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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  July 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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water that say is not good to go into. we'll explain. >> so perhaps catch a flight. are you looking for a cheap flight in the airline offering bargain fares, but guess what? you'll have to act fast. >> one of the cheapest times of the entire year to buy is right about now. >> all right, where are weeing. >> who wants to go with us? let's go. >> good morning, hi, guys. straight up 5:00 on this thursday morning. we're all getting ready for the weekends thinking about that. that means we have to worry about the wetter. >> that's right. little foggy start here looking live along the board walk, what can we expect for the weekend? i know it is only thursday, but you know we love to look ahead, sue. >> i think the weekends will ends better than it begins. how is that for little preview of coming attractions in we will talk in more detail about that coming up. first, we've got to get you through thursday, it is a eight out of ten today, with clouds around, starting bus stop buddy off on national chilly dog day, with the umbrella for later on. that's when specially in the pool, if you're at camp, or whatever, just eye on the sky for pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon. but comfortable 60s for most
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of our temperatures, at 67 degrees in the city, with 5:55 sunrise time. it is 63 in pottstown, point pocono at 61, 66 cape may. seventy-one to start the day in rehoboth. beach haven, 67. cooler 58 in ross weighing owe lake and perkasie at 63, to begin your thursday. right now, there is nothing on radar. we will look back to yesterday before we look ahead. we had emerging sunshine in the afternoon, so, it got us to 82 degrees. still, below the average of 87. and today, just slightly below, with a chance of pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon, we will be at high of 85 degrees, with clouds, and little more humidity today, so if you enjoyed a good hair day yesterday, maybe not so much today, but bob kelly, your hair's perfect. >> i was going to say, how does it look? i put little more -- >> excellent. >> put little di dippity do and some aqua net. >> good morning shall everybody, backing it up, back
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it up on the schuylkill expressway, they're picking up the cones eastbound. they've been working all night long, only one lane open conshy into city line. as they get ready to pick up the cones, see the dust storm, and of course the uneven surface if you're coming into the city. the vine expressway, westbound, open, waiting for them to pick up the cones to come eastbound. that should be open both directions, and in the next ten to 15 minutes or so. into the neighborhoods we go. valley forge road, near allentown road, watch for an accident. also, a crash along that one just off route 309 there in glennside, then north along 495, work crew, right at edgemore road, coming on up through wilmington. they're also working along 295, the stretch, southbound, as you approach the 42 freeway. there is a live look, right at the he black horse pike, you got the cones still out there. you can see the bringing arrow, pushing everybody over to the right. so maybe for another half hour, we still got the work crews on the major roadways, and this is a left over from earlier in the week, the water main break, frandford,
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thompson and shackamaxon through the neighborhood, septa five bus also on a detour, back to you. >> 5:05, the mayor of allentown scheduled to appear before federal judge in philadelphia this morning. ed pawlowski along with four others will answer to corruption charges in a alleged pay to play scandal. steve keeley at the federal courthouse with more for us this morning, steve? >> reporter: well, this big brown building here, right across the street from independence hall, has been a regular tourist stop lately for lot of political it calls. and the tour booking team here, at the federal courthouse, will be busy again today. the headline act of the five latest charged is allentown's mayor ed pawlowski, mayor since way back in 2006, at just 51 years old, now elected to three terms already, and guess what? he's vowing to keep campaigning to try and get elect in the november to a fourth term, despite being indicted. now, he won his primary in may, despite this very well
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known federal investigation hanging over his head, and all of allentown city hall, that was searched first by fbi agent, 746 days ago. and another big city, up in that area, we have berks county and lehigh county in the news this morning, reading is now former mayor, vaughn spencer, did not win his re-election primary two years ago, after voters there got the news of his office in reading, city hall, having those f.b.i. agents swarm overall of the offices there. >> ed pawlowski, spencer, brazenly, repeatedly, sold off bitty contract to bank their political futures. these alleged allegations pull at and tear at the very fabric what makes up our democracy, destroys the values and ideals of every citize to be fairly represented in a equal fashion. >> i have a job to do. and i will continue to do it. and that includes my candidacy for re-election. to my family and my friends, i
