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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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events in charlottesville over the weekends. it comes after a backlash over the way the president handled his response to the deadly white supremecist riot. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland, it was supposed to focus on infrastructures, report hers other things on their minds. the president was clearly agitated. >> define it to me, go ahead. >> no, define it for me. let's go. >> senator mccain defined them as the same -- >> what about came -- excuse me, what about the alt left that came charging at the, as you say, the alt right. do they have any assemblance of guilt? >> what -- let moo ask you this, what about the fact that came charging, that they came charging with clubs in their hands, clubs, do they have any problem, i think they do. >> so as far as i'm concerned, that was a horrible, horrible day. wait a minute, i'm not finished, fake news, that was
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a horrible day. all of those people, excuse me, i've condemned neo fat cyst. i've condemned many different groups. but, not all of those people were neo fat cyst, believe me, not all of those people were white supremecist by any stretch. >> this week it is robert e lee. i notice that stone wall jackson's coming down. i wonder, is it george washington next week? and is it thomas jefferson the week after? you know, you real i do have to ask yourself where does it stop? awed group on one side and you had a group on the other, they came at each other with clubs, and it was vicious, and it was horrible, and it was a horrible thing to watch. but there is another side. there was a group on this side, you can call them the left. you've just called them the left. that came violently attacking the other group. so you can say what you want. but that's the way it is. >> you're changing history, you're changing culture, and you had people, and i'm not talking about the knee nazis, and the whitemarsh nationalist cents, because they should be condemned totally.
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but you had many people in that group other than neo-nazis, and white nationalists, okay? and the press has treated them absolutely unfairly. now, in the other group, also, you had some fine people. but you also had troublemakers, and you see them come with the black outfits, and with the helmets, and with the baseball bats. you got -- you got a lot of bad, a lot of bad people in the other group, too. >> quite a bit of back and forth there. president trump did and ends up taking few more questions, as he walked away. >> he said he felt that the weekends' reaction by the mother of the woman killed by that driver in charleston was actually on point. and that the message was a good one. she called for more love and compassion. of course we'll have much more on this breaking story through the evening. meanwhile, more fall out from last weekends' white nationalist rally hitting north carolina authorities now working to identify and charge the demonstrators responsible for pulling down a statue, police say, they climbed up the thing, tide a rope around the confederate monument
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courthouse. , pulled down the bronze statue, spit on it and kick it. >> philadelphia's fire commissioner is weighing in about a controversial picture posted to facebook, by a city firefighter. we showed this picture, first, last night it, shows firefighter john with burning tony torch wearing confederate hat, with a quote head today virginia reference to the deadly white supremecist valley in charlottesville. he apologized said he was drunk when he posted it, he meant it all as joke. here is a statement from the fire commissioner, reads in part: i'm utterly horrified andy cussed by the content of this post. racist images, symbols, words and actions are contrary to our mission and values and have absolutely no place in our department. he also added the department will take personnel action after a full investigation. >> kentucky police officer is in trouble after mocking the death of heather heyer the woman killed in charlottesville, virginia, officer morris rhynhart
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reportedly posted a picture on facebook with the caption: when you were born, a challenger, but identify as a ram. the man charged for driving into the crowd, and killing higher, was driving a dodge challenger. the officer faces a six day suspension, and/or he might get fired. and now to a developing story out of philadelphia. where several law enforcement and other agency are looking for this guy. and they're offering $15,000 for any information leading to his arrest and conviction. he's one for setting fire to several vehicles, belonging to first respondser. >> now, we first told but this story last week, new police, now police, are wrapping up a news conference in just the past hour, dawn timoney, there right now, dawn? >> well, lucy, police want this guy off the street, as you can imagine, they say, he has already demonstrated once, just how dangerous he can be. and they do not want anyone hurt. luckily, no one was hurt last wednesday. take a look at this newly-released surveillance video that police were able to
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obtain from a nearby home. they say, a manpowers a flammable liquid around nine cars, at an underground city garage, directly below the 12 police district and engine 40 headquarters. it is a little known garage, that is used by police, fire and streets employees. it was 4:17 a.m. in the morning, police say this guy, that guy had bad intentions and had this garage gone up in flames, it could have been absolutely catostrophic. >> probably 600 people that work in that building. we're very fortunate that alert corporal working the midnight shift, she smells odor of gas, and does the right thing, walks out of the building, starts looking for the source, goes down, she sees immediately the liquid on the floor. what we're asking the fawn look at is the clothing, if you look specifically the pants he's wearing, the faded nature down by his calves, and also as he leaves the parking garage, and returns, back and forth, his gait, how he walks.
