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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 26, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> one guy. >> well, there is another guy. no, karen hepp is here actually. hi, car glenn hi, karen. >> always good sport. hey, it is wednesday, july the 26, 2017. oh, mom and dad. new survey. the cost of childcare, you think college is expense sniff wait until you hear how much you're spending on childcare every day in this country. >> andrew wharton joins us live, going to discuss new tv special about her life and death, and we're going to hear some accounts in diana's own words. >> i think it is three hours long, too, good stuff. >> also, jen, has some amazing hacks for the beach. and she is doing tricks all over that jet ski. look at. that will look, mom, no hands. >> i'm getting better, right? how about this? you freeze your kids juice box, and you turn it into a little bit of frozea.
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come on, mattie, let's see what you have. go faster. >> wow. >> oh, my god. >> yes, that's fast. >> all right. >> okay? >> i can do, that too. >> ya, shy can do that. >> oh. >> for the love of pete. i heard her say that. she's going to take her kids juice boxes and turn it into cocktails. i love it. have you her that cap re sun? >> i love it. >> me too. i tried to suck it all down in one suck. >> i always did little simms. not that much. so i try to drag it out. >> really? >> i like to suck it all down in one suck and then like to have the thing collapse. >> ya, moms love. that will we love that sound. that will goes on, and then do you have below it back up, the kids take it, below it back up, try to trick each other. pop it. >> it is empty. >> when go to the beach, and i want you to be honest now, are
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you one of those people you spread out and take up acre of the beach? >> you know what i mean? huge swat of real estate in the sands, over size tent, how about the canopies? some of the tent are huge. >> and they hang up everything. people hang willing up all of their food, the trash bag, the speaker in. >> underwear. >> swim trunks. >> stop it. >> it. >> so, let's go to rehoboth, there it is, the band gannon these big tent, there is a ban on tents. it started on may 15, the city used to receive dozen of complaints, that the tents were too big. take it up too much space. one family, you know, has 45 people under a tent. so people's views are blocked. they're on top of each other anyway. now they're banning, and they've been banning couple of months these big tents. >> not just there though. beach spread something a problem in other towns, too,
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and bans being considered in those other place, but people stakeout the huge space on the beach, they line up their stuff. they don't want people to sit near them. you want a group, you want some space between you and the next group. >> look at that, that's the way it is on weekends, on top of each other. but there are weird owes, ever go to a beach, somewhat desolate? and people come right over to you and set up camp? >> maybe they just want to meet new people? >> oh, and then people just search for an hour for the perfect spot on the beach. >> here is the thing t really depends sometimes, wildwood, the beach goes on forever, so do you have more room. >> true. >> you have friends meeting up. we are penn state. like reunion, family thing, and you want to have it, plus in today's worlds you don't want the kids to get fried. so you want everyone to have some -- >> true. >> you have an umbrella, no one objects to. that will you need some sort of protection. >> what about the boom box. >> music with friends. >> i like having music on the beach. >> but depends. >> your music. >> true. >> everybody likes it. but if it is high tide or low
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tide. when it is high tide then the beach is so short then all cram in, and then that's when it is issue, when you have a lot of beach, then not really such a big deal. but some towns are banning it, but interesting to see who is talking about it right now. >> it was interesting, because when i was in myrdle beach there is was really big story when they decided to ban the big tents. and they had a rule where you had to be in the back part of the beach if you're going have it and they were, but people still upset, look, if i come all the way it myrtle beach to visit and i bring my tent, i want to use it, don't make me go to the back. what's the point? i'm further from the beach. like this big thing. >> that's why you have to have ordinances, i guess now. >> yes. >> that way -- >> either ban them or put them in the back. a little ways back. >> i don't think that's a good idea, i think in a lot of areas where you have enough beach. you want to have that. >> move it all to the back. >> yes. >> what would i do if a big tent is it up next to me. i take my trunks off. and i sunbathe naked. they have a tendency to move. >> they have ordinance against that. >> do he? >> think of all of the games
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people play, the frisbee, like the thing you try throw it in. >> yes. >> and get hit in the head because they're just not paying attention. >> and get the paddle ball that nobody can ever hit back, and the ball goes over. >> that's what makes it funs, spending the day, making a day of it. >> what, me, too, though, besides just the tent, umbrellas, all of that, just the point. if you have your spot on the beach, and you have everything laid out. and then you think you have good place, enjoying yourself, and all the sudden someone pops up in front of you. like in front! right in front. >> annoying. >> right. >> i don't know. >> depends how much room. do you have keep moving with the tide. my kids don't get towels. i'm very lazy, i hate drawn dray, we come down, plop down. >> on the sands. >> on the sands. >> really? >> no towel, no one gets dried off. hot sand back there. >> do you have sands in your home? >> you have to. >> what, weaver tiny, tiny condo. no, with whether you get off, you hose off. >> then shower off. >> then they go in the pool.
