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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 22, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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live from sent city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. or 11:30 as the case may be. we begin with stealing 101. a woman in camden county actually teaching a little boy how to steal cash. the crime itself sadly typical. the accomplice not at all. thank you for joining us. i'm lucy noland. whole lot of folks are upset this could be a mom teaching her little boy how to commit a crime. fox's shawnette wilson reports. >> reporter: this is the woman caught on camera doing a disgusting thing. before we show you, get a good look at her while i set up what's happening. the owners of the store say she called two shrimp bowls at new honk couldn't restaurant and left while her order was being prepared. meanwhile she went to another room in the back of the store with her family. >> my mom thinks something is
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suspicious. so, yeah, so there's like problem. so she check the camera. >> reporter: 11-year-old jenny says her mother noticed bag of money they kept behind the enclosed counter missing and the woman hadn't come back to pick up her or. watch surveillance video the woman come back in the store with the child and while no one is behind the counter, police say she tells the little boy to crawl through the opening of the glass window and get the money. notice his arm zigging out as he goes in. >> she sat the baby like on the counter, and then the baby crawled through the son crawled through. hopped down, and got the money. went outside to check what's in the bag. and then after she check all the money, she -- the family just left. >> reporter: police concealed the child's face. he's so young he likely doesn't understand what he's doing. >> the little boy and he was about five or six years old? >> yeah. >> reporter: the family si say they have never been robbed before and they worry the neck
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time could be dangerous for th them.& in camden, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. ♪ breaking right now. president trump delivered a nationally televised address tonight outlining his plans for the war torn nation of afghanistan. fox's joel waldman breaks down what he said. for the past several months, the trump administration has been at odds over how to move forward on afghanistan. but tonight president president trump and laid out his strategy to eventually recommend our nation's longer running war of the. >> the american people are weary of war without victory. >> reporter: president trump addressing the nation and us troops at the army base next to arlington national cemetery. the final resting place for many service members who made the ultimate sacrifice in iraq and afghanistan. >> today the afghan war claimed more than 2,000 american lives and cost the us billions of dollars but 16 years after the 9/11 terrorist attack -- there's
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still no end in sight as al-qaida the taliban and isis you will continue to gain strength in the war torn nation. >> the vacuum we created by leaving too soon gave safe haven for isis to spread. >> now president trump says his administration has a plan to move forward. >> i'm a problem safer. in the end we will win. > reporter: president trump's speech coming on the heels of one of his trying weeks yet. the commander in chief getting an earful of criticism for remarks made after the deadly clash between protesters in charlottesville. the national address considered by many an opportunity for the president to reset his agenda. >> we cannot remain a force for peace in the world. if we are not at peace with each on the. >> reporter: president trump is expected to big a big boost of support for his agenda when he refers to arizona for a mitt cal rally on tuesday. a state he visited seven times during the campaign.
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in washington, joel waldman, fox news. ♪ i suppose i really don't need to you tell you that history unfolded across the skies of our nation millions watching. people in were aww as he looked up to see the first total solar eclipse since 1979. people across the country watched it in some way, shape or form. wise folks used protective glasses. tell scones even eclipse viewers made out of a cereal bocks. across the country you didn't have to look far to finding parties and festivals right here in philadelphia to be part of this once in lifetime experien experience. many wouldn't believe their eyes as they watched the moon cover the sun, the shadow hit speeds of 1400 miles an hour. >> it was one of those phenomenom. unless you see it you will you will not believe it. >> it was weird once the sun vanish. watching everybody scream and have a great time was blast.
