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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 24, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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mother nature putting on a show overnight while were you sleeping, severe weather pound ing the area including a tornado warning at the shore. your commute will be flooded.
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look at that radar, man. >> that weather is causing headaches for commuters this morning including in blackwood , new jersey. >> wow. >> down power lines, caused a fire, just a little while ago, look at those flames. what to expect before you head out the door. hey bird are back in town, training camp gets underway today at novacare complex. who has got the most to prove? will this be the year we will get back the two playoffs. what to watch for in year two of the carson wentz era. >> time to get back on the wentz wagon. lets get it all together. >> that is right. >> we should play that bird are back in town. >> bird are back in town. >> boys. >> well, bird are close enough >> yes you don't listen it can sound like bird. >> just mumble it. >> hey everybody it is monday july 24th, 2017. what a night. >> yes. >> certainly was, sue. we are still dealing with it this morning. >> yikes. >> if you weren't with us before just for those who drove in the middle on have
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the night from the suburbs it was like driving in on a snow day white knuckle the entire way, all this heavy rain was with us a few hours ago along with the lightening, drone having downpours, rain was falling at a rate of two to 4 inches an hour overnight and now we are dealing with residual flooding and we may not be finish either for rest of the day. we will start off with this look at radar and see heavier stuff up around new york city moving out of the pocono mountains. we will give you a six out of 10 because it will be far from perfect. we will have humidity and more scattered showers and thunderstorms. umbrella for buddy and eye on the sky. it is humid this morning, mostly in the 70's, still have this flash flood warning, for camden, cumberland, gloucester , salem count business to expire but one in chester, new castle, delaware counties is still on until 9:00, flooding lingering even after the war of the rain is over. 72 degrees with 93 percent
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relative humidity, heading to a high not in the 90's we broke heat wave yesterday with a high of 89. eighty-eight is our high temperature and yes, we have a chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms, bob kelly, we have got a mess out there this morning on the road. >> it has been crazy, sue, good morning. 6:03. we're still shut down on i-95 through center city. live look at traffic all forced off at vine street expressway because of the jackknife tractor trailer that happened a couple hours ago. so all traffic that is coming southbound on i-95 into downtown, forced off on to the vine street expressway from there you can pick up the schuylkill expressway, or, forget there is a river here and jump over into new jersey. use route 130 down to the admiral wilson or all the way down to the walt whitman for folks from new jersey typically using betsy ross to connect with i-95, i'd stay on the new jersey side as long as you can and get south of
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center city to avoid shut down into the neighborhood we go, down tree at county line and stump road. live look at penndot cameras there, it is hanging right there on the peco power lines. we have had power problems this morning, west on the schuylkill, disable right here near girard avenue interchange septa running with a couple trains right out of the gate with delays this morning. even though rain is out of here we are left over with, we're left with the left overs , expect delays at the airport, last night's round of storms had a lot have cancellations. so check with the airline before you head down there. mike and alex, back over to you. >> bob kelly. >> yes, sir. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. this severe weather is creating dangerous conditions throughout the area here's the scene or what it looked like in blackwood, new jersey where there was a down power line that sparked a fire. do you see it right there. >> sparking like crazy. >> jenny what did you think when when you pulled up on
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this we are driving down route 42. chris fox says there is a lot of smoke off to the right. we decided to pull off what we saw was just in that video of bright orange flames taking a live look here at black horse pike route 42 on ramp, only a little bit of smoke left behind but still that on ramp remains closed to traffic waiting for the smoke to completely die down here. fire fighters were on the scene earlier this morning, they had to wait a couple hours to get to work here. they had to wait for pse&g to deenergize those wires to safe ly douse those flames. it happened 3:30 this morning. police say there were no witnesses nearby when wires ignite budd happened during the height of the storm, torrential downpours, constant lightening strikes, pounded this area from more than an hour. while crews continue to clean up the scene you can see traffic is still getting by in both directions back out here live on black horse pike but