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>> but the sands gets up in your cracks and everything. >> it is never -- >> you think it is off. listen, when i lived in myrtle beach, my cash, always sands in it. always. always. >> you know, i'm so spoiled caribbean, something like that, i like to get those, like, flatbeds that have -- >> yes, they had those in miami. >> yes, yes. >> and they're right in front, too. >> oh, ya. don't have to touch the sand. >> and it is like -- >> so why go to the beach. >> might as well stay home. >> no sun. >> do you wear water shoes? >> i have worn water shows. >> oh, you wear water shows? >> now, when i go to areas that i know will be rocky or coral beach, there is going to be coral. >> that's funny. >> well, the sands so hot. oh. >> water shoes. >> and i leave them on. my water shoes. >> oh, my gosh. >> moving on. >> by the way, aid dream, i went to my psychiatrist
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yesterday. and i had this recurring dream. one dream i'm actually a physical -- wig woman. >> like a tent? >> yes. >> your tent? literally wig wam. the other one i'm like a lean-to. you know? >> what, you're housing? >> yes. >> people living in the housing? >> yes. >> who is living in your housing? >> i was analyzed by apply psychiatrist, you know what the psychiatrist said? you're too tense. man. >> oh. sorry. >> stepping on that. >> oh, we were not about to let that happen, were we. >> no. >> what's it cost to raise a child? you ought to know, you broke? >> i remember first start this job, i had to go to a boss, it is not ahoy. my job only covered the cost of child care, that's how expensive it is. >> is it our job here at fox to control how many children you have?
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>> mike? >> is it our job to pay for your kids? >> if we didn't have families in america we wouldn't have a country and we wouldn't have america. so we need people with children, and the cost to have children, and if you work, because you need to pay the mortgage, really it, eats up almost all of your salary. >> that's true. you are pro creating viewers for tv stations. >> thank you. >> and people that make things, people that will pay taxes, and that will work the jobs. >> thank you for pop lating this country. >> remember back to zero population growth, trying get to that, then they realize oh, my god, the schools will be empty. average cost of childcare in this country is going to -- gone up almost 30%. >> takes up 30% of everything that you make. >> that's what i said. 30% of my check, will go to day care, alone? >> that's just day care. so that's not any of the extra nos doing sports, or all of the travel teams, or activities, putting, feeding your kids, not housing your kids, not putting away money for college.
