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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00.
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eight people dead, more than 150 injured an accident, not crime so says a judge in the case against amtrak engineer brandon bostian. he was at the controls when the train careened off the tanks in port richmond more than two years ago. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the 30th street station and the victims you've talk with are not pleased to say the least, dave. report roar lucy, one local victim we talked tonight said he was floored by the judge's decision to dismiss the charges against brandon bostian in that crash. tonight, he's speaking out on behalf of the victims. >> i'm disgusted by what happened today. >> reporter: amtrak 188 crash victim lenny nobs was more than disappointed tuesday night after judges toed out manslaughter charges against train engineer bostian important two years after the train crash left him with catastrophic injuries. >> i broke my back.
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broke seven ribs. broke my torn mcl, meniscus is my right knee. >> he's still in therapy. his pain got worse tuesday when a judge said the crash was more likely an accident new york not the result of criminal negligence. he dismissed involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charge glass in october i go back into the hospital for the constant takes that have you from the concussion. >> there's big difference between negligence and a crime. big differnce between an accident an crime. >> reporter: bostian was charged back in june by attorney general josh shapiro after the da' office refused to prosecute the case. citing a lack of sufficient evidence. shapiro says bostian was at the throat physical doing 106 miles per hour on curve where the speed limit was 50. >> he was going double the speed limit to me that's complete negligence. >> reporter: mcmonagle agreed with the ntsb report which said bostian lost situational
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awareness while monitoring rocks being thrown at a nearby septa train. >> another train in front of him was attacked by criminals and that i believe is what set in motion this unfortunate set of events. >> he killed eight people because his situational awareness was messed up. ooh find that disgusting. >> reporter: the attorney general's office has not decided whether to seek reinstatement of these charges and possibly take them before another judge lenny continues to get physical therapy and suffers from ptsd. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, dave. the massive cleanup from hurricane irma is only just beginning. as the assessment of just how hard the hurricane hit some communities is coming into foc focus. search and rescue teams are now moving across sections of the in order keys just devastated by irma. meanwhile, across florida tonight some special commercial airlines are actually once again operating. fox's joel waldman is live at miami international airport monitoring it all.
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joel? >> reporter: lucy g evening to you. we're getting groups of people actually walking by us who are just getting off carnival cruise line it was supposed to be a four-day cruise which in your opinion a nine-day cruise which sounds pretty nice but these people had had it. they were pretty loopy and most of them have to sleep in the airport here tonight. this is a live look right now at the american airlines ticket counter. even at this late hour, they're usually people over there but tonight no one. that's because the airport is running a 30% capacity. typically there are thousand flights. today only 300. >> i'm still trying to get my night from here to cuba but it's canceled. >> miami international airport typically handles around a thousand flights a day but so far following irma things are far from back up to speed. on tuesday, the airport only seeing around 300 flights in and out about 30% of its capacity. >> it's a nightmare. i've had to rebook get canceled,
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rebook. >> reporter: irma related flooding power outages and recovery operations continue from the carolinas down through the florida keys. thing like gasoline are now in limited supply in many parts of flor. >> got to get fuel back in the state. report roar this has police miami tuesday have been evacua evacuating people near a crane that collapsed during irma as it is still sitting precariously a tap a tall building. while in the florida keys, federal officials make a shocking announcement. they say it appears some 25% of all the homes in the keys are now gone and 90% of homes are either damaged or destroyed. >> we were not expecting to find somebody else's sailboat in our backyard and somebody he will's dock with a fishing station on our backyard. >> reporter: at this point there's still no power or clean running water across the keys. but us navy aircraft carrier is now pigged off key west to help with search, rescue and humanitarian aid operations. the keys have been really devastated.
