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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> this woman picked up her five-year-old from school but it's what police say she dropped that ended up with that mug shot, drugs as in fentanyl and at catholic elementary. >> your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ right now, after irma -- >> power outages, lots of trees down. >> rescuers searching for victims. residents going home neither
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know what to expect. and a courtroom shocker. the case against amtrak engineers toed out. >> we're obviously elated. >> it was by definition reckle recklessness. >> any comment today? >> victims are stunned. >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. >> an accident not a crime. the decision from a judge for brandon bostian the man at the control when amtrak train 188 careened off the tracks in 2015. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that crash killed eight people, injured more than 150 others. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at 30th street station, and the victims that you've talked with are not at all happy, dave. >> reporter: no, lucy, they're not happy at all the lawyer for bostian says he's elate the and relieved that the judge decided to dismiss this case. but the legal battle is far from over. tonight, one crash victim told us, he's disturbed by the
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judge's decision. >> i'm disgusted by what happened today. >> reporter: amtrak 188 crash victim lenny nobodies didn't try to hide his disappointment tuesday night after a judges toed out manslaughter charges against train engineer brandon bostian two years after the train crash left him with catastrophic injuries. >> i broke my back. broke seven ribs. broke my tib about lauer, torn my mcl, meniscus is my right knee. >> he's in therapy but his pain got worse tuesday when judge said the crash was more likely an accident and not the result of criminal negligence. he dismissed involuntary manslaughter and reckless endanger many charges. >> in october i go back into the hospital for the constant headaches that i have from the concussion. >> there's a big difference between negligence and a crime. big difference between an accident and a crime. >> reporter: bostian was charge back in june by attorney general josh shapiro after the da' office refused to prosecute
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the case. citing a lack of sufficient evidence. shapiro said bostian was at the throttle doing 106 miles per hour on a curve where the speed limit was 50. >> he was going double the speed limit. to me that's complete negligence. >> reckless disregard of human safety does rise to the level of a crime. >> reporter: bostian's attorney says this is not a criminal matter. victims have already settled with amtrak for $265 million. he agreed with the ntsb report that said bostian lost situational awareness while monitoring rocks being thrown at a nearby septa train. >> another train in front of him was attacked by criminals and that i believe is what set in motion this unfortunate set of events. >> he killed eight people because his situational wearness is messed up. i find that disgusting. >> reporter: now lenny knobs suffering from pstd and
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nightmares. bostian suffered a head injury and does not remember much about the crash. the attorney general's office has not decided yet whether to seek reinstatement of these charges and possibly take them before another judge. iain? >> dave, thank you. breaking news right now out of delaware. skyfox over the 5600 block of kirkwood highway in new castle county where police say one person was hurt in a hit-and-r hit-and-run. this happened around 7:00. the victim was taken to a hospital right now there are no suspects. down south cleanup has begun for some hurricane irma victims while other which is not even get back to their homes as of yet. tonight the news out of the florida keys is worse than many might have imagined. 90% of homes are damaged. 90%. quarter of them just destroyed. meanwhile a cross florida tonight some commercial airline flights are once again taking off. we have team coverage from florida. fox 29's chris o'connell live in orlando. we begin though with fox's joel waldman life in miami beach.
