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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  July 26, 2017 4:00am-4:59am EDT

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frost foment 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". >> stop. oh, oh. >> dramatic video right there, happening right now on good day philadelphia. officer attack a female septa police sergeant shot to the ground. that will officers need your help this morning finding the man behind that violent end counter. >> we've got a mayor, ed pulaski of allentown in legal trouble this morning, what we know about his alleged connection to an ongoing pay to play probe. >> we're now one stip closer to liberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. >> senate republicans evening out a wait on healthcare. not everyone is celebrating.
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making their words heard on the hill. >> strong words from democrats and a key republican. >> did you hear about this? real hard hit. stunning findings from former nfl players degenerative brain disease, so how the nfl is responding and teens getting ready to take on the next season all around this country. >> good to have you with us this wednesday morning, half way through the week, thomas drayton with karen hepp, good morning. >> my head hurts just watching that there banking into each other. >> tough sport. we'll get a check on traffic in a moment. this morning we are waking up, seeming little cooler ou there. >> you real did i notice that. >> very observe and the, aren'ty? >> you are on it every day. so, yes, cooler start, and probably be just as cool of a finish as we had yesterday. eight out of ten, because we are expecting eventually a little more sunshine than we saw on tuesday. but we've got it get rid of couple of showers first, if that's possible, because chance with us throughout the
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day, very light, almost drizzly showers up around allentown, around dover, delaware, at the moment. it is dry here in old city. but we're in a comfortable 67 degrees, even with the clouds, and the northeast breeze, sunrise not until 5:54 this morning. look at all of the 60s, week ago we were in the 80s in the morning, so, it is quite an improvement. 57 degrees in mount pocono, lancaster, 68, atlantic city, 69 degrees, 71 in rehoboth. and medford lakes, it is 65 degrees. and in pottstown, pa, 65 to start the day. it was cloudy, much cooler yesterday, only 79, the high temperature, when the average is 87. and we're looking ahead to another day below average. mid seven's by lunchtime, some sunshine as we said. but a lot more comfortable. this is your reward, bob kelly, after suffering through all of the heat last week. >> popsicle, anything, just cooler tell snaps. >> that's right. enjoy it. >> all right, good morning,
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sue, good morning, everybody, 4:02, on this wednesday hump day. let's get it started. we zoom in center city still closed on the vine street expressway between the schuylkill and broad street. you know the normal drill. go around 30th street station. that will bring you in on market street. they've been working on the schuylkill all night long. the eastbound side. they're out there between 476 and the gladwynn interchange, you can see the cones are down here, again, only one lane open eastbound between conshohocken and gladwynn. not a big back up, but certainly, tapping the brakes along the way, then they're all kind of gathered right around belmont avenue with the paving equipment. talcony palmyra bridge on stand by for a bridge opening, any minute, in the next ten minute or so, so use the betsy ross, getting ready to head out the front door. construction here along 95, northbound, right near 476, delaware county, down toward wilmington, we go, old wilmington road, right at new garden township, watch for an accident, and an investigation
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underway. and also, in the neighborhood, there is a left over from yesterday, the water main break, frandford avenue shutdown between girard and thompson. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> 4:04, we're learning, expect to go learn more today about the indictment of allentown mayor ed pulaski, his attorney tells fox 29 it is related to long running federal corruption probe. jenny joyce on this one in allentown. good morning. >> good morning, thomas, mayor's lawyer is also telling us that his client will vigorously fight these charges. he's running for a fourth term in office. we learn that pulaski was indicted yesterday. attorney jack machine mack confirmed part of federal corruption probe going on for a long time. the papers are still sealed. they'll be unsealed later today. mcmahon expect to say more to the press after taking a look at the charges. but firmly stated that the mayor did nothing wrong. this federal investigation back in 2013. several lower ranking city officials and contractors have
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already been charged for pay to play. nine people have pled guilty. in the earlier cases, court documents allege that pulaski ordered allentown officials to give pref remember shale treatment to donate today his unsuccessful runs. >> onepl guilty said he gave tens every thousands every dollars in political contributions after favorableid it was necessary treatment. the fbi is running a similar probe in rdi heating up. federal investigators are having a news conference, related to incidents, both here in lehigh county, as well as obviog is located. back to you. >> all right,en today. many news conferences from the us attorney's offers from the mayor himself, of course, aome e charges. thanks, septa police officer recovering right nowment after being att thing.
