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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 31, 2017 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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good day everybody. >> did anybody ever show up to the gazebo and wave to us. >> why don't you just pretend they do. >> hi. >> this is fantastic. >> best days of the year, lauren johnson. >> throw that in the desk an alert to delaware county. delco, let's pop that top off. >> is there tape on it. >> yes. >> my mother must have put
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this together because, my mom, when she wrapped christmas presents would put 6-yard of scotch tape on it like it would, i am plead, like that was giving plutonium for christmas. who knew there was so many veganness delaware county. one dude, opened up this place where you can get vegan food in delaware, delco, and, vegan ness delco, the place is pack. >> yesy will take through in this hour of "good day philadelphia". >> i'll take you there. >> the staples singer. >> yes. >> yeah. >> all right now. >> i'll take you there. >> i will be at warm daddy's tonight. >> doing what. >> kin dried the family soul will be there. >> are you singing. >> i am, they have asked me to do some backup. and, yeah. >> quite known. >> doctor dyson will be there,
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i always wanted to chat with him. >> okay. >> he is a great speaker, that is for sure. >> man. >> a wordsmith. >> for sure. >> good day, it is, i think it is monday, almost all day, july the 31st. i don't know what happened to july but i was than the a part of it. >> the whole yeary don't remember any of it. july was my birthday. >> last month of summer then. >> yes, that is night. >> summer's almost over. >> back to school today some kid. >> dawn believe that. >> that makes me spit up in my own mouth. >> it is gross. >> hey, guys, how do you know girlfriend, i think my girlfriend is cheating on me. but especially how do you know if your wife is chein you. there are three qualities that these female cheaters have in u. >> i have studied this very closely, i will give you three th yr, just check and see if your wife is doing these things because she might .
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>> yikes. >> not good. >> casting controversy, defendig audition process for her upcoming netflixd my father. that is name of the film. why some it was cruel and exploitive to children. >> first of all i don't want entitled, and first they killed my father. >> how do you exploit children >> she has seven childre of chi. >> people didn't like that.>> rn quakertown and whole town is quaking because he is learning& how to dance. >> wow. >> and the man need. >> wow. >> hi richard. >> it is terrible. >> i'm usually like shopping cart guy, maybe a sprinkler. >> maybe we came here i'm here with the best dancers at this school because they are showing me the five must know moves to learn when you want to rock it away. come on girl, here we go.
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>> come back stay with us. we have it coming back next you are up. >> you should have some go too moves so don't look stupid on the dance floor. >> if alex and i, you could flip over backward like that. >> no. >> i wouldn't even us from me to hold him up. >> no. >> we coiled do that once. >> and then. >> let's get into this because apparently alex has told me that she is hearing this is a new fashion trend for men. shirts unbuttoned, certainly down tour sternum maybe a little bit below that. >> wow. >> idea to show off chest muscles if you have them. >> do you guys call it cleavage. >> male cleavage. >> we are just showing, magazine covers and fancy photos of celebrities but i
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will say yesterday i was out and there was a guy who had his shirt buttoned opened. look at you with your shirt opened. there is rules to this. >> i agree. >> you can only, two buttons, that is it. he only had maybe around here these two buttoned and the rest was opened. not.s. >> so that is one, two.>> then m won opened. cked look. >> you cannot button them to the >> it bobbled up. >> spread out down here, too just in for himy thought i might give the ladies a treat today on reveali, are you, is bob aunre >> yes. >> bob, come in, i don't know if you part of the new lt. but get that tie off. >> get comfortable. >> let it out.
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top three buttons off. >> he has a t-shirtrt on. >> that will not work. >> thank god i have scissors. >> i hope that is not. >> bob has some color. >> he has been down the shore. >> let's see what you got here >> now he is ready to party. >> do you feel a breeze. >> do you feel comfortable. >> ready to go i'm your wing man. >> one of the keys, if you have a lot of hair you don't want that sticking out the top , that is not a good look. >> you man scape. >> you have to man scape. >> i have got the clippers. i learned this on seinfeld, i need your opinion, role this
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clip. >> i get a moment's peace. >> what are you doing to yourself. >> i can't stop. alex thinks i'm naturally hair less. >> you can't keep this up, don't you know what will happen. every time you shave it will come in thicker and fuller and darker. >> oh that is a wife's tail. is it? >> look at this. >> i haven't noticed that, i'll man scape. do you man scape there, bob. >> yes. >> quincy, look at him. >> i have been doing this for years, i don't know what the big idea is, like this is what we do around here, around these parts. >> who can't do it because you have a opinion. >> you know who can't do it, i got it this doesn't even feel right. if you are not an nba player, male model, people don't want to see it n1 cares. >> in one wants to care.