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joel? >> reporter: lucy and iain, good evening to you. getting sad news there's report out in the orlando area that at least three people have died and four others hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator, of course, during and after hurricane irma that was not vented properly. meanwhile as you mentioned we are here in miami's international airport. we'll pan over. i was actually just talking to group of people and we've heard this story more than once today on a cruise, four-day cruise and got stuck out at sea. so they've been gone for about nine or ten days. and they are pretty loopy after all of that. you do not see american airlines counters empty like this at miami's international airport at this hour. you never see that and that's because the airport right now is operating at only 30% typically it has a thousand flights. today only 300. >> i'm still trying to get to my
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flight from here to cuba but canceled. >> miami international airports handles a thousand nights a day. following irma things are far from back up to speech on tuesday the airport only seeing around thee hundred flights in and out about 30% of its capacity. >> it's nightmare. i've had to rebook, get canceled, rebook. irma related flooding power outages and recovery operations continue from the carolinas down through the florida keys. things like gasoline are now in limilimited supply in many partf florida. >> got to get fuel back in the state. >> reporter: this as police miami tuesday have been evacua evacuating people near a crane that collapsed during irma as it is still sitting precariously a top a tall building. while in the florida keys, federal officials make a shocking announcement. they say it appears 25% of all the homes in the keys are now gone and 90% of homes are either damaged or destroyed. >> we were not expecting to find
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somebody else's sailboat on our backyard and somebody else's dock with a fishing station on our backyard. >> at this point they're's still no power or clean running water across the keys. but u.s. navy aircraft carrier is now positioned off key west to help with search, rescue and humanitarian aid operations. >> the keys have been really devastated. you just feel so sorry for the people down there. >> reporter: the airport in key west remains closed except for emergency nights not expec expected to reopen until at last friday. joel waldman, fox 29 news. iain and lucy? back to you. >> thank you joel. now some in florida began to make their way back home. the rush for necessity social security on. see these photos from a wawa in aveda a half our from orlando. the store is pack as folks pick up food and basic supplies. >> hungry storm victims are surviving with philly flavor. one guy from our area is bringing joy to many floridians
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with his delicious cheesesteaks. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from orlando with the story. chris? >> reporter: yeah, iain, things are starting to get back to normal after the storm here in orlando, and i want to show i was big reason why. you kind of just saw it. take a look at what just rolled in to storm ravaged florida. a convoy of wawa trucks. just arrived here stuffed with shorties and iced tea and coffee and hoagie meat. but this isn't the only way that philly is playing a big role in hurricane relief. >> we got up in the morning. all the fences were down. pretty much in the whole neighbor. >> reporter: the gas generator outside was a sight for sore eyes for orlando resident and west chester native matt. he and his pregnant wife got to eat a hot meal since the first time since irma ripped through
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their neighborhood. >> i've been craving a cheesesteak. i'm pregnant. they're open and i said -- saw on facebook they were open. i said we're getting a cheesesteak. >> reporter: not just any cheesesteak. the real deal. with whiz right in the middle of orlando. >> little better than -- what we've been eating peanut butter and jellies. snacks like crackers. so -- >> you need a cheesesteak. >> need a cheesesteak. >> florida transplant and chester native john la sad ya has three philly cheesesteak shops in the orlando area all of them suffered some damage. >> it's like horrible knowing that you can open and getting out the house and getting down here to your business. >> reporter: but with downed trees still littering his parking lot, the power still out and hungry customers calling by the minute, laspada is using a generator to power their grills as the rest of the store is left in the dark. >> i was thinking, you know, we'll be devastated there's gob to go lines out the door people
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that need to eat. >> reporter: and eat they did. the place filled with eagles gear and ammo rosa rolls providing a little philly comfort food to evacuees in orlando. >> luck killly i have a generator. i've gotten extra gas. we're go making hoagies and slicing things up. bring good sandwiches to people of orlando. ♪ >> chris, thank you. happening right now, police say it was a mom who dropped a dea deadly drug near a kindergarten playground while she up her five-year-old from school. dave kinchen fifty five in upper darby. >> dave. >> reporter: police spent several days working this case and the developments are simply stunning to so many parents. >> it's just crazy. i can't even believe that. report roar lisa maze just one of many delaware county parents stunned about what police say did he linda williams did. 29-year-old accused of dropping dozens of packets of fentanyl while picking up her five-year-old son from saint
