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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  July 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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disappointment, disappoint ment in deed. >> waving the white flag, we have given up. >> many collogues on the other side are celebrating. vote fails in the senate leaving republicans wondering what do you do next? reaction from the president and local senators this morning. kaboom. >> i have been a straight shooter and i will go right to the heart of the mather communications director anthony scaramucci not backing down after calling the chief of staff, of the white house a paranoid schizophrenic in a profanity laced rant. is there a major shake up on the way at the white house. carnival ride are a stapel of summer but they are serious safety concerns after a deadly accident in ohio. at least one ride in our area shut down as a result, we will take a closer look at who is in charge and making sure you are safe.
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jumping ship on the ship, a real live scene from sharknado playing out for fisherman how the big fish ended up stuck on a boat. by the way it is morey pier that we're talking about do you know how many people go there over weekend. oh, my god. it is friday, july 28th. it certainly is a friday in the middle of the summer. we are hot bothered and we have two major stories. amber rose saying people in south philadelphia air not attractive. we are looking for attractive people in the delaware veil. please send in pictures. do you find a man with the nipple ring attractive. >> i just got a tweet of the man's nipple ring, a close-up too. >> wow. >> someone suggested though, mike, since i said never seen a man with the nipple ring you should get your nipple pierced on today's show we can all seer it, that is from karen thank you karen. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> oh, yeah.
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>> anyone who is a professional peerser. >> sue, sue. >> stop it. >> one of our viewers say combine two stories find an attractive man with the nipple pierced. >> from south philadelphia. >> boom. >> then we're all done. >> we're two dude from his south philadelphia, we're hot. >> look at that, they look great. >> dressed up, okay. >> ready to go, styling. >> lets go to the number of the day and dense fog advisory in effect for today as well, this was just issued recently by national weather service until 8:00 it has been pretty pea soupy in berks lehigh, northampton, carbon, monroe, northern part of the bucks montgomery and chester counties as well. your number of the day is a five out of 10. if you think it is okay right now conditions are expect to deteriorate later on and we have a flash flood watch in effect that kicks in this afternoon and goes until
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tomorrow afternoon for several inches of rain in some places. milder start today with buddy on the beach now but listen for those thunderstorms later in the day and get off the beach when they happen. we have seen a few pop up showers this morning but not too much happening at the moment on radar. it is cloudy. seventy-four right now in philadelphia we are heading to the mid 80's later one some rain, scattered thunderstorms throughout the rest of the day really raining tonight we will go through it all coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning. 7:05, water department crews has been working on columbus boulevard, this stretch has been closed for last half an hour, these guys getting out trying to see what is going on southbound columbus boulevard right here at catherine between the ramps for i-95 and washington avenue. it is down to one lane. it is causing big delays yesterday exiting i-95, make that left turn or right turn
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to go down in toward washington. just try to avoid exiting at columbus boulevard go to the next one south philadelphia packer avenue, will be your best bet. we are dealing with fog live look downtown philadelphia vine street expressway, dealing with fog delays already now at philly international. so watch for delays for both today and tomorrow with the rain on the way and penns landing ramps are closed causing delays for everybody down to the concerts and events over weekend here in center city, mike and alex, back to you. sexual assault involving a child in north philadelphia. >> this happened in the 2200 block of sideham street. steve keeley is in north fail with more, new information here, steve. >> reporter: i'm a super stick ler, so i don't want to say the block but you just did but i will not show at dress. it is right next to where you are seeing it. philadelphia police officer standing in the still opened doorway. this is a crime scene.
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they will want to do fingerprints and take sheets, everything out of this bed. thinks on a street where temple kid live, we will pan over here go down a little bit here and you'll see kid are not in session so you can see whenever you see these for rent signs which you do along here and old bed up there temple kid just leave all their stuff here on the street mix of residential area and temple students. what happened was after 4:30 this did not involve temple students but involved residents some members of this family saw this occurring a young man and a little girl we won't give her age but this is not a teenager, this is a little girl, okay, maybe not even in school yet and they see it happening they stop it from happening and they called police, and after they stop it from happening and guy takes off. here's the rare thing we rarely get on the scene as police catch somebody and without identified this person or showing their face man ran
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out without a shirt on, got underwear on which is surprising me and got long basketball pants on red pants and was caught three blocks over on broad, two blocks up at broad and diamond. police handcuffed him and then they brought family members to positively identify him as person they think did this or said did this and they take little girl just to make sure she's okay and do a rape kit on this little girl and make sure that this definitely happened and not somebody making it up about somebody they got in the fight with in the house. that is story here, real sad story especially if it is completely true as family members reported but little girl getting raped and some family member heard her crying or just happened to see it happening in this house here in north philadelphia three blocks off broad street, alex and mike. >> horrible. >> that is horrible. let's get to d.c. this happened while were you
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sleeping here mitch mcconnell says it is time to move on in the latest health care plan shot down on the senate floor. pretty dramatic vote. it was early this morning. >> so, thomas has very latest because since it was early this morning people are waking up and still reacting. >> after 20 hours of don't mike and alex, president trump keeping a close eye overnight tweet ago this three republicans and every democrat failed the american people and that now is time to ileto bam a care fail. >> so mr. president this is clearly a disappointing moment >> reporter: after seven years of promises to roll role back obama care and three fail votes this week senate majority leader mitch mcconnell threw in the towel. the early friday morning vote was 49-51 after hours spent trying to win over skeptical republicans like senator john mccain who in the end voted no >> turn the page and work together to improve our health care system.
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>> reporter: apart from health care president trump also has his hands full with his own administration. >> it is kind of hurtful but the president of the united states is a strong leader. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions spoke to fox's tucker carlson in el salvador about his week in president trump's cross hairs. >> i serve at pleasure of the president. he wants to make a change he can certainly do so. i would be glad to yield in that circumstance, no doubt about it. >> reporter: meanwhile president trump's new communications director anthony scaramucci is in a very public power struggle with chief of staff reince priebus but he is making headlines for his profanity laced tirade with the reporter over leaks from the white house. >> he is a passionate guy. he lets that passion get better of him. maybe that happened. he used colorful language that i don't anticipate he will do again. >> pennsylvania senator pat toomey had this to say. i'm disappointed with this
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setback on efforts to fix our broken health care systems for hundreds of thousands office pennsylvanians suffering from the higher costs and fewer cause by owe bam care's collapse, congress must not give up. new jersey senator corry booker, released this statement tonight is a victory for millions of americans who will not lose hilt coverage because senate republicans nailed to pass their latest disgraceful attempt at health repeal bill. worth noting that during yesterday's white house press briefing sarah huckabee sanders wouldn't say if president trump has who confidence in his chief of staff reince priebus you'll remember mike and alex, last time that happened was with former fbi director james come y and not long after he was fired. >> thomas, thank you. lets get down to delaware wild shoot-out between police and robbery suspects. >> gun battle ending with several people in jail and jenny joyce at new castle police department right now jenny. >> reporter: good morning. we don't even know, details of
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this initial robbery but we do know that bullets were flying in wilmington between suspects , and police, on the street, before it got dark around 6:45 last night when police responded to the 1100 block of westover road in wilmington for a reported robbery. when they arrived they found a man matching description of the suspect police trying to stop him. that is when shots were exchanged between suspect and police. officers ran after the gun man more shots were fired. man was taken in custody in the area of green hill avenue and west seventh street, all happening near university of delaware's wilmington campus. despite gunfire exchanged no one was hurt, two additional suspects were taken without any problems. so all three people were taken in custody all of the arrests made safely, no injuries but police are still continuing to investigate this. if you have any tips give them a call, mike and alex.
