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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  July 25, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, happening right now, in philadelphia two people are in police custody after scaling ben franklin bridge, what we're learning this morning about why, they may have gone up there. advocating violence begins police officers. >> anti police messages sprayed up and down one block in our city not the first time what they are trying to do to catch those responsible. also ahead on "good day philadelphia", a new health care cliff hanger the senate set for a key vote today but what will they vote to advance key member with health issues of his own returns home for the showdown. and man, oh man they almost needed a bigger boat would you look at that, how bay colossal catch enormous shark just brought in our neck
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of the wood. pretty impressive. >> that is a fishing trip. great to have you with us on this tuesday morning. >> fins to the left. >> yes, i'll tell what you a difference 24 hours makes, bob kelly, good morning we will check traffic in a moment. >> feel different out there. >> just a smidge less humid. >> yes, thank you sue. >> we will be grateful for the smidge, then and we will check our number of the day, i'll try to recall what i chose, seven out of 10. here we go again. well, any way radar is showing that the thunderstorms that came through overnight are off shore, a couple of showers materializing in the poconos mountains. we could see a stray shower or two in the city but nothing happening at the moment. you can see it is dry in our neighborhood unlike 24 hours ago. 67 degrees, for once we're in the in the zero seven's or 80 's, northeasterly breeze at 6 miles an hour, 93 percent
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relative humidity but that breast just helps. mostly upper 60's, 70's in wilmington and dover delaware. zero seven the atlantic city international. muggy, stormy yesterday with a high of 88 but today with cloud cover, it looks like, we will probably stay in the 70's all day with sunset time at 8:21. so that will keep us on the cool side, cloud cover, what about any improvement with the humidity, talk about that and more, in the seven day forecast, coming up, bob kelly , good morning. >> good morning, 4:02 live look at tacony palmyra bridge where all traffic is stopped for a lift bridge opening, a quick early morning opening, so use, the betsy ross bridge, ben franklin bridge, it is opened for business, patco is running, we will tell you more about the police activity that we had on the bridge earlier this morning but as you can see here no problems at all, if you are plan on using the old bennie. here's the construction zone on the schuylkill expressway,
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eastbound, coming into philadelphia, they are actually paving the left lane, on the eastbound side, so from conshohocken in toward gladwynn over the far right lane is opened, if you are coming in toward philadelphia, vine expressway remains closed between broad street, and the schuylkill expressway, and, in the neighborhood, we have a water main break that occurred last night, frankford and thompson lets role video from the news van bubbling up from underground there at corner of frankford and thompson, now there will be detours throughout the morning, crews were out, they were able to shut off water, talk to the water department this morning, they are waiting for peco crews to arrive. we have some homes that are without water, and some homes that also have water in the basement, so it will be a construction zone we will call it through the morning, again intersection of the frankford and thompson and then all of the streets surrounding that, septa also says that they will have a detour on the route five bus, through at least the morning rush hour, as we come
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back to the maps again, it is just off of i-95 in the stretch of frankford avenue between girard, and thompson, and so a local detour we will go around the block as they say in the neighborhood, and septa's market frankford and subway running buses until 5:00 a.m., karen and thomas, back over to you. we will begin right now with two people in police custody for trespassing early this morning on the ben franklin bridge causing it to be shut down for a time. lets get out to jenny joyce with the latest on all of this , jenny. >> reporter: good morning, two people were taken in custody just after 2:30 this morning. prior to the arrest photographer greg gillroy heard police on the scene yelling to these two people put your hand up. it is unclear what they were trying to accomplish. scar toy watch this video when you see police walking up the side of the bridge. they are wearing harnesses trying to get to where they are hanging out. this is along south side of the west tower, here at ben
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franklin bridge right above race street pier. if they were to fall they would have fallen on to concrete and not water. it took an hour before police caught up with these two during this time, bridge was shut down in both directions, patco trains were also affected. police made at rest they shined flashlights to make sure that these people didn't have anything up there with them that could be of any danger. right now all this is under investigation, it did end safe ly, just unclear what these people were doing there in the first place, karen and thomas. >> certainly more to come, jenny joyce this morning, thank you. developing news out of philadelphia's mantua neighborhood a man is fighting for his life after being shot 13 times last night, police say it happened just past nine at 3900 block of brown street. thirty year-old man is at presbyterian hospital in critical condition. so far no arrests. messages of hate and threats against police once again pop up in south
