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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  August 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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(upbeat rock music) - you're watching teen kids news. i'm livia, here's this week's top story. (upbeat intro) there's an old saying that you are what you eat, meaning what we put in our body has a very strong influence on how we feel and even how we behave. that's why it's so important to know what's in the foods we eat and as harry reports, that's about to get easier thanks to new rules form the federal government. - joining us to explain is sharmi das, consumer education expert at the food and drug administration. welcome! - hello.
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- so before we get into the specifics, how is the new nutrition label different from the old one? - the new nutrition label that we're proposing will align the information with the latest scientific information. the other thing that we want to do is give it a fresh look by emphasizing some of the key points in the nutrition facts label, such as serving size and calories. - okay, so there's a lot of information. can you break down what we should be looking for? let's start with why serving size is important. - serving size is actually very important in the nutrition facts label. as we already know, one packet or one box is not always one serving, so it might contain multiple servings. it's very important for us to know how many servings are in each box or in a packet of food. - how about calories? what's important about the number of calories?
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- calories are very important. there are a few numbers that i do want you all to remember when you're looking at calories. 40 and 100 and 400. 40 is low, 100 is moderate, and 400 is high. whenever you're looking at the nutrition facts label, please look at the calories and see. if it's close to 40, then you know it's low in calories. around 100 it's moderate and 400, it's high. - so should we be eating things that have a moderate number of calories? - we should definitely try to keep around the moderate number and not get close to the high calorie number which is 400. - the label groups together the items we should be careful to not eat too much of, right? - absolutely, there are some nutrients we don't want to get too much of. those nutrients are certain fats like trans fats,
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saturated fats, cholesterol, as well as sodium and sugars. - what kinds of things should we eat more of? - the nutrients to get more of are fiber, vitamins a and c, iron, and calcium. - what is a dv and why is it important? - so dv is a daily value and you'll see on the nutrition facts label you have a percent dv for all of our nutrients. 5% is a low percent dv and 20% is high. what i mean by that is when you know that you should get more of certain nutrients, you should try to aim to get a higher percent dv which is close to 20. - now let's talk about the list of ingredients. what should we look for there? - the list of ingredients in the nutrition facts label, they are in the order of what's most of in the product.
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you really need to pay attention to the list of ingredients because if you have sugar that's first or second in the list, then you know that the sugar is high in that product. - and sometimes you're not sure it's a sugar. what are some other words for sugar that we should watch out for? - yes, there are many different names for sugar. the most common ones are glucose and fructose, but then there's maltose and dextrose. there's lots of different names for sugars. one quick way of knowing if it's a sugar, is if the word ends with an o-s-e. but not all sugars end with an o-s-e, for example corn syrup. - thanks for taking the time to explain all this to us. - thank you very much for having me. - since we started this report with an old saying, here's another one, it's about computers. if you put garbage in, you'll just get garbage back out. the same is true about food. if we want to be at our best, we need to
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avoid eating the stuff that's not good for us. one way to do that, read the labels. - we've got lots more to tell you about on teen kids news. don't go away. we'll be right back! closed captioning is brought to you by,
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(upbeat rock music) - [livia] this report is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. as new drivers, we still have a lot to learn.
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that's why the national road safety foundation sponsors a series of driving skills 101 videos. here is one of their special road buzz reports. (rock music) - for new drivers, one of the most challenging things to deal with is - definitely left turns. - making a left turn. - turning left, for sure. - yeah. - turning left. - definitely left turns. - left turns. - left turns. - definitely left turns. - you know, turning left. - okay, so let's look at the right ways to turn left. here's the situation. you're the driver. you've stopped at the stop sign and you're looking for an opening in the traffic to turn left. this is what you're dealing with.