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>> i've seen the northern lights but this is the top. >> i don't know about that. seen the northern lights. they're pretty spectacular. now, if you're pysched for the next total seely clips will be in the u.s. in 202 2024. the path of totality slicing through pennsylvania for the next request to one da-da's you'll have to wait until 2045. kathy orr and i hope to still be around. the path of totality passed through 14 years much this the view from oregon showing the sun fully covered. the folks in that state were the first witness there and millions traveled there to see the phenomenom. >> in philadelphia we saw 80% of the sun blocked by the moon. i'll tell was this is. this was me up on the roof with kathy orr and my little iphone captured that on top of our roof from fox 29. so i thought he was hey cool. now this one was beat to do me by miguel torres. he says he took it with his phone through his tell scone
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from his home in philadelphia's rhawnhurst neighborhood. isn't that neat? i just love that he did that. he had a special filter and all of that. now finally, unique view of the eclipse from the international space station. look towards the top of your screen. you see that kind of darkened spot there on the top of the occur cher of the earth? >> that is the eclipse by the way. business an lifts say today's eclipse cost american companies $694 million in lot of productivity if workers going outside to check the out like kathy and i, for instance. [ laughter ] >> we cost the company today apparently, kathy. >> i don't know. we work real hard today. >> we sure did. that was our snack break. >> it sure was. it was our lunch break. what a beautiful site hope you had to chancnce to get outdoors and enjoy it. the weather pretty decent even with clout cloud cover everyone set out to see the eclipse actually saw it. pretty quiet rehoboth beach delaware looking good with a breeze. temperatures are warm in the 70s. that's pretty much where they'll be staying overnight. the humidity 84%.
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the due point temperature at 73 and that means it is humid out there and tomorrow it will be oppressive foam temperatures warm through the 80s into the 90's. on ultimate doppler we have a few hours moving through chester county into delaware county and montgomery county. elsewhere, just partly conclude dee sky with temperatures mainly in the 70's witness exception of the poconos where we are sitting at 68 degrees. down the shore, temperatures in the 70s. ocean water temperature 76 degrees. dew points in the 70s and that meas oppressive heat and humidity will be impacting us with heat advisory tomorrow afternoon. the winds not so strong. so really no relief from the wind. the whipped is calm in allentown and reading and even in millville. we'll go hour by hour and you'll see that southerly wind bringing in the humidity. continues through the day tomorrow. a lot of sun. some hazy sunshine in the afternoon. and during the afternoon still looking good with thunderstorms more likely overnight with clouds wednesday morning giving way to clearing moving in from the northwest to the southeast
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wednesday afternoon will bring a big change in our forecast with cooler temperatures as we round out the end of the week and into the weekend. so some spotty showers tonight. otherwise lows staying in the 70s tomorrow temperatures sky rocket into the 90s. we haven't seen a lot of this so far this month. 92 degrees scattered showers and storms more likely at night. as we look ahead to our next eclipse, we're looking at our next one at 2024 that will be going through western pennsylvania and parts of western new york. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, wednesday morning clouds. thursday mostly sunny. more sun for your friday. look at saturday, sunday and monday. highs in the 70s. lows barely making it into the 60s in the suburbs. lows will be in the 50's. we're going from summer tomorrow next monday to fall. there you go. >> feeling good. a year before in 2023 we've got that cannular eclipse.
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it's a ring of fire eclipse. >> a ring around the sun. last one was in '94. >> so cool. >> i saw that one. it was pretty good. >> i'm still excited about the eclipse. >> a lot of people that have gone from new jersey and pennsylvania traveled into totality have been in touch with me today. they've already booked like ohio for 2024. >> seriously. >> they're that excited about it. >> they can go to erie. humbling experience. >> all right. it really is. it's all inspiring. thanks kathy. >> you bet. happening right now, bill cosby heading back to montgomery county court tomorrow and he'll have some new faces by his side. he's just hired three new lawyer. and one of them was michael jackson's attorney. fox 29's dave schratwieser has more from norristown. >> reporter: bill cosby now says he'll return to the montgomery county courthouse for retrial with a new legal team. that includes celebrity attorney tom messerau michael jackson's former leader. >> why does he need this big of a team, this quote unquote dream
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team to defend himself against something he claims was consensual and misunderstanding? >> reporter: messerau joins nevada attorney kathleen bliss and sam silver from philadelphia they replace noted trial attorney brian mcmonagle angela aguso. they bowed after the june trial ended a mistrial. >> they're great lawyers. they're not better than brian. >> fred see see believes this case again presents tough challenges for da kevin steele. >> i think he lived up to his promise. i think this is a tough case for the commonwealth, and i would -- i would have come to a different conclusion if i was in his spot. >> he says the testimony of the alleged victim andrea constand is once again crucial. >> w >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. get by for the prosecution. >> reporter: tecce points out that the new defense team will have to select and deal with an out of county jury.
