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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  July 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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(upbeat music) - welcome to teen kids new, i'm livia. let's begin with our top story for this week. - this report is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. the sadd chapter at the helix charter high school in la mesa, california came up with a winning concept for this year's driving skills 101 psa contest. sponsored by the national road safety foundation, the psa warns teens about the hazards of driving in poor weather conditions. as part of their prize, a team of tv professionals worked with the students to produce their psa. - hi, i'm allen, i'm the director for today. and that's shaun, shaun's the cameraman.
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everybody wave to the cameraman. hello, cameraman. - [katie] the name of the psa is weather the weather. - why don't we do this. why don't we start by setting up first the cars. so, why don't we set up the car over here. now, our weather people can help out. let's clear this whole area. (funky music) - we created a truck and a car out of boxes and paper and tape. - wow, you guys really did a really nice job! - it was great because, like, seeing something that you made come to, like, actual, like, production and filming, it was kinda like, yeah, it was just amazing. - [katie] the director then listed the different jobs that needed volunteers. - fog machine, somebody needs to do a fog machine. okay. we need driver number one, then below that driver number two, then below that, driver number three.
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someone holding the sun, someone spraying water, windshield wipers, headlights, fog, wind, someone to time the scenes. does anybody have a cell phone? (laughter) - right now, i need somebody for narrator number four, is that what you wanna do? - [katie] while the cameramen set up the lights, the director explained how to keep track of the various scenes by writing down what's called the time codes. the students prepared the set for the first scene. - [allen] time code, please. - [student] oh one double oh 20. - standing by, and scene five. and, action. - [narrator] be sure to drive slower, and keep extra distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. - and, cut! (applause) standing by, start in five please. and roll the camera, please.
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- rolling. - okay. - [student] oh one oh five 35. - and, action. - [narrator] experts advise that you use your headlights on low-beam, not on high-beam when driving in fog. - [katie] over the next few hours, the team set up and shot the other scenes. - i was one of the drivers in the fog. - i was rain, you know, i sprayed them. made sure they got wet. - i got to play the fan, or i operated the fan, which was difficult because the back knob fell off, so i had to use a paperclip. i hope my performance blew everybody away. - very fanny, i mean funny. after stopping for a quick lunch, it was time to record the narration. - the deadliest driving hazard is rain, it causes about 7,000 deaths a year. - good, don't hit rain too hard. - snow and ice make roads slippery. - very good. - i learned a lot of valuable skills for when i'm driving on the road. or skills that i can also share with my friends that are also teen drivers. - i think the most challenging part was just trying to get everything done
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in the right order, i mean, this is only a one minute psa but, i mean, we've been here for hours doing this. but, i mean, overall it was more fun than anything. - so what made this psa a winner is the fact that they were very creative in bringing their message, and conveying it to their peers. - it was amazing, i loved being able to be a part of something bigger than myself, and sending out a positive message to teens driving everywhere. - the first step in sending out that positive message was to show the completed psa at sadd's big national meeting. we'll tell you about that when teen kids news continues. - [narrator] closed captioning is brought to you by:
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(upbeat music)music) - welcome to the 2017 sadd national conference in tampa florida, are you glad to be here? (audience cheers) how many of you are at a national conference for sadd for the first time in your life? (audience cheers) alright, good! - sadd stands for students against destructive decisions. - [katie] over the course of four days, sadd members from around the country learn how to deal with many of the pressures teens face, as well as leadership and advocacy skills. and master of ceremonies, fred tornquist makes sure they have fun doing it. (upbeat music)
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high on the list of making positive decisions is understanding the importance of being a good driver. - but there's a lot of really cool people that are working behind the scenes to help you guys fulfill your potential, and one of them is the national road safety foundation and they've got a really cool opportunity for you folks, and to tell you more about that, would you please welcome from the slc the lovely and talented from the state of nebraska, bailey, everybody. (audience cheers) - thank you. okay, so sadd and the national road safety foundation have an amazing partnership. if you get a chance, please thank michelle anderson for being here, she is a rockstar. (audience cheers) so, each year we collaborate to create the driving skills 101 psa video contest. this year's theme was weather the weather, focused on driving safe in all weather conditions. now, we will get to see the winning psa from this year.
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(beeps) - [female narrator] you always have to be careful when you drive. - [male narrator] but, during bad weather conditions, you have to be extra careful. - [female narrator] the deadliest driving hazard is rain. - [female narrator] it causes about 7,000 deaths a year. - [female narrator] when driving in rain, always use your headlights and windshield wipers. - [male narrator] and slow down. - [female narrator] snow and ice make roads slippery. - [female narrator] be sure to drive slower. - [male narrator] and keep extra distance between you - [female narrator] and the vehicle in front of you. - [female narrator] fog reduces visibility. - [female narrator] experts advise that you use your headlights on low-beam - [male narrator] not on high-beam when driving in fog. - [female narrator] again, slow down. - [male narrator] keep extra distance. - [female narrator] and watch for brake lights ahead of you. wind can also be a problem. keep both hands on the steering wheel for maximum control. - [male narrator] and beware of driving alongside large vehicles like tractor trailers.
