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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 25, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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some folks join us in the 9:00 o'clock hour on good day philadelphia your we playing christmas carols it is july 25th? christmas in july. we have five months until christmas day. >> yes, people are showing us how they are celebrating, this is from meredith from the q show. >> q show. >> merry christmas in july my god daughter grace was not a fan of the santa on the north wildwood beach. >> oh. >> see, sometimes that is reaction you get, when kid meet you for the first time but they warm up over the years, don't they.
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>> absolutely. >> it is just they have so much excitement they don't know what to do so they cry. >> they are excited about gifts and toys. >> what have you been working on this summer, what is toy for 2017. >> it is new out, lego city ferry. >> yesy love it. >> and car that goes on it, build them both, that is awesome. >> what is most difficult part of that to make. >> the actual platform bottom platform, you wouldn't think so. >> i are i would think the car but platform itself. keep your questions coming for santa, again using the #fox 29 good day. it is tuesday, july 25th, 2015. karen hepp is here. >> hi guys good morning how are you. >> i want to get to something right off the top. >> sure. >> do you think money can buy you happyiness. >> i think in this case it kind of does for small things. it is not about materialism but stuff that makes you just have an easier life. >> one thing you could buy to
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make your life better and maybe make you happy, okay. okay. >> well, daily news launches its annual list of the cities, hottest singles. >> yes. >> so meet some of the new class of men and women heating up our area. this year theme was fitness so they are working on the fitness, and we are witness. >> one will look very familiar to you, more than one actually >> yes. >> friends of the show right there. >> that is it, absolutely. >> real quickly. >> really studying these photos, mike. >> i recognize some of these people. >> yes, we do. >> here's the thing, a fox 29 employee, within of our collogues has made the list of the people this year and it could be a man or it could be a woman, start guessing who it is. >> also, richard is a new guy, we have a new guy, what do you do. >> no, it is not jim driscoll.
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>> for hottest people. >> you have to be single, jim 's married, with a couple kid. >> look at you. >> stir the pot. >> always. >> that is our boss man. >> i know what you are doing, you want a raise, that is what you want. >> richard's our new guy, let's feed him to the sharks. >> all right. >> this is honestly like a singles tank because there is a lot of heavy petting with these stingrays. we have feeding them. it is lunchtime. show me how to do this. >> take this fish, put it in between your hand. let them come over to you. they will suck it right out of their hand. >> so they suck it, this is tough. it feels like they are kissing your hand. >> mike, alex, karen, you have to get down here and try this. >> oh, yeah, there it is, wow. >> i don't think i have ever
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seen a stingrays mouth. >> yes. >> that is cool. >> they are hungry. >> her hungry. >> you have to be careful of those sometimes too. >> but he will swing with the sharks in a little bit. let's set this up. i want to hear opinion of a couple of parents, you, jen, q , there is a new york bar that is creating some buzz they have a parental control and what is it again. >> so, they are only letting you have one drink, peddler's bar and bistro limiting parents to just one drink. the owners say this is really just all about keeping the kid safe and policy is if you are a grown up, adult driving yourself and kid home you are only allowed to have one alcoholic drink and if you don't abide buy this policy they will ask you to leave. general manager says they are not picking on parents but& they feel it is something that they can do to help and they have seen too many parents drinking too much, and then driving their family home, legally the restaurant does have the right to enforce this
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rule. >> well, speaking of legal, maybe that is what this is all about, they don't want to get sued if anybody gets hurt. >> over serving. >> that is a chronic problem, you can be responsible someone is over served and they have a terrible accident. is there consequence is lets try to look at the other side, personal responsibility, i will take care of myself. i know how to limit myself it don't need some bar to tell me that i am's cut off. >> well, that is one way to look at it. >> here's another way to look at it. >> quincy, what do you think. and jen, let's start with you. >> let's start with me. i will say, that i think i'm a little person, i wake up early , i think about drinking all the time especially when you where your kid, right. >> yes. >> i will have one drink and maybe sometimes two drinks but you guys know this sometimes i will uber myself and my daughter to a place so if i do have more. in the modern era it is not so much about controlling is what happening in the restaurant, it is controlling is what
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happening outside the restaurant because other thing is you can have one drink, if i'm up at 4:00 in the morning, 3:00 in the morning i can have one drink and that can be too much. i feel like when you put one drink on it, it is a false safety net. >> would you go to a place only allows you one drink with kid. >> yes, i would because i think sometimes as parents we get out offhand. i can get one or two drinks. i was looking at the lady in the background with the jen, in the gray she looks like she wants to talk bit. but no, i think this is good. i think what they want to do with people and kid they should do it with, you know, people that don't have kid because sometimes a lot of people just leave bars at six or seven drinks and you keep serving them and they get in accidents too. so, yeah, this makes sense. >> are you saying basically all bars or restaurant should have a one drink rule. >> i like it. >> it will not happen. >> they want the money.