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- come on dude, let's go! - we're gonna be late! - hurry up! - my grandma drives faster than you. - what are you doing? just go! - turn already! - [jacklynn] as if that's not bad enough, adding to the pressure is the impatient driver behind you. (intense music) (honking) - go already! (honking) (blinker sound) (honking) (impatient chatter) (honking) - what are you doing? just go! - it's pretty clear how you need to handle this. - you tell everyone-- - to be quiet. - just zip it. - shut up. - just ignore the honking. - yeah, i mean you're the driver. you're responsible for everyone's safety. - guys, let me focus! - [jacklynn] that's why the experts say, when in doubt, wait it out. what else makes turning left difficult? - looking at the cars, - coming from the left. - being able to judge,
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- if you have enough time, - to make the turn. - judging speed and distance of an oncoming vehicle is one of the most difficult driving skills to master. and teens are at a unique disadvantage. experts say our brains haven't yet developed the internal connections needed to make the more than 100 location, distance, and speed calculations required to judge how quickly a vehicle is approaching. that's why you should error on the side of, - caution! - far better to be, - safe, - than sorry. (upbeat music) - [jacklynn] remember, when in doubt, wait it out. this next situation can be particularly dangerous. so much so that we decided to show it to you a little differently. with the help of students at scotch plains-fanwood high school, we turned the school cafeteria into an intersection. (funky jazz music)
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brown paper was laid down to make the road. different color tape was used, white to create the lanes, gray for the sidewalk, and green for a center divider. we're using some unusual vehicles. say you're the driver in the red car and you want to make a left turn. the minivan to the left has slowed down and is about to turn right. it seems that it's safe for you to enter the intersection and turn left, but is it? the mini-van is causing a blind spot so you can't see there's an on-coming car on the far side of the mini-van. if you enter the intersection, this could happen. (metal smashing) here's one more thing to remember. you need to check traffic in both directions before making your turn. there could be a similar blind spot here if the mini-van were to turn left.
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(metal smashing) that's why it's extremely important to always keep in mind, - when in doubt, - [chorus] wait it out! - literally words to live by. reporting from road buzz news, i'm jacklynn. (cheering) - if snappy putdowns were an olympic sport, then this guy would be a gold medalist. i'll tell you why, when teen kids news returns.
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- 50 us states. 50 state flags. each one with it's own unique history. here's eric with flag facts. (drum roll) - virginia is often called "the mother of presidents". four of our first five presidents were born there. since then, four more have been proud virginians. - virginia's state flag is a reference
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to over throwing king george. you see the roman goddess virtus standing atop a tyrant and she's holding a sword in one hand, a spear in the other. the tyrant is laying on the ground with his crown knocked off of his head. - [eric] it's hard to see, but the tyrant holds a broken chain and a broken whip. sic semper tyrannis means "thus always to tyrants". with flag facts, i'm eric. - nicole continues her special series on the places and people of the united kingdom. ♪ british national anthem - [nicole] parliament square is a park that pays silent tribute to some of the world's greatest leaders. people like britain's bulldogged prime minister, winston churchill. his indomitable spirit and ringing aurotory helped the british keep their upper lip stiff
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during the dark days of world war 2. not all those honored here with a statue are from the united kingdom. there's nelson mandela, south africa's first black president and nobel peace prize recipient. as well as abraham lincoln, the american president who fought the civil war to preserve the union and to abolish slavery. but there was one particular person's likeness i wanted to see. they say the statue of prime minister disraeli is here in parliament square, let's see if we can find it. disraeli actually served twice as britain's prime minister under queen victoria. no, that's not him. in the age of imperialism, disraeli is credited with helping to extend britain's influence around the world. a popular saying in his say was that "the sun never sets on the british empire."
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neither is this. even though i was assured his statue was in the square, i couldn't find it. do you think they take statues away for cleaning? exasperated, i googled him and discovered that his statue is here after all. in fact it was one of the first that i looked at, except that the name on the base isn't disraeli, but his official title of earl of beaconsfield, so he was here after all. the reason why i wanted to find him was because he's famous for making one of the most devastating insults of all time. disraeli was once asked, what's the difference between misfortune and disaster? disraeli replied that if his political opponent gladstone fell into the river thames, that would be misfortune, however if someone helped him out of the river, that would be disaster. for teen kids news, i'm nicole. (upbeat music)
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- [christin] this report is brought to you by target. here are three signs that summer is almost over. you're getting tired of watermelon. your parents keep talking about labor day. all the stores have big "back to school" signs. okay, so the days of staying up late and binging on tv are coming to an end. soon we'll be trading in our beach towels for backpacks, but one of the great things about starting a new school year is getting all those cool supplies. and to help us with that is justine santaniello. she's a lifestyle expert. hi. - thank you for having me. - let's get started. for those of us with younger brothers or sisters, what should be on their shopping list?
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- yes! let's start with elementary school age kids. i've partnered with target, as they have all of the top trends that both moms and kids love, like personalization. more than ever kids want to express themselves and show of their personality in their gear and supplies. they have a ton of great brands to choose from, like their exclusive cat and jack, that has everything from backpacks and clothing to lunch kits and accessories. they also have an amazing selection of licensed gear and supplies, that you can see here, inspiring kids to head to class with their favorite movie characters and superheroes. another big trend this year is all about foodspiration. now parents and their kids can choose their back to school items that are in the shapes of their favorites treats, like donuts, ice cream, and pizza. take a look at this adorable yoobi ice cream pen. you know this year they are continuing their partnership with yoobi in the one for you, one for me mission. for every yoobi item purchased, they will donate an item to a classroom through the kids in need foundation.
