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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  July 31, 2017 7:00am-8:53am EDT

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a 17 year-old girl shot in the chest but was she intended target? what we're learning from the scene as police hunt for the shooter. i heard it was over in overbrook where he was random ly shooting at people and somehow ended up over here do you see this man in the red sweat shirt wanted for a deadly shooting in haverford township but could he be connected to another shooting. diet supplements, are they safe for your children? the new study that says, overdosing is more common then you might think but how are your kid getting their hands on them? a bad day at the ballpark. maybe governor christie should stay away from stadiums.
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first he was booed and then getting right in the face of the cubs fan. what caused this confrontation in the first place. don't drop the nachos. it is 7:01 on this monday. last day of july. >> yes, bye-bye july. >> true. >> that means it will get hotter. >> yes, absolutely. >> we are in the middle of the dog days. >> yesterday was one of the nicest days of my life. >> it was beautiful. >> we can keep it going. >> interestd in the number of the day. >> i really a.m. >> you should be, because it is double digits. >> a 10. >> /yah. >> oh, for the love. >> right. >> we will love it. don't forget your sun screen because on a day like today you will want to spend time out of doors. bus stop buddy celebrating phillies winning streak that they hope to keep going to day we have an afternoon game for the phillies and it should be excellent weather, look at that sunshine 66 degrees and
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we will head after a delightful sunday and a high of 83 of 88. that is high, but not too, too humid. yet. that is humidity coming back and the 90's are coming back we will tell you when, coming up, bob kelly. >> back to the future. good morning, everybody. we have sunshine today. kind of quiet start for right new live look at 422 for gang copping from royersford, collegeville, pottstown, heading in toward king of prussia. we will be dealing with some sun glare this morning. live look downtown the vine street expressway all backed up here across town heading west over toward the schuylkill expressway, an accident in bryn mawr, bryn mawr avenue right at old lancaster road police are on the scene there then we will slide on over to fairmount where girard avenue is closed between 17th and 20th, so we will go around the block, as part of the septa trolley line , construction project, and speaking of mass transit
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atlantic city river line using shuttle buses between philadelphia and cherry hill, a truck smacked in the bridge overpass in pennsauken on friday. so they have to use buses to get folks from philadelphia to cherry hill, trains will original in cherry hill patco, river line and njt buses are cross honoring tickets and information is up on the web site, mike and alex back to you. bullets flying in feltonville, a 17 year-old girl shot in the chest. >> so this morning police are searching for the suspects because they were flying, bullet holes in driven places, steve. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: we are at the house where the girl was shot. you can see, where we are and we will show you bullets just from this angle here. starting with that chevy down there where we showed you a hole through window above the mirror and then in the frame above the door and bullet went right into the back seat f someone was sitting in there they would be gone. now we will go across the
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street, this person firing a gun was so indiscriminant firing car high, street high, girl was shot in the chest and she's up here on the steps. look at that window three houses n do you see that air conditioning. if the father or mother or anybody else was turning that air conditioning temperature down or up because of the nice weather last night they would be dead because there is a bullet hole right chest high, right into that window and sleeping inside there that bullet look at the video we have right now. a family of three mother, father and four year-old madison you will see still sleeping after ago woke at night when her mother and father were freaking out because a bullet not only shattered her window but lodged in the wall right above their head is above their bed. why they were asleep last night just before midnight. these bullets were going every where on both side of the street. guns fired from two side of b street at each other.
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homes hit, cars hit and people nearly hit and killed. seventeen year-old girl stable after shot in the chest and stable is not how you'll describe the young mother of four year-old madison after one of the many bullets came right through their bedroom window and into the wall above the head of mom, dad and madison. >> my husband... unaudible. all this started. when we shot the door, we looked over and my house band ... unaudible. >> where did it go. >> our window. broke the window. it went right in the wall. >> reporter: foreign ricky gonzales his brand new rav4 has a brand new bullet hole in the back. we told him wow likely find bullet found inside. as soon as he opened his hatchback, he did.
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>> i don't know. we already know somebody hit my car, that is all i know. >> reporter: you have a bullet hole in your car. >> yes, from the inside. i cannot go no where. this is any neighborhood. >> reporter: are you worried it will not be just car but you or your wife hit. >> myself, my family or the neighbor. i mean that is just too much. >> reporter: owner of this car , enrique's neighbor has not even seen their car all shot up. just imagine they are going to have a thought that we are giving you now of if somebody was sitting in the back seat if they before just getting home from say a day at the shore. and greg will go across the street and we're just a block off the boulevard and it is now morning rush hour. see how close to the boulevard we are but here's enrique's wife's car. they have not got that fixed yet and they have bullet lodge in the taillight on the left side on the driver's side of this car as well. odd of having two vehicles hit on the same street in the same month and your neighbor's kid
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almost killed, people are wondering what can they do? well, detectives have just arrived here with a search warrant to go to that house where the swat team had a barricade situation after this shooting last night and whoever was in there got away. so, wow, this is one of those, how much worse can it have been but the 17 year-old girl we can report is stable at st. christopher's thanks to an off-duty cop who got her in his car and rushed her to saint chris to save her life. >> wow, g enrique will to have get bullet proofing on his next car. >> the fact that he has to do that is ridiculous it is. >> of course, they don't have that. 7:07. man is dead from a gunshot wound to the head in the fair hill section. he was shot at west indiana avenue knew and north fourth street around 1:30 this morning. police have not filed are identified the victim but says he is in his 20's and, no arrest has been made. fire in several businesses that started around 1:00 at a
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strip mall on the 1700 block of east main street in millville. fire was under control in about an hour. nobody hurt. a man wanted in a deadly shooting on the main line is now linked to another shooting that was only a short distance away. >> yes, it seems like it. police hope that a picture we will put up here on the screen will help with this arrest, lauren johnson has the picture and the story. >> reporter: that is right, mike, two agencies after one man was involved in two shootings, one deadly now here at haverford township police department they are working hand and hand with philadelphia police trying to count on tips to find this man lets get a good look at him. police say he went on a shooting spree saturday, tall, wears a red hoodie and t and blue jeans and police think he has a weapon in his way waste band just moments after he shot 29 year-old joseph lee. police say he confronted the man on haverford avenue as lee left the pizza shop walking toward his friend's apartment
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complex. he never made it. after he had word with the shooter, witnesses heard two shots before police and medics rushed to the scene hoping to save that man's life. >> very bizarre, just can't believe it actually happened here, you know, you hear about these kind of things, in the city all the time but not here on the main line. i heard it was over in overbrook where he was random ly shooting at people and then ended up over here, i don't really know, why or how but the story is so bizarre. hopefully police are on top of things and we will justin to live our lives. >> reporter: police are on ton of things. haverford police released images of the suspending philadelphia police started to get phone calls saying that man was spotted in overbrook park on saturday an hour before that deadly shooting, arguing there. witnesses say he shot in the car a dozen time before he hopped in a gray volume ohio and took off. police say the shooter stole that victim's cell phone after killing him, they phone.
