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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  July 28, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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three suspects are in custody after leaving new castle county police on a wild chase, so why were they running in the first place? we have new details this morning. we have vandals, police are hoping new video and help from you, the public can track down people behind some anti police graffiti, in south philadelphia. pretty good video. also ahead crossing party lines, overnight three republicans joined democrats, in a no vote, killing the skinny repeal of obama care. and, it is a bear? barely stand it. what you need to do to keep them out of your backyard is in a pretty populated area, right now. >> say that again.
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>> it is a bear. >> very good morning to you it is friday, made it through another week i'm thomas drak i drayton. karen hepp, bob kelly, good morning everyone. >> i'm sure kid will be saying it is a bear, let's go out. can we get one. >> yeah, exact i. >> they are so cute, absolutely. >> we have a lot to talk about , sue. >> bear of the forecast. >> yes. rain later and lots of it. i cannot even think of the sentence right now. five out of 10 for weather coming later on. we're flash flood watches kicking in, this afternoon, flash flood, yes, flash flood, and we will have ponding, and run off and several inches of rain. you can see a couple pop up thunderstorms in our area, mostly to the south, and yeah, down in delaware we had one moving through, there is one in aberdeen maryland heading toward delaware. we will see what happens this morning, so it is a little bit
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more iffy but this afternoon everybody will get something. 73 degrees with 93 percent relative humidity. muggies are back. sunrise time 5:56 and 68 degrees in pottstown, down in cape may we're starting off mild with 76 degrees, medford lakes at 69 and reading, also at 69 degrees. we were below average again yesterday with that high of 82 today we're going to 84 with cloud, showers around by lunchtime and scattered thunderstorms, some could be soaking rain, with some of these storms that we will get later on in the day. so make your plans accordingly and you might to have change a couple plans for the weekend. we have a change coming up in our seven day forecast, bob kelly, good morning. >> making my plan i'm thinking nap, good nap. >> good nap. >> followed by grilled cheese. >> perfect for today. >> good morning everybody. my kind of day.
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4:02. we've got center city philadelphia in the maps behind me and they have been working all night long on the schuylkill expressway. they have been working eastbound between conshohocken all the way in toward belmont avenue. here's a live look only the right lane is opened as they paved the left lane, right here near your conshohocken curve. coming inbound and through weekend but especially with this rain, but be careful because as you change lanes we will have two and a half inch speed bump eastbound on the schuylkill. they've quip. pushed over here at belmont avenue, this is a live look, pretty much the end of the work zone. so from conshohocken to belmont be ready to slow her down with only one lane opened vine street expressway opened here, i should say closed here in both directions between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. that will be closed until about 5:30 or so this morning. tacony palmyra just had a quick opening, it looks like they have just started traffic moving again, we have had
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activity, dredging barges up and down the river last couple of weeks or so and they are working 95 southbound as they work their way through betsy ross. mass transit, no reported delays. thomas, back to you. we will begin with break ing news from around the world emergency services say some 50 people have been injured following a commuter train trash in the spanish city of barcelona. five of them are in serious condition. we understand incident happened during the morning rush hour at the station in the heart of the city. right now it is a little after 10:00 o'clock in the morning there dozens of emergency personnel were sent to the station with most of the injured being treated at the platform. in fact, eyewitnesses say train did not break entering station and hit buffers on the platform. as soon as we learn more on this breaking developing story we will bring it to you. and developing right now this is out of delaware, police get in the shoot-out while they were chasing several robbery suspects. our jenny joyce is over at new castle county police department to explain what
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happened and what we now know, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. three people have been taken into custody after this robbery, and shots fired at police last night in wilmington. police say it was 6:45 when they responded to the 1100 block of west over road in wilmington for a reported robbery, when they arrived they found a man matching description of the suspect. police tried to stop him when shots were exchanged between the suspect and police, officers ran after the gun man , more shots were fired, and man was ultimately taken into custody in the area of green hill avenue and west seventh street, all of this happening near university of delaware's wilmington campus. despite multiple round of gunfire exchanged no one was hurt, two additional suspects were taken in custody without any problem, and police continue continue on investigate they are asking anyone with any information, or even private surveillance to reach out to them and share it with them, you can even offer up an anonymous tip by calling crime stoppers at 800-
