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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  July 29, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> water is rising and re leaptless rain causing chaos down the shore. when we can expect the downpour to let up. >> several people including kids are hurt after a fire spread throughout two camden homes. >> home run to bust it wide open. >> after beating atlanta braves the players that no longer wear phillies red after a major trade announcement. >> and sing it zach brown band. >> you know i'm a chicken fry, cold beer on a friday night♪ ♪ >> it's national chicken wing day. tell us your favorite recipe and restaurant. use the # fox 29 "good day". >> check out ultimate doppler it is lit up this morning. rain pouring down on a whole
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lot of people in our area it's about coming down heavy since last night. let's look live in centerity philadelphia a few hours ago. downpours not going away any time soon. we've seen the most of it several inches of rain before it's all said and done. july 29, 2017, i'll let the expert fill in now. i don't know much about weather. you think we can have an enjoyable weekend. >> absolutely it won't be a washout. most of heavy rain fell during the overnight time frame. but with that said, we still have some moderate to heavy rain, especially down the shore. so look at ultimate doppler. we have a boundary just to our south and area of low pressure as well. that will continue to head out to sea. taking with it the bulk of heavy rain and as we look at ultimate doppler you can see the orange and red shade of color and that is where the most intense activity is moving auto away from those
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shore points. as we zoom in a little closer though north an west we have leftover clouds and also some showers and overnight last night, as predicted, that heavy rainfall just kind of moved through sections of south jersey and also delawar delaware. around the philadelphia area we have clouds. leftover light showers and as you move north towards the trenton area and then down the shore, you can see atlantic city, brigatine, as we move towards sections of cape may down they and still looking at moderate to heavy rainfall. but the bulk of energy is now moving on off to the east. so, take a look at some of those rainfall stilts over the last 24 hours. we'll zoom into sections of atlantic country about 5" or more to the south of galloway into sections of cape may county anywhere on average from 2 to 4" of rain. the winds right now sustained out of the north and east anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour with higher gusts. so here's the bottom line now through midday.
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the heaviest of the rainfall it's ipding. that flood threat early continues down the shore and those winds could be gusting anywhere from 20 to 30 miles an hour. weather by the numbers scale of 1 to 10 for today we will give it a 6. here's a look at planner. 77 degrees. that's it for the high temperature with that gradual clearing for center city. down the shore early showers, cloud cover, not the best of beach days today. 7 degrees. and then the lehigh valley 75 degrees. morning clouds. afternoon sun. we'll talk more about that weekend forecast and return of that sunshine lauren coming u up. >> scott said it may not be the best weekend at the beach. heavy rain bringing a major mess to shore towns. we sent jennaphr joyce out in the mix to see what's it's like. hi, jennie. >> hi, lauren, not the best beach weekend. guess what i planned. going to the beach. i'll be there rain or shine regardless. right now i can tell you take a look here, the rain is m
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coming down. we're just getting on to the garden state parking way off of the ac expressway in the area of egg harbor township. it's raining pretty steadily. the clouds are also pretty dark, pretty thick. when we were driving here though the rain only started about 15 minute or so ago. coming up from philadelphia it was fine. conditions were normal. my photographer michael lef leftwitch here said he could feel the wind scott williams is talking about shifting the car a little bit. i talked to my family down in wildwood crest last night around 6:00 and they said it was pouring and expected to last all night long. so now we're also seeing images on social media of flooded streets, cars underwater, someone in wildwood posted they had to be driven home in a military vehicle overnight because they were walking in knee deep waters. a lot of people were headed down to get a sense of what it all looks like and scott williams is saying cape may
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county has seen as much as 3 1/2" of water total. we're heading down there, flash flood warning is expected to remain in effect until 8:15. we'll head down and take a look and sdout all out for you. if you guys are seeing anything in your area please sent it to us on facebook. tweet us. let's us know what you're seeing and we'll head there. lauren. >> braking news out of camden where multiple people are hurt in a fire. flames broke out row home morton street and spread to the home next door. there were people inside both homes. both children and adults were injured in the blaze. >> we had numerous injuries. we have some people at cooper hospital right now being evaluated. we are going to be following up and checking on the sniff caps of the injuries and things of that nature. >> no word yet on how that fire started. an investigation is now underway. >> now to a developing story.
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prosecutors filed murder charges against a philadelphia man they say killed his next door neighbors after a long running dispute. police say 69-year-old kenneth hoyl shot frankford neighbors in the head after they allege allegedly tried to jump a fence in an argument. it happened two weeks ago 4700 block of squain street. 45-year-old bob depaul and his girlfriend august dempsey died and neighbors relieved that the charges are now filed. >> it will bring a lot of closure to their families. i really do i pray for her two sons and bobby's two -- whole family. >> police say hoyle admitted to the shooting originally and was taken into custody and released. he claimed he felt threatened and shot in self-defense. they had enough evidence to bring about the charge. >> family and friends saying final goodbyes to a local girl that put up quite the fight against brain cancer. 7-year-old philomena sixt
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ndardo will be laid to rest today at the cathedral basilica of st. peters and paul. she met the pope last year during make a wish. she was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor. she died monday. in memory live lick bella foundation supports the fight against childhood cancer. address po box 161215 miami florida 33116. >> 18 states and district of columbia fighting president trump ban on transgender service members. attorney generals from pennsylvania and delaware among those that signed a letter urging congress armed services committee to include transgender protections in national defense authorization act. they say president trump policy violates fundamental constitutional and american values. mean while president trump urging police to be rough during a speech about working to banish notorious street
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gang they say police should not be too nice with suspects. >> we're getting them out an anyway but we would like to get them out a lot faster and when you see these towns and thugs thrown into the back of patti wagon you see them thrown in rough, i said, please don't be too nice. like when you guys put somebody in the car and you are protecting their head you know the way you put your hand over their -- like don't hit their head and they just killed somebody don't hit their head i said you can take the hand away okay. >> the national civil rights and advocacy committee are criticizing the president saying his comments advocate decisiveness and hate. >> meanwhile, president trump chief of staff reince priebus is out and homeland secretary john kelly takes his place. he is a retired marine four star general that defended president trump controversial travel ban and known for experience with border security. house republicans vowing
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to continue to healthcare fight after republican senators efforts to repeal obamacare failed. senators could not get enough votes in latest effort for a so-called skinny repeal of affordable care act. we could see some of the battles in washington die down as the latest vote likely means august recess is back on and lawmakers will be leaving the nation's capitol. 7:9, philadelphia phillies had a busy night after beating the atlanta braves. they announced two trades involving two players. we'll tell you who they are. >> it's juicy and for some the ultimate comfort food. chicken, chicken wings specifically. share your favorite recipe or restaurant. use the #fox29goodday. but first, let's check in with sue on weekend wendy. weekend ends withy is very excited this is last weekend of delaware state fair. in some cases they save the best for last.
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brantly gilbert is the in concert today and tomorrow and they have so much going on ice rink. horse show competitions and of course the usual 4 h and ffa competition as demolition derby so much going on. delaware state is the web site you should go to to find out everything. wendy has popcorn now but sure to get something tried at some point at the delaware state fair in harrington, kent county. whatever you do this weekend, have a good time. from weekend wendy and i♪ ♪ rock with you♪ all night♪ rock with you♪ all night♪ ♪
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at ♪ >> why did you get out of bed at all today. it's pretty gross. you're taking a live look at cape may in the big boxment center city there in the little box. you can see the wind blowing. scott is here to tell us the weekend is not all a washout. >> absolutely lauren don't cancel the plans. the rain is moving out. so that is the good news early on this saturday morning. but we will see some lingering clouds late day piece of sunshine and down the shore leftover clouds and hardest hit areas of course down the shore and seeing choppy water. there will be a high risk for those rip current throughout the entire weekend as the system kind of pulls away.
