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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the so-called skin rye peel shot down in the senate last ditch effort by republicans to finally repeal the affordable care act the senator who dealt us a surprising blow in an early morning vote. a shoot-out on the streets of wilmington a robbery suspect opens up fire on police, during a foot chase and why police are asking for your help this morning. are you ready for some rain? it will be a wet weekend, flood advisories already in place for next 24 hours or so for large part of the region, sue has the timing of the storm, riders on the storm, sue serio. and amber rose puts south philadelphia on blast. >> amber from south philadelphia you are right she's attractive. she says people are not traditionally attractive in
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south philadelphia, well, i don't think that is right. let's prove her wrong, send us a picture of an attractive person who you know i believe criteria should be, born and raised in fail. >> okay. >> she's not saying she is, she's saying everybody is generally unattractive but she wasn't. >> she comes along and wow, she's a knock out. >> she's like you must not be around philly because she was so attractive. >> let's prove her wrong. send your pictures on twitter. should we use the #fox 29 good day. >> yes. >> let's prove her wrong. >> or famous people. >> this might be more interesting. send pictures of ugly people, what, why did you punch me up. good day, everybody it is friday july 28th, 2017. >> it is friday. i'm very excited except we will be dealing with some rain
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today. >> a little rain. >> there is rain on the way but not yet, take a run on the ocean city, new jersey boardwalk, and this morning then it was, but things will probabl deteriorate a bit by the end of the day. we have five out of 10 and may end up being a half and half day where it is not so bad in the first half and then friday afternoon to day, this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon when flash flood watch kicks in for possibility of one to 3 inches of rain or more south of philadelphia and that means ponding on the roadways and you have to be careful out driving tonight. bus stop buddy is on the beach early in case those storms move in, 60's and 70's right now and have rain gear nearby. i don't think entire weekend is a wash out but this afternoon through tomorrow, maybe around lunchtime it will be at its worse. we have had rain in delaware, we still do around delaware
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bay here but not as bad and that is moving off shore. 72 degrees, muggy and now visibility at philly international is reduced to 3 miles. we have been seeing fog rolling in quickly, it is fog any a lot of places, lancaster , reading, pottstown, allentown and so is atlantic city international, how extra time for that. yes, we will see sunshine here and there but that chance of rain is here all day, likelihood increases as we get in the evening rush hour, high temperature today bob kelly is 84. >> sue, a lot going on this morning, things will change through the day, come on grab your fog horn as you head out the front door here's a live look at route 202 near boot road heading up toward construction. fogging nothing and out. who put that right there. live look at 422 in collegeville dealing with some fog between royersford and king of prussia interchange, even down the shore for gang between ocean city and sea
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isle we are waking up with some fog down here in delaware we're dealing with some fog. with the fog road are damp and then that heavy rain that is on the way. northbound extension accident approaching lehigh valley to or from the poconos we are dealing with thick fog up near allentown interchange. philly international no problems at the moment but prepare for weather delays throughout the day. earlier you can get out of town on a flight better off you will be. >> i'm leaving now. >> back to you. 6:04. while were you sleeping down there in washington d.c. the republican senate's latest effort to repeal the affordable care act is dead. >> and attempts to try again they are in the looking good now. senate rejected so-called skinny bill, 51-49 with three republicans voting no. >> who. >> two women and final one was big shocker, when he walk up and made the vote people gasp ed. >> well, let's set it up here
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senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is saying it is time to just move on. trust me that is what he said he is speechless. >> he is stun, like a stone. >> even if it passed, it would not have been a final health care bill, of course just a way for lawmakers to keep issue alive keep talking. >> we should say that final vote was from senator john mccain. >> president trump tweeted out his frustration, three republicans and 48 democrats led the american people down. as i said from the beginning, ileto bam a care implode, then deal. watch. >> more on that in just a second. lets get back to 6:05. police investigating a stabbing, officers say it happened before 2:30 this morning on the 1200 block of race street. thirty-seven year-old man was stabbed three times in the chest, and passerby reportly found him laying in the street and called police.
