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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  August 21, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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wait is almost over. >> the drama will be really impressive. >> we are just hours away from what is being called the great american eclipse, millions of americans, will have their eyes on the sky, as long as you have special glasses. as the sunnies block out by the moon. the best ways to view it locally and where to get those glasses. a boy says a man drove up to get in the car. boy was able to getaway but driver still on the loose. could help police track him down. ten u.s. sailors are missing, five others hurt after a destroyer collided with another ship. second such accident in two months. what we are learning about the latest collision. it is humor that was legendary and entertained
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audiences for 85 years. >> what are you doing back there sleeping. >> sleep, are you kidding i'm standing back here like a horse working like a dog. >> jerry lewis passed away at 91. how he is remembered by celebrities that he inspired. hey, welcome everybody. it is day of the eclipse monday august 21st, 2017. >> not just the eclipse great american eclipse that sounds like a restaurant. >> yes, or a movie or something. >> we will have a dramatic, well, dramatic what, reinact. >> rendition. >> what? >> a portrayal. >> portrayal. >> only station in america where humans will play the different planets or whatever, the sun, the moon, the earth, yeah. >> like a kindergarten play. >> yes. >> just like that. >> except worse. i will be playing part of the shadow, and this is my cone of
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totality. >> yes. >> totality. >> why did the -- what did the eclipse take to the beach. >> sun block. >> got another one. >> what do you call a road trip to see the eclipse like a lot of people have done? >> you got us, what. >> going to where the sun don't shine. >> all right. i like that. >> little long, yeah. >> go. >> why didn't the sun go to college. >> it already has a million degree. >> good. >> you guys are on it. >> lets talk about this eclipse, eclipse mania, do you have your certified glasses to view the eclipse? we are watching the visibility , we will have about an 80 percent eclipse for our area, high temperatures today in the 80's. lets go hour by hour, it will begin for the philadelphia area at 1:21 and then reach that 80 percent eclipse at 2:44 ending at 4:01 a high of
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87. we will see mixture of sun and cloud, right now ultimate doppler dry and quiet. we will go hour by hour and you can see by one or 2:00 looking pretty good as far as visibility but off to the west a few isolated pop up showers will develop and watch that late this evening. bob kelly, how are road. >> not that bad good morning. 7:04. starting to see sun popping up over king of prussia here in the background no problems up and down 202, in and out of phoenixville, live look at the freeway coming back from the shore this morning as folks like to do on a machine right from the beach in the office, patco, they have it rolling with a new schedule that began this morning so make sure you are up to date there. septa with delays on two of the gate. if you are driving around this afternoon during the time of the eclipse here don't stop on the major roadways, i-95, schuylkill, blue route, pull off in the safe area parking
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lot, parking spot think about where you will be and if you want to make a stop here and take it all in. do not wear those eclipse glasses while you are driving. they are not used for that make sure your head lights are on and especially in the city or neighborhood be aware as you are driving through a pedestrians that are kind of walking around looking up at the sky to prevent any accidents. mike and alex back over to you >> bob kelly, parentally there are 13 million people that already live in the path of the eclipse, totality part, right. >> um-hmm. >> they think that will double to 26 million people, crammed in the path of totality just trying to see it there. >> is there the path across the u.s. >> you were saying to me that a 17 month-old human hoist watching this show today already has glasses. >> all right, look at this john sent us this, they are wesley gets this big event. we have glasses.
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can't wait to see the eclipse. >> those are nice won. >> good won. >> they are cooler then mine. wonder which one they will give out at wills eye hospital people are waiting to find out , jenny because first person has been waiting since when, what time. >> reporter: i think you were first man in line here today. >> are you in line. >> yes. >> i thought i saw you out here it pretty early and mother and daughter from mt. airy got here around 5:00 this morning. then line just continued to grow as we were on air, people were finding out about this being a last chance opportunity to score a pair of these glasses. there is such a who had commodity. a lot of place where is selling out immediately. doctors say that the certified eclipse glasses are a must if you plan to look up at the sun this afternoon. without proper protection you can do permanent damage to
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your eyes within seconds. doctors are worried about kid playing outside, people driving, they fear accidental exposure. that why is in part all of these people are here, outside of wills eye hospital. >> i call wills eye on friday, they said 9:00 o'clock on monday, line up from the street, we will give them out for freon monday. >> reporter: didn't they tell you how many pairs of glasses they have? >> no. >> reporter: we don't know. >> we don't know it could be 10, hundred, thousand, nobody knows. >> it is a one in the lifetime we wanted to see it together as a family. we are excited bit. something you can tell your kid and say we got to see that together. >> we stood in line early in the morning. >> reporter: if you have eclipse sunglasses and want to experience the event that happens every 100 years, a lot of places offering viewing parties. that web site wishing has a list of the best places. number one no surprise here
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the franklin institute. they are having one heck of a part think afternoon. among other places as a great place to watch ben franklin bridge, belmont plateau. we know belmont plateau where our fresh prince summertime video was shot. that man really was first one in line he is just being camera shy. don't think he is cutting. he is first person here, yes. >> jenny, we were like wait a minute, they are first but still standing in front of them. >> yes. >> just making it up. >> just being shy. >> just being shy. >> look at him, look at him. >> i have a question. >> i thought about going to the belmont plateau. >> yeah. >> yes. >> again folks do you have ever have a hard time seeing the sun. >> you go on about this. >> i wanted to be on the roof. >> the sunnies 90 million miles away and you want to go a few file higher.
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>> it is about having the right atmosphere to look upy don't want to do it on the street with the trees and everything else. i want nothing but sky so i can put on my glasses, and see the beauty of it all. >> isn't that lovely. >> that is beautiful. poetic. >> nothing getting in your way >> i will not even wear clothes i well go to the belmont plateau and layout there naked. >> i thought we were watching together i don't want to watch if you are looking like that. >> a sun dial. >> when i was over there i noticed that in the line over there by jenny there was a dad talking to his little boy. >> yes. >> memories. >> i heard little boy say dad, explain what an eclipse is? you know what he said, no sun. >> oh, i get it, it took me a
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second. >> we have complete coverage of the coverage of the sun. >> i guess it is coverage of the coverage. >> i have never seen complete coverage of an eclipse so i don't know what we will be doing, i guess pointing a camera at the sun. >> they will show it. on facebook people they are telling me they will watch on tv or try to get the glasses. >> is that the same it it is not 100 percent full totality here. >> no, it is not. >> you might as well watch it on tv. >> it is not the same. >> in 2024 lets go. >> i'm going in 2014. >> reason i'm here today and not at total toe tall whatever the hello owe whatever the heck it is called because i got to be here. >> lets get back to this because i think maybe it has happened again a woman is dead in france after a vehicle rams into two bus stops. we have footage here. this is marseille.