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you just feel so sorry for the people down there. >> reporter: airport and hard hit key west remains closed except for emergency flights. not expected to reopen until at least friday. reporting from miami international airport, joel waldman, fox news. all right. thank you much, joel. >> he has been working non-life stop for days now. tell you what. speaking of non-stop irma still going and at this point, irma is headed this way. we saw some of those big chris clouds way up there. was that part of maim. > we had a lot of clouds. high clouds first and they'll thicken during the day tomorrow very good, lucy. >> i list season to you. >> thanks. beautiful night in old city philadelphia not only the cloud cover increasing but the moisture will feel noticeably more humid tomorrow afternoon and evening. temperatures pretty mile. you have that southerly flow moving in already. philadelphia 67. 53 in philadelphia. -- i should say mount pock kn know. 68 degrees in wilmington and look at wildwood southerly within a temperature of 64. look at the remnants of irma.
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the storm is well to the west but these are the outer bands lifting up from the south. so a few spotty sprinkles possibly in southern delaware tonight. but the main event will be over the next couple of days. dew point temperatures in the 50s. our comfortable but look at millville and dover. and wildwood getting into the 60s. by tomorrow, it will be in the uncomfortable range. dew point temperatures between 65 and 70. it will feel uncomfortable at least for your wednesday and for thursday. as we go hour by hour with a fox future cast you'll see the clouds thickening overnight tonight and tomorrow. some showers moving up during the morning hours for the morning rush at about 7:00 a.m. and spotty showers during the afternoon. those southerly winds continue and it will feel tropical up deed. for your thursday morning, same thing. clouds in the morning, some showers moving through. some heavier rain possible. a front is going to push everything eastward and it's looking a little bit better for friday as far as the sky conditions go. this is what we expect for the next couple of days. rain about a quarter of an inch
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to half an inch. higher humidity and down the shore a rough surf with all that wave action from irma and jose. good news on jose. right now still category one storm. it is expected to make this crazy loop and then continue to go north and then northeast keeping it away from the mainland us looks like it will be away from bermuda as well that is the good news. so overnight tonight low temperatures 63 in philadelphia. 62 in millville. 50s to the north and west so good sleeping weather. tomorrow occasional showers. in the going to be raining all day that's for sure. highs in the mid 70s to around 80 degrees. on your seven day forecast unsettled the next couple of day. morning clouds friday. increasing sun just a chance of a shower. saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday looking great. wow, lucy f there was ever a time to extend your weekend into next week, it would definitely be monday and tuesday. >> i'm up for that if we can figure out how to do it. >> hmm. let me thing on. >> i'll get back to you. thanks much, kathy. >> you bet. this woman's mug shot courtesy
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of what police in delaware county say she dropped near kindergarten play ground as she was picking up her five-year-old son she also dropped bags of fentanyl. fox 29's dave chin zen life in upper darby with what's going on right now. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police tell us it was a parent who actually found those drugs on the ground, and other parents across delaware county well they're just shock by it all. >> i can't believe in this what you're talking about i just got teched about that. that's so crazy. >> lisa maze still processing the revelation that a mother dropped do's 7's packets of fentanyl as she pick up her five-year-old school from a catholic grade school in drexel hit last week. >> i never thought would have thought in this area. >> williams somehow dropped a sandwich bag filled with 29 smaller bag of fentanyl. >> which is like 50 to 100 times more powerful than heroin.
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>> and 12 used bags with residue left in the parking lot of the school where it was left for several minutes. >> it would be catastrophic event if a child had even opened it and group of children sniffe the stuff or it had got into the air or so. i mean, it's very very dangerous situation. >> reporter: police say williams realized that the drug bag was gone and wept back to start looking around. telling school official she was looking for and when in confronted. parents found the drugs will it eventually got to authorities. >> the parents handled it. the teachers handled it. the principle handled it. the police handled it. good thing it was packaged and sandwich bag. >> superintendent chitwood says william surrendered and confessed to having the drugs she's charged with drug possession and recklessly endangering the welfare of children. >> it's scary to think someone would be in a school zone with all that stuff and walking a round the streets in general. >> williams was released $25,000 bail. i spoke with her attorney.