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they found it at 40th and market street. they didn't fd they are hoping l wondered,e him to arrest him. randomly just shooting at people. >> that i goodness. >> there seems to be in point to it. >> no. 7 swimmer off of point pleasant beach, new jersey has been>> a 24 yeart disappeared in the ocean early sunday morning. the woman and her 23 year-old male friend both jumped in around 2:00 in the morning and they ended up struggling with high is your f man was able to swim back to shore but woman coastguard released a statement sending their condolences to the family. they will clean up heroin haven. do you know what that is? a spokesperson for the railway said that clean up is set to begin this morning on the stretch of the train track that is runs through kensington and fair hill. that is littered with needles, and trash, the city and
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railway, conrail is who i'm talking about signed a deal, here's the deal, conrail will clean up the area removing the needles, and repair the fencing that has been coming down, in exchange, the city will provide police protection and hall off the trash. well, first day on the job for the new white house chief of staff. does he have any experience being a chief of staff? well, he is a general. john kelly, and his plate is already brims. >> you think bit, charged with bringing order to the administration and he has a number of hot spot flare-ups around the world. >> that is true, caroline he is as busy as you are, caroline. >> reporter: i can only imagine he gets sworn in at 9:30 this morning an has to hit a ground rubbing. cabinet meeting at 10. he will be off and running. top supporters are hoping this new direction at the white house will reign in the chaos
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of the last six months. general kelly moves from the cabinet to the west wing this morning if we can protocol, pecking order, order, discipline and a chief of staff that empowers the staff to succeed, i know general kill haze done that on the battle feel. we have faith that will be done. >> reporter: chief of staff reince priebus was forced out, administration's point gannon health care. senate's failure to repeal obama care friday morning was a blow to the white house and perhaps last straw for president trump who is signaling he is not giving up. >> that is yes keeps coming back and saying looks at it, do your job, congress, do your job. >> reporter: another challenge for new chief of job, north korean news. over weekend u.s. military tested its anti ballistics missle system following north korea's second test interest continental ballistics missle. analyst conclude most of the u.s. is in range of the north korea's weapons. >> era of strategic patients is over.
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>> reporter: general kelly's move to the white house leaves his job as home land security secretary opened, there is speculation that president trump could move jeff session ness to the spot. mr. trump has openedly ridiculed and mock the attorney general angry that sessions has reaccused himself from the investigation into alleged russian connections with the trump campaign. >> there has been sufficient opposition for the president not to do so unless, of course , what he really intend is to end up firing muhler which could well be the beginning of the end of this presidency. >> new troubles with russia this morning vladamire putin is retaliate ago begins u.s. sanctions saying u.s. missions thereof to cut their staffs by hundreds. mike and alex, back to you. >> getting us back for doing same thing to them. we will see you tomorrow. 7:13. senator john mccain begins radiation and chemotherapy in his home state of arizona he is receiving treatment for a brain cancer at mayo clinic
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phoenix. he is planning to return to washington when congress re nv recess. a manhunt, is underway in prisoners, here's the deal, authorities say 12escaped yestee walker county jail. recaptured i guess. the inmates range from 1830. they are charged also a wide range, disorderly conduct to mu. it remains unclear at this hour how group got out of the jail. if i was in for disorderly conduct, i don't think would i try to escape. >> because it is a short sentence, you would think. >> yes. >> disorderly conduct and now you're going to be charged west scaping a prison. >> yes. >> now you will there been for a while. >> what a dope. chalk are chalk it to another bad day at a ballpark.
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chris christie at a game in milwaukee. brewers were taking on the cubs. >> and thomas, so how did did it start, one of the fans started messing with him and heckling with him. >> governor went to grab some food. on his way back, and one of the fans say hey gov, you suck basically, he stopped, thought bit, turned around, and he confront that had fan. he had a few choice word for him this went on and on and on lets take a look. >> what did he say to you. >> you want to act like a big shot. >> confrontation went on for about 45, we caught tail end on camera there, basically governor christie called him a big shot and man responded to christie saying hey, appreciate that, you will remember just a few weeks ago christie was booed after catching that foul ball at a new york mets game. at some point you just got to
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walk away. >> it is annoying if you are well known and you just can't go to a ballgame anymore you want to enjoy the game, eat your nachos and peace and walk out and hear this. >> we're not civil. you can yell you suck even though somebody might suck. >> at what point do you just take it or do you confront. >> how about we just stop yelling at each other. >> i'm surprised you suck is all it took. i feel like he has heard worse >> he called him a hipocrit and a few other word. >> that was it. >> there might be more too, i bet nachos were brought up. it it is 7:16. here's sue. >> mother nature is kind to us today, beautiful sunrise, it is getting more populated in o cnj. folks running, walking their morning constitutional if you will on the boardwalk. lets talk about the shore cast for today, it looks like the
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average temperature will be about 77 degrees. remember your sun screen. we have a sea breeze today and the moderate risk of rip current, you see our ocean water temperatures 74 off cape may, lewis delaware 74. seventy-three atlantic city. we had an incident over weekend. so always swim near a life guard and never swim alone or at night. we have a moderate risk of rip currents at delaware beach and jersey shore today this low pressure system in florida has now become tropical depression number six, of the year, we're watching to see fit vengeance in a tropical storm. it has 30 miles an hour wind now and need 39 to be a storm and get a name. most forecasters are saying that probably won't happen. for us high pressure happening right now, and in rain. next chance of rain, some decent rain, it is not until wednesday afternoon so enjoy
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today and tomorrow. we will head to the seven day forecast with 88 degrees today ninety-one for tomorrow. ninety on wednesday. possibly even 90 on thursday. if that happens, three in a row we would get another heat wave but more importantly humidity will be returning and then by friday we have thunderstorms that once again could last into saturday morning like they did last weekend, and we will see what happens for the first week of august. don't forget if you forget this forecast, don't worry bit , bob kelly, you have your 101.1 more fm. >> got you covered, sue. good morning. we have sun glare here, live lot roosevelt boulevard route one near ridge anyone heading northbound this morning pack your shade for sun glare. delays on the vine street expressway across town we are all back up from say broad street all the way over to the ramps or schuylkill expressway and they have paved the schuylkill last night so you'll find uneven pavement. they will be back again tonight. phillies playing baseball
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afternoon business persons special down here 12:35 at the ballpark. right afterward, hang around kid will have a chance to run the bases after the game down there at citizens bank park. if you are coming back from route 55, coming back from the shore no problems or delays at all on 55, or 47. and we are looking good up in and between the bridges. mike and alex, back to you. i have a souvenir. he went to the training camp. they let the public in at the link, 23,000 people showed up, i got this. >> lucky you. >> do you know significance of this. >> yes, do i. >> souvenir. >> souvenir. >> yeah. >> you know what, there were service people there, and their families they were kind the eagles were.o the military- look at all these people. >> taking time took a knowledge and celebrate those serving all branches of the military. so, several people got to go on the field with the team too
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we saw face painting and meet and greed. it was a beautiful day. really great. now during and before all this happened lane johnson who , well, that is lane johnson. everyone was wondering lane johnson how did he grow his hair so fast. >> i thought he was bald. >> yes, it is a wig. but a lot of people thought it was funny and trending at one point. he was looking back. he was at practice. >> he wanted to shake things up, for the crowd. >> they asked him so is what up with the wig. >> he said i thought it made me feel a bad... >> a ba. >> but other interesting thing as if fans aren't wanting enough super bowl, you know you know, thirsting for it, lane johnson says if we go to the super bowl he will buy beer for everybody. he will give away beer if we win. >> now everybody, does that
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mean on earth. >> he didn't specify he said i will give away beer to have one. >> to everybody. >> yeah. >> we need to clarify if we're part of everybody. >> i assume so. >> everybody where. >> you are thinking too hard, all eagles fans. >> every eagles fan. >> i bet. >> guy better be rich. >> i think he said -- >> maybe he will play all 10 games that he missed last year >> anyway, it is odd, back in the day, well, samson had long hair he was very strong. >> this is true. >> and delilah came along. >> yes, always a woman. >> oh, stop it. we are not to blame. >> adam was having a good time in the garden of eden, right, just had to take that apple, here is your apple. >> you cannot live without us, we're part of your rib. we have your rib. >> really. >> yes you want to bring up adam and stuff.
