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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  July 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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chiefly staff was sworn retired marine general john kelly. rick leventhal is track it all for us and joins us live in new york tonight. rick? >> reporter: iain and lucy said that expletive filled interview way inappropriate and the new boss to start with new slate. general kelly is in and scaramucci is out. >> general john kelly the new chief of staff has removed anthony scaramucci from this position as communications director. >> he does not have a role at this time. the trump administration. >> scar me moochie lasted ten days on the job. >> i think anthony wants general kelly to be able to operate fully with clean slate build his own team while at the same time the president felt his comments were inappropriate. >> reporter: president trump praising his newest higher at a without cabinet meeting where just last week general kelly served as secretary of homeland security. >> we all know him. we respect him. admire what he's done. and at homeland what he has done
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has been nothing short of mack queue us will. >> analysts say kelly's military background could bring much needed order to the white house. it he appears to be waste nothing time. >> the chief of staff at the end of the day he's got to be a strong leader, and i think that's what he's truly bringing to the table. years of experience here. >> reporter: but president trump insists everything is smooth sailing in his administration tweeting "highest stock market ever, best economic numbers in years, unemployment lowest in 17 years, wages raising, border secure, supreme court, no white house chaos! you heard it right there. before we get to this story we of course will have much much more what's going on the west wing in the white house straight ahead. >> two days on the run wanted in connection to two different shootings one of them deadly. police are looking for this man and they're offering a reward. $5,000 for any information leading to his arrest. >> police track that man we're learning more about the victim of that shooting. our brad sattin is live at the crime seen in haverford township.
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brad? >> reporter: lucy, that victim is 29 years old. we had a chance to talk to some of his high school friends it over the last few days. folks who still have known him over the course of the last few years. one of them simply saying, this man would not have hurt a fly. another one you'll hear from in a moment we want to show you the scene. the shooting happened abovere- these steps between guys these two buildings here. police at this point still are not sure if this was random or targeted but certainly they're hoping a new reward will shed some new light on this crime. >> i woke up to two pops, went pop pop. >> reporter: ben didn't dan o'malley heard the shots from inside his apartment but had no high school it was a high school friend of his shot to death neat away saturday night. he went to lower merion high school with john lee seen here on his linked in page. >> he was a great guy. was the last guy you'd ever expect someone to have a hard time with. i couldn't imagine someone having a problem with him. >> reporter: but someone did. john had left this nearby pizza shop after friendly conversation
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with the staff and was walking only half a block to a friend's apartment on haverford road when the suspect approached then shot and killed him by the front do door. john work as an accountant at sneaker villa in this building on arf street in center city. the news was broken to co-workers there today. john's family requesting the company not comment. meanwhile police are working around the clock hoping to find more surveillance footage like this of the suspect who also appears to be connected to a shooting in overbrook park an hour before the murder on saturday. two neighbors saw him lurking by a house and when they approached him in their car, the suspect fired at least 15 shots. no one was hurt. >> he shot at two people in the city, killed one person haverford township. what's he going to do next. >> reporter: the man fled in charcoal gray volvo police hoping to find video that might show the car's license plate. they're also hoping cold hard cash will convince someone to turn him in. delaware county district attorney's office now offering a $5,000 reward. >> we clearly want to get this guy off the street.