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did not have comment. he says the case is on-going. lucy. >> all right, thank you, dave. local student athletes said her school district discriminated against her not only because of her race but also her gender. a call for unity in the community. how members of local law enforcement are working to show folks they're there to help. and we all know that members of our armed forces make great sacrifices for our nation. tonight we're learning about a local veteran and medical student who rutgers is honoring not only for her service to our country but to her family as well. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic sfx: t-mobile mnemonic sfx: t-mobile mnemonic
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♪ neighbors of west 37th street in wilmington will never forget what happened about 24 hours ago. a deadly fire broke out at a home around midnight. a couple was inside. family members say archie monroe made it out but when he thought his wife of 30 years donna had not, he rush back inside. well she ended up jumping into the arms of a neighbor. did he not make it back out. donna is in critical condition with broken bones in her back investigators are looking in what started the fire. allegations tonight against a philadelphia school district. student athletes who are women
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are claiming discrimination. lawyers for former high school lacrosse and field hockey player at strawberry mansion high says the district is discriminating against these athletes by downplaying the sports for women of color. federal suit claims young women played the same schools over and over again the school did not support them. >> it made me feel that like we weren't good enough to play lacrosse because we were discouraged so many times from not playing and like not being noticed for like the great potential that we have. >> in statement the district says "one of our core val yous as school district is increasing opportunity in the classroom and on the playing field for all of our students regardless of race or gender". how does this sun. backpacks, got free haircuts, nice big barbecue all about bringing neighbors and police together. the piece on the water church decided tonight to show all the ways we can unite instead of fight.
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fox point twenty two point's shawnette wilson is live in center city. sounds like a good deal. shawnette. >> definitely a good night. the organizer actually wanted to show appreciation to law enforcement and also strengthen the relationship between our local police and the community. philadelphia's bravest took time in between calls to give children one-on-one time. showing them what firefighter do's to put out fires and safe lives. it's part of a unity in the community event in west oak lane. maria smith brought her childr children. >> it feels great to just, um, feel united with the whole newspaper community. >> families got to enjoy a barbecue, get backpacks and school supplies. rdb barber should shop at 69th and ogontz gave free haircuts it. >> makes me feel great to i can give back. >> tara james sons got their trn in the barber chair. >> saves parents monday who can't afford get their cuts and however. good to get the community
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together. >> reporter: peace on the water ministries put on the event and held tent revival service. they inn have id philadelphia police to help promote the message of unity. >> it shows the children that they don't have to be afraid of the police department. of the police officers. >> we share so much in common. you know what i mean? obviously the citizens aren't police but they are eyes and ears. you know, they're part of us. we're part of them, and ideally we'd like it to be one big happy community. >> reporter: this was the first year the church has held the commune tee event they hope to do it again next year. lucy. >> sounds like wonderful thing. thank you so much, shawnette. of course military services key to protecting the way that we live in our nation. but what do you do when serving your country means you can actually be there for your family? especially when they need you. today bill anderson spoke to someone who was in that situation but found a way to help her family and still serve her nation for goodness sake.