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french police are reporting that they have arrested the driver. of course this comes just a few days after that van tack more information and pass it to you when we get it. well, 7:11. ten sailors are missing after a u.s. navy ship collide with the merchant ship near singapore. search and rescue effort are underway. officials say u.s.s. john mccain was damaged when destroyer collided with an oil tanker. five were hurt. four whether evacuated by singapore navy hell cooperate tore a hospital. >> shouldn't we start getting a alarmed here. i mean these ships are supposed to have some of the best, you know, navigation devices of all time on them. so your they, two of these happened, you know, what just a few weeks ago we had seven sailors die. that was in june when the u.s.s. fitzgerald. a container ship collided in
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the waters off of japan. >> yeah, it just seems like there has got to be more the fact that we have had two. >> yeah, we're supposed to be the best. i don't get it police are abduction in south philadelphia. >> and they say the way that the suspect was dressed could help them with their investigation and they want to make sure other kid have not been approached. >> they think it was a guy dressed like a lady. >> reporter: that is right they thought they could hide their identity putting on a black dress, wig and pink lipstick but investigators say they are on to him. they know it was just a cross dressing person trying to abduct a young boy in south philadelphia yesterday, the scene 24th and snider near smith playground a perfect place if you want to target or pray on children. a 13 year-old boy telling police that the man driving a black ford explored with tinted windows drove right up asking him to get inside the car.
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he said no way. man drove goinge on snider. news spread around the neighborhood and people living in that park and near that park are outrage. >> especially when it is here in your own community, i'm shaking a little bit. >> there is a lot of predators >> very alarm. >> be careful because it is, men out here impersonating women and they will snatch your sisters, cousins, you have to be careful out here to day. >> if you don't know them runaway, call your parents, call the cops. >> reporter: the cops want parents to talk to their children not just about safety but about this incident in particular, if anyone has had a similar encounter, you are urged to call police with any information you may have and police tell us they know they are searching for a heavy set man alex and mike between 30 and 40 years old. >> okay, 30 and 40 years old. keep us informed on that one. >> hopefully someone knows something and will say something. >> 7:13 now. well, president trump is
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set to address the nation tonight at 9:00 o'clock. apparently it will be an update on the u.s. involvement in afghanistan. this war that has gone on and on and on. >> he will layout a strategy for path moving forward because this is longest war we have had. >> allison barber is on this we are hearing word we may be sending 4,000 new troops, allison. >> reporter: president is expected to layout a plan for u.s. engagement in south asia and afghanistan. the nation's lodgees war that has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives since it began, 16 years ago secretary of defense james mattis told reporter yesterday that president trump settled on a plane but he would not give any specific details. >> i was not willing to make significant troop lifts until we knew what was the strategy, what was the commitment going into it. in that regard the president has made a decision.
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>> reporter: then last night white house announced a speech , monday at 9:00 p.m. from fort myers, president trump will tell the world and troops how he plans to proceed in the war that began in 2001 and has claim the lives of more than 2,000 u.s. troops. democratic senator ben cardin told "fox news" sunday that more troops is not the answer. >> our objective need to be that we have a regime in afghanistan that can maintain some semblance of security so that we don't see growing terrorist organizations again within afghanistan. this is not the u.s. fight. i don't believe putting more american soldiers in afghanistan is the answer. >> reporter: at dress comes five days after president trump's now infamous press conference on charlottesville. >> i think there is blame on both sides and i have no doubt bit and you don't have any doubt bit either. >> tomorrow trump is heading to arizona for campaign style rally in phoenix despite calls from the cities mayor to delay
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it. mayor greg extant honeys disappointed in the decision to hold a rally in phoenix when nation is still trying to heel from what happened in charlottesville. in washington, i'm allison barber fox news. as you know by now jerry lewis has passed away at 91, it happened yesterday morning in las vegas. he was an icon, passed away at his las vegas home surrounded by his family after battling a brief illness according to his publicist. according to his publicist as well, he had planned to make a more appearances and do more shows even on broadway he would make an appearance. >> people would still love it. >> oh, yeah. >> so karen, she's here telling us more about his life and accomplished and how he made us laugh. >> he was one of the kings of comedy. he made so many different
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generations laugh. one of his secrets. it started out back in the 40 's with dean martin with all of their acts out there and then they started to make all of the movies together, starting in 1949 with my friend irma, they made 19 and then lewis made movies on his own including nutty professor, family jewels. he also hosted m.d. a tell -a-thon on labor day week toned raise money formular dystrophy. now tributes are pouring in william shatner tweeting condolences to the family of jerry lewis. the world is a lot less funnier today. actor and comedian marlon way ans posted on the instagram said all kid are super heroes. jerry lewis was mine. such a funny man, brilliant physical comedian. my brother sean and i grew up watching jerry lewis and dean martin. rest well. make god laugh. he leaves behind a large family of five sons, one daughter and his wife, so what we will talk about more about
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him and his memories and what he left us all with, lot of laughs over the years, guys. >> not just about the laughter but even philanthropy, tell -a-tho he would have every year. >> i worked at a tv station. that is how we would spend our weekend. there was $2 billion. >> yes, over the years. >> every labor day weekend. i hosted mda tell-a-thon for years in my first tv station in topeka, kansas. went out to vegas, met him, spent a couple weeks as we prepared for our tell-a-thon. >> what was that like. >> he was funny. >> people, whenever they see me is mike just as funny off air. >> he was very serious when it came to the muscular dystrophy association but we still laughed a lot. >> can you imagine mike jer rick and jerry lewis together. >> i wish i still had tapes because it was pretty funny i bet. >> i believe we have found the lady when he was on david letterman he did the lady
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thing. >> and also on facebook someone said in bell boy they believed he said it. >> that is what it was the bell boy. >> lady. >> so thank you. >> please find that for the love. >> flossy more meryl sent me that. >> flossy more ill wetstone. >> what is he working on? >> he is still on vacation leaning back in his chair. >> we need to mention because another great pass over weekend legendary comedian and civil rights activist dick gregory died on saturday, one of the first comedian toss use humor to confront civil rights issues and became motivational speaker and promoted prayer and good health. so many comedians we know, especially african-american once but not only those but so many people were posting over the weekend saying we who another great one. he was only 84. >> um-hmm he was still going around. >> still doing stand up, and not long ago he would quite often go on hunger or fasts,
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wow fast, trying to bring awareness to different issues. >> all right. >> it is 7:20. here's scott. >> yeah right counting down to that eclipse. 69 degrees right now. humidity 90 percent. what about the sky conditions? we will see high sirius cloud overhead today along with fair weather cumulus cloud but look at the forecast for the nation that path of totality looking good toward pacific northwest and idaho, wyoming, we might have some problems nashville also, into sections of south carolina but you can see philadelphia still looking good but that visibility forecast. we will see see an 80 percent. max eclipse time at 2:44. high of 87a lot of sun glare. >> you got it, sun glare and couple accidents this morning as we look live eastbound on the 30 bypass, jammed up as
7:21 am
you work your way toward 322, gang leaving coatsville, downingtown, another accident north bound lanes of route one just above pennsylvania turnpike right here near business route one. service suspended on septa's media elwyn rail line because of activity at an gore on station. entire line suspended this morning at lee at the moment. here's a pair of do it yourself eclipse glasses, check those out. >> two, three, four, 56 all wrapped up with duct tape. >> don't try that at home. >> even that is not good. >> no. >> do you want to heare eclipse joke. >> yes, please. >> knock, knock. >> who is this. >> no sun. >> no sun who. >> that is it. >> no sun who. sun young moon. >> that is knock, nothing jokes you say something too. it has been a long time what the what the did the eclipse say to its therapist. >> aim just going through a
7:22 am
phase. we're getting more reports that people, wait a minute, what am i doing is this just a tease. >> this is just an organ what they are doing because it is not just putting on your glasses and looking at the sun they want to do something else >> i know what they are doing. >> they are going to get high to watch the eclipse. >> it is high in the sky. >> way high. 90 million miles away.
