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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  July 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> not as hot as last week. don't all of the songs say i wish we can that have christmas feeling all year. it would be nice to be nice to each other. oh, yeah, seven out of 10 today. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. bus stop buddy celebrating nationalize cream sunday day. too young for wine and cheese day so have an ice cream sunday, cloudy, cooler then it has been for many morning outside but it is still damp and we are seeing drizzle throughout the area and very light rain but the dramatic strong thunderstorms round two from yesterday that came, eight or nine or 10:00 o'clock at night are out of there. 67 degrees. still 98 percent relative humidity. few areas of fog. it was muggy and stormy yesterday with a high of 88. today about 78 or 80 a cooler afternoon for sure with mostly cloudy skies. we may see some sunshine here and there but quite a
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difference from what we experienced day after day after day, last week, with the fifth heat wave of the year. talk about what ace head and if we have anymore 90's coming up in the seven day just ahead it is a lot better then it was this time yesterday bob kelly what a mess it was. >> 5:01, what a difference a day makes and we are off to a better start we have a couple things we are watching. vine street expressway still closed between schuylkill and broad street any minute we will get traffic rolling again into downtown philadelphia. we will go down the shore where an accident involving overturned vehicle, north on the garden state parkway right before the atlantic city expressway. keep that in mind coming back from the shore, gang coming from royersford, collegeville, no problems on 422 as far as delays but a live look sue mentioned fog in the pottstown area, there you go in the background so keep in mind beginning where you begin and end your trip we will have fog
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issues to deal with. we have water main issues, rolling video from the news van on the scene in the neighborhood at frankford and thompson water crews responded they did turn water off, there are 12 homes without water, a few homes have water in the basement. crew will be out there all day long and water department turned off water as you can see here but they will be making repairs, septa also says that the route five bus, it is on a detour throughout the day. lets come back to the maps, this is a tough area to begin with because we have folks already being detoured off of that i-95 girard avenue construction zone. high water, left over from all of the rain and then we will deal with high tide like brooklawn circle route 130 at route 47, route 130 at centre square road, also watching for local detours. for the gang at chestnut street just off of the marsh road and daily lay. if barriers are still up,
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expect those closures they are there for a reason. back to you. 5:03. we will begin with the break ing news from the fernrock section of the city, there is a a 26 year-old woman in critical condition after she was shot twice, lets go out to jenny joyce with what we know at this hour. >> reporter: good morning. good news is that the would man man was talking when she was transported one line she muderd was please don't let me die this 26 year-old victim is in critical condition at einstein medical center. she was transported by police after she was shot in the chest, and hip around 3:00 o'clock this morning. it happened at broad street and chew avenue in fernrock. police say at this point there is no description of the shooter. they are working the scene digging up clues and reflecting that violence against woman has been a steady problem in the city in recent weeks. last week we couple a double stabbing homicide involving two female victims a mother and daughter.
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a before that we reported that eight women in just seven days has been violently attack. at this point information on this shooting is preliminary. here's what police want you to know. >> upon arrival at the hospital she said don't let me die. this was only information we got from the shooting victim. we don't have any witness that he is many come forward. the police are relying on many surveillance video cameras that may have captured this incident. >> reporter: no witnesses and no motive at this time but what we do know for sure is that this 26 year-old woman is fighting for her life here at einstein medical center, karen and thomas. >> difficult to make sense, jenny joyce, thank you. 5:04. developing news out of the mantua neighborhood a man is fighting for his life after being shot 13 times last night police say it happened just pennsylvania nine on the 3900
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block of brown street. thirty year-old is in criticl condition this morning, so far , no arrests. it is 5:05 right now two. people in custody for an odd one, they were on the ben franklin bridge, but they were climbing it or scaling it, trespassing no matter what, you can walk over but in this incident it was creating a problem and police came out there to get them off. it started around 1:00 this morning and went on for quite sometime. they shut down both lanes of the ben franklin both directions, patco was suspended and they had crews on the water, they did get them down, they got the situation under control and it took an hour and a half. messages of hate and police a again pop up in south philadelphia. this morning a reward is offered to stop vandals behind this disturbing graffiti. our steve keeley in south philadelphia with those messages this morning, steve. >> reporter: yeah, easy way to make news, and our man john
