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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  July 27, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. dangers lurking in the waters off the coast of new jersey tonight but you cannot see it. bad news for beach goers. good evening, i'm lucy noland. bacteria has more than a dozen new jersey beaches closed. so what is going on? as shawnette wilson fills us in from ventnor, new jersey. i wante wanted to go in the watd like swim. >> reporter: nine-year-old daniel marks and his sister caroline are spending the summer here in ventnor, but got up today to find the beach closed. >> it's not so fun not fun. >> reporter: ventnor is one of nearly three dozen new jersey beaches including rivers and bays that the state department of environmental protection found had higher than normal bacteria levels. forcing some under a water quality advisory and other toss close to swimmers.
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>> i think it's good that they're testing the water but it's, um, it's definitely upse upsetting as somebody that wants to go into the water with my family. >> reporter: david funk is lieutenant with ventnor beach patrol. he's been monitoring the dep's findings on new jersey >> it shows you areas that are open. >> reporter: lieutenant funk says they were under advisory the past two days but closed at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon after the water was tested again and the bacteria levels had risen. >> which we believe is due to storm water run off. the last few tide cycles, high tide cycles were higher than normal and with the predominant on shore flow of the wind it's been keeping that flow that would usually go out to sea with the tides closer to the beach. so it was unable to disperse like normal. >> reporter: water quality testing is on-going. so to fine out the status of a beep near you just go to fox 2 in ventnor, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. so hopefully the weather
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will be able to help with this problem over the next few days. meteorologist kathy orr is here. you know, for the first time i'm going to ocean city friday. hoping here. >> yeah, well, hopefully we'll be fine in oc. we're talking about that persistent on shore flow keeping those ocean water temperatures pretty warm but keeping any type of bacteria close to shore and that wind is not going to change until at least halfway through the weekend. so we'll have a few more problems. outside right now, we're looking at dry conditions. the humidity is on the moderate side. temperature 68 degrees. lows in the 60s tonight. so you can crack the windows. it's pretty comfortable out there. the poconos 61. 72 in allentown. look at wilmington. 69. in millville it is 63. wrightstown and atlantic city in the 60s and down the shore you can see some warmer temperatures because the ocean is so warm. that easterly flow and temperature of 75 degrees right off of atlantic city. current setup shows few clouds moving in from the northwest but our next storm system will be coming from the west bringing strong storms through chicago and areas of illinois this all
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moving east. we will get warmer and then cold front moves through and we do run the risk of severe weather by friday afternoon into friday night. fox future cast shows mostly cloudy tomorrow. with the wind still a little bit southerly southeasterly by tomorrow night some showers maybe a few thunderstorms. friday morning no weather issues. but by the afternoon showers and storms popping up. this is friday night with some heavy rain and even the risk of severe weather. so for your friday, afternoon and evening moderate to heavy rain. flash flooding is possible in in spots. and of course we're looking at that severe weather threat with strong gusty winds this is friday especially late afternoon into the nighttime hours. overnight lows mainly in the 60s with the exception of the poconos. down to 58. during the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy a spotty shower possible the high 85 degrees. down the shore it looks nice. high temperatures will be in the 70s. and the ocean water temperatures will be as well. so another pleasant day but that persistent easterly wind continues.
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lou woes rehoboth beach, delaware in the 80s. bethany 78. ocean water temperature 76. on your seven day forecast. we have the showers and storms friday afternoon and evening saturday maybe a morning shower. sunday looks great. monday looks great. guess what tuesday is? >> august 1st. 87 and the second day of august looks great, wednesday, the high temperature 90. so we get back into that summer sizzle in that seven day forecast. lucy. >> all righty. thank you very much, kathy. we've got breaking news to ohio we go. where a state fare has turned deadly. fire officials say one person has died and three people are in critical condition. the fire ball ride malfunctioned actually through people right off of it. ohio governor john kasich has order add full investigation and that all fair ride shut down pending further safety inspections. the fair just opened today as more details come in we'll bring them to you. you saw it first on fox 29 earlier tonight at 6:00. police say the man caught on
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septa police sergeant's body camera pushing her to the ground has himself turned -- has actually turned himself in. the officer was at the angora station in southwest philadelphia on monday respon responding to call about dispraising. septa police say that body cam vdeo was instrumental in identifying that guy right there and so was help from the public. >> we're the police department but we can't do it on our own. we got to work hand in hand we need the public's help. i'm extremely grateful. i know the public is going to do it for us we're more than glad to do it for them. it will help somebody else down the road as well. >> police aren't releasing his nam just yet he faces a list of charges including assaulting a police officer. developing tonight, the search for one of philly's most wanted. police want a man off the streets. they say he's been on a tear through the city. investigators say that guy is behind a string of shooting that has left several people critically injury. cops say they know who he is but they need your hem finding him. our dave schratwieser is live at
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philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, this is one guy that police want off the street quickly. they say he has a short temper and a quick trigger finger tonight they're warning the public and pic officers to be careful. police all over philadelphia are on the look out for xavier guiterrez mendez after investigators say his hot temper left two men critically wounded in separate shootings over the past month. >> we find him to be very violent individual southwest most wanted at this point. >> pow pow pow. >> reporter: neighbor in the 6500 block of belmar in southwest philly heard the gunfire saturday night after police say mendez opened fire shooting a 24-year-old man in the head. >> i live here five years. nothing went on like that befo before. >> this is ear race al firing shots at people for arguments and over people cursing. you never know what he can do. >> reporter: this man didn't want to be named but told fox 29 he worries for the safety of his family. >> i afraid for my children. i live with my children here, i
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have my daughter and i have my son report roar police say mendez short fuse and a gun led to another shooting on is this fifth street in south philadelphia last month. that left a 44-year-old man critically wounded. police are concerned about officers safety, too. >> alerts out to all not only philadelphia police but every other police agency we work with to let people know they come in contact to use extreme caution. we got an individual like this. >> if he's off the streets i will be happy. >> reporter: one of the victims is still in critical condition. the other has been released from the hospital. police tell me tonight that mendez has been using social media to threaten people. they still believe he's in the area. lucy? >> all right, dave, speaking of social media, with three tweets, president donald trump made a huge change in policy about who can serve in our nation's military. the president tweeted that transgender people will no longer be able to serve and that means the few is quite uncertain for the estimated 4,000 openly serving as transgender in the us military. active and reserves.
