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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 31, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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guys tortured baby gators the next time they're on camera might be for a mug shot. your news is next.
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♪ right now, he's already out inside the decision to send anthony scaramucci pack brag he officially started at the white house. and what were they thinking a horrific case of animal abuse. a baby alligator force to do drink alcohol and smoke. well now animal rights advocates want answers. >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. we begin tonight with that awful case of animal cruelty. all caught on camera. in the video, a group of friends appear to be laughing it up while torturing a small alligator. good evening, i'm iain page.
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>> i'm lucy noland. in that video you can hear the guys saying they hoped would it make him famous. well now they're infamous. our chris o'connell joins us live from the pennsylvania sp ca in north philadelphia. chris? >> reporter: lucy, one of our viewers was so disgusted over that video they contacted us to try to get some answers. and we do want to warn some of our viewers about this video. some find it disturbing. butter it also is prompted a criminal investigation. >> the video posted on snap chat and captured by one of our fox 29 viewers shows alcohol being forced down the throat of two small alligators. another clip shows the reptile being pick up by its tale with a burning cigarette shoved in its mouth. >> we want to find out who these individuals are. >> reporter: we showed the video to the director of law enforcement for the spca who has already launched an animal abuse investigation.
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a source tells fox 29 the video was taken in a basement avenue home in bustleton where one of the guys lives. we're also told he's the son of a philadelphia police detective. we're not showing you the guy's faces since they haven't been charged with any crimes. yet. >> it happens too often. there are too many times we see this kind of cruelty, and, you know, that's parks, row of the just for show. >> just for show. >> reporter: spc has seen a spike in animal cruelty cases simply because many times the incidents like these are posted on social media. one guy even started bragging about the gator games tweeting, how are me and my friends not internet famous yet? >> well, guys, thanks to your video, consider it done. >> now the spca says the own are in of that alligator and those who took part in the video could be facing misdemeanor charges. but under a new pennsylvania
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stiffer state law, lucy, i know your familiar with -- >> um-hmm. >> soon those -- next month that could be felony charges for animal abuse cases. >> as well it ought to be. chris o'connell, thank you much. live there in north philly. happening right now, feltonville community is worri worried. six suspects in shooting and barricade situation are gone on the streets and police cannot find them. they say those men are dangerous and some of them might be armed. neighbors are worried about even more violence. >> our dave schratwieser is on top of the story and joins us live from east detectives in juniata park. dave? >> reporter: iain, those neighbors on b street worried about two things tonight. retaliation and more gunfire after a hail of bullets early this morning sent one, 17-year-old to the hospital with a gunshot wound and neighbors ducking for cover. >> we hear all the shots. we think was firework. >> reporter: cindy, was still
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shaken up monday night as shell casings littered b street near her home. gunfire riddled cars and struck houses here monday morning. piercing windows and striking a 17-year-old in the chest while she watched tv in a front bedroom. >> shot went through the window. >> went through the window. >> yes. >> reporter: where did it go. >> to the wall. >> reporter: she says one of the bullets traveled down the street through her window and hit the wall above the bed where her four-year-old daughter was sleeping. her husband was standing right in front of that window seconds before. >> my husband just standing up exactly in the line with the shot. just a second and going to be die maybe. i don't know. >> somebody hated -- >> end ricky gonzales had brand knew rav four suv blocked on the block. it was struck by gunfire twice. one in the door handle the second pierced his license plate. he found the bullet inside.