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mcnesby who would be extremely angry seeing this stuff. someone made a stencil at home or office first before coming out here and using to it spray paint one of the many message is here. this isn't a spot where we weren't showing it on tv chances are in one with ever see it. this is where people come to dump their tires, old tv, abandon properties here under the conrail lines on 25th street. more messages on pillars kill a cop, save a life and even on the new jersey barriers outside. you can understand why fop is not happy offering a reward and you can also understand not only just spray painting aspect of the graffiti where conrail is trying to clean this up. i don't know if they will be able to but police, headquarters, telling me dave schratwieser they will in the stand for this stuff. >> it is peoples right to think what they want to think and they can certainly say whether they want to say but message itself is disturbing because it is advocating violence begins police officer
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we don't want violence begins anybody but that is specifically targeting police officer. we are concern. >> just like when we saw passyunk when we tried to connect that with other types of hallmarks of messaging but now we have a link between today's episode and what we saw at the end of the june. there is definitely a link there. >> reporter: so, somebody who may make that $5,000 where this was spray painted right in line with the surveillance cameras. so the one legitimate business back here and you can understand why they have surveillance because is there in the much back here. you can go to the right and see this conrail line has been crumbling. they have netting because rocks has been going through car. conrail in south philadelphia, conrail problems in kensington where we have reported extensively on the heroin, land back there that they promised to clean up. conrail has some legacy issues in philadelphia for sure and that creating the area here hidden where people think they have a right to threaten cops by painting stuff back here
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very cowardly by the way in the spot where no one would see it and, of course, we are showing this and probably giving them more visibility then they with ever get by just leaving it back here, karen and thomas. >> you have mixed feelings about all that. police are investgating multiple fires that have broke own you the in the center city apartment building, they think this could be arson. it could be happening, after a fight broke out in eight days. this is here at the sterling apartment homes at 18th and jfk, last one was on friday, all of them have been set on the lower floors. 500 people that live there. there is three different fires that seem to be escalating with each fire, people still, hearing one noise in the middle have the night and they run outside saying oh, is that a fire? property manager is working with the atf, police are fire marshall continue on investigate. >> anytime we are concern. our residents are most important right now and make sure this doesn't happen good time. >> last one was first one that
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got big enough to set off sprinkler system on the sixth floor, so it is a concern that nobody has been caught. >> reporter: they don't have video in the hallways but they have some from the elevator cameras, if you know anything call atf at 888-atf-fire. prosecutors released dash cam video of the police involved shooting in atlantic city, three years after it happen, video was released following a new jersey supreme court decision this month maintaining it is a matter of public interest. dash cam shows shooting death of the ant want watson of williamstown, new jersey in march 2014. atlantic city police shot and killed him after exchanging gunfire in missouri and atlantic avenue. we will freeze video right before the police shot at him [gunfire]
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>> dramatic video there grand jury declined to bring criminal charge as begins police officers involved saying the use of force was lawful. senator john mccain making a return to washington today to take part in the republican led health care vote. >> interesting, lots of people retweeting it just a week ago, you may remember he was diagnosed with brain cancer, he had treatment and will be coming to boost g.o.p.'s reeling effort toss repeal and replace obama care, senate is expected to consider a procedural motion that will start this whole debate on the revised plan, his presence to bring his party closer to the 50 that they need at lee to initiate that process on the senate floor. on twitter yesterday president warned republican lawmakers there would be republican cushion ifs they failed to act on health care reform. second day of testimony for president's son in law, close advisor jared kushner,
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he goes before the house intelligence committee this morning a day after meeting with the senate panel. during yesterday's three hour closed door hearing kushner was adamant his four meetings with russian officials last year were inconsequential and says nothing about them were improper. meantime the associated press is report ago this the president trump has reportedly spoke when his advisors about firing attorney general jeff sessions, and president trump continues to rage against sessions decision to recues himself from all matters related to the russia investigation. president's anger bubbled in the public view yesterday as he referred to sessions in a tweet as beleaguered. head up, i phones out there we have an important alert and warning. >> still ahead here on "good day philadelphia" why the company is issuing security patches for ios devices and mack computers. break out rocky theme once again sylvester stallone teasing fans with details of
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the sequel to creed, how about that, the rocky character expected to make an appearance in the upcoming movie. but first lets get a check of you your tuesday morning traffic. >> come on, we're celebrating christmas in july, i'm making it snow, wouldn't it be great to get snow man action today? 5:12. lets go outside and say good morning to philly international, no snow delays in, rain delays at all down there at philly international, and l.l. cool j one of the traffic jamsz for joey in south philadelphia heading to the airport. sueby has your flying forecast when we come right back.