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>> you could get rid of all of us if you stored enough of what we need, you need to create a child you can get rid of every man just have a big vials and refridge rate them. >> a world without men. >> yes, sounds lovely. >> yes. >> you should know. >> wow. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. i will not come back to that one. it is cool. >> it is fine. >> ride sharing rivals, you got your uber are you a uber or a lyft person. they are fighting. credit card is what i'm talking about i have no idea. uber vicar lyft. >> i'm out, i'm done.
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i use uber, lyft, given them my credit card. i just take ride. >> why in the justin that. >> what do you mean. >> it sound like they are coming out with a credit card. >> uber credit card, lyft credit card, lauren simoneti. >> potentially coming this
7:26 am
fall. visa will run the card called a barclay card and would you essentially when flying with an the hotel awe couple you'll miles, points and the like. why would uber do this? well, brand loyalty. lyft isoo. >> okay. >> free ride.nefit >> yeah, more time to ride or swipe the card at other do not t thinking is more time you use the card and you earn free stf. uber. >> okay. >> i like that a lot. >> i like tight. >> how much time, lauren, and be honest with me. >> yes. >> do you spend onl phone just wasting time at work. >> oh, that is question. i will tell you what, more than an hour a day. there is a newsays we're spendis a week on our phones doing stuff or work. >> i can see that, an hour aday.
7:27 am
>> yes. >> on facebook, b whatever, you are bored, you sit there, i don't know. have you done the same. >> i would say so. >> mike likes to go on instagram and scroll. >> i see a lot of people if there is any downtime they will look through pictures on instagram. >> that is so true. >> yes, relaxing. tre is a costf this and it is 15 and a half billiors in lost productivity on a weekly basis >> wel i back then. >> yes, of course, you are. >> i will for 55 minutes per day. >> just five minutes out. minut. >> okay. that is a good challenge. we will seew. >> yes. >> if you are not on your phone. lets talk about margate again. we have a mess. homeowners are furious and frustrated as battle rages on these dunes. man, heavy rain over weekend especially saturday. it was a both side of
7:28 am
the dunes, did you have to do that? let's discuss.
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♪ come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. and tag becomes
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at makes little hearts race. buy your 2018 as new study that says overdosing on vitamins is american then
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you might think. how do you feel about man cleavage. it is new craze in mens fashion. so fellows, would you try it. are you a fan of open up a little more buttons when you head out the house? let us know what you think. we will discuss. because yes that is the term for it man cleavage. >> i thought cleavage was when you have a little line there, right. >> i think that is for woman that is how you define it. for men it is just having anything. >> okay, well, luckily bus stop is wearing his sun screen. by the way i did photographs. clear, cool, temperatures in the 50's and 60's. plenty of sunshine no rain on radar or in the forecast. 66 degrees right now. headed, higher then yesterday, yesterday, though was delightful, with 83 degrees. we will get up to about 88, later on today, not too humid
7:32 am
with a northwesterly wind, throughout most of the day, and then heat andgetting higher, starting tomorrow, we will talk about how high tho whether we have another heat wave in the offing when we bring you theforecast, bob we ha situation, where is this. >> this guy is man cleavage. look at this knuckle climbing us car because i'm if someone whacks him from behind he is a at university avenue on ramp to the westbound schuylkill expressway. so leaving university city, leaving children's hospitalarea. you will head west. this guy up andur hopefully if you are coming up behind himdon't even know he is. hopefully we will get an officer here ramp from the univy city to go west on to the
7:33 am
onuylkill expressway. i-95. sun glare on the schuylkill coming around an accident on the northbound willingboro approaching the interchange. also a crash just outside squard route one the oxford bypass right at transit's atlantic city rail line is using ll 's 30th street station over to cherry hill for the next week or so that truck that whacked into the railroad overpass there in d patco, the river line and honoring tickets while repairs are being made and patco high speed line, tough to get into lindenwald station this week because of the berlin road being closed so math co using shuttle buses to get commuters in and out there as well. back over to you. so we will take a look at your top store thinks morning. a 17 year-old girl was shot inside of her home in
7:34 am
feltonville section of the city. bullet went straight through her window. police are searching for the suspects. it happened just beforemidnightf b street. police say that the girl is in stable condition, andchristophed they say that she doesn't appear to have been the of bullets lodged in walls and cars all over the neighborhood. man, you where to see that guy right there, he is wanted for a deadly oo township on saturday, another shooting 3 miles away ins well. man is suspect of killing 29 year-old john lee on block of haverford road at 6:00 o'clock saturdayor the murder police say he was involved in the shooting in an injured in that one but he frustrated and furious residents in dunes, the big duns for weekend flooding.
7:35 am
there was a lake't be. >> so, this has been about a battle for a thomas, we are learning that this morning they are saying we're going to court. residents saying we told you so, we told you this would happen. residents have been at odd over this controversial dunes it started after super storm sandy. it to protect beach homeowners to protect from damagead rains that included the beaches in the area behind the dune margate said they knew would happen. it has done more harm theny are going to court over multi million-dollar project. >> avenue is a flood. i come up here to visit once every summer. disaster. >> it is not physically possible for life guard to watch from the othernes withoutr to police this area and make sure kid are safety has air.
7:36 am
it is not just an co witt. residents are planning to dress board of commissioners meetin they can take further action here. by the way fox 29 has reached out to the of engineers and new jersey state officials but we are still awaiting a mike and alex, right now residents say their big concern, the quality of the war there, months keith born illnesses, children are playing in it. we will it. it was a mess there over the weekend. >> just to see when you go to chairs, coolers, everything else and to have weighed in that. >> yes. >> the muck. s. state department is allu. warning vacationers heading to mexico to be aware of taint cou, following the death of a young woman. well, get this we wf a local man who says the same thing happened to her, in 2013. it happened to her son. she joins us.