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he worries what could have happened if the bullets took another path. >> my family or the neighbor. i mean that's too much. >> 17-year-old was treated and released from the hospital. she did not recover return to this home monday. neighbors on the block were too terrified to talk after bullets flew from both ends of the blo block. >> it's horrible. >> too close, right? >> yup. now i feel really afraid for my daughter, yeah. >> reporter: neighbors still scared out there. no motive non suspects to night. there were so many shots fired, we found three shell casings still on the ground hours after detectives left they were under parked cars that had been moved. tonight police pressing their investigation hoping to make some arrests. lucy? >> thank you, dave. we're now getting a look at the man who philadelphia police say killed his next door neighbors after a long running
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dispute. prosecutors have charged kenneth hoyle with murder. they say the 69-year-old shot and killed his frankford neighbors after they tried to jump his fence during an argument. it happened about two weeks ago. on the 4700 block of james street. 45-year-old bob depaul and his girlfriend 42-year-old august democracy died. the cleanup continues tonight in new jersey after that heavy rain left quite a mess. the storms left a lot of destruction and we're not just talking about the shore. in vineland, cumberland county, the rain actually destroyed part of a road. our shawnette wilson has the story from vineland city hall tonight. >> about 100 yards wide and about two and a half feet deep going right across. terrible. >> reporter: tom decribes the hole in the middle of panther road in vineland that's halted traffic since late friday night. it's a big problem for this community. >> farmers here and we can't pass the road. >> reporter: he himself is a fourth generation farmer. he knew it was a problem when he
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saw it for himself after heavy rain over the weekend washed out the road causing it to buckle. this is what it looked like that night. today, panther road remains blocked off between genoa and if he zen see avenue. >> now we got to go around. i got farm on the other side over there. luckily my other farm butts up against the back so we can go around it. >> reporter: vineland mayor told me on the phone that the area took in tremendous rain. more than six and a half inches and so fast the ground couldn't absorb it. he says, crews worked till 2:00 a.m. saturday morning to secure the road which was already on a list of repairs including its underground infrastructure. rick is the city attorney. he also lives near the intersection where the road is now blocked off. >> i guess the size of the pipe was not large in you enough for it was clogged, and so the water was not running underneath the road and started running on top of the road. filled up and ultimately like a stream wash out the road. >> reporter: he hopes the city can do something and fast.
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because he says in his business time is money. >> take us longer to get to the farm. longer to haul the produce back. just a very very epp convenience for everybody. >> reporter: the mayor says budget for road repairs so he says that will jump start the process until other sources of funding come in. in vineland, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. new tonight army corps of engineers is heading to margate tomorrow to deal with big problem with its controversial dune project. it tells us contractors will pump water out of the basin tomorrow. over the weekend the project ended up turning a swath of margate into -- you can see right there a bit of a lake because of heavy rain. neighbors are worried about public safety risk such as the quality of all that standing water. it's something those against the project have been warning to happen. city officials are holding a meeting wednesday at city hall to consider legally challenging those behind the project. now to another big story making headlines tonight is the white house in turmoil after
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another day of staff shake ups after less than two weeks on the job white house communications director anthony scaramucci is out. today, president trump removed him before he even officially started the job. it. >> happened on the very same day that retired marine general john kelly took an oath as his chief of staff. and the president is apparently already heeding his advice. fox's rick leventhal is live in ew york city with more on this latest shake up. rick. >> reporter: lucy, iain, this was shockingly short stint for scaramucci who apparently sealed his own fate with an expletive filled interview he claims was off the record last week. in any case the new boss wanted to start with a clean slate. so general kelly is in and scaramucci is gone. >> generallgenerally kell has tl authority to carry out business. >> the former homeland security secretary was sworn into office first thing monday of the of morning and shortly after news broke that scaramucci was done. >> look the president certainly
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felt that ant thee's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly. >> reporter: president trump optimistic suite tweeting monday evening arc great day at the white house. the president full of praise for the four starry tired general lauding his performs leading the department of homeland security. >> you look at the border, you look at the tremendous results we've had and you look at the spirit and with a very controversial situation there's been very little controversy which is pretty amazing by itself. >> reporter: some suggest general kelly's appointment signals a decisive move toward a more orderly white house. >> as we have laid out general kelly i think will bring new structure to the white house and discipline and strength and we're all really excited to work with him. >> reporter: well one lingering question. what happens now to former communications director sean spicer who is still at the white house? word is he will likely
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still leave even though the president has reportedly asked him to stay. lucy, iain, back to you. >> rick leventhal life in new york city. thank you. the husband of a murdered radio host is not going anywhe anywhere. the decision to keep him behind bars on other charges. and the hottest app out there it's so hospital popular but it could destroy your kids parents. listen up.
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skyfox over steadily crash on the atlantic city expressway this was the seep on the highway in hamilton township around 2:0. police say only one car was involved. three people were inside.