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look at that, 10 before we're live here they shut off the dome lights. either they didn't pay the bill which hoping that is not the case. >> yeah right. >> they knew we were coming today. >> sometimes the sunrise is moved back but it has been around this time. >> your's saying it is set on the timers. >> yes, we have who about 10 minutes since the first day of summer on the 21st of june, so now getting closer to that 6:00 a.m. sunrise, but before we get to the forecast i wanted to tell you that the national weather service did indeed confirm, we talk about
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this yesterday, there was a tornado in stephensville maryland very early yesterday morning that round of strong thunderstorms that came through sunday night into monday morning and it happened at 1:30 in the morning yesterday, ef2 with maximum wind estimated at 125 miles an hour and that tornado went for two and a third miles. there was destruction, one injury but luckily no one was hurt any worse than that. that is that, and another round of thunderstorms, and behind there, they are out of there with drizzle and fog around this morning. and, in the pocono mountains. future cast is showing a chance of more rain. and be prepared for a pop up shower anytime. little unsettled but it is cooler and eventually, it will be less humid.
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we should have better temperatures tomorrow. we have a foggy area been was showing you around pottstown mile and a quarter visibility there. not too bad at philly international. we have enough of a breeze out there that we're not seeing a lot of fog form but there is moisture still in the area, and it is cooler then it has been for many a morning. 67 degrees in the city, 61 in mount pocono. we are at zero seven in wilmington and dover. it will get better. it is 87 is our average high. week ago we start that had heat wave that went for five days through saturday. we were close to 90. not too far with that high of 88. 80 degrees. delightful day with lower hugh mid tomorrow and high of 82. then weak get another round of thunderstorms, frontal system comes thursday night into friday and may move that we will get showers, thunderstorms through the day on friday but should clear out in time for weekend with highs
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in the more reasonable mid 80 's for last weekend of july. don't forget in the car, radio station you should have on is that first button is 101.1 more fm, you know that little buttons. >> little button. i had a little button on a new map system and it said snow, i hit it, and look what happened , i can make it snow. >> you can change the weather. >> i can with that little button and make it snow. this is a one and a half inch one storm here because we are celebrating christmas in july, so we will let it snow. this is best kind of snow. we don't to have shovel it. i can hit the button again and make it stop instantly. we will slide out to 422, here's the fog sue was just talking about laying over collegeville royer are royersford pottstown area depending where you begin and end your trip be ready for that as well. it is certainly a better start then this time yesterday.
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route 130 brooke run circle at route 47 watch for high water again, aiming of the rain and that high tide when that comes in, that is when we have flooding situation, garden state parkway northbound right before the atlantic city expressway watch for an accident, police are on the scene for anybody coming back from the shore this morning, some flood ago long route 130, this is route 130 just off of the 295 and centre square road and then here's a live look at burlington bristol bridge, is there freighter, opening set for burlington bristol green light at the moment but 5:45 is the time to beat, for that opening and then down here, in delco right on the border of delco and delaware chestnut street right at marsh road and darley road and high flood water. here's a live look at roosevelt boulevard, no snow on the road, no problems at all here, boulevard looking live at wissohickon and mass transit say they are off to a good start this tuesday
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morning. karen and thomas back to you. >> we will be dealing with the snow in about three months. too early for that, thank you. catholic priest outside pittsburgh is being charged with felony sexual abuse of the 10 year-old. pennsylvania district attorney josh shapiro announced those charges against john t sweeney yesterday. sex crimes allegedly took place during 1991/92 saint margaret mary's catholic school year but victim only recently came forward. sweeney turned himself into authorities without incident. woman quick of the kidnapping of the king of prussia mall will spend next one and a half seven years to state prison. yesterday, montgomery county court recommend three dollars three-year old sherry amoore get treatment for mental health, substance abuse. prosecutors say amore kidnaped baby from the mall in march 2016, as she later admitted to having a false pregnant i test and faking the pregnancy. doctor diagnosed her with mental disorder and says at the time she believed that the baby was hers. 5:20. man who shot a philadelphia
