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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a teenage girl 17 years old shot in philadelphia, developing details unfolding, from the scene. plus, manhunt for a murderer police believe that the man in this red hoodie is responsible for deadly shooting saturday night, what they believed he did before the attack. and then this... >> in your face. a bad day at ballpark may be ballparks and governor chris christie just don't mix. what caused this dust up with the cubs fan, hey, don't drop the nachos. from the ballpark to the link, the eagles showing support to the military as they continued training camp yesterday. >> yes 23,000 people out at the link how about that for a practice. we have the best fans in the world. >> we really do. >> good day it is july 31st and the sun coming up.
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>> ahh, sweet. >> lion king. >> beautiful. >> if you are watching sun coming up in margate how steamed are you? what a mess in margate. >> really with the flooding, it is a mess. >> we will talk about that. if you are in margate right new or spent weekend there back from margate, drove by margate, you know margate, have you ever been to margate, get on twitter and tell us what it was like at the beach, at the shore in margate this weekend. 6:01. lets check weather how about that. >> good idea. >> i wanted to know what lucy the elephant thinks about this look i left my marker there dangling like aim not even put together on a monday morning. there it is, better. this will be worth the wait, it is a 10 out of 10 today in weather by the numbers. you know how great yesterday was. hepp friday you do, today just as beautiful.
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we are off to a cool start. our temperatures in the 50's. buddy is pool side with the sun screen. it will be a great day. we don't see anything on radar lots of sunshine in olde city. 65 degrees. we're expecting a high of 88. no too, too humid today. tonight we're down to about 70 d here and there and that takes care of your monday. i'm talking about the rest of the week and if the 90's are coming back when we come back in a few minutes, bob killie good morning, everybody. 6:02 on a monday morning. it is not bad start after the weekend our first day back, accident in the neighborhood, lansdowne avenue at state road police are on the scene there in the heart of the drexel hill. on friday the truck smacked in the overpass of the new jersey transit atlantic city river line there in pennsauken. the river line making repairs shuttle buses between philadelphia's 30th street station and cherry hill.
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patco, river line and new jersey transit buses all cross honoring so trains too and originate in cherry hill if you typically leave fail, 30th street station, they will bus to you cherry hill and hop on the train from there. back from down the shore a live look at garden state parkway looking good rolling out of ocean city, boom, sunrise over the city, cool shot of the sun popping up there is roosevelt boulevard heading down toward the schuylkill expressway, and we're looking good on i-95, out of the great northeast, mike and alex, back to you. seventeen year-old girl shot in a home in the feltonville section of the city, bullet coming straight through a window hitting her in the chest this morning police are searching for the suspects. steve keeley is live in feltonville with the very latest on that search, steve. >> reporter: a girl was at this house here which is one door from the corner of the rustcomb and b street. we just found evidence of the shoot-out in both directions because the bullets were
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coming from this way from that corner house, craig, go up the steps here and show police officer guarding the scene and is there a door opened of two apartment house on the far corner down there, the reason why i discovered it is bull nets both directions because the bullets were coming toward our camera shot and then they were going from our camera shot. greg, come back down the steps no one was sitting in the back seat, look at this car. two holes here. within right here, one right here. if somebody was in that back seat, right about heart high look at the bullet that went straight through center. if you were sitting back there that ace direct hit, to your heart, and if a little kid was a child seat they would be a gone eras well. i will show you bullets from the other side. we found enrique gone sol hose just bought this car less than 48 hours ago, a toyota rav4 these holes in the different
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direction. we had enrique open up his back hatch and where wow put his groceries he found a bullet slug. bullets coming from one way to the other and they didn't hit anybody but their unintended target, the 17 year-old hit in the chest but we're told she's stable. foreign ricky gonzales believe it or not this is the second car, this month, that has been hit by gunfire. right across the street his wife's honda pilot which you see here marine coming back out of our video right now and you can see that taillight was hit in the previous shooting. here's enrique talking about the gun fire right outside his >> i'm the bad guy here because hit my car that is all i know. you have a bullet hole in my >> yes, right here in the inside. that is that is my neighborhood. be your cars but eventually you or your wife hit. family ore