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you know steph curry and lebron james are on opposrsbut k they really like each other. >> i would say so.
7:40 am
>> i >> friendly rivalry. >> well, harrison barnes his wedding was >> yes. >> and curry was inspired it seems like on the dance floor by a work that lebron james posted last movement first we will show you work out he gets pumped up from work he shows you just have to get pumped up. >> he looks like michael phelps before he goes swimming in the olympics that mean face he makes. >> apparently that same song came on, during barnes wedding reception and steph curry could in the resist the urge to do it. >> ♪
7:41 am
>> i think i saw kyrie irving was at that wedding reception, who is lebron's teammate. >> he has requested, you know, to be let out. >> yeah. >> he was laughing, enjoying it. should be interesting then. i am sure they are all friends even when step curry when he signed that contract, multi million-dollar, like breakin history. >> 200 million. >> something ridiculous. lebron said he should get more i don't think, i think it is >> it is good good natured rib dance. maybe that can inspire you next time at party. t. >> that is my dance move. >> we will teach guys how to me embarrassing reception is do you think that would be
7:42 am
a new move when drake came out with the, you know, call me on mythat became . maybe thinks your new move. >> even do this. >> yes. >> that didn't look goodther. >> no. >> conshohocken. it is last day of july, we're kind hoping, wishing that it is time for kid to go back to school. >> you havdeas at this point. >> looking for jen. >> you guys told meha give you f ideas at conshohocken and we will help you keep the kid busy.
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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. with strayer university's mba program today.
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good morning everybody. slow go out of northeast philadelphia, delays on the schuylkill zoom in, delays coming into town, mainly with some sun glare at conshohocken. here's a live look at montgomery drive. so, here's, this is a new one that popped up here, this is i-95 we will call this 95 north bound right here near walt whitman bridge so between packer avenue and walt whitman an accident in the left lane there. keep that in mind heading out in northeast philadelphia. north on 295 approaching the mount holly willingboro interchange watch for an accident.
7:46 am
and then, crash along the kennett oxford bypass which is route one right here near newark road up into kennett square. the atlantic city river line using shuttle buses between philadelphia, 30th street station and cherry hill for this week because of the construction caused by damage from that truck that hit the overpass on friday. patco high speed line folks are having trouble getting in there closed. be ready for shuttle bus operation on patco and the parkt s of the paoli station, on thor. forecast for your monday, sue has got 15. phillies hoping to get out the broom today forraves. it will be a beautiful
7:47 am
afternoon for baseball. yes, it is a day gam today. 12:35 with 85 degrees. doeen today. high pressure in control but we have tropical depression numba, sill it strength tone a tropical storm in probably not but we have to keep an eye on it,oes it will get the name of don. but regardless it will be tons of rain for the orlando area, tampa bay getting rain, so is miami. we have got 55 degrees in mount pocono. sixty-six in philadelphia 60 degrees, gorgeous morning in wildwood or where ever you are, 87 is our average high and we were there often friday , cooler then often on friday and saturday but we are back to above average. today 88. ninety-one tomorrow. ninety on wednesday. close to 90 on thursday and friday and we will see how that plays out, possibility of showers and thunderstorms on saturday but we have sometime to take care of that for the first week end of august, coming up, mike and alex.
7:48 am
>> i know what you are seeing, be honest, it is monday, you will try to lose weight this week, aren't you, um-hmm; a lot of folks using diet supplements. well, kid are getting their hand on this stuff. >> so while many people assume that the pills they are all natural. experts say parents are accidentally leaving them on count are tops and places where kid can reach them and it is taking incorrectly they need to use caution. we're talking about this because there is a stu about hoy kid overdose on these,reat to see you. >> great to see you. >> are those ary. >> not just diet but energy boosters things thatour mood. mineral, vitamin, amino probiotic you don't need prescriptions, you cant store ay them by fist full. >> drugstore, no prescription for it. decision you want. you can say that this wantsoursy
7:49 am
, fit and lose weight. when they arethink they are nat. there is in prescpt them, leavig them around the house and with that i guess they do child protective opener. >> right, make a good point. we think t are natural but cyane is also natural, it is not safe per said. so adults are leaving them on the counter and children are getting into them. >> well, what could happen if you take a bunch of them. >> well, some serious complications, we're talking about seizures, comb, kidney failure, heart rate rhythm disturbances, heart attacks and even death. i want to get back to the study so we can understand why this is sounding off alarms. they have looked at this offer 12 years there are 275,000 calls to poison control centers because of diet supplements. eagles football field think bit, 70,000 people there. that is four football fields filled with people.
7:50 am
70 percent of those will be children under the age of six. that is one every 24 minutes calls to the poison control center. this is a big problem. i have to point out children weren't won intending to use these medication bus they are in the cross fire for this. >> so i necessity a lot of people use like a lock box or something for their prescription medications but the supplements in there too then. >> right, exactly. parents need to understand. anyone who interacts with children that these supplements even though we think they naturalnd potential m for just ourselves and our children. treat them prescription medication out of sight away from the children. >> here's a generic questio then work. >> you bring up a good point. thnt segment but this is what the state of this is right now. food andn does in the require diet supplements they hit the markets. >> they cause harm, death,
7:51 am
disturbance that is they can then recall oragainst it. it is up to us to do our research. i asked anyone who listening to me talk to their pharmacist. they are a great resource when goes. talk tour doctor. they should know about them. we have this are safe and fine. we don't understand they can medications that we take. >> because they have seen infomercials all the time, can have mike's energy booster , and it could be a sugar pill. >> absolutely or it could have tons of caffeine to cause heart rate disturbances. we have to be cautious. >> how do you know. >> why don't they regulate that. >> how do you know what you should be picking up. >> they do have labels. they are required to be accurate but does not necessarily mean they are enforced. it is not until after the fact we want to be wise about what we do, take proper precautions y don't want to be inappropriate but i i have alwaysed wand about horny goat
7:52 am
weed. >> i have no knowledge. >> no, seriously, i have seen that on shelves. >> yeah. >> it is supposed to enhance male sexual performance. >> does that work. >> well, i don't know if it works. >> are you asking for friend >> first time. >> increase your heart rate. it can set upon heart chestk. that is one of the diet supplements that was study, onet toxic to be cautious. there are calls b fd and drug administration may need to start recalling that just lake they did withe federal ra innums study saw was there was a decrease in the numn control centers after they recalled it we need to be cautious. seen allen iverson. >> yes. >> i mean you have seen him.