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they do want drivers to be careful because as you an see here cones are still set up, we have crews on the side of the road here as route 42 on ramp, north boundary mains shut down, mike and alex. >> jenny, we will check with you all morning long. we have video, wow, the skies over ocean city, lightening up, or lighting up, yeah, lighting up, because of the lightening it was lighting up. that was 4:30 this morning. severe stormed moved through the area we will have flooded streets up and down the shore all morning long. that is for sure. ocean city was under a tornado warning overnight. while there were no tornadoes reported the storm did dump heavy rain leaving streets flooded, downtown street were under water in the immediate aftermath of that storm. we will show you video from delaware county chad ford you can see rain road and baltimore pike look at how flooded they are, slowly, slowly, and wow, don't they
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say, no way to get around this one turnaround, don't drawn. >> don't risk it. >> exactly. >> normal culprits at it again this morning, lincoln drive where crews work to remove a tree that fell on the roadway slowing traffic in the area of course, no reports of any injuries. >> police, 6:07. police air waiting autopsy results of the victim of the deadly shooting in hatfield montgomery county late saturday night. the guy who pulled the trigger is one who called 911. he waited at the scene until police got there on the 2400 block of east oroville a road, police say some kind of disturbance broke out before the shooting. in word on any charges just yet. todays is sentencing day for a man quick of shooting a police officer in west philadelphia william novland in april, william was, found guilty in the shooting of philadelphia police officer daniel costik. it happened during a traffic stop at 50th and master in
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april 2015, officer costik was able to return fire. the suspect could face as long as 40 years in prison. how about this story out of san antonio, texas. nine people are now dead in a sweltering truck. temperatures in the truck reached 150 degrees, officials calling it a case of human trafficking. plus a robbery at star bucks turns violent but not suspect who delivers the blows , see who steps into stop this would be robber.
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we're riding the storm out with you at 6:10 right now. lets get out to california, star bucks customer in cali did a whole lot more than just buy coffee but risked his life after a masked man barged into star bucks. >> he threatened an employee with the gun and knife. when 58 year-old customer saw what was happening he snuck up , hit him with the chair. >> man. >> they for the until customer grabbed the knife and stabbed the one robber. police tracked down the suspect a few blocks away in the hospital and facing all kind of charges and the customer is just fine. >> wow, is he attack.
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>> did he get free coffee. >> he should have free coffee for a week. he was in the playing around. >> no. >> my gosh. 6:11. new jersey man is king of the poker world this morning, how much this guy brought home when he won the world series ofok at all that money. >> he beat a dude from altoona . well, most of the heavy stu thet man was it rough overnight and we have remnants of the storm to face on that morning commute, more storms this afternoon too.
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this happened in the middle of the severe thunder storm over delaware bay. it was on a dock when he shot that. >> very cool. >> waterspouts are cool; right , sue aren't they just tornado over the water. >> they are cool as long as they don't hurt anybody. >> as long as they are far away. >> thunderstorms on saturday was very selective. some folks got really strong storms, some didn't. won that came through overnight were not, everybody
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got something overnight, and now we're getting isolated storms, again. look around ocean city, maryland, that thunder and lightening coming through pretty quickly moving up toward ocean pines there and off shore but there were heavier downpours there. we will head up north to mount pocono where it is raining. they have been seeing heavy rain throughout the night and into this morning and it looks like heavy rain toward new york city is starting to ease up, a bit. we have flash flood warning for parts of the delco, new castle delaware and chester county this will be until 9:00 e chance of more severe weather later on in the day as we look at future cast. we will see scattered showers popping up possibly throughout the rest of the morning, still have the umbrella with you because by 3:00 this afternoon eye on the sky we could see showers, isolated thunderstorm through the evening and even through overnight this system taking its time getting out of here and even into tomorrow
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morning early in the day. we could see scattered showers we will clear out for the most part on wednesday. as we look at temperatures out the door it is still quite muggy 72 degrees. seventy's to the south of us. close to 70 to the north of us and we broke heat wave, yesterday. it was close. we got to 89. we will end up with a five day heat wave for that one and today 88 but it will feel hotter especially if we get sunshine. eighty-four on tuesday and then 82, nice day on wednesday with lower humidity. thunderstorms thursday into friday, but so far last weekend of july is shaping up to be decent mid 80's and sunshine both days of the weekend a lot of weather drama this morning bob kelly and still feeling after effects. >> it was crazy, we had so much going on here last couple of hours. it is all out of here. we are left with the left overs. here's i-95, still closed into