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now they want your help to identify the person who did this. let's get rig o steve keel any center city with what we know. steve? >> reporte night at the angora terrace in southwest philly. so here at headquarters they tell u lynn parone out of the hospitalment but she why most of the video is pointing up to the sky when you see it. but real disturbing it. plus this guy is a idiot because he tne minor parking ticket type people always walking on the track. and the call was just to save him and all of the oth teenagers walking on the tracks, like get him off the tracks before they get hit by a train. so out for his safety, and he comes up with momentum. he comes up off the steps, and coming at her, like he's running toward her, and gives her a hard shove. she goes down hard on her back, gets the winds knocked out of her. >> this is that did not have to happen. this is something unprovoked,
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someone is considered trespassing, it is to protect people, and we don't know if someone is down there unlawfully, we don't know what they're doing, what their intent is, it is nothing but safety hazards, so when someone is on the tracks, yes, we responds, investigate and find out what you were doing there, and chances are get issued a summons or citation, which is very minor, not talking miss de meade err, something relatively minor. so for this to have happened, police officer, for fairly minor offense and unprovoked. >> reporter: sergeant is doing okay. this guy is lucky the sergeant didn't do anything back to get back to this guy all i can say. she was helped by other people who came up to her because she laid down on her back for awhile. just stunned, something like that would happen. that's the last thing you would expect when you're trying to just stop somebody. and she clearly saw he didn't have any weapon. but this guy turned a little
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ticket into an assault on an officer. i'm sure when a judge sees this video, when this guys goes to court, the judge is not going to look at him too kindly. the officer we talked to, you will hear him later throughout the show, they think this guy, he's going do this, he must be hiding some previous crime that he's wanted for. so, and finds out his backgrounds, because nobody just does this if they don't have anything hanging over their heads. that's what they are thinking here. so he could be potentially more dangerous, that's why they want to identify him and then catch him, guys. >> all right, absolutely, they want to get him off the street. thank you, steve. 4:08. warning from police in pemberton township. someone tried to abduct a child last night. this is in the presidential lakes area. they think the person who tried to lure the child was driving a brown ford ranger pick up. if pemberton police want to hear from you. >> cherry hill police are askingorning in finding missing woman right there.
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sixty-three year old j from yesterday morning around 10:00 n road. she iscribed as 5-foot four, 140 pounds, white hair, brown eyes.e driving a red, 2009 nissan find, b15-bpv. >> right now police are searching for an attacker who stabbed a 56 year old man in the head, in the back. here is a video right there over the scene 1500 block every west tioga street just around 4:00 yesterday. first responders took him to temple hospital. we don't know his condition. police have not found a weapon. >> philadelphia police jim kenney speaking out after vandals spray painted anti-police graffiti up and down a busy street. as we told you yesterday, someone spray painted message advocating violence against police on 25th street in south philadelphia. the fraternal order of police offering $5,000 reward to get the person or persons
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responsible. >> meanwhile, mayor kenney releasing a statement saying in part: we will use every possible tool at our disposal to find the perpetrators who committed this hateful, illegal behavior, and pursue all possible criminal charges against them. >> hurdles for the republican led effort to repeal and replace obamacare. senate rejected the plan lateono amendment to the healthcare bill, 47 to 43,cating republica. we saw john mccain getting standing ovation, back to the capitol after revealing he is suffering from brain cancer andprocedure. you can clearly see the scar. his vote proved pivotal insure,n uses the opportunity to, you know, talk about his get coming. >> let's trust, let's return to regular order. we've been spinning our wheels on too many important issues because we keep trying to find
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a way to win without help from across the aisle. >> now it is back to the drawing board, the plan to get the house and senate leaders together later today to try to negotiate a mutually accepted version of that legislation. and attorney general jeff sessions remains on the hot seat right now. president trump calling him out again during white house news conference yesterday. the president ramming up criticism of his own attorney general for recusing himself from the russia investigation, but he did stop short of saying he would be fired. >> i want the attorney general to be much tougher on the leaks from intelligence agencies, i'm very disappointed with the attorney general. but we will see what happens. time will tell. >> sessions is not letting trump get to him. the attorney general rolled out some new conditions that put the squeezonary cities inclg philadelphia, and justice department says it is not going to give those cities law enforcement grant money unless access to jails and alert them