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the president's announcement would reverse a rule knacked last year by then defense secretary ash carter. critics are bashing the president while the white house claims it's best for national security. >> donald trump exercised in an almost uncanny way his incredible coward did he say by hiding behind a tweet to discriminate against americans who are willing to put on the uniform of their country and put their lives at risk. this is the act of a coward. >> based on consultation that he's had with his national security team, came to the conclusion that it erodes military redness and unit cohesion. >> the white house in part cites the high government costs for sex reassignment surgery. another vote to repeal obamacare failed to get enough support now lawmakers are back at it. debating the future of obamaca obamacare. republican leaders aren't giving up hoping they can get something passed democrats are dead set against what they're doing. meanwhile president trump says
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tax reform is the next legislative priority after health care particularly tax relief for the mill class. charged with killing a woman in a hospital. prosecutors say montgomery county man delivered opioids to that woman. prosecutors arrested 29-year-old travis sadu saying today saying on several occasions he gave the drugs to 30-year-old searer hadrik while doctors treated her for non-life threatening conditions in einstein medical center. nurses found her dead inside her hospital room in may. >> he was signing in and out on an after hours visitor's log to sierra's room to deliver heroin pills and ultimately fentanyl. five different times. five times he walks in and out of that hospital to deliver these substances to this that's right-year-old woman. >> a judge has denied him bail.
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if convicted he faces as long as 40 years in prison. construction set to begin on an ambitious project at penn's landing but are crews starting the demolition project way too soon? game on. from playing ball becomes far more than just a game. one local police department's building bridges one pick up game at a time. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer
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joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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sky fox over it's seen of a crash in philadelphia where a police cruiser tangled it up with another car right around 9:00 at the intersection of east up sal street and stenton avenue. the police car has isn't big front end damage. the officers and other driver ended up at the hospital. we do not yet know how any of them are doing. police action in wilmington. sky fox over the 2400 block of north madison street. early reports from the scene say that somebody has shot two people. we do have calls in to wilmington police as details continue to come in we will bring them to you. a west philadelphia family is alive despite that right there. their home on ruby street collapsed early this morning.
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but they say they made it out safe and sound because of their kitty name baxter. they say that hero of a cat started acting weird, making all kinds of sounds alerting them to the danger. once they made it out they still faced terrifying few moments because baxter was suddenly nowhere to be found. >> he was a little scared. yeah, he was crying when we were in the second floor. he was crying. i think he wanted to get out as bads as his owners wanted him out. >> read paw relief and baxter's family together coaxed him out of the home where he had run back into. they lowered him to safety and he's having treats from what we understand tonight. investigators are looking in why their home collapsed. when you hear cops chasing a bunch of teenagers you might just think of the worst, right but tonight it was all about fun in one camden county community. cops and kids and it's game on an evident to build better relationships when police officers and the young people in the communities they serve. our chris o'connell has a story from winslow township.
