten earlier in the day they say making breakfast your main meal is better for weight loss then making it lunch. those with the best results ate just two meals a day fasting overnight for up to 18 hours. stud appears in the journal of nutrition. lets get back to our break ing news because this weather is creating so many dangerous situations out there on the road and also with our wires. we have wires down they are arcing but good news is what we are seeing right there the power line crews are out there , so hopefully they will work to deelectrify that segment right there and get those wires backup. >> crews getting that early morning wake up call a lot of situation as cross the region as we pan out here, zoom out you can see fire still active as a result of the down power line in blank wood new jersey. we will get an update and update on your traffic in just a moment. stay with us. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
4:53 am
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z test text1 p giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. there is another reason to love wawa. >> cold brews are here, cold brew coffee is available at every single location. you can order right from the touch screen kiosk like do you when you get a hoagie or anything else. two options black cold brew or the sweet cream. after months in the making it is official, geno's steaks, geno's gear opened for business. it was a ribbon cutting
4:56 am
ceremony, and get this the ceiling of the stories decorated with a map that resembles south philadelphia and includes memorabilia from geno's late founder joey vanto customers can shop for items ranging from hats, hoods, key chains. it is on east passyunk avenue just across the street from the cheese stake shop. it is 4:56. our big story is weather and flooding and we have jenny joyce who is on this, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen and thomas we are a few hundred feet away from that fire across the way here live on black horse pike in blackwood just near the route 42 overpass, you can see down wires caught fire here, pse&g is on the scene trying to shut off power to the line so fire is on the scene trying to shut off power to the line so fire crews can putting (closed captioning is being provided by your quality plus ford dealers.) out these flames. we will be right back.
4:57 am
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right through can see rain coming down, also radar all lit up, yellow and red. sue will have your forecast coming up. what can you expect when you head out on this monday morning, severe weather. with this severe weather we have flooding, hydroplaning on the road we have accidents and down power lines. right new there is a fire in blackwood, we have crews out there on the scene and also we have a live report. great to have you with us
5:00 am
on this monday, wish i could say it is smooth sailing but it is not right there on the boardwalk and just how powerful those winds are, you can see the flash blowing there. >> yep. >> sue, big question is what are we dealing with and when will this rain end. >> war of this morning's rain is probably over. we will give you a six out of 10 because there is a chance of some more rain, throughout the day. we have got showers around. still humid with buddy. he has umbrella. he will keep an eye to the sky i think we will have some sunshine as well. lets call it an unsettled weather day with our flash flood warning continues, throughout some of our area this morning. and then this flood warning in new castle county is for cristina river at couch's bridge which often tend to flood which is did it is at flood stage right now. flash flood watch continues until noon until a lot of places, even longer because even after the war of the rain end, and it looks like heaviest d


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