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when they have an inmate who is facing also used for everythin cameras. >> from driver to detective? >> coming up next on good day, unpoint, but does not let those people get away with it. how he led policehi morning, concussion concerns from the pros to the pea weighs. the alarming study about the dangers of football, and brain injuries. >> hey, bob kelly? >> hey, good morning, everybody, septa running buses on both the market frankford and the broad street subway line until 5:00. come on, open up the front door, let's go outside. little cool they are morning, than yesterday, as we look live at the ben franklin parkway waking up downtown, sue has your hump day forecast when we come right back. paw law ski pawlowski
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>> first thing you'll notice walking out the door, oh, it is a little cooler this morning, and that's because it is, it is zero seven in wildwood, look at mount pocono, 57, 65 degrees in allentown, we have 68 in lancaster, and 65 degrees, in wrightstown, new jersey, so, with those northeasterly winds, that on-shore flow, as we call it, we expect to see quite a bit of cloud cover today, and it create just enough of a disturbance, that we get little pop up shower here and there. we have one to the north,
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lehigh valley, berks county little activity down in kent county, delaware, here in philadelphia, we're dry at the moment. chances of rain this week, we've got that 20% chance today. few folks are getting rain. 40% chance of rain late in the day on thursday, then, friday looks like we have pretty good chance every rain. saturday now looks like if you see anything it will be in the morning. sort of the tail end of the friday system getting out of here. but all-in-all the balance of the weekend is still looking pretty good. let's look at the future cast for today. you do see a chance of a pop up shower this morning. a whole lot of cloud cover, sun trying to break through every now and again, by noon you see some sunshine, the chance is still there, that 20, 30, maybe percent chance after shower throughout the rest of the day really. but i think it will end up being a lot like yesterday, where it is just mostly cloud cover and occasional break of sunshine. so at least it is more comfortable than it was last
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week when our high was 96 degrees, one week ago. today will probably be where we were yesterday with a high of 79. how about that? a lot more comfortable, 84 degrees tomorrow, with the late day thunderstorm, friday, looks like showery and stormy kind of day, with a high of 85, but as we said, maybe a left over shower in the morning, on saturday, but clearing out for the rest of the day, and sunday, definitely a fabulous weekends. weather day with a high of 83 degrees, and we start to warm up again by tuesday of next week into the upper 80s, now, if you forgot some of the numbers specially today's, bob kelly, you can tune into 101.1 more p.m. m. just put it on your favorite list. >> i do, i have it on my pre-set there, boom, good to go. good morning, everybody, 4:17. look like pre-set for the bridges in the morning. we've had a ton of openings the past couple of weeks around this time on the talcony palmyra. today won't disappoint, in the middle of a bridge opening here. traffic stopped on both sides
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of the river, head for the betsy if you are headed out the front door. they're working in delco. live look at i-95 northbound right at the blue route, 476. so coming up, headed to the airport early this morning, you got the right lane taken out with the construction crews. they're still working on the vine street expressway, crossing town, between the schuylkill and broad street until 5:00. zip around 30 street steaks. use market street into downtown, or vine st. local if you are coming off of i-95. now, for the gang in chester county northbound 202, they're working on the ramps from 202 to route 30. so watch for construction there. they're also working in new jersey, along the 42 freeway, the off ramp to go north on 295 is block. so, you can use the black horse pike again, all of this construction out on the overnight until about 5:00, 5:30 or so. then septa is using shuttle buses on both the market frankford, the broad street subway, again until 5:00. they'll be working in south