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and as we take a look at ultimate doppler heavy rain overnight, great for sleeping, as we continue hour by hour you can see the heaviest of of that rainfall. it has shifted now pretty much moving out to sea. we still have leftover clouds, some areas of showers will remain the first part of the day and we have a few sprinkles around philadelphia moving towards burlington and likewise into trenton and mercer county and once again the heaviest of the rain pulling away. flash flood watches in effect for sections of south jersey and also into delaware for that ponding and also that runoff. temperature-wise, 70 wildwood. 66 right now in trenton. and we have 60 in mount pocon pocono. breezy conditions and those winds out of the northeast sustained anywhere from about 10 to 20 miles an hour with higher gusts. so as we go hour by hour by 9:30 still areas of leftover rainfall primarily south and east of the i-95 corridor and
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12:30 around lunchtime most of the rainfall is out of here and we will see that gradual clearing from west to east throughout the day. and so here's the bottom line. the heaviest of the rainfall ending early this morning and the main flood concern from now moving forward down the shore and those gusty winds will be on the lookout for that. clouds cover today upper 60s for the poconos tomorrow beautiful. mid 70s. down the shore for today. those early clouds and showers low 70s. and tomorrow, much improved. beautiful weather down the shore tomorrow with a high of 75 degrees. that weather authority 7 day forecast gradual clearing today and beautiful sunday, low 80s. mid 80s monday and hot again look at wednesday, 9 1 degrees by next thursday. back to you lauren. >> scott, thank you so much. 7:15 rabies scare in philadelphia fairmont neighborhood a cat was found to have rabies at a park near pennsylvania near the art museum while the cat was caught city officials worry other animals may be infected
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and park is popular playground and sits across the street from a popular copied owe filled with pet owners and they ask to you be on the loo lookout for aggressive animal animals. >> keeping an eye on pets and on leash particularly in a park that doesn't have boundaries is important. >> any person or pet who may have been exposed should seek medical attention right away. >> a prominent name is politics in philadelphia under scrutiny. congressman bob brady under the 2012 cam pain linked for illegal component to come out of the race. allegations only in philly. >> hi, i'm bruce gordon. philadelphia congressman bob brady is making head blinds today and no not the good kin kind. as first reported in inquire federal prosecutors believed brady paid off the campaign debts of political rival jimmy moore to the tune of 90,000. and in order to get more to
7:17 am
drop out of the 2012 democratic primary and that first district coming gressal seat and clear implication that the brady campaign was trying to greece the skids for yet another electoral blowout i say yet another because brady has been in congress nearly 20 years and faced anything resembling real opponent not in the primary were remember he is local party box nor general elections where republicans in the deep blue district hav havetial they can do to find a candidate with a pulse. to be fair brady has not been charged with a crime and through lawyers denies any improper behavior. prayed didn't camp says 90,000 or most of it at least went to by polling data or more. prosecutors shot holes in that story. if they're right it's just the latest example of politician or whom winning is never enough. they have to win big. you remember new jersey governor chris christie, don't you? just a few years ago he was
7:18 am
well on his way to i awe solid reelection victory. and then he decided with help from democrats he could turn that solid victory into a land slides. well went one of those democrats and north jersey mayor refused to play ball and staffers on team christie decided to gum up bridge traffic in the mayor's town got caught and ever since christie's life has been no day at the beach. well there was that one day, but see what i did there? back to brady it's a funny thing about stories detailing the misuse of campaign funds. one thing is always missing. angry comments from the dope ors themselves. there's a reason for that. most of those big donors could not careless how their money is spent just as long as their candidate wins. if i write you a big fat campaign check you can use the money to buy extra toilet paper for your home for all i care just as long as i have an ear when i have a favor to ask or problem to solve. brady brouhaha may provide
7:19 am
juicy details in the days to come but absent criminal charges and conviction the story is unlikely to derail his political career. the donors as i said don't care and the voters well around here they've shown time and time again a willingness to stick with their guy no matter what their guy has done. and i don't need by polling data to figure that out. only in philly. happening today, celebrate national chicken wing day. you know americans love chicken. survey of 2,000 americans found the average meat eater devours 18,000 wings in their lifetime. >> wow especially around the super bowl. football games, really is not fitting unless you have those chicken wings right? >> that's true, yeah, that comes out to about 24 per month. most people eat average of 7 in one sitting that's it 7? top three sauces, bash b que, honey barbeque and buffalo.
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later in the newscast we'll get tips on preparing the perfect chicken wing from experts in our area. so scott was asking me when you did eat chicken what was your favorite in philly. my favorite chicken wings were at north 3 northern liberty. >> i heard you talk about tha that. >> brown and third. my favorite fried chicken which is shocking to a lot of people. >> it's at a gas station. >> in the gas station at spring garden and delaware columbus whatever you call it. >> you get your gas and chicken fix. >> i'll have to admit my friend got them for me one day and i ate it and later he sai said, i'm not going to tell you -- i didn't want to tell you beforehand it's from the gas station up the street stroo from your house i was wait you got me gas station chicken? but it was good. >> i like wings lemon pepper it's great. >> when i think of wing stop i think of rick ross he had 0 franchises. >> what's your favorite. >> let us know on social 3450edia. somebody sent met a message a moment ago. i forgot to look at it use the
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>> good morning lauren johnso johnson. due to inclement water today for all fans of the linc pus pushed to sunday 10 a.m. free park aping open practice at the linc. day five of eagles training camp and first dose of drawm a eagles linebacker kendrick told he was to be traded this past season they denied this request and it's something to keep our eye on for sure. marcus smith signed with the seattle sea hawks on friday. never started a game in three years with the birds. smith was a huge bust in it's busts with a capitol b. phillies played braves. bottom five phills up 5-0. three run shot to left. phils go on with win 10-3. september howie kendrick in
7:25 am
batting ankle for washing ton nationals for left handed pitcher mckenzie mills in international money. that's sports in a minute. have a "good day", philadelphia. >> a busy night for phillies and trading starting pitcher jeremy to the baltimore orioles and trade announced after baltimore loss to texas last night. all right. let's go to basketball latest trend hitting internet by storm called the drive by dunk challenge from nba players to police officers have taped themselves dunking on random basketball nets. check it out. ♪ ♪ bad boys, bad boys, what you going to do♪ ♪ >> that's funny you drive by. that means a basketball would need to be sitting outside to accomplish that. you know somebody in the "good day" family had to take on the challenge and see what they can do. >> who would that be. >> quincy here. >> you let mike jerrick take
7:26 am
a break. >> and we'll hit the street of philadelphia and see if we can do it. here's what happened. >> are you ready to dot first one? >> this is really south philly. >> this is really south philly. >> when you open the door you have to make sure you don't -- oh, my goodness the cars -- the car is rubbing on the sidewalks. we love you south philly. okay. all right. >> you ready? >> yep. >> okay. >>. >> he missed the first one? the i found out the reason it works you're supposed to always have a ball with you. remember when i said you have to have a ball out there. >> you have to make it ot first try. >> you can't dunk own miss the first. >> all right they had good weather to do that yesterday. >> yeah.