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>> jenny, thanks. 7:13. developing overnight emergency services say some 50 people have been injured following a commuter plane crash in bars loan a5 are in serious condition. incident happened during morning rush hour in the heart of the city. dozens of emergency personnel were sent to the station with most of the injured being treated at platform. eyewitnesses say train did not break entering the station and hit buffers on the platform. crewness margate are busy at work building new dunes and people there say construction could not have come at a war time. project will try to correct a drainage problem by widening beaches but residents and businesses are angry with governor christie and state officials overtiming of all this. they say revenue is down due to the construction. >> it is a project that should be done in the fall or winter when no one is here and affect
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by it. >> would you think. spokesperson hearsay margate says one of the only towns to challenge the governor's plan for dunes p and down the coast, officials are blaming so-called bad timing on army core of evening nears and availability of equipment to do the job. 7:14. lieutenant governor kim guadagno has chosen carlos ren do as her running mate for race for new jersey governor she made the announcement in west new york. she said rendo is uniquely qualified to lead efforts to lower property taxes and will be in charge of the audit of trenton. they bring openness, transparency and accountability that has never been seen in the governor's office. >> i have been to the town of west new york, which is in new jersey. >> oh. >> yeah. west new york, new jersey. right on the hudson river. >> very nice. >> by the way, mike i believe
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you lied to me earlier. >> why? >> because we were talking about nipple rings. you said you didn't have any. someone says i have photos and they have been leaked. >> i didn't talk about the past. >> pull up the evidence. >> oh, lord. >> those look heavy. >> yes. >> they were heavy. go big or go home is what i used to say. >> they are not still in. >> no, i was setting off too many x-ray machines at tsa. >> yes. >> you fly a lot. >> i do, yeah. >> i don't know women found that attractive. >> agree with the cowboys player. >> yes, a lit. >> another one. >> now that is from two years ago. >> my gosh. >> i had a bad stiff neck that week. >> yeah. >> do you like it or not.
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>> you have never looked better. >> sue give us a quick forecast while i do... >> i can never unsee that now. we have some fog from pottstown, allentown reading lancaster, trenton, atlantic city millville socked in and we are only at 3 miles visibility at philly international. heavy rain far to the south but unsettled enough in our area for showers to pop up at anytime, see area of northern maryland, goes away sometimes as quickly as it appears but real quick look shows showers popping up this afternoon we may see sunshine as well, but then heavy rain comes in late in the day and tonight especially overnight hours and especially south of philadelphia, look at this heavy rain rolling in after 9:00 watch out going out for friday night date night and driving for ponding on the roadways fit starts to rain heavily. 2:00 in the morning it is raining a lot even by 6:00 but
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some computer models has things clearing out saturday afternoon and we hope it stays that way that system moves off shore and we have a good rest of the weekend at lee the way it is looking right now but just to show you difference, one has an inch and a half of rain and several have much less than and inch and that is for philadelphia but much more expect to the south and that is why we have a flash flood watch in effect for this afternoon into tomorrow. mid 70's walking out the door right now mid 80's by end of the day depending on how much sunshine. 74 degrees tomorrow with hopefully we will salvage part of the day on saturday with that rain in the morning cloud to sunshine on sunday, sunday looking better, and nice day on monday but then tuesday just as august begins the heat and humidity return back to the 90's by wednesday and possibly thursday of next week. don't forget bob kelly when you get in the car 101.1 more fm. >> bam, got it on the preset.
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here's a live look at south philadelphia yo we have tonka crane out here water department crews working overnight only one lane opened southbound columbus boulevard right here near catherine. anyone that exit i-95 off columbus boulevards is going to get stuck. they have had it shut down for 15 minutes or so and that is causing a big delay exiting i-95 and south on columbus boulevard. back in the day we called that delaware avenue. best bet throughout the day go down to packer avenue and then go north on columbus boulevard that will avoid getting stuck in the construction delay and then throughout the weekend. live look at ben franklin bridge light volume but we are dealing with some fog fog causing delays at philly international expect delays through the day and tomorrow once rain kicks in all bets will be off so there are minor fog delays at lee right now and rain delays will be coming later on. good morning to reading we are
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dealing with fog damp road up there northeast extension. look at thick fog here outside allentown so anybody heading up to or through poconos this weekend be ready for. that heading down the shore watch out for fog as well just south of route 55. mike and alex, back over to you. amber rose if you are just getting up who are amber rose was on the radio show yesterday and she grew up in south philadelphia. >> she said she came from a place where people aren't traditionally attractive. >> but she is. but people in south philadelphia, yeah. >> yeah. >> our challenge toys find attractive people to prove her wrong. >> it is not a challenge. this is from pinky peanut she said my sisters. >> i agree pinky. >> and then tracie says i don't think so philly girls rock all natural no plastic surgery no air brush get over yourself talking to amber. >> i had a guy write in and say maybe amber should spend more time on the church instead of the pole. >> not anymore.
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>> miss rutledge said south philadelphia born and raise bye amber. >> quite attractive. >> we have great pictures here >> my gorgeous family #philly girls. >> beautiful. >> you know what looking at these pictures if you were a guy and single right now taking down these notes. >> we can also try to find attractive men. >> yes, we're not just talking about women. >> do it for laid ties so we can have something to see. >> call your friends guys and tell them we will have beautiful women. my ride's here. >> that is for you. >> yeah. >> tea time over, star bucks getting rid of the tea company it just bought a couple years ago. >> i love tea. >> do you like teavana. >> yes. >> well, bye-bye. a shark jumps on to the boat, yeah, shark jumped on to this boat i'll tell you where it happened.
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star bucks have tea when have you ordered tea from star bucks. >> never. >> people that love tea and they do order it, we are a little hurt. lauren simonetti teavana no more. >> no more. star bucks owns the company they have for about five years now. they are closing all 379 tea vanas which means 3300 workers are without jobs? why? do we not like tea. stores are in malls. who is going to the mall. death of the shopping mall, affecting teavana. star bucks will do instead is taking their drinks and sell them in star bucks store not everything but they will keep some drinks. >> they had a wide selection, they had one in king of prussia i believe. this is where i get my holiday blends of tea. >> they have expensive teapots that they sell, like hundreds of dollars that make for a nice gift as well.