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one person died. medics did take the others to the hospital. we do not know how they're doing tnight. a crash involving philadelphia police sent three people including two officers to the hospital. the officers were responding to call around 12:45 this afternoon when police say they crashed into a car on 59th and market. both of the cars had damage but all three people are in stable condition. developing right now, a controversial app is raising a lot of concerns tonight called sorarah it let's you give honest feedback. >> but there's already been reports of bullying as it becomes more popular with teens. our dave kinchen joins us now outside the studio and dave you talked to some parents expense about this new hot app. >> this happen has become popular virtually overnight as millions of teens hook it up to snap chat accounts but parents are becoming quite worried. >> it's scary. >> it's a bridget feels about the brand new app the latest in
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the world of anonymous messaging tech. she wonder if's it will contribute to the cyber bullying epidemic as she watches her 11-year-old son andrew play baseball in northeast philadelphia. >> my son is very sensitive. i feel like for his age. he's always worried about what people think of him. and he always wants to, you know, be friends. >> as coach, i don't tolerate anything. okay. i do not tolerate it. i think it's 100% wrong. >> reporter: it is arabic for captor or openness and shot to the top of apple's app store and google play. it started as middle east website for workers to anonymo anonymously critique their companies but it's rising in popularity amongst kids using it to rate each other on everything from appearance to their latest social media post. the app has even been reportedly linked to harassment online making kids vulnerable to digital bullying. >> there's no room for the cyber bullying. there's no room for bullying in general. >> we're not end of the development of all of this stuff in the 21st century. i mean this is century of
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enormous change. >> reporter: dr. frank farrell system a temple university professor and past president of the american psychological association. he says parents need to be tuned in. >> go online and, you know, take look for teenaged depression, suicide ideation and suicide indicators and as a parent get on top of that. in this era, you have to. >> reporter: app asks people to write constructive messages it has filters so people can decide who can actually write to them but as of now, you cannot reply to the messages. we reached out to the creator of the app for a comment. we have not yet heard back. iain? >> all right. dave, thank you. tonight the husband of a slain radio host remains in jail. new jersey's appelate division up holding a judge's request to keep james kauffman detained ahead of his trial on weapons charges this comes after kauffman allegedly waived a gun and threatened to commit suicide when law enforcement officials attempted to enter his office
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with a search warrant in june. kauffman's wife april was a popular radio host murdered back in 2012. that crime remains unsolved. police have arrested a man for an armed robbery in an applebee's parking lot in newark, delaware. 40-year-old thomas else we are bee robbed an applebee's employee walking to his car early saturday morning he ended up shooting the employee who's now at christiana hospital in stable condition. cleanup on the heroin haven philadelphia's most neuter russ drug haven is about to be a thing of the past. city officials hope so because they today helped clean up conrail that track bed in kensington and fair hill which for years heroin addicts used it as a place to buy, and awful often overdose on drug. and the city of philadelphia and conrail have had enough. >> it has been described as hell on earth. a conrail track bed stretching from second and indiana to lehigh and aramingo. where heroin addicts like
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31-year-old jillian go to feed their sickness. >> it's a shooting gallery. it's absolutely ridiculous. >> reporter: jillian injects heroin into her feet to hide the marks. she took to prostitution to make the money needed to shoot up at the tracks. >> i'm guessing you want to quit or do you not want to quit? >> i never want to keep using it it's to the point where i don't even get high any more. i just maintain. >> reporter: now hope. conrail and the city began monday to clean the tracks removing mountains of trash including thousands of drug needles and hacking down vegetation in which junkies would hide. the scope of the mess makes it clear this problem was years in the making. >> we have done numerous cleanups in this area over the years. this is the first time where we've really had comprehensive plan that gives eight chance of sustaining itself. >> reporter: city officials say addicts driven off the track bed will be offered social services, help with addiction homelessness, job searches. >> today we are taking a big step in what will be a very long
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journey. >> reporter: the area will be fenced off, sealed and patrolled by police. >> if the demand for the drugs are here, then the supplies will be here. if we can get the people to help they need the demand will go down and the supply will go down. >> reporter: but addicts driven from this area will in the short term at least flood surrounding neighborhood bringing their problems with them. >> i mean they're most certainly going to end up in our neighbor in the surrounding neighborhoods. i mean they have to go somewhere. >> reporter: jillian agrees. >> wherever i have to go, i'll go. so -- >> get kick out of one place you'll go to another? >> right. >> reporter: the physical cleanup out here is expected to take about a month with conrail incurring most of the costs trying to figure out whether all of this work actually puts a dent in the heroin crisis in this city. that will take whole lot longer. in kensington i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. bombshell claim against philadelphia police officer. her attorney says he has the video to back it up.