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>> yes. >> you have to have a lot of money. you know what if you work out, guys that work out and go to the gym, women don't want to see it. can you imagine if a guy around here started doing five buttons down, show up. >> wait what makes you think we don't want to see that. >> let's speak for yourselfy don't mine it. >> i don't mind it but you can't have an unhealthy chest. you cannot have, you know. >> great way to put it. >> i don't want to call it something else, you can't have an unhealthy looking chest and then try to have it showing. >> what category are we in. >> she wants man cleavage without the cleve and. >> man cleavage but not man cleavage. >> you want man muscles. >> i think you are saying this for television. if you saw a guy wearing five buttons down, this is so nice. >> he would look like a fool. >> if i dated a guy and he had shirts buttoned up, i would totally would but not if you were talking about where chest was out. >> no, come on, you went in
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the restaurant. >> you can't be in a restaurant in the city looking like this. but you have to, i don't mind it. >> i went out to dinner saturday night, i usually, two buttons down. would i never do this one. >> that is a good look. >> okay. >> this is not acceptable. >> can we just be real here. >> we are. >> it is not acceptable. if you are not a super model making a bunch of money, don't do it. >> why do you have to make a bunch of money. >> because you can getaway with anything if you have money. >> blonde hair the other day, he had a jacket. he looked crazy, it was like okay, taking fashion risks. >> yes. >> can't take fashion risks if you don't make under a million-dollar. >> we all went out, bunch of guys went out and one guy showed up with his shirt un buttoned down to his naval we would throw him out of the bar. >> we would put a shirt on him , come on man, button up.
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>> circumstances if it is summer time, hot and going to a patio bar or someplace. >> rooftop. >> okay. >> only time thinks acceptable is if if you where to walk in the shower, about to hop shower. >> or hospital gown. >> exactly. >> yes. >> but if a guy does work out, i have seen guys at the gym, this are so pumped up it looks like they have breasts do you like that. >> you mean pecs. >> yes, big. >> it depend on how toned they are. >> she's particular about herman cleavage. >> i don't need you to take 19 steroid and then, you know. >> we have no problem here. >> and then the medium shirts where it is real tight, and you can see everything. >> yeah. >> see your veins popping out. >> lets goto the control room ryan is kitkat kline the executive producer of this show. >> she's sitting right next to me. >> kitkat can you get in the frame here. kitkat has been married to her
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husband, dan for a couple have the years now. in fact they are pregnant with their first child. >> um-hmm. >> we're going to take you back to 2006, did you know dan at this point in your life, when did you meet. >> i did know him at this point, we met, we met like in the 90's but i don't support this look at all. >> let's put it up. thinks dan rumberg. >> my gosh. >> what was he thinking. >> i don't know, jersey shore tv she called and they want that shirt back. >> yes. >> and that look. >> the whole look. >> now had he approached you, you have known him since high school had he approached you, looking just like that would you think you guys would be where you are today. >> honestly i don't know what to think about this. i was scrolling through his pictures on facebook and i saw this, i asked him i said what were you thinking?