7:27 am
not so much this morning at least. we're still socked in with the clouds. heaviest of the rainfall now exciting shore points. will the weekend be a washout. your entire weekend forecast plus the 7 day from the weather authority when "good plus the 7 day from the weather authority when "good day" rolls
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>> protesters marched from police headquarters to city hall yesterday oaf the death of 30-year-old david jones. there are conflicting reports of what actually happened on june 8. police say jones reached for a gun. witnesses say he never pulled out a weapon. sky fox over train accident in delaware county. police say an 8-year-old child's leg was run over by a cfx train in tinicum township last night it happened at the darby creek bridge. that child rushed to corzer-chester with a lower body injury. it's not clear how badly that child is hurt. and police now investigating how this all happened. >> welcome back to watching "good day" weekend. i'm laurean, 7:30 on the nose. lots of leftover rainfall in the area. scott says most of the heavy stuff in this morning and it could mean noting down the shore. we're talking several inches of rain in some places before it's all said and done. you can see big puddles and poppeding of water around the
7:31 am
streets and backyards and vineland. man it's covered in water. scott what are we looking at for today. >> well, for today we're looking at gradual clearing lauren from west to east. thankfully the heaviest of the rain fell last night while a lot of you were asleep. and as we look at ultimate doppler you can see the area of low pressure the surface low exiting from the jersey shore. that will be good news as we go hour by hour and look at radar overnight last night the heaviest of the rainfall parts of south jersey into delaware and down the shore and right now, yeah, you can see that most of the heavy rainfall is dissipating a few pockets of leftover light showers across the area and heaviest of rainfall moving along way from atlantic city and shore point points. we saw an average down the shore. anywhere from 2 to 5". a take a look at places like galloway about 5" of rainfall. sections of cape may county and south of sea isle city
7:32 am
2.2" and over 3 1/2" cape may point and cape may. we have the winds and broozy right now sustained 10 to 20 miles an hour. heaviest of rainfall ending greatest flood threat early this morning down the shore and watching winds breezy throughout the day. hour by hour by 8 a.m. a leftover shower mostly cloudy to start the day. low 0s by noon. some late-day afternoon sunshine and look at the high temperatures only 77 degrees. we'll talk about that entire forecast for the weekend once again it is not a washout. that is the take away. lauren. >> that's the good news. a live look down the shore at cape may county keeingtal flooding is a concern this morning after the heavy rain pounded the area. jennaphr joyce ventured out live near ocean city scoping out the damage there, hi, jennie. >> yeah, good morning, lauren, so we literally hopped off the parkway here and we're in
7:33 am
momora new jersey outside ocean city new jersey and we wanted to give you a sense of conditions it stopped raping the real reason for hat and hood is wind. if you take a look the way you see the grass blowing over there and above that you can see really, really dark clouds and it seems to be moving offshore maybe back up towards philadelphia or out west. also, take a look here at sketties restaurant they have sprinklers going. don't know if that was necessary it was probably automatic here tonight. around here we don't see too much in the way of any flood damage. we're going to get back in the truck and head further closer to wildwood. maybe sea isle city where we are seeing some of that damag damage. it's great to hear scott says it's not going to be a washout all weekend and i hope everyone did okay last night. look ago the some of those images on social media when you see the cars underwater you really hope that they were able to get the cars out of the way.
7:34 am
and in time before any real damage set in lauren. >> all right. jennie, thank you so much. 7:33 now to north philadelphia and police are investigating a disturb ago tack on a little girl. police say they was sexually assaulted in her own bedroom. a neighborhood is concerned as police try to find a person responsible. our dave slat wiser reports. >> crime scene investigators an detectives scoured home on 2200 block of sitenham street friday afternoon for evidence after investigators say a little girl was sexually assaulted here. >> i'm like any other parent you know what i mean you worry about kids these days. and i mean you think about what is going on with them and what's going on around in the neighborhood. >> i feel concerned for the kids. i mean more than anything else you know they're out here playing and everything all da day. >> police say assault on 7-year-old girl happen the here in what neighbors describesdescribed as a roo rooming out. police were trying to identify just who was staying at the home around 4:30 friday morning and neighbors reported screams and saw a man running from the home.
7:35 am
>> i can't imagine. that's brutal. that's horrible. >> as word of the attack spread through the neighborhood many were too afraid to talk on camera and those that did condemned the crime. >> you are going to get what you deserve. plain and simple. >> there's got to be something wrong on a very fundamental level. >> others expressed strong concerns for the victim and her family and the little gir girl's future after this horrible. >> i'm glad she made it but it will haupt her her whole life. >> sending positive thoughts her way. >> it's all i can do. >> investigators searched the home looking for dna, fingerprints and other evidence. the young girl was interviewed by the special victims unit and treated at a local hospital. she has been released to her family. at central detectives. dave slatwiser fox 29 news. >> and teen ailingers in trouble with the law preten pretending she was kidnapped
7:36 am
and raped. brianna michelle harman claimed three men put her into a van and drove off and attacked her she later admit today was a hoax. she was charged with two counts of tampering with evident and government record. she now faces up to ten years in prison. activists up in new york city gathered outside bryant park to commorate the 100 anniversary of 1917 naacp silent protest a century ago yesterday. people marp. ed down fifth avenue in one of the first mass protest deannouncing lynching and anti-black violence. >> personal troubles for anthony scaramucci. his wife is filing for divorce sick of his "negative am mission." >> she left her job at scarmu
7:37 am
dr ci investment firm after he sold it. >> who doesn't need more mulah. how to score a very cool side job that really pays the big bucks. job that really pays the big bucks. kalamazo scarfo
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7:39 am
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>> a new coffee shop in bucks county has been a really big hit. people file in and file out. they have to get the jolt they need. there's a special surprise behind the counter. no strawpinger to the neighborhood. a familiar face from another store property a couple doors down. photo journalist bill rohr explains. >> it's the perfect place for a coffee shop. >> scott diagian and tom jenkins love making the perfect cup of coffee and perfect beans. >> this is beans made to make the espresso. >> the presentation and art is part of this. >> scott and tom have it all figured out. >> we're here to educate them and teen them about coffee. any good restaurant they want total control. >> it started a few months ago after scott realized there was not a place in town to get a great cup of coffee. >> there's no place to sit down and get coffee in a situation like this. closest coffee shop is newtown. >> since it's a few miles away scott and tom opened
7:41 am
their own spot three doors down from scott opthalmology off where serving patients for the last 30 years. >> this place opened up and my patient see me behind the counter and look at me and go, dr. zigon is that you. >> i'm going what can i get for you. >> this is where all on thal mol giingts sit. >> he had to learn how to be a barista in fair time. >> i made 400 extractions at home and probably more than that here so far. >> down to every last detail. >> how many ugly ones i made and you can hear it. >> it's like watching two scientists in their lab blending perfect measurements of water and beans. >> i'm meticulous about surgeries and when i make a cup of coffee. >> making sure every cup is perfect. >> all right. we've been talking about chicken wings all morning. so you guys have gotten on social media to let us know what you think.
7:42 am
tam ra posted this one and this guy # national chicken wing day. looks like he's going to work. michael says the best wings are pjs s s pub in haddonfield and ghost pepper and chilly top the list. what's yours. and john sent this one molly and wessley love wings and today we'll go to jug handle in to get the best in the area. i think that got two or three different votes on social media. scott mentioned that one to me. maybe i should take asia brook over to the jug handle in jersey. see if we can get wings. let us know what you think. use#fox29goodday before you eat the wings or after pucker up. it's time to celebrate national lipstick day. how to pick the perfect shade and we discussed appropriate age for young ones to start playing in mike ciriglianoup. age for young ones to start playing in mike ciriglianoup. asian brook let's
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so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> we have the cloud cover across parts of the area. live look in old city show you most of the rainfall moved out and we have once again clouds and also have the wind to talk about. take a look at current winds. guesting now 29 miles per hour in philadelphia. and gusting to 31 miles per hour for folks in the dover area. so, ultimate doppler showing you the heaviest of that rainfall now exiting the shore point. so that will be the good news. we could she a couple of leftover showers and heaviest of the rainfall occurred last
7:46 am
night while most of you were sleeping. so we'll zoom in across the area around trenton moving towards places like burlingto burlington, bensalem. maybe a couple of spotty areas of showers and heavy rainfall is moving along way. in the meantime we have flood watches for the poppeding and also runoff from the creeks and streams. the residual delays there and look at the temperatures now. 68 in allentown. we have 70 in millville. and 71 degrees right now in dover. hour by hour heavy rain continues to pull away and that's good news during the day. not a washout for the weekend. thankfully. upper 60s in the poconos today and mid 0s tomorrow and down the shore we have the breezy conditions and we have those early showers temperatures today only low 70s. tomorrow the big day of the weekend down the shore. 75 degrees.