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want to thank you all for standing with me. thank you for supporting me through this difficult time. i trust the judicial system to sort the fact from the fiction so that you can see i am the mayor and the man that you all know me to be. >> by far the most fascinating of the five indicted yesterday, is reading's former school board president, rebecca ocosta, actually the current school board president, she is married to former reading city council president, francis ocosta. he's already her husband in federal prison for taking bribe in this very same case. she also works for a state rep up there. so she is very well connected and it is casino every fun our maybe not funny, obviously to the ocosta's, how they can be ships passing in the night in a federal penetentary system if she gets convicted of taking bribes like her husband already has. >> a lot of layers to this one, steve keeley breaking it down for us, steve, thank you. >> 5:05. police are investigating double shooting in wilmington,
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delaware, it happened just before 9:00 last night on the 2400 block of north madison street. officers say the victims, 16 year old boy, and 18 year old woman, were found inside a home on the block. now, the boy had a gunshot wounds to his upper left leg, the woman was shot in her lower right leg. they're in stable condition at christianna hospital this morning. >> and there are two men under arrest on gun charges this morning. kind of an odd one. police respond today call about 11:30 last night, seems the 2,000 block of denny street, it is in germantown, they finds two suspect coming out after wooded area, and one of them has a gunshot wounds on his back. two guns were found at the scene. one of them, is an armed military-style weapon. police say, they think the shooting happened at a different location, the guy shot in stable condition over at temple. also, break in the case we told but yesterday, steve keeley out on this one, that's the guy, that police say, knocked down a septa police sergeant, this is some body cam video of him. welshing we put it out there. so did others. and he turned himself in to
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police. the officer was over at the angora station in southwest on monday, responding to call about trespassing. no word yet on the exact charges. >> it is 5:07. happening now, state people thinking ahead to the weekends apartment the beaches. summer closed. let's get out to jenny joyce with one of them is closed. jenny, how many beaches are we talking about? >> so we know 11 peaches total are closed, all of them in atlantic county, cape may county beaches are not affected, but it is a bedroom, karen, a lot of people are down here for vacation, however, most people that we talk to say that they would rather err on the side of caution. so the ventnor beaches are closed until at least 1:00 this afternoon when the water will be tested again. ventnor is one of about three dozen beaches, rivers, and bays state-wide that have tested positive for high levels of bacteria. so, as of this morning, four beaches remain closed here in ventnor, along with seven beaches in atlantic city, and a portion of the bay in somers point. so again, cape may county beaches, not affected by any
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of this. we talk to a lieutenant with the ventnor beach patrol, who says he thinks it is due to heavy rainfall recently and storm run hundred off. some people were still on the beach yesterday, dipping their toes in the sands but steering clear of the water right now. >> when they test the water quality, we're always in the excellent, yesterday under an advisory, which meant the counts were up above the normal levels. >> on the back of the lifeguard thing i saw a sign that said beach closed. >> i think it is good that they're testing the water. but it is definitely upsetting as somebody that want to go into the water with my family. >> the ventnor beach closure was decided after two days of concerning test results. the beach was shut down at about 1:00 yesterday afternoon, and has to remain closed for about 24 hours. and actually the beach patrol lieutenant did say that they continued testing yesterday afternoon, and already in the afternoon yesterday, the levels were going back down, so he fully anticipates the
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beaches will remain open today. expecting an update maybe around 10:00 this morning. karen, thomas? >> encouraging news, fingers crossed, certainly hope so as we head into the weekends, jenny, thank you. time is 5:09. swift reaction to president trump's decision to reverse obama era policy on transgender people in the military. >> president trump reinstating the military ban on transgender people, drawing very sharp criticism from both sides of the aisle. >> that means, the future uncertain for the estimated 4,000 transgender individuals openly serving in the military. the president announcement would reverse a rule enacted last year by then defense secretary ash carter. critics are bashing the president, while the white house claims it is best for national security.& >> based on consultation that he's had with his national security team, i came to the conclusion that it erodes military readiness and unit cohesion. >> donald trump exercised in a almost uncanny way his
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incredible cowardice by hiding behind a tweet to discriminate against americans who are willing to put on the uniform of their country and put their lives at risk. this is the act after could you around. >> you'll remember, after the orlando pulled night club shooting in 2016 last year, then candidate trump called himself a real friend of the lgbtq community. several transgender americans say they're dis heart ends with the belief that their own government is against them. so, lots of tweets that were out there all over the internet, former army private chelsey manning firing on twitter saying, quote, so the biggest baddest most expensive military on the earth cries about a few trans people but funds the f-35? sounds like cowardice to me, caitlin jenner supporter of president trump also lashed out saying there are 15,000 patriotic transgender americans in the military for all of us what happened to your promise to fight for them? >> another vote to repeal obamacare. and yet another blow to the gop. >> republicans failed yet again to get enough support to