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what was going through your head. all of the frat guys did it. i said this is not a good thing. >> what about the look, is that you know you want it. >> i think he looks cute still but it wasn't necessary to get down 20 buttons there i don't think it was necessary. >> jessica, i think its the chain. >> it is too much happening. >> it is a lot going on, too much going on. >> now does he still wear shirts like that he still wears these shirts but he only unbuttons like the top two. >> it looks like he is in good shape though is he. >> yeah, he is in good shape but doesn't warrant that. >> is he getting bloated the more that you grow? sometimes, husbands, and the dad will put on weight during pregnancy. >> sympathy weight.& >> what is annoying he is losing weight as i'm gaining it, it is very annoying. i don't know if this happens
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to expecting couples but. >> maybe he has a girlfriend. >> michael? >> michael. >> it is just a transition. >> michael. >> anytime i get michael is never good. >> i'm in trouble. >> my mother said michael. >> then michael eugene i'm in real, i'm going to jail. >> i'm looking at quincy right now. >> is this okay. >> too much what. >> i'm doing ed wade, this is what you want. >> you want a few 5k's and now on tv showing it off. >> let's give it to them. this is the trend. >> why did you leave the whole thing unbuttoned. >> we have fcc regulations, around here, come on here, look at it. this is the new trend. >> we're looking. >> how do you like this, ladies. >> i'm sure they are weighing in, let me look at twitter. >> my god. >> quincy. >> i'll see you in the grotto
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at the play bow mansion. >> all for you laid is. >> someone tweeted shout out to the 2017 miami vice villain s. >> oh, my gosh. >> all right, thanks you quincy. >> i will just take my ripped off shirt. >> you can't just walk away. >> walk off the set. >> stroll. >> george hamilton. >> i will go to the bar and get us another roundy will take scotch rocks. >> ladies. >> i'm good. >> enjoy your time here at mountain blue. >> okay. if you are a working mother we were trying to guess how many hours a working mother spend basically on the job. you go to work, come home, you got do all of the home chores. >> heavy lifting. >> i figured 60 hours a week. >> eighty, it is double your real work. >> it is hundred, a hundred
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hours per week working mothers , yeah. so, let's say their day begins at 6:00 or 6:30 you might get to 8:30 or 9:00, maybe 10, four out of 10 mothers say they feel as if their lives are a never ending series of work, just task, chore, task chore,. >> repeat. >> repeat, repeat, repeat. and then so how do they relax in the little time they have left they finish with a glass of wine or try to squeeze in a little bit on netflix. >> they are in the netflixs and chilling they are drinking >> they don't have time to chill. >> first person we thought of was jen fred, we know the wine , in this deal but what about netflix. >> i call bs on the netflix. no one has time to watch netflix if you are a mom but you have time to do a little
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bit of wine and then maybe fold laundry and make sure they are set up for camp. i'm tired this morning. we got back late from the beach last night. this is how sick and twisted my life is. i knew we didn't have any food to give the kid to go to camp. i begged my friend staying at their house i said can i make a lunch for landry so that when we get home, she can go right to camp in the morning. then last night you are up all night thinking she's got lunch where is brody, does he have money what do i do. nobody has time for thaty don't know how you do this. you are up in the middle of the night to do this job. >> jen will say like a lot of moms enjoy your freedom but then they say being a mommies best job anymore. >> i think of the hours this woman jen fred puts in. >> she wakes up in the middle of the night. >> she has to have a
9:18 am
personality, lot of energy to dot tv show. >> that is why they are super moms. >> she deserves a raise but she's not going to get it. >> i want to get on twitter and let us know how many hours , do you ever add it up, how many hours of work do you do a week. >> it is a lot. >> so working moms, i don't think they have time to cheat on their husband. >> too busy but we have found three qualities of women who cheat apparently have. are you ready for this. >> so, whatever these things are, we think of your woman to see if she does them. >> yell, fellas, if your wife or girl friend is doing this, there is a good chance she's cheating. >> tell me where you got this information. >> it is a weird web site called elicit even countiers .com. >> i guess they would know it is a web site for married
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people they have studied 10,000 people women who described themselves as lonely , and viral. so they are horny,. >> right. >> and they are lonely. >> right. >> and they have a appetite for sex. women who were housewives are also likely to cheat. so, look at your house wife, does she have sex drive, and is she lonely. >> yikes. >> yeah. >> bad combination, um. >> and then they also got into why men cheat, as opposed to why women cheat and standard stuff. >> that is standard. >> women feel lonely. >> yes, neglected, abandoned and the guy just want some. >> yeah. >> just about the sex. >> i can see that happens, because man is working, working, i have to provide,
9:20 am
protect that family. sometimes you forget you are my wife. so women are like, yeah. >> yes. >> women are like where is my husband. >> but lauren's doing same thing 98 hours, hundreds hour a week. >> when men are at work and kid are off at school and she's housewife it leaves her that block of time during the day. >> that is when pool boy comes in. >> yes. >> repairman. >> or anybody. >> fixing all kinds of things. >> really. >> true. >> you wonder why your bill went up. >> yeah. >> he unclogged some pipes. >> all right. >> i did a shout out to delco. notice i'm half second off today. second to a second and a half. >> what is wrong. >> did you get enough sleep. >> that could the problem right there. >> what were you doing.