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tip-3333. karen. jenny, thanks very much. 4:06. this morning police are searching for three vandals who they say spray painted anti police gra feet any south philadelphia. this is a follow-up to the story earlier this week. now they are release ago this surveillance footage in hopes of the catching them. our steve keeley in south philadelphia with more this morning, steve. >> reporter: we may be helping philadelphia get better surveillance video then they released. we are back under the bridge on 25th street, difference this time dave schratwieser reported this last night at 8:00 we are three blocks from where dave said sources told him they found new graffiti at 25th and oakford. we are at 25th and manton in the residential area a little bit more disturbing part of this and plus this is more visible to people driving. you can see again we will show you only this vandalism because i was at police
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headquarters yesterday and a high ranking officer pulled me aside and said hey, how come you guys digitized and blurred out nazi symbols, anti, sexual orientation spray paint but you didn't do this. i was owe funded by seeing that on television and happy to report thaw shouldn't be showing this i said if i get the chance i will share that with our viewers and our managers. i have done both. so, we will show, this is anti police as well but it is not saying real offensive stuff that he was talking about and we were showing the other day but you can see molotov cocktails stenciled. here's where we can help the police out a little bit. you can see it is on this building but because it is more used area as opposed to yesterday. you see it on the building. look above it, surveillance. that camera might have a clear shot whoever painted this and this camera as well. we have two cameras over where this was painted. so if police can get to this business today and get that
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surveillance video, from this week they may be catching this person good. here's surveillance that they had so far. it is black, white, color, grain any some spots but you can see it appears to be young , white people, and you can see this guy in the shorts and we have tried to get you best shots possible and police , this was first video but you can clearly see they are spray painting stuff here and they did for several blocks and who knows how long and if we have ever seen it at all. they think this is sometime july 24th, according to the surveillance video right before 10:00 p.m. we showed you when they were doing it the other day, in an area where no people would be and we were surprised they could get surveillance but we showed you surveillance camera somewhat near where we were the other day but this time we may be able to get them better surveillance by pointing this out here at 25th and manton and yes, these conrail tracks despite being old, falling
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apart are used because 2-mile long conrail train rumbled overhead and waiting to get hit in the head with the rock standing underneath here. this is a used area, higher travel area because we saw people walking and driving around here. more disturbing stuff and you don't know why people do this but police would like to catch these people. they don't want anybody just spray painting graffiti all over town number one but when it is offensive to police officers that is another reason and who knows whether anybody will take this up seriously. $5,000 reward if you recognize somehow what you saw in the video or you heard some of these goof balls bragging bit, either on line or in person. karen and thomas. >> good work, thanks, steve. 4:09. late night on capitol hill health carries on life support republican senate latest effort to repeal obama carries dead and attempts to try again not looking g senate reject so-called skinny health care
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bill. fifty-one-49, three republicans voting no, john mccain one of them, famously came back to get the whole thing started and republicans out of maine and alaska. mitch mcconnell quoted it is time to move on. president trump tweeted out this response to the vote, three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning ileto bam a care implode, then deal. watch. talk about drama in the white house new communications director anthony, scaramucci is at center of an apparent battle with chief of staff reince priebus over alleged leaks. >> new yorker interview that leaves little room for doubt about the tension among the white house staffers. >> profanity laced interview scaramucci threatened to fire the entire white house communications team to figure out who leaked information about a dinner he had with the president and "fox news" host sean hannity among others. 's accused priebus of leaking his financial information before that report went on line.
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scaramucci defended himself on cable news. >> if reince priebus wants to explain he is not a leaker, let him do that. let me tell you something about myself i'm a straight shooter and i will go right to the heart of the matter. >> accord being to the new yorker he called priebus a paranoid schizophrenic and he used vulgar language to make fun of street strategies steve ban on, scaramucci did not deny these comments. >> he said he sometimes uses colorful language and will work to tone it down saying quote i will refrain in this arena but not give up in the passionate fight for the real donald trump's agenda then he tweeted i made a mistake and trusting a reporter. it won't happen again. his conversation with the new yorker reporter was on the record and he knew that anything he said could be reported. so, coming up next on "good day philadelphia" a whole lot more that is happening. >> talk about a brawl going viral a wednesday night happy hour turns violent, the very strong message police have,
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for partyers. we have had some wicked weather, hitting the midwest overnight, leading to multiple water rescues, we will take a look at hardest hit areas, plus we have a storm bearing down on us, it is about to hit today. >> it will be a wild one. >> 4:12. how is traffic shaping up, bob >> good morning. quiet on a friday but we have buses rolling on market frankford and broad street subway line overnight until 5:00. lets go outside, good morning to the ben franklin parkway for american girls coming into downtown, today, sharon, said little tom petty gets me going in the morning, is what your favorite traffic jam, pop it up on social media and sue will have your forecast when we come right back.