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repeal obamacare on capitol hill. but they are not giving up. >> group of ten governors are calling on senate leaders to heed john mccain ace plea for bipartisan work on overhauling the affordable care act. in a letter issued last night, the governor's urged law makers to set aside quote this flawed bill, and work with him on making healthcare more available and affordable for every american. the request comes hours after the senate voted against simply repealing obamacare without replacement. voting 45 to 55. >> all right, 5:11, let's show you something that happened late last evening, a lot of people talking about very dramatic video, scene every fun turns to absolute horror. >> we know one person is dead this morning, several other injured, after that ride at the state fair malfunctions, sending riders flying. >> plus: do you have an r umba? could your cleaning robot be capturing more than just the dirt? why it may be vacuuming up a lot more than you think. hum? >> stay tuned for that.
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let's get a check on the traffic this morning, bob? >> good morning, 5:11, crews still out on number of the major roadways, like here 95 northbound, between providence road and the blue route. come on, going outside and say good morning to philly international airport, as we are getting ready to take off for a thursday morning rush hour. plus, who is hungry? get ready for breakfast. i'm coming your way, delaware. we will have the details, sue has the forecast when we come right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> as we look at ocean city new jersey you see some haze there, but also see the very combination of our sunrise. that sun trying to burn through some of those clouds that will be hanging around for awhile, i think we'll see clouds, and then eventually more clouds. but some sunshine inbetween. we have appeared every unsettled weather coming our way tonight, into tomorrow, and maybe even into saturday morning. some of the storms that we get tomorrow could be super soakers. and cooler temperatures, are ahead for the weekend. we'll explain in the seven day forecast, but for right now, it is 71 degrees in wilmington, 61 at atlantic city international, with what we have now is a southerly breeze, so that's going to bring more humidity into the area. so, be prepared for a stickier day today. 7-mile per hour winds right now, it is pretty comfortable out there at the moment.
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but things will change. more likelihood for later this afternoon, even though see some showers popping up on radar, as we look at the future cast for this morning, you see a lot of cloud cover. the sunburning through, every once in a while. but for this evening, weaver some pop ups, as well. as tomorrow, and tomorrow afternoon, and evening, is when we could really see the stronger and more soaking thunderstorms with more rain. anyway, into saturday morning, we could see some rain, especially south of philadelphia. but it all clears out in the afternoon still looks like and it looks like it will be okay for sunday, as well. severe thunderstorms threat for tomorrow is marginal for most every us, and slight for the south. we could get some lightning and thunder, and some heavy downpours tomorrow, at times. 85 degrees today. 83 degrees tomorrow. 70s for saturday and sunday. but then, a gradual warming trend, and as we head into wednesday of next week, a high of 09 degrees. so yes, eight a degrees today.
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we cover today and tomorrow on the radio. 101.1 more fm. perhaps you heard, we've teamed up with them to bring you the weather authority forecast. just in case you forgot little something, bob kelly, this morning. >> i'll go home and carry, what's the weather like for the weekend? >> i don't know. >> were you there all day, for six hours listening to sue. >> it is not that i don't pay attention to sue, i usually pay attention to the last 15 seconds whatever she is saying, that's our cue here. 5:17. hello delco. live look at i59 north and southbound. they pick up the cones. we're ready for a rush hour as you work your way from delco in toward downtown. still working though along 495 as you roll through wilmington here between edgemore and claymont, exit five. hello willow grove. working out your way, eastbound on the turnpike between willow grove all the way overthrew the neshaminy falls interchange. they're working here along 295 southbound, between the black horse pike and the 42 freeway. again, the cones and the hours
5:18 am
are still there, maybe another half hour or 40 minute or so, for the gang on the jersey side. and in the neighborhood, frank forwards, thompson, shackamaxon. septa route five bus on the detour. who is hungry? breakfast time today. coming your way down to delaware. the metro diner, in the owe mega shopping center. they opened up brand new spot, right up off 95 near the christianna mall, be down there today between 9:00 and 10:00. the kids are off from school. bring them on by. we will he ' put them on tv and sample great breakfast items they have all hand made from scratch down there at the metro in delaware. we will see you down there starring at 9:00. and then north on 95, again, the crews were working near providence road. they just pick up the cones. septa says, all of the buses, trains, trolleys, so far, so good. we're off to good start, karen, thomas back to you. >> i'll take zombies kits and gravy, bob, thank you. time just about 5:19.