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- [female narrator] strong winds can unexpectedly push trucks into your lane. - [female narrator] remember, whatever the weather - [female narrator] you need the right skills to drive safe. (applause) - so, from helix high school in la mesa, california, where are those sadd chapter members? come on up here, you guys. (audience cheers) come on up here. - not only did they win 2500 dollars, but we did publicity in their city, they were also given the opportunity to have their idea turned into a public service announcement, which would be aired on national television, on teen kids news, which is so exciting to these kids. (audience cheers) - [katie] la mesa sadd advisor says part of the prize money covered the students' travel to florida. a local car dealer also helped out. - it's called carl burger chrysler
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dodge jeep ram, and so they are sponsoring us to come here to the trip, but also sponsoring us throughout the school year. - well, i'd like to congratulate you on your special effects, that was amazing and i enjoyed it very much, let's hear it for these fine folks from helix high school. you guys can head back down there. (applause) - the psa was really good, i liked how they used fake cars to show, like, you need to take cautions during the different weathers. if it's snowing you need to be very careful, or just fog or anything. - it was amazing. just the way they put it together, and just really creative in how they built all of the props themselves. - i think that humor is a great way to get across to teens, because if you're always just trying to scare teens, they're never gonna listen to us, cause they're just always going to be terrified, right? if we use humor to relate to teens and get across to teens, and have some real conversations, humor can be a great way to break those barriers. - to find out how your sadd chapter can enter next year's driving skills 101 psa contest, check out teen lane dot org. for teen kids news, i'm katie.
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- next on teen kids news, foolproof tips on proofreading. we'll be right back.
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- christin's back with another make the grade report. - when you hand in a paper, you might not get the grade you want if you miss an important step, because the difference between an a and a c can be a p. p for proofreading. yes, i know that computers have little red lines that alert us to misspellings, but you can't rely on that. let's say you typed i reed a book a week. unless you're using papyrus, which is actually a reed, you misspell read, but your computer probably won't catch that. however, your teacher will. as for auto-correcting, sometimes it's helpful but sometimes it's not. first of all, when the computer auto-corrects a misspelled word, it often ends up substituting a wrong word. sometimes you weren't even at fault. before you finish typing the word, the auto-correct guessed at what you intended to write,
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and finished it for you. unfortunately, the computer got it wrong. sure, you can deal with that problem by disabling your auto-correct, but the best way to make sure what you wrote is correct is to carefully proofread. here are some tips. print what you wrote. most of us find it easier to proof on paper than on the computer screen. read very slowly, look at one word at a time, and if possible, read out loud. i know that sounds like a lot of effort, but experts say our brains actually make it hard for us to catch our mistakes. the best proof that proofreading works is to give it a try. i'm christin, here to help you make the grade. - want to do better on your next test? eat breakfast. studies show that students who eat a good breakfast usually get better test results, especially if that breakfast contains food made from whole grains.
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like toast made with 100 percent whole wheat. of course just eating breakfast isn't enough to get good grades. you still need to study. - 50 us states. 50 state flags, each one with its own unique history, here's eric with flag facts. (drum music) - in 1910, a national rifle competition was held in ohio, that's when the members of arizona's rifle team realized they were the only ones without a state flag. but then, arizona wasn't a state yet, that would take another two years. in 1912, arizona became our 48th state, the last in the continental us to join the country, and finally arizona got its flag. - arizona is one of my favorite flags. actually the last five states added to the union
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used very simplistic, distinctive designs, and arizona is one of those. it's known as the copper star flag, because copper mining was so popular in arizona. - [eric] arizona still produces more copper than any other state in the nation, but it's also known for its magnificent natural beauty. - [randy] since arizona's in the west, there is a reference to the setting sun with 13 beams of sunlight. the number 13 is chosen as a reference to the original 13 colonies. - the beams are red and gold like the arizona sunset, but they're also the colors of the spanish conquistadors, arizona's first european visitors. beneath the rays, a large field of blue represents loyalty. by the way, arizona is sometimes called the valentine state because it was admitted to the union on february 14th. with flag facts, i'm eric. - the lowly nap has gotten a bad rap. sayings like he was caught napping
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give the impression that the napper was somehow at fault, but experts now say that napping has a lot of advantages, including making you more resistant to colds. to be effective, you have to nap correctly. it's recommended that you only nap for about 20 minutes, if you doze off for much longer than that, you'll sleep too deeply. rather than waking up refreshed, you'll feel tired and groggy, so set an alarm, find someplace quiet, and zone out for just a bit more than a quarter hour. more than that, and your nap may turn into a mishap. (upbeat music) - coming up, i'm going to tell you how one kid's sports blog is a home run.
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not too many write about them, let alone professionally. scott reports on a teen who does both.
