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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  July 24, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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on this monday, wish i could say it is smooth sailing but it is not right there on the boardwalk and just how powerful those winds are, you can see the flash blowing there. >> yep. >> sue, big question is what are we dealing with and when will this rain end. >> war of this morning's rain is probably over. we will give you a six out of 10 because there is a chance of some more rain, throughout the day. we have got showers around. still humid with buddy. he has umbrella. he will keep an eye to the sky i think we will have some sunshine as well. lets call it an unsettled weather day with our flash flood warning continues, throughout some of our area this morning. and then this flood warning in new castle county is for cristina river at couch's bridge which often tend to flood which is did it is at flood stage right now. flash flood watch continues until noon until a lot of places, even longer because even after the war of the rain end, and it looks like heaviest downpours are moving
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up toward north jersey and new york city even after that happens, we still have a lot of lingering flood conditions. we have to watch it driving around the dark this morning not only for flooded roadways but for trees that came down with these strong thunderstorms that came through overnight. it is easing up the rain in trenton but still raining and in ocean county where we are seeing war of it this morning in olde city, still damp, we had showers, heavy rain overnight. 72 degrees is our current temperature. sunrise time 5:53 but don't expect a lot of sunshine. we will see some throughout the day but chance of a pop up thunderstorm later on in the day as well. high of 88. it will tiehl still warmer then. that heat wave was broken yesterday with a high of 89, 90's in the future? we will let you know in the seven day forecast coming up but we have a lot to tiehl with right new bob kelly. >> it is one of the mornings where it is dangerous to be out there first of all we have
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southbound lanes of i-95 closed right here underneath ben franklin bridge. what we are looking at is a jackknife tractor trailer. it happened about an hour or so ago in the height of the storms here through center city. here's a live look at the traffic from i-95 southbound, as we are approaching center city, penndot has all of the lanes blocked pushing everybody over on to the vine street expressway. if you every coming from northeast philadelphia everybody is forced in to center city here. look at this show, everybody trying to squeeze over from three lanes into the two off ramp lanes trying to get into center city. obviously big confusion here big time. coming south out of the northeast you are pushed on to the vine expressway. take that over to the schuylkill expressway, take that eastbound and you'll pick i895 back up in south philadelphia. that is route for gang back heading to the airport trying to get through downtown philadelphia again i-95 closed
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with that jackknife tractor trailer right underneath ben franklin bridge. black horse pike at 42 freeway , this is the scene with jenny live in a moment where we have that electrical fire, arcing wires, it looks like everything is opened. they are allowing black horse pike to squeeze through, 42 freeway goes over and traffic is moving on the freeway, locally there could be some detours. we have flooding on the ramps from 295 to 42 in that bellmawr construction zone. watch for atlantic city expressway a down tree at route 54 in hammington. we will step aside here, two of our cameras down the shore you can see light shows going crazy dunn here outside of atlantic city but if you are heading out of the front door right now give yourself some plenty of extra time especially in the construction zones where it is difficult to see lane markings and we will update that i-95 closure next time around, karen and thomas
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back over to you. 5:03. lets get tout blackwood new jersey are where crews are on the scene of the down wire creating a big fire, lets see what it is like right now, jenny, what is the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we have police fire and pse&g crews trying to get this situation under control live here along black horse pike at route 42 in blackwood. one lane gets by. this is southbound on black horse pike, the northbound lanes are closed near almond son avenue. pse&g working to deenergize the lines so fire crews can put oath these flames on the side of the road. police are letting that one lane of traffic go by this fire as a result of severe storms that swept through here between three and 4:00 this morning, heavy rainfall, constant lightening, earlier, people tweeted pictures of the flooding and now that the rain subsided this is the issue
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clearly the aftermath, live wires on fire here in blackwood. so crews are on the scene working on this situation, again police want you to be careful heading through this area, again, north bound lanes here of black horse pike in blackwood, near route 42, that continues to be shut down, karen and thomas. >> yes, they will have a very busy morning, another example here why everybody need to be extra careful this morning when they walk outside. jenny, thank you. lets continue team coverage we don't have to tell you but it is down right messy. steve keeley has been roaming around. where are you near longport, new jersey steve. >> we are on ocean drive just over the bridge leaving ocean city and is there a fishing spotty know and we pulled over here in this parking lot and thanks to the sky light of atlantic city and, the lightening show that is kind of dying down, 10 minutes ago, wow, but you can almost see the menacing cloud, still