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neighbor. i mean that is just too much. >> reporter: it is getting that way this month in july. gunfire now twice we know of hitting two of the gonzales vehicles and now hitting a 17 year-old and the swat team is sitting out here all night think they had two guys in there firing guns and now it seems like if they were together they weren't firing at each other so there is lots of gunman on the lose lies and they are lucky they are not wanted for murder and instead just shooting cars and a innocent 17 year-old girl. awful summer for woman and kid and now another one added to that long list, sadly. >> yeah, and now we have another one to tell but thanks , steve. a man is dead from a gunshot wound to the head in the cities fair hill section, he was shot at west indiana avenue knew and north fourth street around 1:30 this morning. police have not identified the victim but says he is in his 20's no arrests have been made
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nan wanted in a deadly shooting on the main line coulding trigger man behind another shooting that was a short distance away. >> police hope this picture here lead to his arrest. lauren's on this story at the haverford township police department, lauren? >> reporter: hi mike and alex. witnesses at both scenes described that man the same way they say he was angry and yelling and now haverford township police working with philadelphia police because he is accused of shooting in both places on saturday. take a look here at hoe is, this is what he was wearing that day a red hoodie pulled up over his head, not far enough to cover his face. underneath white t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and police think handgun was in his way waste band. officers responded to shots fired on haverford avenue and they found 29 year-old joseph lee dead in the front door of an apartment building. witnesses told them there was arguing and then gunshots. well, people living in philadelphia overbrook park section said the same thing happened there the suspect was confront by a home owner who
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accused the man of loitering outside his property when the man fired off a dozen shots into the car. and then then he hopped in the car. it was a charcoal gray volvo and left that scene. back at the other scene, they remembered hearing that shooting. >> i was actually taking an afternoon nap and i woke up to two pops, it went pop, pop. it was something you could tell, it was definitely a handgun. the guy did run off. he was screaming something that was a little unaudible but very angry. i honestly came out within 30 seconds and police were already on the scene which i thought was incredible. >> reporter: so incredible police work as they figured out victim's cell phone was missing. they tried to trace it. they pinged to it 40th and market street. that has not been helpful in finding the suspect. if you know who this man is or where police can find him they are asking for your help, mike and alex. >> all right, lets see if we can get this guy in custody. well, governor christie,
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once again, making headlines at a ballgame. little dispute with a fan, a cubs fan. after two hot car deaths in arizona in 24 hours lawmakers demanding change, new requirement they want all people to follow.
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new jersey governor christie went to the ballgame
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this time he confronted a chicago cubs fan in milwaukee who heckled him. he is having bad experiences at baseball games. >> um-hmm, watch this. >> what did he say to you. >> secret service right there. >> what did he say? >> big shot. >> we didn't get beginning of it, we got the end right there governor christie gets up in his face, you can tell he is a cubs fan visiting milwaukee. the governor would just get back from getting nachos, a big pile of nachos, looking very good. this of course was from a few weeks ago. when he was booed after he caught that foul ball ate a new york mets game. so yesterday he was in milwaukee and playing cubs. >> did you see how cool, calm, collected the guy was. i'm sure he was before because he was heckling him but
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christie was sitting there. >> would i imagine he was stunned. >> do you think so. >> governor got right in his face. governor just said okay, big shot, big shot now. >> did you notice allen iverson didn't show up in dallas. >> whole lot of people are noticing because you know, they were wondering where he is because he didn't show up in dallas. he didn't play in philadelphia people are like is what going on here? of course we have to ask does the answer have the answer, to these questions. >> nicely done. >> has anybody heard from him. >> or seen him. (male announcer) are you ready to take the scenic routes?