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he gives the prosecution an advantage in that case. by the way, the cost of the trial to the taxpayers the last time around back in june was $220,000. in norristown, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. developing right now the controversy continues over the statue of former philadelphia mayor frank rizzo. protesters took to the streets once again in center city. they wanted to come down but the people who wanted it to stay put had a rally of their own planned today. instead they're going to have a one-on-one meeting with mayor jim kenney. fox 29's dave kinchen has more. >> reporter: some city officials want to get the dialogue going to find out what to do about the frank rizzo statue here. but protesters made it clear yet again they don't feel the city is moving fast enough. >> we have nothing to lose but our chains. >> reporter: yet another call from protesters demanding the removal of the frank rizzo statue from the municipal building across from philadelphia city hall. this time it comes as civil
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rights leaders join a key council member in asking the public to weigh in on the big bronze salute to the there is shall mayor and police boss. >> we should not be idolizing people who destroyed thousands of people's lives, and i think that rizzo's history really speaks for himself. >> reporter: executive director of immigrant rights organization joined forces with council woman at large helen gym calling for a public discussion designed to move the statue somewhere else. >> i think that the rally today was necessary. >> reporter: anti statue demonstrators say rizzo us what racist whose policing policies were harmful to african-americanafrican-america. his former secretary tells fox 29 rizzo protected blacks hadn't a tough law and order approach which rounded up criminals regardless of race. a group of italian residents were to rally outside the statue today but canceled in lieu of a meeting with mayor kenney.
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>> it won't be the right thing for everybody in the end. i cannot put police resources on a statue, you know, when i have crime in neighborhoods that people want service about. >> reporter: added police and barricades around rizzo statue now perhaps until cooler heads prevail. tomorrow the former staff for mayor rizzo says they will release a statement regarding upcoming meeting with the current mayor and we'll see where things go from there. in center city, dave kinchen fox 29 news. you'll soon see medford township police wearing body cameras the chief announced today officers will have them starting september 1st. money from medford township municipal budget and some money from special state grant paid for the cameras. all right. so forget a picture of your physique looking to find the love of your life? what you may want to put in your online dating profile instead of
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♪ skyfox over clementon new jersey medics took a person to the hospital after a assault on pine grove avenue. initial reports say someone attacked the victim with a machete right around 5:30 this evening. we'll have more as it comes in. septa police very much need your help identifying this woman. they say she dropped an envelope containing valuable things. it happened last week at the spring gardens station on the broad street line. police want to get that information envelope back to her. they need your help. got any information, give them a
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call. an american flag flying upside down at a local middle school. it happened today in coatesvil coatesville. no one can explain why. was eight distress signal? or a political message? whatever it was, it has the attention of police now. fox 29's chris o'connell reports from coatesville. >> reporter: coatesville police are now looking into whoever broke into a lock box on the flagpole here at scott middle school. they didn't take anything. but they certainly turned things upside down. army veteran james jackson couldn't believe what he saw. >> it offensed me very deeply. >> reporter: american flag flying upside down outside of scott middle school in coatesville. jackson took these pictures and sent them to fox 29. >> it hurt me as a veteran seeing the flag upside down, um, knowing that it means a state of distress. >> reporter: once we started making phone calls a custodian is seen lowering the flag. the school district believes
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vandals broke in over the weekend but no one at the school noticed until we told them. >> we're under the assumption that someone broke the box this weekend lowered the flag and then hung it upside down and raised it back up. >> reporter: two surveillance cameras may have captured whoever did this but jackson who served for this flag says it's a sad sign of the times. >> people just doing whatever they want and, um, they don't find nothing sacred any more. >> reporter: for the time being the school will be lowering that flag every night. they're hoping their school isn't being used as a target for a political message. in coatesville, chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> the great american solar eclipse now in the history books this was the first time people across the continent could see something like this and 99 years and fox's dan springer has more on the event that has captivated our nation.