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hanging over atlantic city and this storm looks like it is pushing out to sea but boy, when we were driving here as you see flashes of the lightening they were more every two, so lots of lightening and lots of rain, and ocean city kind of a lot of flooding in the intersection but we didn't sianni again it is dark we didn't see any major flooding in to houses or anything or cars, enveloped in the flooding. we can still see lightening to the left of the sky line which puts new ocean county, southern ocean county little he can harbor and to the right of atlantic city out to sea. is there a mother nature show. judging by all have the lights in the streets and casinos and all of the atlantic city lights and licensing port across no power outage at the shore despite all of the warnings about very strong, straight line wind. they got away with something here at the jersey shore at a time of the year when so many people are renting homes and
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renting condo is here and really wouldn't know where to go in a house that they are not familiar with to keep safe if they got hit with something real severe like 60-mile an hour wind and things like that when they say get to the center, get to the basement and people up in condos four stories up and can't get to the basement because they are locked in, for a week in a condo four stories high with the view of the ocean or bay which puts you close to the wind with nothing break ago this wind before it hits the houses there. how about the report joe biden 's former vice-president hometown greenville delaware the most rain so far, seven and a half inches, since 5:00 p.m. sunday. greenville, delaware, a nice rural, lovely place seven and a half inches have rain in just hours. how do you deal with that in your sewage system greenville delaware finding out in the last few hours for sure. >> aloft pumps running and flooded basements in our area thank you.
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>> that is why there was a flash flood warning. we will have an update in just a moment. 5:07. stray bullet goes through a home in chester hitting an 11 year-old boy inside. >> horrifying, innocent child in his own home and then that came n they are trying to figure out who did it. happened just before 10, the scene 3400 block have township line road. police say shots were fired outside the home and one went through wall hitting that child in the chest neighbors heard 20 shots fired. so one woman who lives there her grandson is friend was that child. >> he was usually sitting in the kitchen watching tv and then bullet just, a stray bullet went through the glass, you know, the door. >> nice little boy. quiet family, stays to themselves, he comes out and plays with the other kid every other day. he wears the helmet. good kid. >> so right now, that innocent child is in the hospital at chop, in stable condition.
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it is sentencing day foreman convicted of shooting a cop in west philadelphia, in april, a jury found william no vland shooting in a shooting it happened at 50th and master in april of 2015. officer costik returned fire but novland could face 40 years in prison. garden state police are investigating hit a run that killed a man on the schuylkill expressway in the eastbound lanes of montgomery drive late on saturday. medics pronounced the victim 30 years old dead at the scene police say they think that man who was hit, was hurt right there on the scene and died there was a person driving a dark newer model car that may be responsible, the car has damage to the passenger side and also windshield. lets go to north philadelphia now where a man is dead this morning and another is in critical condition after a shooter opened fire, on them, both men were shot several times around
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2:30 yesterday morning on the 800 block of west russell street, and both victims were rushed to the temple hospital, police have not made any arrests as of yet. it is official today we will have a new district attorney. >> kelly hodge is taking over for seth williams resigned after pleading guilty to federal bribery charges. he is in jail awaiting sentencing. hodge is a former city cities first african-american woman to serve as district attorney. lets take a live look outside, we have some down wires, flooding, we are concerned about all kinds of watches and warnings that are happening right now. it looks like they are getting a handle on the situation with the fire from the down wires in blackwood but that is one scenario happening all over the area. >> certainly a process, shut off electricity, work off the power lines and then obviously as soon as that is safe fire crews will put out that fire. sue serio working extremely hard this morning updating your weather forecast as we
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welcome back it keeps on raining for now sue serio we are dealing with flooding and problems but there will be a end in sight. >> right, worse of this batch of thunderstorms is over as far as ref i drenching downpours which we're still feeling aftermath of that with some flooding and the lightening which you may have to wait until today light to really see if lightening has hit anything where you live, but look at is what happening here. we will see rain, moving up to the north and west but then some heavy rain cells popping up around eastern shore of maryland so just because this round is over it doesn't mean we will in the see more rain popping up. scattered showers, thunder, lightening, it looks like it is moving into northern ocean county, toms river still seeing steady rain we will get to the pocono mountains and still raining heavily around mount pocono this morning as well, back to ocean county, around middletown, and howell there heavy rain, lightening