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- [scott] when he was 12 years old, matt nadel decided to start a blog about baseball. - the reason i started that is because a lot of people in my school, when i talked about baseball history, didn't really know about it. so, i decided to teach them baseball history with a blog. - [scott] at the age of 15, matt's blog not only has over 125,000 followers, but he is also one of the youngest sports writers ever. matt thinks this success is due to one thing, history. - i guess sports bloggers usually talk about current stuff, and i think what makes me unique is that i talk about history, and i have my own spinoff of it, which is just giving my opinion and talking about what i like to talk about. - [scott] now content with his success, matt has also started a video blog channel on youtube under his name, matt nadel. - hey baseball fans, matt nadel here
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of baseball with matt live from springfield new jersey, at the newly renovated baseball with matt studio. it's basically just me giving information maybe about baseball history. it's usually stuff about current baseball. prediction number one b masahiro tanaka, the newly acquired pitcher from japan by the new york yankees will have a very good 2014 pitching season. - [scott] through his blog, matt has actually been able to interview some of baseball's greatest players, as well as some people who are just as big baseball fans as he is. - red sox all-star fred lynn, pitching hall of famer jim palmer for the baltimore orioles. ann garren. bob gibson. ricky henderson. i also got to interview phil niekro and rollie fingers. why do you think the statistic of the save was added to the mob in 1967? - i think just something to give relief pitchers a statistic to, you know. - [scott] if that isn't enough, matt has also gotten to interview
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movie star billy crystal, and former president, george w. bush. - of course their former, or current, jobs weren't necessarily about baseball, but george bush used to own the texas rangers, billy crystal was a huge yankee fan, and so both of which were great conversations to have. - [scott] along with his blog and video blog, matt wrote a book titled amazing aaron to zero zippers, about the as to zs of baseball history. - and basically it's an alphabet book, so it's 26 chapters, i mean basically they're letters, of just any aspect of baseball history, whether it be a player, a team, a moment, a stadium, an era. - [scott] with the help of summer games books, matt plans to donate all of the proceeds to charities having to do with baseball. - those four charities are the jackie robinson foundation, the lou gehrig foundation for als patients, the hall of fames charity, and then
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derek jeter's turn 2 foundation. - [scott] although he might be a yankee fan at heart, matt is really just a fan of baseball. (audience cheers) - clearly a kid with a bright future ahead of him. if you wanna check out matt's blog, you can go to baseball with matt dot blogspot dot com, or for his video blog search matt nadel on youtube. - do dogs really look like their owners, or do owners look like their dogs? either way, the answer is maybe so. a study found people were remarkably successful matching photos of dog owners to the breed they owned. if you own a poodle, seems there's something in your face that says poodle. - i'll show you how a b, an l, and a t spell delicious. my quick and easy recipe when teen kids news continues. don't go away.
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is a college for those interested
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in becoming a chef or working in food services. so, when they come up with a recipe, you know it's going to be good. let's see what's cooking this week. - the blt, it's a simple yet delicious sandwich. and, for a healthier option, you can use low-fat mayo or turkey bacon. let's get started. first what you'll need, of course, is the most important the b in our recipe, the bacon. i've laid a few pieces out here on a sheet tray that we'll get back to later. the l is the lettuce. i've used a little bit of boston bibb lettuce, cause it's my favorite on a blt. of course, you can use whatever lettuce you prefer. the next is the tomato. i've got a big red tomato here, they come out best during the summer. i've got olive oil mayo, it's a healthy alternative to regular mayo. two slices of whole wheat toast. but, let's go back to that bacon. i've put them on the sheet tray here to cook them in the oven. you wanna preheat your oven to about 350 degrees, place it in the oven, and cook for about 15 minutes.
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oh, it looks delicious. now, take it out of the oven and allow it to cool a little bit. next, we're gonna take the bread. we're gonna add a little mayo. just gonna spread it evenly on both sides of the toast. of course, you can use whatever bread you like, some people use white. next we're gonna add the lettuce. just enough so it covers the toast. and then the fresh bacon. we wanna do it quickly so the bacon doesn't cool off. i'm just gonna use two slices here. you can either save the rest later, or eat it on its own like i do. next is the tomato. and then the top part of the toast. that looks nice, let's cut it.
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voila. homemade blt. it's delicious. never have three little letters tasted so good. at the culinary institute of america, and for teen kids news, i'm fletch. - that's our show for this week, but be sure to tune in again next week for more teen kids news. bye. (upbeat music)
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mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine.
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nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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>> nascar's longest straightaway at pennsylvania pocono mountain. you better be ready today because races here have a huge tendency to go into overtime. hello, everybody. welcome into our show. i'm john roberts, he is two-time series champion todd bodine. there are precious few opportunities to make it into the playoffs, and today at pocono is one of them. >> pocono is probably one of the most fun racetracks you can go to as a driver. it's three left-hand corners like a road course. but it's a short race. it's only 60 laps. you don't have a lot of time. you've got to get after it from the green flag and it goes by in a hurry. >> it can, even on a big track.


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