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he was taken to jefferson hospital where he is in stable condition. in delaware, police get in the shoot-out chasing several robbery suspects. >> wilmington's turn, gun battle ending with several arrests, jenny joyce new castle police department, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, guys. total of three arrests but wild, violent night here in wilmington, shots fired, shots exchanged between suspects as well as police, police say it was 6:45 when they responded to the 1100 block of westover road there wilmington for a reported robbery. they found a man matching description of the suspects, police tried to stop him when shots were exchanged between suspect and police. officer ran after gunman and more shots were fired. man was taken into custody in the area of green hill avenue and west seventh street, all this happening right here near university of delaware's wilmington campus, despite
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multiple round of gun fire it is amaze to go hear nobody was hurt. three people were taken in custody, police are looking for additional information. they ae looking for home surveillance footage. if you happen to have private surveillance police would love to hear from you, mike and alex. >> if you know it, call the cops. fifty year-old man is in jail following a six hour standoff in the kingsessing neighborhood. sky fox over barricade on the 5200 block of the street. neighbors called police after a man pulled a shotgun. man surrendered to police around 1:00 this morning. war of word in the white houseman, this is unbelievable , communications director, he is brand new, they is, calls the chief of staff there in the white house , his collogue a paranoid schizophrenic. well, he is apologizing this morning but not for what he said, the mistake anthony scaramucci, the daily news
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called it scary moochi. >> and he explains his profanity filled rant yesterday, he says he likes to use colorful language. making dreams come true our story about a young sixers fan recovering from major surgery is getting results how ben simmons is responding this morning. >> we believe he is coming back to us.
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we rolled this video yesterday, it is a brawl, that breaks out wednesday night at center city sips. it is comcast center over there. police are investigating this, while the restaurant where it security, right there in front of the comcast center. fight between well, six guys cleared out by the time police officers showed up happened outside that comcast center on jfk, of course, police say 3,000 people were in the area, that is probably right, center city sips is very popular. taking part in the event, yeah , close to 3500 actually. they say investigation is still opened, and they are trying to track down these dudes. >> i anyone comes forward and say i got assaulted trust me book is not closed. >> assenter city sips has gotten more popular and
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populated, we have increased our security here. we have currently had a dozen security personnel that helped manage our wednesday night center city sips activity. >> beside being a horrible fighter, really bad. >> not that you are encouraging violence. >> just saying if you do it, do it right. >> that is how i always felt. >> no arrests were made or nobody got hurt. >> that is good thing. >> i think some egos were hurt it is 11 pennsylvania six. >> devastating flooding rocks the south, cars being swept away from the powerful flood waters. >> wow. >> look at that. >> that rain, well, it is on its way to our area for weekend so sue has details coming up. my sweetheart's gone sayonara.
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because we've got fun for everyone in the family. adventure-seekers -- check. magi-questers -- yep. never-grow-olders -- double check. the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in. so in case you missed it we are responding to get your reaction, amber rose, from south philadelphia, did an interview where she said people where she's from are quote, traditionally un attractive. and now everyone is like wow,
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what are you saying about people in south philadelphia, what do you have to say. we're asking you, do you know in a tracktive people in philadelphia? we are getting some responses. this one, from diana said i can name six philly people, who are super pretty. that is right, so but she said they are super pretty, kia, jasmine, stephanie, diana melony and selma. >> so keep sending them in. use the #fox 29 good day, do you agree, what amber rose said. >> yes, amber has apologize aid thousand times since last night but still, it is "good day philadelphia" so we're running witt, sue.