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this still developing, horrifying moment at the ohio state fair, when amusement ride breaks apart mid-air, the people riding it were sent flying, this morning, a 18 year old man is dead, seven others are in the hospital. so yesterday's tragedy in clock bus was caught on cell phone video. this right here; called the fireball ride. the video shows the moment where some of the cars break away from the rest of the ride throwing the riders. now the governor has ordered all amusement rides in the entire state shutdown, until they're re-inspected. the man who overseas those safety inspections says the tragedy like this one hit home. >> zero. >> my children, my grandchildren right these rides, so we take this seriously. >> they say the ride passed all of it retired safety inspections. >> police on high alert all across our city because that guy is a wanted man. they say's violent suspect who is armed and dangerous, and they want him off the streets.
5:20 am
his name is xavier menendez, he's 31 years old, accused of two separate shootings in just the past couple of weeks right there. last month, two men critically wounded, the latest one just saturday night, southwest philadelphia, on the 6500 block of bellmawr street. he allegedly opened fire, shooting a 24 year old man, in the head. police say he's also the one who shot a 44 year old man last month on south fifth street in south philadelphia. they think he's still in the area. if you encounter him, just call police. in our alert sent out to not only philadelphia police but every other police agency we work with, to let people know they come in contact, use street caution. this is irrational, firing shot at people for arguments, and over people cursing, you never know what he can do. >> one of those victims is still in critical condition in the hospital. the other one has been released. >> we're learning this morning, there will be a scholarship funds to honor the memory of a reasonable high school grad killed in a road
5:21 am
rage incident. the west chester area school district has approved the scholarship in honor of bianca roberson. the 18 year old was shot to death as she attempted to merge into a single lane, on route 100, west goshen, last month. the roberson family and school committee will work together to establish criteria that recipients must meet to qualify for that very special award. >> time now 5:21, wawa is hit with another lawsuit involving over time wages. former general manager claims that after being hired in march of 2015, his job entailed almost no managerial duties. he says he was assigned to work more common tasks, but his title required him to work at least 50 hours per week. now, convenience store chain was hit with a similar lawsuit, back in january, wawa has not yet commented. >> so when you hear about officers chasing a bunch of teens, you usually think there is something wrong going on, maybe they did something bad, but that was not the case, this is such a great trends, and it is happening in camden county. this is an effort to build
5:22 am
better relationships between police, and some of the young people, they serve, chris o'connell has the story. >> stops to local playgrounds are now part of summer routine patrols for police officers in winslow township. but instead of handing out ticket, they're handing out hundreds of free footballs, and basketballs, to kids. >> going at the children is the best way of changing different stereotypes, and changing different ways that we look at each other, i think that's a great way to start breaking walls down. >> thanks to 2,500-dollar state grant, and help from spalding, police officers are playing ball, and spending a few minute, just trying to get to know kids in the neighborhood. >> for kids your age, what's the image after police officer? >> kind of bad, and to stay away from them. >> but after spending a day get to go know these guys in their element, on their bring ground, it seems to be working. >> there is not much we can do nowadays. busy answering calls, busy working, get to take ten minute out, lose our breath,
5:23 am