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>> you can see where the sheet comes off the man briefly after he returns about half hour late war baby carriage. so you can maybe get a good look at his face there. he then abandons that baby carriage, unknown woman takes it, police also want to talk to her, as well. now, it turns out, the lock on that garage was not working properly. so, police have now corrected that problem, and are looking into taking additional security measures, at that garage, and at other police district across the city as you mentioned, lucy, ian, $15,000 rewards is being offered by the atf, the f.o.p. and the firefighter and paramedics, union. investigators want to catch this guy, anyone with information is asked to give police a call. we'll have much more on this story coming un tonight on "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> okay, we will talk to you in just a little bit, dawn, thank you. breaking right now in collingdale, investigation connect today deadly hit-and-run in philadelphia earlier this month. collingdale police recovered white jeep matching the description of the one witnesses say hit and killed a
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woman two weekends ago at 13th . fifty-three year old ann broderick died. police have been searching for this jeep wrangler rubecon ever since and its driver of course. we don't know whether they have the driver and when they're questioning that person. we will bring you more as it comes in. >> if you have the day off, decide to take a drive to the beach, maybe some better luck next time. ya, not the greatest beach day, or really the greatest day weather wise anywhere in the delaware valley unless you love rain. then it is perfect day for you. things slowly moving out of here. >> not before a pretty good soaking, kathy? absolutely, more showers specially down the shore. elsewhere, we are beginning to dry out. but rehoboth beach, delaware, seeing some of the heaviest rain today, if you are down the shore, it will get better tomorrow. if you pick this week for vacation it, will ends up being a nice one. seventy-eight in philadelphia. dew point, 73, very high, very humid conditions, continues into the night. seventy-seven in the poconos, 77 dover, 78 in millville. down the shore where we're
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seeing the showers, temperatures in the 70s, that on-shore flow with that ocean water temperature sitting at 76 degrees. and ultimate doppler, you can see the heavy rain through delaware, down toward rehoboth beach, through the bay, and into cape may county. cumberland county seeing some yellow, some oranges, with some heavy rain there, as well. few spotty showers, through parts of delaware county, and through northeast philadelphia. and all of this moving toward the southeast. so these spotty showers will be ending during the evening period, and slowly will be drying it out. so, this is pretty much what we have right now. the heaviest rain through south jersey, southern delaware, that will continue to scoot off. during the early morning hours, we really begin to dry out. tomorrow morning, seeing areas of fog, with northerly wind building in, and drying conditions. coming up we will talk about soaring temperatures in the seven day forecast, back to some storms, though, before the weekends, guess what, guys? we have you're clips weather. an update is coming up. >> kathy, look forwards to it, thanks. man and his two children have been missing since last night,
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and now police are concerned for their safety. raymond reesener and his two children, reported missing last night from the blackwood section of gloucester township. they say raymond drives brown nissan a.m. tim a, known to frequent parks, parking centers, if you have any information please call 191. >> dozens of people in philadelphia tonight have no place to call home after apartment fire at to broke out 12:30 this morning near academy road, morrell avenue in morrell park. firefighters kept the flames contained to one room in the building which was great. but it is the smoke and water that damaged other apartments. the fire sent two people to the hospital. one is in critical condition. a firefighter also has minor injuries. a man's 21st birthday party quickly turns sick and criminal, when police say the man raped two, 12 year old girls. twelve years old. chester county prosecutors have charged devon edward storf with multiple counts of
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rape after child younger than 13, they say during his birthday party last june, he brought two, 12 year old girls into his basement and had sex with them. police say he continued to have sex with one of the girls between that june and march of 2017. we're not sure what recent event led prosecute tears now charge storf after all of these months. coming up next, that is all that is left of a local man's motorized scooter. he needs it to get around. and he says someone torched it. >> as keystone state moves to put medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state, one local neighborhood is arguing not here. >> pat's steaks of course is a philly landmark. something new is at the old spot. not a change to the classic sandwiches. but, how you can orders one. every year south jersey sends
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more and more tax money to trenton, but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors. steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey.