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>> how much visibility we have , we are down about five or 4 miles there at philly international, and probably even less, all of the action off shore as far as rain is concern, because we're right here by delaware bay and one of the favorite beach names, it is very popular as rain there, right now slaughter beach and more pop ups as low pressure system comes closer we are expect ago lot have rain in the overnight hours as we get into your friday and saturday morning. how much rain, some places as much as 3 inches of rain to the south of us, and maybe as little as half inch in philadelphia but chance for more and as we get into tomorrow we will see wind gusts, picking up quite a bit, throughout the entire area, as that system exits, so we have a flash flood watch in effect this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon, for at leann inch, maybe three or more inches of rain depending where you are. it is 72, muggy, foggy degrees , we will get to 84
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later on and 74 for tomorrow, with hopefully a little sun in the afternoon. hepp to salvage at lee half saturday and then sunday some cloudy in the morning and about 80 degrees in the afternoon. definitely better day of the weekend is sunday, 82 on monday and warming trend, no, hotter trend as we get in the first few days of august. that is your seven day forecast, heading outdoor don't forget to join oust the radio all morning long on 101.1 more fm, we have more as far as rain is concerned being coming up. >> rough one today. good morning. 6:37 on this friday morning, a live look at schuylkill expressway, eastbound, accident at the south street on ramp, it is that dreaded ram that comes in on the left, almost like you got to hold your breath and then just go witt now, it doesn't work out too well for these guys here eastbound accident there at south street we are dealing with some fog, good morning to reading, live look at reading, socked in, at upper end of
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route 422, also dealing with some fog, over here in allentown, just off in the northeast extension, but thick fog, to and from the poconos early this morning, anywhere that fog, is leaving, just damp roadways, down the shore, just outside of the cape may here route 55 right here where route 40 comes into play, this will get action as folks head to the beach on a friday afternoon. here's a live look for gang along 202 north of wilmington and we have, delays yet at philly international, and that is when it rolls through, here's a detour frankford thompson and shackamaxon in the neighborhood with detours throughout the neighborhood weekend and detours retoring route five bus. >> 6:18. >> emergency services say some 50 people have been injured following a commuter train crash in spanish city of five of them are in serious condition, incident happened during morning rush hour in
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the heart of the city, dozens of emergency personnel were sent to the station, with most of the injured being treated at the platform. eyewitnesses say train did not break entering the station and had hit buffers on the platform. drama at the white house new communications director anthony scaramucci is at the center of an apparent battle with the chief of staff inside white house you know him reince priebus. over the alleged leaks that have been going on since donald trump took over. >> new yorker interview leaves little room for doubt about tension for white house staff ers. >> in this profanity laced interview anthony threatened to fire the entire white house communications team to figure out who leaked information about a dinner he had this week with the president, "fox news" channel host sean hannity among others, one of the executives we used to work with bill shine. he goes on to accuse priebus of leaking his financial
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information, his before that report went on line. anthony scaramucci defended himself on the news. >> if reince priebus wants to explain he is not a leaker, let him do that. let me tell you something about myself i'm a straight shooter and i will go right to the heart of the matter. >> according to this new yorker magazine interview, anthony called priebus a paranoid schizophrenic, and he also used vulgar lack wage to make fun of chief strategies steve ban on and his private parts. an tone difficult not deny comments in a tweet he said he sometimes uses colorful language and will work on toning it down. i will refrain in this a reen awe but not give up passionate for real donald trump a gend a i made a mistake in trusting a reporter. it won't happen again. >> he thought it was off record. he says no, it was on the
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record. >> yeah. >> so, we will see. can you imagine if we all talked that way about each other. >> i can only imagine the things you would say, last night at the philadelphia style magazine party. >> yes. >> i was ripping you left and right. >> really. >> she seems insane to me is what i told people. >> you are supposed to leave that part out. >> eagles finished their full, well, their first full team practice of the training camp with some big injury questions how one of our players said he broke his finger, in a swimming pool. >> not just swimming pool i thought it was a hot tub. >> oh, hot tub accidents. it was not jordan matthews but it was a jordan. >> we will talk about jordan matthews because he is in his contract year, what will he do >> okay.
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles had their first full day of training camp, jordan matthews was, back after missing, off season work outs and he looked g he looked great actually.
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jordan hicks had a soft cast on his right-hand but -- >> sean has hiccups. >> we will let him, what do you have to drink some water or get scared. >> i don't have hiccups. >> no, sean. >> so, machinist still having a problem. >> best way to control that is just to go in the control room and kick it as hard as you can >> is that the way. >> yes. >> there is ryan. he kicked it. now he hurt himself. >> lets talk about the jordans >> lets talk about all of the jordans. >> the philadelphia jordans. >> we have a jordan problem. we have some injuries. >> true. >> first day of full team practice for eagles was really all about jordans. >> first jordan matthews who missed time this off season with the knee tendonitis but he was a full go at yesterday 's practice. he looked g off season was full of trade rumors, contract talks for jordan. when asked about his contract he said he does not play for
6:26 am
the money. >> i grew up, my parents were affluent, i never needed anything. when i played football, i played for respect. it was never like i got to get to the league to get money. i respect anybody that has to do that. i never really played for money. i went across middle because i wanted to make sure that the guy across from me respected me. >> that is different. >> that is different. >> at least he is honest. >> that is one jordan. lets go to another jordan. jordan hicks has a protective covering on his hand after breaking it at his, on his honeymoon. >> everybody was freaking out. he got married. he went to greece. he had an injury on his honeymoon. weird rumors had to do with the hot tub. we don't know what happened. but finally we got a chance to ask him. >> i slipped by the pool and tried to brace myself. the ground that they use out there is, it is kind of like rocky, and unstable and they used this like glaze overtop
6:27 am
of the rocks. i was getting out of the pool, and slipped and tried to brace myself and unfortunately it broke, snapped my hand, my finger in half. >> finger broke in half. >> yes. >> in half. my goodness. i bet that was really, attractive to his new wife. >> on your honeymoon. >> hey, baby. >> yes. >> i bet that got her in the mood. >> do you believe it? >> well, maybe this is how rumors go but they made it sound like a hot tub not just a pool, i was pictures sun was setting, he had a glass of champagne. hey baby, i'm coming over and then oops. >> he slips, makes a wrong move and snaps. >> it was just a pool. >> yes, little different. >> and this big bruce on my eye, i ran into a door.