7:53 am
>> recently. >> i went to the 76ers game he was sitting box. >> that was last season. >> yes. >> there na >> yes. >> now we can't fine him if you see him let us know. >> i will. >> thanks, doctor. >> he is a no show. >> yes. >> what is going on with allen iverson? he didn't show up for his basketball game yesterday in dallas, the big three, and now people are starting to worry. >> he didn't even, he not only didn't play he didn't show up at all. >> nope. >> where is allen? we all know elaine benis is one of the war dancers in the history of the u.s., poster child for bad dancing but have you been to a wedding reception, what is with fathers, guys, men dance. we have a dance teacher here to help
7:54 am
pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
do you see the guy in the lime green shirt on, in the gazebo looking thing. >> they are working out. >> yeah. >> hey, in your home, near the boardwalk in ocean city, go to that gazebo looking thing and wave to us. >> join us. >> we're bored. it is a monday. look at how beautiful i the day will be, just like yesterday. >> a 10. >> a 10 on a scale of one, to 10. so go stand where the lime green guy is and wave to us. we will wave back. >> they are already waving. >> no, that is just a work out >> can we go back and look. >> see they are waving at us. >> hey. >> it is a couple exercising together. >> that is lovely. >> how do you know. >> i can tell. >> nobody is up this early unless you are trying to
7:58 am
impress your loved one you get all worked up. >> high means. >> yes. >> go back to the condo, shower together. >> is that how it works. >> that is how it works. >> fantasies you have in your mind. >> it is just a fantasy no reality here. u.s. women's soccer team, pulls out a last minute win over brazil this was exciting. why would i bring this up. there is a local tie. >> in the eighty-ninth minute, look you see the eagles zach ertz andie people were excited giving u.s. its first leame too. >> and then she was mauled and injured her it. >> so they won will conclude tournament of the nations on thursday after japan. of course, zach ertz in attendance. >> that was something. >> zach cheered on his wife on
7:59 am
twitter. >> let's go. >> jewelers. >> okay. >> i have already forgotten what julie's name was before she was an ertz. johnson. how could i forget that. >> i love it when they got married she said i love you so much it ertz. >> yes. >> i need that in my life. >> i love you so much it ertz. >> we cannot do much with jer rick, sorry. >> i love you so much i jer rick. >> i jerk. >> speaking of johnson, well, fe answer. >> allen iverson was a no show for his dallas a big lead that e out ice cube put together and g together. he has been one of the main people doing i it, and, now he is not showing up.
8:00 am
they are not sure just >> apparently this league, which has just started has a commissioner. the league says -- >> probably ice cube. >> can you imagine. >> so they will launch an investigation once they figure out where he is, they will figure out why he didn't play. do you know the name of his team? threes company. that is embarrassing. >> why? >> threes company. >> three's company too. hi jack. this is footage of him playing when he didn't play in the game. >> it wasn't in philly because when he came to philly, he didn't play. >> doctor's order. >> but he was up. now he is not showing up. so i am wondering i hope he okay, first of all, hopefully he is okay but do youver it, yo, yeah. >> did he practice. >> we're not talking aboutn theo quickly is that going to behard.
8:01 am
>> good day we will do this right after this to listen to this and then we stray bullets, a 17 year-old girl shot in the chest while sitting inside of her home, another bullet narrowly missing's sleep four year-old. search continues this morning. a travel warning hits close to home. >> he was dead on arrival actually, and until we had to go to the morgue. >> state department tells american tourist to be careful about drinking tainted alcohol in mexico, following the death of the young woman. we hear from the mother of the local man who says that the same thing happened to her son , several years ago.
8:02 am
these dad can do it all, except dance. >> ♪ so this morning we are turning to the pros for help, dad, how you can improve those moves before the weekend, and, yeah. >> plunging neck lines, no longer for woman. >> oh, lord. >> man cleavage is new craze in mens fashion, but is it really a good look. >> man cleavage. >> someone tweeted me, they don't like the term man cleavage. >> well, it has a negative connotation to me. it have to have boobs to have a cleavage. let's go to the it was the line. >> i thought it was a line too >> what? >> over the weekend some people wental the palm restaurant, it is
8:03 am
opened again, beautiful too over at bellevue it is so john s picture and he said my loves you so much she had to see it. i thought was was so and had dinner too i wand fur there will be traffic people coming taking problem people take picks and they don't>> yeah. >> coming in just asking for a water. >> just a nuinche gazebo i don't know what that is. it looks lake they areconstruct. i don't know. we are calling it a georgia seen owe. we want to you go there and wave to us. >> open air gazebo. >> sit there and look at the ocean. >> look at the ocean and then look to your left as you look to the ocean and there is a camera by taterd flag which we need to replace. >> seems that way. >> we will give but 15 minutes to get over there. >> where is this. >> ocean city. >> ocean citiy don't know what block that is. >> look at that, people
8:04 am
exercising. >> between seventh and eighth. >> let me ask you if youho thisd you be up that early >> summertime fine, they have to get it together. >> now that i'm in thedrinking t there before one or 2:00 in the aer start drinking again. >> if you get up 8:00 o'clock. >> yes. >> wow. enjoy the outdoors, wear your sun screen. it is buddy is all ready for a day at the pool, temperatus ight nos not too hot yet butt the sun has been up a while. we will see temperatures zoom delightful sunday with a high of 83, but actget to 88 a littly and once again your mum of the day is a 10 out of 10. we will talk more about the seven day forecast and 90's
8:05 am
that are in it coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. on a monday, speedometer, telling the tail nothing major but delays on i-95, schuylkill e blue route and then over here in south jer at route 30 the whe horse pike right off of w vehict head on into the telephone pole there, so horse pike, blocd watch out for local jammos in td sun glare as you work your way e in toward malvern, king of i-95 near 476 theter area, blue route in delaware county and t of 476 slow from i-95 all the way up to the m 8:05.alex, back to you. a 17 year-old girl shot in the chest inside her home in thee se city, bullet coming straight through a window there were
8:06 am
bullets flying both direction opposite that block. >> this morning police are searching for the suspects as you mentioned bullets right here lots of bullet holes people are waking up to and finding this morning, steve. >> reporter: thinks where the 17 year-old was on this side of the b street, thinks odd number homes and then we will pan all the way around and go across the street in the other side and other end of the block, and we will zoom our camera, right above that window where the air conditioning in it. if anybody was adjusting that air conditioning, when these bullets were starting to fired from two guns in two directions they would be gone but this is one of those stories that you say what could have been. you often hear philadelphia violence coming to innocent people doorsteps but rarely through your bedroom window and go pennsylvania a sleeping family's head. >> unaudible. >> reporter: she's still so
8:07 am
upset, still thinking how worse it could have been. it, being the big bullet that blasted through their, bedroom window just above air conditioning here shore husband just hit thermostat on and just blasted above the wall where she and her daughter madison sleeping beside them. >> broke the window and stuck into the rorter: across the strt neighbor even recchi gonzales just bought a brand new rav4 friday and it became suv gt this month alone. we told him wow likel bullet ifs hatchback and he d his wife'shee weeks ago. are you worried it will notll be you or your wifeit family or the neighbor, i mean that is just too much. >> repte suv parked a few spots up from enrique got hit too,n'k, good thing no one was sitting
8:08 am
in the back seat when a bullet t high and bullets blasted in both directions justoff busy rod where a young mother wondering if she and her family aren't safe from philadelphia gunfire lying in bed upstairs, how do you keep your precious doubt's way from the violence, that didn't just hit close to home this time but hit so close to the family's head. >> unaudible. >> you watch tv and get your 15 minutes where you don't see , the progressive allstate in of the commercials mentioned damage that we see here. imagine enrique's second call to the insurance company this month. hello, you will not believe this but my brand new toyota i started insuring friday night, well, yeah, i know i made a claim like this a few weeks ago but i got more bullet holes in my brand new car too can you imagine that call
8:09 am
today. >> yeah, you can't, well, insurance doesn't cover bullet holes does it? maybe it should. >> they are about to find out. >> hey steve you are a jersey born and raised. but weigh in on this real quickly. did you see governor christie in milwaukee at the baseball game. >> yeah, his son works for the brewers. that is why he is at a milwaukee game. i don't know if you mention that had or not. my thinking was discussing this with people already today , if he didn't have those security men with him i wonder if he would be such a tough guy out of town. he got booed in his hometown at citi field. i'm sure he will never go back to the brewers again.& when he is not governor and doesn't have that security detail do you think he will be a tough guy. >> don't move, don't move, we will play this for people just getting up, in the summertime people get up late. so governor christie was visiting the son up in
8:10 am
milwaukee. cubs were in town there to play a game yesterday. >> and then there was an exchange because there was someone in the stand heckling him. >> a cubs fan. >> saying all kind of things to christie. >> he said i will say something to you he went to get nachos, and on his way back the guy said you suck. you suck and you are a hipocrit governor. >> and other things. >> and other things. >> and thomas knows all about this. >> well, he is a former top federal prosecutor so people who know him very well with or without federal security detail he noise the twon shy away from confrontation. new jersey governor chris christie had it. he went to nachos as you mentioned and then walking away about 30 feet when a fan yelled hey, governor you are a hipocrit, you stink, you suck few other choice word and governor stopped, turned around and went in his face, take a look.