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bernadette of lords catholic grade school in drexel hill last week. >> from a mother, i'm a mother. just blows my mind. >> reporter: upper darby police say williams somehow dropped a sandwich bag filled with 29 smaller bags of fentan fentanyl. >> which is like 50 to 100 times more powerful than heroin. >> reporter: and 12 used bags with residue left in the parking lot of the school where it was left for several minutes. >> one of the children could have got a hold it and, you know, then they would have gave it to their friends could have brought it in the cafeteria, brought it in the school. all the kids could have had it, and you know, kids could have died. people could have died. teachers, everyone. >> it would be catastrophic event if a child had even opened it and group of children had sniffed the stuff or had it got into the air. so i mean, it's a very very dangerous situation. >> reporter: police say williams realized that the drug bag was gone and went back to start looking around telling school officials she was looking for money when confronted. parents found the drugs before
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it eventually got to authoriti authorities. >> the parents handled it. teachers handled i the principle handled it. the police handled it. everybody handled it but good thing it was packaged and it was a sandwich bag. >> reporter: superintendent which it woods says williams surrender and confessed to having the drugs she's charged with drug possession and reckless endangering the welfare of children. >> it's scary to think that someone would be in a school zone with all of that stuff or just walking around the streets in general. >> reporter: williams was released on $25,000 bail. i speak with her attorney. he refused to comment on on-going investigation. back to you, iain. >> dave, thanks. mercer county authorities couldn't be happier after a drug bust got a lot of heroin and crack off the streets. the county drug task force searched darrell rice's home after two-week investigation. they found 70 grams of crack cocaine and 55 bricks of heroin. along with $2,000 in cash. officials estimate the drugs were worth more than $15,000. prosecutors have charged rice
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with possession and intent to distribute. >> local news just getting started. a woman jumped from her burning home, not knowing her husband just ran back inside to save h her. these swarms of bugs everywhere. even had philly police tweeting about them. it turns out they're ants and they may be back. haircuts, food, fun and free backpack all to get folks big and small to open up and have fun with local police.
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♪ what happened overnight in wilmington something neighbors will never forget. deadly fire broke out at a home
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on west 37th street right around midnight. the husband made it out but when he thought his wife had not, he rushed back inside. fox 29's dawn timmeney has more. i caught her when she jumped off the roof. >> reporter: jamar warren capturing on cell phone videos the moments after he saved his neighbor from the burning home on west 37th street in wilmington. the woman trapped on the second floor with flames shooting all around her. >> i'm like hold on jump into my arms. jumped to me. jump top my chest. >> reporter: warren was watching tv about 11:30 last night when he and his family heard the commotion outside. they look out and realized their next door neighbor's house was on fire. >> every window, like, down the side, every doorway, it was just a blaze. >> reporter: the woman who lives there on a second floor roof about to jump for her life. >> i had to do something. i had to try to help her because she was like 70 -- 70 years old. jumping off roof. i can't let her jump straight to
10:16 pm
the ground. >> reporter: warren says they both fell to the ground. but he helped break the woman's fall and dragged her to safety. little did this hero neighbor know the woman's husband had just gone back in to the house to save his wife of some 30 years. >> f he'd have waited 30 seconds he'd seen her coming out on the roof, and me and him both would have been catching her instead of me catching her and him dying inside. >> reporter: the wilmington fire department trying to prevent another tragedy like this replacing the batteries and smoke detectors in warren's house today as he tries to make sense of what happened. >> i still got to take it all in. it's like just crazy. >> reporter: family members dent the victim as archie monr monroe. his wife donna is hospitalized in critical condition with broken bones to her back. fire investigators say they don't have app exact cause just yet but say it was accidental. they also tell me there were no working smoke detectors in the home. in wilmington, dawn timmeney, fox 29 news.