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>> looking at some viewer video from the scene of water main break in delaware county. it happened around noon route 320 upper chichester. you know a lot of people needed a wheelchair to get around, and what do you do when that is actually taken from you? >> when someone robs you, the very thing you use to get around. fox it the's jeff cole has more. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> bernard a brown devout christian, sever-taught guitar player in a 61 year old
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struggling with major challenges. he says series of strokes have robbed him of his mobility and old workplace injury hobbles him. he's also easily overcome with emotion. >> i need to get out of here. i need to get out of here because i got a lot of medical problems, man. >> his biggest problem appears to be the charred rusting wheel claire in his backyard. brown says early june after he challenged a neighbor about drug dealing, a threat was made to torch his chair. one evening, he was jolted awake. >> i said where this bill ball of light coming from? and i immediately tried to get my things together, get to the door struggling, get out there, and my wheelchair was burning, just like she said. >> a black mark stains his driveway where the wheelchair burned, without mobile phone at the time brown was unable to call the fire department and he says no one else did. he has a police report, where
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he makes the claim of arson, but woodland, new jersey director of public safety says investigators couldn't tell what happened. >> we really don't know who may have caused the fire, or if maybe it could have been electrical. >> what's clear, is that bernard brown, living on a 700-dollar monthly social security check, has lost his only way to get around. it was a $5,000 chair likely obtain for him by social workers at project hope, a camden-based healthcare agency for the homeless where he's treated. tuesday after meeting with fox 29, ceo pledged to have the group advocate for brown. >> an act he would call a blessing. >> i've cried to god. i pray each and every day, all night, that i get another wheelchair, because i am lost. >> certainly he's not alone in his challenges in our region. there is good news to report, though, about him tonight. the ceo of project hope said
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her agency -- paperwork has been sent to the provider. she promises to let us know how it goes, we'll report later on brown's chair, and look in on how his life is going, as well, and have more report being on this at 6:00. i'm jeff cole. >> all right, jeff. thank you very much. we'll talk to you at 6:00. >> you see this guy. >> police want him. they say he broke into the cho check agency is check cashing store north broad in the logan neighborhood. they say he got in saturday morning around 430, then tried to open a atm with a crowbar. did not work. so police say he went into the main office, and found cash, if you know who he is, give police a call. a couple forced teenage girl into prostitution, for their profit. according to authority. christopher white, adrien ren, indicted by the new jersey grand jury monday for human trafficking after minor. manufacturing child porn, and other related charge, prosecutors say the couple forced 17 year old girl to
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engage in prosecution in motels for their gains and to snort crystal methamphetamine with them. if found guilty they could face life in prison. >> right there on ocean city beach a man beat and killed a seagull, authorities would very much like to talk with him. the man was sitting on the 12th street beach yesterday in ocean city, and claimed the birds was attacking children so he killed it with a umbrella. witnesses say that was not how it played out. they told police no children were involved, and that the man maliciously killed the birds and it took a while for that bird to die. the new jersey department of fish and while life and ocean city police are now looking for him. >> another guy wanted there is man right there, philadelphia police say he robbed the freedom credit union bank in the city talcony section yesterday. they say he walked into the bank around 4:00 p.m., gave the tell area threatening note, took off with a unknown amount of money. they say he's 5-foot eight, mid 40's, and armed. no anything? call police. >> happening now, pennsylvania's move toward medical marijuana dispensary may be full steam ahead.
