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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 13, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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i'm bill spadea. we have a great show tonight. she's back. hillary clinton is back with her new book. what happened. that's the title of her book. the question that she is asking. hundreds of people waiting in line in manhattan to get their first copy. the weight was not so bad. hillary but everybody pizza.
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it is the first week of school and already one school district has lost two kids. your headlines and your local weather first, she's back. hillary clinton, the failed presidential nominee in the last election is back with a book. it is called what happened. hundreds of people waiting online in manhattan at the barnes & noble to get a copy of her book. give a tour, she but everybody pizza for those who stayed overnight. desperate for friends or a nice gesture? we'll let the panel weigh in. jeanette, good have you here. >> thanks. i have so much to say. >> eileen, thank you for being here. and to antoine good to have you here.
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have to start with jeanette. what you think? talk about the pizza first. >> that's nice, probably not even real new york pizza. but anyway, hillary clinton, her book is all about going through the past and examine everything, guess what, you lost, get over it. we have natural disasters here, people are helping out coming together, she's talking about herself. get over it hillary,. >> do you agree? or leme put in this context, do you think it's important for democrats to look forward and not back? >> we do need to look forward, but she ran for president that's a great accomplishment that she got so far in the process. women have not been able to do that before. >> to want to see her running again? >> no. i don't think that's probably the best thing for the democratic party. we need to move forward. hillary has been in public service that she was 20 years old. >> should she not run? >> she should stay focused on her book. at the same time she should be given support for the issues that are important to a lot of people i represent like medicare
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for all. that's a very important issue. i would like to see her use her platform to support that. >> does hillary speak for you and all women? >> no, she does not. i think the problem is not recognizing what her problems are. she wants to bring the country together she can do that by moving forward not by dissecting the race. old bernie sanders did this to me and i lost the primary. that's what happens. >> let me switch gears. looking forward aback, politics, chris christie got himself back into the news. steve bannon who was ousted from the white house weather on his own or not is left for debate. he is often talking. he said that chris christie lost his opportunity when he came out did not defend the president over the remarks made on the billy bush weekend. what he think? >> i think governor christie is friends with donald trump. i don't think he has a lot of friends in the white house. that's what it's more about. he's not close to steve bannon,
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or jerry christian after putting his father and prison. did he take some slack for not defending the president? sure. >> listen, i think the comments made and whether chris christie was given jobs it is what it is. we need to move forward. those comments, anyone defended those comments should be ridiculous right now. >> they said he didn't have any impact on the election that show donald trump is being that locker room got. it seemed to have helped, not hurt. >> i stand with christie in his statement about banning. i think bannon is a despicable person. he attacked a catholic church. he republicans and democrats. i think you have to have a moral bone it sometime. i christie by pushing against banning that was the right thing to do. >> you're not a fan abandoned, we've been a christie's before
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this? >> i'm a fan of anybody doing what's right at the time. this time i would say christie was right to push against banning. >> isn't that a reason why you need strong women like hillary? so that type of locker room talk is not acceptable from the president of the united states? >> i don't think a but he said it was. >> okay let's talked about kids left on the bus in patterson. people have been fired. it happened twice where kids were left on the bus and the best left, went to the yard miles away from the school. ashley has the story. >> at schools have been open for less than a week in patterson, new jersey and in two separate incidents elementary school students were overlooked sleeping on school bus and never made it to class.
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both the drivers and aides have been fired. on friday, kindergarten from dale avenue elementary school was found sleeping on a bus operated by the company u.s. student. on monday 60 boy from urban leadership academy was found sleeping on a bus operated by a1 elegance. patterson superintendent said, this is unacceptable and i am not having this on my watch. we cannot jeopardize the safety of our children due to adults neglect. i will be clear today when i meet with all bus companies. any future incidents like this in the company will be fired. >> is scary. you never know this could be a kid next. my kid used to take the bus and take her that kids will sleep in the bus driver didn't check is crazy. >> i reach out to american psychologists. >> it's really hard to tell what can happen to children leaving them on the bus. it all depends on how to medic the situation was for them. some sleep through it and awaken by someone onto the bus saying oh my god, we just monday. others are awake the whole time and are terrified.