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we are taking a look at cape may at congress hotel there. folks just starting to wake up , and enjoy what would be a gorgeous day at the shore and at times there will be a sea breeze. we're looking at a tropical depression that just formed off the coast of florida, not expecting necessarily to strength men to a tropical storm but just in case it does we will check our list here next name on the list here is don. we will see if that happens but we have nothing going on in our area and that is a good thing. it is an extension of the weather from yesterday which was so nice but looking ahead, it is not until wednesday
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afternoon that we have our next chance of rain and then by then temperatures will be in the lower 90's. yeah, 90's are coming back but not until tomorrow. we are off to a cool start many spots this morning. sixty-five here. fifty-three in mount pocono and trenton has 58 degrees and we're even in the 50's to start in wildwood and atlantic city and 60 degrees in reading that is how we're beginning date were not too many wind, just a breeze, 3 miles an hour , recapping the weekend we got to 87 degrees on friday and with all that rain friday into saturday a high of only 79 on saturday but 83 yesterday and today warming up to 88. here are your nine owe's tuesday and wednesday at the very least. maybe a heat wave but it doesn't look like 90's will last hughes, midty will last through friday and we will start the week went a few showers and thunderstorms but we could also have time to change that forecast as well. if you have that tune into
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101.1 more fm, bob kelly. >> 6:17 on this monday morning live look at i-95 we have sun over my shoulder here northbound, i-95, commuters will have sun glare rising up over croyden, levittown but coming south, not bad at all working your way in to downtown. live look at ben franklin bridge, cool to go, no problems, speed meadeer receipt goes, schuylkill is slower than normal because we have uneven pavement between left and right lanes. they have been paving all weekend long. they will be out tonight and tomorrow night, we will zoom into drexel hill, lansdowne avenue right at state road the scene of an accident. phillies playing baseball this afternoon. we will have unusual traffic heading in in the lunchtime hour. if you get the kid to the game kid will get a chance to run bases right after the game right there at citizens bank park, mike will lead the run. >> the phillies have won four
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straight. >> today will make it five straight sweep sweep, sweep. is there only one lane here opened on columbus boulevard, just south of the ramps for i-95. so that causes a backup through midday and all that extra volume heading to the game will make that a little worse during the midday, mike and alex, back to you. maybe another walk off how exciting like yesterday. new white house chief of staff john kelly will be sworn in today. >> president trump is hoping that the retired general can help bring some order to his administration. at the same time president trump refuses to give up on health care taking a hard line with congress. he is threatening to not only skip payments to insure companies but cut health care benefits for law makers in they don't get a deal done some g.o.p. leaders say it would be a mistake not to work with democrats to simply fix the health care system instead of trying to repeal it. senator susan collins was one of the three to vote against is what call the skinny bill
6:19 am
on friday. >> what we need to do is to go through the normal process, identify problems, have hearings, hear from the experts, hear from all of the stake holders and pre dues a series of bills to fix the very real flaws in the affordable care act. >> over the next few weeks senate is scheduled to remain in d.c., there is no word on how hard majority leader mitch mcconnell will continue to push for repeal or if he plans to move to the next item on the g.o.p. agenda. wow. massive manhunt is underway for two escaped prisoners. authorities say that 12 inmates escaped yesterday from the walker county jail, 10 have been since captured. the inmates ranged in age from 18 to 30. their charges range from disorderly conduct to attempted murder. it remains unclear that the hour how the group escaped from the jail in the first
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place. investigators are -- well, investigations are underway in the death of two toddlers, this is in phoenix, air zone, been very hot out there. >> both of them left strapped in their car seats in extreme heat in two separate incident. we're talking about phoenix. >> oh, yeah. >> in one case a seven month-old was left in his grand parent's car for hours. in another part of the phoenix this past weekend a man came out to find his one year-old in the breathing. it is believed that the child had been left in the car in trim digits temperature for at lee two hours. police are urging parents to be vigilant. >> just look, examine the vehicles so babies are no the forgotten. >> i don't know what people are thinking nowadays. i feel sorry for the family. my god that is a shame. >> child safety advocates are working to get legislation pass todd prevent these kind of tragedies. there is a bill in the senate that would require car make tours build sensors for the back seats. an alarm would notify the driver that someone is still
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in the car, after the vehicle is turn off. we need legislation for that. >> people don't think bit. it could save some lives. people are tweeting now, who spent the weekend in margate. um-hmm. neighbors in margate are fed up over that project with 10s of millions of dollars they are building dunes. why the community has taken issue, issue with the dunes to court once again.