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we have roar ^rd a lot on the opioid epidemic affecting it's country. some are fight back in the courtroom. 25 state, cities and counties in the process of suing open unite united manufacturessers with various claims including deceptive marking. downplaying the risk of addiction and overstating the benefits about chronic pain. state lawsuits include ohio, missouri sorey and mississippi. >> a woman dropped a claim against a philadelphia police officer. she says that officer sexually assaulted err and made racist comments. >> jeff cole has the story. >> reporter: according to the complaint obtained by fox 29 it was july 3rd, 2016 a young woman suffering from mental illness was ride ago bicycle near her castor avenue home. she's approached by a
10:24 pm
philadelphia police officer driving a cruiser and in unifo uniform. she's ordered to get into the front seat of his vehicle. as they drive off, the cop talks about racial hatred. >> he says he fan at a sizes about shooting and beating up the n word a person of african-american persuasion. >> he says his client is driven back to the nearby school and sexually assaulted. what the officer didn't know was that there was a school security camera rolling. >> he then has her touch his gun and he rubs the gun on her thigh. it's grainy but you can certainly see the sexual assault going on outside of the vehicle. >> reporter: he says the woman complains to philadelphia police the next morning. police investigate and find the video zeff he watch it investigators the philadelphia district attorney's office has not prosecuted the officer. spokesperson for the da declined
10:25 pm
comment monday. the officer is no longer on the force while his client is struggling. >> she was a perfect victim. she's the kind of person that has psychological issues to begin with and now she's been devastate by this. she's under psychiatric care, meditated and having a difficult time. >> reporter: suit alleges the attacker was on overtime or getting holiday pay during the 90 minute assault. the victim is described but not name in the suit. fox 29 spoke with the victim's mother on the phone monday. her claims are similar to those made in the lawsuit. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. reward to track down this guy. police want to talk to him about a murder on the mainline that shooting in philadelphia just a short time earlier. that story is next. miss monica made her mission to feed hungry children. she hasn't backed down but her latest challenge is the toughest yet. ♪
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two days on the run wanted for two shootings one of them
10:29 pm
deadly. police in philadelphia and delaware counties are searching for this man ton night they're offering a reward. $5,000 for information leading to his arrest. while police track that suspect we have learned more about the victim in that deadly shooting. fox 29's brad sattin has more. >> i woke up to two pops -- pop, pop. >> reporter: brendan o'malley heard the shots from inside his apartment but had no idea it was a high school friend of his shot to death just feet away on saturday night. he went to lower merion high school with john le seen here on his linked in page. >> he was great guy. the last guy you'd ever expect someone to have a hard time with. i couldn't imagine someone having a problem with him. >> reporter: someone did. john had left this nearby pizza shop after friendly conversation with the staff and was walking only half a block to friend's apartment on haverford road when the suspect approached and shot him and killed by the front door. he worked as a accountant on sneak kerr vail village. news was broken to co-workers.
10:30 pm
john's family requesting the company not comment. police are working around the clock hoping to find more surveillance footage like this of the suspect who appears to be connected to a shooting in overbrook park an hour before the murder on saturday. two neighbors saw him lurking by a house and when they approached him in their car the suspect fired at least 15 shots. no one was hurt. >> he shot at two people in the city. killed one person haverford township, what's he going to do next. >> reporter: the man fled in charcoal gray volvo. police hoping to find video that might show the car's license plate they're hoping cold hard cash will convince someone to turn them n the diss trek attorney's office now offering a $5,000 reward. >> we clearly want to get this guy off the street. again that tip line is now open. the number to call 215-546-tips. again, there is a $5,000 reward for an arrest and conviction. in haverford township, brad sattin, fox 29 news. a murder investigation tonight in southwest philadelphia.