7:47 am
and moderate to high risk for those rip current. hour by hour for center city we're looking at mostly cloudy skies and late day sunshine and temperatures will likely spike and that spikes high temperatures. continuing the watch the radar and temperatures throughout the broadcast you. >> may not want to hear this ladies listen up. you can get free lipstick. they're giving it away in honor of national lipstick day. you have to hurry. it's happening today. because the offer of course is only while supplies last. people will rush to those stores. as we said it's national lipstick day. if you are confused what color to wear walmart is revealing top shelling shade in every state. not only pink has bee in be 4 41% of sales and surprisely it is actually also the color people in until energy, pennsylvania and delaware love. we brought in some glam candy to help us talk hughes.
7:48 am
makeup artist candice johnson is insog us. >> i'm well how will you. >> you said you're nervous. >> just a little bit. >> first of all your lipstick is perfect i love it. >> thank you. >> start with mine what do you think. >> i love it. it's perfect nude. nudeish pink for you. >> nudeish pink. >> i love that. >> when people say what color do you have on i don't know i mix a lot of them. >> that's what this pallet is good for. >> this is a high end one considered high end to mean anastia. >> this pallet you can mix any color. >> i think some color. >> get any custom color you want. >> let's put it here it's easier for us to see it this blue scares me that black scares me. >> i he know but you can mix it with any of these colors here and create your own colo color. >> okay this would run how much. >> $48. >> not too bad. >> it comes with brush. >> you get so many option.
7:49 am
>> options for high end. >> highest of the high is st. st. lauren it's hydrating and color selection is wonderful. the other formulas are great too. there's three or four different formulas. >> i'll put it down so the camera can see it. >> that's nude. nude is safe rights now right? they are. >> mac is that considered high or middle of the road. >> i would say middle they run $17. we also have different colors and selections as well too. >> got you. i'm a drug store girl here's why i feel like i eat it off i talk and it comes off i don't want to keep applying 40 and 50 lipstick i use malani a lo lot. >> it is wonderful. >> i miss with nyx lip lingerie and it helps me get a matte color with color underneath and i don't eat it off. that's a good option right. >> yes.
7:50 am
>> you're a boy mom. >> yes. >> for young girls how young is too young do you think for makeup. >> that's tough right? >> it is tough. for somebody 13, 12, 13 i can see mascara and lip color, gloss though. >> ladies get here. these are my nieces. come stand here. asia and brook will be 13 in august. hi ladies. >> hi girls. >> who are you. >> i'm brook. >> who are you. >> i'm asia. >> got it so candice, my brother their father is very strict. their mother a little more lenient. what color would you pick for young girls that are this age. >> i would do something with like a little shimmer in it which gives off like a gloss nothing too dark and nothing too light because then it looks a little. >> grown. >> grown yes. >> so we have to keep it age appropriate. >> right. >> and we'll do drug store brands for them right not anything fancy. >> yeah. >> nyx or milani would work
7:51 am
for them. we'll let them use products minor yours they'll give glam and they'll be in the show talking about their visit to philadelphia. happy national lipstick day. love your color. >> thank you. >> you don't want to miss this she's a teacher that helped local students push through their obstacles and realize dreams. her message, started in a classroom now it's in a commercial. we'll tell you all about it coming up after the break. we'll tell you all about it coming up after the break. ♪ good morning i'm dr. mike we all like a really good hamburger and what do we have with it a soda. new data suggests if you combine those two you will gain more weight. why? because the body burns those carbs faster than the protein and that fat goes into your butt and belly. so don't do it. if you or a loved one going through cancer treatment with keith owe thermy you need to listen to this new information. studies have shown that if you get your chemotherapy with
7:52 am
other cancer patients or with cancer survivors you're going to live longer so folks don't go it alone. >> if you're like most of us we have vitamins and herbal remedies and natural product lie ago roun the house. from 2005 to 2012 studies show there's a dramatic increase in calls to poison control centers because kids are getting a hold of them. keep them away from kids. i'm dr. mike. keep them away from kids. i'm dr. mike. have a great weekends.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
♪ ♪ >> 7:55 hitting the court to stay out of trouble but not talking about basketball. junior reporter from temple to explain. >> thank you for having me on the second too many i feel comfortable now. i got a chance to meet wally amaro he's helping kids in north philly stay off the street through the sport of hand ball. >> that is the sound of hand ball. a sport more popular in philadelphia than you think. and the people who play it here absolutely love it. wally amaro grew up playing hand ball and loved the sport so much he started non profit called the pennsylvania hand ball association. >> association started with a group of guys we are all hand
7:56 am
ball players and advocating not only for hand ball but to get hand ball courts within the community. >> mayor because inspired to start the non profit because it helped him stay out of trouble when he was younger. >> it kept me involved involved. >> he was a professional hand baller one of two players in philadelphia with an a level rachinging and plays with purity rican national team and played all over the world including columbia italy and soon ireland. in hand ball th first person to score 21 points wins the game. like tennis the ball cannot bounce twice and only the person or team serve asking scorch the hand ball association hosts a tournament every year at different lotions around the city. >> we have a grand finale the finals where those five champion from five different communities converge in one location. >> community members come out to help and support amaro's tournament like 3-year-old perez he encourages everyone and anyone to come out and play because it's more than a
7:57 am
game. >> come try it out and we're all family here. we all have something to give. and this hand ball family. >> these kids play hand ball whenever they can and that is backed up by saying. >> hand ball is life. >> that was awesome. did you have a good time. >> id i promised kids they could come back and play hand ball i didn't get to do yet. if more people were like wally and got to go help the community we would have a lot less problems. >> thank you for coming by. >> thank you. >> next hour of good day we need a little side hustle right? cool ideas for cool side jobs to get you cash in the pocket. scott williams. >> a lot of heavy rainfall overnight and most is moving out to sea. will the weekend be a washout. detakes on the 7 day forecast will the weekend be a washout. detakes on the 7 day forecast onlying up.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
releaptless rain causing chaos down the shore. people in south jersey are dealing with flood damage in the after math of downpours. >> and fire spreads throughout two camden homes. breaking details coming up and this. >> i believe in you, believe in yourself. it will me why. >> we push through anything we put our mind to. >> man, she's the teacher helping local students push through their obstacles and realizing their dreams and how the message transformed to the class rooming to a gap commercial. >> and the weather has really lightened up especially down the shore. it's been coming down heavy since last night and let's look at center city here in philadelphia. it seems the downpours are all but gone. little dreary and hazy outsid outside. "good day" everyone, jewel 29, 2017, scott williams says the weekend is not all a wash. be patient.