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center city. all southbound lanes closed, because of an early morning jackknife tractor trailer right here near clum budd boulevard. anybody coming south forced off on to the vine street expressway. all that traffic heading over to the schuylkill and then taking schuylkill expressway ease down toward the airport area. we are bumper to bumper where we are typically jammed in this stretch but everybody is gone now through center city across town. getting ready to leave the house try, forget there is a river here jump over to the betsy ross take route 130 down to the admiral wilson or 130 down to the walt whitman bridge if you can avoid i-95 stretch into center city that is game changer for at lee next hour until we can get that opened backup. down tree county line and stump road and montgomery county, and respect the closures that are out there. you may in the see high water, or you may in the see that power line but those closures are in effect we have had down trees, wires throughout the morning, new jersey transit's
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river line suspending services between the transportation center and waterfront complex because of the high water, here's a live look at schuylkill expressway, to the conshohocken curve there, they have milled roadway over weekend so you feel speed bump changing lanes and again we have turned off spigot and live look at the freeway, road s are still wet but we are not dealing with the heavy rain and starting to see delays toward philadelphia, mike and alex, back over to you. this just in jared kushner says he only had four contacts with russians during the campaign, and president's transition and that in of them were improper. he also says that he never colluded with with any foreign government during the presidential campaign. the president's son in law disclosed the information in an 11 page statement provided to the associated press this comes just hours now before he is to be interviewed by a senate committee investigation
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about russian's meddlig in the 2016 election is the subject matter. we shall see what he says in front of the senate. health care returns to the national spotlight today, here we go again president trump will hold a news conference this afternoon detailing latest effort to repeal and replace obama care or just repeal it. the senate is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a revised health care plan but the vote has been postponed a few times since there was in the enough support to guarantee its passage. 6:19. developing this morning, court today foreman arrested in connection with the deadly human trafficking investigation in texas. >> this is just sick. after three dozen people are found in the back of a tractor trailer in texas they may have had as many as 100 people in the back of this truck. >> among the 100 people eight were found dead, in that tractor trailer, that was in the wal-mart parking lot texas
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yesterday. a ninth died a short time later. some of the people were saved said they crossed the border at texas on foot and they were 100 people in the back with the truck that where they parked. most are from mexico and guatemala. vigil was held over the weekend. >> in one has to die in the search for a better life. >> no one person is responsible for that failure but it represents a systemic failure and today we saw part of the failure. >> wal-mart employee called police sunday after man in the truck asked them for water. surveillance video from the store showed vehicles pulling up and taking people from the truck. mike, in texas it is men to get extremely hot. there were reports that the temperatures inside of tractor trailer where people were a couple dozen, were up to 120 degrees. >> yeah. >> people that survived may have permanent brain damage,
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unreal but there were cars pulling up, in other word, deliveries of humans and cars would drive off with humans in the car. eagles are back training camp begins this morning in south philadelphia around 8:00 o prove this year for will fit is-- no, the bird, eagles, whatever they are, yeah, the eagles, that is it.
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football back, training camp start today for eagles, rookies and quarterbacks will be in camp. we will hear from carson wentz this afternoon. to the phillies and brewers, howie kendrick picking upright where he left off before he went to the dl with the two run single. phillies go on to win six- three. that is first time they have won back to back series since april. jordan spieth almost blew this thing but had a crazy good final five holes, on the 15th check this out, from 48 feet, out, that is an eagle , birdied it. spieth finished 12 under for the tournament winning his
6:25 am
third, major tournament. and temple making the rounds right here promoting the program, yesterday they went to elmwood park zoo to take pictures, and sign autographs and, of course, chill with the animals. their first game of the season is september 2nd at notre dame that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> at notre dame, wow. football is back, folks, training cam many officially begins today for eagles officially beginning year number two of the carson wentz /doug pederson another a get ready, first practice for quarterbacks, rookies and selected veterans starts around 8:50 this morning. we will there been live so you can see it all first full team practice is scheduled for thursday, and then first pre season game is just over two weeks away, and that is august 10th verse packers. >> the packers. >> yes. >> all right. 6:25. while were you sleeping it was unreal. i was up around two or 2:30.