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>> reporter: and as we speak we are seeing police officers around this area putting up flyers of the suspect on trees. also, checking local businesses for additional surveillance video that they hope they can get out to the public. if you have any information the number to call 215-546-tips. again there's now a $5,000 reward for arrest an convict. iain and lucy? >> brad, thank you. a philadelphia police are looking for a person who shot and killed a man early this morning. police say at about 1:30 overnight on the 2900 block of north fourth street a gunman shot the 24-year-old man many times including in the head. someone rushed him to temple hospital in they're car but doctors pronounced him daddy short while later. police aren't just searching for his killer but also a motive. a violent morning in feltonville has police looking tonight for six men. police say one of their own an off duty officer witnessed men going into a house on the 4900 block of b street. they came outside and started shooting and then ran inside
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another house. police and swat teams got there and declared eight barricade situation. all the chaos 17-year-old girl that a house nearby got hit with a stray bullet in the chest. she is expected to make a full recovery and another stray bullet entered a home with children inside. >> when all this start -- [ inaudible ] >> my husband take to the floor but... [ inaudible ] >> all the suspect ended up getting away. police are looking for them tonight. happening right now, a woman is just dropped quite a claim against philadelphia police officer. she says that officer sexually assaulted her and made racist comments. fox 29 has that complaint. live in the studio now, our jeff cole. >> reporter: lucy, the startling claims are made in civil suit filed against the city on friday. the police officer and police
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commissioner ross former commissioner ramsay are also named. we are weighty waiting a response from police tonight. fox 29 is with holding the name of the alleged attacker until we can speak direct toll him. according to the complaint obtained by fox 29, it was jul july 3rd, 2016 a young woman suffering from mental illness was ride ago bicycle near her castor avenue home she's approached by a philadelphia police officer driving a cruiser and in uniform. she's ordered to get into the front seat of his vehicle. as they drive off, the cop talks about racial hatred. >> he says he fan at a sizes about, um, shooting and beating up the n word, a person of african-american persuasion. >> reporter: his client in her mid 20's driven to the back of a nearby school and sexually assaulted. what the officer didn't know was that there was a school security camera rolling. >> he then has her touch his
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gun. and he rubs the gun on her thi thigh. in it's grainy but you can certainly see the sexual assault going on outside of the vehicle. >> reporter: he says the woman complains to philadelphia police the next morning. police investigate and find the video zeff says he watched it with investigators the attorney says the philadelphia district attorney's office has not prosecuted the officer. a spokesman for the da declined comment monday. zeff says the officer is no longer on the force while his client is struggling. >> that was a perfect victim. she's the kind of person that has psychological issues to begin with and now she's just been devastated by this. just absolutely -- she's under psychiatric care. she's medicated and she's having a difficult time. >> reporter: the victim is not named in the lawsuit. she is described fox 29 spoke on the phone way woman monday claiming to be her mother. she repeated similar claims that are actually made in the lawsu lawsuit. the suit claims during the 90 minute assault the officer was being paid overtime or was on
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holiday pay. we'll have more reporting at 6:00 o'clock tonight. i'm jeff cole. iain, to you. >> jeff, we'll see you then, thanks. a philadelphia mom accused of a ban doinging her baby in bensalem hotel room is now in police custody. staff at the knights inn hotel found the seven month old on the floor yesterday morning. also found drugs in the room. police say the mother 34 cereal erika lopez left the room a day earlier just a few moments ago police announced she's in custody at a medical facility. the baby was not hurt. but is now in custody of dhs. the search for a woman missing off of point pleasant beach is over. off duty lifeguard found her body late last night. officials launched an extensive search early sunday morning when the 24-year-old woman disappeared in the high surf police say the woman and thomas, both jumped into the water around 2:00 in the morning. cadillac was able to swim back but she cannot. her body washed back on to the shore line last night. your weather authority tracking that rough surf over
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the weekend as we take live look at wildwood tonight where there's still a risk of those rip currents. otherwise a nice sunny day down the shore. meteorologist scott williams is here with our first look at the forecast. hello, scott. >> eye there, lucy and iain. beautiful across the entire area a lot of sunshine. look at ultimate doppler. dry conditions so closing out what's been a wet month of july on a dry and comfortable note. these folks have the right idea down the shore enjoying the sunshine. 88 degrees currently in philadelphia. but look at the low humidity. comfortable. 37%. as we look at temperatures across the area. 88 degrees right now in the lehigh valley. allentown. 87 for reading. upper 80s currently in wilmington. wildwood checking in at 82 degrees. so for tonight, temperatures slow to fall. it will be comfortable also clear. not as fall like feeling as we've had prior nights. 70 degrees for the overnight low. coming up we'll talk about a potential heat wave as we move
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toward the month of august and, yes, storms back in that forecast. back over to you. >> all right. thank you much, scott. talk to you soon. case we told you sew down the shore over the weekend controversial dune project ended up turning a swath of margate into bit of a lake. heavy rain dumped a ton of water behind the construction and the flooding is something those against the dune project have been warning could happen and so now neighbors are worried about public safety risks such as the cal of all that standing water. margate officials have called a meeting for wednesday at city hall to consider possible legal action against the state department of environmental protection and the army corps of engineers. a local woman whose made it her mission to feed kids in need has to take drastic measures to keep it all going. now she's forced to feed them on the streets. ever heard of beach spreading? it's a growing concern among beach goers. how to know if you're guilty when you set up shop on the shore. >> it's a heist right out of the movies. how police say thieves in europe
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stole a half a million dollars worth ofism phones. >> as we head to break, sad news to share. pulitzer playwright sam september heard died. he passe passed way forty three indications connected to lou gehrig's disease. as an actor shepard was tom nominated for his appearance in the right stuff. sam shepard was 73 years old.
