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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  July 28, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this morning. they are looking for vandals here's surveillance video new video in and police are hoping that this will help track down some haters, spray anti police gra fight. also ahead crossing party lines overnight three republicans joined democrats, in a no vote, killing the skinny repeal of obama care. good day, everybody it is straight up 5:00. we have great news. it is friday. we made it through another. tgif. we have weather that will be kind of dicey heading in the weekend. >> looking at the parkway all calm but later on today sue serio, different story. >> that is correct. we have got five out of 10 because things will be worse later on in the day then they are right now and as far as flash flood watch is concerned it doesn't kick in until this afternoon, one to 3 inches rain, some places may get more and that means ponding, run off on the roadways, we have to be careful going out tonight. don't know how much time bus
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stop buddy will get to spend on the beach because there is rain on the way and is there fog now as well that we're dealing with this morning with temperatures in the 60's and 70's, line of thunderstorms down in delaware right now, look at this loop, a loop over last hour, nothing and then heavier downpour right at that border between sussex, kent counties in delaware not too far from where delaware state fairies going on. this is last weekend. 72 degrees, with good visibility at airport at the moment but we have to keep an eye on that because fog seems to be forming rather quickly, with light winds out there we have fog in reading, allentown , little bit up in the mountains, pottstown, atlantic city international with the quarter mile visibility. 84 degrees, cloud and a few showers around by lunchtime. later on by evening rush we can get heavy downpours and overnight tonight into tomorrow, we will go into details, break it down as we head into the weekend but
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regardless of the weather, bob kelly, weekend is almost here. >> always good. not good on i-95 holding my breath here hoping we don't have another incident here. we have an accident southbound i-95 right here at columbus boulevard. we have one car here, this guy sitting in the center lane, watch what happens, coming up behind him here, you can see the smoke and hear the screeching of the brakes. we will hang with it. look at this whole patch of cars, right now, some cars are going right in between these guys, can you imagine what you are going through, driving, you have your coffee it is 5:00 o'clock. do you see this guy right here , look at him, this is southbound lanes, no flashers this guy who his lights in the crash. we have a penndot crew and officers have been notified on the way but this is what is so scary you at home, we are
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coming in early in the morning when you don't have a lot of volume and this stretch of i-95 is like a drag strip if you know what i'm talking about between walt whitman bridge in center city so again coming south i-95 between center city and walt whitman be careful, he will hit his breaks squeeze in between two cars here. hopefully we will get an officer out here before anyone else gets involved in that accident. right at that spot here columbus boulevard off ramp from i-95 is there only one lane opened on columbus boulevard between catherine and washington. that is going to be out there throughout the day and that will cause delays exiting i-95 vine street expressway is opening up westbound, eastbound is still closed for work crews, philly international prepare for weather delays throughout the day, earlier flight you can get better off you will be,
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sue mentioned we're okay right now as far as visibility here in philadelphia but atlantic city international seeing some fog, even up in allentown we are seeing some fog, so fog and delays in other airports will have that domino effect back here in philadelphia here's 422, we have some fog, as you can see here coming from collegeville and royersford and good morning to the gang in allentown you can see the fog up here off of the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike, karen and thomas, back to you. let's continue with this breaking news from around the world emergency services say 50 people have been injured following a commuter train trash in the barcelona. five of them are in serious condition right now. incident happened during the morning rush hour, and look at the damage right here at the france station in the heart of the city. dozens of emergency personnel were sent to the state and with most of the injured being treated at the platform. eyewitnesses say basically they didn't hear any breaks go
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into play here and that caused the train to slam in the platform in the barriers there in the center of your screen. once again five people in serious condition and we are told they are being treated this morning. as soon as we learn more about this incident happening in barcelona in the heart of the city we will pass it to you. developing right now in delaware police get into a shoot-out, in the street while chasing several robbery suspects. our jenny joyce is at police department to explain what happened. suspects are in custody, is that right, jenny. >> three are in custody, karen and there was a lot going on. there was a robbery, multiple shots fired between suspects and police, amazingly in one was hurt in in and three people are in custody. police say it was 6:45 when they responded to the 1100 block of westover road in wilmington for a reported robbery. when they arrived they found a man matching description,
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police tried to stop him when shots were exchanged between suspects and police, officers ran after the gun man and then more shts were fired. the man was ultimately taken in custody in the area of west seventh street just to give an idea, this all happening near university of delaware wilmington campus. despite multiple round exchanged again no injuries, two additional suspects were taken in custody without any problems and police are continuing their investigation they had a very quick press briefing last night and we expect to learn more as this investigation, continues. police are asking anyone with any information to give them a call, karen and thomas. >> bold move, jenny joyce, thank you. 5:06. police are searching for three vandals who are spray painting anti police gra feet any south philadelphia. steve keeley was all over this one first reporting it on monday. now they have surveillance video. they are hoping that will