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>> people take uber. it is not a terrible idea as a parent. my husband does in the drink at all. so if i'm driving my kid i have no drinks. that is my rule in my life. if i'm driving them then i have none and -- >> not a good idea. >> karen, you know that is other thing, steve, mr. paleo he hasn't been drinking. i joke when steve's driving rather that i'm drinking for two like a joke but the thing is you don't know who is picking me up. i'm more concerned about the restaurant being concerned about what happens outside like you could be drunk on one drink you give me a vodka drink i'm drunk if i do in the have any sleep. >> yes, we know. >> yes, we know. >> just one drink can do it. >> i'm just saying. >> that is how we get a couple kid. >> thank you both. >> now, maybe have you ever
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been to the phillies game where people over serve and they cut them off in the seventh incorporator something like that so you don't drive home drunk or however that works. at the phillies game there was a two hour rain delay. there wasn't much else to do. this is bottom of the seventh inning. look at this. >> seventh inning stretch. >> do you see him in the left corner there. >> oh, lordy. >> oh, no. >> is he doing that for cameras. >> he knows he is on. >> look at that. >> yes. >> that is jen fred's husband steve. >> my goodness. >> so stick around, venous williams was in philadelphia last night and she's still here this morning as a matter of fact and she was over at st. joseph's, yeah. >> and so we went to check her
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out because the castles, washington castles faced off with the philadelphia freedoms this is at st. joseph's arena there. there she is. isn't that nice. this is my first tennis match. i went last night. ever. >> ever. >> and luckily, jen fred was there because she explained everything to me and what was going on. did you know jen plays tennis. >> yes. >> she is quite the athlete as a matter of fact. >> yes. >> so jen, you got a picture of venous too. >> yeah, the whole focus was to get the selfie with feign us. but she is 6-foot one. sweaty. so yes, we moved in, we were strategic about it, we made sure she was not leaving until both alex and i had the picture. i have to say that she loved the jewelry we were wearing. we were part of the fashion show. she is a new fashion show called 11. i said why did you call it 11.
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when you are trying to be a 10 you than cab even better, and more perfect self. >> i like it. >> even more than that she has associates degree in fashion design. >> very cool. >> i don't know if people know that. >> yes. >> we did go out, we got to see her. i don't know if you got this when i posted my picture they said are you silting down. no, i was not. that is how tall she is. >> that is so cute. >> she looks really lean. back to the fashion part, i said, i like the feel of it. she was like what did you like bit. she wanted to know if we liked what we had made and there was this amazing warminster jewel er we had that jewelry on i like that. she was really worried. then we were talking to her. she was like, but we still have tennis to play. she's still there and ready to go. >> look at that, looking at the fashion show. you guys were in the fashion show which happened in the middle of the tournament. >> after the second set.