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philly today right at the intersection thereof front and packer, so, watch for some local detours, again, they'll probably kick it in at around 9:00 a.m. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> heads up, bob, time now 4:19. let's take you over to new jersey, talk about intense moments for bridgeton cab driver robbed at gunpoint by two teens, it all unfolded in the parking lot of s and k taxi on south laurel avenue. it took place on sunday. the driver says the two armed crooks pointed their guns at him demanding his phone and money. rather than become a victim, the driver tells fox 29 he knew he had to do something. >> pointing the gun at me, and they ask me for the money or i'm going to shoot. i knew that i was blessed to be alive at this moment. just given a shot, if i can, at least one every them -- >> the cab driver said he hit the gas pedals, bandits
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followed them, police track down one of them, that 16 year old now in jail. the other one got away. >> let's take live look right now at our ben franklin bridge. this is part of the span coming down. but up on the span as it goes over the river there, we had some climb that's were up there, taking pictures, that that was their goal, they had cameras in their back packs. they were arrested fortress passing by climbing the span. police quickly came up there, saw the guys, the guys laid down, they've been charged as photographers with multiple felonies, after scaling suspension cables. law enforcement officials say they're press to go have them prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law. the men surrendered, took about an hour and a half to get them all down. they had the bridge closed during that time. a lot of people worrying about beaches of security. >> fortunately we have multiple detection systems that were triggered that we new about this right away. >> it actually raises questions about the safety and
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the security measures in place on major thorofare. >> the drpa says it is examining security measures currently in place to prevent this from happening again. >> if you're about to book a vacation rental in delaware, the state attorney general's office want you to hear this one first. scam is targeting people looking to reserve vacation homes. they say scammers are taking photos and information from real postings, but using it on other site like craigslist. you think you're book ago vacation, sends them a check, only to arrive at the rental to find someone else there or no one at all. so if a scammer does target you, they want you to call police so that they can help spread the word. >> and some pretty shocking findings from a new study on head injuries, and football, researchers look at the brains of former players, they found nearly every player had the debilitating brain disease cte. our chris o'connell on the story. report these days it is not just teaching x's and o's to the kids on the youth football
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field to north philly, they're also tackling the issue of brain injury. >> not only the concussions, but it leads to the suicides, you know, other component every brain damage. so, of course, you think about that in the future. >> findings released by the journal of american medical association, shows startling results. it studied the brains of 202 deceased football players. the biggest sample, nfl players. of those, 111 brains examined, all but one of them was diagnosed with cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy. >> i'm convinced we will be able to diagnosis it in the living. we're going to be able to identify people that are susceptible to later life problems. >> so coaches from the north philly aztek's are teaching proper tackling technique, using better helmets, and pulling kids from the fields at any sign after head injury. >> football used to be america's sport. so now it is like parent are scared to bring their children out because of the concussion
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issues. >> chris o'connell, "fox 29 news." and the nfl just recently acknowledged the connection between football and cte. in a statement they say it is committed to supporting scientific research and the treatment of brain injury. >> all right, 4:23, this made me smile. remember my days, first a brownie, then girl scout, i had my big sash, i had all cook. >> favorite way to do it. at 4:30,w badges of honor. on good day philadelphia, the girl scouts with a major change to take future. >> here is sean
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good morning, i'm sean bell. tomorrow the full roster will be at training camp and the biggest position, i'll be looking at, is the cornerback position, they have the most to prove by far. coming into cam the corners have been getting most of the criticism, tan definitely is something they've really noticed. >> we take that offensively, just as a reporter someone telling that you you're not a good enough reporter, and i know you all feel like you're the best reporters, you all be the people in front of the cameras, or the people doing the camera work, anything, so any time somebody tells that you they look at your position or whatever your job description is, as a weakness, you should take that
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offensive. >> i phils down three-zip in the fifth. derrick fisher with the single to right. there is a play at the plate. but they're too late, two runs come in, and the phils go onto lose five-zip. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. that.