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philadelphia. this morning a reward is offered to stop the vandals behind this disturbing, graffiti. our steve keeley at south detectives this morning with what we need to know, good morning, steve. >> reporter: yeah, i'm never a fan or comfortable even reporting this stuff because we are giving this a lot more visibility then it would get back here hidden under the old conrail tracks where road is closed and people come to dump old tv and tires that we see here but is there message on the pillar, there it is on one of the concrete barriers as well and these messages are spray painted like this for eight blocks here in, south philadelphia. in fact not too far. do you see that person they would never see this driving that way, if we weren't putting it on tv but reason wearies you cannot have disturbing messages like this. they are threatening if you think bit and sometimes people take these messages to heart and try to kill police which you see in the city a few times. this is second time, second month in a report we have seen
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stuff like this spray painted in south philadelphia. >> people's right to think what they want to think and they can say what they want to say but message itself is disturbing because it is advocating violence against police officer. we don't want violence against anybody but that specifically targeting police officers so we are concern about that. >> just when we saw passyunk and trying to connect that with hallmarks of other types of messaging, tough to see at that time but now we have a link between today's episode and what we saw at the end of june. there is a link there. >> reporter: this one is smaller but it cast written and dave schratwieser reporting this last night that detectives found the stencil, and cans of black spray paint. so they have some evidence, maybe some fingerprints and maybe surveillance video, from nearby building is here, to catch these people in the act and maybe put an end to this stuff, as you can see, stick figure throwing molotov cocktail as it says let's
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toast the pig was our choice of cocktail, thomas and karen. >> all right, steve a tough situation to report on all around. thank you. atf investigating multiple fires that have broken out in the center city apartment building and they think this could be arson. five fires have broken out in eight days at sterling apartment homes, located at 18th and jfk, last one friday, all of them were set on lower floors. people are very concerned, and they hear a tiny noise, they ran out to see if someone start aid fire. regional property manager say owner is working with the atf, local police and fire marshall to investigate these incidents >> anytime a fire nissan apartment we are concern. our residents are most important. and, it doesn't happen again. >> every fire seems to get bigger. last one was first one to be big enough to set off a sprinkler system on the sixth floor. it is a concern that nobody has been caught. >> atf says it is reviewing video from the building
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elevator cameras, if you have any information, please call 888-atf-fire. senator john mccain making a dramatic return to washington today to take part in the republican led health care vote. >> just a week after being diagnosed with brain cancer his return could boost g.o.p. 's reeling effort to repeal and replace obama care, senate is expected to consider a procedural motion today, that will start debate on the revised plan, mccain's presence could bring party closer to those 50 votes this need to initiate the process on the senate floor. on twitter president trump warned republican law make their there would be repercussions if they failed to act on health care reform. second day of testimony for president's son in law, close advisor, jared kushner. he goes before the house intelligence committee a day after meeting with the senate panel. during yesterday's three hour closed door hearing kushner was adamant that his four meetings with russian officials were inconsequential
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and says nothing about them was improper. meantime the associated press is reporting that president trump has reportedly spoke when his advisors about firing, attorney general, jeff sessions, and president trump continues to rage against sessions decision to recues himself from all matters related to the russia investigation. the president's anger again bubbled in the public view yesterday as he referred to sessions in a tweet as bee leaguer. 4:10. coming up next on "good day philadelphia". >> dash cam video of the deadly police involved shooting in atlantic city we will show you a suspect emerge with an suv gun drawn. hear why investigators are releasing it three years after it happened. be careful where you click , the warning about rousing google that could get hackers access to your computer. >> from computer to commuter, lets get a check of the traffic this morning. >> look at you on the money this morning, somebody got a good night sleep, 4:10.