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rain but it is raining in cape may county and across the chan until lewis delaware as well but it is lighter rain there flash flood warning the area in green until 7:00, because the flooding as we know lingers after the rain ends an hour flood advisory continues as we will, it is a lot of it is expiring right now but we have to watch for that back bay flooding as steve mentioned at the shore. flash flood watch continues for possibility of, more pop up showers, and maybe even a thunderstorm, throughout the rest of this unsettled weather day, marginal risk of severe weather as well as most, you can see heavy rain pops out of here but this afternoon there are more scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up on the few future cast lingering in to tomorrow morning. we could have a stray shower or two. nothing as dramatic as what we have seen today but still kind of humid tomorrow. we will finally get a break from the humidity on wednesday for sure and then we will get more unsettled weather after. that but lets deal with one
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storm at a time, we have got 72 degrees in philadelphia right now, we have had heat wave end, yesterday with a high of 89 degrees. we have one more day, so one, two, three, four, five day heat wave and that will be it for 90's for foreseeable future not the whole future but 88 today. eighty-four tomorrow. eighty-two on wednesday, undoubted best weather day of the week because we have some thunderstorms popping up, thursday, into friday, and it looks like it will clear out nicely for the last weekend of july, bob kelly. >> wow, time flying fast 5:16. give yourself plenty of extra time as we are rolling out of the driveway, storms are on the way out but we are dealing with the left overs this morning, here's one, this is a live look at i-95 southbound jackknife tractor trailer right underneath ben franklin bridge. all traffic heading south on
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i-95 coming into center city everybody is pushed off on to the vine street expressway. detour, red i you don't want to go into center city folks trying to get down in the airport into south philadelphia and those traveling through philadelphia , all traffic pushed over to the right, on to the vine street expressway, deal is, you cross town on the vine, go west over toward the schuylkill, follow the signs on 76 east and that will put you back in south philadelphia and pick up signs for i-95. anyone coming into center city everybody pushed off at vine street expressway. moving on to the i-95 off ramp to broad street they are flooded out, anybody trying to get into the naval business center you know the drill there those drains are clogged every where. we have so much rain in such a short period of time, here's location of electrical fire that jenny is reporting on black horse pike route 168, right here near 42 freeway
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overpass so watch out for local detours in that area flooding on the ramps from 295 to the freeway. any work zones are most likely flooded out this morning. creek road, route 82 right there in new castle flooded out. also in wilmington route 40 near applebee road, philly international will be a rough start this morning give yourself plenty of extra time and check with the airline because there were flights cancelled or delayed last night when the run of storms came through so it will be a rough start, karen and thomas back to you. time right now 5:18. talk about a big mess here large sinkhole in southwest philadelphia is causing concern this morning. >> they have had crews out there and they were working when they discovered underneath red way there was a massive empty spot. >> residents have been watching this hole grow wider by the day. it started out as a small broken pipe on the 1200 block of 51st street this happened just a couple days ago and then we can end rain set in
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and that hole got bigger. >> the ground collapsed and then after an hour later after that the ground opened up more >> you can see is there nothing underneath there and that will start caving. >> big question is who will fix it. cities water department tells us it is a private contractor but the contractor says it is not their job to repair it. they called the cities streets department when they discover the ground and that street was hallow out 17 feet deep. neighbors say they won't rest until they get crews out there to cover up the hole. we will continue to follow that one. lets go tout hatfield, montgomery county police are investigating a shooting that killed a 31 year-old man. >> here's what police say happened, there was a person who pulled the trigger who actually called 911 as well and waited until police got there and it all happened before might night on the 2400 block of east oroville a road, there was a disturbance, shooting, we don't know yet
5:20 am
about charges. also coming up on 5:20 investigators are trying to figure out what start aid fire that killed a couple married, they were a hundred years old, nearly. >> great grandparents and beloved in their community. >> so, our jenny joyce has spoken with the heart broken neighbors in elkins park. >> reporter: roy and helen finestein, 98 year-old of elkins park married 70 plus years, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, two long lives that ended tragically this morning. >> we didn't expect anything like this. i mean this is pretty much big time. >> reporter: neighbors were caught off guard when fire engines stormed the 600 block of spring avenue just after 4:30 a.m. >> it sounded like a fireplace , you could hear crackling, popping, intensity. >> reporter: fire officials say flames were we have/the first floor in front of the home, couple's bedroom where the pair was found. >> we walk up and saw flames, it was frightening. >> reporter: tracie warner walks the neighborhood often and said she got to know helen