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>> pay to play probe. >> and, concert con sections? listening to sweet sounds right now, because you can get some free particular tote one of the big beach concert down there in ac. it could be so fun, little ja rule. lot of great act. >> i am it is free, it is for me. great to have you with us on this wednesday, it is 4:30, thomas drayton with there is tht over there. >> that, arm chair, comfortable piece of furn awe.ti, the
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mick you mouse club. snapped. >> oh, no. >> know. >> my lip gloss, hold on. >> and how is your morning going? >> oh, it is off with a look, as we always do, at our number of the day. well, it i a eight out of ten, e might see little more sunshine. but we also have a cup popped uf rain, now they seem to be going away, it is really not much, if you g at all. it is just cloudy out there, here in old city. comfortable 6. what a difference from a week ago, when we were sweltering in the heatwave. sunrise time 5:54. we have 65 degrees, in allentown, reading, rain, at 66. dover, delaware, 68. we brigantine, both close to 70 degrees, west chester, 66 this morning, weather. but we should be around where we were yesterday when we were cloudy, cooler, as a high yesterday, same as today,
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maybe a stray shower, but cloudy skies, and not as hot as it was last week. but what aboutit is getting a l. we'll have that forecast for you in the seven day, coming right up. bob kelly? >> sue, good morning shall everybody, it is wednesday, halfway there. and it is 4:32, no major problems on the major roadways. they've been working all night long there, on the schuylkill expressway. they're working downtown, the vine expressway, still closed, between broad street and the schuylkill. if you are coming off 95, come in on the vine street expressway, or use vine st. local, if you are coming off the schuylkill, you can use 30th street, whip around the station, and up market street, you go. here is a live look, talcony palmyra, traffic moving again after a quick opening, the betsy ross looking good there in the background, here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway, again, they have been working all night, only one lane open as you work your way from 476 all the way into belmont avenue. and then all the paving trucks
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are all pulled over to the right, there, at belmont avenue. so, they should be out totally gone by about 5:00, 5:30 or so now. down in wilmington, old wilmington road, right at the new garden twp. line, watch for an accident, and an investigation this morning, both the market frankford and the subway, using the should l buses until 5:00. this is left over from yesterday. that water main break in the neighborhood, frandford, thompson and shack mack son, right there three way intersection, watch for local detours this morning, septa also detouring the route five bus again this morning. and we will slide on down to delco, where crews are working north on 95, as you approach 476. karen and tomorrow back to you. >> time 4:33, we're following this developing story, the mayor of allentown has been indict in the federal corruption case. but ed pawlowski said he's not going anywhere. jenny joyce in allentown, expect to go learn more about those charges, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: yes, we, are as you said, not going anywhere.