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while you shop, you're doing something good. - that's good to know. what are some of the trends for those of us in middle or high school? - sure! some top trends i'm seeing are unicorn themes. multicolor supplies and gear, metallics including copper and rose gold, pins for your clothes or for backpacks and accessories in the shape of anything from food to musicians. some tips, buy more than you think you need because the prices go up after the sales end. be sure to put your name of identifying marks on your books and more costly items. finally, don't wait until the last minute to shop. - that's good advice and if we're preparing to go off to college, what are some of the must haves? - it's all about innovative solutions when it comes to college. dorm rooms are small, so make the most of the space with products that are multi functional, like this sheet set that comes with side pockets for phones or organizational carts like these from target's room essentials. you also want to find some on trend decor pieces to make the space your own from threshold and exhilaration.
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they understand the importance of sleep for college aged students so they teamed up with casper, the innovative online mattress retailer to create two new exclusive back to college items. the layer, made to layer on top of a dorm mattress for an instant comfort upgrade, and the lounger, a convertible seat for relaxing and studying. it's also key for college students to have the right tools to keep them organized and on track. brit and co created an exclusive collection for them of colorful and beautifully designed planners and accessories to help students do just that. - boy, that really makes me want to shop for college. how about tips on avoiding the crowds and long lines at checkout? - yeah, well here's something really cool. if parents or adults prefer to shop online, they can go to for an amazing tool called school list assist, which matches the school's supply list with items on the website. with one click they can add everything from the list to their cart and then instantly purchase. all they need is a zip code to get started and it doesn't get much easier than that.
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now when it comes to shopping in-store, target is color coding their school supply wall this year to match the way teachers create their lists with specific color folders and notebooks for each subject. - that sounds great. thanks for all the tips. thanks for speaking with us, justine. - thank you for having me! - one final piece of advice, with all these new supplies plus all your new school books, be careful not to overload your backpack. doctor's say more than 10,000 kids a year suffer from back and neck injuries from packs that are too heavy. for teen kids news, i'm christin. - coming up, how teens are teaching their parents to... well, you'll just have wait until we return and find out. teen kids news will be right back.
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and your parents start to dance? pretty funny and maybe a little bit embarrassing, right? well this video from the folks at hooplaha shows you're not alone! - i think my first memory would probably be in the 70s dancing in my basement.
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(laughter) - back in the caribbean, when we did calypso dancing. it's basically just moving your waist. (laughter) - back in india, five, six years old. i used to dance. thank you. - when she was two years old, she tried to copy me to dance. we was happy because we dancing. - i'm not a good dancer, but i always say dance for yourself, not for anybody else. i'm the living proof of that. - my mom does not really have rhythm. - do i look like i don't have rhythm? - yes. - rhythm! rhythm! - mom, singing rhythm doesn't mean you have rhythm! - yes it does. - this is how my dad dances. - no, i don't! (laughter)
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- i don't know! he made up something! - you get no dinner tonight. - i'm going to teach you something that everybody's doing now because, you know, when we do go out together, i need you to be on point. - you put one of your hands up and you kind of shake it as you step back. that's bad. that's really bad. shake the leg, just shake a leg. - shake a leg. - break it. - oh this is tiring. - break your legs! (hip hop music continues) - ohh. (laughter) wait! i have to go backwards. okay, now i'm getting it. - oh there you go. ohh! - this one up here like you have a lasso, and then you're gonna turn around. (giggling) - so... (laughter) - what kind of dance is this? - so watch me first. da. da.
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no. no. get it. get it. - am i gettin' it? yeah! - now that i taught you some moves, we're gonna play a game. it's called just dance. - okay. - [girl] we're gonna go ahead and go to the app, just dance, and that's gonna make this a controller for the game. - are you ready? - okay, i'm ready. - are you ready? - i'm ready! - [both] let's do this. ♪ won't be no stick figure barbie doll (laughter) - help me out! ♪ da whoo, wha wha - yeah, exactly. ♪ so if that's what you're into ♪ then go ahead and move along - swirl, swirl. - ai! yes! - whoa, you were really close! - i won? - wait! - did i win? that's what i'm talking about! - she did good today. - yeah, you did good. - thank you. - the family that dances together, stays together. - yeah! - job well done. - yeah! (laughter) high five! - we'll have more great stories, more friends at hooplaha, on future shows. for teen kids news, i'm daniella. - that's our show for this week,
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but be sure to tune in again next week for more teen kids news. bye! (rock music)
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alex: coming next, training shelter dogs to become adoptable. plus, restoring coral in the south pacific. and wild animals on the loose. this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] [music]


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