5:21 am
overtime. >> she walked up, lovely. >> reporter: husband roy was a retired cpa, family says they have lived there since early 1960's, they built a life on the block, two children were on the scene this morning and shared this photo but reframed from commenting. >> they have lived here forever. so, this is a tragedy in our neighborhood. this is very sad. >> reporter: i took fire fight er two and a half hours to get flames under control. fire marshall said old construction of the home and summer heat presented challenges. mark said he walk his children to the scene to teach them a lesson on fire safety. >> it is kind of unfortunate that they are seeing it way. it is an opportunity to see what fire can do, you know, and not have such a non-chal ant attitude bit. >> fire officials say they don't know whether the smoke alarms were working they are putting out a message to neighbors. >> i asked residence of the cheltenham township to check
5:22 am
their smoke detectors to make sure they are working, operational so we don't have another incidents like this occur in the future. >> in elkins park jennifer joyce fox 29 news. sue and bob's updating your traffic and weather in a moment. very active morning. also the wait is finally over. >> lets give you something else to talk about besides weather and everything also we are talking about training camp because our quarterbacks, rookies and veterans reporting to the novacare center today this morning could it be the year. ♪when you've got...♪
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lyft offering its game. >> goal, self driving vehicles , ride sharing services is developing hardware and software to power their own self driving cars. up until now lyft partners with partnered with other co like general motors to have them build the self driving technology, and industry experts say this is very expensive, to develop self driving vehicles because test are required with engineers that demand high calories. lyft says self driving technology is very vital to its business. weigh in on that a little bit. credit card giant visa says people will be able to get their money, without using a pin n fact they will use a thumb print, voice recognition
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, retina or even your heartbeat. they are working with the rest of the payment industry on new ideas and standard so they don't to have keep using those pins of the past. is there a williams sister , real excited about this, coming to our city. >> yes. >> i'm going to smash you, take you down, i will scar you >> calm down. coming up, where you can catch tennis champion venous williams straight ahead a lieutenant of energy at 5:26.
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our area getting hit with severe wet are. we will show you which areas will showdown your morning commute. we have a lot of accidents , ponding on the roadways, you can see this... we have down wires. there is a fire there. working to get this one under control and put that out. we have a very busy morning. >> coming up in just a moment. also ahead who is ready for football season? what we can expect as eagles players take the practice field today. >> little distraction. thank you so much for joining us on this morning. again, as we take a live look outside, wilmington soggy morning. >> good to have you back,
5:30 am
karen hepp, i'm thomas dray son. lets get right to sue serio. what can we expect this morning, sue. >> we can expect more showers throughout the rest of the morning or even today but not as dramatic as what is moving out today right now. we not completely finish but heavier rain is heading up toward new york city, northern new jersey, long island getting drama that we just had over the pennsylvania couple of hours. our number today is a six out of 10, because it is still very sticky. muggy the doggies still here with bus stop buddy. good boy, relax. i know dogs get so scared in the thunderstorm. seventy's out there. it is humid. still a few lingering showers around this morning. you have to keep an eye to the sky if you are, planning on swimming today. we have got flood warning in new castle county for cristina river at couch's bridge where it is at flood stage and flash flood warnings around for lingering effects of the heavier rain that moved through overnight drenching
5:31 am
downpours. rain falling at a rate of two to 4 inches per hour at times, overnight, so this is an area still under a flash flood watch until 6:00 this morning. 72 degrees, still very humid with 93 percent relative humidity, sunrise time 5:53 and heat wave was broken yesterday with a high of 89 degrees which is still warm , today we will see in the upper 80es again feeling hotter then that and can't rule out some more pop up thunderstorms, bob kelly, aren't you excited. >> never rule them out. what a crazy morning we have had, it looks like things at lee from stuff coming out of the sky starting to slow down but now we have been left with the left overs. we have a jackknife tractor trailer closing all lanes of 95 southbound in center city. here's a live look traffic forced off here approaching center city. there is closure point. penndot blocking everything here. everyone is push off on to the
5:32 am
vine street expressway into center city philadelphia so how do we get around that coming from the northeast? coming into downtown you are forced off to go west on the vine street expressway. from there pick up the schuylkill east to get you back in to south philadelphia and pick up i-95 to get down toward the airport. speaking of the airport some first couple trains out of the gay including the airport line on septa's regional rail line running with delays this morning because of the weather conditions, and some flooding here in, south philadelphia the broad street off ramp, into south philadelphia, flooded out, again, that is one stretch that always floods out when we get heavier rain and then into the neighborhood in new castle creek road flooded out at ford road route 82, also in wilmington, route 40, pulaski highway flooded out as well. we are waking up heading out front door there is high water every where, drains are blocked, watch construction zones like here in bellmawr 295 at 42 freeway, and black horse pike right at route 42