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comcast business. built for business. ♪ 20-year-old man is in jail in delaware right now. it was a k9 officer that helped
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make the arrest. police say brendan meyers threatened people with 95 in the community of kings mill in bear. they say the k9 and his handler found meyers a mile away from the scene hiding in a bush. it all happened yesterday. just before 2:00 in the morning. he's now facing a number of charges. skyfox over kensington tonight where cleanup has begun on what many call the heroin haven. philadelphia's most notorious drug haven is about to be a thing of the past. at least city officials hope so after they helped to oversee the conrail track bed and clean up in kensington fair hill for years. heroin another addicts used it a place to buys, sell and overdose on drug. >> bruce gordon has more this evening from the tracks of the intersection of lehigh and martha street. bruce your report look guys for heroin addicts this was the place to go for their desperately needed fix. but for the city of philadelph philadelphia, and for the railroad company that controls these tracks it was a national embarrassment. now, finally, after years of
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watching this problem grow worse and worse, action. >> it has been described as hell on earth. a conrail track bed stretching from second and indiana to lehigh and aramingo. where her row wip addicts like 31-year-old jillian go to feed their sickness. >> it's a shooting gallery. it's absolutely ridiculous. >> reporter: jillian injects heroin into her feet to hide the marks. she got into prostitute to make the hadn't. >> do you want to quit. >> i never want to keep using it's to the point i don't even get high any more. i just maintain. >> reporter: now hope. conrail and the city began monday to clean the tracks removing mountains of trash including thousands of drug needles and hacking down vegetation in which junkies would hide the scope of the mess make it clear this problem was years in the making. >> we have done numerous clean ups in this area over the years. this is the first time where we've really had comprehensive plan that gives it a chance of
5:16 pm
sustaining itself. >> reporter: city officials say addicts driven off the track bed will be offed social services, help with addiction. homelessness, job searches. >> today we are taking a big step in what will be a very long journey. >> reporter: the area will be fenced off. sealed and patrolled by police. >> demand fort drugs are here, then the suppliers will be here. if we can get the people to help they need, the demand will go down and the supply will go down. >> reporter: addicts driven from this area will in the short term at least flood surrounding neighborhoods bringing their problems with them. >> most certainly going to end up in our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. i mean they have to go somewhere. >> reporter: jillian agrees. >> wherever i have to go, i'll go. so -- >> kicked out out of one place you'll go to another? >> right. >> reporter: the physical cleanup out here is expected to last about a month with conrail incurring most of the costs trying to figure out whether all of this work actually puts a dent in the heroin crisis in this city. that could take whole lot
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longer. iain and lucy. >> you can help folks who don't want help yet. bruce, thank you very much. senator john mccain's to beat brain cancer begins today. the arizona senator and former war hero will radiation and chemotherapy in arizona. the 80-year-old rosss office released a statement saying he would still maintain a work schedule while getting treatment at the mayo clinic in phoenix. mccain plans to be back on capitol hill after the august recess. in the middle of all the staff drama in washington, d.c. over the past two weeks real policy questions can get lost in the headlines. >> one waiting in the wings is health care. grief jenn fins has more tonight from washington. >> reporter: in a series of tweets last night and this morning president trump argued if obamacare continues to hurt the american people, then shouldn't it hurt the insurance companies as well? adding he doesn't think insurance companies want to fix the system as long as the feds pay up. this is gop leaders begin making the case on tax reform saying it will be far easier to pass.