8:11 am
>> unaudible. >> what did >> secret service right there. >> are you going to like a big shot. >> only tail end of that lasted for about 45 seconds and started when cubslled govere word as we mentioned this wasn't the first time. times. remember governor was booed at the mets game. three-two popped up. at it. a souvenir for chris christie are you kbo that. >> boo. >> you justicing,. >> good catch but fans mets/cars game july 18th at sit field in new york. christie signed the ball and gave it to a kid afterward. it is not last time governor is booed or called a few
8:12 am
choice word but time and time again governor gets in his face and that is what he is being criticized for that he didn't walk away and he got in the guy's face. >> he said, hey mr. big shot, hey big shot. >> first he said have another beer. guy said i was than the drinking. >> all right, you are a big shot. >> big shot. >> right in his face too though. >> here's the key how good do those nacho look is that what you were focusing on. >> yes. >> because it is cheese state you know cheese on there is fantastic. >> it is top quality. >> yeah. >> i think it is interesting he never dropped. he kept it study in his face. >> priorities. state department's travel warning to mexico hitting close to home following a death of an american tourist, we hear from the mother of a local man whose family says that he was, killed, by drinking, tainted alcohol at a mexican resort. that is a pos built
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
you probably know about this by now because we have talk bit all week.
8:16 am
u.s. state department continues to warn vacationers heading to mexico to be wear of tainted or count are fit alcohol. >> people have reportedly blacked out after drinking only one or two drinks and it bootlegged alcohol played a role in several deaths. >> so in january, abby conner of wisconsin was pulled from the pool hours after arriving at the paradiseo delimar near playa delcarmen in mexico. she was declared brain dead and taken off life support. her brother blacked out and suffered a concussion but did survive. the family believes there was something in the drinks, the alcohol drinks, that they had at the swim up bar month. man from our area made similar claims after her 38 year-old son died during a vacation to mexico, this was four years ago. >> friend vacationing with brian, says that he had gone to swim in another part of the pool, at the grand oasis
8:17 am
resort in cancun. he went there not only to swim but have a few drinks. it wasn't long until they saw a crowd gathering. >> i did see people across and you could see that there are people working on there, and starting to get closer, i could see they were trying to do something. my cousin tell me he was giving cpr. >> reporter: when his friend arrived they got the news. >> he wasn't alive, he was dead on arrival actually. and we had to go to the morgue >> reporter: cause of death drowning in water due to complications of alcohol poisoning. his mother, karen feels more could have been done to save him. she called, e mailed but never got a response. fox 29 investigates sent e-mails back in 2013 asking how much brian had to drink? if the hotel has a policy to
8:18 am
cut off patrons who appear drunk whether or not staffers had emergency, training air if it was policy to prevent guest s from tourist despite repeated requests none of our questions were ever answered. so we have brian's mother, karen smith joining us now live via skype from her home in florida. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, thank you. >> i know you have heard about this other situation now that abby connor her death and now u.s. state department has issued this warning. i guess this brings it all back. i'm sorry for your loss, karen but when they said that he died, they think of alcohol poisoning, it seems to me that they written mating he had too much to drink. >> that is what i concluded but they have never done any kind of a testing to find out what his blood alcohol level was. they tested for, drugs.
8:19 am
they tested for marijuana, cocaine and they all came back negative, of course but they never tested his blood alcohol and it just seemed odd to me that this can happen in the late afternoon broad daylight after a few drinks that you could, you could go from being coherent, talking to people to total blackout where your brain has just tapped out. you are essentially breathe nothing water and your brain does not know you are in distress. >> people with him did they say it happened like that? one moment he was fine and then the next he was not. >> the two friend that he went with were not with him. it is a very massive resort from what i understand, they were at a different place in the pool but they had all, you know, pretty much started drinking about the same time and they see they started with margaritas but again without any kind of investigation the
8:20 am
resort would not speak to us. we don't necessity from the bartender, from people around him, exactly what the circumstances were. >> ridiculous. >> i just don't understand how something like that could happen without people seeing, boot being able to get any kind of witnesses to testify what happened. >> karen, this may be a new clue then, they are talking about it is counterfeit alcohol. it is poisonous alcohol and maybe that is what he hade. >> it seems placeable to me. difficult a little research. i just didn't, i could not fathom this plane old, you know, normal afternoon drinking. it is odd to me that they have resorts, also resorts in places like jamaica, punta cana and we are not hearing these reports out of the other all inclusives throughout the caribbean. it seems to be just in mexico, so, there seems to be some kind of a mexican connection
8:21 am
or link with the alcohol. >> so what were your first thoughts when you heard about abby connor because that story once people started hearing bit, people seem to be really concerned. what were your first thoughts about her when you heard what happened to her. >> right, i know, here we go again, what is it going to take because my sonnies not the first person to die at the oasis resort. it happened to noland webster several years prior to that almost same set of circumstances about the same time of day in waist high water it was inn can i how similar their two deaths were. so i'm very close to his mother now and so we i found out about abby connor back in january when it happened. we thought maybe this was another case at oasis. we found it was not. but i'm glad it was a sad, horrible situation but i'm glad it is finally coming to
8:22 am
light so people can at least be aware. >> how much has our government been able to help you. >> none. i did not get much help from the u.s. embassy. they were basically told me i needed to fill out some forms, sign some papers and they gave me a name of a coroner to work with in mexico and they didn't really do anything to investigate eater i find it hard to believe that the hotel hasn't responded. it seems like they would have to say something. >> they never did, and as your news team found out when they tried to do this about four years ago they got no where either. they kept telling us, there was only one person that could speak on behalf of the resort and that person coincidently was never available. >> never available. >> time continue on investigate again, karen, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> you got it. there are just no answers.