9:21 am
>> um, um. >> if you can huh you can hear >> if you say huh, if you don't hear somebody, if you can huh you can hear. >> don't say what, say huh. >> huh. >> what did you say. >> sometimes you can get too much rest. i think i got too much resty don't believe you, just saying >> delco, do you know any vegan whose live in delco. guy opened up this restaurant there and it its packed. can i tell the difference between your every day food and vegan food. let's put it to the test next. i'll take to you this delco, restaurant, that is jammed packed. frankie here we p://>[a5df]
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well, i know. >> it is scrolling. >> who is woman who is so mad at me because i have a phone at the desk. >> oh, yeah she tweets us all
9:25 am
the timey had to block her. >> it came to that. >> yeah, it came to that. her name isidore is. >> she tweets you to tell you she doesn't like the phone. >> almost every day. >> probably from her phone i'm not watching you anymore until you put that phone down it is rude. she does it every day. >> she is's watching. >> tameika says she had a mattress on her floor for years and then she married a guy who was 6-foot eight, they had to get a bed. >> is that what did it. >> hey if you are 6-foot eight , please contact alex holley, here at fox, tv station. >> employees are spending too much time on their smart phones, and, listen to me, how much time do you spend on your personal stuff, while you are at work? >> um-hmm. >> well, for us that is a hard question. >> why. >> it all blend together. >> you shopping at neiman marcus had something to do with work today. >> no. >> it could because i have a
9:26 am
working event i have to attend and i need new shoes or a handbag. >> checking out trends. >> see. >> yes, research. >> research. >> fashion research. >> an hour a day, people are spending on their phones slack off. you know they added this up, and it is 15 and a half billion dollars in lost productivity in this country. this is according to a new survey by office it find workers are using personal device toss go to office ban had we been sites. they are shopping on line, watching sporting events, and chatting with their friends. >> well, here's how i justify it. i'm no boss, you know but it lifts employee moral. if the employees are happy in the office they will do more work. >> but they are not doing any work because they are so busy, on social media. >> so slacking off helps with work. >> no, being happy at work. >> look at our director. >> yeah.
9:27 am
>> instead of directing the show. >> right he is on his phone. >> he has children, a wife might be texting. what is that noise. >> they are vacuuming in the lobby they are vacuuming. >> she must be vacuuming in the lobby right outside this studio. >> yes. >> where the lobby is. >> i don't think people at home necessity where lobby is. >> behind this wall. >> well, thank for that. >> the lobby is right behind us. >> great time to do it i have often talked to her about this latifah who gave me a birthday gift. >> so sweet. >> woman who cleans the building gave me a couple of shirts, and calvin kline. >> nice. >> she can do in wrong but i have asked her a thousand times why would you vacuum during the show and she's in the bathroom with the plunger, you know, we have our gets, i need to pea. you know jeff cole goes in
9:28 am
there and she has got to... >> what? >> wow. >> just put jeff cole out. >> he goes to a whole other building to handle his business. >> i go over to the franklin hotel at fourth and chestnut. >> these are good.& >> i don't know how you are still welcomed, with the damage you have put in. >> r o router. is it time to do vegan he are good. >> she's trying to segway. >> he didn't take it. it. >> so we will take to you this place in delaware county,f fact and lets put this to the test, can i taste dift is actually chicken and something that is not chicken but taste like >> don't be a chicken. >> balk,
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, welcome back, you hear the music. you know what that means. being a vegetarian takes commitment. being a vegan is more difficult. because when you go out to restaurants you want want to make sure there is stuff on the menu. >> so mike head today place in delaware county that says their vegan food so delicious, you got to try it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> here between swarthmore and ridley in woodlynne, delaware county. and look who is here. hi, sue serio. >> hi, mike injury glike hello, billy v. >> hi, mike injury glike now here is the dilemma we're trying to answer. your vegan. >> yes. >> and sue, what? >> i'm not. >> you're not. >> so, we are at a place called franky's on fairview.