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we have really heavy rain bringing flash flooding, thinksal bam, this is cell phone video you can see really strong caring a way vehicles, several of them, in the birmingham area. they have got more than 3 inches of rain in just one hour. let's go over to kansas city, missouri getting hit hard with the flooding here at least 7 inches fell over parts of the area yesterday morning causing serious flash flooding , you can see it, car ing a way a car, no word of any injuries. unfortunately we will deal with our own flood to go day. >> right, we have a flash flood watch that will go into effect this afternoon and last all the way through to tomorrow, so be aware,
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hopefully nothing as dramatic as what we just saw but you have to be careful when roadway flood very quickly. now we're looking at radar and we see this one isolated heavy downpour in southern delaware. we had a thunderstorm coming through baltimore still raining heavily south of there but there we are with this rain falling at the moment in, sussex county, just north of millsboro delaware and that will head toward rehoboth and lewis, delaware. we have low pressure moving through the area tonight. it will combine with one moving from the south and eventually, throw back those northeasterly wind, so, there are some calling this a nor'easter regardless we are expecting heavy rains. it looks like this rain could last a little further into saturday, then we originally anticipated. here's the future cast for today, isolated showers in the morning but very, very heavy rain moving through in the middle of the night tonight, with friday into saturday,
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especially south of philadelphia. but a lot of that heavy rain will make it up here. if you are going out tonight and out for a while and you are traveling you have to be very, very careful. it appears saturday morning, saturday noon at 1:00 it is still raining in the area. it will eventually seem to fall to the south that rain but not for a while on saturday. so we hav chance of flooding, heavier rain, good chance of high wind, during those thunderstorms, medium chance and lightening and thunder possible low chance of the tornado watch popping up, that is what we expect. it is today into tomorrow for we're hoping maybe to salvage some sun before the end of the day on saturday, cloud to sun on sunday, but with the un settled nature of this forecast, there is always a chance some of that rain could extend into sunday just making sure you know about that. monday looks good 82 degrees. we will heat up as august begins in the upper 80's to around 90 on wednesday, and
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maybe even on thursday. lots of changes in that seven day forecast and to keep track of everything on 101.1 more fm our radio partner. tune into that radio, enjoy music and get your forecast too. >> you will need to just relax >> just chill. >> yeah. >> cool shot we have tonka crane working here, live look at the vine street expressway construction project. look at these guys out here this crane just lifted up the big steel beams and they will pop that into place right here , this will eventually become i believe it is the 20th street overpass of the vine expressway. this is what guys have been doing on the overnight each and every night and they will drop that beam into place. they should be complete by about 5:30 to have traffic rolling once again here in center city but until then vine street expressway closed between schuylkill and broad street. they have been working all night on the schuylkill expressway eastbound between
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conshohocken and gladwynn interchange, everybody is all pushed over here at belmont. bottom line only one lane opened inbound right now on the schuylkill expressway. to and from the poconos, this weekend no problems at all, good morning to allentown. looking g keep in mind we have construction there on the northeast extension between quakertown and lansdale. hello to the shaders, maple shade, new jersey looking live at route 73 near fellowship road, no problems on the new jersey side and of course with the friday, afternoon in the summertime we will be singing on the way to cape may as we head down the shore. this is a live look at feet way here. it will be a wet ride according to sueby's forecast but coming in toward the sit any problems at all working your way toward walt whitman bridge and market frankford and broad street subway they are using shuttle buses until 5:00, trains after that. karen and thomas, back over to you. we need to tell but this story. there has been a tragedy in indiana police officer was shot dead responding to a
4:20 am
crash happening near indianapolis. this was a lieutenant who approached an overturned car to help, and then someone inside of the car, shot him, two other officers returned fire, wounding, the shooter, that lieutenant died at the hospital, he had nearly 20 years of law enforcement experience. investigators have not released a motive behind that shooting. time right now 4:20 you have seen the video, a huge brawl breaks out wednesday night in center city sips, police investigating the incident while restaurant where it happened is stepping up security. fight between six men cleared out by the time police officers got there. this happened outside comcast sent's long jfk boulevard. police say about 3,000 people were in the area taking part in the event. they say the investigation is still open. >> if anyone comes forward and say listen, i got assaulted, trust me book is not closed just because we didn't see it. >> assenter city sips has gotten more popular and
4:21 am