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♪ >> so in honor of this eclipse , the "good day philadelphia", mikey players will recreate this video from bonnie tyler. we probably should do that at 9:00 o'clock hour.
7:26 am
when the children are not watching. >> it that is bad. >> bonnie tyler is on a crew ship right now heading for the path of totality in the atlantic ocean. >> that is pretty cool, to be watching, listening to her sing. >> yeah. >> did you know there are 13 million people that live in the path of totality across america, from oregon, all the way to south carolina. >> and in oregon they are not just watching the eclipse there is other activities going on. >> what are they going to be doing. >> well, recreational marijuana shops are seeing five times more customers then usual. >> i got you because more people are in town. >> they think 26 million people will be in the path of totality. >> yes, um-hmm. >> they had to bring in armed security guard to help control crowd. maybe this was shot at a different time. >> people are going in and you can buy marijuana there and people will get high, to watch the eclipse. >> i don't know why that would make it any better.
7:27 am
>> why not i guess. >> when in oregon, when in colorado, is colorado in the path. >> no. >> wyoming. you can do what you to have do in colorado and drive up up to shy and. >> designated driver. >> what was i go to go say. >> i don't know. >> hold please... excitement continues to build for today's solar eclipse. >> where are we going. >> is that what you were going to say. >> i don't know what we're doing. >> we will talk more about the eclipse. we will go to the path of totality not oregon but too another place and see what is going on there. >> we will go to a place in the dark, idaho.
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well, can you start to care or leave? it is exactly 7:30. it is finally the day of the total solar eclipse. >> time for people coast to coast will experience, some people in the path of totality , darkness, yeah. >> oh, well, we will not go to the package is there lauren blanchard in idaho falls, idaho. >> good morning mike and alex, how are you doing.
7:31 am
>> real cool thing about where i am right now, idaho falls, it is one of the many cities across the u.s. where moon is going to fully, completely cover the sun. now, nasa's here, thousands of tourist are here and everybody is hoping that the day when it actually sun comes out that we will have clear skies. >> it is a once in the lifetime thing. >> reporter: bucket list event for millions. >> closer is more excited i have come. >> reporter: close to 13 million people live in the path of totality but today that number could double according to some experts. >> you just can't imagine what it will be like, you know, i think drama of it will be really impressive. >> reporter: hotels book, heavy traffic expected, campsites filled to the brim, many flights sold out. >> i have never seen airport so crowded, i have never seen so many people with the baggage claim. >> reporter: locals have been bracing for influence of tourists, businesses offering theme specials and others closing shop for the rare show
7:32 am
family, for inner, psychics all watching. >> nature tend to talk in that type of situation. energy start to bubble. >> reporter: for those chasers to the curious first timers this view from the path of totality is an experience unlike anything else, or anywhere else. >> actually be able to observe it, as we look up at the moon, something we don't do with the star that close. >> reporter: if you are not lucky enough to be in the band of totality do not worry, cool thing about this great american eclipse that is every at lee some portion, you'll see some portion of the eclipse from every state in the u.s. mike and alex? >> that is right. >> we will get 80 percent here >> since you are in the path of totality i'm sure there is all kind of souvenirs. have you pick up any just yet. >> reporter: yes, so actually here is one i found i have this hat. it says where were you?
7:33 am
it shows the corona, it has great american eclipse. might be too early, i don't know how you are, but i have the shot glass with the great american eclipse. is there something for everyone. t-shirts. we have got, the buttons. i found a mag neff, whatever you could do. >> standard stuff. >> so cool to see, where were you, very cool. >> reporter: right, i will be wearing that. >> okay. >> and where will we be? i still don't know where we will watch this but in a little bit we will show you top placeness philadelphia where you can go and see the eclipse. >> you can see the sun from every where why do i have to go to a certain location. do you have a problem seeing the sun every day. >> no. >> this is different, this is special. i want nothing but open sky and i want to be able to watch and not be distract by tree here or there. >> it is not an normal event.
7:34 am
>> move a couple feet and then look up. >> we have been building this up i want a nice spot, nice place to sit down and look and watch. >> okay. >> you want to be on the roof, right because you want to be closer even though sunnies 90 million-mile away, few few closest. >> just like being on roofs. >> that is whole other thing. >> it is an amazing experience >> yes, it is. >> where are you watching since you are looking up. >> i am so sick of this i just may stay inside. >> you will not do that. >> wait for seven years from now when i'm not working anymore. here's scott. >> if i had a dollar for every time we heard path of totality i would be a millionaire, right. live look outside our studios and you can see the sun, it is out, we will see some sirus cloud moving through, cumulus cloud as well but visibility still looking good. for our eclipse at 80 percent.
7:35 am
here's in a forecast, high of 87 degrees, 80 percent eclipse at 2:44. have those certified glasses everyone is trying to get a hold of them. there is some hope. we will talk about it throughout the show. it is dry, quiet. few cloud will give way to isolated thunderstorms late today but 12:30, looking gain cloud and satellite off to the business. look at those pop up showers and thunderstorms developing after four or 5:00 that is after our eclipse for the area temperature wise we have 69 in philadelphia. mid 60's in in millville. fifty-six. weather authority seven day forecast 87 degrees this afternoon. ninety-one on tuesday. scattered showers and thunderstorms on wednesday and then cooler, look at lower 80 's for ladder part of the week, bob kelly. >> scottie, good morning.
7:36 am
7:35. we're look live at 30 bypass sun glare and a accident eastbound right here near route 322, between 322 and 340 only one would be left lane getting object by and a accident northbound lanes of route one near business route one in been sale he will all north of the pennsylvania turnpike. service suspended on septa's media elwyn rail line because of police activity at angora station. septa has alternate on its web site, all depending upon what station your originating from and where your destination is heading and depend upon where and what alternate. patco rolling with new schedules on this monday, mike and alex, back over to you. pennsylvania has some new rules when it comes to the kid , bob. why you need to get your kid vaccinated sooner then previously required, yes, new rules. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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it won't be long. in delaware, new jersey or
7:40 am
pennsylvania, probably won't even be in the dark it will be more like, what cloudy. >> dancing in the shade. >> yes. >> it will look like a cloudy day. >> join us apes own partner as we collect school surprise and deserving students. >> they deserve it yes. >> stop it how do we know some of them are just not brats. >> if you go to school then you deserve all of the tools you need to succeed. >> okay, all right. bring five new school supplies , to clementon park, and splash world this friday. >> fun too. >> yes, between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and receive admission for just ten dollars , by donating all that stuff. still will cost you 10 bucks. >> but still, doing a great thing, and that is priceless. >> i love that. >> i have often said this. >> what? >> you are what you eat? we're sick of that frayed but could it apply tour love life?