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30% of the gross, you know, actually, i guess, that's the gross, but by the time you pay that out of the money you actually take home more like 50%. >> you know what i heard? washington dc1 of the most expensive for childcare that it will run but $40 million -- $40,000 a year just for childcare. >> delaware average 18. new jersey, average two; pennsylvania, average 216789 but in d.c., almost $40,000. >> goodness. >> yes, two kids. >> if you have four year olan baby. what happens is normally you have kids, you know, and the same time. but when you look at that, if you figure $21,000 on average in our area, there is a lot of people that only make $21,000. that's why the universal pre k was so important. >> i flow. >> to help so many people. then you can't work. what can you do if you don't have that opportunity or just have to stay home. which is not a bad option either, but if it is one of those things where you need to work, that's catch 22, right? >> ya, how is that soda tax working? >> that's what it is, it pace for the universal for the pre
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k. >> not working quite well enough. >> depends on your thing, but at least getting some people who have to pay $21,000 to send their kids. >> true. >> i can't imagine. that's a lot of money. a lot of monday. >> i you've got to make sure that you want a child before you have a child. >> yes. if you can afford it. >> like my gosh. >> yes. >> now i get it. because usually i remember someone used to work here, every time if i came to the studio oh, i'm so tired, whatever, he's like you don't even have kids. you have nothing to complain about. oh, all right. ya. >> probably true. >> is he still work here? >> no. >> gone. >> did you get him fired. >> what? no, are you kidding glee why did you hate him? >> stop t you know something i learned interesting, my friend just came back from visiting japan. crisis where a lot of the women, because becoming more independent, not getting married and having babies, they now have a thing where they'll pay to you have kids in japan. so if you want kids, mover to japan. >> they pay to have a kid. >> uh-huh, for the woman,
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because not having kids any more, now concerned about the fact not enough kids being produced. >> same thing happened with italy where you have all of the older population and there is no way to pay, there is no kids, to affords the older population to pay for all of their benefits that they have. >> right. >> you have all of these seniors. >> so i'm going to japan, just letting you guys know. >> ya? >> ya. >> okay. well, how long did you date brian before you got married? >> soup to nuts three years. >> soup to nuts? >> well, i mean, we, then bee got engaged year and a half, a year and a half after that, three years, almost to the day. we met on june 1st, we got married june 4th. >> awe. >> cute. >> well, you're right in line here. that is new survey that we found says how long most couples date before saying i do. the website polled 4,000 recently married couples, and here are some of the final action, alex. >> society average couple dates for about 17 months, before moving in together. >> all right. >> the average couple lives together for 22 month, before
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getting engaged. >> okay. >> then they spend about 20 more months engaged before they get married. and, they date, on average, 4.9 years before getting married, hah. why am i saying hah? what's my theory? >> because you need to data man for four years before you commit it all? >> in my fantasy world this is somehow i picture of it, university of alex, just like go off to a school, apply, get, in study, freshman through senior year. >> sure you. >> learn everything you need to know, then graduate, once you graduate ooh your degree, right? i think relationship should be the same. you apply. >> four years? >> you apply, you get in, dating all after that and you're official, get to go know each other of four years of intense suggested, know what you're getting into, then you graduate. got engaged and get married. >> what's the enrollment right now at your college? zero. >> we're working on recruiting, we're recruiting right now.
9:13 am
>> if i enrolled, how would i get to the head of the class? >> i guess if you study for the tests, and you get yourself prepared, make sure to know the material. >> give me example every tests. the hoops i would have to jump through for four stinking years before would you take me as your man. >> husband, not man. >> husband. >> yes, you're the man for four years. >> what are you looking for exactly in a client. >> my gosh, i don't know, just a theory. see, clearly, i don't know the secret. >> what do you look for in a man seriously. >> to the point of dating you're still figure that out. >> yes? >> deal breaker? >> i'm still figure that out. >> you know, same answer over and over again to a question? >> my head coach, jason garrett right now, i'm still figure that out. still figure that out. >> hole on. >> what? >> when are your deal breakers since you want to put me in the hot seat? ya? >> well, i don't have any. >> uh-huh. >> if you're breathing, i'm
9:14 am