5:33 am
we will be dealing with that electrical fire and we will have more on that from jenny joyce coming upright now, karen and thomas back to you. >> lets get to that break news out of new jersey blackwood fire crews are out on black horse pike responding to that down power line that sparked flames. jenny joyce live with the very latest, still going, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. within last two minutes fire fighters left the scene. what you see now is still some smoke and route 42 northbound ramp, and police tell us it will be reopened shortly live on black horse pike in blackwood, fire fighters had to wait about two hours to get to work on these power lines that ignited this morning and wait for pse&g to get here to deenergize those wires to safe ly douse the flames. this happened around 3:30 this morning as we look at video shot earlier we can see the flames, bright orange, lots of
5:34 am
smoke out here once we get out on the scene we can hear crackling and actively burning and we hear or smell rubber burning on the scene. that is most obvious. torrential downpours, constant lightening strikes pounded this area for more than an hour this morning, that is when these wires ignited. while crews continue to clean up the scene police are letting one lane of traffic go by in each direction northbound and southbound here along black horse pike, we expect the road to fully reopened shortly, karen and thomas. crew did his a great job getting that under control another example as i mentioned to be careful, jenny, thank you. 5:34. we have severe conditions that are out there, certainly on the road, lots of ponding, flooding in many areas, basements are getting swamped right now. steve keeley has been driving around in this dicey driving. where are you now, what are you seeing, steve. >> reporter: you know how i
5:35 am
despise clicheness tv news which is over run with them but we will give you this take on one calm after the storm on the beach in margate. we are looking at start of the sunrise here. you can tell things or kay here because this street normally flood, it flood so much you can see in the sea wall they have cut a circle out so water can get back into the ocean. what happened was in the middle of the night when it was raining you see water cuts through sand and goes out and fills in here. what stops it from going to the ocean now? the controversial dune project that the people of margate for the with chris christie about. you can see why even with little sunlight you cannot see ocean now. these first floor people thought, you know we will not have our view off our first floor decks, pools by beach, dinner tables. over there to the right where you see lights, that is dune project and fact they have been able to keep working despite the storm is good news so you have a little kiddie
5:36 am
pool and when mike jerrick hangs out in margate thinks where he swims because he is guarantied no sharks and rip currents. safe spot. you will see him sitting lap deep in there occasionally, and that is the good news. no big flooding. we went on another place where we have flooding in margate, nothing there either. so good news for the shore, they narrowly missed this one. greg will go up the steps as we wrap up our hit and we will give you a shot of the ocean. you have to be elevated maybe up to the second floor to see own new dune but that is there to keep water from damaging homes. it did its job already to protect these beach front properties, guys. >> steve, thank you. >> we do like that kiddie pool , thanks for the vantage point. president's senior advisor and son in law jared kushner will undergo two days of questioning before senate and house committees. >> among topics, ties between the trump campaign and russia. start of the very busy week. lets get down to washington
5:37 am
with doug luzader, so a lot of people are looking to see what comes out of this, doug court court kushner has had a couple days to face grilling here on capitol hill. he will meet with the senate intelligence committee today, house intelligence committee tomorrow and these are going to be behind closed doors and kushner will not be under oath at this point. thinks part of the agreement to get kushner to testify but democrats are in doubt going to press him about what he knew about what russia was doing during the campaigns and specifically what meetings took place involving anyone from russia, kushner, former campaign manager paul manafort , trump's son don junior and so on. this is not an easy day for kushner, the administration seems to think this will put things to rest but democrats promise to just keep digging here. >> a lot of people friday at 5:00 they shut off their tv and they enjoy and go down the shore here.
5:38 am
monday morning they turn on the tv is what the blaring head line that we missed over weekend and how will that factor out this week. >> reporter: big head line is fact that kushner will testify , you know, we knew this would happen but fact that it is happening this week is significant. other thing happening on capitol hill is the effort to repeal, replace obama care some combination have those two. we don't necessity how that will play out. president is really trying to pressure republicans to get on board with this effort to repeal obama care. it will not be easy. republicans are nip and tuck on the senate and doesn't help them from a political standpoint that senator john mccain will not be there which means they will need just about every republican vote that they can muster. they can only lose one republican and still pass something. >> it will be a very busy week all eyes watching what happens there and some negotiations to talk with donald trump junior as well. >> doug, thanks.