7:41 am
now, there is a new study that suggest men who are single, and looking for romance should eat more salads. >> i love salad. >> but you don't have ton single, of course, you can be married. >> yes, true. >> once you are married you just kind of give up. >> true. >> australian researchers, they found that woman prefer body oath or of men whose diet are rich in fruits and vegetables. men who eat carbohydrates give up a a subsequent restless appealing and they are published in the evolution and human behavior. i prefer a guy who eats carrots as opposed to beans. >> well, yes. >> they call that magical fruit. >> is that a fruit. >> they call it musical fruit. >> yes. >> not magical. >> musical fruit. >> doh. >> more you eat, the more you toot. >> yes. >> i always thought it was magical. >> but it just coming up.
7:42 am
>> you thought that phrase was magical fruit all these years. >> yes. >> it is musical fruit. >> but isn't the magical the process thinking bit. >> it is simply the rotting food, it is methane gas. >> but it is magical. >> yes. >> it is magical out there how you can clear a room and make people disappear. >> it is so funny. whenever i'm in the car and see someone role down window. >> that is what they are doing >> they are being magical. >> penn and teller. >> that is the new phrase, who is being magical. >> who did it. >> he who smelled it, dealt it >> i know that one. >> no, for years people have said if you eat a lot of asparagus your pea stinks. maybe a nice smell. >> maybe asparagus is on this list because i agree, i love
7:43 am
it but wow, it does smell. >> my number one diet, now, it is pine apple chunks. >> i do love pine apple. >> you must smell great. >> seriously where ever we go it is nothing but pine apple. >> just pieces of pine apple or pine apple juice, all pine apple. >> why. >> you are already on that? did you know about this study. >> um. >> did you already know about this study. >> no. >> you have other reasons. >> okay. >> excuse me. >> are you all right. >> i'm still getting over my cough. do you have still of it. >> yes. >> many still have questions about today's eclipse. >> i keep getting these questions, one person said i want to wear my own sunglasses >> no. >> you cannot do that. >> we will talk to our friend derek pits who is out in saint joe, missouri, in the path of totality. don't forget in 15 minutes
7:44 am
"good day philadelphia" mighty players are going to recreate, a solar eclipse live in the studio. see that in where else.
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ease wound between 322 and 42 from the gang in downingtown and coatsville and malvern and king of prussia interchange. live look at bennie where alex mentioned a good spot to catch solar eclipse later on today along walkways on the south side, of the ben franklin bridge. see folks walking getting their exercise bike ride in this morning. patco by the way running with a new schedule beginning today as far as, if you are driving later on today during solar eclipse do not stop, on any of the highways, major roadways, i-95, schuylkill and pull off over on the shoulder. exit red way, park in the safe area, safe spot, try to figure out your time line. be careful for pedestrians, that are walk ago long looking up in the air, at the solar eclipse. like we just saw there. keep your head lights on, throughout the afternoon, and don't wear those solar eclipse glasses, when you are driving.
7:48 am
the timing of the eclipse scott has in 15. finally the day we have all been waiting for august 21st, 2017. as we focus on those headlines count down has begun tracking those sky conditions, high temperatures today in the 80's for the philadelphia area the eclipse will begin at 1:21. we will see that mass eclipse 80 percent at 2:44 and then end at 4:01. high around 87, we will have a mixture of sun cloud, sirus high cloud and fair weather puffy cumulus cloud across the area ultimate doppler dry, quiet as we go hour by hour, looking pretty good a few
7:49 am
isolated then are storms late this afternoon and this evening and we will watch for that otherwise we will heat up as we move toward the middle part of the week and then temperatures will be cooling down heading in the weekend, back over to you. >> thanks, scott. >> derrick pets our friend the chief astronomer at franklin institute is in the path of totality just north of kansas city in st. joseph, missouri. hi there, derek. >> good morning, how are you. >> good. i'm a little concerned just looking at it, i see some cloud in that sky. >> oh, no, don't worry about that. those will burn off by the time eclipse start and we will be in great shape here. >> okay. here is your challenge. >> okay. >> we have been talking about this for a month. i'm almost to the point of sick of it but, so tell me something i don't know about a solare clips. >> tell you something you don't know about a solar
7:50 am
eclipse. okay, well, solar eclipses will eventually evolve, so that we will no longer have total solar eclipses ever. >> what? >> we will have what are called ring eclipses where we have a ring of sunlight around the moon. if you hang around long enough , mike, you have been around long enough already but if you hang around longer you might be seeing some of those. >> what a smart alex. >> you might. >> i have another question. >> yes. >> the sunnies 90 million miles away, it is gigantic. the moon is just smaller then the earth. so, why would this little bit i thing called the moon cast such a big shadow. >> that is a really great question, mike. it is really cool ratio of size and distance between the sun and the moon, and the earth. it goes like this: the moon
7:51 am
is 1400 and distance from the moon is 1400 from the distance to the earth and sun. what that does is set up this cool one to one distance to size ratio so that the moon looks like it is exactly the same size as the sun in the sky. there are slight variations to that so sometimes the moon is a little bit closer in its orbit and we have those ring eclipses and occasionally moon is farther away from the earth and so, the moon is a lot, can ab larger or appear larger then sun in the sky but we don't note that is during an eclipse so much. >> kind of the same thing as your head right now because your head is so close tour lens. >> so my head right now, my head right now would be bigger then the sun, yes. >> so many people are talking about how they will see this. there is a frenzy trying to get their hands on the glasses you gave us ours. we appreciate that. >> yes. >> can they look at it in a reflection, water reflection
7:52 am
or what are other ways people can do it and still be safe. >> lots of other cool ways to observe this event safely. one of them is yes, you can set up a bucket of water or tub of water and look at a reflection of the event in the water, that is one way to do it. other thing, an indirect method where you use something that has tiny holes in it. something like a california works well. pull this out. just stand with your back to the sun, hold it in the sun and then the shadow of the ground underneath you'll see has all these circles. well, during the eclipse they will look like crescent suns and because it has so many holes you'll have lots of crescent suns. >> yes. >> isn't that cool. >> i like that one. >> and failing that other thing you can do let me see if i can make this happen because i'm balancing on my lap. just a second.
7:53 am
other thing take your fingers like this cross together like this and little hold that show up between your fingers act as pin hole camera. hold this up and make a shadow and when you see light coming through your fingers you can see little crestens of the eclipse. >> we are looking on the ground. >> or on your shirt. >> you are looking on the ground. just hold that hand up and then shadow of your hands on the ground where you're looking you'll see these gaps where light coming through and adjust spacing of your fingers , little crescent eclipses. >> derek, listen to this, i will use a california but i was told not too because that might strain my eyes. >> you know, mike you need to get another job, man. >> no laugh, no sympathy laugh >> and mike, i thought you were from kansas.
7:54 am
you are supposed to be out here with my was scheduled to be in st. joseph, missouri with you. >> it is a sore subject. >> very sore subject. >> yes. >> so, i'll bring you some eclipse light back. >> thank you. >> bring us a hat or a pin. >> bring me some kind of earth rock. you know why, you know why moon rocks taste better than earth rocks derek? >> let me guess mike because they are a little meet user. >> nice. >> where is my rim shot, thank you very much. >> there it is. >> through go. >> a little late. >> thanks. >> we will talk again in a little bit. we will check back in. i want to see what people setups are. i know it is skype but do they have tents. >> where do you see on the run down we will see him again. >> according to, yeah. >> in the 9:00 o'clock.