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those are the ones i'm concerned about. >> in each case the superintendent says the principles to the right thing by letting parents know that their children do not make it to school. in patterson, ashley johnson with chasing news. >> thank you ashley. first of all, i think it's good somebody got fired. >> this make me want to throw up as a parent. the bus driver has one job. that's to get the kids to and from school safely. they fail. i have to do is walk to the bus to make sure there no kids there. how hard is that? this makes me sick. there should be no tolerance and they should be fired. >> from a legal standpoint their statutes on the books in terms of what udy and education for a bus driver. in this case it doesn't seem like those were followed and perhaps the district needs to be more monitoring of what these bus drivers are doing on a daily basis to expect a lawsuit from the parents? >> i would sue. i totally would.
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>> when you look at the issue with the failure of the state. the state has taken over the district for the last two decades. it was superintendent who's been hired by the state making closer $200,000 it's a failure of the state. the reality is there should be a big banner out there with parents out there talking about it. >> when you have to tell you bus drivers don't leave kids on the bus, this is common sense. >> it happened the college kids, think they need to turn the air conditioning upset people stay awake on the bus. maybe that's the issue. hurricane are my may be gone but the damage has been done. the cleanup has begun in the florida keys. the united states navy has sent an aircraft carrier and other ships, god bless him. they're there and the keys helping with the cleanup.
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we have the full story on the ground. >> this is a glimpse of what the florida keys looks like. many homes are partially destroyed. the sides and roofs rift off. neighbors coming home to find devastation. >> when katrina hit louisiana stuff like that any feel sorry for people in a think what they're going through, but when it hits all is totally different. it's not just estimates everybody. >> house after house it was damaged by hurricane was drywall. the neighbors brought out the storm. >> i stayed in the bathroom and in the hallway. for two days it was hell. you did not know if you're going to make it or not. >> when the big gus came by you could feel the floor jumping a little bit. a piece of sheet rock so the ceiling came through. >> the destruction is the worst but there's widespread damage from key largo to key west. the u.s. one, the only road in
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and out is in bad shape in many different spots. >> this is a mobile home park, take a look around you can see everything is totally destroyed. these mobile homes were ripped apart. we're hoping nobody was here during the store. it's unclear whether search and rescue crews have made it here yet. >> communication continues to be a problem. no cell phone service and no electricity. people who wrote out the storm are not able to tell their family and friends that there are okay. >> were a live and we made it we miss you and love you. and thank you for all the prayers. >> thanks brian. here the headlines we are chasing tonight. >> voters in new york city headed to the polls for the democratic primary race. income let maribel diblasio face challenges from school councilman. a real estate lawyer and activist and businessman mike. the winner will face the republican in the general election.
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the amtrak train that killed eight people was hoping to keep -- out. they're trying to determine whether their face charges. the judge dismissed criminal charges say the incident was most likely an accident. that's a look at the headlines were chasing today. pgh so, and up next to battle own over a gun range. some residents not too happy. that and all of your weather coming up. >> two things were watching, number one is the remnants of irma which looks to bring rain in the coming days and also joée spinning in the atlantic ocean. talk about how each will impact the weather forecast coming up.
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>> welcome back. i'm bill spadea. in way new jersey there's a gun range slated to open soon. some residents are speaking out saying it was rushed through without public input. others are saying it's a perfectly legal enterprise and their others all over the state of new jersey. we have diana for the full sto story. >> what it might look like nothing now, but a gun range is on its way to new jersey. this 123. not everybody is pleased.
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>> it's not the same thing as a coffee shop or grocery store. >> the decision to develop the gun range raise more questions than answers. >> are not against guns, the potential for getting there safely. we have no assurance of what goes on in this place are what it takes to go in and rent a gun which is what i understand they do. >> his concerns are part of a larger debate. should you be able to rent a gun without a background check. democratic candidate says you should not be able to and he wants new jersey to close the loophole for opening more gun ranges. >> we think there should be a waiting. so they cannot walk in at the same day. they should apply one day and do it sometime later. >> the company behind the gun range i have not been able to reach for. but i did look at the second amendment society. >> more people died from home
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depot and the fact of the matter is millions of firearms have been rented in new jersey statistically 0% of any instance happening. >> they approved on august 28 and i resell for, but have not heard back. >> i want to bring in our expert, a+ panel to weigh in. jeanette, it's good to see you here. and eileen, you are partner at the law -- your head of -- in new jersey. >> because it's your first time here we're happy to have you. you know the story, a gun range opening and wayne, some of the residents upset there's discussion about why there's not a background check for rented guns, but he say? >> ultimately the people should have a voice. when people are upset and
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frustrated something was broken down they should have the ultimate say. understand people in business and they we want to make sure the playset is not been open since 2014 have brought in revenue. ultimately their risks when you're talking about gun range. >> have you ever shot a gun? >> i have i don't go actively to the range. some boy scout camp. >> are you worried about gun violence? to think on ranges could contribute to the in gun violence? >> i would say there's been some suicides in gun ranges. you don't need a permit to have a gun. >> that numbers like .02%. the majority people going there are law-abiding citizens. law-enforcement, military personnel. the number one rising demographic is?