8:01 am
>> that is the great news. last night we saw heavy rain across the area. certainly made for good sleeping weather. but the weekend it is here. and that means not to cancel those plans. look at ultimate doppler the slug of the heaviest moisture with that area of low pressure it is moving out to sea. so that will be the good news. we will see slow but gradual clearing during the day and look at ultimate doppler from earlier this morning around 2 a.m., 3 a.m., we were looking at that moderate to heavy rainfall especially down the shore and those delaware beaches and but the last several frames showing you that the coverage has greatly diminished. leftover showers dotting parts of the area and once again the heaviest of that rainfall moving along way from the shore point so that is the good news. we still have a couple of spo spotty showers and also breezy conditions with those wind. take a look at rainfall estimate. you can see the heavier rainfall sections of atlantic country also cape may county
8:02 am
and we'll zoom in and take a tour across the area he and you can see around galloway vicinity 5.1" of rain. on average 2 to 4 sections of rain for portions of cape may county. heaviest of the rainfall iset going out of here. the greatest flood threat will continue down the shore earlier this morning and once again winds pick up. weather by the numbers. scale of 1 to 10 today we'll give it due to below average temperatures. breezy conditions and those leftover clouds maybe some late sunshine but temperatures today about ten below average. early leftover clouds and showers and gulingty conditions and rip current risk that will be high today. temperatures low 70s. mid 70s for the lehigh valley that entire weekend forecast with we see mostly sunny skies lauren coming up. >> scott let's start with breaking news out of camden. multiple people are hurt in a house fire. flames broke out before 1:00
8:03 am
this morning in row home on 1200 block of morton street and fire spread to the home next door and there were people inside both those home homes. fire officials say chen and adults were injured in that blaze. >> we had numerous injuries. we have people that are at cooper hospital right now being evaluated. we are going to be following up and checking on the significance of the injuries and things of that nature. >> no word yet on how that fire started and investigation is now underway. developing story out of frankford a man arrested for fatally shooting two next door neighbors this happened two weeks ago and police have only just filed charges and community left realing from the loss of a be loved couple. now neighbors are hoping for justice. fox 29 dave kipen has the latest from headquarters. >> my thoughts on at rest great. >> she and other neighbors on and around the 4700 block of
8:04 am
james street frankford praising first degree murder changes filed friday you against 69-year-old kenneth hoyle accused of gp ing down two neighbors two weeks ago. >> the tramingty it's so close to home. you never think. it's going to happen and it does. and it is so close to home. >> police say hoyl originally admitted to shooting 45 yard bobby depaul and girlfriend 4 42-year-old august dempsey after allegedly claim they go jump aid fence during an argument and he allegedly called shooting act of self-defense and was origina originally taken into custody and released. >> but i think it's great that they fnally arrested them. he should have never gotten out the first night it happened. >> it was hoyle's release that angered victims. his regular life bobby can't
8:05 am
do that more. that's not right. that's not right. to us the public his friends or his relatives. neighbors hope the healing will begin. >> it's going to bring a lot of closure to their famin faminglies. i really do i pray for her two sons and bobby's whole family. >> dave kitchen, fox 29 news. >> 8:05 city of philadelphia police neat your help looking for suspect of shooting death of a man in north philadelphia. lease are now releasing surveillance of the suspect who they believe shot the victim multiple times in the head on june 28 on sixth street. suspect than ran away. if you recognize this person you're asked to call police. >> happening today the story of family and friends saying goodbyes to a local girl that put up quite the fight against brain cancer. 7-year-old philomena stan jvrjts dardo.
8:06 am
loved one gathering for a funeral service at the cathedral basilica st. peter and paul. she met the pope through the make a wish foundation and was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor. she died on monday. >> it may not be the best weekend at the beach. heavy rain brought a mess to shore towns. jennie joyce photographed all and she's in wildwood with a check of the forecast. hi, jennie. >> good morning, lauren, question got down here moments ago and immediately noticed this street flooding and i see these two ladies walking i tried to flag you over i'll have to step in the puddle that's okay i have boots on. walking a rounds this morning can you describe what the conditions were like last night. >> well we came we were talk walking on the wall. it's hard to walk and wundy and i never seen it rainp everything is flooded. i live over bit ocean on ocean >> you made it. >> soy know that typically when there is heavy rain wildwood is usually in trouble
8:07 am
because it's lower one of the lower barrier islands and especially back bay flooding. wow say this storm is different and more significant. >> i think i've seen worse than this. >> you've seen worse. >> yeah, we've seen worse than this. >> you get used to it. >> you get used to it. did you take precautions last night have to move vehicles. >> i moved into my drive way and put all the furniture away because of the wind and everything. >> we heard the wind was scong. >> it was yeah i have a little dog i was afraid to take her out. she was okay. >> okay. >> i carried her out she was okay yeah. >> you're good for the weekend now. >> yeah, we're fine. >> thank you so much guys have a great weekend. >> that's good a lot of people who come down here know the drill and know to move their vehicles. lauren i was saying on social media we saw a lot of reports overnight of people with vehicles that were submothered in water and also some people saying that military vehicles have to drive them home last night because the water was so high. so it has since receded down here in north wildwood. you can see there's still some
8:08 am
street flooding here around first avenue. and we're getting reports of additional flooding throughout north wildwood, wildwood, wildwood crest and several shore towns. we'll continue to track it all down for you lauren. >> jennie could be worse. >> thank you so much be careful out. there the weekend also kicked off with a major shakeup at the white house, reince priebus out as chief of staff and homeland security secretary john kelly. president trump app announce today on twitter. priebus made an appearance on the shawn haggerty show. >> i'm going to be on team trump all the time always out there trying to help the president advance his goals and support him as a friend, too. and that's the other part of the job that people don't realize. you become friends you know when you go through thick and thin together you get to know people really well. and he's a good man. and i was honored to be able to serve him. >> former rnc head was
8:09 am
frequented target of rumors on job security and thursday subject of blistering criticism from anthony scaramucci and it's unclear what will fill kelly's role of head of homeland security. >> north korea launched another interest couldn't ten tental missile traveling more than 600 miles and falling into the sea of japan. there are now serious concerns out of washington after the second test in less than a month. applists say it's possible they have the ability to hit large parts of the u.s. as far as chicago. president trump says u.s. will take necessary starey steps to protect not only u.s. but allies close to north korea. south korea plans to hold talks with the u.s. very soon. national chicken wing day as a lot of people talking on twitter. instagram. and several people picked a place you said the jug handle until jersey. >> yes. >> cinnaminson right. yes. >> port richmond we had one
8:10 am
burns tavern. >> i have not heard of sglat that was a picture posted with that one that was cool. somebody else andy's pizza belmont new jersey has the best hot wings. >> if you have hot wings bleu cheese or ran. >> blue cheese for me. >> no chunks in any cheese. >> wiz in college fill buffalo or sweet sauce is amazing. >> that's the one i said burns tavern or maybe i said it wrong port richmond. >> 1978. >> in the game a long time. >> have you had andy's fried chicken. >> i have not. >> you can get all sauces on side. it takes like 30 minutes. >> it's like crispy fried. >> yes. >> but amazing there. >> who doesn't need more money. don't we all. a way to get more green and how to score a cool side job that pays. sue is working over time with
8:11 am
weekend wendy. weekend wendy excited this is last weekend of delaware state fair. in some cases they saved the best for less. brantly gilbert is in concert today and tomorrow. they have so much going on, ice range. horse show competitions and usual 4 h and ffa exists and competitions and demolition derby. so much going on. delaware state is the web site you should go to to find out everything. wendy has popcorn now but sure to get something tried at some point at the delaware state fair in harrington kent country. whatever do you this weekend have a good time from weekend wendy and me. >>♪ >