7:55 am
>> 9:25. >> that was said in the meeting with the show. >> there was an eclipse of my brain during that. >> you were trying to call me out. >> i know, i was. >> quincy harris will watch it at the franklin institute home of one derek pits, hi there q. >> yes. >> what if i were to tell you you can watch and view the eclipse without the glasses. we will tell you how coming up next.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
is what going on than here today. >> we will have a big celebration from the total eclipsing ago cross the country. here in philadelphia we will celebrate the partial eclipse we will get by giving lots of great, safe ways for everyone to enjoy together and to see this partial eclipse as a group. >> everyone is asking how kaine get glasses?
7:59 am
i need glasses? do we need glass toes see eclipse. >> we have taken care of the different ways to see without glasses. if you didn't get a chance to get glasses you are fine we have you covered with lots of ways to be able to see. >> tell me about this partial eclipse here. >> we have a huge solar viewing canopy covered in the silver black polymer that blocks out 98.9 percent of the sun making it safe to see the surface of the sun and disk of the moon coming across the sun during the partial eclipse. >> we will have tents out here and it is free. >> free. >> we will be out here on the winter side street of the franklin institute in the new ly renovated park by philadelphia. we will be out here from 12 to 4:00. eclipse starts at 1:21 so check it out. >> you don't need glasses just come to the franklin institute , it is that simple. >> quincy, i love his shirt are they selling those shirts. it is so cute. >> are we selling these shirts
8:00 am
here can we get these shirts here. >> i'm not sure. >> alex wants your shirt. >> take it off. >> the other question is for the area, mike and i have been going back and forth you will be able to look up or down at the ground at the tents they have set up. >> i vaguely can hear you but you can look inside the tents. >> it will block out almost all of the light of the sun. all we will see is a little bit to see disk of the sun. might not get picked up by camera but it will look like a orange disk and when you sue mean shadow will be cast across the sun. >> i see it there. >> it is free. >> that is cool. >> 6,000 people under that tents it will be fun. good day it is monday august 21st, the day is here 2017.
8:01 am
moon's magical moment, final count down as world wait s for solar eclipse extravaganza, the sky conditions for the moon of totality. and then we will still snag those safety glasses for free. big changes for back to school, pennsylvania parents, listen to this, why you need to get your kid vaccinate had much sooner then previously required, new rules. alie riseman ripping u.s.a. gymnastics, she's accusing the organization of sweeping a sex abuse scandal under the rug how she's calling for change this morning. ♪ >> a blank space, on social media, taylor swift, wipes out her instagram, twitter and facebook accounts, why it could have something to do with her new cd.
8:02 am
>> what could it mean. i think she's coming out with new music. >> do i too. >> kanye has done that before. >> look at this. >> anyway. >> hi everybody. >> so we are going to, i still cannot come up with the name for this, we will demonstrate what a total eclipse is, solar eclipse. so get kid around the tv. this will be the definitive description. >> the great good day's clips. >> that is great, scott. >> i'm all dressed in black. i was going to be the shadow, okay, only the shadow knows. so come on over to the, sky behind us. >> yes. >> on the other side of the studio. >> just follow you. >> yes. >> doctor nina is in the studio. i will need somebody here. probably good to get in the tv area over here. >> yes. >> let's see. so scott do you want to be the
8:03 am
sun. >> oh, sure. >> bob, do you want to be the earth. >> how are you pick hog gets to be what. >> you are the smallest so you will be the moon because the moon is the smallest. >> are you all right. >> it doesn't fit. >> sorry, bob. >> poor bob. >> i'm worried about how this will fit. >> you are the moon. >> come on over. >> the earth is spinning on its axes. >> the sun stays. you don't spin. >> okay. >> you are spinning. >> yes. >> this is this afternoon. then the moon will go in between the sun and the earth and i'm the shadow.
8:04 am
>> wait, where did the sun go. >> i'm like look at me i'm blocking the sun you will create a shadow on to bob, like that. >> all right, kid do you understand that where is the sun. >> there we go. >> does this make more sense. >> this is my moment, it is getting darker. all eyes on me. >> about 80 percent this is what it will look like, and then moon will go, keep moving and then the sun will come back out. >> you would make a great kindergarten teacher can you imagine mike as a teacher. >> then i'll come back in seven years. i'll see you yeah, in seven years you will a dough that again. >> seven years. >> yeah. >> kid, i hope you understand.
8:05 am
now the sun will take over and dot weather. >> i got hit with the ray right in the face. >> forecast for today 87 degrees, mixture of sun and cloud. eclipse will begin at 1:21. we will see partial eclipse for philadelphia at 80 percent , and then that time 2:44, and the eclipse will end at 4:01. you need certified glasses, everyone is trying to get a hold of them. it is a frenzy, i'll tell you bob kelly. >> it is, 8:05. get your glasses together and act together on this monday we have an accident on the vine street expressway, eastbound vine street expressway, right here near broad street. philly fire fighter, philadelphia's finest out there got hook and ladder, we have some sun glare, scottie, has some sun glare here on the 30 bypass rolling through
8:06 am
chester county. could have a glasses. here's a couple, with you're clips glasses. or maybe doing yourself glasses, using that duct tape, to tape them all together there. here's a live look downtown philadelphia, vine street expressway, ben franklin bridge would be a cool spot, to view the eclipse later on, this afternoon, mike and alex, back to you. >> gannon a daily basis i don't have trouble seeing the sun. i don't know why i would have to go to the certain location in the delaware valley to see the sun. every day when i walk outside i see the sun. >> yeah. >> but you don't look directly at the sun. you are not supposed to. >> please do not look directly at the sun. i can look in your moon face. >> yes. >> you can always look at my moon face. >> does that mean immune had you. >> i have been looking forward to that for three years and you never have. >> this is best you will get. >> that is right. >> so jenny, lets get back over to the line on walnut
8:07 am
street in between eighth and ninth. >> that is something i have been getting tweets, people are concerned about people cutting in line, other people want to know should they bother to come because line is so long. >> reporter: i asked the head of security here at wills eye how many glasses do you even have? he said i can't tell you, it is a secret but one of our fans on twitter works man named denise reached out and said i called wills eye on friday they have about 300. hopefully all of these people will be getting glasses. i don't know. i can't tell how many people are in line at this point. line continues to grow. first person with actually was here before we even got here and then since about 5:00 a.m. numbers have just gone up. solar eclipse will go on between 1:20 and 4:00 this afternoon. max coverage in philadelphia at 2:44. a lot of doctors have been talking to us over weekend.