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do you recognize this guy? he's wanted pour robbing a bank in blue bell, montgomery county. police say he stormed into the beneficial bang on skippack pike last wednesday and handed the teller a demand note. he stole some cash, ran off. thankfully no one was hurt. if you've got any information, please give police a call. bucks county man accused opening at an office complex in morrisville hitting the building with employees inside. others hit trailers across the street. authorities say they found the suspect with a gun a short time after the shooting just standing oh and street nearby. a police officer asked him to drop his weapon did he not comply. after a brief struggle officers had him in cuffs. he's now charged with attempted homicide. in the bribery trial democratic new jersey senator bob menendez jurors have heard from the ex girlfriend's of a wealthy donor one of women was from the dominican republic. she testified the u.s. approved heveas have a once the florida doctor said he reached out to menendez. prosecutors say menendez used
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his senate seat to help the financial interests of that long-time friend but both men have said the gifts are merely evidence of their friendship, not a corrupt agreement. in new castle county it has been a long time coming. but police say they have finally got their man in an exposure case at a park. police have been investigating since late last year and just arrested 19-year-old harris for what they say he did at glasgow park. harris exposed himself inappropriately touched two women late last year. then did it again this summer. using backpacks, free haircuts and barbecue to bring neighbors and police together. the piece on the water church decided tonight to show all the ways we can unite instead of fight. and fox 29's shawnette wilson live tonight from center city with more on that. shawl net. >> reporter: iain, it was a great event for the entire community but the organizers also wanted to show appreciation for first responders especially
10:19 pm
philadelphia police. philadelphia's bravest took time in between calls to give children one-on-one time. showing them what firefighters do to put out fires and safe lives. it's part of a unity in the community event in west oak lane. maria smith brought her childr children. >> it feels great to just feel united with the whole community. i think we need it badly. especially what's going on in the country in the world right now. >> reporter: families got to enjoy a barbecue get backpacks and school supplies. rdb barber shop at 69th and ogontz gave free haircuts. >> it makes me feel great to give back. because i know god has blessed me in my life. just cutting hair so to give a haircut to make people feel better, it's like nothing compared to what god has done for me. >> tara james son travis and devon got their turn in the barber chair. >> saves parents money who can't afford to get their haircuts and whatever. good to get the community together.
10:20 pm
>> reporter: peace on the water minute industries put on the event and held a tent revival service they invited philadelphia police to help promote the message of unity it. >> shows the children they don't have to be afraid of the police department. of the police officers. we want them to come out and be so loved and let them know they love them. >> we share so much in common. obviously the citizens aren't police but they're eyes and ears. they're part of us, we're part of them and ideally we'd like it to be one big happy community. >> reporter: and tonight it was just that. this was the first time the church has put on this event and lucy, it was so awesome seeing smiles on all those kids faces tonight. >> always a heart warming thing. all right, thank you, shawnette. we now know what exactly that bug infestation is that has had so many people asking questions. it turns out the swarms of insects are a species of flying ants. they're not gnats i thought they look like ants last night. not mosquitoes. the academy of natural sciences
10:21 pm
says the swarming of these kinds of ants is common in the fall. it turns out they are mating. and the weather condition last night was quite favorable for romance. experts say it's possible this could happen again with different species in the coming weeks. so be prepared. a local student athlete says the opportunities as her classmates because of her gender and race and she's not the only one. incredible video that plane slammed right into a tree and the pilot is somehow okay. wow! ♪
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>> caught on camera incredible crash landing in connecticut a man loses control of his single engine plane winds up flying into a tree. which actually helped him out because came to rest in parking lot near an airport thankfully he got out with only minor injuries. authorities say without that tree the crash could have been tragic. the faa still investigating what happened. >> school district of philadelphia facing a new lawsuit. student athletes who are women claim discrimination. fox 29's jeff cole breaks down what both the students and the district are saying in the wake of these allegations. >> reporter: a 2017 graduate of strawberry mansion high plays lacrosse. >> as i played, i had grown to love the sport actually more than i actually love basketball now. >> reporter: she excelled said her former coach but did it in the face of discrimination from
10:25 pm
philadelphia public schools. >> the district has embraced the stereotype these sports are not for girls of color and they have actively blocked the opportunities for these girls. >> reporter: on behalf of mcrae lawyers filed a class action lawsuit in federal court tuesday morning alleging racial and sex discrimination by the school reform commission and the school district. the suit claims young women at strawberry mansion played the same schools over and over again and were denied support. >> games canceled, buses canceled, um, playing the same teams over and over again which i then deemed the nedro league based upon only plays girl of color. smith who runs a league for field hockey and lacrosse she was fired when she complain to the district. a source with knowledge of the situation tolls fox 29 smith contract was simply not renewed. in a statement the district writes one much our core values is a school district is increasing opportunity in the classroom and on the playing
10:26 pm
field for all our students regardless of race or gender. lawyers also claim mcrae lost out on chance to play lacrosse at the university of hartford in connecticut on a full ride because the district failed to provide documents to the university. >> he had me feel like we weren't good enough to play lacrosse because we were discouraged so many times from not playing and like not being noticed for like the great potential we have. >> reporter: university of hartford did not return our calls for comment a source says mcrae's transcript was supplied and received by the university on august 9th. it says it's goal the school district says is equity in giving all students the opportunity to achieve. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. stuck on island with irma bearing down local dj huddled in bathroom now says the sound was nothing he's heard before. take look at that guy driving a bus with a newspaper.