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>> yes. >> they put us on the court that was a cool picture you need to pick up tennis. >> you know what we talked about this earlier, i love tennis skirts. you might catch me walking around, it is a freeing spirit >> they are short. >> that is freeing part. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> they say tennis skirt is the new yoke a pants, even though you never do yoga everyone has a pair of yoga pants and tennis skirt some people feel more comfortable in that then a pair of shorts. >> well, is there a god you are comfortable but not comfortable. there is a breezing go through there with you uncomfortable if i dropped something i would not want to pick it up. otherwise people well get a show. >> hundred dollar bill. >> too bad. >> you are out. >> point of the coup tennis skirt because you are picking up the balls. >> is that the idea. >> you wear boy short underneath but skirt is licensing enough. >> i thought they were
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athletic and they need movement. >> for movement sake. >> it is not for men. >> no, no. >> bend and snap. >> yes. >> bend and snap. >> is there a place to put the balls in the back of your skirt. >> yes. >> put it underneath. >> i use that for something else. it is funny we were going down down the court. she will do group picture. i will get this so i can get myselfe. i put the cell phone in my pants. >> did you get a butt shot. >> i don't have the camera on then. so please don't let this fall out of my pants, fall out. >> even better then anything else because you have pocket, new trendy didn't fine the pocket. here's another trend when you take a picture you want to show off your dimples. is there something adorable about a woman with dimples. >> and a man too. >> but what if were you born without dimples.
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i have a big bloated face, if i had dimples, they wouldn't show up. >> i just think, but they are considered a birth defects. technically they are a birth defect. >> back in the day it was. >> why would it be not now. >> it changees medically it is still considered a birth defect why is that. >> because your muscles don't connect so is there a lapse and it is a indentation, i date aid guy in high school and that is what he told you that was a birth defects. >> that is a good sales job. >> hey, dating a guy with the birth defect on his face. >> two as a matter of fact. >> i thought it was when god said you are special and went like that yeah. >> anyway, this surgeon says requests have tripled in his office, patients want designer dimples. ariana grand day, harry styles , gabriel union, some of
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the best dimples in the business. so this procedure lasts about 30 minutes, it lasts one to two months, a small incision is cut into your cheek, and then absorbable sutures are used to stitch up the cheek muscle to the overlying skin creating a dimple and it has a name called dimple plasty and they cost $2,500. chief one is about a thousand. how silly is that? >> a lot of people love yourself the way you are. those people are so cute with dimples but just love the face that you have. >> i hate the way i am but i don't think i would spend 2500 doll as on a dimple. >> give me a huge smile. >> you get those things and as you get older you get in filler to blow them all out.
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so, love yourself. >> so i googled it. >> yes. >> and it is basically shortened facial muscles that cause them. when a person smiles shorter muscle pulls up a skin. >> so it is considered a rare. >> having one is extremely rare as opposed to having them on both cheeks. >> my son has one, high one when he smiles. >> i have seen that. >> on my baby good. >> yes, yes. >> those won up high normally just stay there. you don't to have smile. >> you have to smile, really cute but just on one side. i had never seen it before. i only know him and like one other person that has it your husband doesn't have dimples. >> not like that. >> have you ever seen people with dimples in the small of their back. >> yes. >> i thought those are called, web site dedicated to that. >> excuse me. >> people are into different things but maybe it is back
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dimples. >> you have those. >> yes. >> is that abnormal. >> no, lets take a look. >> no. >> but i'm told is there a web site dedicated to that. >> we have to google that. >> megan, is there such thing as back dimples. >> what a phenomenon. >> it does form a v because they go like this in your back >> the dimples of venous what about the dimples of uranus. >> come on i'm 12 years old. >> santa's looking at you now. >> wags your finger. >> oh, well. >> yes. >> yeah. >> i have those. >> i have those. >> yes. >> are they deep enough to put quacamole in. >> i have never tried it. >> whipped cream. >> how would i eat it. >> well, somebody else might be, it was the eye de. >> this is why. >> this is why what. >> nothing, nothing. >> you eventually thought of