8:08 am
we have talked to two. they are concerned. they want people to get these glasses but problem is glasses are a hot commodity and hard to get their hands on. a lot of eye centers have been out. wills eye announced that they do have a supply, and might be limited supply, but that is not why these people are out here. i dropped the ball. she goes we don't have glass snows what do you mean i saw zoo was going to have them. we stood in line for two hours at the zoo. they sold out with maybe about 20 or so people ahead of us. we went home. i saw that wills eye would give them away. i said that is our last hope. >> reporter: why sit worth getting out of bed so early. >> because i really wanted to see the eclipse and it is so amazing how the moon covers the sun. >> reporter: we are running out of time. clocks are ticking. if you know of anywhere else that is giving away these glasses, let us necessity on twitter and facebook, mike and
8:09 am
alex. >> i freakishly do not have any glasses. >> yeah. >> but jenny, let us know keep an eye on for people cutting in line i'm getting tweets people are upset and it will be a frenzy like black friday. >> don't get in a fight over the eclipse. >> my friend over at rouge rob wasserman, he need four. i told him i would probably be able to get him. >> you don't have them for yourself. >> i know. >> get in line hat 10. >> i thought in line you can get one per person. >> good luck getting four. >> i am sure you will go with me. >> you just told me i'm the one that has to work late. one of us has to work late today. >> until 1:00. >> i'll do it because you are very excited about this. >> it is okay. >> you know jerry lewis died yesterday morning in las vegas ninety-one years old. i swear in some movie, did he
8:10 am
that hey lady, yes. >> one of the viewers said, no that didn't happen and that was a mess. >> we have been looking to find some version of the lady, as a tribute to him and i think it was a movie called lady's man. let's play this. this is on letterman. >> ladies. >> okay. >> ladies man. >> here it is. >> no, no. >> very famous typewriter scene. >> we heard him do it. he did do it. you were not incorrect. >> he dit on letterman. i don't know what the set up was for letterman. it must be for movies. someone told me on twitter it was in the movie ladies man, he says lady. >> it might be because why would he just say it for letterman if he didn't say it anywhere else. >> maybe they were clearing up did you ever say lady, maybe saying, no i never did could
8:11 am
do you it now. >> okay. >> i'll research this better next time. >> this may be even more sad on saturday when i heard dick gregory died. >> he is legendary, one of the first comedian toss use humor and later in life he became motivational speaker and promoted power of prayer and good health he was 84, he affected so many lives. >> i remember last time i saw him, who was he with, he was with robert kline a double bill, robert kline went on first and dick gregory came out and did stand up. it was up in engelwood, new jersey. >> how was it. >> fantastic evening, one of the best. big changes for back to school folks in pennsylvania. >> parents will want to listen to this because you may need to get your kid vaccinated
8:12 am
sooner then requires, when we see sooner we will mean a lot sooner. we will break down all of the new rules and tell you what you need to know. and later, the "good day philadelphia" mighty players return after that great demo of the eclipse, we will recreate this song by bonnie tyler total eclipse of the heart, that should be special starring alex holley. ♪
8:13 am
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8:15 am
fire fighters all loaded up hire on broad street with only one lane squeezing on through. here's a live look at the tower here in center city. coming off the schuylkill expressway both directions are jammed, trying to come in on the vine. best bet leaving the house, kelly drive, martin luther king drive is your best bet, eastbound on the 30 bypass earlier accident here still off to the shoulder, eastbound right here near route 322, patco has a new schedule that started to day and running with delays on septa's media
8:16 am
elwyn line, chestnut hill west as well, as the doyletown line , your forecast for this monday, scottie has got tonight 15 seconds it is a great day look at that path of totality, pacific northwest. you might run into a few problems but for us in the green good category, so 80 percent eclipse, mass eclipse for philadelphia will occur at 2:44, 87 degrees is afternoon high temperature with that mixture of sun and cloud. ultimate doppler is dry, quiet looking good as we go hour by hour we will watch out late this afternoon, far to the west for a few pop up showers and storms, back over to you.
8:17 am
thank you. >> stretch a little bit, scott >> mike still making his way here. >> guess what we got delivered to the green room. >> what? >> eclipse doughnuts. >> i want to see did you bring them. >> no. >> well, thanks, you will not share. >> you will, you have something spilled on your mouth there. >> sorry. >> sorry. >> eclipse doughnuts wait until you see what they are. >> you did leave some for us. >> one or two. >> time is particular to go make sure your kid are vaccinated before they go back to school. some kid are already back to school. >> but pennsylvania health department has revised its list, for students going back to school that shortens the great period and add an additional vaccine for some. >> i know somebody that would know about the requirement doctor radcliff is here. hi there doctor nine. good morning. >> how young are we talking. >> before entering kindergarten there is a number of vaccinations that need to
8:18 am
take place. most of them are applicable for kindergarten registration. >> they are about to start in a couple days. >> yes. >> this is a polio vaccine. >> polio vaccine before it was only required for -- i want to clarify. this is for state of pennsylvania. every state has different vaccination requirements so important for parents to get on the department of health web site and become familiar and also to talk with their pediatrician is only pennsylvania made changes or they all did and we are focusing on it. >> we are focusing on pennsylvania. >> when it says four doses of polio vaccine what do you mean four different times. >> in the pennsylvania it was only three that were required before starting and now a fourth dose required before starting kindergarten. >> hold on, if i got a kid starting kind garden in a couple days, he will get hit were four vaccinations. >> most children are on a schedule. they start from early on some children start getting it early at birth and over four or five years before they start kindergarten.
8:19 am
>> you have to make sure you have had four by the time you go to that school in kindergarten. >> there is a very set schedule. for children they see their doctors and pediatricians are excellent in making sure they get their recommended dosages. this is big change is before there was a provisional period of eight months. that is in longer the case s you can get up to date. now you have only five days. >> if you have a regular pediatrician wouldn't he or she know this. >> yes, yes. but one of the things requirements are required to do is to keep on top of things w your back to school checklist with backpack and school supplies this is what we wanted you to add to make sure i am nations are up to date. >> put more graphics, before you go into 12th grade you need a second dose of meningitis. >> you need a second dose of meningitis vaccine to prevent meningitis. you usually get it before seventh and now they want a second dose of that. >> eight months, big difference between eight months and five days.
8:20 am
>> yes. >> five days is that it if not compliant. >> this was passed back in march but because we are getting back to the schooltime this flurry of activity this is where we want to you get vaccinations in check. >> is this five days from when school starts or when you get notification saying you are not up to date. >> if you do not have your vaccinations complete before school starts you cannot begin you can get a five day waiver and after thaw can get the extended for some reason medically you cannot get it but requires a doctor certificate or nurse or physician certificate with the very specific plan. just doesn't fall by way side. they want to necessity something is in effect this vaccination will be given in this period of time. basically schools are a perfect place for out break to happen. children are in close quarters with other children and we want them not to have a out break here. that is why we are doing it. >> just wait forgo a breath. >> how do i prove to the teacher, my kindergarten that
8:21 am
i have had my kid get all four vaccinations. >> is there a card that your health care provider fills out i do want to point out one other thing, parents are asking questions does this change religious, philosophical offer medical exemptions. there is in changes made for this. if you have a medical exemption for your child you will in the be left out of school for that. >> doctor nina, are you single >> it is just yes or no. >> are we go to go commercial. >> wow. >> that is first time i have seen that response on here from mike. >> somebody will upset after this see, you probably got her in trouble. >> don't answer that, whatever you do. >> i'll see you then, doctor nina is not giving up anything if you decide to get married do you feel like you should marry your best friend, or you just met somebody three
8:22 am
days ago and had sex with them on a ship. >> this may be a bad example. >> i think of brown sugar, do you know that movie. >> i know that sugar. >> yes, they have been friends forever since they were kid. >> you ever hear at a wedding i married my best friend, there is research that says, don't. don't do it doctor nina. am i your best friend. >> you are my best friend. >> lets get married. >> bye first american girl introduced a new doll how she's making history, and when your child can start asking for it.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
this american girl doll crazies out of control. >> they are so expensive. >> they have a hawaii girl right now. >> isn't that cutie love that. >> so, her name is nania and she's a nine year-old growing up in hawaii in 1941. >> really. >> showing courage, spirit in the aftermath of the pearl harbor attack.