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♪ harrowing stories of survival coming to light as hurricane victims make it to safety that includes a local radio mix master who just landed back in philadelphia. the u.s. military airlifted him and his friend from the devastate thed island of st. maarten beaten by cat guy irma. fox 29's joyce of advance has the story of of his long journey home. >> ♪ >> reporter: dj touch tone back on the air at radio one's 100.3r and b. >> ♪ >> reporter: spinning and scratching, hit tunes in the 12:00 o'clock work out mix with karen vaughn. >> you also learn what's really important. >> it's good to be home. they never lie when they say there's no place like home. ♪ rt. >> reporter: that's because the sounds he heard on the island of st. maarten were far from music. >> for me it's a sound that i never heard before and god willing i hope i never they are sound again. >> reporter: he r and bdj lady b and four other friends huddled inside resort bathrooms taking a
10:31 pm
direct cat five hit from hurricane irma. >> you just hear the door rattling and you don't know if within the next minute or second that that door is going to fly open. >> reporter: even scarier, touch tone is blind. >> didn't know what was going to hit me or what direction it was going to come from. >> reporter: when the winds stopped, the damage was evident. and so was the fact that they were stuck on that island. no power, water and food running low. touch tone prayed. >> i've been through is the worst of the storm just get me out of here at this point. >> reporter: u.s. troops to the rescue with a c130 cargo plane to fly americans out. >> i never thought in a million years i would be on a military plane. >> reporter: they were crammed in but who cared? >> i'm actually being you know air live to do safety. >> reporter: to puerto rico then home to philadelphia. ♪
10:32 pm
>> reporter: and straight back to work. >> back to the ground running. back to the grind. back to normalcy. >> reporter: and without a single scratch. praising the us military and his travel companions for having his back. the lesson he says he learned, don't ever take anything for granted. i asked if he would ever go back to the carribbean. he said sure. just not during hurricane seas season. joyce evans, fox 29 news. understandable. the u.s. department of justice will not bring federal charges against six police officers involved in the arrest and in custody death of freddie gray. state prosecutors charged the officers after gray's neck broke in the back of a police transport wagon in april of 2015. five of those officers face internal disciplinary hearings scheduled to begin october 30th. big focus now for the white house is tax reform. president trump will soon be hitting the road to try and sell his new plan. tonight the president met with a bipartisan group of senators including pennsylvania senator
10:33 pm
pat toomey to discuss the plan. the president will soon launch cross country blitz to try and build momentum. he'll hit about 13 states and seven weeks. among them are ten states he won where democratic senators are up for re-elect. >> the president i think has demonstrated both in his business world and as president that he can make deals and that's certainly what he's looking to do. i think that starts with things like tonight. >> sources are telling fox news details of the tax reform plan should be ready to go by the end of this month. just another very small st step. that is how president trump referred to un security council zaps taken against north korea. security counsel sit voted 15-zero to impose new sanctions against the country in response to its latest nuclear testing. president trump calls the council's banning of north korean textile imports and capping of crude oil nice. he warn the sanctions are
10:34 pm
nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. trump also warned he may punish companies in russia and china that do not comply with the international sanctions. meanwhile the united states and south korea are in the middle of their annual military exercises. caught on camera in maryland, metro bus driver suspended after this twitter video appears to show him flipping the pages of a newspaper while driving. this happened september 8th. according to the washington post, washington metro area transit authority spokesman says the driver was put on paid leave pending an investigation and described what the video shows as quote completely and disturbingly unacceptable. >> new jersey town complaining about some noisy neighbors. so we've got a highlighted area. it is palmyra, new jersey. >> residents there say the noise is actually coming from somewhere in philadelphia. >> so what's going on? fox 29's hank flynn went down to the river looking for answers. ♪