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from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported
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as they've rewritten the future. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america. good morning i'm sean bell after wrapping up their first week of training camp eagles had an opened practice to let all of the fans in on the fun. they held it at the link and they made sure to show love to the military. they shake hand, signed autographs and wore special military uniforms a lot of eyes will be on lane johnson. johnson knows he has something to prove after being suspended 10 games last season. >> i still feel like i have a chip on my shoulder. i have lot of prove. i haven't done bleep. i haven't made the pro bowl yet. i feel like in this day and age you are not validated as a
6:25 am
player unless you have those accolade. i will still keep working and grinding with my teammates. >> yesterday freddie galvis came through in the clutch. bottom of the ninth tied at one, galvis with the walk off, game winning single to beat braves. phillies go on to win two-one. they are really starting to do some things. they have won four in a row. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> they have 23,000 people at the link to watch eagles game, that is how amped we are for this season. >> fans are excited, man. >> they are. i left with the souvenir. >> yes. >> from lane johnson. >> oh. >> yeah. >> we will explain this coming up. >> yes, we will. >> i don't know fit can be sprained. >> probably not. >> we need answers from the answer this morning. >> yes. >> allen iverson was a in show last night for his teams big three game in dallas. this is league that ice cube
6:26 am
started to go around and made a stop in philadelphia. >> three on three. >> it is not clear why or what is going on. league says they had no advance warning and they are launching and investigation. >> they have a commissioner. >> ain't marriage once they have what they need they will make an informed official statement, that is a quote. iverson is a player and cope information threes company. >> he is embarrassed by the name of his team, threes company, really. >> as many know when he came to fill's sat out july 16th. >> but at least he was not a reen. he todd sit out because of his doctor's note. >> in dallas, he didn't show up at the arena i'm not ensure if he was in dallas. >> he just over the whole weekend. >> i don't know. >> ice cube is going to be mad >> you want to make ice cube mad have you seen histamine face? you don't want that. >> that is right. >> is that it. >> really. >> he has that scroll. >> always. >> even when happy. >> he is a nice guy.
6:27 am
>> very nice. >> yes. >> lets get back to our top story to day, another shooting in philadelphia. >> this time a 17 year-old girl was shot in the chest, and but was she the intended target? what we are learning from the scene as police hunt for the shooter. op approved for both the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting. chat with your eye doctor about xiidra.