8:23 am
>> to deal with the death of her son and then know, i mean can't figure out what happened 8:23. did you see this. well we will take a quick break. we will be right back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
do you remember trl. >> horrifyingly i do and used to watch it every day. >> yes. >> well, now you can watch it every day again, it is come back, mtv wants to bring it back. it was on from 98 through 2005 >> that long. >> yes. >> carson daily he was main hoe an i have that. >> people used to say what a tool he is. >> they did. >> yeah. >> ah. >> they got cancelled in 2008 but this new version coming back will have a revolving series of hosts. carson daily will not be back with it. one of them is rapper d.c. young fly. >> oh, rapper d.c. young fly judge not rapper d.c. young
8:27 am
fly. >> anytime they have rotating host is it is a gimmick and it will never work. >> shows don't work with different hoes. >> now that i think about it, rotating hoes. >> nope, nope. >> it means they have no clue and they are at a loss. >> it means they will do it and whoever has best ratings they will make them permanent host. >> nobody will watch that. >> you ever go to the wedding reception, probably went to one on saturday. >> yeah. >> all these guys get up and dance, and we noticed on a segment, richard can do anything, he can do anything, except, dance. >> it is interesting because he is a dj. >> yes. >> he knows music. >> well, true. >> he just can't dance to it. >> do you have, he has ear piece in. let's crank up music and see what you got. >> crank it up. >> so, i may be a dj but i'm usually pushing buttons but i
8:28 am
keep it right here. i'm surrounded by professionals, i need some professional help, where are you at professionals? these guys will help hook it up here we are here and stick with us because i'm telling you mike and alex it is getting better from here. it is not good.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
i think my girlfriend is cheating on me. >> wait do you have a girl friend. >> no. >> all right. you didn't confirm or deny. >> a new study, and i'm very concerned, we found this new study that reveals three qualities shared by women who are most likely to cheat on their husbands and or boyfriends. but lets stick with wife's. there are three traits of wife's who are willing to cheat, and we will tell you
8:32 am
all three of them, very interesting. >> all right. >> plunging neck lines, in longer for woman? >> oh, no. >> man cleavage new craze in mens fashion, but is it really a good looking? and yes, they are calling it man cleavage that is the official term, for when guy shows a little skin. >> we have also discovered a picture, it is the husband of kitkat kline. >> it is great. >> we're going to present that to you for your viewing pleasure, bob in the next 30 minutes. >> mr. kitkat. >> mr. kitkat kline with a man cleavage. >> maybe down, in margate over weekend. >> i wouldn't doubt it. >> maybe. >> 8:32. weekend is over. southbound i-95 people slow in the construction zone schuylkill expressway slow near city line. they have been cleaning up
8:33 am
this accident on route 30, white horse pike, right here near white horse avenue there, an accident took down some power lines, so watch out for some delays throughout the morning and if you are coming back from the shore north on the freeway watch for an accident approaching cols road , good looking day for outdoor baseball sueby has forecast in 15. just when we thought it might not happen, it happened. we have a new tropical storm off west coast storm of florida, tropical storm emily 45 miles west southwest of tampa with 45 miles an hour wind. thinks expected to cross peninsula and go out after atlantic, what happened after that we will to have watch carefully. in the meantime we have a 10 out of 10, in your weather by numbers and here's budd which
8:34 am
his sunglasses on in the 60's and sun screen bottle because this day is what you want to stay outside. it won't too humid. 70 degrees right now. yesterday we got to 83. it was delightful. today little warmer but still delightful. not too humid. high of 88. we will talk about that seven day forecast coming up. >> sue. >> delightful. >> we love you. >> so much love. >> richard curtis has been a tremendous digs of this program we call good day philadelphia yes. >> been on 20 years, great addition, he will do anything, willing to try anything, he actually can physically do a lot of things. >> except for one thing. >> he can't dance. >> yeah. >> but some people have a term , they call it dad dancing , dad, they just can't get it going. >> i have noticed dad around here at fox here in olde city, they have a problem with dancing too. here are the fox 29 dad.
8:35 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i have been here 22 years and never imagined to get on here dancing. >> you don't go in the water. >> ♪
8:36 am
>> so we all need some work here. >> that is so great, so great. >> so richard, well, it looks like you have a professional. he is at a dance school right now it is serious with a t utu on. >> we will meet his daughter in his t utu. >> yeah, you know what when you professionally dance, you wear a t utu. thanks for hooking me up. this is nice. >> great. >> we're in quakertown pennsylvania. this is miss tar a you have been doing this how many years of professional dance. >> at least 30. >> you know. so you have to help me out. why can't dad dance what is the issue. >> they have never had proper training. >> this is where we are at right now. we're at formal training. i brought my daughter. are you ready to formalize training. >> no. >> she's ready to rock. >> yes. >> this is step one. this is what you get into when you are little which is what. >> ballet. >> everybody need ballet foundation.
8:37 am
>> what makes ballet so great why does that help dad dancing >> it shows your body placement, your poise, and stand up tall. >> so lets do some things. here's the thing i'm an equal opportunity employer here. you will be a dad at some point. this is ben, the intern, he had no idea but we got him a t utu, and a picture of lets turn this up. >> are we ready to learn. >> we will turn and some jumps proper body placement, pull up , turnout, arm. >> ready, and point your toes. >> point those toes. these girls are so much better keep it together, ben. repete. keep that breath. how can we improve back here
8:38 am
we have to do something better >> you have to point your toes . >> this is harder. >> out. >> out. finish. >> good job, ladies, good job. you will not clap for me, i get it, terrible. i'm terrible. so come in here that was first time i have ever had formal training. i have to be honest. i'm out of breath after doing that. >> it is very tough. >> when we come back, this was good, step one we will call it a success. we will call this a success. we have got hip-hop coming up next. we will get a little more aggressive with our movements. we will find five movements you can do at any wednesday to go make yourself look good, right. >> yes. >> stick around because stick around, you want to figure it out, mike, you know what is funny though. >> i did not see you in that last segment.