9:33 am
and they have vegan selections, vegetarian selections, and stuff that you and i would eat. >> right. >> okay? >> and they claim that they taste just as good. >> okay. >> so let's do, say, three different things. we will start with chicken tenders. >> here we have the vegan chicken tenders. >> what's it made of? >> garden, garden protein, it is made up of vegan plant proteins and ancient grains. and the way it is made it mimicks the texture and taste of chicken, very versatile. >> i'll close my eyes, pick up one of them and see if i can tell. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> what do you think? chicken or not chicken? >> that's chicken. >> that's vegan! >> wow. >> that's vegan. >> i'll be darn. >> next up is something called the cowboy burger. vegan john, what's this?
9:34 am
>> it is a product called beyond meat. it is a plant based burger. and it is a new product to hit the market. really cool because it is made with beet juice, so simulate the juicy-ness of a bigger, if you cut into it, it will be pink in the mid. >> open your hands, here it is. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that tastes like meat to me. it is vegan again? >> oh! >> a vegan, what's this next one? >> buffalo chicken wrap, vegan version, non-vegan version, back to the garden chicken, it will have vegan blue cheese with buffalo sauce. >> wrap number one. >> so first of all, i don't know. it is so flavor full. that's great. >> okay, number two.
9:35 am
which is the chicken? >> number one or number two? >> number two is the chicken. >> yes, that's the chicken, yes. >> i finally score. >> let me be perfectly honest. that was a total guess. you know, a vegan restaurant wouldn't work in delco. they were wrong. franky's, you got to try it. >> so did i explain that billy v is a vegetarian, right, sue? sue? >> and we have trouble when we go out to restaurant getting decent selection. he loves this place. we both do. >> who is your friends? >> this is tom, manager of catering, he brought all kinds of vegan and non-vegan. >> wow. >> options. >> homemade potatoes chips. >> i know, homemade potato
9:36 am
chips, fantastic. >> oh, i will try those. >> so catering side to the whole place, and they're doing great business. >> it looks like it. >> vegetarians, seeing ambulance what do you guys think? >> good. >> chips are good. >> and the brown. >> i and the brownies are fantastic. >> they're so moist. >> yes. but it is not -- not dar any there? >> correct. >> no dar. >> i vegan bakery. >> wow. >> there you go. >> congratulations. >> thanks for having us. >> franky's. >> so much food for us! >> the food speaks for itself. so he knows he doesn't have to say much. just try t you'll know. >> so good. all right. let's see how richard is progressing, what i mean to dance? five moves that we can do at a reception, wedding reception, so we don't look like do. >> ♪ >> i'm getting scary good at this point. you guys better look out. because the rhythm is finally starting to kind of set into
9:37 am
the whole body here. dad moves. we don't want them. this is what you do, rhythm line, go. >> oh, second time around. you guys better look out l we come back, we got five moves to make you this good. >> ♪ >> ♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit
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>> oh, i like this song. >> this came out last summer, didn't it? >> what are they digging for, digging for gold? >> i wish i could see what's inside that tank. >> yes, he is working. >> i hope everything legal. >> oh, it must be windy. >> oh,. >> gosh. like something wrong with my
9:41 am
eyes? what's going on? >> timing something? >> people are saying they love that franky's on fairview. >> good, it means it is really popular. >> oh, i should have my own bathroom. people think i should have my own bathroom here. i've been here long enough to have my own bathroom. >> your own bathroom, really? what would you have in your own personal bathroom. >> oh -- >> magazines? >> maybe a bed? magazines? >> a bed in the bathroom? >> yes. >> i've never seen a morning show that eats better than you all. >> what? >> i'm jealous. do eat a lot. >> yes, trust me. >> we normally dance it off, baby, right? >> we sometimes do. >> so, he's a dj as well as a teacher, and while working on tv, but apparently he doesn't know how to dance. we discovered there. >> shocking. >> now he'll not only help himself but help everybody. richard, key moves, we should
9:42 am