7:25 am
>> i cannot afford that, i'm talking about little tea bags. >> i got one and i'm like are you kidding me? i looked it up and said this was $400 teapot. >> here's my handle. >> i kind of wanted to return it but then i had $400 to spend on tea sorry. >> you know how i make tea. >> you get a tea bag put it in water and in a cup, stick that stinking cup in the microwave and hit high. >> that is it. >> that is it you have to get it and have it brew. >> seeping. >> there is a difference. >> we have talk about this before, when it comes to flying we don't like checking bags. we do everything to stuff tonight our carry on because you never know if your baggies going to be delayed or doesn't make flight stand there and wait forever and then you find out they have who your bag but they are changing that. >> it is so annoying to september that they can lose your bag that you paid for them to check for you. >> right. >> in this world of technology
7:26 am
well, it happens and american airlines is doing something bit. they will use their app to update you before you land saying oh, your bag will not be at carousal, so this way you don't sit there like do i sometimes and wait, and wait, and wait for your bag and say it is not here where do i go. it will tell i exactly what to do. >> okay. >> nice. >> it is a time safer. >> yes yes. >> you won't sit there by yourself looking like a dufuss >> yes. >> as everybody leaves. >> and you are left there by yourself. >> lauren, have a great weekend. we will see you monday. >> by the way you guys looking for looking. >> thank you. >> where were you born and raised, lauren. >> born in rain staton island.
7:27 am
>> staten island didn't have very attractive people look at that lauren simonetti. >> what? >> of all of the girls let's break it down. >> we all look alike we all have dark hair, straight hair usually. >> yes. >> olive skin, short. >> yeah, that accent, i like it. one of my best friends lives in staten island. >> thank you lauren. >> i know you will take the kid to morey'spy they are weekend. before you do that we have some info for you. we will look at who is in charge of making sure these ride especially at state fares and carnivals are safe. >> emily: i want to live on my own but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent food bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa
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man has been arrested for sexually assaulting a child in north philadelphia how police nabbed him so quickly. being able to change your child's genes, while they are still in the womb. it is a major break through called embryo ed iting and we will explain how it works. >> so if i wanted my kid to have hazel eyes or whatever i can get in there and manipulate. >> apparently with this, you could. >> gene ed iting. >> embryo ed iting. >> i don't like the sound of
7:31 am
that. >> i'm sure people have big opinions about this one. >> earlier in the week we had characters painted at palm restaurant, brand new palm restaurant right. >> right. >> woman was eat nothing new york city last night and she was eating at the palm in new york. >> look at you. >> you are in three places at once. >> that is right. >> palm in new york, palm in philly and right here. >> i'm in two palmness new york. >> so four places. >> excuse me. >> yeah. >> it looks different then the one you have now the recent one. >> it is probably 10 years ago >> look at your eyebrows they were so dark. >> i have thinned them out sue, over the years. >> and then drew them back in as we watched here on "good day philadelphia". >> yes. >> amazing. >> we have dense fog advisory continuing until 8:00 this morning for counties you see to the north of us but a lot of places are experiencing fog this morning. we have flash flood watch that
7:32 am
starts this afternoon and goes until tomorrow afternoon. hes of rain in these places, including philadelphia, it is possible in a very short period of time so be careful overnight tonight. sixty's and seven owe's for buddy. he has gone to the shore but you have to keep your eye on the sky for pop up showers and thunderstorms especially later on. is there a look at radar nothing happening here at the moment except a lot of cloud cover. 74 degrees here in the city. we're expecting a high of 84 by the end of the day some sun but scattered showers and thunderstorms later on. >> i warned but it earlier this morning and here we go all flights destined for philadelphia international being held after departing places because of the fog this morning. so again that will cause a domino effect as we role throughout the rest of the day not just here in philadelphia but also other airports, so be aware of that, check with the airline between today and
7:33 am
tomorrow. live look at 422 rolling eastbound we are dealing with thick fog coming from collegeville and royersford downtown some fog socked in make sure you have your head lights on as well rolling out of the driveway. that one lane pattern on columbus boulevard causing big delays exiting number i-95 in south philadelphia. best bet stay on i-95 and go down to packer avenue and then work your way back north on columbus boulevard. that water main project will be with us through the weekend coming into center city or any events along penns landing through the weekend keep that in mind. we are dealing with fog down the shore for folks coming back or heading down early today and for gang up here in reading, dealing with thick fog on 422 mike and alex, back to you. folks, listen to this now. >> investigation continues in the deadly park accident at ohio state fair inn though it happened at the ohio state where where one person was kill. so many other states are looking at their carnival
7:34 am
rights and what they are doing >> victim identified as 18 year-old tyler gerald, he was killed five days after enlisting in the marines. we will pause it here. that whole piece comes flying off, it is called fireball, that is the name of the ride, seven people were injured most of them in critical condition. tyler's girl friend the young man who who his life is in critical condition. officials say ride was inspected, three or four times and passed the inspection as carnival opened. >> we do not rush inspections. our inspections take place and as amusement rides come in they are check several times while they are put up and each and every day. >> in the wake of that accident morey pier in wildwood announced its ride called it will be shut down while the investigation is
7:35 am
ongoing. >> okay. >> so we will bring in attorney specializes in cases involving amusement park accidents to share his perspective because it is concerning for so many people to hear that it passed the inspection yet that still happens. >> this is jeffery reeve right here. what happened to new 1999. >> in 1999 i was with my wife, nephew and children at a local park in new jersey, all of the kid love to go to the park. it was a ride. my wife wanted, i wanted the kid onto go on and my wife was over protective and late their evening a mother, 39 year-old mother was eject from the ride with her son and there was a catastrophic accident that really impacted my life forever. >> did they both die. >> one of them died, other was critically injured. >> that change your life. >> it change my life. we became advocates for consumer safety and we do cases all over the united states.
7:36 am
>> you gotten a call from the ohio. >> we got a call last evening from one of the victims in this case so we will be following up and investigating it closely. >> how often does this happen. >> unfortunately carnivals it happens more often than not. carnivals are a unique breed. they are traveling. ride are set up, put on trucks and in ohio, you know, you have 70 ride being set up, and there was some bad weather in the beginning of the week. you've got an inspector looking at zero seven ride or so and these are technical complex ride and they are not on fixed sites. so what happens every time that ride is taken apart and rhea sem also the stress, wear and tear different ground conditions. in the carnival ride they are anchored bolted down and then secured and some of these ride where we have momentum and movement if it is knocked out so we will be looking at a lot
7:37 am
of factors in this ride. i have to tell you ohio is one of the better states for amusement park safety, very comprehensive but what we have to look at is who is doing inspection. >> that is what i was going to ask you. i'm a big fan of state fares. i have been going to texas and i love riding ride but i wondered, in the beginning when they set up the fare is that the only time they have inspections or once a week. >> they are supposed to happen regularly. >> what is regularly. >> during the entire inspection process before the ride is set up after the ride& is set up but most of the time these are cursory inspections. these ride are very complex. it is computerized systems sophisticated engineering systems and they typically people inspecting these ride don't have the background necessary. when we inspect a ride after an accident it takes us perhaps weeks if not months to figure it out. >> so, a fare opens up in whatever state lets say state of pennsylvania. who do they ask to come
7:38 am
inspect it. >> well different states. >> local humans. >> department of agriculture in pennsylvania and in ohio, and the problem is you have got in ohio for example we have which is one of the best right now accident is being investigate by the ohio state police highway patrol. >> what do they know about amusement parks. >> they are very good in accident reconstruction, motor vehicle accident but you raise a very good point. these machines are so complex that require such engineering specialist, warning and safety experts, computer experts that is where there is often loop holes and is there often time frames here in this incident it was rain at the beginning when they are setting up ride and trying to get everything opening. is a catastrophic. >> is what happened at morey's pier. >> they shut down their it right last night which is a very similar ride and many
7:39 am
other parks shut down their ride. i give them all credit. typically what happens once a major accident occurs with a particular piece of equipment the manufacturer will send out a warning or park owners will say we want to see is what going on here before we open it up, to others. >> it sounds like at lee for me since this person who rides these kind of ride and i enjoy there them there need to be changes or more regulations. >> you could not have said it better. is there a patchwork of the regulations. what is interesting is inspection regulations in one state vary with inspection regulationness another state. while a ride may be deemed safe in one state tonight traveling carnival you get to another state and rules are much more lacks. >> do you have any kid. >> i have three kid. >> would you let them ride a carnival ride that was just temporarily set up. >> i'll tell you question i'm asked all the time.