populated we have increased our security here. we have about a dozen security personnel to help manage our wednesday night center city sips activity. >> police say there were no arrests and as far as we know, no injuries. pretty low. here's video of what happened, guy sneaks into a community center right there and goes to the poor box basically donation box meant for those who are needed and could use some help and steals from it. he apparently tried to do it twice at islamic society of greater philadelphia mosque. it happened on july between the, rode up, got the money and tries the same thing about five days later but then could not get in. members of the mosque say they are not angry with him, in fact they would help if they could. >> you can always sexer people would be more than happy to go >> we will help him if he need some money, our community are willing to help. >> now, one of the reasons why
4:22 am
people in this community are so concern they think this guy knows his way around the property, so they are concerned and want to reach out to him right now. she's coming out supreme fun coming to our neck of the wood. >> oh, yeah, how about this diana ross will be at mann music center tomorrow night, we will have so much fun but will the rain dampen the crowd and turnout? sue will have that and let you know about more concerts happening this weekend as well but first here's sean bell. coming up in sports in a ming also finished their first full day of participation at training camp find out who is healthy and who is not next up in sports. ]
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles have their first full day of training camp jordan matthews was back after missing, off season work outs and looked good, he looked great. jordan hicks had a soft cast on his right-hand but won't miss anytime, don't worry. expectations are higher then last and that is because carson wentz. he understands pressure and he accepts it and embrace is it. >> expectations are always high and i love that, you know , we in this locker roomy can speak for myself personally. i always have high expectations. seven-nine will never be good enough, never want to be done playing before the playoffs. that will never be acceptable. we believe we have guys to do it now, we have to get to work
4:26 am
and make it happen. >> on his day off cameron rupp hosted an event at morgan's pier an event to benefit pennsylvania's spca's life saving mission, a mission dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and rescuing animals from abuse. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. haters police need your help to get graffiti guys off the street. in custody after a overnight police chase in new castle, three suspects they are waking up in jail. let's bring you something fun, ref your engines and hot rod, classic cars on passyunk avenue this weekend, we will give you details. >> great to have you with us on this friday, just about 4:30 so good to have you with us. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> we have a bone to pick with bob kelly who didn't let us know, sue, thomas about ramp close another. >> i'm getting heat because i may not have mentioned a ramp
4:30 am
close another. >> when northbound on i-95 right before you get on the vine there is that ramp to get to callowhill. >> so we want gas money back. >> yes. >> yes. >> darn it. >> we have this nor'easter basically coming our way. >> or calling it a nor'easter. it hasn't formed as such yet but we have a lot of rain on the way regardless of the source, so, we're calling it a five out of 10 today and that may be generous once we get later on but right now not too bad. we have potential for rain, ponding, run off, several inches of rain and flash flood watch that kicks in this afternoon. bus stop buddy may not be on the bid for long, milder start today with temperatures in the 60's and 70's and i would say get down there early but listen carefully for thunder. minute you hear it, get off that beach. we have an isolated thunderstorm that formed in
4:31 am
sussex county in delaware headed toward delaware beaches . and this afternoon and this morning and much more widespread. we will go into details about that coming up. 73 degrees, right now, we have 60 in mount pocono. zero seven in dover. seventy-two in lancaster. sixty-eight in trenton. we will go with 85 degrees with those pop up thunderstorms later on in the day and more rain possible tonight, with a low in the upper 60's to around 70. we will talk about how much rain we're expecting and why we have that flash flood watch in effect coming up in a few minutes. bob kelly, back to you. >> i'll buy you coffee and you know what it is, they are doing so much construction, that it is hit and miss. here's something that just popped in yesterday, a columbus boulevard, and south philadelphia here, heading southbound, and right before washington this is where they
4:32 am
have had a, water main or two, over last couple months. bottom line only goes down to one lane and during the day yesterday it caused huge, delays exiting i-95. they are back here, again today with that one lane so be ready for delays up and down i-95 if you try to exit for columbus boulevard, washington avenue during the day. otherwise vine expressway still closed both directions from the schuylkill, over to broad street, five or 5:30, they have been working all day , and coming ease bun on the schuylkill expressway, and from conshohocken to belmont and if you change lanes later today, through the weekend and with the heavy rain we will get to day be careful. we have a 2-inch speed bump depending pneumonia where you are changing lanes. ramps that are closed they have closed to penns landing ramps market, chestnut street ramps, to and from center city connecting over to penns landing here.