8:39 am
>> no. >> do you think maybe you can show us your dad dance moves right now. >> yes, please. >> let's go. >> i could. >> the reason why. >> put some music on. >> it was just bad dancers. >> ben's not a dad yet. >> here's the thing a void wedding receptions for that very reason. >> remember we went to the wednesdaying. >> last wedding we went toe refused to get up. he sat down the entire time. >> only way i get up is when i was drunk. now that i'm not drinking i will not dance. >> go off natural hive. >> natural high. >> here's the thing, this is great, five moves you can make , do at a wedding reception you are stalling, lets see something, music is playing, let's go. >> this is key to be here long enough you cannery fuse to do stuff and i not get fired. >> no. >> don't be a party pooper.
8:40 am
>> here's jen trying to find things for your kid to do because you are annoyed by them. >> it is august tomorrow, camps are ending your want your parents entertain you. >> i don't know. >> whatever. >> she's ready for school. >> we will give you great ideas. joe portman here too. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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♪ come to sesame place before little kids become,
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my friend here watches the show every day and he is battling cancer over at the university of pennsylvania hospital. look he has the show on in the background. >> look at that. >> he is smiling. that is good to see. >> fighting the fight. >> yes. we will see, jen is in conshohocken morning. she's trying to keep the kid busy. >> she's all kind of ideas too >> hi there, jen. >> this is genius, joey thought of it.
8:44 am
we have bella here, reusable water balloon and bat, what do you think we will do out here, it is summer, are you ready? girls against boys. come on back. we will have fun.
8:45 am
hello, peco. so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill. we can do that. great. i live in a post-war, pre-war, mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit. well sir, i can see that you live in a twin and based on the size, your usage has been spiking. ♪ that's exactly what i thought. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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sweater weather for sure in blue mountain, gorgeous, all that sunshine, and that is the same case every where in our area but we have breaking weather news this morning, brand new tropical storm, emily is the name, emily, 45 miles an hour winds just off the west coast of florida, near tampa and expected to cross the peninsula with lots and lots of rain and probably retain its tropical storm status. we will see what it decide to do after it gets out in the atlantic ocean. now we have accurate list of names, is there emily next one on the list would be franklin, and so is there emily, here's high pressure in control of our weather, and we will give us a beautiful day. we started off cool in places but right now in philadelphia it is 69 degrees. upper 60's in wildwood. mid 60's in mount pocono. average high 87. we were below average over
8:48 am
weekend saturday 79. all these cloud. sunday 83. now we are back to the 80's and 90's tomorrow and wednesday but beautiful day for phillies game today. we are in the up are 80's with chance of thunderstorms thursday and friday. humidity back by then and we will see by this chance of thunderstorms for saturday. we have time to fix that alex in time for the weekend. >> take as much need as you need to get that out of there thanks, sue. we're heading in to auction. tomorrow is august 1st. camps are ending, school's still away away for some i had it is time to get it together figure something out because we have to keep kid busy. jen has all of the ideas, jen, we're ready. >> we're here in conshohocken with joey portman good morning >> how are you. >> this is mom super bowl, you have to keep these kid busy but it will be 30 days, not just one day. >> frightening, isn't it. >> summer is almost over. you got to come up with things
8:49 am
we spent too much on camps. looking for things around your house. every kid, we're talking big kid in this segment. every kid loves to do lemonade stand. make a little sign. i like to bring out these chalk markers let them do their thing. then you can decorate some of the cups for them. >> very cute. >> everyone of them has to have your little own island, right. fifty cents. i love this. >> kid do love this. >> yes, the rock thing. >> this is one of the biggest things i have ever seen. don't you remember making these, rock pets or pet rocks or whatever you want to call them. they are doing a kindness project where people put them out, putting them around notes i love that idea. gets your kid thinking and coming up with brand new slogans. >> lets look behind us. is what happening back there with boston and these girls. they are using reusable water balloons,. >> every kind of ball you can imagine. >> yes. >> reusable and great because
8:50 am
water balloons are a big hit in august. so they are basically playing toss it in the bucket. >> yes, balloon baseball. >> yes. >> someone fire one at boston please. >> come on bellay want to see him hit it and he will get splashed up. >> be gentle, boy. >> see if you can hit it. >> that is super fun too. >> come back over here, because thinks great idea too kind of getting them ready for school and going crazy. you are a girl mom. >> i have never seen them. >> really. >> these little bit won you can get at store or regular duct tape and put them around the zip lock bag. >> i have to say i might do this for regular school year because of the actual pencil pop gets so funky. >> right. >> with crumbs and stuff. >> bottom line is you are saying now is time to just throw arts and crafts give them everything. >> everything you have.
8:51 am
this is willan a fun thing to do with boys, girls and don't they make pretty things. >> we will do little guys at 9:00. is boston wet yet. >> no. >> did no one crush boston. >> give me your ball, may i have your ball. >> get him. just get boston. everyone just nail him, no. >> i have no water. >> so we have to refill. >> great idea, thanks. we will be back, we are at a really cool place. >> cool place. >> those look like fun games, great idea. >> well, they are used to taking monsters off the streets but what about out of the closet, the special favor one police office der for a little girl who was scared of moving into her new home. ♪
8:52 am
having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪
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85:00. accident here it nights a good start when facing the wrong way here on 202. lot at skid marks this guy made here it looked like he whack in the concrete barer were, and spun around and was pulling something, behind his pickup truck, thinks south 202 , in west chester right here near matlock street because head on down, the high there in west chester coming back from the shore, lots of sunshine and north on the freeway accident approaching c oles road and coming back from the delaware beach slow on i-95, to the delaware memorial bridge, mike and alex , back over to you. a colorado team conduct a search of the girls new home to clear them out. the girl named sidney, officer david, they left nothing unturned they went through
8:56 am
every room and at the end the pair declared the house a monster free home. officer says it is important to do thing like this to prove that you can trust police officers. how cute. a thorough search. i love that. i used to be afraid in my closet when i was little when i went to bed at night. thighed leave closet light on. >> i still do. >> you still do. >> or even in the bunk bed, yeah. >> yeah. >> i would sleep on the top bunk, they are telling me that you don't have any mike on but i'm loving this. >> my mike is right here. >> perfect. >> i would sleep. >> my mike is on the desk, right here. >> we can hear that. >> thanks. >> i give up on my story. >> you used to. >> i thought top bunk thatshilde was on the bottom and there >> a monster can crawl out from under the bed and crawl up the mike and then get you, wow, on thehyould you tell.
8:57 am
>> anyway. >> hav fk bed anymore. >> you don't. >> no. >> have you -- you have been here three years now have on, d. don't go. your mike is off. the years in philadelphia and she still does not have a bed. she has a bedroom floor. >> why are you telling peoples business. >> y >> i'm working on it. i was discussing this with myis. i still have a mattress. it is just lower then what other people have. >> oh, lord. >> saturday night fever. >> monday morning fever here does this mean you will dance. >> i'm dancing right now. >> let's see a little something. >> move those hipps. >> if you could only see what is happening at the end of the table. >> if the bottom of the table could talk. >> we will talk about this ladies this right here.
8:58 am
>> look at how whitey am. >> new trend they are calling it man cleavage, we will discuss, do we like, dislike, really open and close is that a thing.
8:59 am
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