7:40 am
i would rather say into my child then to have to go back afterward and say honey i'm sorry, i didn't say know understanding what i know about the amusement industry. traveling carnivals are inherent with a lot of risks. think about people that put these ride together. when you think of the carnival you think fixed ride are much safer. this mako shark made it easy on the fish mean shark jumped in the boat. >> it wiggled, thrashed trying to get free, after 20 minutes though, one of the fisherman managed to put a rope. >> we have shown this tease video and we will show you whole darn thing. we have a camera at training camp, second day where they are all there. there may be a coaching change he is a shark.
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(vo) when i brought jake home, i wanted him to eat healthy. so i feed jake purina cat chow naturals indoor, a nutritious formula with no artificial flavors. made specifically for indoor cats. purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. look at this shark, we showed you this before the break but my gosh. >> it got stuck and then,
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finally wiggled its way back in the ocean. that took about 20 minutes though. >> oh, man can you imagine. >> that is closer than michael phelps got to the shark. >> you are still irritated. >> a little bit. >> maybe race that jumping in the water. >> that is crazy they didn't even pull tonight on a rod just jumped on the boat making it easy. bird, talking about the eagles, they have all flocked to camp. so one day is in, and are people really talking about getting rid of doug pederson already? did you hear who said yes he is thinking about becoming a head coach again? oh no.
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good morning, yo, south philadelphia live look at the schuylkill expressway thinks a live look west wound heading in toward center city off to the shoulder at south street. state police on the scene. we are dealing with poor visibility all around the board because of the fog here, so flights are not permitted to depart, other cities, for philadelphia, because of the fog right now. so that is naturally going to have a domino effect. check with your airline. if your flight is not coming in philadelphia it will not be here to take you out and that
7:48 am
will obviously repeat itself throughout the morning and then we're expecting heavier rain, rough couple of days, down at philly international. live look at northeast philadelphia giving you an example of the fog. not that bad. prime time vacancies on here, did you get an -- mike just made it two shots, three pointer. live look allentown good morning to you some fog off the northeast extension coming from new jersey, not bad at all but remember on a friday in the summertime we will start singing on the way to cape may and head down the shore between 12 and two. whether when we see jams. columbus boulevard southbound i-95 off of columbus boulevard and south down into catherine only one lane is opened and that is causing big delays exiting 95. if you go down to the waterfront this weekend. outdoor events this weekend all eyes are on the forecast and see has it it in 15.
7:49 am
phillies are back in action and they play the atlanta braves tonight. will they get the game? well, probably but is there a chance of rain and rain delays are possible. keep that in mind bring the puncho with you to citizens bank park, this evening. if you have phillies tickets. now fog is still out there it is improved a little bit at philly international with 5 miles visibility. we have a quarter mile in pottstown, reading allentown still foggy in trenton. still fog any atlantic city as well. most of our rain has moved out of here for the moment but it is unsettled enough that showers could pop up at anytime and we will look at the rain for the rest of the day to day and tonight. do you see pop ups starting, about one or 2:00 in the afternoon and then heavy rain, starts to roll role in probably after dark. we have possibility of some
7:50 am
super soakers in those thunderstorms later in the day today. eighty-four today. eighty on sunday. sunday definitely better kay but we may salvage second half of saturday if the rain gets out fast enough and there is a chance that it will. august begins on tuesday mike and alex and we have hot humid weather to welcome the new month. >> thank you. lovely gift to start the month. hot and humid. all right. there is a live look, at eag training camp what is that exercise. >> do you see carson wentz throwing his hand up in the air like he just don't care. >> he knows it is friday. >> being that it is friday we are trying to shake things up. lets get big rumors started. >> i don't see doug pederson there. >> because he is replace by jon gruden no, late last night this report came out ey tan sander. >> only bring me into the
7:51 am
crazy stuff. >> because we know you are crazy. >> it fits. >> every year people ask jon gruden such a good coach. >> ten years ago. >> well, yeah. >> great point alex. >> he hinted that he is interested in getting back into coaching getting back on that side line, here's the question, even though doug pederson only starting his second season would you if you had to make a decision right now gun to your face would you pull the trigger and hire jon gruden. >> no, no. let this man live. let him breathe, doug pederson he need another year. i have been critical, his first year. plenty of things you can say he need to get better at but he need another season at very least to coach. jon gruden, has not coached in a decade. wow make a great politician because he always knows perfect time to get his name in the news and right around the start of the nfl season. enough is enough. lets stop this, please before
7:52 am
it turns into a problem. >> they are called it groomers the name. >> that is actually not bad. entice me to talk bit, all right. >> john gruden rumors, groom ers. >> yes. >> let's talk more. >> he is not coming here. lebron james has a better chance coming here. >> that is not happening. >> to coach the eagles weird. >> lets talk about the jordans then we have news on both jordanswe will start with jordan matthews. he is coming up on his contract year. people are wondering what is your plan, man what will do you? he did talk about it in practice yesterday let's listen. >> i grew up my parents were affluent. i never needed anything. when i played football i played football for respect. it was never a sense i got to get to the league to get money to get my mom a house. i respect anybody who has to do that. i never really played for money. so i went across middle because i wanted to make sure guy across from me respected me. >> how about that. >> that is why i do radio, i don't do it for the money.
7:53 am
he is fine as far as economics are concerned right now. team will make a decision trying to work with him this year but they have benefit of alshon jeffery torey smith around him to help jordan matthews have a better season. the only question i have is his knee, is he injured? something going on? is there a health problem with him? i don't think so necessarily but it is still something to keep an eye on. don't worry about economic is threats's rang wide receivers hoist your number one receiver >> alshon jeffery. >> number two. >> torey smith. >> number three. >> jordan matthews. >> number four. >> nelson agholor. he is okay as a four. >> is that last plate. >> by default it is a pass happy league do we have corn their can defend. >> no, but it is okay. it is not the end of the world you don't have corners right now that are great and defend but other areas of the defense that can make up for it. it is not the end of the world
7:54 am
we will be okay. ten wins i had last week. >> yes. >> nothing has change here. >> one disagreement. >> stop, stop. >> stop with the groomers. >> you know what you are doing adding more to this fire here and i have to put it out for next four hours on the radio. >> they call me mike kerosene, mike gasoline. >> good to see you. >> richard curtis is at ice works in aspen. >> i have never been there. >> it is great.- >> got to be cold. >> it is dog days of summer right now and if you are looking for new sport to cool down, well look no further then ring aston ice works to learn about this new sport. who gave me a license to drive this thing i'm sure it is in the legal here we go. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa!