and all of these kids have smiles on their face today. >> even this 47 year old reporter, with lovers on, got in the game. >> hey, fun is fun, right? yes, the kids were receptive. some minds, even changed about men and women in blue. >> now kids see cops in a different light. a lot of kids with music and stuff like that see cops as a bad image. and now with this, it is like cops actually do care. >> and it turns out in just two days, this program has become so popular, neighborhoods are now calling the police department clamouring them for officers to show up in their community. in winslow township, chris o'connell, "fox 29 news." >> i heard chris has pretty good shot. >> i bet he does. >> we didn't see in the video. so we'll never know. time 5:23. another soft drink undergoes make-over. >> yes, big zero, oh, coke is her so what we are talking about, so if you love it, that's the new one, you may want to get the old one before they stop making it, we'll
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>> time is 5:26. very good morning to you. i just want to hop on board right now. >> an explain. >> yes. >> take off. >> looking for long time vacation? >> well, i'm not, because i have all of these kids and i can't affords it. >> well, leave them behind. now apparently is the time to book your flight. >> all right, because that's when the deals are. this is the time of year when they're the cheapest and one
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of the very cheapest throughout is southwest, having huge flash sale. >> so here's what you need to know. the sale includes dom he is he can, international travel. the discounted fares depend on the distance of your fly, but typically under 150 bucks one way into flight on friday's, suns days excludes dollars, also black outdates you need to know around, around labor day, thanksgiving. you want to act fast, though, the sale ends tonight at midnight. >> if you're on the plane, enjoy drink that coke zero, you may want to stock up here. at least at home. that's because the drink is being replaced. >> well, coca-cola says the sales for the coke zero are fizzling, so they're replacing it with another no calorie soda. >> i don't know if this will help. it is called coca-cola zero sugar, look for it next month in stores. so it is supposed to taste better, and, you know, have more of a coke feel to t i don't know that means. but has the same amount of caffeine. that's the same time, they're going to phase out coke zero. >> here is the thing,
5:28 am
ingredient are exactly the same, still has the as per teen in it, change the package interesting black to red, took the words diet out of it. >> okay. >> there is the skinny ton. >> it is the packaging, hoping the new package willing make a difference and boost sales, we'll see. >> do have little disappointing news for beach-goers, if you are headed down right now. >> coming up at 53 the reason dozens of jersey hot spots are off limit. and when health officials believe you'll be able to get back into the water. that's coming up. stay with us.
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>> he said he did nothing wrong, pawlowski and four others due in court. >> the team holds their first full practice day, the veterans are back! >> and, let's go crazy. >> ♪ purple rain ♪ we're having purple party because we're celebrating all things prince tonight. they'll be playing the movie purple rain, and having this free event. let me get some purple rain falling on our heads. >> it is coming down. you always think you can sing that song when doing karaoke, right, never sounds good. great to have you with us this thursday, almost to the weekend this friday eve, as we love to call t good morning, car glenn good morning to you.
5:32 am
let's say good morning to sue serio. we are going to need some umbrellas, not for purple rain but other regular rain. >> it isn't raining right now, butts stop buddy does have the just in case umbrella for later on in the day, also, as a great breakfast for this morning, chilly dog days today. why not? temperatures are in the 60s, clouds around this morning, but also some sunshine starting to shape up pretty nicely, official sunrise time 5:55, we have 67 degrees, in the city. we have 61 in the mountains, 68 down in dover, delaware, headed to the shore, let's see, we've got 68 degrees to start in sea isle. sixty-six ocean city, cape may , ocean water temperature around 75. nothing showing up on radar. yesterday we got some sunshine, and we got to 82 degrees, still, below average, today, about 85. definitely more humid, pop up thunderstorms later on in the day, seven day forecast, coming up, and that includes the weekend. bob kelly?