5:18 pm
>> getting consensus between the white house, the senate and the house on a way forward on tax reform makes it that much more viable enterprise. i feel much more confident that we'll stick the landing on tax reform. >> i haven't given up on health care reform yet. and secondly, i know that we can deliver on tax reform. the best approach in generation are workers can compete.anies- america is starved they're hungry for this time of reform. >> this battle between health care and tax reform comes as the trump administration face as major staff shake up with president trump swearing in his new chief of staff general john kelly this morning. >> i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff one of the great ever. >> reporter: move through bipartisan support along with the possibility of working with democrats this go around. >> look forward to working. it's a very important position.
5:19 pm
the president, chief of staff to the president of the united states. and it has to be recognized that he is the chief of staff. >> democrats are urging republican leaders to learn from their mistake with health care as they head only for the august recess where they'll be selling tax reform to constituents n washington, i'm grief jenkins, fox news. a savage attack caught on cam a the resident this hotel did that to parking valet. >> some folks in california woke up to a strange pink substance on their cars. we'll explain what it is and where it came from. a heist sounds like it was ripped out of a hollywood script. how a band of thieves almost got away with more than half a million dollars in i phones. ♪
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two anniversaries u.s. and north korea are flecking military muscle. the u.s. has responded after north korea successes test odd a inter continue nem missing on friday experts say it has the capability of reaching the you have s mainland. over the weekend u.s. flew a pair of super sonic bombers over the korean peninsula in show of
5:23 pm
force against yank. u.s. has also tested out alaska based defense system. president trump said today that the north korea problem quote will be handled. >> the administrations of the united states and russia may not be so buddy buddy any longer. the us congress stepped in and proposed sanctions against russia. well, now president vladimir putin has responded in kind. he announced yesterday that 755us di diplomats in his county have to go. a bill president trump is expected to sign. >> translator: we have a large number of options. we are responding now because the americans have taken this unprovoked step towards worsening u.s./russia relations. >> on the campaign trail, the candidate then candidate trump said putin was a better leader than now former president barack obama. now to wild heist kind of
5:24 pm
out of the movies. police say romanian guy stole more than a half a million dollars warning of i phones from moving truck. police in the netherlands arrested five men in connection with the heist. they drove a van so close to delivery truck one of the suspects was able to climb across the hood and break into the truck. he then pass the boxes of those i phones back to the van through a hole in the roof. police are a revved the men saturday. the daring heist happened a week ago. you know there's got to be video of that thing. fire fighting aircraft on its way to battle a wildfire week went it instead became the emergency. the us forest service issue national guard and investigating the accidetal drop of flame retardant over a neighborhood of fresco, california. over the weekend. covered cars and homes and businesses. the flame rei tar dan used is a sort of salt based fertilizer it's kind of like the stuff you might just use on your lawn. >> i had no idea what it was at first. the only thing i can think was
5:25 pm
the trees apparently that's knots the case. >> oh, god. >> it's crying over spilled milk i'll have to wash my car it kneed a cash any way so what's difference. >> officials say they feel baldly that this happened and will do everything they can to not have it happen again. caught on camera, a dispute over a valet parking charge turns violent it happened in fort lauderdale florida this week a man was caught on camera punching hotel valet in the face. why? he didn't want to pate $18 ticket after parking even though there were plenty of signs saying that's wait cost. the hotel says even with surveillance video evidence the guy still hasn't been arrested. >> i kept asking, when is this guy -- why is this guy not going to jail, why is he not in handcuffs. >> what do you want to see happen to him? >> he'll go to jail. he's dangerous to other people. ft. lauderdale police say the man john kierna is actually a former police officer. all right. school is about maybe a month or