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catch those three people. steve keeley in south philadelphia this morning. >> reporter: we found some more video and we also found more of the graffiti and we are in a different location this time still under the csx track but to the left of where chris is, across the street, you will see this on several poles and it goes from here where we are to 25th and oak ford, that is 25th and man ton to the right and as that car goes down that driver will see it for as far as it goes pennsylvania federal street and as far as you can go. three different messages stenciled on these pillars and stupidl these guys came off and put it on this business which is called sky line beauty supply. it is a block big warehouse. you can see, it is about four stories tall but about two stories up you can see surveillance cameras. when they stencil you have a right to rebell with the molotov cocktail 3 feet off the ground little did they
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know, above them is one, two, three different cameras looking down at the side of the building. if you put building surveillance you want to make sure you see the side of your building in case people try to break in or do damage. chances are when police come here today hopefully they will get surveillance video and high quality surveillance too because these cameras look almost brand new around the building. hopefully high definition system. when we show you surveillance that police put out yesterday morning just before 9:00 a.m. of the previous vandalism around town, this was from 35th street so these guys hit a 10 block area because we're on 25th, this was a residential street on 35th street but they believe it is same group. two white guys in shorts spray painting and then girl following them with the bag, and she's a look out or person holding supplies, stencils and spray paint. here's how police were taken this because stuff we are showing noise where near as bad as the stuff we took earlier this week where they
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threatened police lives. >> people have the right to free speech and to express themselves but what you don't have the right to does vandal ice public or private property this appears to be spread out about csx property that holds up overpass there but either way it is is is illegal. >> so, $5,000 reward, if you have somehow, recognized those people just from their clothes or knowing that they would be hanging out together, the two of them with the girl. that was machine night 10 of 10 that video was taken but these people always brag and they write bit on social media 5,000 easy dollars, right to rebell you have the right to rat i guess you can say if you want to make easy money and turn people in. police would appreciate it, i necessity for sure, guys. >> that is true, everyone would appreciate that, thanks, steve. 5:09. very late night on capitol hill republican senate's latest effort to repeal obama carries dead.
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by just a few votes senate rejected what they were calling was the skinny bill, 51-49 with republican senators john mccain, lisa morecowsky and susan collins casting in votes. after that vote mitch mcconnell said he was saddened by the result. >> this was a disappointment, disappointment indeed. imagine our collogues on the other side are celebrating probably pretty happen bye all this. >> collogues on the other side were not celebrating at all they want to work together and something that will help all americans f passed it would not have been a final health care bill but just a way for law make tours keep issue alive. 5:10. president tweeting out his frustration to that vote three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning ileto bam a care implode, then deal. watch.
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talk about drama at in the white house, anthony scaramucci is at center of an apparent bottle with chief of staff reince priebus over alleged leaks. >> there was an interview in the new yorker and leaves little room for doubt among tension as monk staffers in the white house. >> profanity laced interview scaramucci threatened to fire the entire white house communications team to figure out who leaked information about a dinner he had with the president and "fox news" host sean hannity and others. he accused priebus of leaking his financial information before that report went on line. scaramucci defended himself on cable news. >> reince priebus wants to explain he is not a leaker, let him do that. let me tell you something about myself, i'm a straight shooter and i'll go right to the matter. >> according to the report scaramucci called priebus a quote paranoid schizophrenic and used stronger language to make fun of steve ban on. scaramucci did not deny those comments. he said he sometimes does
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use colorful language and will work to tone it down saying i will refrain in this arena but not give up on the passion night fight for real donald trump's agenda i made a mistake in trusting a reporter i went happen again. scaramucci's conversation with the new yorker was on the record which means you talk to the reporter you can report everything he can say this was on the rorrer. he should have known everything he said could be reported. fair game. 5:12. coming up on "good day philadelphia". >> a brawl goes viral a wednesday night happy hour turns violent, the very strong message that police have for partyers. really violent weather hitting midwest leaving to rescues out there we have some good looking weather heading our way, we will have the flash flood, sue will join to us break it down. >> lots to talk about but first bob kelly with the traffic. >> our fear, came true here an accident occurred within the accident, this is i-95 southbound, a gentlemen out
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here wearing all black trying to wave people over got hit from behind here, live look at i-95 southbound right here near columbus boulevard. we will have an update. we have some fog rolling through the area this morning, sueby has your forecast and we will check jam cams when we come right back. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended...