4:33 am
that will be confusing for folks coming in the city or going down to the concerts down there on delaware avenue this weekend. septa uses shuttle buses on market frankford and subway until 5:00. karen and thomas, back over to you. developing right now police are asking for your help to get some vandals, some you can see in this video, grain i, dark off the streets and also they say they may be behind incident anti police officer spray painting incident that happened last month. lets get out to steve keeley with what we know right now, steve. >> that video from monday night and we reported this story this time tuesday and since then, dave schratwieser reported that police found more of this stuff and we will withhold showing you the anti police stuff this time but this is right up there with at molotov cocktail this has been painted on most of the poles here in south philadelphia a few blocks from where we were. i showed you this before you can see cars coming, they
4:34 am
drive under the conrail track is here. they also use this as a local landfill and despite all of the no dumping signs, everything is dumped back here you can see tv in between road closed signs and lots of construction material, and who knows what else because not only is this stuff, this didn't fall down from the conrail thing but there is police officer going by now. as we walk around this and police have to see threats against their lives here on these pillars, thinks on almost every pillar walking down the street here and police are coming and maybe saw our 4:00 o'clock report but it is on all of the pillars and even on this business and we found name of the business is called sky line beauty supply, and it is a big warehouse, a block long, so, when somebody came over here to spray paint it here as they put it up and took time to do this they did it right under one to the right and another surveillance camera to the left, chances are if the police come here today they will get better video then one
4:35 am
we will show you right now as we will show it again. it looks like two white guys and a girl following behind and police described as a look out. it is not clear but this was taken on 35th street 10 blocks from where they were spray painting on a residential street and residential surveillance system caught them doing random graffiti over there they figured around same time, same color paint, same people that did this and girl carrying a bag so she might have supplies and stencils in here. here's what the police were saying about this earlier this week. >> people have the right right to free speech but what you don't have the right to do is vandal ice public or private property. this appears to be spread throughout csx property that holds up overpass but either way, it is illegal. >> reporter: load of surveillance cameras almost every 20 feet on this building this may be the key to solving this case because all around building this looks like a modern, super surveillance
4:36 am
system, with the high definition camera whether it is day or night. you can see this building already victim of other graffiti here as well. so maybe police will come back here later and get better video and pictures of the culprits in this case. >> never thaw cameras were set up. hopefully they will pay off. steve keeley first on it, thank you. lets take to you delaware police exchange gunfire chasing robbery suspects. shoot-out ending with several arrests, jenny joyce on this one at new castle county police department. it was a wild scene, jenny. >> reporter: wild. several arrests, several shots were fired, thomas but amazingly no one was injury. it was 6:45 when they responded to the 1100 block of westover road in wilmington for a reported robbery. when they arrived they found a man matching description of the suspect. police tried to stop him when shots were exchanged between suspect and police, officers ran after the gun man, more shots were fired. man was ultimately taken into
4:37 am
custody in the area of green hill avenue and west seventh street all of this happening right here near university of delaware's wilmington campus. two additional suspects were taken in custody without any problem and as police continued to investigate they are asking anyone with any information to please give them a call. they are also wondering if you have home surveillance video they are interested in talking with you, karen and thomas. >> thanks very much. 4:37. did you see this one, all over facebook? people sharing a guy who has mask, creepy and machete. >> why on earth was a man from maine doing roaming the streets? he has an answer for that. we will share it coming up. do we have the picture. there he is right there. >> why did he have the mask on he has a lot to say. >> creepy clown. i love you, couch.