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from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need. a teen is rush to the hospital after being shot her shooter still on the loose. the developing details unfolding this morning. and the search for a killer what police say this
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man did moments before a main line murder of the weekend. have you heard of the app siraha but we guarantee your children have. why it is a breeding ground for hate and bullying. but apparently it is hot around here. sirhaha. good day everybody it is monday, and you know what it feels like monday. >> don't you say that because whenever i say that what do you say, well, alex it feels like a monday because it is monday. >> because it is monday. >> now look at you. >> yeah, look at me. i'm feeling every bit of it from my head to my tippy toes. >> that means you had a great weekend. >> look at what is happening to my head. >> you have to get really low, sue. >> keep going. >> keep going. >> i know where you are going with that, smarty pants, that is okay with that because it is such a pretty day as
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indicated by our sunrise this morning but nothing will bother us even though it is monday. bus stop buddy has his shade on, temperatures in the cool 50's and 60's but stay pool side because it already of will be perfect for a day either in the ocean or at the pool. we've got in rain in the forecast, we've got plenty of sun. look at the gorgeous weather out there. 65 degrees with 73 percent humidity not bad for the summertime. yesterday was 83. average high 87. we will go from below to above average today but not too, too humid. so enjoy the sunshine, 8:15 is your sunset time, and this is great weather, of course, humidity coming back so are the 90's, we will tell you when in the seven day forecast , good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, sue, 6:31. getting up and out, sluggish here live look at the sun glare at 202 near allen dane role just north of the king of prussia mall where air conditioning was pumping all weekend long. live lot at bennie from the
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camden side, no problems or delays at all as you roll up and over into downtown philadelphia. cool shot there now schuylkill expressway running slow out from city to belmont avenue they were paving there throughout the overnight. drexel hill an accident lansdowne avenue at state road so watch for police there. the atlantic city rail line using shuttle buses for next week between philadelphia's 30th street station and cherry hill all because of the damage done to the overpass on friday , and so, buses will get from 30th street to cherry hill, trains will originate and take you down the shore and back from there. also using patco, berlin road is closed right here near station, between linden and white horse pike, so patco using shuttle buses to get folks in and out of that lindenwald station and if you use septa's paoli line, changes coming to the parking lots of the paoli station, those changes go in effect today, mike and alex, back over to you. bullets flying in two
6:33 am
different directionness feltonville. >> where a 17 year-old girl was shot, so we're learning more steve keeley is at the scene with the very latest, steve. >> that is an under statement. we are learning so much in between live shots as sun comes up. here's where the 17 year-old girl was hit by stray gunfire. this is where we were just a half an hour ago in our live shot because we showed you bullets coming this way hit ting this chevy and if you were in the back seat of that chevy, you wouldn't be here because it was at heart level. we showed you in the earlier hit before that bullets hitting a vehicle from behind where it was second time this month, enrique gonzales car got hit and it was his brand new car he just bought friday night but here we are again, now alex and mike, watch closely. do you see where we are? we are going to pan up to show you how craze think gunfire was, bullets were just at car level but look all the way up to the second floor through that bedroom window there, three homes in, and we have now video to show you from the inside of that house. that is where a young mother,
6:34 am
father, and their four year-old daughter madison were asleep when they got woke up by bullets going through their window and into the wall, right above their three head and you can see madison sleeping now and in mom and dad's bed trying to get some sleep. we will talk to her mother here and through her broken english you can get here motion as she's trying to tell us what happened. >> my house band went out and then it started and when shot the during we look and my house band... unaudible. >> our window. and went right in the wall. >> reporter: how much worse could this story of gotten, stray bullets going both ways
6:35 am
at both side of the street hitting both homes on the side of the street and hitting cars in both directions. this is only camera we have seen but when you see a stuffed mailbox like that that doesn't look like anybody has gotten their mail lately that doesn't bode well for that camera but hopefully it does work and hopefully caught something but again thinks where it starts three weeks ago. we see that honda pilot parked there. bullet fired hit that three weeks ago, enrique's first car that was hit. buys a new car park where we are here, that was hitting this way in the direction of the guy that fired the bullet through that little girls bedroom window and into that car we just showed you. this is one of the stories where you go wow, they are lucky they didn't kill a bunch of people. neither of those two gunman got caught. swat team here thinking they were barricading corner house but that house turned out to be empty. police will go in there way search warrant to see if anybody in that house has anything to do with this. neighbors say trouble there in the end of the block but here