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we have unsettled weather moving through at least tomorrow morning and maybe into part of the afternoon but we see thunderstorm storm activity around the south and north virginia but we are focusing on our area. you can see a line of thunderstorms that popped up in southern delaware moving off the chesapeake bay there and as we zoom into the delaware beaches we will see heavy rain off shore around dewey. million forgetting a heavy downpour and get more rain in those delaware beaches this morning and that is what we will see in the future cast. then little bit of sunshine today but still pretty un settled, through the afternoon, anytime after 4:00 start watching for pop up thunderstorms around the region and then in the overnight hours after nine or 10:00, we will see heavy downpours that will be with us , and it is hard to pinpoint exactly where they will be and models have been all over in how soon this will get out of here but overnight tonight, tomorrow will be the heaviest of the rain. you can see it extending into five or 6:00 tomorrow morning and then this particular model
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has it getting out of here maybe by lunchtime and starting to clear up into sunday. so, it is how fast that system gets out that will determine, our weekend, and hopefully, we will see that clear sky begin by saturday afternoon but today through tomorrow look at this model disagreement on how much rain we will get. european model has inch and a half or more, in philadelphia. and other models have much less than that, it is how far north that rain decide to go but we are included in the flash flood watch, this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon for anywhere from one to 3 inches of rain or more in spots. you saw sunday night into monday this could happen again tonight into tomorrow and that means roadways flood quickly. out and about tonight, be careful. going out this morning be careful around reading and allentown where we have fog the atlantic city international socked in and we have seen visibility reduced at philly international. we are down to 6 miles.
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we cog forming even in the city. 72 degrees, muggy this morning then it has been the last couple of morning but still cool in the mountains, 59 degrees, that is where you go for your getaway this weekend. 87 degrees is our average. we were below average. same temperature as, the day before but today about 84. look at how cool it gets tomorrow hoping for that sun to pop out in the afternoon on saturday, 80 degrees on sunday , early cloud giving way to sunshine, nice day on monday, and then we will heat up just in time for august to begin and we could be in the 90's by wednesday on thursday. that is your forecast for weekend or beyond. if you forgot something don't worry tune into 101.1 more fm when you get in the car and we will remind you with the forecast, bob kelly. >> more info on this accident now i-95 all lanes blocked temporarily i believe here but nonetheless southbound, this is one of the vehicles that was involve in the crash.
5:19 am
we have three or four vehicles all together and right before we went to break before i was mentioning we were holding our breath somebody did not come up and rear then guy. that is exactly what happened. what started out as a two car crash, this fellow here hit his brakes hard but just slammed in the back of this white van here right before police got up to the scene. he is trying to push him off to the shoulder, this guy has to move up. highway patrol doing a great job they get here as quick as they can trying to get cars off to the shoulder but southbound lanes of i-95 look at the officer here that is tough you get these guys hold on for a second until we can get all of the cars over plus debris, and there is an oil spill along the way here as well. like when they tapped each other, he is out here all by himself. there is not even a tow truck
5:20 am
he has to move up to get that van off to the shoulder there. so southbound i-95, jut south of center city. god bless these guys they are out here this morning. look at all these cars very quickly in the last two minutes that backup on i-95 they are probably heading down toward airport on a friday morning all south center city. leaving town southbound i-95 south of center city be ready to hit the breaks with that accident off to the shoulder. we have an accident northbound on the northeast extension. right before the lehigh valley interchange. as sue mentioned we are dealing with some fog. you can see that in the shot here. so fog, poor visibility with the fog comes slippery roadways so just be careful this morning and again it will get worse as sue mentioned throughout the day with the heavy rain. vine expressway, they just opened it up, both directions, on the vine.