5:39 am
on this day 5:38 another big day eagles training camp day one, we will break it down coming up after the break but first here's sean bell. coming up in sports in the minute phillies doing something for first time since april see if they can get it donna begins the brewers that is next in sports.
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if you like cinnamon toast crunch then you'll love strawberry... french toast... and new apple cinnamon toast crunch. from our crazy delicious family to yours. crave those crazy squares good morning i'm sean bell football's back, training camp
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starts today for eagles, rookies and quarterbacks will be at camp. get to hear from carson wentz this afternoon. phillies and brewers, howie kendrick picking up where he left off before he went to the ll with the two run single. phillies win will six-three. first time they have won back to back series since april. they have won four out of five games, finally playing some good ball. >> i like to do, you know, start momentum or get guys going and do something exciting, you know, he is playing hard, and everyone has been hitting, everyone has been playing the game right and doing little things and that hoist we have been able to come out with victories. to the open championship jordan spieth almost blew it but crazy finish, he went birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie, and then his par right here 18th to win tournament. he finished at 12 under winning his third major. that is sports in a minute.
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rain is stopped but we are dealing with the closure of i-95, that is still with us. live look at market frankford line going underneath ben franklin bridge awe all southbound lanes of 95 are closed right here in center city. hang at start of the morning at 3:30, quarter to 4:00, jackknife tractor trailer. anyone coming south, a live
5:46 am
look, everyone push off on to the vine street expressway, penndot with all of the flares all block here so again 95 south, coming into downtown philly, everyone is forced to go west on the vine street expressway. here's a live look picture that traffic coming into philadelphia, heading to the airport be ready because you will be forced off on to the vine expressway in center city so cross town on the vine and then pick up schuylkill eastbound into south philadelphia, see signs for airport and then on your way. coming south on i-95 and want and alternate forget about a river being there and go over betsy ross bridge and come down route 130, pick up admiral wilson boulevard and bam get around that whole entire shut down for as long as that will be with us this morning or go right down to the walt whitman, just another option for you and anybody who typically uses the betsy ross bridge and comes into philadelphia don't do it this
5:47 am
morning. stick with 130 and take you to the admiral wilson and walt whitman to connect with i-95. forecast for the rest of the monday sue has it in 15. we have a reporting station in wilmington, delaware around greenville area 7.44 inches on have rain since yesterday, ship bottom in new jersey in ocean county, 4.35 inches on have rain just since yesterday. i think we will have more dramatic totals from the overnight because the rain was falling at a rate of two to 4 inches an hour at its worse and we are not finished just yet. lets show you happening around ocean city maryland where they had nothing and then look at this, a thunderstorm with heavy downpours moving right
5:48 am
into that part of the maryland coast, and then around little egg harbor we have lightening popping up, so, up toward pocono mountains it is easing up a little bit and heaviest rain is moving in the new york city area, so delay your trip if you are leaving right now or take your time heading up to the parkway or turnpike. and we have got that rain atlantic city, kind of on the light side now. flash flood warning continues in the places highlighted here , until 7:00 a.m. and then flood advisory, that is just been lifted in some areas but still lingers in northern new jersey and our flash flood watch, because of the flooding continues, even after the rain ends. you know that we have experienced it ourselves many times and still under marginal risk of severe weather for rest of the day with more pop ups, possible as we look real quickly the future cast by this evening there are isolated showers and thunderstorms and a few even
5:49 am
lingering into tomorrow morning. so, one good thing is the heat wave is over, it was over yesterday with a high of 89, close to 90, but 88 today and then tomorrow lingering showers, it looks like a nice day on wednesday with lower humidity and high of 82. thunderstorms back thursday into friday but it looks like we could clear out nice lid for the last weekend of july, wow. >> it looks good. thanks, sue. >> august already, can you believe that. >> where is it going, sue, thank you. 5:49. let's talk entertainment, fans of the shark week are disappoint after that thighly anticipated race between michael phelps and a great white shark. >> so spoil's leather if you d vred it, phelps lost but that is not only reason people are upset. >> discovery channel hyped it for months now but it turns out the race was never against a real shark, it was against a computer generated simulation
5:50 am