with you. >> so how long do you think you should date then since you don't like my four year theory? >> somewhere around 20 to 27 years. >> that's what i was thinking on average, you got engaged married real fast. >> in college. that didn't work out. and then i just have basically robbed the youth of three, four women. >> so on average -- >> i've heard, though, from men, a theory where if you are dating a man and you want to got engaged or get married, there is a way to speed up the process? cut off the sex, right? >> i've heard, that cut that out, and he'll be popping up with a ring real quick. >> is that right. >> i don't know, that's why i am asking. >> i don't know, i date add woman for eight years, tam, a i should have married her but i didn't. >> that's why i kind of think three might be better. by four you can start to really get into the fights and the volume us off the road -- you know, infatuation, the lust, that momentum, so if it goes too long, ugh, doing it
9:15 am
out of obligation, not that -- >> well, i can take associate degree, that's fine. >> associates degree. >> three years. >> did i read a book two years is the average for the honeymoon phase. after two years, people are over it. >> you should probably know. >> or just over like trying to impress them, do things you wouldn't normally do. like all right, i'm comfortable. >> like you will poop in front every them, farther in bed? >> some things you can't help though. >> my husband still tries to not, always go to the basement, and never farther in front of me. >> oh, i think that's love. that's love. >> but what's weirds, they don't have a bathroom in the basement. >> true. really nasty down there. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay, hole on second here. president trump is tweeting right now. that's worth breaking news. saying transgender people will not be allowed to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. he said -- what? >> just reading the tweet, our military must be focused on
9:16 am
decisive after overwhelming victory and cannot be burdens end with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. thank you. he said after consultation with generals and military experts. wow. >> well that's huge. >> that's huge. >> wait. do we have a policy on that? i find that very interesting. >> he is commander in chief. >> i know. i don't think we did have a policy. >> women can is her in active combat. >> gays in the military. >> yes, certainly are allowed to have, you know, so i think it is very interesting, because they're making, women, whatever. >> new transgender rules are being discussed all over the country. now, he's made a decision. he is the commander in chief. >> with the military, wow. >> all right, keith, are you planning a vasectomy? >> yes. >> have you had one. >> twice. >> why twice? >> he enjoyed it. >> three times ♪ if you're
9:17 am
planning to get a vasectomy, why not take a friends along? now, i like this idea. apparently the new trends is for guys to get together. >> yes? >> go in, like a spa situation, you sit around, whip it out, and you get vasectomies together. >> name for it? >> bro sectomies. >> sit back, get snipped, have a beer, mayor glass of scotch. >> you know what's funny? guys do do this, like right around march madness, when they know they are sitting and watching a billion games, don't we have a friends in radio that did that, that got his? >> preston and steve. >> i think one of them. >> i think you're right. i'll be sitting for a month anyway. >> put the ice back right there, sit down, watch the whole lot of games. >> oh, gosh. >> so i'm assuming that means you have not, mike? >> i have not. can i not. oh, god, the thought of it. are you awake during this?
9:18 am
>> painless. we talked to them about it, preston and steve said it doesn't hurt. >> it is just the thought. i mean, just thinking about it now i have a tingling in that area. >> well, that's something else. >> what are you talking about? >> quite often continuing flick that area during the show. trouble is i don't have any tingling in the area off the show. oh, the of two you. no, i, i probably should at this point in my life have one. but oh, the thought after scale pep. >> what do you mean? maybe you might want to have kids. >> true. >> more kids. >> all right. that would be maybe a good sweep stunt. mike has a child. >> it lasts for 20 years, that's the advantage of it, though. >> twenty years, wow. well, do you watch the mtv -- this is music or music video nominations in. >> i think music video. >> oh, the vma, a the video music awards.
9:19 am
>> the nominations are out. >> and guess who is leading? >> my guy. >> kendrick lamar. >> leading the fields. >> eight nominations. listen? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i guess we're not allowed to use this music video? >> playing the music. how does that explain? >> okay, i guess not a clean version of the music video. one of those nominations is for video of the year that you won't see. for his single humble. >> kendrick, will compete, with alicia kara. >> you guys know alicia. >> no, i know intern. >> yes, from italy. >> dj callen, the weekends. >> where do you know the cat gory? >> bruno mars also up for it. >> you think bruno mars takes that category already? for video of the year?