5:21 am
that that is good to go. if you are heading to the airport prepare for weather delays, at philly international, check ahead with the airline. karen and thomas, back over to you. we do want to get to this developing story we have a tragedy out of indianapolis, they are mourning loss of one of their own, a lieutenant, aaron allen was shot while responding to a traffic accident. there is the scene. this is south port area of that city, they raced him to the hospital but he did tragically die. two people have been taken in custody, one of them is the alleged shooter in the car that was involve in the crash and when he went to try to hitting the lieutenant, he was a six year veteran of the force. 5:21. we have seen video huge brawl breaks out wednesday night at center city sips and police are investigating the incident while restaurant where it went down stepping up security. this is fight between six men and cleared out by the time
5:22 am
officers got there. it happened right outside comcast center along jfk boulevard. police say about 3,000 people in the area taking part in the event, they say investigation is still open. >> if anyone comes forward and says i got assaulted, last night trust me book is not closed because we didn't see it. >> assenter city sips has gotten more popular and more populated we have increased our security here. we currently have a dozen security personnel that help manage our wednesday night center city sips activity. >> police tell us that there were no arrests and as far as they know no injuries. here's pretty low basically robbing from the poor from the house of worship , there is a guy that goes in the donation box meant for needy and tries to rob it not once but twice, in fact, in just within week at islamic society of greater philadelphia mosque. it happened on july 12th. here's video, there coming in, rode up on his bike and forced his way in, goes to the box,
5:23 am
grabs some money and does same thing five days later new time it was lock. that is when it did. so members of the mosque, they are actually really compassionate in their response. people always ask and people would be more than happy to go and give it to you. >> we would help him if he need some money. our community is willing to help. >> here's something that has them worried he knows his way around this mosque, so maybe he has been there before, maybe a person that goes there , in any event, there is some video of him. if you know who he is you may want to call mosque or police. 5:23. probably waking up looking up and say beautiful day. we have major changes to tell but coming up in a moment. stay with us. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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i'm sean bell, eagles have their first full day of training camp jordan matthews back after missing off season work outs and he looked g he looked great, actually. jordan hicks had a soft cast on his right-hand but won't miss anytime. expectations going in to this season is higher then last and that is because carson wentz. he understands pressure and he has accepted it and embrace is it. >> expectations are always high and i love that, you know , we in this locker roomy can speak for myself personally i always have high expectations. seven-nine will never be good enough, never want to be done
5:27 am
playing before playoffs. that will be never acceptable. we believe we have guys to do it. we just to have get to work and make it happen. cameron rupp hosted an event event at morgan'spy tore benefit path's spca's life saving mission, a mission, dedicated to improving on animal cruelty and rescuing animals from abuse. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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police need your help. >> in kiss toyed after an overnight police chase in new castle, three suspects are waking up in jail. let's bring you something good, how about hot rod, classic cars on our big avenues, wonderful festival happening this weekend. >> that is where good news end >> 5:30. great to have you with us on this friday. that is good news. not so good news weather business to change. >> we will have a half and half weekend but first half is in the so good looking half, sue. >> right, for this morning you may escape without any rain but eventually, it is coming
5:31 am
for all of us, and there we are with a look at ultimate doppler radar and some of what is going on there, it looks like heavy rain has developed in a line from chesapeake bay all the way through southern part of the delaware but nothing in the metro area at the moment we have, we have been showing you our number momentarily, five out of 10. hi. this is your weather, and number of the day, and believe me it starts out not too bad but by end of the day we will be seeing heavy rain and that is why from philadelphia, pretty much south, including chester county, the southern half of montgomery county, we have got a chance of one to 3 inches or more of rain which means ponding on the roadways, hydroplaning and run off and all that possibility, out and about for friday night date night be careful, as it gets later and later. buddy has umbrella, get out on the beach early but while
5:32 am
there listen for the thunder, and as soon as you hear it, get off the beach. you don't want to be a lightening rod there. you might get some beach time in early today. we have got that line of rain we were just showing you and heavy downpours moving toward delaware beaches but it is dry here in olde city, muggy, 72 degrees, sunrise time 5:56 and 6 miles visibility down with the fog in millville, in atlantic city, pottstown, allentown and reading as well. it is cloudy, some fog 81 by lunchtime maybe a peak of sun but thunderstorms get more numerous later on in the day and may effect evening rush hour, high temperature 84 degrees. rest of the weekend forecast is coming up, how are we doing been kelly, right now. >> better on i-95, sue good morning, 5:32. we have cars that were involved in the crash off to the shoulder, safely we have got some flares down and we're good to go as you head south