5:26 pm
so away how some high schoolers are making insuring the girls at their school are prepared for any um coming days. >> the fight toothed those in need. how one woman is making sure children in a tough neighborhood has have a safe place to go after school. >> getting ready for 90-degree temperatures another potential heat wave. we'll explain next. p://>[a5df]
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center city homeless shelter has new piece of art tonight and it's art with a meaning. philadelphia archbishop charles chaput today blessed a homeless jesus statue at saint john's hospice at 12 many and race. the archbishop says this bronze statue of jesus sleeping on bench reminder to everyone that christ is with everyone. even the most marginalized members of the society. archbishop chaput has a message for those who are homeless. >> to know that things can get better because of the concerns of your brothers and sisters. you are not forsaken or forgotten. you are loved and cher rushed by god and by all of us. >> philadelphia statue is one of
5:30 pm
about 50 others in cities around the world. for some local families, summertime is a difficult time to feed their children far more difficult than the school year. we have been following a woman struggle to keep feeding neighborhood children and a rough part of philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. >> government guidelines and red tape got the best of her this summer but she's still fighting and our joyce evans is here with an update on miss monica's kids. joyce. >> iain and lucy, we met her last year a feisty mom and grandmother with a really sharp tongue and an iron clad will to feed children in one of philadelphia's poorest and crime ridden neighborhoods. she's making do after being turned down for few thousand dollars of government funding. looks like miss monica setting up for a barbecue. but she's not. >> this is the option that the state gave us. >> reporter: it's a make shift kitchen set up in what used to be a trash strewn lot. a dumping ground for local contractor contractors an former
5:31 pm
shooting gallery for heroin addicts. >> lunch time! >> kids trickled but not as many today. not much she or neighbors would do about the outside smells of garbage and the flies. >> it's horrible. it's nasty. it's exposes the kids to what's going on in the streets. >> reporter: exactly what miss monica was protect the kids from the past few years. we met her serving meals and snacks, ar arts and crafts and educational activities inside her old home on the 3100 block of reach street last year. the outside lot is directly across the street from the hou house. it actually fits guidelines for serving summer and after school meals. how is lunch? >> good. >> what do you like better? >> i like the carrots better. >> it's bad. it suck. >> reporter: but row homes are not loud. somebody between the federal, state and local governments had been le letting miss monica slie until recently so she found
5:32 pm
another way. >> we're getting our meals from the catholic archdiocese they did agree to give us the mood. >> they have food so their parents won't have to be like what my kids going to eat. >> does it help you. >> it actually does. >> government guidelines won't let them be served inside so miss monica is still fighting. >> these kids were put in a worse situation than they had. >> so she's asking federal authorities now to take a look at the current guidelines ton make some changes so that more children may benefit from programs that have the funding in them to feed them. we'll see how she makes out. lucy? >> hopefully she make out great. thank you much, joyce. back to your fox 29 weather authority. live look at rehoboth beach, delaware. after a few cooler days, the summer heat's roaring back. >> meteorologist scott williams has a look at your forecast in 15 seconds much
5:33 pm
it certainly has been beautiful stretch with the low humidity and we're drying out for a change but that will change as we head throughout the next several days. live look right now down at the delaware beaches. rehoboth beach a lot of folks out bound just enjoying the sunshine. that nice sea breeze keeping temperatures a little cooler down the shore. but you head inn land the philadelphia international airport 88 degrees right now. but look at the humidity. very comfortable. only 37% dew points still in the upper 50s. so get outdoors and enjoy mowing the lawn getting into the gardens. not looking that bad. ultimate doppler, it is dry. it is quiet. but we have seen a lot of rainfall for the month of july. take a look at atlantic city. a little over 10-inches of rainfall so far for the month. reading 8.5-inches almost.