5:33 am
>> got to love it, sue, 5:32, thursday morning, one day closer to the weekends. and hello collegeville. live look at 422, starting to see the beginning profit being it here, eastbound on 422 leaving pottstown, royersford, headed in toward king of prussia. downtown we go. we're open for business, the vine expressway, both directions, good to go. we're starting to see folks coming into downtown. no accidents on our majors, but again, here is the freeway, again, pockets of volume. look at everybody coming in from new jersey, we're all going to show up for work this morning, coming in from south jersey, headed in toward the walt whitman bridge. still shut down in the neighborhood, live look here at frank forwards and girard, where frankford, thompson, and shacksamaxon. septa route five bus still on detour. and they're working down in wilmington, north on 495, lane blockage, at edgemore road. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> show up early perhaps you can leave early. breaking news we're following right now out of glennside,
5:34 am
where authority say a man has died in a fire. a neighbor saw the flames, called 911 around 2:00 this morning. firefighters discovered the victim unconscious, inside the home, this is on the 600 block of garfield avenue. you see the flames right there. they did great job get that un control. still getting information, we'll have live report coming up in just a moment. >> all right, 5:34, happening right now, we've got some beaches that will be closed today when people want to head outside, they're in our area, we get right down the shore, jenny joyce, to explain what's happening and where it is happening, jenny, good morning. >> good morning, karen. so you can't get into the water until at least 1:00 this afternoon, stay tuned for that, how much, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise, obviously nice to be down the shore, so if you are here vacationing, plenty of other things to do, you just have to hole off on the water, for safety reasons, so putting little bit of a dam perron beach-goers summer vacation, many say they're glad the de pitch is taking these precautions, ventnor one of about three dozen beaches,
5:35 am
rivers, and bays, state-wide that have tested positive for high levels of bacteria. as of this morning, four beaches remain closed here in ventnor, along with seven in atlantic city, and portion of the bay in somers point. cape may county beaches are not affected. we talked with a lieutenant with the ventnor beach patrol who says he thinks it is due to heavy rainfall recently, and storm run-off. >> i'm glad they're monitoring it, i didn't know that the beaches were closed. well, or the ocean. so, as long as they keep tabs on it, so that we know whether we can go in safely or not, i really appreciate that. >> it is very rare case to have a beach closed due to high bacteria count, our water, beaches have always been election excellent a lot of people want to put blame on other things going on, but we've had a lot of rain, specially late at night, and with the higher the normal tides, the water can't exit the back bays, and with the on shore winds flow, like i said it, doesn't allow the water to get cycled out to sea.
5:36 am
>> and the beach was shut down at about 1:00 yesterday afternoon, has to remain closed for at least 24 hours, so what happens next? well, more testing will be done today. we are expecting an update from beach officials, as early as 10:00 this morning, so stay tuned for that. karen, thomas? >> jenny, we certainly will, thank you. 5:36. >> another vote to repeal obamacare, another blow to the gop. >> so there has been so much disagreement over this whole thing about getting it done. right down to washington where caroline shively is when that the latest things are. what's going on, caroline? >> reporter: high there, karen, thomas. the latest bill we could be looking at today is a skinny repeal, what they are calling it on capitol hill. it would strip down some of the more unpopular parts of the original obamacare law t would take out the individual mandate, and the employer mandate that you have to have insurance, also, pull out one of the taxes, that has been in there. people like that because young and healthy, they didn't want to have to pay for insurance.
5:37 am
employers don't want to have to either, specially with the sky-rocketing costs, the problem is, it could de-stabilize the insurance market, raise premiums, and increase the number every uninsured. that's what the critics are saying, that's the latest version we could see the vote on that later this week. >> so total repeal could be off the table? >> right now, it is looking like it is not. this, the skinny version, that could come up in a votearama later today could just be the starting point. it might not be the final thing t could get the senate passing something, then would have to meet with the house in conference there is may not be the final-final if you will, but it is what's on the table right now. >> caroline, the other big news of course the tweet that the president put out, the series of tweets about having transgender people serving in the military, then at the news conference yesterday, you know, we didn't get a lot of answers when this policy would go into effect watch are folks, in washington, saying about this, when this could happen, what people in the military may or may not have known? >> jaws dropped all over capitol hill, i can tell you that, being married to someone who works at the pentagon, they were shock over there.
5:38 am
they didn't know that this was coming there is would be a massive reversal under what we saw under the obama administration. so the details, we don't know them. they're not out there yet. what would this mean to medical costs, transgender folks, already serving there? a tweet does come from the president, but doesn't have the legal weight. jim, defense secretary, we are waiting for him to speak on. >> this so far those tweets, that's the only information we have. but democrats, up on capitol hill, all opposed to the idea, some republicans are behind it. we'll have to wait and see how this plays out. >> such major announcement coming via tweet. caroline shively, thanks and good to see you, a 38:00. purple rain throttle only film you can catch in the city tonight. where and when you can catch ratatoulle. >> the phils had huge game against the astros, then big trade after the game. finds out who went where next in sport.