5:33 am
on i-95, south of center city philadelphia, down in toward the airport area. it was crazy there for a little while. lets go down the shore good morning, sea isle, heading tout get paper, your cup of coffee we are dealing with some fog just outside of ocean city heading over in toward woodbine for gang down in delaware thick fog just outside middletown, delaware so again poor visibility with that fog, road become a little bit damp, wet and that will set tone for rest of the morning. northbound on the northeast extension right before lehigh valley interchange a crash, we are also dealing with thick fog up in the pocono area as wel as sue mentioned and if you are flying today keep in mind preparing for weather delays as day moves through, okay right now but it will get worse as that rain head our way, karen and thomas, back to you. following a developing story this morning, just break ing police investigating a stabbing in center city,
5:34 am
officers say this happened sometime before 2:30 on the 1200 block of race street. a 37 year-old man was stabbed three times in the chest, someone walking by found him lying right there in the street, called police and was taken to jefferson hospital where he is in stable condition. i was passing by that scene earlier this morning and did see one person in handcuffs. we will update you coming up. >> drove right by convention center there. cjc. >> 5:34. police are asking for some help to get vandals off the street, they may be behind some anti police officers spray painting that has been happening. lets get out to steve keeley with all of that, steve. happening three times in a movement it happened on passyunk in june and couple times we have found this week here in july. we are a few blocks from this week and this time more visible, when that van drove by no matter what direction they have here on the conrail
5:35 am
tracks so people can see it but here's where they may have messed up because they went across the street here and on this big beige warehouse which is in business, you can see, one, two, three surveillance camera and we will go to the left now and show a third camera and then we will go down and see the same stenciled spray paint job right there when you stencil something you have to put stencil up there and stand there for a few seconds. if that camera caught that person chances are that person is standing there for more than just a split second because watch when we show you surveillance video that police , had only found up until that point, that was released yesterday, these two guys and a girl who is acting as a look out and maybe some more supplies they are just spray painting lines on peoples homes on 35th street. so they are not standing in one location too long and they don't have great pictures of these people but perhaps the police will come back out here
5:36 am
to the sky line beauty supply company warehouse and ask for surveillance because they have great cameras all around the building and again they did this right under this building here. here's how police were handling this the other day because stuff is calm compared to the stuff that we showed earlier this week when they were threatening peoples lives and police lives too. >> people have the right to free speech, express themselves but what you don't have the right to do is vandal ice public or private proper. this appears to be spread out about csx property that holds up overpass there but either way it is illegal. >> reporter: here's one other thing we want to tell but. police, if we didn't tell it to you loud enough earlier this week have a $5,000 reward offer if you want to pass along a name or two either when recognize somehow in that video or you know from people bragging bit. while we're here karen and thomas thinks a big dumping area. they are not brave going under
5:37 am
these dark conrail tracks but if you had not furnished your home yet we have a couple lazy boys available on the sidewalk as you can see back to back red, black, i don't know what your collar scheme is but we will do some shopping for you if you need any extra furniture. >> steve, i'm working on a theater room. >> burgundy would be fabulous, lovely, thank you. 5:37. majority leader mitch mcconnell says it is time to move on after latest health care plan is shot down in the dramatic vote earlier this morning. >> lets get down to washington d.c. and figure out what the latest is, garrett teny joins us is there a next step what happens. >> no audio. >> garrett is a very dapper man but we cannot hear him. >> nice suit. >> great looking individual and i'm sure very knowledgeable we will have more, in washington we will
5:38 am
have more updates on that. whole fall out can you hear us now, sorry. >> i can hear me. >> dawn hear me. >> yes, there we go. >> we can introduce the gentlemen next to him, engineer miking him. >> we have all forgotten a mike a time or two. we have two major stories, health carries called skinny version, skinny repeal of, obama care and communications director scaramucci has lot to say. we will talk about that now. he is all mike up. good to see you, my friend. >> karen, thomas good to be here. new studio, pol goodies for technical difficulties but you mentioned health care debate this debate lasted all through night and early into the morning hours today, for now, repeal and replace effort of obama carries over with. that is what mitch mcconnell said this morning. president donald trump he was keeping a close eye on these