4:34 am
flense run for a fourth term in office. coming up this fall, ed pawlowski want offering any comment but expect to hear more philadelphia him and his attorney when the charges are unsealed. they charge part of federal corruption probe going on for a long time. he said his client plans to fight these charges because did he nothing wrong. this federal investigation began back in 2013, several lower ranking city officials and contractors have already been charged for pay to play offense cents, nine people have pled guilty, court documents allege ordered allentown officials to give pref ren sean treatment for those who give funds. one developer who pled guilty testified that he gave tens of thousands of dollars in political contributions after pawlowski said it was necessary to receive favorable treatment. the fbi is running a similar probe in reading, which may
4:35 am
also be heating up. because federal investigators say that today they will be having a press conference on issues related to both lehigh county, as well as berks county. karen and thomas? >> all right, jenny, lot more on this one, thank you. 4:35, septa police are searching for a person who attacked an officer. this is video from the sergeant's body cam. they want to get that person you just saw like over top of her to get him off the streets and make arrest. right out to steve keeley at septa headquarters with what we know right now. steve? >> reporter: you know, it is heart to watch that video, go on live tv and not curse. how about that? here at headquarters, probably some cursing going on, because it seems like police, both septa and philly place, are the modern day rodney danger fields lately, getting zero respect, and mr. tough guy, as were run this video, you see on the officer's body camera, comes running up the steps from down on the tracks, which is why the public and the police were talking about this, maybe to save these
4:36 am
people's lives, and get them off the angora tracks, before they get hit or killed by a train. this is monday at 7:00 p.m. and so with the momentum of him running up the steps, and then running on to the platform, running right at her, sergeant lynn per own, you see, put up her right hands, says stop, and he doesn't, and gives her a football cornerback-type at the line shove. you see at a wide receiver, but she is not as strong and big as a football player. she goes down hard on her back, on the concrete, and if he does this, to a uniform police officer, and he hit women, what else is he going to do? >> it is very important for that. at this point we've not identified him. so when someone does something of this nature for offense that's very minor, typically there may be something more going on that we don't know. we don't know possible warts exist, don't know the possibility of another crime that may have been submitted by the same person, if that were the case, so we definitely want to get this
4:37 am
person identified, gel them off the streets, answer for justice for what they did. >> a person can be anybody, you know, it is terrible. >> terrible when they're out here trying to protect the citizens, and something like that happens. >> it sound pretty messed up. i mean, i don't think he did the right thing obviously. >> all right, so here is another look, at guy who disrespects uniform police officers, and hits women. a double incentive to call in this bleep's id, if you're double discussed as i'm sure most of the viewers r guys? >> all right, steve, yes. easy to be discussed by that kind of action, 4:37. another roadblock for the mariner east pipeline. from their stant pounds, for the people that live in the community going through, ey happy. administrative judge has temporarily halted work on this project because the judge want the pennsylvania public utility commission, to hear and rule on whether sunoco violated a settlementn township from two years ago. the township says they just
4:38 am
went ahead, jumped the project,e where they said they would put the thing in the first place, sue anything wrong. >> here is a big question that so many in our area really are concerned abo. between autism and taking anti-depressants? there is a new stud fry our area. >> we'll have more on tha just . also ahead this morning, it swurves, then flips theight her. out of control camper. let's just say it brought tr garden state parkway to grinding
4:39 am
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>> 4:41. there was a us navy patrol boat that fired some warning shots at iranian ship. >> it happened yesterday in the persian gulf after the boat came within 150 yards of the us ship. the pentagon says the iranian vessel ignored repeated radio calls from the uss thunder bolt. the us ship was conducting coalition exercises at the time of the encounter. >> looks pretty darn close there. happening today: in australia, cardinal george pell made his first court appearance on charges of sexual abuse. he is accused of abusing multiple people years ago. his lawyer says he plans to formally plead not guilty, at a future court date. he's the most senior vatican official ever charged in the sex abuse crisis, his next court appearance will be october 6. >> the last killer whale born
4:42 am
in captivity has died. >> oh, kiara just born three month ago at sea world in san antonio. >> veterinarians suspect the calf had new moan y they were treating her foreign fiction since last week, the last killer whale born after sea world announced it was ending its breeding program. it made the decision among public ought cry in protest. >> time now 4:42, the 2017 mtv video music awards just made it whole lot harder for kendrick lamar to stay humble. >> so how many awards. >> whole lot. >> he's up for right now. we'll breakdown some of the other categories, as well, who will be the other people out there for the awards. coming up after the break.