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ >> we've got you covered from the city to the sharon this saturday upcoming weekend it is here. will it be a washout. no. so don't cancel plans. we'll see slow clearing and we'll stay breezy and leftover showers out there and we'll get through the weekend. as we take a live look right now down the shore. kind of blustery conditions and not a whole lot of folks out. gray skies. copy seas and we're dealing with high risk for rip current not only today but tomorrow. take a look at winds right no now. gusting over 30 miles an hour in atlantic city and close to 30 mile an hour gusts in wildwood and 31 mile an hour gusts in the philadelphia area as that area of of low
8:15 am
pressure pulls away. and we're still looking at strong winds out of the north and east. so take a look at ultimate doppler and you can see much improved and overnight last night we saw that heavy rainfall parts of south jerdz jury and also intoel dell and that axis of heavy moisture now is pivoting out to sea. we still have mostly cloud sci skies and couple areas of light showers and leftover sprinkles but once again the heviest of rainfall that has ended across pretty much the entire area. an we still have a flash flood watch in effect parts of south jersey and delaware and they're about 2:00 today and watching for some of the residual affects of that runoff. those creeks and streams. upper 60s in allentown now. 68 degrees currently wilmington and low 70s now in atlantic city at the airport and we'll zoom in a little closer. beach haven 69, 68 cape may point and sea isle city 69. so as we go hour by hour the grateest leftover shower
8:16 am
chances lightser on this afternoon will be down the shore. but we will see gradual clearing with those sky conditions from west to east. and upper 60s. mostly cloudy today in poconos and beautiful weather for tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. early showers and wundy conditions down the shore low 70s for today and mid 70s with mostly sunny skies by tomorrow and it stays breezy and we keep that moderate to high risk going of the rip current. take a look at center city, mostly cloudy skies, late sunshine. temperatures below average. high today of 77. back to you. >> scott aren't we all trying to make extra cash. i know i am. if you have free time and don't know what to do with it you have skill maybe encounte encountered money you should consider getting a side gig. he's here to tell us what side gig you can get to make extra cash. >> thanks to millennials and recession we had a gig industry people working part
8:17 am
time. >> i like that. >> to compliment or supplement their full time income right the average gig worker making $300 a month and not just driving uber cars. there's a whole bunch of ways to put extra money in your pocket. >> asia and brook are here visiting. >> i just met them and i told them to become dog walkers. >> brook was like i need a job, not side job whatever you call it 12 i suggested that one. >> let's go through a bunch of one of my favorites task rabbit. i introduce this to fox 29 a few years ago when it came out. love this thing. they have accountants. photographs, lawyers, anything to dog walkers go to task rabbit and set yourself up and profile of what you can do. say for example you're a teacher and can tutor. how about during the summer making a few extra bucks tuto tutoring. you set up profile potential users look at profile if they're in your area app leak your rates they'll contact
8:18 am
you. you can bid on the job right through the app. >> i love that. >> next up is for nieces and >> what's that one. >> walking dogs or babysitting dogs. >> i love it. >> my daughter mary kate is poor medical student living in center city and last weekend she made $60 babysitting a person's dog. >> one weekend. >> yes. >> you set up the dogs you can handle she can only handed dogs of 30 pounds and you set the profile up and people contact you and you bid on it right through the app. so you don't have to meet people and bid new person. easy to use. let's get nieces set up on that. then house is another one. you basically are babysitting someone's house while they're away. you get to stay in cool places and you might have to feed the gold fish or something like that but get paid to baby sit someone's house. check out house >> i like all those openings
8:19 am
and especially for young children or retired person that maybe doesn't want to get home and bored. >> or someone raising kids a guy or gal raising kids and their schedule is sort of funky right. >> sure. >> it's a great way to supplement or complement free time and mack a couple bucks. >> or for a person that might have a habit shopping. >> there you go. >> shoes. >> handbags. >> or a news anchor that works crazy hours. >> right? and then when i'm off during normal hours i can help walk a dog and bade sut their house. >> can they by happiness. >> no but hand bingz another h. >> according to recent harvard study, in fact, money can well maybe not wa happiness but get you happier. here's how. if you use money to buy free time. for example, you hire the kid to cut the grass or have someone do laundry or clean house. afternoonard study said up to 2% increase in personal
8:20 am
happiness if you can buy time saving tasks. >> i don't feel lick cleaning and i want to buy a two our cloning service that will make me happier. >> it will make you happier. >> agreed. >> maybe it can't buy happiness but it can buy you free time which might buy you a little more happiness. >> and people say time is money. >> and the older we get the more we appreciate that. >> i agree with that dan the man thank you. >> you got it. >> 8:20 this morning let's check out winning lottery numbers. take a quick break even we'll numbers. take a quick break even we'll be right back >> king of prussia is supposed to be a healthy -- >> talk to us about how this works. you say if we do this at home
8:21 am
fresh is everything. >> fresh is best. really using mother nature's best assets and taking all ingredients in peak schbility you get the best police officer out of each cocktail. >> literally yesterday my kids said watermelons are juicy is there a watermelon juice. >> answer is. >> absolutely. >> what is this year. >> we have watermelon mojito and first we take lime infused rum and we make it inhouse and frsh watermelon juice. >> how do you do that smoosh it up. >> cut it up and put it in giant juicer and threat dot magic. >> easy. >> pretty easy. >> so you can eedzly do it at home and fresh minute. strain. >> i like that pretty by the way. what is this thing here. >> antioxidant mimosa
8:22 am
cranberry juices and mix with i alittle proseco. >> what's this here. >> cherry bourbon sour. so take fresh pineapple and lime juices little bourbon and top with pinot noir then you want the hangover rx cucumber lemonade fresh cucumber juice and honey lemonade. and honey lemonade, honey, fresh lemon an water. >> thank you so much for not making us guilty tore wanting to be healthy and maybe a little alcohol. >> little bit goes a long way. >> thank you true food and king of prussia. not that i'm hung over. but it is the weekend. not that i'm hung over. but it is the weekend. so we'll try this one first.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> you know what that music means. alexa round town. if you don't have plans check out this hot spot in this week alexa round town. >> reporter: for this week's alexa round town i'm here for another philadelphia summer's favorite eakens oval here for about five weeks you notice something different. what are these tall structures what's going on.
8:26 am
i'll talk to james jury with the fairmont park conserve answery to talk about what's new at the oval what do you call these things. >> these are our rooms this year we created rooms to help people think about what the parkway means us to as residents. this first room is all about nature. when people come in here it highlights for them hidden aspect for fairmont park and things they may not know and why it was createsd there's more rooms to go. let's see the other ones. >> this room is nice and bright and love the pink. >> this room is all about arts and culture and we highlighted many icons that are connected to the parkway. so billy jean king and questlove. this year we're looking to the future of the parkway. katherine is commissioner of parks and rec in fellly and what are you trying to do are you trying to change the parkway. >> you know i think we're trying to mack the parkway more inclusive and accessible. we wanted to see more people on the parkway. you walk into this room it has a question here says what's
8:27 am
your parkway philly. you want us to tell you what we like to see happen. i thought all right i'll get my pen and paper out and write and no we're using chalk. every day people with come here and you have a map and really we're supposed to take the chalk and write what we want to see happen. >> that's right take pictures of it every day and take picture of it every hour every day to see the different iterations that happen on the map. >> i have an idea i'll write it down. >> let's do it. >> join me. >> i will. >> i pity the person that has to go through and decipher what people write here. i think. >> that's a good one that will come up a lot. >> bathrooms are important as people spend more time here. >> yes. >> lutely. >> when you have to go i don't wanted to have to go right? >> oval is open wednesday to sunday. if you have an idea what you would like to see happen in the parkway come down. do you provide the chalk. >> we do. >> you don't need to bring anything bring your idea and i'm very excited about this and happy centennial.