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>> were you not. >> yeah. >> it was pouring. >> well, we are not quite finished with rain yet but nothing like drenching downpours that we did have overnight and we're still feeling after effect this is morning, jenny joyce is here to tell you more about that. >> reporter: good morning, sue , again live on black horse pike where crew is still have the on ram township route 42 northbound shut down after earlier this morning we showed you a crazy video of some fire here afterlife wires caught fire and ignited, early this morning, we will be right back
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mother nature puts on a show overnight severe weather bringing down power lines and causing flooding road. new jersey man is king of the poker world this morning. he went to temple too. how much this guy named scott brought home when he won world series of poker, the main event. it is a lot of money. it was supposed to be man verse beast or shark but it turned out to be a big disappointment, why so many viewers were a little upset after michael phelps raced with a great white shark. >> or did he. >> when we say race, we mean really raced, the great white shark. >> technically. >> a lot of people tuned in
6:30 am
and a lot of people were irritated. >> good day, well, just like watching this show, lot of people tune in, and a lot of people are irritated every morning but they still keep watching. >> we appreciate that. >> yes, we do. >> good day it is july 24th, 2017. >> lets talk about this weather because it was rowdy overnight. >> sue? >> i got to tell you, you know what movie i saw, benefit for main line animal rescue, jaws, i hadn't seen jawness so many years and new to hear michael phelps is sort of kind of. >> sort of, kind of. >> i still screamed outlook. >> fifty years old. >> yes, well, close to it, and it was still on the air. not as scary as it was driving into work this morning. it was white knuckle all the way because all these downpour s were here a few hours ago and we are not quite finished with rain. we are seeing a little bit move into berks watch this out f virginia and maryland, this area to see is what left. we will not s
6:31 am
downpours we had but it looks like this orange here in berks downpour, as well, so there will be more isolated from here on of 10 youe numbers. grab the umbrella this need it e the day is through. otherwise, it is relief from th, 70's with the temperaturesni cos until 9:00 o'clock for parts of the new chester count thinks morning. so our temperature degrees. we broke heat wave yesterday with a high of 89, ao 90, todayt close to 90 as be 88 and feel wr then that because of the humidity. pop up thunderstorms are possible anytime but especially later on in the afternoon. it could happen all over again , bob kill bring we cleaned up from last night's mess. >> lets clean up this morning 's play ground before we bring in another one. we're still closed on i-95
6:32 am
coming into center city philadelphia early morning jack nair tractor trailer the culprit so we are jammo 30 minutes into downtown philadelphia out of the northeast. here's i-95 at girard avenue all traffic right now push on to the vine street expressway and they are all lined up into single file formations, we will go from three lanes into one on the vine street expressway to goe on the schuylkill into south philadelphia. ready for an alternate? ready. >> totally ready. >> i will drive. we will go over betsy ross bridge. we will go down route 130 on the new jersey side and come over walt whitman bridge. >> can't i stay in bed. >> that would be a better option. stay right there. or if you really must go, forget is there a river there. i-95 is closed right there, jump on new jersey side and take 130. for gang that typically leaves south jersey say cherry hill, moorestown and you use betsy ross don't do it, stay on the new jersey side, come down
6:33 am
route 130. there is a lot of traffic lights but stop get a doughnut coffee along way. >> what if i work in fishtown. >> if you work in fishtown if you work in fishtown go over betsy get off at richmond street and that will put you in the neighborhood you let him know, you cannot trip me. >> he can't trip me up at 6:30 i have had a couple coffees already. >> back to you. >> severe storms they rolled through our area light egg up the night time skies. we will show you some video from ocean city, look at that earlier this morning. every couple seconds there was lightening flashes. steve keeley is now live in ship bottom, new jersey. >> ship bottom. hi, steve. >> reporter: you cannot see street bottom in ship bottom. we're on route 72, everybody knows this is like atlantic city expressway long beach island and flooded out. we're seeing people do drive through flooded road.