7:55 am
you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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z test text1 p
7:57 am
steve sweeney tries to tell you he gets things done for south jersey. don't believe him. because steve sweeney gets things done for himself, for the special interests who pay for his campaigns, and definitely for chris christie. but steve sweeney doesn't get things done for you. unless you count cutting education funding, raising the gas tax, and sending more of your tax dollars off to trenton instead of south jersey. if you're tired of typical politics stop electing typical politicians like steve sweeney. have you ever had surgery. >> no, i don't think i have. >> knock on wood.
7:58 am
>> i had my meniscus repaired, but they cut you open, right. they put you back together. then they so you shut. what about if they used this instead. your chest is opened and they suck, they so you backup by putting slugs on your incision and slugs as see tours, would you be into that. >> i mean, it doesn't look great but it doesn't hurt as much then i'll take it. >> doctor mike is this an idea that is being talked about. >> well, maybe back a couple hundred years they may have put the slugs right on you but bottom line is, it is slugs slime, it is the slime that the slugs make. it is full of polymers and what is incredible about it is and it adheres to tissue and even if it is wet it is still adheres and it is flexible because it is made of these polymers and sticks like
7:59 am
crazy glue. >> yes. >> it is better than staples because it then bio degrades, and it is just the best thing since buttered bread. you will see more and more of the use of the slug slime down the road. nothing new. it has been around for hundreds of years. people have used it for wounds , warts and things in foulke lure medicine. >> how come we have not been using it all the this time. >> it takes time to study it, look at it. >> you know, i have always wanted to have blue eyes, but my parents didn't know how to engineer their genes. >> i think you have beautiful eye. >> they are hazel. >> yes, i know that. >> but now there is a way. >> now is there a way that parents can do that if they wanted to. >> it is called embryo editing listen embryo and they are working on fascinating stuff. what they are going to do now
8:00 am
with a crisper, they are able to accurately take parts of the gene out and then edit, like cutting and pa sting but now they can take a disease out is someone is known to have a disease. they will look at genetics. they will find there is a problem. they can take it out and replace witt a new better, improved normal set of genetics. >> so what you mentioned about eye color is what everyone is concerned about. this was done actually for first time in the united states. it was done before in china embryos were never brought to fertilization. but bottom line is we want to do this for diseases not because we want to create the perfect human being. but i'm telling new hundred years we will look at what we
8:01 am
do now like what we did with george washington with mercury and cathartics. >> if you didn't go to the doctor back then and they didn't make you have diarrhea you were considered a quack. we are were called heroics. they made you because the thought was you had evil humor s. >> i would go to the doctor back then. he would give me diarrhea. >> wow. if he didn't because we wanted to get rid of the evil humors and if he didn't you would consider him a quack how do you like that. isn't that amazing. this is the future. hundred years you will see this before, real quickly i went to the restaurant in glen mills which is a bistro they loved you over there ahead alexa us suzy, a little train station in glen mills. they asked me if you are actually like this in real life. >> i get that question all the time. >> and you said. >> i have only ever seen you
8:02 am
naked so you are different then. >> did you tell them about that. >> i did. >> yes. >> were they impressed. >> no. >> short story. >> love you guys. >> good day it is friday, july 28th 2017. a man is arrested for sexually assaulting a child how police nabbed him so quick ly. a lot of people where i'm from aren't traditionally attractive people. >> slamming her only town? amber rosies under fire for saying philadelphians, well, they are just not good looking how she's defending herself right now. >> i believe it is time to re think your wardrobe because it is so one way doesn't mean you cannot wear i differently. how to transform your closet, in a few easy steps.
8:03 am
from olympic gymnast to road racer. simon biles shares moment after she has her wisdom teeth removed and it is something you've got to see. >> i had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled in college. it was a messy bet it was. >> it was a mess. >> lets get back to this amber rose thing. she has apologized. difficult dent mean everybody in south philadelphia is ugly. >> they are still reacting. >> we're really ham they are away today. >> this is zolie ramos looking good with my friend a beautiful picture is there. >> we are proving amber wrong. we are showing attractive people we have discover in the delaware valley. >> we have been asking everybody to let us know your opinions and show us some pictures. use the #fox 29 good day so we can put it on tv. >> should we show just ugly people or attractive people. so we went with the attractive people. >> is that what it was. >> yes.
8:04 am
>> we had a little discussion. >> hi. >> eye in the beholder i beholder. >> lets get to our weather today. it will get a lot worse before it gets better. >> what? >> because it is company kind of half and half. second half rain rolls rolls in we have a flash flood watch that kicks in this afternoon. it is not here yet but last through tomorrow afternoon most places in the watch area will get one to 3 inches of rain pond together roadways, run off just making a mess late in the day. get on the beach early like bus stop buddy milder start today, temperatures in the of 's and zero seven's. it feels muggy out there as well. we are seeing cloud cover and very little sunshine this morning. it is 74 degrees. 5 miles visibility at the airport. that is an improvement over last hour, and then it is still real foggy, to the north of us, and many places, over a quarter built.
8:05 am
we have a greater chance of showers say after three or 4:00 in the afternoon high temperature 84 degrees. more about the weekend coming up bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. 8:05 on this friday morning. we're dealing with the fog and delays coming in the city,e on the schuylkill, school bus coming in, maybe some day camp having their class trips or field day down at the zoo and here's an example of the fog that is laying over 95. not a lot of volume though on a friday morning coming into downtown philadelphia, but we have delays at philly international, all flights are not permitted to part other cities for philadelphia because of the fog. that is going to cause a domino effect. your plane's not here, it will not be here to take you out. check with the airline not just today but also tomorrow work that heavier rain on the way and hello, cherry hill, live look at route 70 rolling up toward the old marlton circle mike and alex, back over to you. all right. police are investigating a sexual assault involving a
8:06 am
child, a little girl, in north philadelphia. >> so we will get to steve keeley because he is getting those details for us, steve. >> reporter: well, lit moral details now. i won't be upset showing the house now as much because thinks like a boarding house. they went people rooms here and that further explains what happened here. you can see inside the house because it is still a crime scene and door wide opened. chris will come down to where i am, you can see inside. it is set up like a lobby here on the first floor. comes down here further and see inside there and sadly what we're told by neighbors there is a lot of families that come here and take a room occasionally. apparently some young man who we will show you of now is under arrest and reason police arrested him he was caught in the act by people in the house. he ran out of the house. people called the police. police had description. police over on broad street broad and diamond caught this
8:07 am
guy and people who saw him doing this to this little girl went and identified this guy. they caught this guy. svu is on it right now. the family just came back here we moved over here just at last second because family up the street where we were talking with us crying. very upsetting story to report here. this is on the a excrete chris will show us this chair where all of the furnished left here for kid who just finished. and when they moved out they will rule look stuff around. we will see for rent signs and thinks mixtures of transient people whether they are students or resident who have to take a room into that house on that side but i can guarantee that little girl and her family are never going back there. that is why i do not show address. it is not a family address for a long time. >> gotcha. >> boarding house. >> horrible.