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>> be mindful of the struggles that life gives you. they're going to pull you back like a bow and arrow. but i promise you, they will always propel you forward. >> reporter: the day was about celebrating a local veteran had was honored to win prestigious scholarship named for the late pat tillman. >> it is remarkable that we have such patriotic young people who will be the next generation of our nation's leaders. >> reporter: winning the scholarship to now be able to serve on thes as a nurse was the reason laura tolliver was being celebrated at rutgers camden. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> sitting here speaking to laura i found her service is even more impressive because of her own personal struggles. >> i was going to surprise my family and come home for easter because i hadn't been home in while. my aunt kind of had surprise for me it was that my father had been hospitalized. he had fallen ill. >> reporter: lauras' mother passed away when she was teen. coming home to her father's
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illness was as devastating as it would be to any of us but in his case it left her with serious new respons responsibilities. >> he suffered a brain injury i took custody of him because he's my dad. >> reporter: she was honorablely discharged from the marines and moved back so she can care for her father that along with her experiences with her mom drove her to want to be a nurse. >> so many nurse who's would ask me how i was doing or noticed that my hair changed. you know what i mean? like and that mattered because they valued me just as much as i valued the care they were giving to my parents. i wanted to be there for someone else. ♪ for those who planned seeds in my life who are not able to be here, my mother, my father, my grandmother, i'm sorry. >> but it also gave one more reason to celebrate someone who before their theirth birthday with what felt like a lifetime of service and struggle remains unbroken. committed to helping others for
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goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ your health now. in this case the hell of your children. in the wake of hurricanes harry see irma compared to adults children suffer more than from exposure to natural disasters physically and psychologically and behaviorally of the. the national child traumatic stress network says if your child continues to have difficulties longer than sick week after some big event like this happens, you might want to find professional help just to help them, you know, maybe cope. kobe bryant. >> mama mentality baby. >> i'm telling you. >> i love it. any time i can give kobe some love i have to. lucy. i just have to. in my opinion he's one of the five great at the time basketball players to ever do it. after his career is over he's doing things no one has ever done before. check out what the lakers are doing for the young legend next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell giving a special shout out to one of the greatest
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to ever hit the hard court. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ since kobe bryant retired me and my boys and whoever really had debate about him. which jersey do you retire eight or 24? eight or 24? that is the young kobe bryant that used to dunk oh people's head old kobe bryant hit fade aways in your face. it's no longer debate the lakers are row stirring both jersey and rightfully so. check out these numbers. when kobe bryant wore the number eight. they 3nba titles for final appearance and and eight all star games. hall of fame career in hisself.
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when he wore 24, 2nba titles, three final appearances and ten all star games much this guy basically had two separate hall of fame careers in one. that's absolutely ridiculous. both those numbers off limits. imagine a player coming into the league being a laker and trying to wear one of those numbers. that would be absolutely disrespectful. kobe bryant will to be the first player to have two number reti retire. congrats. salute to the black ma'am ba always so fun to watch that guy. >> absolutely. >> thanks sean. take two forewent woman director patti jenkins much she's said to direct the same install many. super hero movie jenkins has reportedly signed a deal with warner brother toss direct the 2019 sequel to wonder woman. did you watch that movie. >> yes. >> was it great. >> i like it. >> she help us win world war ii. >> i had no idea. there's history involved. >> spoiler alert. >> sorry. >> her salary by the way rumored to be in the seven to $9 million
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range the highest paid female director in hollywood history. i'll still watch it kathy. >> i haven't seen it yet it's all good. star wars episode nine return the abrams will give that one to you for free will you cass films much it's good one. lucas films prepares for episode eight the last jedi to prepare this year. jj abrams will write and direct episode nine. he also did episode seven the force awakens which was great. >> yes. >> garnered rave reviews. episode nine yet to get an official title should hit theaters in december of 2017. >> are people really flocking to star wars still. >> yeah. >> duh. yeah. i can't believe you're even asking that question. >> i'm sorry. that was a big duh. 4am for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning long. >> tough crowd, sean. yeah, i know. and made it liber. we took safe,
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: michelle rodriguez, she may be toast on the "fast & furious" movie, unless -- >> i hope they ow some love to the women in the franchise. i'd like to see that. i'd like to see them talk to each other foa change. harvey: i don't understand why that gives you empowerment. it seems to me that if a woman takes care of business with a guy, it's more powerful. >> and women be themselves. harvey: women against wome, it's like a pillow fight. [laughter] the star of "monday night football" was sergio dipp. he completely blew his live shot. >> just watching coach vce joseph from here. you watch himow on the screen. harvey: next week, he's going to be all ovethe place. >> what if he's done now? don't do it again. he's bad at his job. he should beir


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