8:26 am
her wardrobe includes hoola a tire. she comes with a family store, stocked with mini cans of spam i wish they had pine apples too. >> yes. >> but she cost 115y know ken has pine apples. >> 115 bucks. >> american girl dolls are not cheap. >> i wonder why they would bringing up pearl harbor. that is not, only thing hawaii is known for. >> a lot of times american girl dolls they have been through certain things and just strength as a girl. addie was my favorite and she was during slavery and that kind of thing. >> really. >> it was right after slavery was involved, yeah. >> yes. >> well, just to sell more dolls you can have absolutely any part of the country. you could have a conshohocken american girl. >> you could, yes. >> southeastern pennsylvania, american girl. >> you have come with books and read about their story what they have been through and overcome. >> every city could have an american girl. >> that is $115 a doll you can
8:27 am
make money. >> media pennsylvania, american girl, looks like sue serio. >> yes. >> looks like sue. >> you know what, i heard this on the radio, hey lauren, will the eclipse effect our pets at all, will they get freaked out >> we have a squirrel that is like tossing things down at us so animals are already acting whacky and out of control. we came to the philadelphia zoo. zoo keepers will have a field day watching animal behavior coming up after the break.
8:28 am
♪ come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. buy your 2018 season pass now, and get the rest of 2017 free!
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8:30 am
taking another look at wills eye hospital. look at this line. people have been waiting here since 6:00 a.m. because wills eye happies giving out some of the solar eclipse glasses for free. so i cannot even count how many people are in this line. i'm told it was supposed to happen at 8:30 but now we are
8:31 am
hearing it is pushed back, so it could be 9:00. we will keep checking in. we don't know how many? some people asking can they still come down. it is a gamble. look at this. i have heard you can only get one per person but move it around the family. it is hard to find these things. i don't know where else we can get them at this point. great they are doing it because you cannot look directly at the sun, is that right, scott. >> absolutely and those glasses have to be certified glasses as well. live look outside our studios here in olde city and you can see mostly sunny skies, high sirus cloud overhead and we will have high cloud and fair weather puffy cumulus cloud later today. 72 degrees. humidity at 84 percent. the eclipse will begin at 1:21 in the afternoon, max eclipse for us, partial eclipse for philadelphia area at 80 percent coverage. high temperature 87 degrees with that mixture of sun and
8:32 am
cloud. as we look at ultimate doppler we're dry right new but as we move toward later this afternoon especially off to the west here's 1:00 o'clock still looking good as that begins, by 2:30, 2:44 mass eclipse looking good but off to the west look at these isolated downpours expect with those pop up showers and storms to the west of the region. overnight isolated storm 91, hot tomorrow, wednesday scattered showers and then look at cooler temperatures upper 70's to lower 80's heading in the weekend. >> good morning. if you are driving, this afternoon during the time period of the solar eclipse remember do not stop on the highways, no stopping on the schuylkill, i-95. pull off, safe area, parking lot put the car in park and enjoy it. keep your head lights on if you are driving throughout the whole duration and do not wear those eclipse glasses when you
8:33 am
are driving. they are only used off to the side looking up at the sun and be careful of the pedestrians that are walking and looking up into the sky. we don't want any accidents out there. live look at the schuylkill, sun glare, so sun has made it's a experience and ready to go for eclipse later today. alex, back over to you. >> but with those glasses, trust me, you cannot see anything when you put these on not a good idea to do this and drive. let's in the do that today. thanks, bob. >> we cannot forget about animals. some people saying animals are acting kind of strange. what should do you with your animals, will they act weird? will they do something? well, lauren's at the zoo right now and she will tell us what we should do with our pets and what the zoo will be doing today. >> here's the big thing, not a lot of people know what will happen. it is a test run. we came to the zoo we are here with iain. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, thanks for
8:34 am
having me. >> today will be a field day because you will just sit and watch. >> a lot of uncertainty. we're not sure what the animals will do but depending on their natural behavior we do expect certain animals will react to the different event. >> people wandberg bird, is it raptor ridge the new section of the zoo. >> thinks part of the recent project green light exhibit at the zoo. we feature bald eagles one of the largest north american bird of pray. these guys are hunter that use daylight. they hunt for fish. they scavenge during the daylight hours. so species like this during the eclipse we are not sure what they will do but we imagine that because their natural behavior indicates they would go to roost at night and have quiet time during the dark periods of the eclipse. >> we will walk over and see an owl, right a barn owl. >> yes. >> they are nocturnal. they are usually sleeping right now. >> owls are most active at
8:35 am
dawn and dusk, so like that is when they spend most active hours at dawn and dusk. these guys will likely become more active during the eclipse and flying around and searching for food unlike eagles it is getting dark and time to go to sleep for the night. >> who is this down at the end where you said don't get too close. >> we have our fired native bird of pray down here, thinks a red tail hawk named shan dough a. it is a species we see here in philadelphia one of the more common hawk species and like eagles they are a sight predator. we imagine that these guys like the eagles may go in for the day. observe these around the city being less active. with most bird that are active during the day we will see most of the singing, forge ago this we night see in an average day become less throughout the eclipse. >> iain, this is cool research
8:36 am
and you get to do it again in 2024. i guess. report back and let us know what we find out today. >> we will. >> thanks very much. >> alex and mike, this is a big day at the zoo. lots of research. >> i know, i am watching a friend's dog, pretty interesting to go see what happened to this dog. >> i was trying to die demo here because somebody on twit ter asked me, i keep getting this question and i don't know how to explain it. >> okay. >> from pat just how dark will it get? that is hard to quantify or show on television, isn't it or explain because we know 80 percent covered. >> it would be about like this i think this is too dark. you will still have 20 percent of the sun sticking out. >> earlier some people were saying it is like when you have a hotel room and you have your curtain closed and there is a big difference between curtains are all the way
8:37 am
closed and little crack of light. you can still see a lot. think of it like that when you have the curtains opened up you can still see a lot. >> in fact that is what i will do i will go to the sophie tell, rent a room and close the curtains. >> then you won't see anything >> you are so over this. >> the opposite effect is happening, i'm getting so excited and mike is going the opposite way. >> i'm ready. let's get this going. >> rooftop. >> we have our friend ant kwan >> he says he is willing. >> you should cook too. he hasn't responded to that. >> he has a barbecue pit out in the roof of his building. >> i will bring a salad. >> okay. >> maybe i'll bring moon pie, listen to what i will do here. there is a blank space on social media, do you see what i did. >> nice. >> taylor swift wipes out her
8:38 am
instagram, twitter, facebook accounts. i think this is a publicity stunt for her new cd what else would it be.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
okay. we are in the middle of planning an eclipse party, in prompt to eclipse party, i will bring my taylor swift cd 's. she says that she's getting rid of instagram and facebook and twitter. she has deleted all this. but i think it is a publicity stunt for her new cd. >> do you think so. >> we have seen other artists do it, kanye west has done it even though they don't really get along. >> did you see jay-z really, to kanye over the weekend. >> what does that mean. >> the clap back.