8:08 am
alec baldwin is facing chris cyst bomb his latest movie called blind because he plays a blind man. here's a little bit of the trailer. >> when was last time you were with the woman. >> since my wife. >> you must have dinner with me tonight and i will take to you paris. >> may i ask you a question what do you look like. >> why don't you see for yourself. >> i can see thaw are beautiful. >> i want to see the way you see. >> okay. >> what do you see wrong with that. >> rutherman family foundation which, advocates on behalf of those with disabilities is leading the charge against this movie. group has likened alex baldwin 's portrayal of the blind man and they compared it to blackface. >> here's part of what they had to say to the l.a. times. we no longer find it acceptable for white anchors to portray black characters. disability as a costume need to be also become universally
8:09 am
unacceptable. michael mayer had this to say in response, foundation, accused the film of crib face a take off on black face. not only such a statement un helpful, disable advocacy but discredits academy award winning performances over decade by daniel day lewis in, my left fight, jamie fox in ray, jon void, al pacino in sent subsequent of the woman and eddie redmayne in the they are irv everything just to name a few. foundation responded to that, we're not saying that michael mailer the director oral ex-baldwin the anchor created this problem but we are saying that a problem exists and as movie creators, they can help solve this, i guess by hiring actors who are blind. it makes sense. never thought of that it way. >> yes. >> good point. >> um-hmm. >> speaking of movies, lets go to the move thinks weekend
8:10 am
did you see there is that whole emoji movie. >> i have heard about that. >> is it good? well, kevin mccarthey our film critic saw it. did you see movie famous actors who plays the poop emoji. >> i have heard. >> yes. >> very surprising. you are like what? >> he is highly respected and now he is playing poop. >> richard's on ice. literally. >> i'm turning in my blade and my puck and trading it in because i want something harder. what do we have here? >> fastest sport on ice we will tell but it. where is the blade when we come back.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:15. practice underway in south philadelphia. jordan matthews going through his drills. >> we are watching him because remember he had some, little injury he was dealing with last year. >> tendonitis in the knee. >> good to see him moving, shuffling around warming up with everybody else. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> we have torey smith out there. >> yes. >> looking good. >> he is moving.
8:14 am
>> torey smith, 82. >> yes. >> good stuff. >> we are getting close now i'm doing my traffic drills. >> oh, yeah. >> can you keep up. >> probably not. >> imagine how hot that is down there. >> same build as jordan matthews. >> block him. >> having some fun down there at novacare complex in south philadelphia. live look at 95 southbound, not that bad at all coming through construction zone but we have been dealing with fog for most of the morning coming from south jersey, no problems at the moment, again crunch time on a friday heading to the shore usually kicks in at between 12 and 2:00. good news, bad news at philly international. they have lifted ground stop. so flights destined for philadelphia are now permitted to take off from those other cities but that is already going to have about an hour delay on those flights. of course, they come in late means they will leave late and now laguardia is dealing with the same issues.
8:15 am
check with the airline if you are flying today and down the shore they have got this water main break on route 40 which is just outside of atlantic city and forecast for your weekend, got some rain coming sue has details in 15. your allergy report shows that we have very low levels of tree and grass pollen but mold spores and they are very high after rain we get later today expect it to be even higher. moderate levels of weed, pollen out there this morning. and the rest of the day. 5 miles visibility as bob just told you but it is still foggy to the north of us and we are looking at rain, but most of the heavier rain is supposed to move our way in the
8:16 am
overnight hours. how much rain? it just depend where you are but further south you go more rain you are expect to see from what is happening later on in the day. eighty-four today. seventy-four tomorrow. eighty on sunday. hoping to get some sunshine, maybe later part of the day on saturday and on sunday and then we will warm up, all a lot as we get in the middle of the next week. mike and alex i have a question for you sue serio alex holley and all of the ships at sea. >> okay. >> there is a new game they play on ice it is called win- get. >> nerve ideay bet richard curtis knows what is sing-it. >> guess what i'm just as baffled as this new sport as you are. i'm a hockey player. i'm used to this. guess what, thinks old news. rik kline is captain of the team u.s.a. ringette and what is this thing. >> wingette is 1963 in canada.
8:17 am
>> this isn't a new sport. >> it has been around a long time. we are trying to bring it to the u.s.a. we have an awesome camp here at aston ice works but people are baffled like what is it. >> that is right biggest difference is stick doesn't have a blade. >> right. >> we have a cool tip it is ribbed to help with you your shot. we don't have a puck. we use a rubber ring. and what you just put the stick in there. >> a lot of passing. wrist shot is easy. >> we have a goalie standing by here. she plays for newman college right down the road in philadelphia is what the key how do do you this? can i just take a slap shot. >> you can try but you might not make the team. >> do similar motion as would you with the hockey wrist shot turn it over and flipping. basically painting a j on the edge. start in the front of the ring bring it back, forward. >> good shot. >> we are doing a j here we go. >> beautiful. >> all right. >> let me get another.
8:18 am
>> you are a good goalie. can you let one go in we're on tv. >> nope, that is it. that is good. no bad. it is like hockey. so when do we get in the fights do we do that. >> there is no fighting in win gette, it is a physical sport you are pushing but there is no body contact. >> that makes it so seven fun. these girls are flying around. they make the sport look good. maybe we will get into a little game here. do you want to get into a quick scrimmage here and see if we can make light good. you guys can have the first ring. let's do it. you guys have tryouts this weekend. right here if you have never seen the sport play, hang out watch these guys try out. people from all over the team u.s.a., all over u.s.a., is that right. >> yes, we are welcoming public to skate with us on sunday. >> let's do this, let's play wingette. >> wow. >> thinks way faster then i'm
8:19 am
used to. >> nice. >> team whiteys stacked. >> let me see if i can get this one. >> you guys are incredible. >> we can play this rest of the day. we will keep going, that is only first period, check these guys out all weekend they have big try outs. we will see awesome players. hey, i'm of the breath. >> come out on sunday and play with us from 11 to 12:00. >> this is your new sport if you have never tried it, maybe try out for team u.s.a. women 's team. i'm out of breath. i'll get there. >> you will work on it. put in some work just now. i have been ice skating but never played wingette or tried to play hockey. maybe that is next who knows. from gymnast to road racer
8:20 am
simon biles shares ridiculous moment after she has her wisdom teeth removed, you have to see her quite funny we love silly.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ >> good for you, salad healthy. i haven't seen this video. >> is that a tossed salad now
8:24 am
she's soup. i'll take some of the katie perry soup please, and make it snappy. she will host next month's music award. >> vma. >> it would be video music award on mtv. she's also nominated for five award. she has a cd called bone appetite. >> i guess that was video for the song. >> bone appetite. >> so it will be at forum in evening will wood, california on august between the left. >> engel wood up to know good. >> they used to call that fabulous forum. >> when lakers, show time. now they play downtown and not in engelwood. >> now they have vma's. >> sure they do. >> if you have ever had dental work and i'm sure you have, you know that there can be side effects from the gas they give you and sometimes those side effects can be funny.