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yourself eating quacamole. >> there is nobody to dip it out, hey, i'm doing everything on my own, so, never occurred me that someone could be doing that. >> okay. >> lets get back to the original question can money buy you happiness. >> one researcher say yes, they surveyed more than 6,000 men and women about their spending habits. what do you think one thing is that you could buy, is it a vacuum cleaner. >> no, people that help you with the cleaning, chores and things that make your life easier. grocery shopping, that kind of activity can bring you happ iness. it is not buying a new fancy car or new outfit but it business having time back. i knew we were doing this story. i read to it one of my boss ladies. my executive produce are. i told her crazy, busy. you should do ordering of your grocery shopping because you order the same thing all the time and have them come so you are not running around, it
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doesn't cost you anymore money you can still use coupons. do i this. it is life saving. i'm not totally crazed. >> i love going to the grocery store. >> i still go. >> yes. >> if i had another child lets say i would just have everything, buy everything. >> diapers. >> it makes a difference, show up, cleaning supplies. >> you pay somebody to take care of the kid. >> what would you do. >> sit around and watch them. >> wouldn't that be, would that make you happy. >> i certainly would help. i don't have anybody to help because luckily the kid are in camp at school. we were lucky now. otherwise you can't work. so whether it is day care or whoever. >> that makes you happeny well , yes. >> handing them over to grand mom. >> pay the mortgage, you have to work. >> are we finished then. that is idea. pay for help. >> yes, not everyone can pay for help.
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>> that is why they are so unhappy. >> here's what i'm saying, things have gotten easier on line with amazon thaw are not paying for, you don't to have pay a ton of money. it it is not a luxury because you can get that for free with amazon prime for grocery. >> fresh direct. >> do you do that. >> i have done fresh direct. >> what did you do, you don't get anything in your refrigerator. >> not really. >> every time, when i first moved here mike told me, you don't need a car. i haven't had a car since 98. every time i think of you and get so upset because it is so hard to walk and get groceries and come back and figure it out, carrying all this stuff in the heat and all that. i think of you. >> so every time you go to the grocery store you hate me. >> i don't want to say hate because it is a strong war. >> but a tinge of dislike or i wish i had a car right now. >> you didn't to have listen to me when you said you don't need a car in philadelphia i
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still say you don't. >> when i go to grocery story uber. >> uber to the grocery store and uber back. i have a little roley baggy take and, i roll. >> it keeps you healthy. >> i should take the bus is what i should do. >> parents need milk? do you have picky eaters? who doesn't. one restaurant is having fun with children's food complaints how they translated their menu into, kid talk instead of trying to explain to the kid what the heck they are ordering, i think this will help. blank. and more christmas pictures, this is from, oh, tom loudon. >> we love our selves. >> we do look for christmas in july, he does this, they do it all out. >> yes, they are big christmas people. >> i wouldn't doubt he has blown himself up for the front yard already, hi santa, you still want some questions? >> absolute. >> keep them coming using #fox
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uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
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happy christmas in july. >> look at that santa, he has some tattoos. >> nice. >> avery and santa so cool. >> me in the 80's christmas. >> cute. >> little mickey doll. >> i remember those pajamas with the matching head dress ing. >> how about the presents. >> i like that. >> i like that too. >> how about this real quickly here, santa, i will get back to you in a second, okay, and cover the kid ears right now. >> oh, no. >> i looked up cosmopolitan meaning of back dimples of which you have. what am i about to learn. >> they are called venous dimples, roman goddess of beauty dimples, they are indicators of good health. >> i like that.
9:25 am
>> and a crackling sex life. >> oh, okay. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> now, not crack, crackling. and women who have them apparently have an easier time of, you know, the big o. >> okay. >> rough transition from that. >> speaking of fun and games. >> santa, yeah. >> somebody else, somebody is indicating here, a question for you, is jenja back as a popular 2017 gift. >> yes, it is, yes, it is. >> i love jenja. >> yes. >> it is in. >> woodies in. >> woodies in, very easy for elves to make. >> i like large won the big extra size one. >> at beer garden that the grown ups play. >> ate anything the living heck out of me.