8:42 am
>> he has to do action, you just can't say clap back. >> yes. >> interesting to go hear what he thought about the fact that kanye called him out at his concert and talked about his kid. >> he says, don't bring in my family. you don't talk about my family >> that is when it is different. >> he shed some light about the elevator incident with solange. >> we will talk about that at 9:00. she has been an olympian six times. >> ally raysman challenging gymnasts to talk about a sex abuse scandal that she says went on. >> she's calling for sweeping changes in the organization following charges against a former team doctor. she believes u.s.a. gymnastic, she blames u.s.a. gymnastic for failing to stop the abuse and the organization just swept it under the rug. she called larry naser a monster. more than 125 women accused him of sexually abusing him under the guide of treatment. he is in prison in michigan on child pornography charges.
8:43 am
>> good lord. >> people at very top, that work at the office every single day, u.s.a. gymnastics they need to do better. it's making me sad. i'm here to support my teammates because we got inducted in the hall of fame and aim he here to support the girls who are compete willing. i love the olympics. i love gymnastics. i love the sport. but i don't spore hoy u.s.a. gymnastics is handling everything right now. >> 125 young ladies? they say they were touched in a prep eighthly? >> i mean one is too many. >> oh, yeah. >> 125, that is ridiculous. >> u.s.a. gymnastics responded >> they say we welcome raise man passion on this issue we are appalled by conduct of the which larry nassar are accused and we are or that i any athlete has been harmed during her or his gymnastics career. we are taking this issue head on and we want to work with al y and all interested athletes to keep athletes safe >> soft response. >> i think so too. >> we will stay on that one
8:44 am
for sure. we're putting together this impromptu eclipse party at our friend antoine's apartment building. >> are you coming. >> yes. >> it is over in the fairmount area, is that close enough to the sun for you? it is ninth floor. >> we will be on the roof. >> i will take that. >> even though sunnies 90 million miles away you want to be nine flyers higher. >> i want nothing but sky so i can lie back and look up. >> again i have no problem finding the sun every day of my life but that is fine. >> don't kill my vibe. >> don't kill my vibe. >> how do you organization an eclipse party ask me. >> how do you organ eclipse party. >> you plant it.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
bad moon rising, is that clearance, clearwater and revival. >> should we be concern, isn't this technically a full moon. you know what happens on full moons. >> yes. >> well, hold on a second.
8:48 am
the moon will be the same size as it always is. >> but we will see a full moon though. it is always same size but sometimes we see different parts of it. this will be a full moon. >> no. >> no what. >> moon will be same size as it always is. you are not even going to be able to see the moon. >> yes, you will. >> i don't think so. >> once it is covering the sun you will see it. >> you will see a black dot. >> which is moon. >> yes. >> i don't understand. >> it is still a full moon though. >> when we think full moon the sunnies shining on the moon, right. >> so you are saying this doesn't count and the earth is kind of covering it. >> how often, the moon goes around the earth every 28 days , is that how we get our months, staff? >> we need derek pits here. >> earth spinning, moon spinning and moon goes around the earth once a month.
8:49 am
>> can we just talk about the eclipse. >> again, the sunnies 90 million-mile is a way and i can go outside every day and find it in the sky. >> he is such a kill joy. >> for some reason karen will tell us the best place to see the sun. >> i think this is great. >> i do want to know this. it is not just about looking up. i want a fun atmosphere. this doesn't happen all the time. >> you are looking for a party not looking at the eclipse. >> i want to look at the eclipse during a party. >> you finally got it. mike has been saying it all morning long, it is party. we want to go to the specific places, party that is happening like the franklin institute. you saw cool things that they have with the canopy and different scopes to look at. they are having their part friday noon to four today. >> okay. >> belmont plateau, that is just because we have views of what is occurring in the sky line as well looking at eclipse. >> make for a nice picture. >> yes, you got it.
8:50 am
penn treaty park along the delaware river. same thing. anytime you have water and eclipse you'll have a beautiful photograph to take those selfies or whatever we are calling them. >> that makes no sense. >> isn't it prettier to take a lot at sunset. >> how will you get sun's reflection, isn't it going to be almost straight up in the sky, what are you going to get helicopter shooting down in the water. >> it is happening at 2:44. it will be lower. straight up is noon and now it is lower in the sky bay it is later. >> do you see karen's face right now. >> like look here, honey. >> please tell me where i can see the sun. >> you can take a really good look unobstructed, nothing else around like trees and stuff from the one liberty observation deck, how would that be for a beautiful setting. >> cool. >> indoors. >> observation deck you go out on the observation deck. >> you can go outside. >> well, there is no area outside. >> no. >> but they have floor to ceiling windows and still look
8:51 am
and see through a very nice clear window and right next to the william penn pen. you are high up. you see monument and things. >> last one was ben franklin bridge same thing high up there lets go to delaware, ready. another party. >> you can see the sun in delaware too. >> you can see it there too. >> museum of natural history because they are having an eclipse party. it starts in half an hour. well, 9:30. >> that is early good lord. >> people want to get it on. >> that will go through 4:30. brandywine park in wilmington. another great location. party at a library , frankford lrawatch it from th. everybody is coming out. another library laurel public library. kid have something to do they are not like there is crafts, activities and they will have live stream. >> are you t sli the sun in new jersey then i'm telling you if you go over to rowan whe fabulos planetarium they will have acoue
8:52 am
planetarium show every single half an hour starting at 12:30 , so what exactly will occur and nasa feed as well. >> it seemsarin the same time period. eclipse. >> but we will have more another one ine in princeton princeton over at washington crossing it willey are all durie time period. last one at waterford public library. if would you like to go with other people that is a good place to go. >> we missed the place, earlier the sea port museum. >> yes, they are having one too. >> that is eighth, you see delaware river outlooking. >> um-hmm. >> maybe spruce street harbor park for a bite after. >> the moon typically, we cannot see it during the day time. so that is why moon, we talking about full discussion. it is always a circle. we are seeing the black circle
8:53 am
crossinger we are not seeing moon and sky, different phase. >> people are tweeting saying it is noon moon aka no moon. none of the sun's rays will be on the part of the sun that we see. just a new mean. i met some people from princeton yesterday they told me. >> smart. >> there is no grocery store in princeton. princeton. you have to go out of the city to go to the grocery prevent ago this. >> i thought that was crazy >> and they have great ice cream i have never been to princeton. >> you knoto princeton, albert stein. >> you know where i plan to see the eclipse tooay >> outside, anywhere. >> my gosh. >> maybepaerty location to a plh watery wish i was on the what ss on a cruise ship right now in the cone of object security or whatre it.
8:54 am
>> totality. >> totality.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
wills eye happies giving out solar eclipse glasses everybody is trying to get their hands on. we don't necessity how many they have. we have been watching it all this morning. people have been waiting since 6:00 a.m., okay, licensing line but moving quickly. only one pair, per person, and , this is pretty cool, we will check back but they are giving out glasses, so this is happening, so hopefully they don't run out. >> we will take a break, we will be right back at start of the 9:00 o'clock hour.
8:58 am
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