10:31 pm
and fresco user emma takes t us the crime scene. on the 7900 block of lindberg boulevard. police say somebody shot a 41-year-old man again and again inside a car. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. medics took the victim to presbyterian hospital which is where he died. no arrests as of yet. nice turn out in south philadelphia tonight to get some folks excited for national night out. families showed up to marconi plaza for kick off rally one of four locations across the city which held these events with music, food and drinks and give aways to get people ready for national night out which happens tomorrow. it aims to make neighborhoods safer and build police and community relationships. >> in center city a local homeless shelter has a new piece of art this evening. philadelphia archbishop charles chaput placed a homeless jesus statue. he says this bronze statue of jesus sleeping on bench is reminder that christ is with
10:32 pm
everyone even the most marginalized members of the society. archbishop chaput has a message for those who are homeless. >> to know that things can get better because of the concerns of your brothers and sisters. you are not for take ken or forgotten. you are loved and cher rushed by god and by all of us. >> the statue in philly joins 50 others in cities all over the world. our bill anderson will have much more later at 11:00. ♪ happening now, for some local families summer can be even more financially difficult to provide the meals they're kids get during the school year. we've been following a woman struggle to keep feeding neighborhood kids at a rough part of philadelphia's kensington community. government guidelines and red tape got the best of her this summer but she's still fighting. our joyce evans now with an update on miss monica's kids. joyce. >> reporter: iain we met her first last year. a feisty mom and grandmother with a really sharp tongue and an iron clad will to feed children in one of philadelphi
10:33 pm
philadelphia's poorest crime ridden neighborhoods. she's making due after being turned down for a few thousand dollars of government money. looks like miss monica setting up to are a barbecue but she's not. >> this is the option that the state gave us. >> reporter: it's a make shift kitchen set up in what used to be a trash strewn lot. a dumping ground for local contractors. and a former shooting gallery for heroin addicts. >> lunch time! >> reporter: kids trickled in but not as many today. not much she or neighbors could do about the outside smells of garbage and the flies. >> it's horrible. it's nasty. it exposes the kids to what's going on in the streets. >> reporter: exactly what miss monica wright says she was protecting the kids from the past few years. we met her serving meals and snacks arts and crafts and educational activities inside her old home on the 3100 block
10:34 pm
of reach street last year. the outside lot is directly across the street from the house. it actually fits guidelines for serving summer and after school meals. how is lunch? >> good. >> what do you like better? >> i like the carrots better. >> it's bad. it sucks. >> but row homes are not allowed. somebody between the federal, state and local governments had been letting miss monica slide until recently. >> so she found another way. >> we're getting our meals from the catholic archdiocese they did agree to gives the meals. >> they can have food so their parents won't have to to be like what my kids going to eat? >> does it help you? >> it actually does. >> reporter: government guidelines still won't let them be served inside. so miss monica is still fighti fighting. >> these kids were put in a worse situation than they had. >> reporter: now she's asking federal authorities to take a look at the current guidelines and make some changes so that more children may benefit from
10:35 pm
programs that have the funding already there to feed them. we'll check back on how she makes out with that. iain. >> just a tough situation, joyce. thank you. ♪ breaking news. new jersey we go. skyfox over palmyra and a shooting on west sixth street. now dispatchers tell us that ems treated at least one person. may still be treating that person. we don't know. paramedic have not transported anyone, though, at this point. you can see a lot of police activity there. investigators on the scene. much more as it comes in. so your airline seats add to the stress of traveling. we're not talking about whether you get the window or, the middle or aisle. how much leg room you get could end up dictated by the feds for real. this guy jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 101 years old that's just half the story. ♪
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caught on camera a dramatic water rescue out of colorado. you can see the middle monitor fire crews pulling a man and his dog from a flash flood yesterday. that is the full video. the man pushing the dog out of the window first, first responders then help the dog on a rescue ladder and then grab the owner. they both were returned to dry land sale and the man and his dog were parked on creek bed when all of a sudden the area became flooded. the us court of appeals for washington, d.c. has ordered the faa to consider a request to expand passenger seating on planes. could you imagine that? bigger seats? consumer group called flyers rights filed petition with the agency about shrinking space on airlines causing eight safety has czar in the event of an emergency and leading to things like deep vein thrombosis. the faa declined to act said nope we're not doing a thing. so what did the do group do? took it to court.
10:40 pm
three judge ruled faa has no residential basis to refuse considering airline size and space calling eight case of quote the incredible shrinking airline seats. we'll see what happens with that one. good luck with that. >> we're watching it. tell was. >> good luck with it. [ laughter ] i wish it good luck. live to go 101 years old is impressive in itself. >> good luck with that, too. >> yes. >> how about this decides to jump out of an airline when you're 101. jumped out of a plane from 15,000 feet did it in may. now he's being honored for it because the guiness book of world records will include him so he's now the oldest person to do a tandem parachute jump. he says he had no idea it was a record when he did the thing. >> it was an absolute surprise. i never had a clue what was happening. not one clue. it was beautiful. i was, you know, not afraid. no fear.