of the shark. you didn't think he would be there with the shark, real one , do you? scientists determined outcome of the race based on previously collect data and viewers felt duped, let down, fake shark by the way beat phelps by 22nd. alex tweeting about that and saying real shark. eagles, lets talk about our bird. training camp has finally arrived and we will have our rookies, quarterbacks and veterans reporting to the field today. >> second year quarterback carson wentz will set the tunas new face make their case for starting positions. we have brought in the big guns eytan sander from 97.59 fanatic to break it down. >> always a pleasure. we're back, finally, year two, for doug pederson, year two for carson wentz. everybody is exited to see this team formulate their identity. >> you mentioned carson wentz what do you expect will happen >> big things from both him and also the team around him. they have clearly have
5:51 am
improved the weapons, there is a little tidbit about him. all of the quarterback would take their guys out west, to southern california. he changed that this off season. he said everybody is coming to north dakota. >> i have been looking at those pictures. >> alshon jeffery is an established veteran, he is really only here in the year. he he didn't want to get to north dakota he didn't to have go there. it says a lot about how much of a leader he is. >> these guys are improving, they will to have prove themselves on the field. >> what are some of the break outs. we have two that are on the injured list. >> well, otto even if the arrival of the alshon jeffery, torey smith and lagarrette blount the running backs. now you have weapons all around carson wentz. the ball should move. as far as rookie is concerned because rookies and quarterbacks report today, done he will pumphrey should help but this is mainly about veterans that they brought in around carson wentz and make the ball move down the field.
5:52 am
>> right, cindy jones is huge because he was the kid drafted to be the cornerback and we know this team has a major hole at cornerback. not seeing him this year will be frustrating for fans but be patient we know that war from the sixers, patients. >> exactly, trust the process. draft right here in philadelphia so exciting to watch big screen. tell us about new faces we will see at camp taking the field this year. >> the big face right in front is number one draft pick and that that is derek barnett. that rookie was taken to cause havoc, rush passer and get in the backfield. he will be really good. a nice surprise for eagles fans because there was mixed reactions at first but reality is they needed help in that position: they are deep as well. it is like training wheels for him. he has teammates around him that are veterans that can make it easier for rook toy step n he has got these ankles
5:53 am
that been. he is like a mutant, like marvel where his ankles bend more than normal so that will help. keep an eye out for that. >> not too much though, stay healthy, we will see. >> that is a good thing that his ankles can bend. >> what, first day of camp make a prediction for rest of the season what do you think it will be. >> as far as the record is concerned, i haven't seen carson wentz throw a football. >> hold you to it forever. >> nine-seven, 10-six can i change it. >> i will be optimistic. they can be a good football team. don't worry about the schedule worry about what they have in front of them and that is good talent around carson. >> take it slow, time will tell. >> thanks. taking a quick break we will update you on weather and traffic in a minute. this kid makes stains like crazy
5:54 am
5:55 am
so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in 1/2 the time
5:56 am
6:00 a.m. t time but might be better later this morning, sue's got the full forecast and all of the things you need to know with the flooding and other developments as well. is there a temple proud, temple made grad, now eight million-dollar richer his name is scott bloomstein. he thinks years world series of poker champion only 25 years old from new jersey, espn carried tournament and posted video on their web site brigantine native defeat aid
5:57 am
player from altoona, pennsylvania on the 200 and forty-sixth hand of the final table. he is a regular on new jersey on line poker sites, how about that. he tweeted about the winning, still in shock i'm in the sure when it will hit completely but for right now i'm just enjoying the moment. all of the support means so much. also good news tennis fans in philadelphia will get a chance to see venous williams play world team tennis match today at the hagan arena her washington castles are set to face off against freedoms at 7:00. williams finish up as runner up on july 15th a 16, co-ed he had lead features maria sharapova and john ice inner, tennis great billy jean king owns freedoms. i think it is over there at st. joes, we will research it and check it out. lots of fun. we have problems you need to necessity about waking up, we have a ton of heightening, hail, possibly a tornado warning, severe weather, we
5:58 am
have flooding that is happening. we will have latest you need to know about the events we are waking up to this morning when good day continues in two minutes. p://>[a5df]
5:59 am
6:00 am
mother nature putting on a show overnight while were you sleeping, severe weather pound ing the area including a tornado warning at the shore. your commute will be flooded


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