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we have fog out here on 422 rolling in toward king of prussia come on lets go outside and say good morning to the ben franklin parkway, as we get your bell bottoms on , derek and dominoes one of the traffic jams this morning. sueby's working on your forecast, we will be right back. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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welcome back at 4:14. we will take a live look outside good morning to all of waking up all over our delaware valley. little bit of the change from this day to last, certainly we don't have the rain, monsoon out there feels like a major change. i will tell you sue, you are getting love on my facebook page because of these temperatures. >> right, it feels more comfortable outside and we're predicting a temperature not in the 90's like we had all week last week. i want to make sure we don't have any necklace issues, okay anyway lets talk about the thunderstorms we had last week i don't know your neighborhood but mine got loud in the eight to 10:00 p.m. time period but that is all out of here. everything said that though we are seeing a few showers popping up, little drizzle here and there in the pocono mountains we have got some light rain, nothing like what
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we had last night but as we look at the future cast we have a chance of cloud, rain, throughout the day-to-day we are expecting an easterly flow off the ocean, instability but that will keep temperatures down so we will be back in the 90's not for a while not even in the upper 80's like yesterday. here we are throughout the evening we still see possibility of a little shower , popping up here and there and a lot of cloud cover today. we have visibility issues this morning, 1 mile in pottstown, 4 miles at philly international, so reduced visibility, not thick fog out there but still enough moisture in the air for that to happen. look at these temperatures walking out the door at 66 degrees, feels better out there 60 mount pocono. seventy-one in wilmington. sixty-nine at the moment in wildwood. ocean water temperature is 75 degrees. wind are not very high which is encouraging some fog to form but we have a 6-mile an her breeze here in philadelphia and that actually
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feels good. so is there our heat wave that started a week ago, one, two, three, four, five days for that 89 degrees on monday, yesterday's high, sunday, i should say yesterday's high was 88. today we will be lucky to make it to 80 with all that included cover. nice day, tomorrow nine, 82 degrees, sunny, lower humidity. late thunderstorms on thursday lingering in to friday and then a decent weekend, mid 80 's, nothing too extreme with the heat and we don't have rain in the forecast for saturday or sunday either. that is your weather authority forecast. don't forget, of course, if you do forget the forecast your refresher is on 101.1 more fm. >> good morning, everybody. 4:16. tuesday morning, kind of quiet right here downtown, what a difference a day makes. boy, coming in this morning just driving in without the wipers and all of the other craziness that we had to deal
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with this time yesterday. so enjoy it while we can. we have vine expressway that is closed back in that situation all this week overnight in the early morning vine expressway closed between broad street and schuylkill expressway. here's a live look at tacony palmyra bridge after a quick opening, the ship was heading north bound and you can tell we are dealing with some fog out there this morning. be careful rolling out of the driveway. crews working on the schuylkill, live look eastbound, left lane is blocked from say conshohocken 476 into gladwynn and then ride to go day especially met or cyclist, be careful because is there an uneven pavement. we have a couple inch difference there if you change lanes as they are paving this whole stretch again all this week they will do different piece from his conshohocken in toward city line. schuylkill expressway slower than normal with one lane