10:41 pm
no nothing. i'd do it again tomorrow. >> oh, my goodness. [ laughter ] >> when he's 102. >> exactly accompanied by four generations of his family for that record-breaking jump. >> i just love him. he's decorated military man. >> she's very happy about it. why did you wait so long? [ laughter ] nothing i would ever do. >> me either. good for him. all right. scott williams in for kathy tonight. another pretty nice night out there. >> absolutely. get ready for the heat as we head toward the month of august. the heat will build. coming out of the midwest. temperatures will top out in the 90s, yes, another heat wave brewing. details next.
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in hang's take you see them all over the scene. overgrown lots abandoned houses. what do you do when the one next door is cramping your style or threatening your safety. >> you would think it depends on who owns that property, right. here's hank with more. ♪ somebody listening or looking at this stuff. why should you have have neighborhood that looks like this? look at all this trash and stuff. >> reporter: it's hang in front of a couple of the abandoned properties here on
10:45 pm
dare yen street. what do you do if your showers in the middle of a bunch of decaying abandonment. my take is individual ownership, yeah, that means you. that could be your only ticket. >> this is my sister's. >> lester williams looks after his sister's home on ninth street. that's good shape but the ones behind it not so much. they're abandoned no one is caring for them and the one beside it seems to be crumbling. >> this house could affect her house, too, because if that roof falls up there, no telling what it's going to do. nobody has there been in since 1989. >> i keep my neighborhood clean. >> collide devlin who called license licenses and inspections about the trash filled garage of a abandoned house much he's clean it twice. but people keep dumping. >> it's a hazard to the kids going to school. you got rats. possums. you know what i mean? i don't want nobody to get hurt. >> phillies abandoned houses present a slew of hazards.
10:46 pm
depends on your situation. landlord may be unor unresponsive it could belong to couture to an agency like the philly housing control which controls a lot of the homes east of the temple university. >> i don't like to work for nobody. i work at my own pace. i do my own work. >> reporter: carpenter calls himself chubb rock closing off the back of a house recently bought at sheriff's auction by maikel mckinney and his father. >> anybody gets hurt in there -- >> it's a legal issue. >> mckinneyss buy vacant properties. at their own pace. they don't finance and spight decide what's best for place once they get to know it. >> we have a couple of plans. we have decided yet. we have to sit at the table and think about it and think about what we want to do witness house we're not really sure yet. >> we've known for long time the best neighborhoods are often the ones where the person who lives in the house own it. good news, properties easier to get than you might think.
10:47 pm
just do your homework and use a little elbow grease. buy into philadelphia. a lot of people tell me this neighborhood looks a lot better than it did ten years ago and it's getting better all the time. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ here's piece of property that is so not ban donned. the boardwalk at wildwood is a life and well oh night and the forecast is looking fantastic if you love the beach. scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds. it was a beautiful monday across the area. high temperatures made it into the upper 80s. it was a little cooler down the shore with that sea breeze and that will be the place to be over the next several days. folks still out and about enjoying the nice weather.