6:28 am
here's sue. >> okay. >> breaking weather news national weather service issued a dense fog advisory for part of our area. we will show you where and talk about more rain heading our way much more then on radar right now all coming up after the break.
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senate republicans waving
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white flag for now their latest effort to repeal obama care struck down in the early morning vote, the republicans who went against party lines. we're making dreams come true that is what fox is all b our story about this young man , sixers fan recovering from major surgery is getting results here i think. we got a hold of ben simmons via social media and darn it, we believe ben responded to us >> and amber rose, puts south philadelphia on blast, she says people in south philadelphia or philadelphia in general are quote, not traditionally attractive. >> hit with the ugly stick. >> is she right? do we agree. >> we are getting a lot of tweets. we will put them up for you. if you can find an attractive person, it doesn't have to be in south philadelphia, anywhere in the city, anywhere in the delaware valley, if you see someone attractive, stop them and get a picture. >> there is one thing wrong with what you said. >> if you can find a an
6:32 am
>> it is so difficult. >> if you are somewhere out there and can find that person please let us know. >> people climbed mount everest and they said it could not be done. >> mike. >> i believe you have to be born and raised here. lets take it up a notch. that you were conceivd in the delaware valley. >> you have to be made here too. >> yes. >> made in philly. >> yes. >> do you think she will be able to come back home after this that is what i want to know. >> there is an attractive woman right there. >> she said morning. >> jasmine all philly girls rock, amber must have lost her mine, tell her jasmine. >> my goodness a six pack of goodies. >> i want to hear you say that word, jawn. >> it sound french. >> i like her #we cute. >> yes. >> good day, it is friday, 11/
6:33 am
28. >> keep sending in your photos , and not agree with her use that cash tag fox 29 good day we will play the clip in a little bit. plus she has kind of apologized we will play that too and let you be the judge. >> didn't she become a stripper. >> yes. >> well, exotic dancer. >> yes. >> okay. >> why? >> sue i think i want my exotic dancers to be attractive. >> well, clearly you are on team amber over this but i'm glad south philadelphia is speaking up. >> i don't want to be shocked. >> you have to walk around this town. >> do you agree with that. >> no, no. >> put it on the record. >> i don't agree with amber rose. >> okay, thank you. >> i was basing it if you can find an attractive person. >> well, when you find. >> yes, thank you. one word makes a difference.