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opened, in toward gladwynn interchange. we have water main break that happened at frankford and thompson so watch for local detours this morning, there are homes without water, also homes with water in the basement, septa says route five busies on a detour, frankford avenue between girard and thompson, so we will see extra volume in the neighborhood and of course that is also a tight squeeze to begin with right off of that girard avenue construction zone and ben franklin bridge opened for business this morning after an earlier situation overnight we told but that at top of hour but everything good to go, bridgeworking, patco high speed line working cool shot of the sky line awe can see the fog laying over some of the tall buildings here in philadelphia, karen and thomas , back to you. 4:18. prosecutors released dash cam video of the police involved shooting in atlantic city, that happened three years ago but they just put this out there following the new jersey supreme court ruling earlier
4:19 am
this month maintaining that this is a matter of public interests. dash cam video shows shooting death of the ant kwan watson of williamstown, new jersey in march of 2014. they is approaching. police shot and killed him after exchanging gunfire in missouri and atlantic avenue. we are freezing it right there before he is shot grand jury declined to bring criminal charge as begins police officers involved saying use of force was lawful catholic priest outside pittsburgh is being charged with felony sexual abuse of the 10 year-old. pennsylvania district attorney josh shapiro announced charges against john sweeney yesterday the sex crimes allegedly took
4:20 am
place during 1991/92 saint margaret marry's catholic school year where victim only recently came forward out of torn his parents. sweeney turned himself into authorities without incident. woman convicted of a kidnapping, at the king of prussia mall will spend next one and a half to seven years in state prison, yesterday, montgomery county court recommended three three-year old sherry amore more get treatment for mental health and substance abuse. prosecutors say amoore kidnaped a baby from the mall in march 2016, she later admitted to faking a pregnant i. doctor diagnosed her with mental disorder and says at the time that she believed that the baby was hers. a man who shot a fail police officer now knows how long he has to stay in prison. judge sentenced william k nov land 35 to 75 years. jury found him guilty of officer daniel costik at 50th and master. costik was on bike patrol. defense argued officer costik
4:21 am
was one who got aggressive off the bat an argument they did not buy. prosecutors filed charges in the shooting involving philadelphia police and septa officers. thirty-seven year-old jose lebron is facing attempted murder and or charges. prosecutors say he refused to drop his gun last thursday, when, officers responded to the 400 block ofe somerset street. they say he shot his 48 year-old wife, seven officers including philadelphia and septa officers, fired directly at him. it is first full day on the job for kelly hodge, philadelphia's new district attorney. >> we got to meet her if you hadn't before hodge took oath of office at city hall yesterday, a panel of judges who pick her last week to serve rest of the seth williams term in office. williams resigned while awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. he is now in jail. now she's first african-american female district attorney, and also, a former assistant d.a. to the members of the
4:22 am
district attorney's office, it goodies to be back. this is our restoration period , our opportunity to look at adversity and know you have weathers the storm. >> she will be the interim district attorney until january, when the winner of the november general election will take office and that race is pitting democrat larry krasner against republican bet h grossman. 4:22. it was within of the biggest sharks ever caught off new jersey coast. >> a whooper trying to get this one in but it won't make it in the official record books, all because of a technicality, we will explain coming up next but first here's sean bell. >> coming up in sports in a ming also kick off training camp yesterday and they are dealing with some injuries. find out who might miss a little bit of time, coming up next in sports.
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the eagles heading in today two of the training camp and it is only rookies and quarterbacks, vets are not required to show, until thursday, there is high expectations for this team, so much so that doug pederson says that this team is as talented as those packer teams in the 90's, wow. yesterday he talked about what they had to do to reach that point. it takes more than talent. i feel like we have talented players. i don't want to put us in the box and say we can't do this or that. it takes a coaching staff.