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time right now 4:40. have you seen this video. armed men robbed a hotel in san diego. >> this is our mass criminal section. there is two armed guys but one of them is wearing a monkey mask, robs the local quality inn out there getting away with money, personal stuff right there, they got away in 1998 toyota corolla. if you have any information call the san diego police. i'm sure you have seen that around. you have seen it in san diego. we will go from that one to another masked criminal, guy
4:41 am
in the creepy clown mask and apparently still a thing getting a lot of attention. >> authorities in maine arrested a man with the clown mask and he had a machete. corry berry had the weapon duct taped to his amputated arm. he was only trying to prank someone but it worried some neighbors who called 911. >> crazy. kind of scary. not every day that you see a clown with a machete walking down the road. >> definitely chose the cream of the crop for creepy masks. you watch movies and say why would someone do that. someone comes out in the middle of no where and does that. >> even without the mask, very intense look. >> yes. >> prosecutors by the way charged berry with making criminal threats and out of jail after posting $200 bail. >> 4:41. being able to change your child's jeans still in the womb. >> definitely their dna, take a key slice away.
4:42 am
>> it is controversial but it is happening at lee in some research a scientific break through right now known as embryo he had iting. >> it is coming up.
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it is 4:44. coming out of wawa that is what my price was for total was $4.44. get me to the lottery machine. eastbound on the schuylkill
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expressway, down to one lane between conshohocken and pretty much city line avenue as part of the paving. here's where cones come into play here and right now you are coming into town down to only one lane not really a lot of volume at this point but right after they pick the cones up and through this heavy rain we will get, it will be a mess on the schuylkill. we will go to change lanes. we have a speed bump, paved in some portions, not paved in others, just be careful coming into this city, this weekend maybe for any of the phillies game, we have concerts, outdoor events, maybe car showdown there, ine passyunk, right now again eastbound on the schuylkill, not bad but we have that uneven pavement. market frankford broad street subway uses shuttle buses as part of the overnight program, vine street expressway still closed between schuylkill and broad. these guys should be out by five or 5:30. forty-two freeway coming toward the city, it all
4:46 am
reverses later this afternoon on a friday, heading down to the shore, south on the freeway, usually starts to pick up volume sometime between 12 and two if you are heading to the shore for weekend. forecast for the shore bound folks, sue is right here, she will come right here in 152nd. we have rain in our area this morning but anything popping up is very isolated in nature. light showers around lancaster county but look at this line just forming down here in the southern part of the state of delaware, we will zoom in closer and you can see, we have got one isolated thunderstorm, heading toward delaware. if you here you will get pounded, probably already are with heavy rain and then nothing else is happening, nor bethenny beach.
4:47 am
we have shores around here that are lighter but that is isolated nature of this morning's rain, which will continue, to be that way. but then as we head toward later in the day we will see heavier rain rolling in and tonight, into tomorrow is probably when we will expect heaviest rain including our shore points, so, today, tomorrow, look at this, very heavy rain 6:00 a.m. on saturday at new jersey shore, heavy downpours possible in the morning but the thing is now computer models are showing it might clear out by the afternoon. it is just very tricky, again further south you are more chance you have of seeing rain but models keep going back and forth about when this will get out. as far as how much rain if you get in the heavy downpours you can get two or 3 inches of rain but further are north less chance you have seeing rain but philadelphia is really the iffy place we can get with half inch or several inches of rain and that is why we are included in the flash
4:48 am
flood watch which is this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon for several inches of rain and possible flooding. this morning as you walk outside, north of the city, you made run into some sudden fog. it came up quickly just within the last hour or so, half mile visibility in reading, quarter mile in allentown, fogny poconos well, we will keep an eye on philly international so far so good. 72 degrees, this morning as southerly wind, continue, as far as yesterday's high it was 82 degrees, little bit below average of 87. same as wednesday. today probably a little bit warmer but heavier rain and then are storms possible especially late in the day. we're hoping for some sun before the day is through on saturday but a good chance of rain in the morning tomorrow and then cloud to sunshine on sun seven day. maybe a stray shower but high of 80 degrees, definitely better day of the weekend. look at warming trend as we head into august which starts
4:49 am
on tuesday, by wednesday and or thursday, back to the 90's, guys. >> here we go again, thank you lions, tigers, bears. time is 4:49. guy spotted a black bear in evesham, new jersey so pose lear are keeping an eye on the area. >> pretty cool when you see one, you don't want to see them too close. our dave kinchen has details. >> i heard a noise as if what was being torn or broken. >> reporter: thomas sylvestre went to investigate in the backyard. he saw a tree with missing bar k and shot this video of what he believed to be a black bear. >> i wanted to get a picture and video and then it wasn't moving. then i grabbed a rock from the flower bed tossed it over and it went away. >> reporter: police confirmed sighting at jessica court and barton run boulevard advising residents not to panic. thomas kept distance. >> i said if this is a cub chances are mother is not too