9:20 am
>> artist of the year. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that's a tough category. artist of the year, he's going to go up against kendrick. the weekends, oh, ed sheeran had that big hit. and ariana grande. >> some sympathy vote. >> ariana grande. >> she's been through so much, put on that concert. >> has nothing to do with it. >> all about it, judges are always influenced, you snow. >> true. >> or all public voting? even though we would be influenced. >> i believe it is public voting. >> is it public voting? megan, can we check that? >> she will get some. >> it might be. >> well, we will find out who wins on august 27. >> 8:00 p.m. >> just video, but not all of them? >> oh,. >> okay. >> we really don't know. spread manure all over the
9:21 am
place. >> speaking of manure. >> i know. do you ever eat buffalo burger? >> i never have. >> i have. it is good. it is leaner. >> you know the first time i ate buffalo, or bison, was in 1976. you know why? >> why? >> it was the bicentennial. >> oh. >> jenny joyce? >> hey, guys, yes, hanging out with the bison here eight elmwood park zoo. making serious icon tact with the big guy here at the zoo, oh, here we go, can i feed you, buddy? can i feed you? oh, we're feeding the bison, coming right back.
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he gets things done stevfor south jersey.o tell you don't believe him. because steve sweeney gets things done for himself, for the special interests who pay for his campaigns, and definitely for chris christie. but steve sweeney doesn't get things done for you. unless you count cutting education funding, raising the gas tax, and sending more of your tax dollars off to trenton instead of south jersey. if you're tired of typical politics, stop electing typical politicians like steve sweeney.
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>> please for give me if you're offer ended. did you ever want to feed a bison? >> and why would we be offended by that? >> well, do you have reveal your inner thoughts.
9:25 am
oh, i want to feed a bison. well, your dream has come true. jenny joyce will do it for you. she will channel your thoughts. hi, jenny. >> mike, are you saying this has never crossed your minds to come and feed a bison here at the elmwood park zoo in this is popular exhibit. inter-active exhibits with the giraffe, the birds here, too, so a lot of people like to come out here and do this. so, the rule is, though, we have to stay behind the fence, because ryan firestein, what can happen here if people don't follow the rules? do they ever getting a degrees sniff. >> absolutely corks just really big animals, and they could even accidentally injury someone, if we're not doing things 100% safely, so we just want to keep our distance, just reach out, feed them, they also don't want to be touched, they just come over here to get fed. >> okay, and which guy is this? >> francis. she is our youngest bison. >> female. >> yes. >> so, francis, and then we have tatonka. took our lettuce earlier, the big guy, what, about 1800 pounds? >> roughly yes.
9:26 am
he's our male. he will be twice the size of the females. and then the others we have úthe laid he is here in theof exhibit. >> i and bison, herb source. so they like they lettuce, they like their hey. anything else they like it graze on. >> well, in the wild they're mostly just grazing on grasses, here, they get lot of different kind of produce, grains, but like you said, herbovores, just get plant material. >> how about the visitors that come to see them day in, day out? >> they don't care about them at all. bison pretty stubborn animals, don't care anything about them. to be honest, they don't even really notice. they just come for smacks over here for the feed deck. >> seems that way. when you put the lettuce out here, their eyes get little bigger, maybe going to come back up here, but look like frances likes that hey. so people can come here to the zoo any time, right? >> yes, we are open almost year around, just major holidays we're closed like the christmas and new years and stuff like that.
9:27 am
>> okay, so fun activity, if you guys are looking for something to do, you can come and feed the bison. mike, i expect you'll be hereby 2:00. >> beautiful, that's kind of upscale eating, isn't it? is that romain or is that end dive? >> ya, this, this -- >> iceberg? >> romain, iceberg? it is romain, yes. >> yes. >> oh, well. >> frances seems to like it. >> frances gets excited with the greens. >> kale? >> yes, kale in right now. sophisticated kale there. >> or maybe some quinoa. >> okay, i want to see the special. i'm not much into the royals. but i want to see this because andrew morton will join us here. they put together a new tv special, i think it is three hours in lent, about princess di. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> enjoy this next.