6:34 am
you can see, further's head where we will in the venture and wait until you see these people going down 72. i well go down the street we have been watching people do 50 there. they won't go fast but a lot of people when they they have green light if we stay here long enough people don't even go slow they put wakes out approaching that light slowly you can see how much splash. not a good idea to be waiting for uber or bus ride. this is what people do they don't necessity how deep unless they are familiar and they think okay in big deal who cares if they are salt what the their will eat away everything. everybody proudly beeping as they go through all this is there an idea what long beach island looks like. of all these drivers, who will have deeper what the's head, richard, whose job it is to clear drains for harvey cedars decided i got a new car. i will not do that to this car even though it is your job and you have to be in work half an hour and public works worker
6:35 am
you will be smart driver here. >> yes. >> reporter: you don't know how deep it is. >> probably at the end split is two and a half, 3 feet deep , depending on the tide level. >> reporter: if you had a big truck like this pickup truck would you do that? wow go through it and go up byron jon surf shop. >> no, no way. >> reporter: you have worked down here. you know how deep this gets. >> yes, all that stuff, you know, salt water, it is all salt water here. >> reporter: why do you think people do this on a regular basis. >> they don't know any better, they just want to get where they have to go. they don't care about their vehicles. >> greg, come over and go over richard's head. we have a peak of the sunrise coming through first rays of sun through thick cloud here. it was just dark here an hour ago. people were still flying by here when they first arrived here, right. >> yes, they do it all the time in storms like this, and it flood.
6:36 am
>> we will give you a tardy note on television to the boss if the boss is watching, some people are watching that will notify the boss if you are late so what do you want to say and do you want to say it too. >> i will be late, probably maybe an her water recede i will be on my way in. >> thanks for being intelligent driver of the day. give award. >> you got it. >> there you go, even public this trash truck not your vehicle and it is not your ve mike. i wouldn't drive my car through this. imagine standing n the sidewalk you would be know. >> all then. >> don't do it. >> okay. >> wel a been creating power lines for commuters for several hours, ar blackwood, new jersey. crews are still out there cleaning up that mess. >> here watching them do it, jenny?
6:37 am
>> reporter: good morning mike and alex this happened around 3:30 this morning. we were driving along route 42 northbound heading back to philadelphia, probably a little bit after 4:00. that is when our photographer here chris fox noticed smoke. we exited, we pulled over and then boom, this is what we saw take a look at this video, lots of thick smoke, bright orange flames, we could smell rubber burning and we could hear it sparkling, those were live wires that caught fire, sometime during the height of the storm. we know that the fire started around 3:30 the storm was going on for more than an hour with torrential downpours, lots and lots of lightening strikes. there were no witnesses, nobody was a around. no one was injury in the fire thank goodness and police got on the scene quickly. they had to wait for pse and g
6:38 am
to get on the scene to shut the power off so that fire crews could get in there and really begin to douse those flames so now three hours, later, we still have the route 42 on ramp north bound closed but both lanes in both direction as long black horse pike in blackwood getting by, okay, mike and alex. >> all right, bio kay, that is probably the phrase of the day right there. 6:38. just okay. >> elkins park is mourning the loss of roy and helen fine stone. the 98 year-olds were killed in the fire at their home, on the 600 block of spring avenue earlier sunday. is there a picture of two. fire fighters found heavy flames on the first floor that took them more than two hours to bring it under control. it is unclear if their smoke detectors were working. the cause of the fire is still not known. well, a stray bullet goes through a home in chester hitting an 11 year-old boy inside this morning police are searching for that gunman. it happened just before 10:00 o'clock saturday night,
6:39 am
on the 3400 block of township line road, neighbors say that they heard about 20 shots, fired, and the boy is in stable condition over at chop. kelly hodge will be sworn in as interim d.a. in philadelphia today. she's taking over for seth williams who resigned after he pled guilty to federal bribery charges. he is in jail right now while awaiting sentencing. hodge is a former city prosecutor who will be the cities first african-american woman to serve as district attorney. >> we will have a camera there for that. new jersey man and temple grad, temple made is eight million-dollar rich they are morning. you know why? because he spends all of his time playing card. >> scott bloomstein, is he a bloom stein or stein, scott let us know. i bet he is asleep. so he is world series of poker champion. he is 25 years old. he has eight million-dollar.