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>> reporter: the great american solar eclipse started along the oregon coast. darkness came to oregon at exactly 10:19 in the morning. >> whoo! >> this is amazing. >> reporter: with the moon completely covering the sun, only the sun's outer atmosphere fear called the core roan corons visible. >> this is amazing. the reaction was the same as the shadow raced across the country hitting speeds of 1400 miles per hour. there were big eclipse parties throughout the 70-mile wide, 2500-mile long path of totality. [ applause ] >> reporter: the show was over in virtual bling of an eye lucky viewers treated to more than two minutes of darkness. the eclipse slipped off the coast of south carolina just an hour and a half after it all began in oregon. >> very weird once the sun actually vanished watching everybody scream and have great time was a blast. >> reporter: nasa had a live
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picture throughout and its website. officials said this would be the most studied eclipse in history with a dozen major projects. involving sit sin scientists. matt was among 1500 amateur photographers with images good enough to up load them to google. >> i've seen the northern lights but this is the top. >> even president trump and his family took in partial eclipse at the white house. >> the eclipse seemed to capture the attention of the entire nation. for one day seemed to bring this country together. politics took a back seat to a natural phenomenon that won't be seen again in the us coast to coast at least in 28 years. in oregon, dan springer, fox news. >> in your health moms listening to health experts when it comes to tucking in their babies. new study says nope. despite two decade long campaign you are urging parents to place babies on that are back only about 44us moms actually do it but experts say it helps
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eliminate sids which is sudden infant death syndrome. now, they say it's really important for babies to always sleep on their backs not their tummies until they turn one. all right. so we got sean bell in the house. talking eagles. >> yes. lucy eagles joint practice with the dolphins and we learn a lot but the biggest thing we learned alshon jeffery will be just fi fine. hear what miami dolphins players had to say about him
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>> some people have been worried about alshon jeffery. sean bell tells us why they shouldn't be. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ when all your former teammates and coaches have nothing but great things to say about you, you know you're big time. today adam and jay cutler raised
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about the type of player jeffrey was it the bears and will be with the eagles. people have been giving jeffrey the side eye over the last couple of weeks. he missed a few practices and he's yet to have a real great chemistry with carson wentz. today both gates and cutler said this dude is a freak athlete and as long as he's healthy he'll produce. i agree with that. it takes more than two preseason games to build up chem tree. they'll good it when you're that type of talent you'll get it sooner rather than later. wentz lost security blanket in jordan matthews. he'll you of about to find a bigger better one. 6-foot 3215 pounder with 4.4 speed. i'll have no worries he'll become a ridiculous type of player and he'll shine brighter than that solar eclipse. >> it wasn't shining brightly at all. i got what your saying. i'm picking it what you're putting down. >> you may want to replace your
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online dating photo with credit score? what? in what sip guess really want someone who has finances in check. it's helpful. 58% of online daters say they have a good -- that having good credit score for attractive driving a nice car. this comes from discover, and match media group which includes tinder and what do you guys think. >> i don't know about that. little combination of both maybe. >> i think so. >> really? where do they get this study. >> man you got a nice credit score. i'm just saying. >> that ain't what i'm looking at. i'll tell you that much. [ laughter ] >> we're back here at 4am for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered. i think beyonce' has a great credit score. don't you? she's got great everything. >> and a great car
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happening right now on "good day philadelphia" break ing news out of upper darby collision on the tracks, a high speed train rams into another, we now know more than three dozen people are hurt and we will have a live report coming up. out with the old, in with the new bill cosby will be back in court this morning, some of the new faces by his side. i make problems a solver and in the end we will win. >> war plan president trump re veals his strategy for dealing with america's longest military engagement. and, did you get out yesterday and take a look up? everybody did. celestial event of the lifetime still has so many of us captivated, day turning tonight, we will break down eclipse that


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