8:25 am
>> recently we have seen people do this, they take video, they record them so you can see what they were seeing, doing, all crazy. >> now someone famous is doing it too. olympic gold medalist simon biles lets see what she did when she woke up. >> unaudible. >> i guess she's driving a car >> i like how she just falls out like it never happened. >> yes. >> so she recently had her wisdom teeth removed and yeah. >> she's loopy. >> yes. >> she shared video on social media with the caption here it is, i honestly november word, enjoy, i hope it makes you laugh. >> she felt like she was stuck
8:26 am
in traffic. >> did she. >> milky way will beingy can you punch yourself up there she got her wisdom teeth out an she came out of the dental office and walk into traffic almost walked into traffic. >> really. >> yeah, my dad was behind me closing the door to leave the dentist outside and i just kept walking and he is like meg, meg, meg, i had to be run and grabbed and i was stepping off a very busy road as i was stepping off the sidewalk. >> do you have your wisdom teeth. >> i do. >> i had all four of mine removed at the same day. >> how was that. >> really bad. >> i was supposed to have mine removed but when i got my consultation my teeth, like bottom part they are so intertwined with my nerves is there a good possibility i could lose feeling in my bottom lip that wouldn't work out for my career, would it. what do you do. >> that is the thing doctor. >> i need my bottom lip. >> just a little bit of drooling from time to time. >> would i do that.
8:27 am
>> you are doing this. >> yes. >> i drool all the time and i still do this. >> do you drool when you sleep >> how do i know that i'm asleep. >> you wake up in a pile of drool. >> not my knowledge no. obviously do you. >> i have done that. >> let's rethink your wardrobe >> when you have a piece or something you have not worn in a long time. >> redo it. >> just redo it, save yourself money and person who knows all about that is jen hi jen. >> hi guys. rethinking my life because i want to live here with alisa both of our things have been rethought, we will tell you bit because you have to span the wardrobe, man. >> rethink your pieces. [ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back:
8:28 am
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for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to it is 8:30. national weather service has extended dense fog advice troy
8:31 am
9:00 a.m. for areas north and west of the city where it has been pretty socked in with pea soup all morning. now this kicks in this afternoon as a flash flood watch through tomorrow afternoon for lots of rain in a short period of time potentially. bus stop buddy is at the shore but probably not going to be on the beach all day umbrella is for the chance of rain especially later on. nothing much on radar right now. lets get to the forecast. we're in the mid zero seven's right now. eighty-one by lunchtime. high of 84. maybe a little bit of sunshine but good chance of rain especially for evening rush. we will talk more about the weekend coming up, bob kelly. >> coming up at 8:32, on the schuylkill expressway, not bad coming into town but they paved this week. coming in through weekend be ready changing lanes you'll have a speed bump there a crunch working your way toward downtown, we have a water main break in glen mills changed road at baltimore pike, local
8:32 am
detours g news/bad news at the airport flights started to arrive again but we are looking at probably delays of about an hour so check with the airline before you head on down, mike and alex, back over to you. are you one of those people with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear, i know humans like that. >> the solution may be as simple as rethinking. you don't to have buy new stuff. >> just repurpose it. >> mix and match jen. >> yes, aim he here in ocean city my alyss a fredrick owe style director and you work with us at fox 29. >> do i. >> do you this on your instagram all the time. you take clothes and rework them. >> rethink your wardrobe. what we know is that manufacturers make garment based on a greater block that we don't all look like that. we have to alter our pieces. i'm super impatient. i like to cut things, fold things, rework stripes. it is just what i do. >> i felt like this was too
8:33 am
low cut so i wear it backward. >> i love it. >> this you didn't cut or alter but great way to change idea and you could you are going out for drinks turn it out and be sex year. but thank you so much. >> you're very welcome you we we thought this as well. kit this up. i made tonight to a dress. easy enough. >> we have a nation models from hair tan high school, sophia hood and style director >> this is my assistant. >> okay, tell her to stop. >> we are looking at the jeans what we know also is that jeans are made with incredibly long inseems. who in the world decide, has a inseem this long. i love it is perfect time, raw edge den it i am. i take it, get a great pair have fabric scissors. do not cut on model by wait but i cut it to exactly how i wanted it. i can cut them. do whatever. i altered this without taking it to the taylor and it looks adorable. >> thank you very much.
8:34 am
>> sophia. >> our next beautiful model again we have fashion director directing traffic is caitlin. >> so caitlin thinks a perfect example for someone who has a shorter torso like me. the straps on this romper were actually attached right here. well that didn't work. too big. so what i did take a bralet so you i have a cute back, cut the straps at bottom and tie tonight to a halter. now you have something that fits, it absolutely adorable and cute on trend in your bra let. >> way to go. >> last but certainly not least. >> we have kristin. this is gorgeous. >> totally gorgeous. >> what i love about this is pink stripe, levels but too much for me. it has wide slit leg. what i like to do is take this and made this in tie hardim pant so it wasn't all over the place and gave it more detail. >> i love that. >> yes. if you are at the shore and
8:35 am
windy you know where your pants are. >> you gave it a different look you had to self felt it. it took it off. it was too much. she has a whole look. >> thank you very much, gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. thank you to our style fashion editor. >> yes. >> assistant fashion assistant >> you may recognize her. >> beautiful. >> nicely done. >> i like the one on the end there. >> yes. >> talk to me. >> time for this weeks alex around town. i want to play the game where you guess where i am and then i'll reveal. here's your first clue where am i and the hint is, can you guess what those symbols mean? we will give you a clue as to where i am? alex holley fox 29
8:36 am
8:37 am
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plan is shot down in the senate floor in a fairly dramatic vote happening this morning while were you sleeping. could this signal the end of the g.o.p. led effort to repeal and replac the affordable care act? anchor of "fox news" sunday chris wallace joins us now welcome back to philadelphia, chris. >> good morning to you mike. >> what do we do now chris. >> well, that is a question a lot of republican senators are asking themselves, the president's immediate reaction to the defeat of the repeal bill said let's just ileto bam a care implode and we will pick up pieces and democrats will take the blame. that is one potential solution , the president has suggested that in the past. there are some republicans who are saying lets go back to the old fashion legislating committees, hold hearings, work with democrats and try to fix some of the problems with obama care which both side agree whether it is premiums going up or insurance company aren't making money pulling
8:40 am
out of various area particularly rural area then some people said we cannot do this big repeal maybe we will do a more moderate repeal but they are picking up pieces today and if you were to ask mitch mcconnell he would say i don't have a clue. >> saw john boehner said the republicans are never going to repeal obama care. >> i remember when he said that months ago and people laughed at him like what a negative guy. he is looking smart right now. >> darn right. >> yeah. >> i admit chris every now and then i watch the bold and beautiful the soap opera. that has taken a back seat to what is happening on the d.c. front page of the philadelphia daily news and they have a big bomb and inside the bomb is anthony scaramucci's face and it says, kaboom. new white house guys, they call him scary muchi, bless up saying he is white house leak
8:41 am
er. again what the heck is going on. >> well, a lot of people are asking themselves about that. scaramucci gave an interview to the new yorker magazine not exactly a friendly conservative outlet because something had leaked and it wasn't about a national security matter but a dinner that scaramucci attended with sean hannity and couple other conservative people. scaramucci was annoyed it had become public. he believes is there a big long feud between priebus chief of staff and scaramucci and scaramucci unload todd this reporter. it isn't just that he said he is leaker. if you want to look at it, go ahead but he talks in public in ways i have never heard people talk in private not only about priebus but steve ban on chief strategies to the president and really in vial terms and you just to have wand tore day because this broke very late yesterday how is white housing to go respond. will they will pretend it didn't happen?