6:40 am
>> this is on espn and this video on our web site brigantine resident won tournament saturday night. he defeat aid player from altoona pennsylvania, on the 200 and forty-sixth hand of the final table. scotties a regular on the new jersey poker sites. he won world series of poker. >> he tweeted still in shock and in the sure when it will hit completely but for right now i'm just enjoying the moment. all of the support means so much. >> very cool. >> how long do you think he will be in shock for does it wear off and look at piles of the money. piles of money. >> yes. >> on your couch. >> yes, uncle sam will get what three and a half million. >> his parents say you have to get out of the house. do something. >> you are just assuming. >> i don't know that you say get out of the house. >> brigantine get out of the
6:41 am
house. >> that much money he is not living at home. >> scott, quit playing card with your friends. you will never make anything of yourself. >> he sounds like a pro. probably has oceanfront condo in miami where he lives now. >> right now. >> life's good for him aim sure. great gold verse great white, supposed to be match up of the man verse a beast but are we let down? why so many people were michael fell hospitals was supposed to race a great white shark last night. >> after an hour special, okay , they dragged it out for a hour. >> did they suck you in. >> i got sucked in. best tennis players in the world are in town today, we will catch is the stars like venous williams playing in philadelphia.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
we have been talking about the storms overnight and causing big problems, flooding problems along beach island. >> steve, what are you looking at. >> reporter: we have moved up one block. i feel like i'm in a bon jovi video for you give driving a big name. here's ron jon surf shop featured in videos. here's route 72, central avenue completely under water and despite that morning rush is going through the water and creating a pretty good wake both on this block and block over where you see it. there is a lady proudly waving
6:45 am
to us in her high suv, a jeep, truck, there are a lot of four-wheel drive and higher vehicles but here comes a honda civic, i wouldn't drive a honda civic through here but that is me. i wouldn't go as fast as. that we are right across from a wawa. notice people standing on the landing at wawa looking at this and stranded in that parking lot because you go out of the wawa parking lot and it might be better to take a bet both or a raft rather than your car and coincidently there are a couple of births down the street in the opposite direction or maybe that is how to get around until these waters recede. greg, come back to me. you can see ship bottom water to youer with water surrounding it. that shows you where we are in long beach island and we will show you up to the ron jon surf shop. if i could, would i voice one of these surf board off of this advertisement and maybe go surfing. >> sure.
6:46 am
>> on 72 and central avenue but they are bolted down. >> you are strong enough look at this, there is, it is just, look at this person coming through here. they have a surf board in the back of the truck. is there waves on the sidewalk it is going all up in in his tire wells. maybe they can afford to get a new truck every year, i don't know. there is line as sun's up at the shore and so is water level. >> that is for sure. >> all right. 6:46. what is traffic like around delaware valley, bob kelly. >> we don't have anything like that right here. we had a closure of 95 for last couple of hours. 6:49. they have just, penndot crews just started slowly allowing traffic to go past center city again heading southbound. we will see it, right here that is market frankford train it looks like they will open up i-95. it has been closed for the last couple of hours.
6:47 am
here's a live look jammed solid leaving northeast fail heading down toward town where traffic has been forced over to the vine street expressway. everybody all single file here we are jam trying to get to the schuylkill. again early monday morning even though there is no flooding folks are detoured off major roadway because of the jackknife tractor trailer. coming there new jersey extra heavy here on the freeway. monday we always see extra volume, for folks coming back from the shore. so coming from toms river folks staying overnight in the opposite got to roll role through that high water before they get lack here. black horse pike the scene of the electrical fire we have been showing you most of the morning. here's i-95 through delaware. rain stopped has but respect the closures that are out there. you may not see big tree or as steve showed earlier maybe any debris that washed up when road got flooded. new jersey transit river line suspended near waterfront
6:48 am
complex because of high water this morning down in new castle, flooded out on creek road, route 82, flooded out in wilmington along route 40 right here near applebee road. another storm on the way for evening rush, sueby has details in 15. with a look at the angry sea, the sea is angry, my friends. this is ocean city, new jersey things are riled up. it is because of the storms that came through overnight. we're not necessarily out of the woods yet either but some impressive rainfall totals since yesterday. the reporting station in winterhur in wilmington
6:49 am
delaware 7.44 inches of rain. washington township new jersey since yesterday almost four and three-quarters inches, ship bottom where steve keeley is right now they have had 4.3 , since yesterday. so it has been crazy. we will toss right through ocean city maryland. we are seeing heavy rain now entering berks county and zoom in closer around bernville there very heavy rain. so grab that umbrella up in mount pocono you will need it. in the new york city area things have eased up. we have a flash flood warning until 9:00 chester, delaware, new castle counties at lee portions of the counties seem to have been hit hardest with the flooded out roadway so we are under marginal risk for severe thunderstorms later in the day. eighty-eight today. eighty-four to 82 nicest day of the week will be wednesday. we have more thunder thunderstorms thursday and friday and things clearing out for weekend.