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police officer now knows how lock he will be staying in prison. judge sentenced william nov land to 35 to 75 years in prison, a injury you found him guilty in april of the shooting in 2015 of the officers daniel costik. it happened at 50th and master while costik was on bike patrol. the defense argued it was the office shore was one who was aggressive, and argument that the injury difficult not buy. prosecutors filed charges in the shooting involving philadelphia police and septa officers. thirty-seven year-old jose lebron is facing attempted murder and other charges. prosecutors say he refused to drop his gun last thursday when officers responded, and 400 block ofe somerset street. they say he shot his 48 year-old wife, and seven officers including philadelphia and septa officers, fired shots. it is first day on the job for philadelphia's first african-american female district attorney. >> her name is kelly hodge and she took oath of office at city hall yesterday and panel
5:22 am
of judges pick her last week to serve rest offset williams term in office because he resigned awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. she's a former assistant d.a. >> to the members of the district attorney's office, good to be back. >> wow. >> this is our restoration period, our opportunity to look at adversity from the rear-view mirror and know you have weathered the storm so she will be interim district attorney until january, when the winner of the november general election will be taking office so that race is pitting larry krasner against republican beth grossman. before students head back to school montgomery county health officials are reminding parents about new rules involving those vaccinations, starting this year, all students must provide proof otherwise they won't aloud to attend. in the pennsylvania they had eight months to receive their immunizations.
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playing hard ball with mr. e stand down at the shore are facing legal trouble a couple of them, corporate offices suing owner of the two of the locations on wildwood boardwalk claiming person is running them without a license president softee pulled owners franchise license after he fell behind in royalty payments and they received complaints about the staffing and the cleanliness. we have check both ice cream stand and went to an address for owner bye were unable to reach him for comment. 5:23. too late new to say sorry. you want me to sing it. >> i love that song. biggest down loads. >> the announcement justin beiber just made. >> there you go. he is saying sorry some fans are upset we will explain what happened.
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if you have a iphone apple has a warning. >> company issuing security patches for ios devices and mack computers. the virus is called broadp.o. n to allow actors to take over your iphone, by affecting it via wifi. make sure you have the latest update, to protect your mack, install latest mack os sierra update. hackers also targeting android devices but google issued its
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own security patch a couple weeks ago. 5:26. in your health more trouble for chipotle another person got sick after eating at the restaurant this one in virginia. >> health officials are confirming they had a second person testing positive for no ro virus. customer ate at chipotle, in sterling before they temporarily closed it last week. health department says it has identified 135 people who reported getting ill, from eating at that location, that is a lot of people, it has since reopened after a complete sanitation, chipotle has been trying to win back customers since the e-coli out break in 2016. things are not looking good for the cowboys abe sometimes they call them cow girls. >> coming up latest incident that has our nfc rivals in the spotlight. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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new details are coming in a live report. and just days after being diagnosed with brain cancer, john mccain riding to the rescue he will be back in washington for a huge vote on health care. great to have you with us on this tuesday another wild night overnight, with all of the rain,.