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>> why. >> you are sitting there having a conversation in a bar and then all of a sudden this crashing sound scars the heck out of you. it is annoying. >> why don't you play, you can't beat them, join them. >> it is true. >> all right. >> listen to this, maryland restaurant has created a kid menu, all parents can relate to, i think, it is using children's, winey complaints as the inspiration for dishes. now explain this. >> it is called, i think fag gers island in ocean city, they have kid friendly sections featuring dishes like i'm not hungry which is basket of chicken tender or i don't want that which is an order of kid fries. and restaurant advises parents to order meals based on what their youngsters say. different way to do that. they say i don't care, give them grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich. >> what, what, that is cheese
9:27 am
quesadilla. >> that is cute. >> i like prices, i have to go down there. >> i love them prices. >> rehoboth area near maryland >> did you see is there an app now if you cannot decide, you know, get together, where should we eat and you cannot decide you hit this app and it spins different restaurants in the philadelphia area. >> spot luck. >> it land and that is what you have to go to. >> we had them on. >> yes. >> that is why i remember this >> we had them on the show. >> yes. >> hey thanks for watching. >> isn't it fun to do show with the elderly, it doesn't even seem like a rerun. >> everything seems new. >> everything is new, every day, even though we dit yesterday. >> yesterday, speaking of yesterday, the daily news came out with some of the most popular issues when they have what used to be the sexy singles, sexy singles issues goes on for week, yesterday was first, now this is day number two, and the fitness is the theme this year, fit
9:28 am
necessary. so is there someone who works in our building here, a collogue who is in and she's -- he or she will be in our studio coming up. >> who is it.
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>> the 31:00, every year the daily news spends a week looking at attractive, singles in the philadelphia area. >> and they do it in the summer because get hot. >> that's right. >> yesterday they started this with a cover shot. shark beat them out today with a cover of the daily news, but anyway, denise armstrong here,
9:32 am
does this every year, good to see you. >> good to see too. >> who is this, who is this person smear. >> that's the lovely christina cher. >> i and who is she? >> she is a social worker, i met her last summer, did story on blacks for trump, and christina leans a little right. so i interviewed her for that store. >> i she leans right politically? >> yes, but isn't she gorgeous? >> and she leaning in the photo. >> she is fabulous. her sister was actually sexy single some years earlier. >> it is not called sexy sing. >> that's right. that was a decision by corporate. they thought they could sell more ads if they took the sexy out. >> still very popular, like the most popular issue, isn't it? >> yes, get millions of hits, sell lot of papers, have a party and have lots and lot every fun. >> i remember couple of years ago when our alex whom i was the cover, also had beautiful picture on the inside. >> i love that dress. >> thank you. >> that's a great shot. >> i just got to fill when this happened. >> yes. >> that's right. >> i was fresh. a lot of fun, it was a great
9:33 am
time. >> definitely still sexy singles. >> oh, they're still sexy. >> then we have to change the name, no, she doesn't make the cut. >> somebody on our show all the time, stephanie humphrey, is in there. look at her. now -- >> fitness is the theme this year. >> yes. >> fitness is the new sexy, we say. >> you know, we shot it at lifetime fitness. that's the new mega gym that's been opening up in the suburbs. >> yes. >> got one in mt. laurel, one in ft. washington, they've got one in king of prussia. >> patty jackson made it this year. >> yes. >> she is trying to work herself back to health. who is this young man? >> fitness model and fitness activist. you know who nominated him? >> who? >> the art museum hotty. remember huey dillon last year? well, it was jeff piers. >> yes? >> who nominated kevin, who is a fitness act vet and mod. >> i who is this dude? >> very hot tony roam. his real name anthony cop lan. he works at lankenau hospital. >> really? >> isn't he gorgeous? >> what a pose. >> yes. >> oh, he got lots of poses, you want to see more photos on
9:34 am
him go on additional images of all of the singles there. >> okay, so, one of our friends, well, by the way, one of our colleagues here at fox is in this. before we get to her -- >> i don't want to look at photos, i want to see people in person. >> i want to see buck wilds. >> let's get buck wilds. >> one of our singles here. common in. >> all right. >> very nice. >> congratulations. >> look at you. >> you knock me off. >> look at that sexy, sexy walk. >> i'm on the dm. >> seeing you live. >> beautiful. >> all of guys in jail want me to tell you they love you. >> she is big in prisons. >> prisons, i went to graterford, talked to the guys about coming home, tell her i love her, coming home, get my life together. you saved a lot of lives. >> thanks. >> as we put up pictures of him, tell me why you chose him? >> look, why not? he's fun, lively, great man, great guy. >> and i'm handsome.