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it does not mean every community where a dispensary will be located is happy about it. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live from east mt. airy tonight, where there is a major battle underway. bruce? >> reporter: yes, iaian, public support for medical marijuana has grown dramatically over the past few years. it is power to relieve pain and suffering, makes its use increasingly popular, but would you want medical pot sold right across the street from your home? now we got whole different debate. >> the proposed home for the medical marijuana dispensary is almost half empty, and pretty quiet for now. those who live around the intersection of stenton avenue and allens lane do not like what they see coming. more traffic. more trash. more crime. more drugs. and not the medicinal kind. >> our way of life is going to change as we know it. >> not for the better. >> for the better, for the worse. >> you don't have an idea about the medicinal use of marijuana? >> i don't, but as long as it
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is not up here. >> opponents of the dispensary packed a special hearing in philadelphia's zoning board after justment tuesday, asking the board to derail the dispensary's planned january opening. >> i believe they've taken us absolutely for granted. >> absolutely. >> why didn't you speak to the people who live around, around, in the neighborhood? >> that theme was repeated again and again during the nearly three hour session. the company officials went about their application process without first engaging those whose homes and lives might be negatively impacted. >> so they did not come to the immediate community to talk to us. >> i can't say that the community outreach was done well. >> representatives admitted their communications were weak, but the company president insisted they will be a good neighbor. >> we believe that we will make the community more secure than it is now. we believe that we're going to create a lot of high-paying jobs in the community. >> board chairman, frank
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dicicco, ultimately continued the hearing until september. but not before warning teravita their fight to open on stenton avenue will not be quick or easy. >> i know this community well. they're not going to give up. they're not going to. (applause). >> dicicco knows what he is talking about on that front. you'll recall, he was district city councilman some years back when his constituents bands dollars together to successfully fight off a planned casino for columbus boulevard. you remember foxwoods? we don't know how this fight will end. we do know the next chapter comes as we said in september. we'll be watching, iaian. >> all right, bruce, we know you will. thank you. coming up desperate search overseed mud slide covers hundreds of homes, people missing. why tragedies like this are happening. >> change for the philadelphia marathon. what a new sponsor means for the race that draws tens of thousands of run earth from all around the world. >> big box store cosco ordered to pay up big time.
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how one describe their jewelry, they owe millions to another brands.
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>> devestation tonight in see era leone, in west africa, more than 300 people are dead after a mud slide there. officials say at least 600 others are missing, homes burried, rescuers digging through mud and debris and are hopeful they'll finds survivors. two people were pulled out alive today. many areas have poor drainage systems there. they say de forest station is one of the leading factors of floods and mudslides. >> the city of philadelphia and the fraternal order of police have agreed a three year contract. the panel of three arbitrators ruled today to sign off on the $245 million contract. which will give police officers a 3% raise each of the next three years, agreement comes after the last contract expired on june 30th. now, philadelphia mayor jim kenney has announced a new partnership in the sit. >> i between the philadelphia marathon, and the american association for cancer research, the goal to use the popularity to help raise
5:25 pm
awareness and money for cancer research. this will be the largest race dedicate today cancer research. and it is an opportunity for the aacr to bring to the city, race through their runners for the research team. if you sign up for the team some of the application mondayly go to cancer research. >> now, runners, from all over the world, will be able to join the aacr runners for research team to make this running matter so every step through philadelphia is a step toward a cure. >> the partnership lasts through 2019. >> coming up: was that letter you sent really lost in the mail? or did someone perhaps throw it in the trash? the discovery made in a dumpster outside one post office. >> a lot of people use medical marijuana to ease their pain or treat their post trout i can industries disorder, questioning if it worth. kathy, how is the forecast? >> it will be improving, iaian, some fog tomorrow, all eyes on hurricane gert, not threat to the mainlands us,
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will have impact down the shore, we will talk about that coming up. from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor.