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9:31. it has been 20 years since the death of princess diana on august 31st. >> i remember it well, got news i was in the movie theater and it happened to be day after my daughter's birthday, in a new, three hour , special, it aims to answer questions about the events that led up to that fatal crash, in the continue until paris. it includes, recordings of die an a helper self. >> when i started my public life, i understood the media might be interested in what i did. i realized then their attention would inevitably focus on both our private and
9:32 am
public lives. >> i'll be watching. >> yeah. >> her biographer andrew north on joins us live from london with insight into what this special will be all about, good morning to you. welcome to philadelphia. >> good morning, nice to talk to you. >> okay. so, 20 years, my goodness. for people, how do i put this, in 20 years, it has been 20 years ago, let's pretend that there is some people that never -- >> makes you feel old, doesn't it. >> it does, and i am. let's pretend people didn't know who she was, how would you describe her. she was so shy as i remember at the wedding but then became such a strong person. >> well, i would say by the end she was self assured, she knew her own mind, she knew the direction that she wanted to take in her life, she was looking for love, obviously and she was, she never took herself too seriously which is
9:33 am
within of the qualities i always like about her. she had a self deprecating sense of humor. she was naughty. she liked dirty jokes. she was very, very human. she had faults, failings and many, many virtues. >> when we think about her in her death and fact it has been 20 years, there is still unanswered questions, so many theories surrounding that. in this special do you dissect some of those. >> yes, indeed. there is a whole section about the conspiracy theories surrounding her death and i have to say that diana was conspired against, there is no doubt about that. when she was inside, kensington palace those people , the members of the royal family, valets, body guards all conspired to say to her by the way, diana you are living in a fantasy, prince charles relationship with camilla parker bowls is just friendship, nothing more. queen called her a silly girl
9:34 am
to even think like that. now that spilled over in the popular imagination into thinking, well, she was conspired against during that part of her life, how about they want to get rid of her at the end of her life. >> yeah, we will play a clip, hey megan in the control room, go to the third one, okay. here's a quick sound bite from the special, listen. >> i know exactly what is going on between you and charles. don't treat me like an idiot. >> did that actually happen, did diana confront camilla. >> yes, indeed, in my book, diana her true story released in 1992, she told me all about that incident where she confronted camilla, and she said, i know what is going on, i know what you are doing with my husband, i just wanthusband .
9:35 am
camilla put her head down and she was blushed, she was speechless and diana, she told me that gave her a great sense of release to confront would the man who had given her so much pain and anguish throughout her royal career. >> do you think diana and charles were in love, ever. >> well, certainly diana was in love with prince charles. i remember her saying to me that as she walk down the aisle, she had hope in her heart, it was bridge, she was bridge with love -- brimming with live for prince charles and his relationship with camilla was now over. >> wow. >> as for charles, whatever love means. >> we hear from her in this special, are these recordings, tapes, what are we hearing from princess diana herself. >> well, you will be hearing her public life, and some of her private statements about her eating disorders, about
9:36 am
her suicide attempts, all of the controversial things of what she used to call her dark ages in the royal familiy thought i had seen every piece of footage and every picture of this woman but you say you have exclusive new footage, what could that be? >> well, wait and see. you have got to tune into look at the new revelations and new footage. >> even more than that aren't you rereleasing your book. you mentioned your book in 92 that came out that told so much, there is more? >> yes, i mean, when the book came out it was 156 pages, thinks now 450, it basicaly brings everything up to date, it is from birth to death, it is together with my assessment of her legacy and how i actually got the book in the first place, so obviously i talk about that in the tlc
9:37 am
special. >> tlc specialist three hours& and it is monday night, monday night. >> looking forward to it. >> andre, thanks for being with us in philadelphia. >> enjoy. >> you got it. >> we have breaking news at 9:37 out of chester county. >> sky fox is over a possible barricade situation in upper uwchlan township, you can see here over the home, there is not much police activity from what we can see from this angle but this is on welshire way but unclear how many people are inside. we know it is a barricade situation. >> there they are. >> yes. >> if you look at the chimney little left to the chimney by bushes you can see police line up by bushes, probably trying to speak with the person inside the home. >> well, it looks like it is a pretty affluent neighborhood here and police have the home surrounded. we will get more information and bring it to you that.