5:34 pm
look at wilmington almost 7-inches of rainfall. philadelphia over 5-inches of rain. speaking of the rain, take a look at florida. tropical storm emily made landfall around midday just south of the tampa area a lot of clouds and also a lot of rain. the 5:00 o'clock advisory has now weaken the storm to a depression and it will eventua eventually head back out to sea but likely gaining that tropical storm status again over the next several days. but no factor for our coastline however we will see those rip currents staying in that dangerous category over the next several days. 88 right now in wilmington. 88 degrees currently in allentown. 87 in trenton. we'll zoom in down the shore with that sea breeze the boardwalk in ac80 degrees. upper 70s right now north wildwood. cape may point checking in at 8. so those temperatures for tonight, comfortable again. we're looking at 60 the low mount pocono. 62 in pottstown. upper 60s wildwood right around
5:35 pm
70 for philadelphia. for tomorrow, mostly sunny ski skies. a little more humid going 90 degrees. there might be an isolated pop- pop-up shower but better chaps as we move toward the middle part of the week down the shore watching out for those rip currents. water temperatures mid 70s. 84 degrees tomorrow. low 80s for your wednesday looking good down the shore. but take a look at the weather authority seven day forecast. we have 90 degrees tuesday. 90 on wednesday. 91 on thursday. yeah, that would be our sixth heat wave of the season. partly sunny on friday maybe a pop up storm. better chances though with a cold front as we move toward your saturday. midday into the afternoon that front will move through. scattered showers and storms. doesn't look like a wash out though but look at the temperatures for the upcoming weekend back into the low 80s. back over to you. >> all right. thank you, scott. coming up a new coffee shop in bucks county and the person serving up the joe behind the counter is catching a lot of folks by surprise. if you think it seems like
5:36 pm
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♪ senate minority leader chuck schumer calling for an investigation into the fast food industry. schumer wrote letter to the fda head on sunday asking the agency to investigate a certain chemical used in packaging fast food. phalates are used to make plastic for doable. studies have shown they are not only toxic but stand a chance of making it into the food. >> ever feel cramped on airplane? a federal appelate court feels your pain. the u.s. court of appeals for washington, d.c. has ordered the faa to consider a request to expand passenger seats on planes. could you imagine? consumer group called flyers rights filed a petition with the agency about
5:40 pm
shrinking space on airlines calling it a safety hazard in the event of an emergency. the faa said, not going to do anything about it. so the group took it to the court. circuit judge patricia mill let ruled that the faa has no residential basis to refuse considering airline size and space. calling it a case of quote the incredible shrinking airline seats. >> a car known for durability and safety is now being recalled for that reason. honda is recalling more than 24,000, 2017 honda crv vehicles after the company learned that it's got a fuel supply pipe that was improperly made. that pipe can disconnect or leak while moving. that creates a safety hazard for the driver. recall is expected to begin august 25th. so owners take your door a local honda dealer who will replace that pipe at no cost. >> new step in the fight against cigarettes what the fda is targeting for the first time to help people kick the habit. next time you head down the
5:41 pm
shore see if you can spot people who are beach spreading. it's a growing trend that has some seeing red. tom srendenschek in the house. >> good evening, lucy and iain. phillies make one final trader at today's four deadline don something on the field they haven't done since 1949. when iain page was six. moving on and milestones coming up in later in sports.
5:42 pm
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new coffee place in bucks county has been a big hit. people file and get that jolt they need but there's little bit of a surprise behind the counter. >> owner of this coffee shop is no stranger to the neighborhood. in fact, he's a splitting his time between the new shop and another store just a couple doors down. >> fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer explains.
5:45 pm
perfect place to have coffee shop. >> reporter: richboro coffee owners love making the perfect cup of coffee. perfect beans. >> this is the bean that's used to make our espresso. >> reporter: grind and cup. >> that presentation that arts all part of this. >> reporter: they have it all figured out. >> we're here to educate people and teach them about coffee. >> little timer on this. like any good restaurant they want total control from start to finish. >> reporter: richboro coffee started a few months after after scott realized there wasn't a place in down to get a great cup of coffee. >> you can get coffee no place to sit down and get a coffee and a situation like this closest coffee shop is newtown. >> since newtown is a few miles away scott and tom opened up their own spot. three doors down from scott's ophthalmology product tase season serving his patients for the last 30 years. >> this place finally em opened up. my patients come here and look at me and go seigen is that you?? i'm going, what can i get for you? >> this is where all ophthalmologists sit.