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it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
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new developments in a story we told but last week, surveillance video released today shows the man police say tried to torch cars belonging to first responders. various law enforcement agencies and others are offering $15,000 for information leading to his arrest and conviction, so if you know anything, give them a call. >> in your health tonight, study is poking some holes in the case made from medical
5:29 pm
marijuana. post-traumatic stress disorder is often listed as an accepted condition at the state level to use medical marijuana. >> and that includes the state of pennsylvania, which is hoping to have medical marijuana available by the start of next year. but, new study out today says there is no evidence showing that marijuana is an effective treatment for ptsd or many kinds of chronic pain for that matter. and that, in some cases, marijuana may even make ptsd worse. fox 29's joyce evans has more. joyce? >> reporter: iaian, lucy, as you can imagine, some strong opinions on both sides of the research findings by the us department of veteran affairs. we spoke with a number every military veterans, wandering, how the va study might affect prescriptions for medical marijuana including one exmarine who says it is saving his life. but it is not the only thing. >> i would rather be a little bit anxious than be drooling on myself or want to commit suicide like the pills that i was on made me feel. >> retired marine staff
5:30 pm
sergeant mike came home from iraq and kosovo, facing anxiety, depression, ptsd, pain. >> over a period of five years, i was on 40 different medications. >> now he's down to two pills a day, and his medical marijuana. >> i can tell that you cannibis works for me. it might not work forever. >> but mike explains it didn't happen overnight, and it takes more than cannibis to keep his fears, pain and demons in check. >> if i just used cannibis, and didn't go to therapy, and didn't really work on myself to try and get over the hurdles that i had to get over, i wouldn't be where i am now. >> he says he's felt the side effect outlined in the new va study, finding marijuana may not help with most chronic pain, and might even make ptsd symptoms worse. >> i wasn't being careful about how much i was taking, i wasn't being careful about dosages, i was more interested in getting stoned, right? so i would take a big dab,
5:31 pm
have a panic attack. because that's what happens when you consume massive quantities of cannibis it, makes awe little ankles us. >> much more than anxious, according to anxiety and depression experts, who worry that too much marijuana is being used too often, as a cover-up, not getting to the root of the problems, still, they agree, that the va study is in con -- inconclusive, much more is needed. >> i think they're trying to scare people a little bit. but i think that the doctor needs to follow along, see how the patient react to this strain, how the patient reacts to this strain. >> and strict doctors supervision is actually one of the recommendations coming from the new va research as well as a call for doctors to educate all of their patients about the nel effect of long-term heavy marijuana use. the good news is more experts are working on finding relief for people suffering with ptsd. iaian? >> all right, joyce, thank you. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now, as we look at ocean city new jersey
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kinds of wet day down the shore, when is your next chance for rain? full forecast in 15 seconds. del del >> worse weather this afternoon are down the shore, the board walks, it is soak, but not keeping the crowds away, they're prepared for it. in philadelphia. >> seventy-eight, humid out there, dover, 77, atlantic city, the same, reading, allentown, trenton, everyone checking in in the mid 70s, right now 77 millville. seventy-five in dover. allentown it is 75 degrees. humid in the poconos at 72. and down the shore with the rain and this on shore flow temperatures comfortable, still sticky, in the mid 70s, the ocean, sitting at 76. as we look at ultimate doppler, you can see, the showers, through south jersey and central and southern delaware, with heavy rain
5:33 pm
headed toward the delaware beaches, where you see the bright yellows, oranges, it is persistent rain. all of this moving toward the southeast, and we will see improving conditions tonight, and even during the day tomorrow. we do have to talk about the tropics, though, because the shore will be impacted, even though not directly, by hurricane gert, right, scott. >> that's right. as we continue through the middle part of august, things starting to ramp up in the tropic. so let's talk a little bit about where we stands as far as down the list. of course, right now, we are watching hurricane gert. next up, would be harvey. so ger. it is our second hurricane of the season. so, take a look right now, as we track gert there is cold front, moving through sections of the northeast, mid-atlantic, that will help to steer gert back out to sea, but churning up those waters, of the atlantic, over the next several days, so that will increase the risk of rip current, if you are headed down the shore. but you can see, the next couple of days taking it well
5:34 pm
out to sea. but, take a look at the rip countries being, over the next several days. in the moderate to high category, delaware beaches, the jersey shore, so, only swim where those lifeguards are present. and also on duty, if you're caught in a rip current, don't panic, swim parallel to the coast. kathy? >> we also have to talk about the weather down there, right, scott? because we will be seeing improving conditions even in wildwood during the day tomorrow. we're down the shore we're going to be live from wildwood thursday. hope you stop by and say hi. overnight tonight, 71 in philadelphia, 67 in millville, wildwood, 69, during the day tomorrow, temperatures will be soaring. start off with morning fog. that will burn off. it is going to be hot, it will be humid, northerly winds, but still, making it to 90 degrees. down the shore tomorrow, temperatures in the 70s, we have a lands breeze, the ocean water temperature at 76 degrees. delaware beaches, we top off at 80 in lewes, rehoboth, bethany, 78.