6:50 am
best part mike and alex of this seven day forecast. >> what is it. >> no 90's. >> very true. >> yeah. >> that is the good news. i like that. >> yes. >> that is right. >> gratitude is my attitude, nothing but positive, i'm telling you. in fact even though i tuned into watch a man race a shark i'm not difficulties a interest 30ed. >> you sat there for an hour as they figured it out. >> we all got suckered. what was that discovery channel. >> yes. >> some fans of the shark week are disappointed after highly antis thed race between olympic champion michael phelps and a great white shark e all predict that. >> by two. >> by two. but that is not reason why view thomas, i'm night.the viewers who got >> did you think he would race a real shark. >> that is how they never said,y were trying to make it seem. >> when somethingll be a
6:51 am
let down. >> perhaps, true. >> that is exactly what this di. they over hyped it for months and months. never against a real great white shark. it was against a computergenerae shark. scientists determined outcome of the race based onusly colleca researchers studied great whites and average out sw 100 meters. time for fell tops beat in this particular case inside of a shark, suit was 36.10 second and gold medalist as mike mentioned came up two short. so viewers expressed their difficulties a media saying they felt duped, let down by fake shark race. one viewer said michael phelps race will go down as one of the tv's most hyped flops. other one saying phelps racing a fake shark when your teacher say there will be a substitute teacher but shows up the very next day. another tweeted i honestly feel so robbed that i just watched an hour of a stupid
6:52 am
show to see michael phelps race a fake shark. others say it was pure common sense here because michael fell conditions a preinterview where he mentioned several times that he was not going to race a real shark. so why so many people are were disappointed and shocked. >> not everyone saw that interview, okay. >> true, true. >> you tune into watch the entire thing, they hype it up they should say that from the beginning. >> how would you get this shark to cooperate and stay in its lane. >> i promised there had was an interview with phelps where he explained how there is a way get a shark to go in the straight line if you have the right bait and that kind of thing or, if they could have really, i don't know. >> like a skin tank. >> something like that. >> one guy said we came up with technology to put men on the moon so we can keep men safe while swimming is sharks. >> true. >> and wasn't there a man race ago begins a cheat. that is true. >> fastest animal on earth, the cheetah.
6:53 am
>> yes. >> thomas, thank you. >> discovery channel sucked us in. >> they knew what they were doing. >> ratings were huge too. >> i'm going to race, what should i race. i getty will not race anything >> a giselle. >> a turtle; a three toed slot h. >> no. >> i'm going to race. >> a tort us no, it has to be something big, a giraffe. i will race a giraffe from here to city hall in the 9:00 o'clock hour. tell all your friends. tune in. venous williams is in philadelphia, venous, i'll race you. >> hi venous. we will tell you where she will be playing and what will be happening tonight and what other stars. >> where you can meet her too.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
tennis fans will get a chance to see venous williams in action tonight. she's playing world team tennis match at st. joseph's. williams team the washington castles is set to face off against philadelphia freedoms, it starts at 7:00 p.m. williams just finished runner up at wimbledon july 15th. >> she's on a role.
6:57 am
>> tennis great billy jean king owns freedoms so she will be there for sure. >> i went to the match last year, with billy jean king. >> she has been on the show, friend of the show. >> friend of the show. >> yes. >> tennis icon. >> yeah. >> women's rights icon. >> exciting half time too because venous is having a clothing line. it will be a fashion show. >> fashion show with maybe notables from the philadelphia area. >> we will see. >> steve keeley down the shore , steve. >> reporter: mike, i got to check my eyes but i don't know if this is factual or not but in the distance what appeared to be governor christie in his beach chair floating by down central avenue here, since we're in the too far. i will try to confirm that during the commercial break.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
down power lines, lightening, severe weather rips through the area overnight. mess many are waking up to this morning teens look on in a upon. >> you shouldn't have got in. >> the video has many outraged , that the group did nothing, but did they have a legal obligation. >> good samaritan laws in our


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