6:34 am
dense fog advisory but we are dealing with fog in a lot of place this is morning. we have a number of the day which is five out of 10. things will deteriorate as far as rain later on in the day, so much so we a flash flood watch for quite a bit of rain, ponding, et cetera. sixty's and 70's for budd hoy has umbrella just in case. earlier you get on the beach better just listen for that thunder, if you hear it get off beach immediately. it looks like we're okay in most places as far as rain but you just see these little showers start to pop up, very isolated, but they are, there and the chance is there throughout the day 72 degrees, still on the muggy side, but visibility down to 3 miles and getting foggy a lot of other fog this morning we have 81 degrees by lunchtime, 84 our high but a chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms, once again some of them bob
6:35 am
kelly could be super soakers. >> good soup and grilled cheese kind of day. we are looking live at schuylkill expressway eastbound accident at south street interchange. leaving center city heading south, police have everybody all moved off to the shoulder. that is like the third crash this morning. we are seeing volume pop coming in toward fail on the freeway. poor visibility all the way around the board with the fog this morning. as we roll on the pennsylvania turnpike all the way over in toward mid county interchange we are dealing with fog. southbound lanes have the blue route watch for disable right here near exit number five police are on the scene there slide over to the airport, get ready for weather delays throughout the day, no official delays reported but that fog and then of course rain throughout the day, certainly will cause delays down at philly international. good morning to reading where we're sock at 422, same deal in allentown, and in the only slow us down on the road but
6:36 am
also back there travel later today, mike and alex, back to you. real quick question, bob are your nipples pierced. >> no. >> okay. that is a relevant question. >> yes. >> coming up. >> okay. >> what are you touching. >> just checking. >> just checking. >> he had to make sure. >> we will get to that in a second. republican senate's latest effort to repeal affordable care act is dead, well, close, three votes off. >> some leaders saying it is time to move on. senate rejected so-called skinny bill 51-49 with the republican senators lisa more cow ski of alaska, susan collins of maine and big one people were surprised to see senator john mccain he voted it down. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he is saddened by the results. >> i imagine many of the collogues on the other side are celebrating, probably pretty happy about all this.
6:37 am
>> my dear friend majority leader we are not celebrating, we are relieved. >> even if it passed it would not have been final health care bill just way for lawmakers to keep issue alive. >> president trump tweeted this out in frustration three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning ileto bam a care implode, then deal. watch. >> in delaware, well, more on that in a second because we want local reaction to this. but we have to get down to delaware because police exchanged gunfire chasing down robbery suspects last night. >> shoot-out ended with several arrests so jenny joyce is at new castle police department right now, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. this happened just before 6:30 still light outside. we can imagine people were in this area when gunshots were fired, three people, taken in custody, and robbery and gunshots fired at police last night here in wilmington. police say that again it
6:38 am
happened last night in the ballpark of 6:30. police responded to the 1100 block of westover road there wilmington for reported robbery. when they arrived they found a man matching description of the suspect, police tried to stop him, that is when shots were exchanged between suspect and police. officers ran after the gun man , more shots were fired, man was ultimately taken in custody near green hill avenue and west seventh street all this happening near university of delaware's wilmington campus. despite multiple round exchanged amazingly no one was hurt, two additional suspects were taken in custody without any problems. police are investigating a wild night on the streets of the wilmington with shots fired back and forth between suspects and police but three people are in custody for all this, mike and alex. >> 6:38. >> police release new video of vandals whom they say spray
6:39 am
painted anti police gra feet any south philadelphia. suspects were captured on video monday night walking in the 1200 block have south 35th street, they say a third person acted as a look out and then left in an unknown direction. detectives and police did recover at lee one can of spray paint and two stencils used to make graffiti and this is second time south philadelphia neighborhood has been vandal iced with anti police gra feet think year, just last month vandals struck near passyunk avenue. a 12 year-old from prospect park has one wish as he recovers from the big operation over at chop. >> he is hoping to meet sixers forward ben simmons. >> karen, get it done, please. >> i think we are. we have the best viewers in the whole world and we are hoping to help this guy out. twelve year-old tyler was born with cerebral palsy and gone through his health struggles. sixth grader, he had a major operation in june to correct a
6:40 am
limp and straighten out his foot. he was in icu for six days and immobile for a movement they is, recovering and all he can think about is playing basketball with his dream, he loves to watch our sixers and he also would like to meet his favorite player ben simmons. >> he kind of looks up to him and he wants o get back to his old self playing basketball but hopefully ben will come out, talk to him, give him some encourage. >> tyler said if he met him he would want him to sign his cast that he got taken off, always fun to get everyone to sign it. our dawn timmeney got this message out and put it on our news spread the word and our viewers come up big, tweeting, tweeting, tweeting and you tweeted and guess who else tweeted? ben simmons. he sent this tweet out in response saying lets make it happen, but we will follow this journey, that would be wonderful. nice to see when you can help make some dreams come true. >> trust me he did. >> that is so great good for