5:35 pm
ocean water temperature off delaware 77. there is your seven day forecast, looking at mix of clouds and sun for your thursday with a chance of late day shower or storm, widespread storms on friday, that looks like a wet day. few scattered storms saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, look great. monday is our solar eclipse, in philadelphia, we will see about 80% of that. and it is going to be pretty significant here, our weather will be perfect. this is the area of totality. that line, right there. and lincoln, nebraska, eight a. clear, jefferson city, and nashville. clear in philadelphia. with temperatures in the eight's, it should be spectacular, we send it back to you. >> can't wait. thank you much, kathy. reunion, more than zero seven years in the making. the family after japanese sold her long thought they didn't have anything to remember him by. and until now. and it is all thanks to a 93 year old us marine. >> alligator in a pool. but this picture is not from florida it is from the jersey shore.
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>> you hear neice stories a
5:39 pm
lot in florida but not our way. >> this alligator decided to take a dip in a motel pool. where is that motel? atlantic city,ly say they found it in the pool of the bay view inn suites this morning, officers since take ten to the cape may county zoo. we do not know where the alligator came from. >> looks like a big guy, too. also looks like cosco is going to have to dish out some big bucks, to set al lawsuit, brought by jewelry maker tiffany and company. judge ruled that cosco must pay more than $19 million. tiffany accused cosco of selling diamonds engagement rings with its name on them. cosco says it plans to appeal. arguing tiffany is a generic term. used to describe a certain style of ring. >> good news, if you're an amazon prime user, delivery just got faster, starting new service called instant pick up. let's prime members get their orders in two minute or less from one of its five pick up locations, but there is a catch. always a catch. items that are included are smacks, drinks, and several electronic accessories, none
5:40 pm
of the locations are in our area yet. amazon says the pick up will be expanding soon. >> of course it is. >> it is amazon. >> just be patient. it is a story 73 years in the making. >> speaking of patients, a former us marine has returned to japanese flag, the family after fallen japanese soldier. and until this moment, fallen soldier's family never received his body or anything that's belonged to him. the flags flight backgrounds is filled with signatures of 180 friends, and neighbors, wishing the safe return. it was those names that helped 93 year old marvin trom bo track the soldier's family during the battle of sipan in 1944, he talked with that soldier before he died. then pulled the flag off of his body, and has been on a quest ever since to get it home. >> i had such a moment with your brother, 73 years ago, and i promised him at that time i would return the flag some day to the family.
5:41 pm
>> well, he did it. came through on that promise. by providing the detail of where he met their brother, all of those years ago, he also offered hope that maybe some day the family might have their brothers remains returned. >> still ahead, surveillance video shows a guy working out, but the owner says that guy and a budd bring up to a lot more, they were stealing from the place. >> and a lot of student in hawaii are showing up to school late. not their fault, though, blame the school buses. problem so bad, state officials are calling it a christ i. sean? >> malcolm jen since says this guy is the most talented wide receiver on the eagle team, not talking about al ton jeffrey. who that is and why he's about to make a huge impact coming up later in sports.