5:31 am
>> lightening, rock and rolling. >> things calming down, wildwood, good morning to you, boardwalk will be act any of a couple hours. great to have you with us here , thomas drayton with karen hepp, sue serio standing by, what exactly can we expect today, sue. >> cooler temperatures for one , more cloud cover for another but one leads to the other, cloud cover leads to cooler temperatures but many temperatures in the 60's this morning, bus stop buddy is dock side celebrating nationalize cream sunday, day. and sundae, whole story behind that we will tell it later on but enjoy yourself today, it will not be as hot as it was all last week but trade off is , cloud cover and couple areas of drizzle, fog this morning, right new we don't have any, precipitation in olde city so we are recovering from the loud thunderstorms that came through last evening 67 degrees. 90 percent relative humidity. coming up at 5:54 that sunrise
5:32 am
is closer to 6:00 o'clock and days are getting a little shorter. 67 degrees in reading. sixty-one mount pocono. zero seven wildwood. atlantic city, dover, wilmington definitely cooler then it has been. if you are waking up, lucky you, you are on vacation this week. seventy-two ocean city. seventy see cile. in north wildwood it is 70 degrees. muggy, stormy day with early morning storms and another round in the late evening, 88 was our high before all of the evening drama happened, and then today we will expect only 80 degrees, mostly cloudy, lit the will bit of sunshine but not as hot as it was, and any heat returning we will let you know in the seven day forecast coming up, how is it going bob kelly. >> much better then this time yesterday, live look at route 202 near chesterbrook boulevard rolling up from king of prussia down into west chester, roads are drying out after the deluge from this
5:33 am
time yesterday morning. burlington bristol bridge set for a opening at 5:45. any minute we will have an opening. we had one at that coney palmyra. we are dealing with haze, live look at some fog, 422, out near pottstown collegeville interchange, and so a little bit there. for gang from wilmington and delaware in problems on i-95. good morning to allentown looking good along the extension and route 209, to and from the poconos, threatening included there will cause some fog delays. in problems on the turnpike itself, blue route looking good heading down toward the airport, but down the shore, north on the garden state parkway an accident, right before the atlantic city expressway, and because of the quicks of the rain and high tide we have high water at the brooklawn circle route 130 and route 47, watch out for delays , route 130 just off of centre square road watch for high water, again as a result of the rain and high tide. down here in delco marsh road
5:34 am
which is route three between chestnut and darley road watch for local detours. mass transit, we had that water main break in the neighborhood. let's role video from the news van on the scene here at frankford avenue and thompson sleet water department has turned off water. there is 12 hems without water service. we have water in the basement and septa's route five bus will be on the detour, throughout delays in fishtown this morning. back to you. 5:34. breaking news this morning police are searching for a gunman after a womans shoddy twice in the fernrock section of the city. we necessity she's in critical condition. our jenny joyce, is at einstein hospital with what we now know, general i. >> reporter: good morning, thomas we know that she's under going surgery at this hour, for injuries to her hip, and chest, again, as you say she's in critical condition. police say that the shooting happened around 3:00 this morning at broad street and
5:35 am
chew avenue in fernrock. police say there were no witnesses, they are relying on surveillance cameras in the area to provide clues, right now they don't have a motive but they did find drugs on the ground at the scene, police say it is unclear whether or not that is unrelated this case but regardless the drugs were seized as evidence. police say when they responded they found woman lying on the ground with at lee two gunshot wounds, police immediately transported the victim. >> police scooped this woman, took her to einstein hospital where she's in critical condition. upon arrival at the hospital she said don't let me die, this was only information that we got, from the shooting victim and despite the many people that were out here at this hour, we don't have any witnesses, that have come forward. >> well, while police investigate they may reflect on the fact that violence begins woman has increased. last week we covered a double
5:36 am
stabbing homicide in south philadelphia involving two female victims a mother and daughter and day before that we reported eight women in just seven days were violently attack, in this case police do not have any information on the shooter but if you have any information for investigators you are urged to give police a call on this 26 year-old woman continues to fight for her life at einstein medical center, karen and thomas. >> jenny, thank you. 5:36. just days after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer senator john mccain makes a return to the senate today. >> tweeting about. that people can't believe this one. he is coming back in a decisive vote on this whole effort with health care, lets get to washington and doug luzader with what this all means doug, good morning. >> reporter: it means that republicans may ultimately have the votes to move forward with the repeal and ultimately the replacement of obama care but we will see. it is still nip and tuck with mccain in attendance
5:37 am
republicans could only afford to lose two of their own members and still move ahead with the health care debate. if they lose more than one, they are going to have -- if they lose more than two they will have an issue so this will be a nip and tuck but this is a dramatic return for senator mccain was just last week diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. >> do we know what they are vote to go proceed too is this a substitute amendment. >> reporter: this is, well, there will be amendments for sure but they are going to be moving on to essentially the house bill it sounds like but they have not work out details as to how this will be playing out through the course of the day but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell seems confident they will be able to move ahead with this. >> reading the paper right there, as it washington post that the president was tweet ing about and what are headlines this morning are they talking about what is happening with sessions, what is going on. >> reporter: the president has
5:38 am
certainly been tweaking the washington post and jeff bezos who happens to own amazon, on twitter, the president brought up, amazon's tax status, so yeah there have been shots fired back and forth, but as far as sessions is concerned there are some anonymous sources in the white house indicate ago this president trump is mulling over the possibility of trying to get rid of the attorney general jeff sections. sessions was a very early advocate for the president, during the campaign but the president is upset with sessions because he reaccused himself from the russia investigation. >> we will talk about those latest developments and more on the health carry peel coming up later here on "good day philadelphia". good to see you. >> thanks, doug. >> thanks, guys. still to come a lottery winner, lets just say they are out of luck, the mistake that may cost them millions, we will explain why. >> but first here's sean bell. coming up in sports in a ming also kicking off training
5:39 am
camp yesterday and they are dealing with some injuries, find out who might miss a little bit of time coming up next in sports.