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>> reporter: it's a small gesture that could reap big rewards. police here in winslow township are trying to cop connect with kids in their community by simply just having a little fun. stops to local playgrounds are now part of summer routine patrols for police officers in winslow township. but instead of handing out tickets, they're handing out hundreds of free footballs and basketballs to kids. does what's your name? >> going up to children the best way of changing different stereotypes and changing different ways that we look at each other. i think that's great way to start breaking walls down. >> thanks to $2,500 state grant and help from spalding, police officers are playing ball and spending a few minutes just trying to get to know kids in the neighbor. >> for kids your age, what is the image of a police officer? >> it's kind of bad and to stay away from them. >> reporter: after spending a day getting to know these guys in their element on their
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playground, it seems to be working. >> there's not much we can do now a days. busy answering calls, busy working, get to take ten minutes out and lose our breath and all these kids have smiles on their face today. >> reporter: even this 47-year-old reporter with loafers on got in the game. hey, fun is fun, right? yes, the kids were receptive. some minds even changed about men and women in blue. >> now kids see cops in a different light. like a lot of kids with music and stuff like that see cops as bad image. now with this cops actual dollar care. >> reporter: it turns out in just two days this program has become so popular neighborhoods are now calling the police department clamoring them for officers to show up in their community. in winslow township, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> now that is a great story. coating from pennsylvania landing to old tee is about to get whole lot less convenient. traffic ramps connecting chestnut street and columbus boulevard and columbus to market
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street closed today to prepare for the ramps demolition. the removal precursor to nearly quarter billion dollar project to cap i-95 and build a park. bordered by chestnut and wall net streets and the front street and the river but that construction it's more than three years away. so why tear down the ramps now? >> reporter: what conclusion have you reached about those particular ramps? >> they are not needed. they are over built. they have limited usese. >> it is an issue of general public access to and from the waterfront. >> reporter: that's lost when these rams go away? >> all the way gone. >> yup. delaware river waterfront corporation says once the ramps are gone, the two and a half -- 2.5-acre parcel on which they sit will become commercial property on the northern edge of the park. the national constitution center says it's offering some complimentary tickets for the 29t29th annual liberty medal
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ceremony honoring us senator john mccain. head to the center's website beginning at noon on tuesday august 15th center will hold random drawing for the comp tickets for current members on september 13th and general public on the following day. people living in our area with life-threatening illnesses will get nutritional meal delivered right to their door all thanks to more than 100 volunteers today in spring garden. today was manna's third annual steven korman day of caring. regular nice the philanthropist contributions to man nan the city of philadelphia. manna delivers tens of thousands of peels living with hiv, aids, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. speaking of health and such you're thinking about this a lot lately. >> yeah. it's a real problem in the nfl. new study came out on cte and it's alarming. it's basically saying that if you play football you're going to have brain damage. i'll definitely into the topic and tell you why regardless of this study football will still be king much that's next in my
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sports commentary. >> thanks, sean. sneak peek what could be the next hot spot along the delaware river waterfront. the waterfront corporation held an open house at municipal peer nine and the cherry street peer. officials plan to transform the market -- the transform the place into a market. with places to eat and even some work spaces. you'll also find a public park. ♪
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♪ we all know professional football is a dangerous sport. but sean bell says a lot of these players have no other choice but to play the game. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ i'm six years in now. i mean, it is what it is. i mean i look at it like you know something were to happen to me, um, it's more sacrifice for my wife and kids like in the future. an opportunity to, you know, change their life and their futures. >> that basically said it all. players know the risks and they're going play any way. today they jama came out with a study that said, out of 111nfl
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players they studied, all but one had cte, shocking and scary but it won't change anything. players are still going to play and nfl will still be king. you heard it from brandon brooks if you have a chance to make millions and change your whole family dynamic you're going to do it how brandon feels is the became i was as everyone feels in the nf frankly i would do the same thing even if it meant i would die early or have long-term effects sure if a guy has thible to choose another sport they'll go with that sport only handful of guys with that talent while we cringe at the numbenumbers, guys are still goo play and people are still going to watch. unfortunately it is what it is. lucy? >> all right, thank you, sean. people cannot resist taking part in this latest online challenge. sweeping the us you've seen it right, sean, the hash tag drive by dunk challenge. >> that's duke star tra von duvall taking the pas from teammate grayson allen dunking on random basketball hoop in the neighbor.
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elsewhere police officer blooming ton minnesota out on his round stopped to slam one down there he goes. boom. and then there's this kid getting in on the challenge. but, oh,. >> come op kid. >> the whole basket slam dunks on him. >> no worries. he's okay he quickly posted his video because that's what you do. >> i love it. if it was me, high a basketball hoop in my front yard i'd just go outside and play mutumbo. come on you not getting that on me. no, no, no. >> i remember that. >> that was awesome. i loved that. >> all right. up next you can watch tmz followed by inside edition at midnight not as entertaining as sean bell. stay news for chasing news at 12:30. and you kathy orr. >> i love the glasses. what's going and. >> facebook said wear them. i have no glasses to wear. >> i would have brought mine in. >> do you likik
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this is good day philadelphia. >> i have done nothing wrong. nor have i ever personally accepted a dime beyond my salary as mayor. >> pay to play and ed pawlowski and four others due in court today. what are learning about the allentown mayor's corruption case. >> what caused a ride to break apart in mid-air, killing one man, and injuring several others. and down the shore, but you're not going to love. >> this we get about 15 peaches closed. what's lurking in the water that's closed many of our favorites. specially for the weekend. not pleasant. also, ahead, game on. when playing ball becomes far more than just a game. how one local police department is building bridges one pick up game at a time. >> all right, it is straight


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