6:36 am
we go again here on b street right off of the boulevard, gunfire the second time this month. boy, that mother, you can understand why she is so visibly upset and crying not, can't you. >> sure can. great work there. putting a face on this. sometimes we just talk about bullets flying and cars and things like that. but wow, you can see impact on the family. >> just to see right where they were sleeping. >> unreal. well, a man wanted in a fatal shooting on the main line over weekend, matches the suspect in another shooting just a few miles away, at the same guy. >> police released his picture they are hoping someone might recognize him, lauren. >> reporter: they release that had picture on saturday here at haverford police department and in philadelphia, police started to get phone calls in connection to this investigation here. so, here's what happened, still shot wearing a red hoodie and white t-shirt. he has facial hair, handgun
6:37 am
tucked in his waist band. image cam tour running down the street. he was identified by witnesses in overbrook park in philadelphia they say that want was there saturday afternoon. police reports he fired a dozen or so shots after an argument after loitering outside of eye home. he left there in a gray volvo. that was not his last heated exchange. he helped todd haverford avenue and encountered 29 year-old joseph leafing a pizza shop there was an exchange of word between the two men and then loud noises. one man who called 911 remembers hearing the pops. >> there were to second shots probably within a half second of one another. sounded like a fire cracker but that is because you don't expect to hear two shots like that. my initial reaction was like who is setting off fire works, you know, but yeah, we were like that sounded like gunshots. so, i had one of those moment where you run toward or away. i have got an eight in old inside. so i went halfway and that is
6:38 am
when, you know, i placed the call to 911. >> police tracked victim's phone to 40th and market not long after the shooting, at this point police don't know if the two men knew each other but they do think people will know this man, that is why they have release that had footage. they think people will recognize him. they have called police with some tips and now they need to find him so they can arrest him in connection with that murder, mike and alex. >> 6:38. thanks. a man is dead after being shot overnight in the cities fair hill section. he was found shot in the head at west indiana avenue knew and north fourth street around 1:30. officers are still trying to identify the victim who appears to be in his 20's. no arrests were made. there ways fire in millville damaging several businesses, that started at 1:00 this morning at a strip mall in the 1700 block ofe main street, the fire is now under control, thankfully, nobody got hurt in that one. the search for a missing swimmer off of point pleasant
6:39 am
beach, new jersey has been suspended. the 24 year-old woman disappeared in the ocean early on sunday morning. police say that the woman and her 23 year-old male friend both jumped in the water around 2:00 in the morning. they struggled with the high is your f the man was able to swim back to shore but the woman was not. coastguard released a statement sending their condolences to the woman's family. >> kathy orr was on talking about a strong rip tide out there. fire officials are continuing their investigation into a deadly fire that killed a four year-old girl. meanwhile friend and family are remembering the life of this four year-old. joni williams. she died saturday morning when her home on the 1200 block of morton street caught fire, eight people were inside at the time, including a 10 day old baby boy. everyone else made it out, fire marshals says the fire does not appear to be suspicious. a philadelphia man is dead after being struck by lightening on a beach in florida. thirty-five year-old lemar ray field is fifth person to be
6:40 am
killed by a lightening strike in florida this year. police say that he was on a beach, when he and a friend were struck, rayfield was pronounced dead shortly after being transported to the hospital. his friend is in stable condition, he was said to be disoriented but awake when police arrived. um-hmm. well, montana congressman caught on tape body slamming a reporter willful fill his sentence by working with a non-profit. they is right there, upper merion native, says he will work off his sentence for assault by volunteering for an organization that builds custom wheelchairs for children. he was ordered to perform 40 hours of community service for attack guardian reporter newspaper reporter ben jacobs. gianforte was also -- must complete 20 hours of anger management counseling. how about that. there is a new app, it is
6:41 am
called sirhaha, dominating the app store while unnerving many parents what you need to know to protect your children. the kid know all bit.