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>> wow. >> isn't this just amazing, 4:45, we take a look at this, ends up in a wild crash. see all the sudden the driver is losing control, then the trailer starts swerving, and the guy behind her takes out his phone, and starts to take some video. the passenger in the car behind it, then you can see, all of this when they just lose control. >> this all took place in the southbound lanes near exit 100 in continue ton falls, monmouth township. the camper eventually flipped over, but the suv stayed upright. the crash blocked several lanes and of course slowed traffic for almost an hour there. you see the video once again, swerving, and it flips over, thankfully no one was hurt. >> good news, no one in the back. right over to check on our own roads right now, traffic, bob kelly? >> crazy, you know, over the
4:46 am
weekends, i was behind somebody like that, and i thought to myself: why, the camper is like three times the size of the truck that is pulling it, so that's a little craze think for the folks that are driving along the roadway, probably lost control, and that's tough when you're pulling big camper like that behind you. live look here at the freeway, northbound coming in toward philadelphia. starting to seat beginning of a morning rush hour, picking up the cones over there in bellmawr, still working though on the vine street expressway. this is a live look downtown, still closed between broad street and the schuylkill. if you are coming into town, off 95, you can use vine st. local. and that will put you onto, say, the kelly drive, if you are coming off the schuylkill. you can use 30th street. and market street will get new center city. they've been working all night long here on the schuylkill expressway, the cones are still down, because the asphalt is not dry yet. again they're repaving the stretch of the schuylkill. so right here, between conshohocken, all the way into belmont avenue, as you get to
4:47 am
belmont avenue, right before belmont, all of the paving construction vehicles are all being pulled off on to the shoulder there. so, just a heads up. accident on the overnight. old wilmington road still out here with us, it is right at the new garden township borderline there. both the market frankford and the subway using shuttle buses as they always do until about 5:00. but otherwise, pretty good shape. no problems on the roosevelt boulevard, looking good on the blue route, forecast for your hump day, sue has got it in 15 seconds. >> so here's the weather situation. on your wednesday morning, high pressure up to our north. cold front that came through very loudly on monday and monday night is settled down to our south. still close enough to give us some clouds, but really it is the on shore flow with the
4:48 am
circulation around the high that is keeping us kind of cloudy and on the cool side, which for most every us, after the heatwave last week, is a welcome change. so, that's what we have going on. we have 67 degrees in philadelphia right now, but it is 57 degrees up in the mountains, zero seven to start your day in wildwood, and 68 degrees over in lancaster, right now, there is no precipitation, we saw couple of slurs a little bit earlier, you may get little bit every drizzle, you may get a sprinkle here and there, chance of rain today, isn't that great, about 20% tomorrow, little higher, later in the day, with another system coming through. and then, 70%, looks like rainy day on friday, some of that rain could linger into saturday, but, for today, see the green popping up. and you also see with the satellite imposed on there, that there is a chance of a loft cloud cover, again, today, but the sunshine breaks through every once in a while by noon we'll see some sun, but we just can't rule out the stray shower for the rest of the day today. but we promise you, it won't
4:49 am
be as hot as it was a week ago, last wednesday, our high temperature was 96 degrees, that was the hottest day of that particular heatwave. yesterday, was 79, and so is today's forecast. 84 degrees for tomorrow, and 85 on friday, looks like friday will be the day with showers, thunderstorms, some that far could linger into saturday morning, but on balance, it is looking like pretty good weekend. karen, thomas? >> looks like perfect weekends, sue, thank you. time 4:49. let's talk about your health this morning. alarming new research about pregnant woman who take anti-depressant. >> may create fear for a lot of people. study says slightly higher risk of giving birth to child who develops autism spectrum disorder, asd. according to study by drexel university. here's what the researchers found. children born to mothers who had taken anti-depressants at any point during their pregnancy were 45% more likely to receive a diagnosis of asd. now, here is the thing, they say just 2% of those cases
4:50 am