5:39 am
votes and he tweeted out this morning that three republicans who voted against this effort along with every other democrat have failed the american people and that his plan toys ileto bam a care fail. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell they will have to work with democrats, to see what changes they can make to this bill, in order to fix the health care system going forward. we will see how that plays out thanks very much. nice to meet you. have a wonderful weekend. you do look very dapper, thank you. >> thank you very much, you as well. 5:39. lets check weather and traffic in just a moment, stay with us olay eyes
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for better hydration. and your best look yet. olay eyes collection. ageless. people in the uk, everybody is talking about that creepy clown thing still a thing with this guy up there in maine. >> they is, authorities in maine arrested a man with the clown mask and machete attached to him. thirty-one year-old corry berry had weapon duct taped to his amputated arm and only trying to prank someone but really worried neighbors who called 911. >> crazy, scary, not every day , you see a clown with machete walking down the road. >> definitely chose cream of the crop for creepy masks. >> you watch movies and say why would someone do that and then someone comes out in the middle of no where and does that. >> very intense looking guy, prosecutors charged berry with
5:43 am
making criminal threats, out of jail this morning after posting $200 bail. 5:42 being able to change your child's genes while they are still in the womb. >> this is in the relevant i stage of development but man is this a break through people that have genetic disease, they could change that, they could go on and have normal lives, embryo he had iting is what they are calling it a whole lot more on where this is all happening, after the break.
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good morning, it is 5:45 on a friday here's is what left over of that accident in south philadelphia, southbound lanes of i-95, just south of downtown we have tow truck and flares here so just be careful that straight away folks have a tendency to pick up the speed here as you head south, down toward the airport. is there the accident scene right there, otherwise we're dealing with fog. live look at route 422 here coming from say collegeville and royersford, sue's coming up next, weather conditions will change hour by hour through the day, weather will impact traffic so earlier you can get out of the gate right now better off you will be. wouldn't it be nice to be down the shore ocean city, sea isle we are dealing with fog as well, atlantic city airport socked in with some fog, poor visibility. here's fog down here in delaware. it lifted a little bit outside middletown here but with the
5:47 am
fog road are damp so things could be slippery. an accident north on the extension approaching lehigh valley interchange and everybody heading up in the poconos over weekend we are dealing with really thick fog and poor visibility. so just keep that in mind, lot of friday action happens as folks are on the move going to or from the shore, poconos and early morning accident north on the garden state parkway right before you get to the atlantic city expressway, otherwise, schuylkill in problems to report at the moment, mass transit looking good, all eyes on the weekend forecast, sue has got in 15. here's what you can expect with the rain we speculator on in the day in, to saturday, period of rain, some moderate to heavy, most heavy in the
5:48 am
overnight hours, as we will show you in the future cast. flash flood threat. we could have one to 2 inches of rain in the metro area but further south, delaware, new jersey, the shore could have two to 4 inches on have rain in a very short period of time and strong gusty winds on saturday. so, you see a lot of action to the south of us this morning. this line of the southern part of the delaware and around milford we will see heavy rain , it has eased up at delaware beaches. t comes and goes quickly. that will continue. showing you different computer model. we have been mixing it up, with the rain getting heavier, the threat is there all day but look at this heavy rain moving in around midnight tonight in, to early tomorrow morning, and shore points being affected, and if it moves further are north we will get heavy rain around metro area as well, around the city but this model has it kind of clearing you the by two and maybe stray left over
5:49 am
shower after. that sunday definitely better day of the weekend. we may be able to salvage half of the saturday. one to 3 inches of rain and flash flood watch in effect this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon with pond ing on the roadways being a danger. we are down to 5 miles visibility at philly international, bob talking about the fog and seems to be getting worse, so maybe a few extra minutes before you leave the house today, so, you can take your time if you run into that fog. 73 degrees in philadelphia, heading to the mid 80's today, mid 70's tomorrow with that rain, wind kicking up, 80 sunday and warming up as we get in the first couple days of august back to the 90's by middle of next week, thomas and karen. >> 5:49. it will be a wild one get ready for that overnight. guy spotted black bear in evesham, new jersey this week so police keeping a watchful eye on the area. >> can't bear it. here's what you need to know