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thinks the victorian hotel , so victorian would i think, no hang i panning i is going on bob kelly but if you are watching "good day philadelphia", there in cape may, why don't you come out on the balcony right now. wave, if you are close. >> put your house coat on first. >> house coat. >> do you remember house coat. >> yes, robe. >> yes. >> bob totally has a house coat. >> there is no question. >> sat inn. >> sure. >> 6:44. great day to be down the shore waking up with your coffee on the balance coin no problems on the blue route as you roll out of delco heading up. alex, this was austin last night, he was, he loved shark
6:45 am
week, so he decided to have his own michael phelps race last night, he asked for a pan of water, we have plastic shark. i don't know where we got this but this is supposedly michael phelps, racing the shark. >> they are both in the water together. >> both in the water together. >> actual race. >> he is still gone with the fact that he was racing with the shark. i didn't want to break his dreams on. that busy weekend in our house with shark week.& atlantic city rail line that truck smacked in the overpass there in pennsauken on friday so they are using shuttle buses between philly's 30th street station and cherry hill , give yourself extra time , patco, river line and njt buses are cross honoring tickets whole game plan up on new jersey transit's web site but again, trains will be running from atlantic city toy cherry hill, cherry hill is beginning and ending point for those trains f you use patco
6:46 am
they are doing some work right around lindenwald station so berlin road is closed, again, new jersey transit using shuttle buses to get folks, into the patco station. that will throw a few extra minutes on your trip this morning. live look at route 309, up near easton road as we see sun glare this morning, downtown we're opened for business no problems at all in or out of the city on the vine street expressway. good looking day down the shore and it will be a good looking day for baseball, sue by has the forecast in 15 i have word that someone has come out. >> where are they. >> right there on the balcony. >> on the left. >> right here, there is a human.
6:47 am
>> hi, hello. >> hey stand in front of your door. stand in front of your door, i cannot see you. >> contrast isn't this great. >> there is somebody here on the deck. >> yeah, yeah. >> he just leaned over. >> over here. >> yes. >> hi there. >> we have movement. >> it is not the no tell me tell there this morning. we're thrilled you are watching. you will be thrilled with this forecast today. this is a great day for a afternoon game with the phillies and they are on a streak. lets hope they win another one against the braves, 12:35, game begins, 85 at game time. don't forget that sun screen, today sunny and warm the entire day and hopefully we will be celebrating afterward. news from the tropics we have a tropical depression here in florida and expected to cross peninsula, but probably won't strengthen into a tropical
6:48 am
storm but in case is do it next name on the list is don. d-o-n. high pressure in control for us, and once it moves off shore humidity will come back and once we get into wednesday , as we look at the future cast, because today in rain in the forecast and hardly any on tuesday. wednesday is day we will see pop up showers and thunderstorms, you're familiar summertime, weather pattern. so right now it is 65 degrees walking out the door. sixty in roading and lancaster cooler in allentown and pottstown. at the shore we are starting off with temperatures in the 50's. eighty-seven is our average high. we were there on friday, well below with cloud, rain especially early in the day on saturday. eighty-three was our high yesterday. eighty-eight today. ninety's for a couple days. we might even get a heat wave out of this first weekend of august we will start off with some showers and thunderstorms but end pretty nicely, so, guys, this is the day to say
6:49 am
bye-bye to july. >> bye-bye, july. >> yep. >> lets get to this story, frustrated residents in margate are blaming dunes for weekend flooding and looks of money for the businesses. >> as we know governor christie and margate residents have been at odd over controversial dunes project for years. project was create todd create beaches and homeowners after disastrous flooding from hurricane sandy. saturday morning heavy rain flooded much of the town and beaches in the area behind the dune construction. it is something residents in margate say they knew would happen and it has done more harm then good. now community is going to court over the multi million-dollar project. >> entire street of the douglas avenue is a flood. i come up here to visit once every summer. it it is a disaster. >> it is not physically possible for life guard to watch from other side of the dunes. they don't have manpower to police this area and make sure kid are safe. thinks a huge public safety hazard. it is not just an inconvenience. >> the residents are expected to talk to a judge first thing