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>> a shortage of school bus drivers is cause wag the hawaii department of education calls an unexpected crisis in maui, to attract more drivers the department is hiring hiring bonuses and raising wages, meantime, they'll be condense willing some bus routes, meaning longer waits for some students. somebody contracts for a performance, they'll actually be able to do the job, and in this case, the effect on all of these kids and families is just, just shouldn't happen. >> student affected by the route changes will qualify for a freemontly maui bus youth path. >> gym own nerve washington states says the guys in this video were lifting more than weights when they stopped in the gym this past week. they also walk away with a medical device that can save lives. >> a defibrillator. fox's katie chen talked with the gym's manager and has the story from spokane, washingto washington. >> tom is the manager of this
5:46 pm
snap fitness. he's walking me through what happened on the ninth around 1:30 a.m., when people weren't inside working out. >> basically just kind of cased the gym, walk around for about five, six minutes. >> you can see these two guys in this surveillance video. one of them even tries out some of the exercise equipment. but, before they left? >> decided to take our aed, couple of other items, that were close to it. >> the defibrillator is used to save lives if somebody has a heart problem. >> oh, you hate to see somebody come into your business and take something. just is a terrible feeling that it was the aed, because what would have happened if somebody had a heart attack? >> it will cost around $1,600 to replace. in the meantime, people have been sharing tom's facebook post, urging people to keep an eye out. >> it is nice to know that >> well, let's hope they can finds those guys. that's a life saving device
5:47 pm
>> indeed it is, few things are more terrifying than an uninvited strange nerve your home. except maybe a naked uninvited strange nerve your home. that was the case for joyce penwrite, who found a make man in her shower friday morning. penwrite had been at the dog park, her husband was in the yard when the guy wandered in through open door. once the man caught site, he took off, and she went after him. >> he opened this door, yes. and that was more than i needed to see. >> i said what are you doing? and he said, well, i thought this place was vacant. and i was hot, tired, and needed a shower. >> definitely doesn't look vacant, does it? she followed the man in her car, caught up with him about a mile down the road, police arrested him a short time later. >> around warning for anyone driving key less vehicle. these are using technology to break-in and steel those cars and trucks, suv's, de coding is what a thief uses technology to gain access to
5:48 pm
keyless entry vehicle, one device actually captures a signal from a key to be, then clones it, and another can reprogram a new key in just minutes. >> somebody with the right stuff, and a blank key could get into that vehicle, hook up to that vehicle's computer, through their little on board diagnostic. >> there are some ways to prevent that fob from being copied, you can get special pouches that will block, or keep the fob in a metal box. >> less than week away from the solar eclipse, the national park service is bracing for onslaught of visitors. you can see the total eclipse, more than 20 national parks in 14 states. >> fox's lauren blanchard with more from washington on the how the national parks are getting ready. >> in terms of a celestial event, this is it. this is the marquis event. >> the national park service is bracing for visitors, from all over, flocking to the nation's parks. all to catch a rare view of the total solar eclipse,
5:49 pm
making it way across the united states, on august 21. >> there are 21 parks, within the path of totality, starting at fossil beds, going away across to national monument in south carolina. >> eclipse totality path 90 miles wide stretches diagonally across the us, and it is along that path where viewers will get to see a total eclipse, a rare siting of the sun, fully obscured by the moon. with states all across the country able to see at least some percentage, and ps's actively preparing for the big day. >> with all of the hype, with all the attention being directed towards the eclipse, really anticipating near or at record crowds for the park's crossing. >> nasa says people can expect the most dramatic views out west. >> yellow stones, directly in the path of the eclipse. there are many, many people that are going out there, to see the eclipse in the spectacular national setting. >> national park service says they're bringing in extra
5:50 pm
staff and beach up law enforcement to handle the enormous crowds, plus handing out thousands of eclipse glasses and info charts. while they can't put number on how many people they're expecting, they say, arrive early, come prepared, and plan to make a day of it. >> we're expecting huge crowds, no idea he can actually how many, but we know they will be big. >> says don't ignore the other national parks if you can't get to yellowstone, or the ttons. >> many of the hotels, and campgrounds around them are book to capacity, have been for months, but lesser known parks, for the lar any, out in eastern we roaming. >> the national mall, eclipse expected to draw visitors, even though they'll only get to see about 80% totality. but, regular sunglasses aren't going to cut it. to avoid damaging your eyes, you will need to use iso glasses n washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. all right, so if you get hungry while waiting for the eclipse, to happen, you can head to denny's for some moon cakes. the restaurant celebrating the eclipse by selling all you can
5:51 pm
eat moon cakes all day on monday. yes, i know, they look whole lot like pancakes, don't they? >> they say fruit cakes stand the test of time. so how about this? someone recently found 100 year old fruit cake in an antartica oldest building, the fruit cake in excellent condition, looks almost new, but didn't smell so good. so probably shouldn't eat it. >> probably not. >> british ex -- british explorer probably brought it during 1910 to 1913 expedition, took shelter in the building and left the cake behind. >> you know, still, i actually do like a well made fruit cake. >> yes? >> you probably don't at all? >> maybe not that old. but -- >> i'm like a fine wine. i don't think fruit cake ages well. >> one hundred years? >> wonder why the guy forgot the cake? >> anyhow. >> coming up next, that letter you thought was lost in the mail, what if it was really not really lost? the shocking discovery made in the dumpster, outside of one post office. >> and he relies on his wheelchair to get around.