9:35 am
>> oh, yes, very handsome. >> and i love the lords. >> and you're very sex. >> i thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> now a lot of people show skin. what's the story here. >> we had some little speedos ready for him. our stylist anthony henderson had him out and ready but buck, yes, he wasn't doing that. >> oh, they told me to take my shirt off but i was fasting for ramidan. >> but ramidan is over. i can take it off. >> look that the. >> now, normally i know you guys ask, are they looking for someone, right? are you looking for someone right now? >> i'm looking for couple of people. oprah, martha stewart, who ever really owns there. >> yes, sure. >> can men be gold digger? >> yes. >> because i don't want no broke girl. >> oh, i know. >> okay, at least he's clear on that. >> yes. >> at least he's clear. >> i get tired of spending all my money on black people meet. com, social media, facebook, instagram, twitter. listen, you sink, i'm sink.
9:36 am
why are we on this show? judge don't we hook up? >> you know there is a something for people, our time. >> here is a person, drum roll, it is jenny joyce! >> jenny joyce! >> oh, all right, come on, girl. >> get over here. >> i was wait to go dance to the music. >> jenny joyce looks so good. >> oh, all right. >> congratulations, jen. >> i thank you, thank you. >> how did you feel to be a sing snell. >> oh, hey, i don't have money so you won't want to cozy up with me. >> how do you describe this pose here? let's put that picture back up. you spent a lot of time in the gym, do you? >> i do, more and more, yes. >> i feel like i look a little awkward in some, but no, i do. i do. i lift. >> i love that photo. >> thank you so much. >> anthony henderson did the wards robe, stuff like that? >> he always does. >> hair, make up, the whole thing? >> and minutes i barnett hems us with coordination, teamer. >> we love minutes i. you don't have to ask. are you really single, jenny?
9:37 am
>> i thought you had someone? >> are you really sing snell. >> are you really sing snell. >> well, no ring, right? >> right. >> so i'll let -- >> anyone unmarried, not engaged. >> and our motto if no one else want you, we don't want you either. this is not a lonely hearts club. >> right? >> if no one else wants you, we don't want you? >> my mother says it all the time. you don't want someone no one else wants, right? >> people are dating. people are, you know, in relationships. >> well, yes. >> is this your way of telling him he butter hurry up and put a ring on it. >> are you watching, brian? >> oh! >> he's out of town, so -- >> what's his name? >> ryan. >> ryan, get it together. >> ya. >> congratulations. >> appreciate you, thank you glenn so see you guys wednesday? >> see you wednesday. >> what's the price? >> union trust. >> union trust. >> yes. >> swing by. >> and everybody, see you in the newspaper this week, will be there? >> yes, i think one is
9:38 am
missing, chase is out of town, otherwise. >> oh, i know him. >> you know chase? >> yes. >> very cool guy. >> i'll take his place. >> me and you going to host, me and mike always dancing anyway. >> mike, are you a sexy sing snell. >> she asks me every year and i say no. >> why? >> there are many reasons. >> i won't get into it then. >> now that you have dropped the term sexy, i might be in. >> they're all very sex. >> i thank you. >> hey, gang, good morning shall everybody, i'm limberg up here, ready at the mcdevitt volleyball camp. you girls ready to play a little volleyball? let's g bring it on, girls, let's bring it on. >> we got a lot to learn when we come right back.