6:50 am
this morning, and now we have reached out to the u.s. army core of engineers and new jersey state officials but we are awaiting a response. >> it looks like, the job is about halfway done. >> look at how water is. >> yes. >> it did rain a lot friday night into saturday. maybe they can do this in the fall, i don't know. >> all right. >> it is interesting they are doing it in the summer time. >> i know. >> when everybody. >> it is. >> okay. people in margate, a lot of them think governor christie has it out for margate. i'm not sure what happened there. why do you think that? relatively unknown app that some are calling the summer's hottest app for teens >> unknown for us but teens know bit. >> teens are using it all right. >> um-hmm. >> experts are warning parents
6:51 am
to be aware of cyber bullying when it comes this app. so thomas it is called sarahha h. >> it means honest, number one app just when you mastered one here comes another. app was introduce by saudi arabia developer, that began as a site for employees to give a in must honest feedback tome lawyers. the english version debuted last month and quickly green in popularity with teenagers. app allows users to search for others they may know and send them anonymous messages. it does in the disclose users identity without their consent is there a new feature on snap chat linking the two together abe because this allows users to remain anonymous parents are urged to take another look at their child's social media. >> parents have to be opened with their kid. we need access tour phone so that we have evidence to support the fact that you are being bullied. so yes, we want our kid to use their social media and their phones as they want but what is more important that we keep
6:52 am
them safe. >> and mike and alex once someone send you a message you are not able to actually respond to that message. that is cyber bullying here, sarahhah is most popular free app on iphone, 3.9 million down load last week alone. >> wow. >> 4 million in a week. >> out paced facebook and twit ter. >> geese. >> i know. >> sarahhah. >> we should talk more about that this weak. >> yes. >> diet supplements are they ever safe for children, teenagers? new study says overdosing is more common then you think. we have a doctor here. ♪
6:53 am
having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪
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this let's do other hotel motel holiday n we went from a motel to a hotel. these embassy suites over on the parkway. do i see, if you are watching "good day philadelphia", probably from out of town, come out and wave. there is a woman do you see the lower, lower right. >> yes. >> there is a woman sitting there and she's smoking. >> yes. >> so lets see if somebody else will come out. >> she's smoking.
6:56 am
she's got a cigarette. come on, come on out, somebody >> just run outside right now. >> in the control room keep an eye on that while we tell but something else here and we will get back to it if we see pajama breaking news. >> yes, as long as you are clothed, please. >> we want to get you on tv. >> it is monday, we need a spark, come out naked. naked on the parkway. if you are a working mother it may seem as though you never get a break. >> researchers figure out how many hours a week working moms do work. >> is it 40? is it 50. >> higher. >> sixty, 70, 80, 90. >> ninety-eight hours a week, which is basically two full-time jobs. >> what? >> a mom's day typically begins at 6:23 and end at 8:23 . this is based on survey of 2,000 working moms with children age five to 12. four out of 10 feel as if their lives are an ending
6:57 am
series of tasks. they look to wine, and netflix to cope. >> excuse me. >> wine and netflix is the solution. >> wine and netflix. >> netflix and chill a different version. >> it sounds like they have time to chill, maybe in more kid might help. >> okay. >> lauren, what cow got. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. two police departments searching for one man responsible for shooting in two different neighborhood killing a man on saturday. we will show you this picture and tell you about it after the break.
6:58 am
mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles)
6:59 am
hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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a 17 year-old girl shot in the chest but was she intended target? what we're learning from the scene as police hunt for the shooter. i heard it was over in overbrook where he was random ly shooting at people and somehow ended up over here do you see this man in the red sweat shirt wanted for a deadly shooting in haverford township but could he be connected to another shooting. diet supplements, are they safe for your children? the new study that says, overdosing is more common then you might think but how are your kid getting their hands on them? a bad day at the ballpark. maybe governor christie should stay away from


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