could have been prevented had the women not taken anti-depressant medication. a lot more research needs to be done on that. >> forget your cell phone, in the back of a uber, a lot of people have. guess what? it is now going to cost you uber just announced it will charge users $15 to have drivers deliver lost items to them. the company says the fee goes directly to the driver to pay for gas and tolls. uber rolling out the new policy is a way as it just mentioned, to compensate drives for their trouble. goes into effect for all cities in august. >> kind of makes sense. people, a lot of people, use their phones in uber. >> you're in pennsylvania, going over to new jersey, come back and deliver it, yes, got to pay up the driver. 4:50. reading terminal market making it easier for to you get in the sit. >> i putting up big monitors with all of the transit information. they were just installed, now will give you real time guides to what's happening with all of the septa, buses, everything else. two large flat screen tv's right near the rest rooms in the market show the latest information about arrivals and
4:51 am
departures from septa, and patco, on the trains, the buses, subways, trolleys. the screens also have information about the bike share bicycles end go about where there are lots of bikes, also zip cars and uber, how about this? this is great. of course we get so many people residents and visitors, about 6 million, that go there every year. >> new show of girl power by the girl scout. >> the organization looking to the future with 23 new merit badges. the stem badges for science, technology, engineering and meat, they're the largest edition in more than a decade. they cover everything from robots, to basic programming, and artificial intelligence. the new badges, some of which were requested by the scouts themselves, are available starting this week. >> 4:51. do you want to see ashanti for free? easy. pick up free ticket. but there is one catch we'll tell but, happening today. stay with us. good day philadelphia coming right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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4:54 am
>> do you remember the time when news would start at 7:00 a.m.? and could you sleep? like 20 years ago? now it is starting at 3:00 a.m.? >> we do that because we know you're up at this time. maybe just getting up, maybe going to bed, maybe just can't sleep. we're here to keep you company. >> it is good to have you with us this wednesday morning, 4:54, check on weather and traffic coming up with bob and
4:55 am
sue in just a moment. >> lots of kids getting help out with school supplies, we're thinking ahead to that right now. the backpack challenge kicking off yesterday at dim worth park. sean brace was there. it is the keynote speaker. this is the human services looking for donations of back to school supplies. this is for a lot of foster children, that could use this stuff. >> this will run all the way up through august 18th. so you have lots of time to help donate and help our kids. >> also 4:55, happening today, there are a lot of perks to living in atlantic city, not like being near the board walk, the beach, all of the action, all of the fun. now get free ticket to the next big beach concert. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> what do you do? >> we're going to listen to the whole music video, no? ac mayor don guardian says the
4:56 am
sitly give away 6,000 concert tickets for resident to see rapper dmx, ja rule, ashanti, you just heard from her, dragon, this is the thirds beach concert of the summer. the give away thanks to partnership with live nation. hopefully you'll take advantage. >> so here is the information you need to know. they'll give out these passes, first come, first serve, today 1:00 to 3:00. then tomorrow 4:00 to 6:00. all do you have do is show that you have proof of residency there and get your free particular. >> the time 4:56. following several developing stories this morning, first up, jenny joyce, in allentown. jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thomas and karen, so allentown mayor, ed pawlowski was indicted yesterday in a federal corruption pay to play probe. today those charging documents are unsealed. expect to go learn more about the mayor's alleged involvement. >> and jenny, we like to more more about a guy hitting a police officer, and a woman,
4:57 am
what kind of person does that, hopefully somebody watching will know.
4:58 am
4:59 am
this is good day philadelphia. >> stop. oh, oh. >> it is tough to watch. happening right now on good day philadelphia, officer attacked, a female septa police sergeant shoved to the grounds. now, officers need your help this morning finding that man,
5:00 am
right there, behind the violent encounter. >> and a mairin diet dollars. a pennsylvania's third largest city, ed pawlowski of allentown now under federal investigation. >> we're now one step closer to liberating our citizens, from this obamacare nightmare. >> the first step done. senate republicans evening out a win on healthcare, but not everyone's celebrating this morning. protesters making their voices heard on the hill. plus, strong words from democrats, and a key republican. >> and hard hit, stunning findings, from the former nfl players that have been studied, degenerative brain disease in so many of them. how the nfl is responding, and a lot of parent giving second thoughts as their kids are getting ready to play new seasons. >> more on that in just a moment. get out the scarfs, the hat, the gloves, it is colds this morning compared to what we've been going through, not really, the last couple of days. good morning,


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