5:52 pm
now he can barely get anywhere, because he says, someone torched it. he says try to better his neighborhood. possibly made him a target. >> it is a philly landmark. pat's steaks, but there is something new at this old spot. a change to the classic sandwich, but rather how you can order one.
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5:55 pm
>> jim donovan marked five years to the day that john list austin ended up missing in syria. five weeks ago, a group of mask men released five --
5:56 pm
released a video every his disappearance, and they actually stated that they had him, that he was alive, and that they have him, you know, basically in prison there. the company raised banner today outside one of its media outlets to remember tice. >> it is often the case that journalists do their job in difficult conditions, his are extraordinary. we thought it was a good time for people to remember, that sometimes journalists do do their jobs in very difficult conditions. >> employees are hoping this banner and more media attention will encourage the federal government to save him. >> we've all been there. you are expecting something in the mail, and it never gets there. or you sent something you know you sent it but then the person you sent it to says they didn't get it. so you just assume it got lost in the mail, right? maybe not. >> yes, our fox station in north carolina got a tip that a post office was tossing people's mail in the trash. they checked out the dumpster, right outside the post office door to see for themselves. oh, they found some stuff.
5:57 pm
fox's david sitendry has the store. >> i i don't know if you can see us, the post office literally throwing out people's mail. >> shot this video after united states postal service dumpster filled with mail. >> the south charlotte post office is here off pine ville matthews road, fox 46 charlotte went out back to the dumpster. and found plenty of mail inside, just like in the video. >> with no locks, no nothing, there is at&t, everything. and they're not shreading none of it. >> the united states postal service tells fox 46 charlotte it is authorized to discard undeliverable parking mail or what some might call junk mail. >> oppose al worker approached fox 46 charlotte as we were sifting through the tash, he said the mail here is just that. junk mail. >> first class priority is going to be forwarded or return to sender. >> look what we discovered within minutes of digging. >> turn it over, see if there is anything in it. >> this envelope with a handwritten address on it.
5:58 pm
>> sent that one back. could have slipped through. >> the postal worker pulled the letter out, realizing it is first class mail. which is never supposed to be thrown out. >> okay, that one, we'll return that one to sender. >> check this out. inside the envelope? >> looks like it has a check in it, i'll see if i can deliver it. >> there appears to be a check that never made it to its recipient. but the fact that it has a check in it, or it looks like it has a check in it, i mean? >> we don't know. that will we're not supposed to really inspect the content of first class mail. >> someone could have been waiting for that money to pay a bill or something, or pay something significant. >> fox 46 charlotte wanted to find out for sure, so we closed up shop at the post office. and visited the return address on the piece of mail. the homeowner says it is absolutely a check made out to her pool cleaner for $226.13. adding the address information on the envelope is all correct. >> throwing away bills, people don't get that, that could
5:59 pm
cause a lot of problems. >> yes it, could. >> pretty eye opening. the post office released a statement. >> it says it has turned all of this over to its office of inspector general. no further comment. all right, "fox 29 news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> who torched a south jersey man's scooter. >> where is this big ball of light coming from. and then i immediately trying to get my things topping, get to the door, struggling to get out there, and maholm chair was burning. >> he's heart broken, the wheelchair he relies onto get around is now useless. and he has an idea about why he was targeted. >> live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> 6:00 south jersey man isn't getting anywhere far tonight. that is what's left of his wheelchair. he says someone torched it, now that chair, that he relied onto get anywhere; useless.
6:00 pm
thank you very much for joining us, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page, the man who owns that chair thinks he knows why it was ruined. he talked to our jeff cole, jeff tax guy is heart broken tonight. >> absolutely heart broken, the woodland new jersey man is trapped in his own home, his wheelchair has been claimed by flames, and health problems make it nearly impossible for him to get around, tonight, we look into his challenges. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> playing and singing is how bernard supplement his 700-dollar monthly social security check. the 61 year old says he's disable by a series of strokes and a nagging workplace injury. his motorized wheelchair was his life line to the world until an early june morning. >> look, i say where this big ball of light coming from. and then i immediately tried to get my things together, get to the door, struggling, get out there, and my wheelchair was burning, just like she said. >> brown claims the chair was torched after he challenged a resident of his neighborhood on drug


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