10:35 pm
>> reporter: did you hear something? neither did i. stop that racket now! >> it's hank i'm in palmyra where police have been getting calls from locals about too much noise on the other side of the riff in philly. call it bad team work but my take is, philly police got bigger fish to fry than noise complaints. when i first heard about this here's what i had pictured in my mind. ♪ >> hey palmyra, if it's too loud, you're too old. turn it down now. don't you have any respect for common decency? ♪ >> i'm calling the police. yup, wrong police as it turn out palmyra pd look into the matter and said on facebook that they had no idea where the noise was coming from other than philly. i ran into pat haggerty he says he hasn't heard thing.
10:36 pm
>> they're getting noise it's coming from their side because they're ain't no noise down this end of the park. i'm down here every day. i'm retired. i sit here and read the paper. where they're getting the noise it can be coming from that side, that noise reflects off water. >> reporter: palmyra posted ad they had no specific location to direct philly pd toward and neither did i. miles of riverfront it's a needle in haystack and then things changed. >> i think i just got lucky i met a guy and as soon as i mentioned the noise he said he knows right where it comes from. he said it's a party that happens on the weekend behind the dietz and watson plant. let's fine out. i saw maybe 100 people at the first one. and probably more at the second one. so -- consecutive weekend. >> bob graham finish at frankfurt boat dock and he's seen the party and the noise is legit.
10:37 pm
>> nerve racking in this general vicinity. even up north i could feel it and hear it even though i had headphones on. >> reporter: other fisherman confirm the parties happen on weekends for the last several weeks at the boat dock which is completely surrounded by industrial areas. part of the reason that there were apparently no complaints in philly cities are loud and towns like palmyra are cite quiet. maybe that's the difference. we'll fine out this weekend if the music returns. i'm hank and that's my take. >> all right. after all the hype, it's here. well kind of. it was unveiled. iphone ten. thousand bucks a pop. is it worth it? it's supposed to be a magical moment popping that big question, right, the guy did it on bridge. oh, you know how this one might end. the ring right in the water.
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breaking news for you right now. skyfox live over a fire in philadelphia's tacony neighborhood. you can see all the fire trucks on that scene. this is on the 7200 block of cottage street. we're told that crews got the fire under control in the last ten minutes and so far we don't have anyone who was hurt.
10:41 pm
the moment when you are or your significant other gets down on one knee is a memory to last lifetime. right? well for a couple in missouri that feeling of bliss turned into shock after the proposal took well and unfortunate turn. the entire incident you know caught on camera. the man is on one knee ready to propose to his girlfriend of four years and just as he's about to pop that question he fumbles opening the ring drops it and it tumbles through the bridge and into the water below. friends and family tried to find the ring but to now no avail now they've going to fund me to help replace it. >> well apple unveiled its new iphone and apple watch today and also mailed it easier for local customers to understand the cost of these new devices. apple debuted the $999 iphone ten. might as well a thousand bucks it's going to go on sale in november. little bit of a delay for apple. usually these thing come out in september. the company also came to an agreement with the state of new jersey over some pricing
10:42 pm
information they have a dispute so the announce announced annouy and place price wedges where the devices are sale. they proteste protested the in e digital prices it didn't continually rue pricing for customers. >> remnants of irma are going to make for a wet few days here, kathy orr. >> we have some rain. we have some humidity it's on the way. we'll take look in the seven day forecast but there's better news for the weekend. i'm danny.