5:50 am
if case you see a bear in your neck of the wood. dave kinchen on that one. >> what is torn or something was being broken. >> reporter: thomas sylvester went to investigate in his evesham township backyard. he saw a tree with missing bark and shot this video of what he believed to be a black bear. >> i wanted to get a picture and tried to get a video and then it wasn't moving. i grabbed a rock, tossed it over and it went away. >> reporter: police confirmed sighting at jessica court and barton run boulevard, advising residents not to pan fix they see it. thomas kept some distance. >> i said if this is a cub chances are the mother is not too far away so i figured 25, 30 feet is probably good. it is what it is. >> it is talk of the town and some neighbors are eagle -- eager to get a look. >> i wished seen it. we are keeping an eye out for
5:51 am
it. >> reporter: that is not why diana wore this shirt with the bear on it. >> oddly enough would you think it was planned but it was an accident but it work out well, didn't it. >> reporter: alyss a wise saw something strange herself. >> i was facing compute they are way and thought i saw a shadow or something dark come past the window and i said well, that is we are. >> reporter: then she found out about the bear. >> best thing to does not worry too much and just stay clear. >> reporter: neighborhood is heavily wooded so while it is not an every day sight people here weren't entirely surprised to have this new neighbor. >> these homes were built in 2,000. so this was a completely wooded area. so just because we didn't live here doesn't mean that they left. >> dave kinchen fox 29 news. 5:51. in your health news pretty controversial but it could change lives of so many babies we are showing you drugs right now because there must be an opioid issue we are talking about as well. that is an opioid issue that
5:52 am
is of some concern but we do want to talk about what is happening with the embryo he had iting is what they are calling it. first time ever it is happening here, out here in oregon they are able to edit queens on embryos on one cell embryos. they have developed a couple days. never intended to be implanted in to a womb. what is amazing is babe business genetic disorder they can permanently change that and passes down to future generatios. this will appear in the mit technology review. 5:52. lets talk your monday think morning star bucks will be closing all of its tea vana stores this comes after star bucks posted lower quarterly profits yesterday. >> chain has nearly 400 stores nation wood, including six in our area and 3300 employees, most of those locations will be closed by next spring, star bucks you'll remember bought tea retailer back in 2012 and say stores have been under
5:53 am
performing. those tea vana employees will be invited to apply for jobs at star bucks. solar eclipse thaw can see , seen from coast to coast and you can watch it from the skies. >> this is so cool, total solar eclipse taking place august 21st and southwest airlines decided to sell special seats where you can see it. they will be on five specific flights that they say will give passengers the best view from up there, 30,000 feet. so when on board they will make a party, they will have special eclipse glasses and cosmic cocktails to take in the event. >> very cool. >> are you ready to adopt a dog if so act philly wants to hear from you. we will tell you why this shelter is waving all fees for dogs weighing more than 35- pound stay with us.
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welcome back. sun's up. we can see a pleasant start we will have changes over weekend but not a wash out sue will have forecast in a minute. our fury friend really need some help because our shelters right now are full. and, act philadelphia, they don't have anymore kennel space so for cats, dogs every single one need a home right now so take home a forever friend, shelter is waving adoption fees for all dogs that are more than 35-pounds and if you have some room in your heart or your house put all of the information on our web site at fox
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went in the early hours but the vote on obama care to repeal it has failed leaving republicans wondering what if anything, they will do next? we have got reaction from the president and our local politicians, plus lots of breaking news from overnight we have live reports on all of that, "good day philadelphia", continues after this. do you really use head & shoulders? no, not really. i knew that not the one you think you know the tri action formula cleans removing up to 100% of flakes protects and even moisturizes for sofia vergara hair
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when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today.
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the so-called skin rye peel shot down in the senate last ditch effort by republicans to finally repeal the affordable care act the senator who dealt us a surprising blow in an early morning vote. a shoot-out on the streets of wilmington a robbery suspect opens up fire on police, during a foot chase and why police are asking for your help this morning. are you ready for some rain? it will be a wet weekend, flood advisories already in place for next 24 hours or so for large part of the region, sue has the timing of the storm, riders on the storm, sue serio. and amber rose puts south philadelphia on blast. >> amber from south philadelphia you are right she's attractive. she says people are not traditionally attraiv


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