6:41 am
him. >> i love that. is ben in town? i would think so. he has been working out doing some stuff at sixers facilities. >> it is not we need a little change. >> fly inside a cast. they are familiar with casts down there at sixers complex. >> yes. >> watch out for that shark. fisherman captured what looks like a scene out of sharknado, where the sharks jump into your boat, take it easy. we are getting more response from the amber rose comments this one from infinite journey, mike and& alex i was born and raised in philadelphia we have to work here. and this one fridays mary, amber need to get it, together look no shaved head or butt implants. >> shots fired, little feisty
6:42 am
thon friday. >> can you prove that. >> just kidding. i'm kidding. >> keep sending in your response to amber rose saying we're generally unattractive here in philadelphia, use the harn tag fox 29 good day we will put it on tv. mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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good morning, tgif, live look at the boulevard, get your fog horn ready to go this morning, fog, every whereas roll out of northeast philadelphia down toward the schuylkill expressway, here's
6:45 am
a live look at the schuylkill coming in and out of south philadelphia couple cars off to the right. fog is hit and miss depending upon where you begin, end your trip. guess what today is. >> what is it. >> national milk chocolate day look at this guy having a grand old time with his milk chocolate bar making a mess, is what your favorite chocolate. >> i kind of like dark chocolate. >> yes. >> today is not your day. >> what is it milk check late. >> i'm a milk chocolate fan. >> i love the chocolate. >> recess peanut butter cups. >> yeah, yeah. >> i had a hershey bar yesterday. >> really. >> yes. >> milky way or snickers. >> you ever had that dark chocolate milky way. >> you are cutting into our discussion time for amber rose >> sorry. >> my favorite milky way product is nothing but carmel and get rid of the nugget.
6:46 am
it is just milk check late and carmel. >> we have to make that happen , where is interns we have to make a run to the store. >> not a big nugget guy. >> are you done. >> one more, philly international, said they are start to go see delays pop because of the fog, so prep yourself, grab a milky way for the ride, sueby has the forecast in 15. we have been talking about the fog, and we showed you dense fog advisory for north and west of the city. this is why reduced visibility in pottstown, reading, allentown, trenton a mile and a quarter, fogged in millville new jersey and down to 3 miles at philly international. atlantic city is foggy as well we are seeing rain we saw
6:47 am
earlier, in delaware, dry up, there is a lot of thunderstorm activity well to the south and off shore but not much going on. having said that chance is there for rain to pop up this morning as we look at future cast and chance increases as we head through the day-to-day look at overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning, just, a torrential downpour, moving in from the south, and coming northward, affecting the new jersey shore, for sure and could affect us here in philadelphia. but by tomorrow afternoon it looks like most of the rain is gone and we could see sunshine before the day is through according to one computer model. we have a good chance of flooding, flash flooding especially and heavy downpour, high wind, lightening, low chance, thankfully of a tornado watch. this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon, yes, it is a flash flood watch in effect for the ponding on the roadways and happening very quickly with those downpours.
6:48 am
72 degrees and muggy right now with the fog. eighty-four later on. seventy-four tomorrow. hopefully we will salvage ladder part of the saturday and all of sunday 80 degrees should be our high then and then we will warm up to the 90 's, hot and humid in time for august to start on tuesday , back to you. we like to drive things in the ground lets drive this in the ground because it is a friday. amber rose on the radio show yesterday talking about where she grew up in south philadelphia. we have been talking about what she said but now it is time to play it to hear her own word, thomas, go ahead and play it. >> she said if you are from south philly you ugly. amber rose grew up in broad and ellsworth. she appeared on pod cast drink champs when she made comments. let's play it. here's what she had to say. >> a lot of the people where i'm from are not traditionally attractive people. for me, being blessed with beauty, as beautiful women know is a blessing and a curse
6:49 am
to grow up in such an area and be blessed with beauty, it was very difficult for me. >> she knows thousand find her camera angles. >> she never felt like she belonged in south philadelphia she felt like she was bigger then this city. need throws say she's catching heat from people on social media as well as from kevin h art's ex-wife here, saying is amber talking about presurgery or powe surgery because if she's talking about powe surgery of course she's not going to look like anybody in the south philadelphia area north philadelphia or any part of the philly. she went on tmz just ranting against amber. so now amber is apologizing. here's what she had to say. >> i was than the saying that is how i felt i was saying that is how people treated me and it didn't come off properly in the interview. >> mike anal alex, amber says
6:50 am
it is not, easy and sometimes you just cannot find right word. >> especially when is there 15 liquor about on the unless front of you. >> show is drink champs. >> do you know how many f bombs she dropped. >> it wasn't like in an upset way but i just can't believe i say this. >> it was tough trying to find it, we had to call in three extra editors for the sound bite. >> she did say that people were, looking up to her and they were like you cannot be from south philadelphia. >> yes. >> all of the beautiful people in the u.s. are from california. >> be careful now. people are tweeting out warnings to you. >> i lived in southern california. what it is, if you are from any small town in america and you are attractive, you have to go to hollywood. is there a big collection of attractive people trying to be actresses and actors if you tilted united states and shook all of the attractive people they end up in a drain down in loss and less.