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do yno, not really. head & shoulders? i knew that not the one you think you know the tri action formula cleans removing up to 100% of flakes protects and even moisturizes for sofia vergara hair good morning i'm sean bell eagles heading in today two of the training camp and it will be rookies and quarterbacks. vets are not required to show up, until thursday, and, of course, one rookie everybody will be looking at is derek barnett, the first round pick. he has potential to start right away. he does. yesterday he talk about what
5:42 am
day one of the training camp was like. >> i'm very excited to be back , and to be around football and my teammates because it is all i want to do it is not a job for me because i love it. quick note on the vets, jordan hicks broke his hand during the off season, how he broke it, we do not know. he had a procedure to fix it, apparently it will be fine, he will be here on thursday but will be limited. venous williams is right here in philadelphia playing for washington castles? taking on sloane stephens and she did what she does, won the match and in washington beat the freedoms, that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. all right. sylvester stallone is teasing fans, the creed rocky character expected to make an appearance in creed two. >> looking forward to that. >> bob kelly has a look at traffic.
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big news out of the nba free agent point guard derek rose found a new home. >> heading to cleveland to join lebron james and company. >> rose signed a one year deal to play with the cavilers worth 2.1 million-dollar, rose played last season with the new york knicks, he was league s mvp in 2011.
5:46 am
news comes as cavilers current point guard irving has asked to be traded. lets talk about the cowboys off season troubles, they will continue, they have given wide receiver lucky whitehead the ax. >> this comes same day police announced he will face charges from an arrest that happened last moth for reportedly shoplifting. he was arrested june 22nd after being accused of shoplifting less than $200 of merchandise from the convenient store in virginia. he was ordered to appear in court on july 6th but according to court record he didn't show up. they put out a warrant for his arrest and has been since charged for failure to appeal. he has another court hearing for august 10th and told cowboys coach on money was not involved in the alleged incident. one bad decision after another 5:46. lets check traffic, bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning. kind of quiet, we are off to a good start, much better then yesterday. here's a live look at
5:47 am
schuylkill expressway. near conshohocken curve. left lane here crews paved left lane on the eastbound side so we will come into philadelphia, from 476, in toward gladwynn we will feel a smooth ride on the left but boy, go to change lanes especially the motorcycles watch out there is a 2-inch speed bump here and then it comes to than a end near gladwynn as part of the repaving operation that is going on all this week on the schuylkill expressway. so we're good to go there septa's thorndale line one of the trains running with 10 to 15 minute delays, we are still working on the northeast extension southbound as we head in the lansdale interchange, those crews should be out by 6:00, water main break at frankford and thompson, expect detours throughout the day, septa said there are detours of the route five bus through the neighborhood, frankford and thompson was seen of the break , shackamaxon, frankford, girard, thompson all being detoured this morning.
5:48 am
expect grid lock in the neighborhood. burlington bristol bridge set for an opening any minute now and being told that freighter will head south, so that should affect tacony palmyra in about an hour, so keep that in mind getting ready to roll out front door. rolling down 422, heading toward king of prussia we have haze in the background. we were dealing with fog earlier this morning but we will be good to go and if you are coming back from the shore , north on the parkway, watch out for an accident right before the atlantic city expressway, any more rain the way? sue has that answer in 15. one week ago we started our latest heat wave which ended up being a five day heat wave with a maximum temperature of 96 degrees.