4:26 am
it takes leadership from the top. it takes, you know, egos to be put aside and we have to come out here every single day and work hard. i have seen what it takes but i have to make sure we are doing same things here to get to us that game. >> quick note on the vets jordan hicks broke his hand during off season. how he broke it, we do not know. he had procedure to fix it. apparently he will be fine but he will be limited when he comes back. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. all right. coming up here in a couple minutes what happened to a father and son that could cost them millions of dollars. they are out of luck. all right, bob kelly, we have something lucky for us this morning. >> hopefully some good luck charms here, a live look at wilmington we have some fog as we are's waking up, magic man out there, that is me i guess, doing traffic jams for you, we will check the jam cams and sueby has forecast when we come right back. p://>[a5df]
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anti police messages sprayed on a block in south philadelphia and it is not first time it has happen, steps police are taking to
4:30 am
catch culprits. and transit venous, we didn't transit anywhere she was right here in our town, lots of people came out there, and there was a member of the good team team who also got to meet her. >> my first honest first thoughts was that we had hooked a great white i have never seen anything that big before. >> they hooked a big one. we will catch up with the fisherman who ruled in the biggest shark catch in the history of new jersey. all right, good day everybody it is july 25th, which is sue serio pointed out , yesterday thank you, sue, christmas in july. >> yeah, it is a thing now, it is, a great presence. >> there are deals, shopping stuff and i know mr. santa claus and mrs. claws are vacation nothing stone harbor, new jersey. >> true. >> hold on for my kid who may be watching there are no presents downstairs i already checked that this morning.
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>> such a scrooge there, bob. >> give santa a call. >> time to start thinking ahead as we purchase our gifts in july. what would be fun of last minute shopping then. 4:31. lets look at our number of the day, a seven out of 10. it will be cloudy today but it is more comfortable out there, we have a few issues with fog, we have a couple showers to the north of us and a couple out in chester county but drama off shore, we have another round in the evening yesterday and they got pretty loud but as a result, it is cooler, 66 degrees, it is still humid, feel difference at lee, sunrise time is 5:54 but we will see more cloud cover today as we look at our temperatures we have 70 in dover. zero seven in atlantic city and wildwood and 71 in wilmington. north of us 63 in plymouth meeting, 66 in phoenixville, 64 in bethlehem. muggy stormy day yesterday a degree above average but we
4:32 am
felt every degree with that high of 88. today plan on 78 with mostly cloudy skies, so cooler afternoon for sure, and when it warms backup how high will temperature go? we will talk about that in the seven day forecast, how about how is it looking this morning , bob kelly. >> better then this time yesterday, sue, a little easier ride in. you mentioned we weren't white knuckle, running here getting soaking wet trying to run from the car in the station. left overs from the storms and rain route 130 at route 47, circle here, watch for a lane blockage because of the high water, also on route 130 in centre square road just off of the commodore barry bridge. watch for a close another. we will slide over to marsh road whiches chestnut street at darley road. respect those blockages they are there for a reason. water main break in the neighborhood. let's roll video from the news van when we pulled up last
4:33 am
night in the neighborhood frankford and thompson the scene of this water main break we have talk to the water department. they are seeing 12 homes with no what the they are morning. a number of properties also have water in the basement. so crew where is out there they turn water off as you can see there they have a peco crew out there there will be a construction zone this morning at least through morning rush hour so expect detours as we come back to the maps, again, frankford avenue block between girard and thompson street, right here, in northern liberties, fishtown area, route five busies going to be on a detour as well, through the morning rush hour, and then we also have had vine expressway still closed between broad street and the schuylkill expressway, again until 5:00 o'clock this morning. you know normal drill. they have been working all night on the schuylkill expressway. it looks like they have pick up cones but coming inbound on the schuylkill be careful if you change lanes between 476 and gladwynn there is clearly
4:34 am
a speed bump there because they have put down some new asphalt in the left lane, and so if you are driving a motorcycle be careful as well, schuylkill expressway that whole paving operation underway all this week, karen and thomas back to you. 4:34. following breaking news out of the fernrock section of the city, a 26 year-old woman is in critical condition after she was shot twice, authorities say she has a gunshot wound to the chest and to her hip, and it happened around 3:00 on broad street and chew after knew. >> upon arrival at the hospital she said don't let me die, this was only information that we got from the shooting victim. we don't have any witnesses that have come forward. police will be relying on many surveillance video cameras that may have captured thins dent. >> we have a crew on the scene , as soon as they set up and get more information we will bring that directly to