6:51 am
>> you are supporting her and what she's saying. >> no, not really. >> there is all kind of people in the world. i just thought way nature works we all mix together and find someone, gradually and eventually you will find someone or create someone who is good looking. >> obviously. >> every area of the world is there beautiful people. they cannot all be in one spot >> that is your challenge this morning find an attractive person in the delaware valley. >> i'm just kidding. >> you are about to be able to walk out of this studio and be okay. >> i feel a little rand toy day. >> isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder. one person may think is beautiful, that one will be no thanks. >> it it is subjective. >> it is. >> i understand what she's talking about though, when you stand out with something like this, people treat you differently. >> yesy never had those. >> i had this very conversation with yesterday.
6:52 am
>> how beautiful you are. >> no. >> okay. >> did you really. >> you are, i just don't think you are kind of person to have conversation bit, you are so humble. that doesn't come up. you don't see yourself as beautiful. that is what makes you beautiful. >> does that work? difficult climb out of that. >> i was having this very same conversation yesterday with a very attractive woman. i said what is it like to be you. >> was that a line. >> no, no. >> it sounds like a line. >> i was highly irritated. what is it like to be you. >> what did she say. >> get anything she wants. she's so pretty. >> she said pretty nice. >> you were right, i chatted so much, i got. >> you never listen to me and producer killed nickel story. >> we have to see super shark
6:53 am
story. >> but lets let people decide do you care bay shark or a nipple. >> obviously guy losing his nipple trumps the stooper shark. >> people are in to sharks because it is shark week. >> let's combine it. >> if you find a shark that has a nip he will piercing, we will put that on, over the ugly people.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
time to talk about the nip he will ring or lack thereof because now it is gone. we're not talking about the dallas cowboys and not an injury you think about when it comes to the football field but defensive end david irving he who a lot of his nipple. he tweeted bit. he said he who his nipple ring during team's training camp and ripped his nip he will. it was loose and he yanked side out. he told reporters after practice wednesday and said it hurt so bad i had to let the world know. i guess, going through this, wow, this is interesting injury. they said well, why do you have a nipple ring in the first place his response, the girls love it, that is why i
6:57 am
got it. >> we need to break this down. you probably shouldn't have a nipple ring in while playing hard nosed football. >> if you got it don't you have to keep it in. >> did he say he just got it. >> you have to put tape over it. >> i would. >> how would you know. >> i have a very large piercing on my body. >> i will not ask. >> big safety pin. >> anyway, is he accurate? do women love a man with the nipple ring. >> no what has happened to this show. >> it is a friday, we're always like this on friday on. kay. >> this was interesting. i said what, do we like nipple rings i didn't think they were that popular. >> what do you think i have never seen it. >> you have seen pictures. >> no, i have never seen a man with the nipple ring. >> where are you, where do you live? >> it is that common, ladies in the studio have you seen it
6:58 am
>> you have seen guys walking down the street. >> all woman in here just said no. >> you have never seen a man with the nipple ring. >> we have one hand. >> she's in college though that is different. in college we all live different lives, don't we. >> do you find ate tracktive? you have seen it. i went to miami and i don't remember seeing guys with nipple rings. >> what does that mean. >> in miami you have your shirt off because you are by a pool or beach. >> we have got two things to cover. we need to find attractive people. we need to know if you find nipple ring attractive on a man. >> rihanna i have seen woman, not seen. >> yeah i have heard of woman. >> i have seen that. >> yeah, like pictures. >> sue, weigh in, either one of those topics. >> well, back in my day it wasn't as popular as it is right now. >> true. >> i didn't see too much of that action back when i was
6:59 am
looking at stuff like that. we have rain in our area right now, lot on the way for later on. we will talk about the fog that is out there right now and the weekend forecast, will it be a wash out? probably not is short answer but we have more details ahead
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