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our commercial break conversation. >> it is poddy talk. >> do you ever pea in a bathroom or liu in europe. some of them is theree jround au have to stand over >> but, then they have bedays. >> yes, you haven't. >> well, no. >> yes, you have. >> you so have, look at him trying to cover it up. >> yes. >> so you have need a beeday, honey and you know you liked it. >> you know you liked it. >> okay. you buy vegetables with good intentions i know i do. i never buy vegetables with malice in mind. >> your squashes, zucchinis,
9:42 am
egg plants. >> you want the best for kid. >> you have good intentions but the problem is kids want no part. >> let's get creative, richard farmer, farmer richard. >> well, you know what you have to do you have to make something out of these guys. your kid are like mine i don't want to eat vegetables, i don't want to do it, we have to bring in the laid that is can make it happen. we're at jerry's farm here. so good to see you here. joann, karen you can say they like a farmer or two. they married fellows that brought us all over this place , 600 acres. >> yes. >> huge spot. >> we are not in the fields but we're in the beautiful market up here. tell me all bit. >> okay. >> you got started when. >> we opened this market in 2011, because everybody as the developments came in they wanted to try our produce. so we decided this would be a new route for her and i working with our husband is
9:43 am
you have delicious produce and i have been eating it all but we're talking about your salsa , this is delicious, what goes into it. >> okay, we have our jersey tomatoes. i will not make salsa unless it is jersey tomatoes on our farm, onions, green peppers, a lot of garlic. >> tell you what make that happen for me. >> holy molly. >> yes. >> don't get my fingers, i need those. >> yes. >> this goes into a good salt. we are pounding out salsa. >> what day sit, wednesday. >> we are pounding out beautiful salsa here. we have this. >> yes. >> and it turns into, this, but there is some things thaw do not do that normal people throw in their salsa. >> i do not put cilantro in my salsa i do not care for it. other people don't either. they can always add it but they can't take it out if they are not into that they have the zucchini spaghetti, so how does this work. >> thinks deliciousness.
9:44 am
>> yes. >> it is like a spaghetti same style, same way. >> olive oil, saute it, you don't want to over cook it. and it is delicious,. >> just regular style, little tomato and make things happen. >> yes. >> i'll tell you what you take this. do you know what goes great with salsa? >> chips. >> frozen capri suns and jen has an idea, all you, girl. >> kelly's here, she has great ideas. this is what i want to you look at one of thesis for the kid. one of them is for mom. can you tell the difference, come on back we're in wildwood this morning. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities,
9:45 am
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9:47 am
can you give me weather in 15. i mean 15, from right now. >> okay. >> let's do both 152nd from now and then make it 15 in length. >> okay, if you insist. >> here we go. we made it to 70 degrees. twenty-seven in wilmington. there is no rain in the radar. lets get right to the seven day forecast. 79 degrees today. mid 80's tomorrow. thunderstorms thursday into
9:48 am
friday. saturday maybe a couple of showers by sunday it is 83 degrees. ninety by the first day of august. >> wow. >> that is jumping. >> yes, very nice. >> can do you that every time. >> you taking the kid to the beach today. >> we will be taking the kid to the beach on friday. >> on friday. >> yeah. >> okay. >> well, sometimes mommy need help when she's out there. >> sometimes you need a refreshment, jen has a nation ideas because those days can get long there, jen and i think about that adult beverages every now and then. >> see what jen can do with the juice box. >> you have a kid at the beach , maybe mom, you have some great beach, we will get to the capri sun in a second but first it does begin with having good stuff in the bag.
9:49 am
>> you are usual towel, sun screen, and reading materials, and then you also want to keep kid clean so you are not dipping their hand in the ocean to clean them off and one of the things i like to do you have to have money for ice cream guy and then you get the ice cream, and then it drips all over the place. >> yes. >> so we take, the cup cake wrappers and they keep drips contained. >> i love that. you have a zip-lock bag keeping your dry stuff dry and not sandy. >> yes. >> this is cool. we have aj here demonstrating, basically a bag. >> there you go. >> buddy traditional laundry bag, why are you using it at the beach. >> i'm using it at the beach because everything is sandy, you throw tonight there. if you throw it in the regular bag you are containing that sand and taking it tour car, house and it is getting every where. so this you put sand toys in the bag and then you just, give it a shake. >> shake it out. >> i love it. >> you had also said, you hose that off.