5:46 pm
>> dr. scott seigen had to learn how to be a barris at a in his spare time. >> i've made 400ing tracks at home and probably more than that here so far. >> down to every last detail. >> i can't tell you how many ugly ones i made. >> with every cup. >> you can just hear the creme. >> it's like watching two scientists in their lab. blending the perfect measurements of water and arabica beans. >> i'm very meticulous about my surgeries and when i make a cup of coffee. >> making sure every cup is perfect. in richboro, bill rohrer fox 29 news. nothing like a good cup of joe. >> um-hmm. >> got to be perfect. >> all right. a routine haircut led to a live changing medical discovery. 17-year-old kevin rizzo was getting that trim when the stylist noticed a purple brown mole on his scalp. good thing. because after a visit to the doctor, kevin's family worst fierce were confirmed it was a skin cancer melanoma and it had spread to his lymph nodes but surgeons were able to remove
5:47 pm
several from his neck and kevin is part of a growing trend of young people dealing with skin cancer. rates in teens have been rising by 2% a year. for kevin he is on his way to recovery. >> for while it was a cycle every two weeks i get stitches removed and more moles removed. >> for ten months straight there wasn't a time he didn't have stitches. >> kevin is now cancer free is about to start his senior year of high school. >> we all know cigarettes are addictive the federal government wants to try and change that. the us food and drug administration chief scott gottlieb has directed his agency to develop new regulations on nicotine. federal agency would like to lower nicotine levels in cigarettes to make them less addictive. gottlieb says renewed focus on it could make sure that future nicotine. talking robots in the workplace can have a bad stigma either they don't do the job right or they do it so well they're taking our jobs. or if you watch movies they're just coming to kill all of us.
5:48 pm
so a according to one trade group robots are actually helping american workers get jobs. the group a3 reports that u.s. manufacturing companies have added more than 136,000 robots to factories floors in the past seven years. now in that same span, those companies have created 894,000 new manufacturing jobs. the reason this report says more workers needed to run the robo robots. >> we think robotics has a positive impact on us manufacturing by creating better, safer and higher paying jobs for american workers. >> instead of doing away with a job we have to have someone to be able to operate the robot, someone to program that robot and somebody able to work on it. >> industry experts say technical training in schools and cross training for existing workers are key for employees to operate the robotic machinery. millennials may binge watch mad men on television, but it doesn't seem like they act like them. research shows that married millennials less likely to cheat
5:49 pm
on their spouses than former generations. 14% of millennials admitted to cheating compared to 20% of baby boomers who admitted. the same thing. one of the studies authors make the theory that this may be because more millennials are getting married out of desire and not out of duty. all right. seems everyone spread out all their stuff on the sand leaving you nowhere to grab a spot. >> question i guess is, are you a beach spreader? the big tents, all the chairs, the blankets, maybe the volleyball net, too. here's our hank flynn. ♪ >> reporter: it's awesome. you can block the seagulls and you have some shade. >> reporter: perfect. >> it's hank. are you a beach spreader? you know who you are the ones that bring spent tons of crap with you to the beach every weekend. my take is, it's all right. don't let anybody tell you how to have fun. first, the minimal lifts people
5:50 pm
after my own heart. i don't bring much to the beach because i don't like lugging it. cool to find out i'm not alone in stone harbor. >> i nanny and i have to bring stuff like it stinks. when it's just me i just like need a couple things. >> i like to walk so i tri to keep the as simple as possible. if we're down here witness grandkids we have a lot more things put no tents. >> then the middle ground pat and his daughter seems like a lot at first. >> we need umbrellas, food, drinks, um, we need chairs. >> we bring about three umbrellas and then like seven to -- what, ten chairs? >> yeah. >> reporter: you realize they're pack fog friends and family on the way so it's for everybody. but then the maximum the baker family and assorted relatives come 30, 40 strong with their own sole volleyball court, shelter, food, chairs you name it. >> oh yeah. coolers we bring our coolers, you know. got to have that because we have food and drink. >> of course no alcohol. you can't have alcohol no
5:51 pm
alcohol on the beach. >> no. >> i'm leaving christine is the matriarch they've been coming to stone harbor for 50 years. great-grandson graham was on the scene and he's just a baby. >> graham is kind of the deal breaker. you can't show up to the beach without plenty of baby stuff. >> right. >> you parents know this. but how much is too much? a couple of towns on lbi passed ordinances banning the shelters as has rehoboth delaware this year stone harbor doesn't allow booze, fires or picnics but people eat and plenty of people go to five and dime for beach stuff. plenty of it. >> beach towels, come ugh wip six beach towels, two umbrellas, three beach chairs it happens every year and get totals going up torque you know, 400 some dollars. >> reporter: all fair game even rafts that look like bacon and everybody wants to have fun let courtesy be your guide. you're not in your backyar you're sharing a public space so act like it and whether you bring a little or lot, check the rules on the beach you're going to, consider people around you, you'll be fine. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪
5:52 pm
just going to have deal with it, man. get there early or push people out i guess. [ laughter ] >> what else you going to do. >> no fisticuffs on the beach. >> got to all get along. >> have your fun. you'll be all right. little house on the prairie has nothing on these small buildings. why people are turning to these did he menu tiff dwellings. buying back school clothes can be enough to -- back to school clothes that's what i meant to. buying back to school clothes like a whole big thing can be enough to spread any budget th thin. not leaving a lot of room for formal dance dresses. some high schoolers are making sure that's not the case for their classmates.