10:48 pm
allentown 89 degrees the afternoon high temperature today. upper 80s philadelphia, reading, trenton along with atlantic city. but the humidity was more tolerable today as we move toward the next several days. yeah, it will get hotter as we look at temperatures right now, upper 60s in millville. low 70s wildwood. 71 degrees currently in pottstown. still 84 degrees right now the warm spot in philadelphia. we have low 60s currently mount pocono so for tonight, mostly clear, still pretty comfortable. we're looking at an overnight low in philadelphia around 70. mid 60s in millville. 60 degrees mount pocono and low 60s in pottstown. look at ultimate doppler. dry, quiet, but it has been a wet month of july. case in point, take a look at atlantic city. a little over 10-inches of rainfall for the month of july. over 8-inches in reading. also, allentown so happy gardens area speaking of the rain, take
10:49 pm
a look at tropical depression emily to our south in florida. it made landfall as tropical storm. now it has weakened to a tropical depression. it will move back out into the open waters of the atlantic but once again it's going to stay away from the eastern seaboard. temperatures for tomorrow, out around 90 degrees mostly sunny a little more humid. there might be one or two isolated pop up showers across the area but most of us stay dry. we're looking at low to mid 80s next several days down the shore. looking pretty good. water temperatures mid 70s. but still a moderate to high risk for those rip currents as far as that seven day forecast from the weather authority 90 degrees for tuesday. 90 on wednesday. 91 on thursday. so, yes, we could have our sixth heat wave of the season and as we move toward the up coming weekend a cold front will bring temperatures into the low 80s but we have some rain to get through the first part of the day on saturday. tom? >> scott football weather it must be it's august 1st and
10:50 pm
just over an hour or so. college football back. temple get ready for their opener with notre dame. new coach collins talks about his new non football visit out to south bend. >> how about the phils. do you they celebrate? they did so by trading another player whom is going where now that's next in sports. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for some delays if you use the atlantic city rail line. for the next week or so, they'll be using shuttle buses between philadelphia's 30th street station and cherry hill as they make repairs friday a truck smacked into the overpass. so patco, river line even the buses are all using cross honoring tickets again all the details up on our website at
10:51 pm also, the patco high spied speed line doing construction out in front of the lindenwold station. some buses are being used to shuttle the passengers in and out of the stations and changes effective today to the parking lot at the paoli station. we'll check the jam cams. sue has your forecast. we'll see you bright and errly tomorrow morning starting at 4:00.
10:52 pm
from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
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♪ phillies playing let's make deal one last time at today's 4:00 o'clock deadline the latest what queen benoit and cash to the pirates for single a pitcher phillies unloading big time the last week. along with benoit pat neshek, germany hellickson and kendrick all gone in the fire sale we call rebuilding. >> we'll excited about the trade in all four of these trades. we added pretty good arms and good infielder. you got to see kim' as approach at the plate today. i think any chance we get to add depth in the pitching department into our system, um, we'll look to do that. >> matt mentioned what happened on the field today. that is markelle fultz sixers topic first pitch, a little high but we'll take it. phils looking to sweep the braves. haven't done so at home since 19494-game series that's herrera
10:55 pm
bat in up and all 434 feet. maikel franco close. how about 424 feet. phils win it the final score seven-six. wrapping up a pretty darn dee september home stand. >> this home stand seven and three in the home stand was outstanding. our young pitchers have been pitching well and the bats came alive so it's been a great home stand. five in row. harrier had a a big big home stand. three run bomb he hit was fun to watch. >> just how much fun? how about after being benched for not hustling, odubel herrera 17 for 16 against the braves, four runs scored work homeruns, five rbi rbi's. >> eagles with the day off. one of three sessions during the training camp we call tackling to the ground. isn't football tackle football. first season preseason game next thursday in green bay. >> temple has their first training camp practice for first
10:56 pm
year head coach jeff collins. owls circle the date september 2nd at note dame. lense it will be his second trip to south bend. the first one not forefoot ball. >> about ten years ago, i train to run amara thon, and it was back when the college football hall of fame was in south bend so the starting line was at the college football hall of fame. 26.2 miles later, it was on the 50-yard line of notre dame stadium it was the finish i won't say my time. it was respec respectable, brokr hours. >> we don't care how long it counts. i do 26.2. if i get to the finish line. philadelphia will like this guy first time head coach. they're going to like this guy a lot. >> i like him already. >> absolutely. >> lucy what's coming up at 11. >> art with a deeper meaning in center city. what this bronze statue of jesus sleeping on a bench is meant to remind people of for goodness sake. we've got your wake up weather and seven day forecast.
10:57 pm
it's all in the first five minutes. we'll see you right back here in just a few. ♪
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. we begin with horrific case of animal cruelty all caught on camera. in the video a group of friends are laughing it up while torturing a baby alligator. good evening, i'm lucy noland. in the video you can actually hear the guys saying the video would make them famous. be careful what you wish for. infamy possible ale round the bend. our chris o'connell joins us live from the philadelphia spca in north philadelphia. chris. >> reporter: we do want to warn our viewers the video you're about to see is fairly graphic. it certainly was for the fox 29 viewer who zen it to us and asked to us get answers. >> the disturbing video shows a group of guys abusing what appears to be two small alligators. from forcing alcohol


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