8:28 am
you look good for 100. >> thank you so much. >> thank you katherine. that's this week's alexa round town a summer favorite right here the oval. eakens oval. >> she's making us all so proud a local teacher helping students push tli through ob stickales and realize streams and her message has gone from the classroom to a commercial. we'll meet miss jasmine after the classroom to a commercial. we'll meet miss jasmine after the break
8:29 am
hello, peco. so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill. we can do that. great. i live in a post-war, pre-war,
8:30 am
mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit. well sir, i can see that you live in a twin and based on the size, your usage has been spiking. ♪ that's exactly what i thought. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
8:31 am
>> welcome back, "good day" weekend a live look at the jersey shore. coastal flooding a major concern after heavy rain pounded the area last night. jennaphr joyce is live in north wildwood scoping out some of the damage. there hi, jennie. good morning, lauren. and a car just passed and we're dealing with massive puddles here on the sidewalk. several inches deep west 17 street. here comes a military vehicle passing us by. 17 avenue and new york avenue keeping an eye on things. we've about watching vehicles try to head towards the bay here on 17 avenue. michael if you can take a lack at how deep that water is take a look at that. suv on the side and dan here dan you just have been walking a round and kind of checking things out you said it is deeper towards the bay. >> yeah it's probably delaware avenue back here is probably three, four feet deep there's
8:32 am
a couple stalled cars back there and people were heading to intersection and walking back and turning back the other way. and it's deeper than i've seen it in a while. >> really? because you know i have said this too. we typically see back bay flooding but this is a little more significant. >> it seems like it. seems like it. high tide is starting to come up a little noon. with heavy rain it wail make for flooding. >> can you describe the conditions overnight and early this morning. >> it didn't rain -- it rained steady but not real hard through most of the night but then around a5 a.m. i got flash flood warning on phone and got up and looked out and it was raining the hardest it raibd all night. >> people down that way with vehicles stalled out are they panicking or did you talk to anybody down there. >> i don't think anyone is panicking. they're kind of used to it at this point. when you head towards the back bay you are used to nrovding. >> you're used to it did you personally take precautions you're a couple problems the other direction. >> moved our cars up to the drive way and we're good.
8:33 am
>> all you can do right. >> that's all. >> dan thanks so much enjoy your weekend. >> thank you. >> scott, we're going to head it back to you. i know you initially said 3 1/2" of water throughout cape may country. is that still consistent. >> yeah, absolute we with heaviest of rainfall first thing this morning and as that guy mentioned the next high tide cycle will be around noon. so we'll have to watch for that down the shore as well jennie with that persistent on shore flow with winds out of the north and east. take a look at other concern. we have winds pretty gusty across parts of area up to 31 mile an hour gusts and currently philadelphia, 28 mile an hour gusts in wildwood and 26 mile an hour gusts in atlantic city. the good news the bulk of heavy rain that is moving away. but once again we still have blustery conditions with those northeasterly winds and linge lingering clouds. couple of leftover showers early saturday. but once again the heviest of rainfall that fell overnight. and from trenton down to the
8:34 am
mount laurel area sib amin son looking at light rain continuing and most of heavy rain that is moving along way from those shore point but take a look at some of rainfall estimate with ultimate doppler as you head inland sections of atlantic county about 5.1" and sections of cape may over 3.5" of rainfall. now through midday heaviest of rainfall is moving out. we still have flood threat down the shore and also dealing with gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour. so weather by the numbers scale of 1 to 10 for today only about a 6. the hour by hour forecast showing you temperatures by noon. 73 degrees by 4:00 and maybe a little bit of sunshine and temperatures still below average 77 degrees and planner across the area and looking at low 70s down the shore with early clouds and showers. mid 70s for the lehigh valley. so of course continuing to follow those weather conditions and we'll take a look at 7 day forecast. and all coming up back over to
8:35 am
you. >> scott a local teacher getting national praise after inspiring message to students now being turned into a mantra for all children. jasmine wright started non profit called push through organization inspired after video went viral in november and gap company created its add based on same premise take a look. >> what if it's too hard. >> i'll learned to push through. >> what if too rough. >> i'll push through. >> what it too tough. >> i'm going to push through. >> what it just too young. >> that's not true. >> what if you're not good enough. >> that's not true. >> why because. >> because i can do anything i put my mind to. >> i believe in you. >> chin up. >> believe in yourself. >> heed high. >> tell me why. >> we push through anything we put our mind through. ♪ ♪ what if it's too hard. >> jasmine joins us on the couch this morning. she says she's nervous girl stop it be proud. >> i'm very nervous.
8:36 am
>> don't be nervous. so i came back to your classroom in november. >> november. >> you guys did that for me. i got the khildz i got them again watching commercial. so not long after i was there you said you were driving into school and what happened one day. >> i was on my way to work and checking my email and i received an email from my principal. and the email was forwarded from gave insaying here trying to find jasmine wright we're part of her being part of 2017 back to school cam pain. >> what went through your head. >> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh the first person i called was mom and daddy wanted to share excitement. i couldn't believe that it was still something spiraling into may. >> so they came to your classroom in may. >> they came into my classroom. >> and filmed how were your students reacting. >> they felt like celebritie celebrities. and i told them they were. they were really excited. they were very well behalfed and felt like they were paid actors and actresses. >> i love it.
8:37 am
it's already showing on social media sights. we'll sew it before school starts. >> i'm not sure when but yes. >> when you look at the tv and that comes on what will you think and go through your head. >> like, wow, those are my babies. those are my babies and that's my man traxt something i didn't expect to receive such worldwide recognition and praise. >> and you were just as humble when i met you back then this is just what you do. you say you love poetry you're a teen are you come pain the two. >> i have a passion for word words. and affirmations and it's something i used to push myself through whether listening to gospel or listening to other kind of music or poets and i just take that into the classroom with me and share that with my students. >> and you sort of core graphed it all hands positions and words. >> yes. >> they executed it well. >> they love it. >> they ask for it every day. >> what do you think this means for that community here in philadelphia. >> to see themselves on a national platform and notional stage to be featured and highlighted in that way. >> i think it means a lot.