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good morning, everybody, one of my favorite days of the week. what do the kids do during the summer? we go to camp. today, coming to you live from bishop mcdevitt high school, lancers volleyball camp. where they're learning the basics of volleyball, from one of the big pro coaches here, my man, jim harrigan. jim? >> morning, bob. >> cup ill of different sets of groups of kids here. first of kids sixth through ninth? >> six through ninth. the campers are sixth through ninth. we have former players, weaver some former players that are going in their first year of college. we have another former player who is in her second year of college. >> this group here have never touched a volleyball before? >> that's correct. >> so they're learning. >> they're rockies? >> they're the rookies. they're learning the base glick she is laughing, that's
9:43 am
good. do you have any idea what you're doing, hon? >> no, i don't. >> you look good, though. >> thank you. >> what do we have back here? >> over here doing passing. >> okay? >> and now back here, these players are little more -- have little more experience, played cyo. they're doing their spike approaches. >> that's what they did to me in the tees there, spiking it. >> that's what they were doing. and then over here, we're playing the game with serve in and passing and spiking. so we find everything over here. >> now, you actually were one. coaches on the usa women's team? >> i was apprentice coach with the 1996 olympic team. >> wow. >> this was good. >> right on cue. >> right on cue, thank you. >> you hit the coach. >> yes, so i worked as apprentice coach with the 96 olympic team. i volunteered at the olympics in 96.
9:44 am
so come over here, they got it going on. where are all of the seniors at, the seniors? this was their last year playing volleyball here for the lancers, what's it look like for the seniors? >> looks good. we have a lot of returning players. they'll be moving up from jv to varsity. >> boom. >> looks like we got about ten freshmen coming in. so -- >> got it going on. >> we got it going on. >> oh, having some fun here at bishop mcdevitt high school volleyball camp part of camp kel fry volleyball to the sharks. it is shark week. richard, go ahead. are you still alive? are you alive? can you hear me now? >> reporter: i'm still live and kicking, bob, i'm vitamin the fishes. feeding these sharks some delicious meats. stay with us, i can't wait.
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>> look at all of the people getting red any ocean city, new jersey. sue in 15 seconds. >> 9:47. it is frosty the sand manor the sands castle today. but here's your christmas in july forecast. sand a's here, there you got the tree and everything, but
9:48 am
68 degrees throughout the morning, 72 by lunchtime, and probably topping off at 08 degrees with very little sunshine, kind of socked in with clouds right now, we've reached 70 degrees, but things are going to stay kind of humid. we do have few pop up showers here and, there it is nothing like the drama we had yesterday, with all of the thunderstorms, 80 degrees today, 82 tomorrow, tomorrow looks pretty good with low humidity, and then by thursday and friday we've got a warmer front coming through, kind of lingering through friday, but it should clear out, just in time, mike and alex and karen, for the weaken. ready? >> perfect. >> all right, let's get richard into the camden adventure a car yum, swim withing sharks, it is shark week, hi, richard. >> reporter: i'm loving this, guys. first of all, shark week's one of my favorite weeks. but we're out here feeding the sharks. i'm here with liz, lead a car yum out here, feeding these guys, what are we doing, what are we feeding them?