4:35 am
you. developing story right now out of olde city two people in custody for trespassing on the ben franklin bridge, may have been climbing it, it all started after 1:00 this morning, this shut down both lanes of the bennie, patco, also suspended, while investigators worked to bring those trepassers down, is there video of them as they are seeing progress there. police were able to get that situation under control in a little over an hour and a half developing right now, vandals scrolled anti police graffiti through a south philadelphia neighborhood. not only are they hateful but they also advocate violence. is there a reward being offered. lets get out to steve keeley in south philadelphia, steve. >> reporter: i guess you can say debate of free speech reaches the far ends and this is what we're talking about here. this is a spot nobody in philadelphia hardly would see if we weren't showing it. these are all crumbling conrail line pillars here that
4:36 am
run along 25th street, over grown we had to the right, an abandon building over grown we had in a field with bashed wire fence. we will go around here and show you one of the many pillars where the painted hateful message and threatening message advocating kill a cop and you can see as we show you that is the penn rises there so we are here in south philadelphia. this is 25th walking up to dickinson and show you on several of the poles here and chris will walk a little faster and walk up and show you on the new jersey barrier but again this is a spot where people are dumping tv, tires, trash. be in really walks back here. people drive-in between but may not see these messages but a viewer tipped us off and told bus these and then police came out, investigated yesterday and no police officer wants to see anybody say kill a cop but this
4:37 am
message here the right said kill a cop, save a life and then you see more messages on the new jersey barriers. so dave schratwieser talk to the police and passerby yesterday just wondering what the thinking is on this and we found out this is second month in a row similar spray painted messages like this advocating violence against police have been found. >> it is covering a lot of geography on 25th street from washington to tasker and it looks to be same hallmarks as what we saw back in late june around passyunk where hammer and sickle, slogans like save a life, kill a cop, very disturbing peculiar type messages on there and, of course, people have the right to free speech and express themselves but what you don't have a right to does vandal ice public or private property this appears to be spread out about the csx property that holds up the overpass there but either way it is illegal report report so as we come back live here, you can hear what was left of the rain dripping down on top of us
4:38 am
here along with the morning fog creating a drizzle-like effect. it is even stenciled here and police found that with spray can paints all around here. they have some evidence, maybe some fingerprints but this is a spot where people generally abandon tires, tv's, and now they are abandoning all thought of pro police thinking and very anti police thinking back here in the hidden sections of south philadelphia , crumbling under conrail tracks, guys. alarming for officers and residents, just an eye sore passing by, steve, thank you. 4:38. fisherman on the new jersey shore they real in an enormous shark, officials say the largest ever in the state's history. >> real interesting story. our chris o'connell talk with the fisher man in monmouth county who caught that shark. >> reporter: they didn't need a bigger boat but they did need a bigger scale.
4:39 am
group of new jersey anglers who landed a 12-foot make or shark believed to be one of the biggest ever caught in the state. it is a fish story 30 years in the making, an overnight fishing trip turned into a trip of a lifetime for long time captains dave bender and kevin garrity aboard the jenny lee sport fishing charter out of manasquan. >> kevin screamed this might be him. >> reporter: this is him a monster 12-foot short fin make owe shark caught in hudson can john about 100 miles off the atlantic coast. >> my first honest first thoughts was that we had hooked a great white. i had never seen anything that big before. >> reporter: fighting the fish a family from trenton on the very first off shore fishing charter, it took 90 minutes getting the shark to the boat, another hour and six men to hall it inside. >> their first scale goes to 600-pound and it bottomed out the scale.
4:40 am
>> reporter: fish wade at 926- pounds surpassing the new jersey state make owe record of 856-pound setback in 1994 but it is not all celebration, the captain say that they have been getting threats against their families. their facebook page, lit up with comments like barbarians and more ons who killed a majestic make owe shark for sport. >> we're just doing our job, we didn't do anything wrong. we didn't do anything illegal. it is a legal fish. >> reporter: it is believed to be the largest shark ever caught off the new jersey coast, it will not go down as an official state record, that is because the captains were informed tonight because more than one angler ruled in that fish it is not eligible to qualify for that record. in new jersey, chris o'connell , fox 29 news. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you.