8:42 am
is the president going to lay down some marching order here. you talk about what is on the front page of the philadelphia paper, front page of the new york powe has it like a game of survivors with the various players from the president on down. it is no way to run a white house. >> we will see you that will be such a good show i'll be watching for sure, chris, "fox news" sunday. today marks a big day for hamburgers. now is there a controversy about this but some folks is a very first hamburger was served 117 years ago today so to celebrate lets taste some on of the really good won from the fail area by wait get on twitter, if you needed to eat a hamburg tore day what is best one where do you go.
8:43 am
pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
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8:45 am
lancaster, reading allentown still pea soupy this morning but things are starting to improve in our area on radar right now but by end of the day on saturday we could rack up several inches. it depend where you are further south we have greater
8:46 am
chance of rain, one more warning about the winds too over weekend picking up on saturday afternoon with wind gusts in the 25 to 30 miles an hour range by then. flash flood watch from the this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon for all that rain rolling in later in the day lingering through saturday, probably half of saturday we hope to dry out the second half of saturday with a high of 74. sunday best weather day of the weekend even with some cloud it still looks pretty good getting really hot by the time august begins on tuesday alex >> okay 8:46. i'm excited about this. you may in the believe this but on this day in 1900 the first hamburger was serve at a diner, louie's lunch in new haven, connecticut. we wanted to celebrate. we can't just serve one. we will all kind. i'm exited to show you best bergers in our area we see everybody lined up. we will get down the line. it is hard to eat and talk. these are big burgers. mike jerrick professional
8:47 am
taste tester will be eating some of them for me. >> hi. >> hello, mike. >> hard job but somebody has to do it. >> you needed a big mouth because these are big burgers. >> true. >> lets start with jason petri na here director of operations. >> thanks for having me. >> what is this. >> italian hoagie legendary burger. >> wait a minute it is an italian hoagie on aberg are. >> yes, ma'am, philadelphia, inspired and it is italian hoagie on top of the burger. it is a mouthful. >> what all on there then should we take knife out. >> does it come with the knife >> yes, you can cut it and eat it because you will not pick it up and take a big bite. >> there, just ruin the creation there. >> what we have is angust beef with brisket and short rib in there we have it topped with philadelphia inspired hoagie mix of, salami, ham and
8:48 am
bologne, topped with provolone cheese banana peppers and fresh shredded lettuce italian dressing fine ripe end tomatoes and fresh red onion rings served with frenchfries and a side of ciarrocchi watch a mayo. >> you feel accomplished that you, put a flag tonight. >> we are proud on have what we are serving and proud to put our name on it. >> next, pine fish restaurant. we have peter the chef there. what do we have here. >> well to day we have our truffle burger but the thing that is unique is we use kobe beef or american wagu. >> i love, new that is good beef there. >> it is expensive. >> very expensive. >> then we put duck fat in there to inn reach it, so when i eat it, it will be sows juicy it will run down your arm. >> is that a guarantee. >> that is a guarantee.
8:49 am
>> all right. >> this is some cheese. >> where are you located. >> is 1138 pine. >> really cute place, i have been in there. >> very nice. >> the chef here, hi. >> italian wedding burger.& >> yes. >> what is on it. >> ground pork mixed with white beans like italian wedding soup. it has braced topping with provolone cheese and parmesan cheese. >> very nice. >> i have been in his place. you have been in all these places for sure. >> brian lopes, executive chef at the side car bar and grill this burger is kinky. >> this is the kinky burger, we have two path business cheese, truffle aoli and crispy poached egg and that makes it unique. when you bite in, it comes out >> that is the egg right there >> yes. >> you are kinky. >> yes. >> bite right into it.
8:50 am
>> hold on, i think i may want her to do that. >> we will come back. >> thank you. >> and then we have justin sway executive direct of rex 1615 you are a burger brawl winner. >> i am, we won battle of the burger a couple years ago. >> very nice. >> for this burger. >> what is is on it. >> house burger it has bib lettuce, our special grind i cannot tell you what is in it, cheese, bacon and crispy red onions. >> on top of what we had earlier in the show we were looking for a man who has nipple rings and if anybody on the day is here would have a nipple ring, it is you. >> it is not you. >> not you. >> no. >> keep searching mike. >> this one is huge. >> this is alexis. >> wow. >> what is that. >> how tall is this thing. >> we think it is 7 inches tall, just a larger version of the classic burger, three, 10- ounce patties, crispy onion straws, we serve witt fries
8:51 am
two pickles and we used to do it as a special bye now we have it every day. we have had a couple people who tried to finish it. we had one gentlemen that did finish it. >> did you give him a pry. >> we got him another burger next time he came in. >> he is dead. >> i guess you can share it, right. >> yeah. >> very nice. >> so, for television purposes you want something dramatic. >> we want dramatic you want g ooey and runny. they are all delicious. i would say with the duck fatties running down my arm but big fan of poached eggs and that has got to explode in my mouth. >> do it, do it. >> okay. >> all right. >> get ready for your close-up mike. >> that is poached egg on top. >> that is right. >> how do you crisp that up. >> poach it and shock it is ice water and we bread it and
8:52 am
fry it. >> here we go. >> wow. >> you are not lying. >> that is how we do. >> he said we have a squirter. >> oh, bob. >> seriously that has never happen to me before. >> there is nothing else to say. >> really. >> let's try it again. >> is it good. >> it is really good. >> fantastic. >> lets take a break he need to clean up. >> thank you, guys we appreciate it. >> we have brad pitt, he is attractive right? science has confirmed it. but apparently he has competition. the celebrity with the world's most handsome face. well, according to who? we will find out.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
slamming her hometown amber rose is under fire for saying that she feels philadelphians aren't what she calls traditionally attractive how she's deeven ifing herself right now. and people have been responding. they show it here in philadelphia they are like come on, amber seriously, look at this one yeah. she has been send nothing cute photos proving amber wrong there. we will send in more. use #fox 29 good day we want to show more. lets prove amber rose wrong.
8:57 am
8:58 am
and the burgers are ready. (laughs) mmmm. so are the veggies. that one is mine. nice job guys.
8:59 am
hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
9:00 am
people have already put this on twitter exploding hamburger. >> it is going to make it to you tube yet. >> yes. >> get ready. >> it was remarkable though it was. >> poached egg on a hamburger i like it a lot. >> hi karen. >> hi, good morning guys. >> good morning. >> tgif. >> the o'clock hour. i was at a party last night and they said we love 9:00 o'clock hour because you can tell you are all tired. >> is that a compliment. >> anything can happen. >> so karen's on what two hours sleep. >> we went out late last night and saw a show, so much fun wick, three hours sleepy heard it was fantastic. >> friday, july 28th 2017. >> lets go to the movies, big weekend for the movies. should we see new


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