9:49 am
>> feeding them herring today. we feed them three times a week. we try to target them one to 2% of their body weight. what we do, we put this herring on the pole, the polls going to go in the water, the fish then will go in the shark's mouth. >> we already laced these things with vitamins. >> yes. >> that's going to help them stay healthy, even though they're getting their natural fish, just something about being in the tank with the vitamins? >> absolutely since they're not eating fish that are live we want to make sure we supplement their diet cords inningly. >> here's what's so cool. i asked you where you got the herring from. this is restaurant quality fish. >> it is. these sharks actually eat better than most of our staff do. so we feed them very well. >> go to the restaurant, you can order the same exact fish they serve the sharks here. so how can you tell how much a shark is eating? >> we way the food before it come up. it is a three person team. so we have, here you go, if you want to do this? >> oh, ya. can i go fishing here? >> so three person team. we have one person feeding sand bars, which we're feeding
9:50 am
right here. we have another person over on the other side feeding sands tigers, then we have -- >> oh, cool! >> yes, push down. >> push down, there you go. >> wow. >> great. >> do you want a job? you want to switch jobs? >> n honestly it might be tough getting out of here for today. thanks for having us, you got a lot of work to do. you have to feed the rest of the fish? >> yes. >> anybody can come down here, sign up on line. >> so for shark and ray end counter sign up until 11:00 for 1:00 end counter to get up close and personal with these guys. >> this could have been the coolest experience i've ever had. so if you guys are loving this as much as i am, get down here. liz will take care of you. thanks so much. happy christmas in july here at the fish tank. >> having the summer of his life. >> that was scar. >> i very cool. >> we want to thank our sponsor adventure aquarium. >> you could be the one person to cross that shark bridge today. >> one of our favorite sponsors for sure, hey, santa, brody, young man watching the scholl, he wants to know if
9:51 am
you have other pet besides reindeer? >> i do, i have a service dog, her name is dallas. >> oh. >> does that mean santa is a cowboys fan? >> no, she came that way. >> she just came that way. >> dallas. >> came with the name. >> lottery numbers then coming right back and skeet carter, one of the funniest dudes i know from philly is here.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
let's get this out of the way, right away. good to see you again. >> good to see you, too. >> boom. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> i know do you have do this every single time we talk, but skeet, it used to be skeeter. >> scooter. >> how did scooter come about? >> well it, came about when i came out. so i didn't know nothing about turkey thought scooter was a good name, why? >> so i grew up, i thought if i took the er off. >> more mature? >> yes, then came out with a song called skeet-skeet. >> the ying yank twins. >> my family couldn't make good names at all, because we had a dog named chronic. i didn't know, i thought chronic was a dog's name, i didn't know it was a drug, so we bring the dog to school, hey here go chronic. and -- >> skeet brought chronic to school. >> go to the principal's office. >> ya, like what? so that was that. but yes.
9:56 am
skeet, my official name is israel carter, for those who didn't know. >> speaking of school where did you go to school? you're from fill. >> i i went to mathematics civics and science charter school. and after all of that, i became a comedian. >> oh, my gosh. did you think about doing anything else besides cop did i? >> i didn't know what i wanted to do. actually i used to cut hair. i was professional barber. i used to cut at multiple shops in the city. what happened was i was so good at, you know, having conversations with clients, they used to come in and didn't even get haircut. so they used to leave with a good time. i used to leave broke, you know what i am saying? i didn't have any time to make any money. you know what? i'm going to go do something to get paid for my talent. i started into comedy. >> between 22nd and dime cross crease street,. >> so how much of all of that in philly makes it into your shows? when people go, what do they expect? >> i'm raw talent.
9:57 am
i don't even know what i am going to do half of time except for the stuffy write. but when i get to an audience and i see something, i just go in. >> i saw him at punch line, it was about a month ago. >> yes, mike hosed. you hosed the show. >> yes, that was fun. >> that was good. >> but you just played off the audience. so if you go to the show, where are you going to be? >> punch line comedy club the 30th of this month, 8:00 skeet carter, going to be marshall brandon, kelly kelz, hosted by me. great time. >> but i would just advise, if you do sit down close, you'll and part of the show. >> you will, you will. you won't get paid, but you will be a part of the show. >> and you'll laugh. >> congratulations. so you'll be on "the q" show at noon, i had to spend the morning with you guys, and i just -- who do i get paid from? just want to know? >> that would be -- >> oh, look at the time, is the show almost over? >> somebody help? >> we will talk. >> see you at noon on "the q." >> no problem.
9:58 am
>> punch line the 30th. >> have a great day everybody. >> see you tomorrow.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? welcome to hot topics. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: good morning. thank you for watching our show. [ applause ] and say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.


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