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areas of florida ravaged by irma there are some things people are learning they often take for granted like getting a bite to eat. many florida residents cannot cook because they're not at home and they can't go tout to restaurants eat. no power means no cooking. fox's dan maddox reports. >> reporter: hurricane irma damaging homes and leaving half of in order without electric. >> nobody has power. >> reporter: non power means spoiled food. >> did you see the line outside. >> reporter: that means long lines at fast food restaurants as amy hearts sell has to settle for chinese. >> it was really the only place open. >> reporter: complain all you want. >> can't go wrong with burger and fries. >> reporter: this man says fast food beats his hurricane food. >> compared to the cold
10:46 pm
spaghetti movement os i've been eating absolutely. >> we're closed signs could be seen at most restaurants and the ones that are open, slammed. >> i'm hungry. i'm tired of eating cold food even wait. so we waited 25 minutes it took to us get burger. >> reporter: this deli in saint pete only closing after running out of food. they were bum rushed with hundreds of customers. >> i ran out of food because we didn't have enough enough to complete a meal. >> reporter: waiting for food and running on empty. >> yeah, i have no gas. >> you have no gas right now. >> yeah. i'm waiting for them to fill up the station so i can get gas. >> seems the number one tool for post irma survival is -- >> patience. you got to have it. >> reporter: in pinellas county dan maddux, fox news. our every day heroes getting well-deserved recognition tonight in old city. at the national liberty museum 14 awards of valor went to our first responders in our area. the honors go to police officers and firefighter firefighters an.
10:47 pm
k9 units for their acts of bravery and heroism and compassion for their communities. their stories of going above and beyond the normal call of duty are inspirational always. right? >> we've got your forecast in 15 seconds. >> it's quiet night across the delaware valley. mostly cloudy skies. down the shore in wildwood, sad sight. closed for business during the fall season. little bit early temperatures right now pretty pleasant. southerly winds with temperature of 69 in philadelphia. 63 in allentown and 55 little bit cooler in the poconos. let's take you to the remnants of irma. not a lot of moisture but it's streaming up from the south. we have the high clouds/showers moving in tomorrow and a few more of these bands will be moving up from the south. so an increase in temperature and in humidity with that
10:48 pm
moisture. due point temperatures mainly in the 50's but look at the 60s are popping up that means the air is getting increas increasely humiy tomorrow will go into the uncomfortable zone with periods of rain and high humidity. fox future cast goes hour by hour. you can see one wave moving in from the south and west during the morning hours. that goes through with spotty showers in the afternoon. so not raining all day. and then on the morning of thursday, some cloudy skies, some showers to the west but as the day progresses more rain moves through especially during the evening rush for thursday. then a few lingering showers into early friday. when we look at the total for wednesday and thursday into early friday, quarter of an inch to half an inch of rain locally an inch in some spots. high humidity uncomfortable and down the shore, of course, rough surf. the surf kicked up earlier in the week by irma and now by jose. we have to address jose. category one hurricane. moving southeast at 9 miles an hour. it's going make this crazy loop
10:49 pm
and then our computer models taking it out to sea. keeping it offshore. not a threat to the main land us. that means a great weekend for us. overnight tonight low temperatures 63 in philadelphia. 56 in allentown and 62 in millville. tomorrow decent day despite the rain. when you dodge the raindrops, temperatures will be well into the 70s. 80 in dover. 79 in -- 78 in wildwood. 75 in pottstown. allentown the high 77. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, unsettled still for thursday. just a chance of a shower frid friday. friday not looking bad at all. saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, golden. looking great. just beautiful days to be outside. we'll send it over to you. >> all right. thank you very much, kathy. can you ever imagine never getting sick and missing a day of school? right. well a philadelphia elementary school student just did that. is getting well-deserved recognition that's vick greater sigh deek perez from the heart