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that's why new downy protect and refresh conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you. lock out odors with new downy protect and refresh.
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a tragic story coming from california where a teen is and rest in a crash that killed her sister. >> you lose both of your girls in one crash, investigators say 18 year-old julius sanchez who control while she was live streaming on instagram, and then she was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. her 14 year-old sister jacqueline was killed. on the video sanchez admits she killed her sister and she knows she will be going to jail for life. law enforcement officials say this incident serves as a
4:44 am
tragic reminder of the dangers of both drunk, distract driving. 4:43 be careful where you click. >> warning about browsing google that could give hackers access to all of your stuff, and get right into your computer.
4:45 am
4:46 am
good morning, it is tuesday, what a difference a day makes, 4:49, lot calm they are morning then we had this time yesterday with those
4:47 am
crazy storms rolling through. maybe because it is national wine, cheese day. look at this set up, i'm ready to go i-95 southbound just looking out for construction heading in toward girard avenue this morning. speaking of girard avenue water main break that occurred last night at intersection of the frankford and thompson, now frankford avenue, just off of girard avenue, again just off that i-95 construction zone about 12 hems without what the they are morning, so some water in the basement. water department turned off water, peco crews are out there today. it will be a work zone and expect detourness this busy neighborhood here as folks get to or from that i-95 interchange and septa says they will be detouring route five bus during at lee, the morning, and mid afternoon, new vine expressway still closed between schuylkill and broad street, coming in on the schuylkill jump off at 30th, go around and use market street, coming off of i-95 use the vine street local and some
4:48 am
left over flooding situations from all of the rain that we had route 130, brooklawn circle right at route 47 delsea drive watch for lane blockages and down here on route 130 near centre square roadblocked with high water. otherwise market frankford, broad street subway using shuttle busts until 5:00. anymore rain? sueby has that answer in 15. thunderstorms came through and soaked things in ocean city new jersey still very wet there, on the boardwalk, we are seeing drizzle around this morning and it is windy so there you have your current conditions at the shore, hopefully, things will brighten up, as that happened, all right, lets see what is going on there, we go, everything is working okay.
4:49 am
it won't be as warm as it has been especially when you compared to last week when we had a heat wave that lasted for five days, that is a relief. lower humidity settles in tomorrow but there are more storms ahead probably to round out the workweek. so that is some of your weather things to look forward to. we have a couple areas of green but not a big deal on radar, all of the loud, nasty storms came through last night and we had wind damage and some flash flooding as well in someplaces. mount pocono getting light rain this morning but that is bit, you can see future cast good chance of the some more light showers around and we have got an easterly flow coming in from the ocean so that will keep us cloudy throughout a good portion of the day, can't rule out a pop up shower through the afternoon and it will keep us on the cool side. things should clear you the by tomorrow. so put ago this together in the seven day forecast a beautiful day on wednesday after some cloud today high of
4:50 am
82 tomorrow, late storms thursday into friday, and then clearing out just in time for the weekend and that is how we like it thomas and karen. >> we love it. if you are stressed out over forecast consider what we are showing new health. 4:50. first a new treatment option. >> new hope in the fight against hiv and aid, doctors in south africa say a nine year-old infected with hiv at bit has spent most of her life without needing treatment this child was given a whole burst of drugs shortly after birth that child has been without symptoms or signs of active virus for last eight years and doctors say how this child is protect could lead to new drugs or a vaccine for stopping hiv. now that zen moment. sometimes it feels lake we are treading water juggling work, family, to do list so forth. >> it is difficult to find best ways to relax and keep our head above water. well, that is something, a thing, literally. >> it is called fleettation
4:51 am