all do? five moves there is isn't what's cool. hip hop, where we're at now, with teacher bri he will, the rest of the hip hop gang here in quakertown, pennsylvania. you're going to teach us hip hop. what's it all about. >> all about getting low and using your swag. >> so this is why we believe dads are good dancers. this is like how do we open, like, the segment, we just get swag i like. >> this so you'll teach me the five moves. let's get out there. squad, ready to rock? >> yeah. >> all right, cool. >> so it is all about, what are we doing? five moves? >> five moves. >> any wedding whether a party, whatever, show us what we got here. >> move the knees in a bounce. >> why are we doing this first. >> why? it loosen up the bod. >> i yes, so the hips go. >> then we do the smony. >> open. >> why is it called the smony? >> like a rock. >> yeah. >> do you have to say it while do you it, took, lime ' doing
9:43 am
the smany? >> no, they'll know you're doing it, then all in the hips. roll. and then the sass. >> oh,. >> sass. >> butterfly, roll the knees. >> this is the butterfly press back with the ribs. >> okay. so those are the five moves. >> yes. >> i'm still turning. >> so, the key here is any of those movements, in any place, shape or form, so you can go to the smony, then to the butterfly, back to the wave, right. >> yep. >> so, let's put it to some tunes see how it goes, put it in the orders. >> okay. >> can we get some tuneage? >> ready, five, six, seven, eight. bounce. >> smony. >> hip roll. >> sass. hip roll. >> and sass. >> oh. >> yeah. >> all right, not bad. so then you can kind of keep mixing it up? >> yes. >> that was sole he had. i feel like i can go to a
9:44 am
begged, ben, we won't have a teacher here, so try just the dads. >> perfect. >> are you nervous? >> , no excite. >> i'm nervous because without them, i don't know how we'll here, you're 18 years old, still loose, you're in the club. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. >> squad goals. squad goals. side. >> hey, miss end is he's offers adult classes. so if you're interested in doing what i did there, getting better you can do it right here, school of dance, quakertown, pennsylvania who knows, maybe i'll be teaching the class. >> was that good enough to teach it? >> yes. >> alex, come on, you're pretty good dancer.
9:45 am
what do you think? >> those are the five dance moves that you will be doing at the next wedding? >> five dance moves. >> okay. >> look, smony, what's up with the smony? >> oh, my gosh. >> okay, i'm i'm going to keep practicing. >> great job. what else can you show me? good work, ladies, good work. >> you got it. >> squad goals. >> good job, guys, yo, that was awesome. well done. >> like a series or something? >> remember sean couldn't swim, we progressed over the summer last year, then jump in the pool. can we do that with richard maybe? >> at least the good news whether you're a dj, half your body covered, to dot tables, then do you have work, so more like -- so really, does he really need to know how to dance? >> no. >> ya? >> never see that again. >> and i would just like to apologize. >> on behalf of fox 29. >> mike, you asked a good
9:46 am
question, do you think someone can really learn how to dance or something like either you have it or you don't? >> is it inch ate? >> what do you think? >> i think as long as you can find a beat. i think that's -- some people, they just don't know where the beat; spend their whole lives trying to find it, but if you can at least get that, then we can work with you. >> i agree, that's true. >> really, if you want to be good, you need to find the down beat. i can't find the beat, much less the down beat. >> no, but the down beat harder than the beat. >> it is. >> the problem is if you dance to the down beat, you can look like you're offer beat. not everyone listens for the down beat. is that your struggle in. >> down beat is the key. >> oh, please. >> why -- that's your problem? why are you folk you go us g on the down beat rather than -- >> i want the good beat, the best beat, the down beat. >> trust me, stick with the main one for now. >> okay. >> and then you can get to the down beat. >> oh, my gosh. >> the down beat? >> jen is in conshohocken. let's try to get at least
9:47 am
five, six viewers back. jen? >> all right. can you guys cook? >> no. >> can you -- do you like to eat sands? >> no. >> come on, every kid eats sands. come on back. you eat sands? he's already eaten half -- just come on back. should be fun. how to keep your kids motivated and entertained in august. you ready? what about you, nathan? steve swu