10:50 pm
rap school received the first ever attendance hero award. he must have had perfect attendance last year, yup, did he and the year before that and in fact he hasn't missed a day of school since starting first grade. i'll bet you were just lining that sean bell. >> negative. i'm faking as much as i can. [ laughter ] >> give me sick. get me out of here. i don't want to go to school. learn for what? i want to stay home and watch cartoons. good for him. good for him. don't listen to me. i'm a bad system pell. let's get to the eagles. they allegedly have a little bit of tension behind the scenes. defensive coordinator jim schwartz addressed all the rumors. plus the phillies go into extra innings with the marlins. this thing is a roller coaster. see who came through in the clutch. that's coming up next in sports. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. tomorrow get ready for some leftovers. irma leftovers will start to inch into our way with that rain
10:51 pm
on the way of course delays on the roads and also down at philly international. then also tomorrow watch for delays along route 70 crews are over here in cherry hill working right near 295. got the new schedule folks trying to get used for the regional rails with big change occurred on the cynwyd lansdale paoli warminster lines. make sure you have the new timetable so you're ready for the morning. i'm ready to go. we'll check the jam cams. sue will have your hump day forecast. we'll see you right here starting tomorrow morning at 4:00.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>> today the eagles placed sturgess on the injured reserve list. still able to come back later this season that's a move to free up roster spot. eagles signed kicker jake elliot from the bengals. now to the eagles coaching staff. report came out that there was tension behind the scenes with doug pederson and jim schwartz. schwartz was an link for pederson's job. i don't believe any of that. that's garbage today jim schwartz stepped up to the median says all of this is nonsense. >> i am very comfortable with my relationship with doug pederson. and i know he's comfortable in miss relationship with me. i work extremely hard ting cute the defense the way that he haas outline it for me. i can be brash. check. i can be in your face. check. that's the only way i know to
10:55 pm
coach defense and, you know, as long as coach pederson is fine with it i'll continue that. and he is. >> only thing pederson is have has to worry about andy reid. pederson his whole game was bakely based off of what andy reid did. he was his assistant. he played for him all of that. and yesterday pederson basically said what he learned from coach reid. >> consistency, being honest, being open, being fair with the players, um, teaching, coaching. i think the attention to detail that he -- he has with his players and his coaches and that's some of the biggest things i learned from him. >> to the phillies they're back in action tonight against the marlins. the phils have lost four out of their last five games trying to bounce back haven't better performance against a team that's playing even worse than they are. check this one out. phillies down seven-sick in the bot. to ninth bases loaded. base hit to right. gets right through nick williams gets in to score. hernandez comes around and right
10:56 pm
here he's called safe. it look like he's safe but after a review, they call him out. just hits the pink key right there. call him out we go to the tenth fingers fills down eight-seven my man reece hoskins always coming through in the clutch. look at that. a homer to dead center. that was his second of the night. sixteenth of his young career. this kid is special. this game is currently tied at eight in the 11th. to the nba my man kobe bryant getting his jersey retired this year. the question was, eight or 24? eight or 24? both great, but you can only retire one, right? nope. they're retiring both. ma'am ba style. ma'am ba mentality. that's the way you do it. okay. listen, they asked kobe he said even if they just retire one, who will wear the other one? >> exactly. nobody. >> nobody wants to follow that. >> respect. that's right. big shoes to fill. >> lucy what's coming up at
10:57 pm
11:00. >> courtroom stunner. criminal case against amtrak engineers toed out two years after the crash that killed eight people and injured more than 150 others. the engineer is not talk bug the victims, they are. we've got your wake up weather and seven day forecast is in the first five minutes. and remember your mega millions lottery drawing is next.
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