4:50 am
far away. i figured 25, 30 feet is good. it is what it is. >> reporter: it is talk of the town and some neighbors are eager to get a look. >> i wish i had seen it. i hear my neighbors did but we are keeping an eye out for it. >> reporter: that is not why they happened to wear this shirt with the bear on it. >> oddly enough you think it was plan, accident but work out well. >> reporter: alycia wise wise said she saw something strange herself. >> i was facing the computer this way and thought i saw a shadow of something dark. i said well, that is weird. >> reporter: then she found out about the bear. >> best thing to do not worry too much and just stay clear. >> reporter: neighborhood is heavily wooded so while it is not every day sight people were not entirely surprised to have this new neighbor. >> these homes were built in 2,000 so this was a completely wooded area just because we live here doesn't mean that they left. >> dave kinchen fox 29 news. in your health news right now coming up at 4:51 for
4:51 am
first time ever, scientists at oregon health and science university of edited genes of human embryos this was done on one cell embryos developed for couple days never intended to be implanted in the womb and what is even more amazing with this gene he had iting they are permanent and passed down to future generations. they are hoping this will help with people with some sort of genetic issues, it appeared in the mit technology review. star bucks, they will be close being all of its tea stores. >> star bucks posted lower quarterly profit yesterday. >> chain has nearly 400 stores nationwide including six in our area and 3300 employees, mess of the locations are going to be closed by next spring. star bucks bought tea retail inner 2012 and the stores have been under performing. those employees will now be invited to apply for jobs at star bucks. a solar eclipse like this
4:52 am
one right here is going to be seen from coast to coast that one down there. >> um-hmm. >> from the west coast to thee coast that would be coast to coast and watch it from the skies. >> this is so interesting. total solar eclipse will be happening in august on the 21st and some airlines specifically southwest will offer you one of the best seats in the house to watch this all happen. they are selling tickets for five specific flights that it says will give passengers the best view from 30,000 feet. people on board will receive special eclipse glasses and cosmic cock tails to take in the event, cool. back down to the ground are you ready to adopt a dog? if so act philly wants to hear from you why shelter waving fees for all dogs weighing more than 35-pound. cutie.
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welcome back. save me, they need fur ever homes. let's help them because act philly is full, at the time their lives are on the line. they are out of space at act philly for both cats and dogs, every single one of them need a home. here's the deal they are waving adoption fees for all dogs that way way more than 35-. if you have room in your heart and in your house we have all of the information on your web site at fox 4:55 here, weather will be heating up but fear not reading terminal is helping us cool off. >> sweet treats, it is philly
4:56 am
ice cream scoop, so ice cream shops there will be serving up ice cream, and, that is one of the big won and they will have eating contests and pry and fun all kicking off tomorrow morning. south philadelphia there will be blocks and blocks of shiny chrome, hard tops and hot wheels. >> it is annuale passyunk car show. it is this sunday. >> and free. >> hottest classic cars you have seen will be lined up on passyunk avenue more than 100 antique muscle costume cars, trucks, motorcycles. there will be food, live music , local artists and convenientors selling their work. it will be a great time. >> 4:56. we have reporters walk different store thinks morning , lets get out to steve keeley with one about more graffiti and vandalism, steve. >> what a coincidence, we have a cool thing to show you on passyunk and last month very uncool thing anti police graffiti, more found this week and even more again last night
4:57 am
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great to have you here at 4:59, happening right now three suspects are in custody after leaving new castle county police on a wild chase so why were they running in the first place? new details they are learning
5:00 am
this morning. they are looking for vandals here's surveillance video new video in and police are hoping that this will help track down some haters, spray anti police gra fight. also ahead crossing party lines overnight three republicans joined democrats, in a no vote, killing the skinny repeal of obama care. good day, everybody it is straight up 5:00. we have great news. it is friday. we made it through another. tgif. we have weather that will be kind of dicey heading in the weekend. >> looking at the parkway all calm but later on today sue serio, different story. >> that is correct. we have got five out of 10 because things will be worse later on in the day then they are right now and as far as flash flood watch is concerned it doesn't kick in until this afternoon, one to 3 inches rain, some places may get more and that means ponding, run off on the roadways, we have to be careful going out tonight. don't know how much time


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