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>> sue serio, 15 seconds from now, be aware. >> actually breaking weather news this morning, yes, new tropical storm, just off the west coast of florida here, near tampa. and it is tropical storm emily, 45-mile per hour winds, expected to cross the peninsula there and re strength nina tropical storm, potentially a hurricane but it is also expected to remain well off shore. we have to keep an eye on this one over the next week, and in case you're keeping track, we had don, then emily is the latest name, franklin will be next. let's talk about the seven day forecast, today we expect to get to high of 88 degrees, bright sunshine, not excessively humid. tomorrow and wednesday, supposed to be until the 90s
9:51 am
lots of humidity thursday, friday, possibly some thunderstorm activity on saturday. so say bye bye to july. with beautiful day today, guys. >> bye bye july. >> it is -- do you know how that started? i didn't know that. >> how did it start? >> twenty-one savage, he has like that tatoo right here. someone said why did you get that cross on your head and he said it is a knife. >> and now everyone -- >> i didn't either, but i learned from the twins over the weekends, it is -- >> honest albumn cover, too? >> yes. >> something like that? >> we're learning so much today. moms and dads, summer camps coming to ends, now do you have take over as a camp leader. your time to shine. here is jen in conshohocken. >> reporter: so, first of all, we have to show your work. because it is better than it has ever been. joe fry reality mom. it looks good. >> yes, and i'm afraid the kids will eat it. >> they've already tried. already tried.
9:52 am
>> come on, get the guy. basically it is teddy grams, goldfish, having teddy pool party? >> yes, we are. >> show us how to assemble these things. because they're really cute. >> first of all kids and for most, little ones, love to make messes. >> yes. >> let's start with the teddy pool partiment take a little cup. >> okay? >> got some cups. then you add little bit of -- >> sands. >> sand. >> which is gram cracker. >> yes. >> put fruit by the foot, or anything, little colors. >> his float? >> his float. get yourself gummy bear. >> oh, teddy. >> those are repurpose for mommy's happy hour. >> yes. >> if you want to add regular balls, even add the red and white balls. >> nice. >> so what about these guys? >> oh, aren't they cute? i love those. so this is the under the sea party. >> under the sea. >> cover up, that's a lot. but pretends i'm seven here, okay, or actually four, five. cover it up. add like little things to make it look like bulbs. >> oh, nice.
9:53 am
>> tada. >> does your mom make this for you guys at home? >> no, and i think it is smart because it would be gone. >> it would be gone. >> swedish fish, put these fish. >> other thing we talked about with the bigger kids, use all of the arts and crafts stuff you have at home. so couple of different project? >> we are making finger puppet, easy if you have a bag full of pipe cleaners, or anything like that. you can make anything with those. >> i love it. >> what i love to do. throw a bunch of eyeballs out somewhere, little glue, or have the sticky things which are a life saver. >> sticky eyeballs. >> balls and things like, that say go to town, kids. >> how are you doing? say hi to your moms because you're on tv. you too. so we also have a -- >> hi, mom. >> is that cool? >> hi, mommer. >> one is saying high, mom. can you see everyone's faces in there is nathan, holden, claire, say good-bye. right back after the break. >> catch all of this at reality moms dot rom.
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>> angelina jolie defends ago game played during auditions for her new application film base in the cambodia. >> trying to get the main raw, audition children for, they would give them money and say if you could use this money for somethig you don't have, what would it be? and the kids would say something, then take the money back. then they would see the reaction of the children. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know so she replied, that's not what happened. people were exaggerate ago little bit. she was in cambodia. >> i can't imagine her doing that. >> auditioning kids, stuff. >> how many seconds do we have left? >> are you ready? done with this? >> 202nd left. >> it is a monday. >> it is a monday, you're right. >> i'm waiting for the comcast cable guy to come today. >> what time? >> 11:00 to 1:00. >> you don't have cable? or are you switching? >> switching, switching it
9:58 am
out. >> do you have triple play now?& >> getting the triple plan even though i don't have a telephone as appliance. >> it is cheaper. >> cheaper. >> have a good one everybody. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $24.90 more per month. our lowest price ever on this offer. but only for a limited time. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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