9:50 am
>> yes. >> take it home, hose it off, throw it in the shower, whatever you need and hang to it dry and all of your toys are clean. >> perfect. >> this is the thing in the meeting, everyone wants to know b during the tease i said which one is for kids and which one is for grown ups. >> right. >> because again, kid will be in the cooler and they are allowed to get something they are not supposed to have. >> exactly. >> the kid are just normal cap ri sunny threw in the freezer. once they start that you go you can squeeze them up and you have a slushy. the adult i snipped off corner , poured out half of the capri sun and filled it with a little row say, vodka, it doesn't freeze quite as well and then we cut off corner as it thaws and stick in the straw and you have a frozea, totally hacked, easy, and no mess, and delicious. >> i didn't think it would be that good. >> it is pretty amazing. >> that is awesome. >> i do like kid are running around in the back.
9:51 am
>> yes. >> another you say is what. >> picnic blanket, take your own, picnic blanket instead of the towel, and then you'll have much more coverage in the sand, stay less covered in sand. >> yes. >> it is flatter. >> okay. >> i also made homemade bug repellant because green head are a thing here, it is a problem and i hate them. so if you don't like to buy your commercial bug spray, you can make it with three easy ingredients at home, and most people have these, basil, de still water and vodka and you just boil these basil leaves in the distilled water and then let it set for four hours and then do half of the water, it is one to one. one to one basil water and vodka and then you get a shape and keep it in the squirt bottle. >> you vacation down here is that a good thing that works against green head. >> yes, it does not repel them but it is not waterproof so you need to reapply if you
9:52 am
keep going in the water. >> it probably smells like a basil cocktail. >> it smells like a basil martini. >> ifyou like that smell, wear it when you go out, if you are thirsty, you can probably getaway with having a little, on the beach, i don't know. >> sure. >> we love it. by the way, it is working not so droopy. aj, you did great. and that thanks for being so awesome. >> they all did great. >> they are excited. >> little better then i thought it was going to be. >> i miss capri suns. >> with vodka. >> i never had it with vodka. >> now the president of the united states is one of the busiest humans on earth but he did take time on twitter, to block christie teigen. why? we will tell you.
9:53 am
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so the president likes to tweet, he has been tweet ago lot this morning already, porsche, and he blocked somebody, who? >> christie teigen, i'm sure that is to no one's surprise but she's latest celebrity to be blocked by president trump. that list is growing, like you said. after the president tweeted his disappointment in his republican collogues, sunday christie teigen tweeted something super simple that hit him to his core she wrote, no one likes you, with a whole bunch of laugh out louds, christie noticed it and she put it out on twitter. if you know christie and her relationship with trump on twitter she has been tolling this man for nine years trait like hating on everything that he tweets and she noticed, okay, this is final straw i said in one likes you and everybody thought it was funny
9:57 am
but that caused him to actually block christie. >> i wonder if he was the one that blocked her. >> i think he did. >> well, i hope not that he would take time out. >> that is how it is, but you know that is how it is. when you are on line people go deep, go hard but it is simple comment that can hit you to your core like no one likes to you really hurt your feelings. i think his feelings were hurt >> it is easy to block. >> i do it every day. >> it is. >> yes. >> hey, porsche, i follow you. >> oh, you do i will to have follow you back. >> i wish you would, i wish would you. >> yes, i don't even go on twitter that much, it is just for people who want to spew mean thoughts so i'm in the really on twitter. >> porsche is a gram girl, she loves the gram. >> yeah, the grammys where it is. >> it is. >> thanks. >> we will see you on dish. >> have a good morning.
9:58 am
>> you too. >> have a great wednesday, everybody. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
9:59 am
super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre- uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices.
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>> live from new york city "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: hi, it's the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: yeah. yeah. thank you very much. thanks for watching our show. [ applause ]


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