5:53 pm
mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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5:56 pm
reunion three years in the making. a retired military dog is back with his handler after the two served together in afghanistan. fabian and his dog were explosive detection team that worked together in the military for three years. three years since they separated max tour of duty was over and sala czar was able to adopt the now nine-year-old max from the military and give him a permanent home in texas. >> school dances are a stressful time for some girls, right, especially for those who cannot afford nice dress. three, 15-year-old girls at georgia high school had the compassion to consider all of that. and they decided to do something about it they work with the school to open dress closet in a storage room of all places. it's a chance for pebble to donate their dresses and for girls who not be able to afford
5:57 pm
dress normally to pick out their perfect one. the first dress drive was this month the girls collected 30 dresses. good for them. you've heard about the american dream living in nice house. >> yeah. >> family maybe a dog a white pick fence. so they say. >> yeah. some actually prefer living in a itty bitty house. a tiny house. fox's dan has more on the hottest houses around. >> reporter: it actually is quite appropriate. a little house on the prairie. >> this is nice. >> reporter: but really there are close to 25 tiny homes on this prairie near keanesburg, colorado. all gearing up for the inaugural colorado tiny house festival. >> status quo of tiny homes is definitely growing. this festival day one bigger than we thought it would be. >> reporter: put on by business partners and tiny home makers themselves art and greg are hoping to educate, inspire and ultimately grow the tiny home community. >> something needs to happen to
5:58 pm
have sustainable housing for denver because the prices are just so outrageous. >> reporter: and speaking of growing, if one didn't know better, one would say tiny homes aren't so tiny any more. >> show me your tiny house. >> you got it, dude. let me get the door for you. >> thanks pal. >> i knew it. tiny homes are getting bigger. >> right? it's not so tiny. >> yeah! >> experts in the field of tiny homes will be on hand as well. >> we got the kitchen who are. covering everything from picking the perfect tiny a body to financing it. >> hopefully, buying one just to get out of the condo i'm in and get away from all the hoa crap. >> she was tired of paying rent and landlords. now the question is, where to put her tiny home? >> perhaps a tiny plot on the prairie. >> dan darue fox. there's something about that simplicity. just downsizing like that.
5:59 pm
>> that's too small for me. people what -- we've been living like this for years. >> paying a lot of money for it, too. >> all right. all right. >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ another major shake up for the white house. less than two weeks on the job, new communications director anthony scaramucci is out. hours after a new chief of staff takes over. a suspect on the run. wanted in connection to two different shootings. one of them took a man's life. now, a reward in the case. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we're staying on top of breaking news for you tonight out of our nation's capitol less than two weeks into the job and new white house communications director anthony scaramucci is out. it is just the latest shake up
6:00 pm
under president donald trump. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. quite a day at the white house. a new chief of staff in, hours actually -- hour later brand new communications director really out. guess that's what happens when you've got general now running the show. >> fox's rick leventhal has more from new york. rick? >> reporter: another big shake up on pennsylvania avenue. there's a new chief of staff at the white house and he's already making his mark. general john kelly the new chief of staff has removed anthony scaramucci from his position as communications director. >> he does not have a role at this time. the trump administration. >> reporter: scaramucci lasted only ten days on the job. >> i think anthony wants general kelly to be able to operate fully with the clean slate build his own team while at the same time the president felt his comments were inappropriate. >> reporter: president trump praising his newest higher at a white house cabinet meeting where just last week general kelly served as secretary homeland security. >> we all know


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