5:49 am
we are totaling five for the season, for the year so far, the good news when you see the seven day forecast no 90's tonight at all. 67 degrees, lot more comfortable out there you can sea breezes blowing from the northe that will keep us damp, and cool, throughout the day today, and little bit of sunshine and whole lot of cloud cover. seventy's to our south but it is sure is feeling better then it has been, pottstown area seems to be the most foggy this morning, and visibility isn't too bad most other place s. our storms from last night have moved well off shore but you can see area green popping up every now and again in our region. we have had very light rain in the poconos, so drizzle around , chance of some showers around throughout the day according to this computer model a lot of cloud cover as we mentioned but it won't be weather drama that we had two times yesterday, very early in the morning and then seven or eight or 9:00 in the evening
5:50 am
last night. by wednesday we should be clearing out, supposed to be less humid by then, lets hope it is, but then thursday into friday is when we will see another chance of rain and that rain on friday could get heavy. so, yesterday we got to a high of 88 degrees, we won't be nearly as warm today thanks to that cloud cover we just mentioned high of 80 today. eighty-two tomorrow. eighty-four on thursday. friday could be a stormy kind of a day but then saturday and sunday still holding out for a good weekend and that is good because it is last weekend of july coming up, guys? thanks, sue. 5:50. imagine playing a scratch off lottery ticket winning millions and then imagine the state saying sorry, can't catch it, california man is suing the state now, in the place that sold ticket to hand over winnings. >> so person's name was moore thomas and he will not get $5 million because he didn't go in and buy ticket himself
5:51 am
he sent his kid 16 to buy ticket and you know that is illegal but you have to be 18 to play. he filed a lawsuit says here's my big winning ticket and because of the technicality you cannot get it. lottery commission out there in california has not commented. entertainment here wonder woman is this summer's hottest movie so far and another one already in the works. warner brothers announcing a sequel in san diego this week. wonder woman is highest gross ing film in north america this summer, with 398 million-dollar. the super hero film actually came in second place for entire year behind beauty and the beast. dwayne the rock johnson has a new leading lady. >> it is new video that looks like a movie, take a look. >> siri, is what the temperature today. >> high temperature today,
5:52 am
will be 80 degrees and low will be 59 degrease. >> so, do i pay you. >> it is on me. this is your new captain. >> i love him so much. he is called the rock and siri dominate the day and he does it with the help of siri, of course, he can do anything he wants. fly planes, paint fixture, fashion designer and a artist as well. kind of fun, we will show you more throughout the morning. 5:52. justin beiber pol guying for disappointing fans for canceling the rest of his tour >> he insists everything is fine but just feeling burnt out after two years of constantly being on the road. >> ♪ >> he is taking a break,
5:53 am
beiber, scrubbed the 14 remaining dates including next month performance at met life stadium in newark, new jersey. a post does not give any reason but just unforeseen circumstances, beiber tells tmz he is looking forward to getting relaxing, riding bikes and so forth. tickets are being refunded. one of the most famous bad guys in movie history could be making a come back. >> sylvester stallone finish a script for creed two and he posted the #in drago. >> still he posted picture of himself and the actor who played the russian box inner rocky four. if you will recall he killed rocky's friend a will owe creed during a boxing match, and in the movie creed, rocky trained creed's son to be a boxer, and sound like it could be a revenge movie in the making possibly. >> 5:53, how about this within we will show you something
5:54 am
absolutely perfect, we want to hug that little face, but if not for claws. rare tiger cub in our area finds love the second time around.
5:55 am
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good mornings rough night with the storms passing through but today will be very nice. sue will have your forecast in just a moment. rehoboth, good morning to you. a require tiger cub this month born at philadelphia zoo is getting second chance of life in oklahoma. soya a amore tiger was trans ported to the oklahoma zoo after being neglected by her mom. fifteen day oldies nursing with her adoptive mother, a tiger, zoo keepers say there are less than 500 amore tigers in the wild and every cub is important for species survival michael kors hoping to buy itself glamour, how much they paid to acquire up scale shoemaker, jimmy chu. and breaking news, woman shot recovering this morning. she's in critical condition. we will have a live report from the scene coming up when good day continues in two minutes, stay with us. you don't let anything
5:58 am
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another woman shot, yes, a disturbing trend, she was target of an overnight gun violence in philadelphia, her plea to doctors as she was rushed into the hospital. dramatic video shows


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