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5:42 am
crucial. >> to the phillies and astros, offense exploded in this game. the phils up, two run bomb, to center, that was his second of the night, rupp, he had four rbi's, the phils went onto win nine-zip avoiding the sweep. right after the game we found out the phils traded pat neshak to the rockies for minor league prospect, the only all-star this year, he is 37, so, this works out for both party. we get prospect, they get a contender. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ #p
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>> the little rumba that goes and and sweeps your floors, also making a map of whatever your house looks like, and want to use that information possibly for a profit. i robot, the company that makes the rumba vacuum cleane cleaner, hinted at the selling the home maps to other companies like apple, amazon, the ceo says they won't share information without permission from it customers, that's raising a lot of eyebrows. >> i've always wanted one of those, i have knock-off version, but doesn't do half -- it stops like at a piece of dust bunny. >> all right, sometimes our traffic does the same thing.
5:46 am
>> maybe, maybe for christmas, bob kelly? disbelief six of those actually, kristin, fate, jake, noah madison, and austin. he is actually. the work well. good morning, everybody, 5:46. live look at the talcony palmyra bridge, moving right now, but in about four minute, 15:50, set for what i guess has become a morning ritual here. another bridge opening around this time. so if you typically use the talcony palmyra, you got couple every minute to either put another pop tart in the toaster or head for the betsy ross bridge there in the background. speaking of bridges, the atlantic city river -- the atlantic city line, new jersey transit, suspend in the morning, because the beach bridge is stuck in the up-right position, down the shore. so, that's going to cause delays between absecon, and atlantic city. some other closures, the penn's landing ramps that vehicles use between market and chestnut, to get you to and from the little flip around ramps here, closed yesterday, as part of the
5:47 am
project to of course put that lid on top of 95 and build a park. you're going to have to use dock street, spruce street, or go to up spring garden, just to cross over 95 from center city. so that's going to cause some delays and some confusion, right off the gate in the neighborhood. here is a live look at frankford and girard, that water main break from earlier in the week, weaver some detours through the neighborhood, and septa also detouring its route five bus. some rain on the way, maybe for the weekend? sue has all of the details in 15 seconds. >> starting offer with a look at temperatures this morning, still on the comfortable side. 67 degrees here in the city. seventy-one wilmington. sixty-one mount pocono. sixty-four in wildwood.
5:48 am
to get you started but you'll in the that the winds direction has changed. winds are coming out of the south now. little bit of on shore flow at the shore this morning. we have 7-mile per hour breeze. but with the southerly wind means is that you are going to feel more humidity today. no rain to show you on radar. it is not out of the question. you'll see little shower this morning. but it is more likely in the afternoon, as first we get this warmfront, then we get cold front, following it, and we've got to factor in the cold front to the north. so we have several systems converging on us, high pressure get out of here, ended up with very nice afternoon yesterday, and high of 82 degrees. today we're headed to about 85, with late day thunderstorms popping up, the chance is greater for thunderstorms throughout the day, especially, late in the day, but really any time on friday with a high of 83. although, slow moving systems that we just showed you, now the weekends, cools off a little bit, with some left over showers saturday morning, we get to high of 76, and it does look lick we will see sun
5:49 am
in the afternoon on saturday, by sunday, it is beautiful day with a high of 78. for the last weekend of july, we don't have that heat and humidity. we're still going to get it, though, once it becomes august, and that happens on tuesday, first day of august, by wednesday back to 09 degrees, thomas, car glenn we so miss that humidity. sue, thank you. 5:49. all eyes on the eagles today as training camp kicks into full gear. they're going to hold the first team practice of the year with everyone on the roster expected to be there, except one person. >> so let's bridge aton to break it all down for us, my twitter feed blowing up with all of these people being released and some trades and what's going on, so, let's start off with number one draft pick at one point. >> yes, marcus smith, team has moved on. sit of philadelphia, we can all move on from marxist smith, really hurts a team when you bus on first rounds draft pick. really one of the final renmant of that chip kelly era. so this is now the new regime, moving on, and not holding
5:50 am