8:38 am
it's beautiful it allows the philadelphians or even my students to foster sense of belief in themselves. to be shown in such a positive light despite all of the negativity that the city receives. >> and i know you won't try to take all the credit but you should take some. to featured in an ad like this there's teachers all across america be honest how do you feel. >> i feel like awesome and great. i feel honored. just i'm just jasmine. so somebody like me from grew up in new jersey to receive this kind of praise and recognition it's scary. i'm not going to lie. it's very scary but also just really exciting as well. >> what do you say what's your message to other peepers. i met so many teexers at that frustrated point i want to leave the classroom or this might not be for me. what's your message to teachers as we sort of are sitting in the middle of summer before we go back to school. >> i guess my message would be to let them know that the battle is bigger than them. the battle is bigger than their feelings and the battle is bigger than their current mind-set that day going into the classroom. and our student need someone
8:39 am
to believe in them and someone to love them and someone to invest in their futures. >> you've done just that. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> great job we're so proud of you. >> thank you. >> all right 8:39 is it ever too early to think about college. why some universities in our area preferred not to give tours to young kids. we'll talk about it after the tours to young kids. we'll talk about it after the break
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
joov schools make the decision for you and i thought let's take them own college tour and get them started early. they're only in middle school and not all schools are allowing kids that young to come on campus. college and university require perspective students to at least be freshmen in high school. that's bringsig us to instant poll reaction. is it ever too early to think about college. and let united state know your thoughts and any social media channels. twitter, facebook, or you can send us video use the #fox29goodday. okay girls we went to drexel yesterday and it was a long tour. >> you thought it was long and coolest part for you guys. you start first, brook. >> i think the coolest part was seeing the dorms and because like shareing a room with somebody you never met
8:43 am
before and going to college and living like that is just kind of weird to think about. >> right and you got to see like how small the dorm rooms are. >> yeah. >> asia what did you like. >> she took one of the best ones but i liked seeing the buildings interior fashion design buildings they were really cool. >> that's what you want to d do. >> yes. >> you decided maim orr's yesterday too what do you think you had three different things you wrote down. >> i wanted to do. >> business was one. >> business, journalism. >> journalism. >> and fashion design. >> fashion design. >> and asia. >> interior designer. >> that's our picture yesterday. jennie is there opt right. jennie works at drexel it is here idea. twins are coming back you need to take them on college tour it's never too early. we emailed a lot of different schools. that's inside the dorm room. >> yeah. >> that's tiny room you guys were like two people have to live in here. >> and then you have to share air like temperature and i was like what if i wanted to cold and none wants to hot you. >> have to learn how to work it outright. >> yes. >> we did other stuff too
8:44 am
eastern state pen ten try. >> yes. >> ingigo bikes. manicures, margate. >> oh, yeah. >> we wept to the beach. >> we won't to the beach. >> sun was not out though right. >> no but the water was warm and waves were big. >> it's true. >> we had a fun time. >> yes. >> now you're here. ladies i hof having you here. >> we'll talk chicken do you want chicken is it too early for chicken. >> never. >> never brook says it's juicy for some people ultimate comfort food. we're talking about chicken wings. share favorite. you've been talking to us we're listeninging. we'll make maybe taste some we're listeninging. we'll make maybe taste some coming up after the break
8:45 am
>>jason: my dad taught me to play the piano
8:46 am
when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities,
8:47 am
including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today. at >>:47 a look down the shore and winds gusting 30 miles an hour and clouds and rip current risk is high for today down the shore. just be mindful of that. and let's talk a little about the weather pattern and what we're watching across the area. and because we've been keeping tabs on those winds gulingting right now over 20 miles an hour across much of the area. 31 miles an hour gusts currently in philadelphia. thankfully though the heaviest of the rainfall is moving out to satisfactory.
8:48 am
ands with 'go hour by hour by the kovrn ran as it diminishes this evening. temperature-wise now 68 in philadelphia and low 70s currently in atlantic city at the airport. we have 1 wildwood and upper 6 sea isle city,. that planner for today 77 degrees center city. low 70s down the shore and 7 day forecast shows not a weekend washout. that is got news gradual clearing and it stays breezy and temperatures tomorrow though low 80s. beautiful for sunday and we warm up upper 80s to 90s middleal latter part of last week. >> scott we'll heat thing up. national chicken wing day and we have 3409 wings. and we got you water. we'll put two minutes mop the clock and while scott talks to the chef we'll let you guys eat are you ready. >> we'll go. >> good. >> who is winning do you know yet. >> no we'll be good. >> okay.
8:49 am
>> all right. two min opts the clock. scott you go talk to the chef. >> i hope these are hottest wings too. >> i do too we got water. >> and okay so i'll give you. >> peppers in there or something. >> i'll give you a ready, set go. and i'll stay here and scott you talk to the chef. okay. ready, set, go. and today is national chicken wing day. we want to bring in rich from pjwiehahans. >> in honor of national chicken wing day what better way to celebrate than all you can eat wings today. >> rich i have a question do you clean the bone or get the meat off. >> you have to go down to the nobody. >> okay keep going sorry guys you. >> have to clean that bone. >> p.j.'s any one of 14 locations throughout south jersey and pennsylvania and see how many wings you can take down. >> what are popular police police officers. >> right here four of twelve of featured flavors first is classic hot sauce.
8:50 am
second is garlic parmesan wings topped with toasted breadcrumbs and this is one of our more popular flavors here hot and honey. it's a great balance of sweet and spicy. >> how much same is it left on the clock. >> finally we also feature wing of the month sauce and every month we develop sauce that we send out. >> few more days left in july. so what is the flavor. >> this is it. this -- >> and you have bone in boneless wings as well and you do it several styles like you have naked wings. >> yes. >> and slightly breaded too. >> and classic. classic. >> 30 seconds. >> we have it fried and naked wing seasoned baked and then fried. >> all-you-can-eat wings today. >> all you can eat wings today, fourteen locations throughout pennsylvania and south jersey and come on in to p.j.s and let's see how many wings. >> bleu cheese and celery. >> no ran. .
8:51 am
>> ran. also. >> and let i know what you think about the wings. >> who is winner. >> how many seconds do we have left. let's say five, 15 seconds guys. >> it's going down to the wir wire. >> these are pretty clean bones. >> those are good those get an a plus. >> drink some water. >> you got wash it down. >> look at this. >> how many. >> we need napkins. >> three still in my mouth. >> time is up. all right. >> do we have a winner. >> declaring look at this clean bones here. >> we'll have to go to the judging panel for this one. >> there's a lot of meat her here. >> all right. >> i think you wasted chicken over there on that side. >> i think so. >> great job though. >> we have a winner. >> we have a winner. >> i know. >> do it for the people out there. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. >> thanks brave souls we'll take a break and be right back.
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8:54 am
sxwrv the movie released yesterday expected to be a big hit. we will play a game emogi hot or not.
8:55 am
you guys can tell us if you think it's hot or not. >> they're all up on the latest. >> they always are. they teach me so much. >> remember talking about the dunk challenge you have basketball in car awe drive by somewhere and jump out with the ball and see this video somebody else sees him you pull up dunk and jump back in the car you think it's hot or not? >> brook. >> not. >> asia. >> i think it's hot. i mean it's cool. but like i have not seen anyone do it. this is the first time i heard it. >> it's going to become a trend. >> it might become but right now it's starting. >> starting got it. >> and what do you think about ken dolls like barbie boyfriend ken. >> not. >> not. >> why they have so many new ones now. >> that was so like barbies are fun for little 3 years. >> not for 12 years. >> maybe 3 years you don't think it's cool. >> no they probably have ipads and play dress up.
8:56 am
>> i think it's cool for 3-year-olds because caxt olettea of a alike it. >> they're my cousins. >> for younger kids you might like it. >> okay. >> and let me think justin beesher. >> hot. >> he's hot. >> oh, they deposit have to think about that scott you heard that. >> he's still been around. >> but his music is good not trash. >> favorite song. >> despacito. >> believers. >> i don't know the full story he don't have judgment on it. >> you give him a break. >> that was a good answer. >> and she has another story no judgment yet. >> beyonce queen b hot or no not. >> not. >> not. >> she's just hot i think because she had two twins so everybody is talking about he
8:57 am
her. i don't know herself what she's like. not really. >> i have not heard any decent songs. >> since lemonade. >> you think babies. >> and a lot of people crazy beyonce fans. >> you'll upset the beehive. >> speaking of twins she just had twins you have any advice for her because you guys are twins best advice for her. >> i mean twins are easy but don't put them in the same outfits when older don't for them into the same outfits. >> over rate the. >> you have to let them be who they want to be. >> gotcha. >> good advice. >> scott, saturday forecast most of rain is gone so we can go outside. >> not a washout. that's good news. gradual clearing and a few leftover showers out there and you can see the radar showing the heaviest of the rainfall moving out of here and the 7 day forecast high today 77 degrees and stays braez breezy and low 80s tomorrow and big dave the weekend. >> asia says we'll find that leftover chicken and everybody >> asia says we'll find that leftover chicken and everybody have a good day. see ya
8:58 am
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