therapy and people that use it say it quiets their minds, relax their muscles and find their own personal z en. it was popular in the zero seven's. here we are making a come back wellness centers like that one in new york is letting people, float on water. many tried it and... where was i. >> meditating. >> you float on the water and makes you feel better. take a shower. time right now 4:51. just because you see google logo on line doesn't always mean it is legitimate. >> oh, my gosh with pfishing and scaming, tech experts are learning from an on line scam surfacing on your phones, computers, you do not think b google it. in the last three months it is a pop up that shows on your device with the google logo alerting you their phone, computer is corrupt and needs to be fixed but when you go to fix it, you are installing
4:52 am
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wind is whipping along the boardwalk. it looks like ocean city toy me, difficult to see in the fog but let's head up about, i don't know how many miles north sit, 15 miles north of there. >> about 16, 16 and a half, and a quarter. >> some number of miles right off coastline when there. atlantic city is what we're talking about. if you are single that is place to be. >> it ranks as number one best cities looking for love in the country. >> that is the scene, travel and leisure created list as part of the america's favorite places survey on a five-point scale atlantic city scored 4.83, funny, funny almost like a wine number rating. good for singles scale. travel and leisure based its on their readers. magazine say readers love the beautiful beaches, iconic boardwalk and dancing the night away at those high end clubs and bars. ac also voted as a favorite destination for girlfriend getaways. now you know, go to
4:56 am
atlantic city. 4:55. we are following breaking news in the fernrock section of the city a 26 year-old woman in critical condition after being shot twi, a live report from the scene coming up next. my daughter is...
4:57 am
...studying to be a dentist and she gave me advice. she said dad go pro with crest pro-health. crest pro-health protects all... ...these areas dentists... ...check most. immediately i felt a... ...difference it did an... ...extremely good job of cleaning 4 out of 5 dentists confirm... ...these crest pro-health... ...products help maintain... ...a professional clean. go pro with crest pro-health my daughter inspired me... make a change. crest pro-health really brought my mouth to the next level. crest healthy beautiful smiles for life.
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hitting the mid-morning wall? with up to 24 grams of hearty protein jimmy dean bowls help you avoid it. shine on. it is advocating violence against police officers. >> they are talk about graffiti, anti police messag ing sprayed in block in south philadelphia, not the first time what they are doing to catch those people. also ahead on this tuesday
4:59 am
morning a new health care cliff hanger, senate set for key vote today but what will they vote to advance as senator john mccain makes a special return just in time for the showdown. also ahead, two people are in custody after scaling ben franklin bridge, what we're learning about why they may have gone up there. lets give you something positive on this tuesday morning, it is christmas in july. oh, yeah, santa claus is in some of our towns to show us how we are celebrating. use the #fox 29 good day when you send in your pictures on twitter, instagram and we will show them all morning long. >> what is the whole point in christmas in july. >> are some sales, good deals, we will talk about that. >> spend money is what you are saying. it is 5:00 o'clock on tuesday, it is great to have you with us i'm thomas drayton >> i'm karen hepp with the whole gang right new. we have sue as a gift for us and better weather today,
5:00 am
thanks, sue. >> not as hot as last week. don't all of the songs say i wish we can that have christmas feeling all year. it would be nice to be nice to each other. oh, yeah, seven out of 10 today. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. bus stop buddy celebrating nationalize cream sunday day. too young for wine and cheese day so have an ice cream sunday, cloudy, cooler then it has been for many morning outside but it is still damp and we are seeing drizzle throughout the area and very light rain but the dramatic strong thunderstorms round two from yesterday that came, eight or nine or 10:00 o'clock at night are out of there. 67 degrees. still 98 percent relative humidity. few areas of fog. it was muggy and stormy yesterday with a high of 88. today about 78 or 80 a cooler afternoon for sure with mostly cloudy skies. we may see some sunshine here and


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