onto him any more. you have depth at the defensive line. derrick barnett was drafted to be a pass rusher. he's not going to play linebacker. marcus smith either. so better to move on, and let some other young player that you can hope for much better. >> moving onto new chapter. eagles making deal with with basher? >> little crazies at first, they released allen barbre, statement from howie roseman, that says we loved everything he did for us, still the door open for him to come back. then we find out that they actually traded him to denver. which is great. conditional draft pick or not, the fact that you can get something back for somebody is fine. they're so deep at offensive line. isaac saymodel. get to his name. >> i think right now he comes in as the starting guards. he was already the starting guards before this news came down. and they likes what they saw from him last year. big v is the other youngster, at tackle position you may get some more run. this is all about opening up for the young linemen who are
5:51 am
supposed to protect carson wentz in the future. >> so, what are we expecting with al sean jeffrey for this year? >> everything, everything, the guy right now, who the team brought to make it so much easier forecaster on wentz. can he get anything you throw to him, the catch radius is what they call there is you throw the ball anywhere, he'll go and grab it, possession receiver, he has got some& pediatric, as well, red zone threat, point on the board, he's electric. this is the guy he's the number one receiver, all he needs to do is stay healthy, that's it. >> that's always it. >> listen, as long as he doesn't play for the sixers i think he'll be jobbing steven daniels, he was signed to three year deal? >> yes, bring in other players, as well. and it is just more, more camp bodies, i don't think that you can look at him as far as a key contributor moving forward. but this is the time in which you'll bring if bodies for competition. >> so what are our weaknesses would you say with the team as you look at that time? >> right now the key weakness is cornerback. you don't have an identifiable talent. you don't have somebody like al sean jeffrey that you can
5:52 am
point to. you don't have le garrett blunt the running back they bring n there is nobody you can say that's a key position that we can lock in. so jaylen mills right now has a lot of expectation on him. and sydney jones is hurt. he won't play this year. but i'm going to bet that that's going to be the kid moving forwards. >> that was factor with went. he wasn't getting the support. do you think he'll get the support this year? >> yes, on offense and defense, this is huge year for the people around him. al sean jeffrey, tori smith, legar it blunt, but also jim swarth the defensive coordinator who really needs to mold his scheme with the players that he was allowed to pick and bring in. so i think this year, year two, that's the theme, year two forecaster on, year two for doug pederson, year two for jim swarth. they'll get it together. >> all right, exciting just talking about it. >> i know, that i have feeling. >> we just got to get tickets? >> easy, don't worry about that. >> almost august already, okay, thank you, appreciate t stick around, we'll break it down little later on good day, as well. all right, o beautiful picture outside right there, as we
5:53 am
take a live look, where is it? >> poconos. >> oh, stony brook, good morning to you. we'll be back. >> ♪ >> ♪ opped. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
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tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide. >> a look at olds city in philadelphia. time 5:55. we will get a check on weather and traffic coming up in just a moment. great to have you with us, you're listening to prince, very exciting day at penn's landing for prince fans. you're going to be able to
5:56 am
enjoy all things related to the legendary musician. >> ♪ purple rain ♪ >> you can jam to prince's music as you skate on the blue cross river rink, and at 8:30 tonight, there is free screening of the film purple rain. there will even be purple rain cocktail. it is all part of prince night on the waterfront. and another free screening, this one, at the schuylkill banks tonight, bring your family, along with blankets, chairs, to watch the disney film, ratoulle, start at 8:00. time 5:56. breaking news out of glennside, man has died in a fire. we'll have live report from the scene coming up in just a moment. >> also, ahead, allentown mayor ed pawlowski along with four other due in federal court today on corruption charge. keep it right here. good day philadelphia continues at about two minutes, with mike and alex. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> fire claims a life in montgomery county, firefighters finally made it inside. >> nightmare at the fair. >> a man is dead, several more hurt, after thrill ride malfunctions, sends people plummeting to the grounds. did this ride pass a safety check? before the carnival. >> over president's trump trans jenner military ban. what this means for the thousands already serving. >> and, training camp kicks in to full gear. the eagles preparing for their first full team practice of faces predicted to have the biggest impact on the 2017. >> see, i like to go to modell's, we still have models? >> we still have models. >> dick's, and by new jersey. >> yes. >> or delaware. >> stop it. stop it. >> you want to know who to buy? who will be the stand out


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