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women. women learning how to spur themselves. i supported gun range. it's on a major highway. not a residential area. we have this thing called nandi, not in my backyard. >> i think the residents are in agreement with it. i would say this is commercial but it is close to residential. about 90 feet from the house located next to it. there should be some legitimate concerns about noise level. >> have you ever shot a gun? >> i have. my husband belongs to arrange i haven't been to one yet. you would not even know they were gun ranges. you have to make sure it's done correctly. >> will leave it there. i think our panel for being here. jeanette, good to see. thank you for joining us and of course, arlene it's good to have you on the show.
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let's check in with alan who's at the corruption trial of u.s. senator bob menendez. that everybody discovering the story, we are. >> it was girlfriend day at the federal corruption trial of bob menendez. but not the girlfriend of the senior democratic senator from new jersey. according to prosecutors these are those who he wooed and use from the senator. prosecutors argue that menendez helped his friends but the defense said that he was simply asking for help from a friend and these women are not the only people that attracted menendez. first there is the dominican paramore who took two tries and a call between menendez before
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his sister was allowed to come to american. the ukrainian actress who is on the witness stand today said she felt she was being forced by the feds to testify. interrupted by objections and which pages of an e-mail to admitted to evidence the trial continues wednesday and could keep going after that. the judge approved the schedule to see this continuing until almost thanksgiving. >> i appreciate you covering this trial. the corruption trial of u.s. senators big news. let's check in with the meteorologist. >> in a look at your weather forecast for the coming days. will start in the middle of the atlantic ocean with josé. currently weakening as it does this weird loop a pattern east of the bahamas. it's really unclear what happens after josé completes the circle. we will know more thursday night into friday if lb and east coast threat. honestly will keep you posted.
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back to home and watching the remnants of irma. no longer tropical system just a big blob of rain. we should have rain the next few days. what are showing the output of the gfs model. one shows what the rain looks like. not that i completely girth model but i think it's a good depiction of what we'll see each day. we'll start with wednesday. blue is not a lot of rain. that would be a stretch. it will be an isolated shower thunderstorm at some point. thursday becomes more widespread and heavier i don't think it's can be a washout in the rain moves out. the remnants move out to see but we could still see showers in the northern part of the area. i won't rule out a shower tonight either. it dips into the lower 60s and will see lots of clouds overhead. tomorrow and isolated shower we continue the warming trend. will be around 80 degrees once
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again. we continue the warming trend. will be around 80 degrees once again. what is state of the month. >> here's a look at headlines for jason tonight. >> the iphone tennis here, the 999-dollar device will open using facial recognition. the newest generation iphone has no home button. shipping begins november 3. eating small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy might reduce the risk of low birth rate and premature birth. the british researchers looked at moderate alcohol consumption and compared to women who had no alcohol. finding it might increase premature birth are having a low birth weight. coming up next, ever wonder where all those people live that are constantly commenting on the internet a
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>> welcome back to chasing news. and bill spadea. i know you're wondering where do all those folks who comment on the internet and social media live? we found the town. apparently there are all in our area and one town is the most people to comment on the internet. at least the percentage of the people there. >> welcome to beverly, new jersey. total population 2513 people. their claim to fame? according to a study done by that examined internet commenting and trolling, beverly took on the trophy for chatty a city in the united states. a title they are because 114 people are responsible for more than 150,000 comments. >> i find that hard to believe. beverly is probably one of the smallest communities in the area. >> i really honestly wouldn't believe it.
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this little town? i will believe it. >> driving up beverly and noticed dilapidated houses and buildings and a lot of community watch science. i decided to meet up with rich, the city administrator in public safety director to find out if the toxic comments are a reflection of a more dangerous city with a high crime rate. >> the comment appears to be higher but it's because we have so few properties they have one major crime and it appears to have higher statistics. >> over the past few years the crime rate decreased in beverly. a statistic the city administrators proud of and attributes to hiring more police officers. as for the toxic comments? >> as far as the article goes, we're happy that some area
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residents are exercising their first amendment right and take into technology. >> the data was collected over a 16 month time that included her last presidential election. rich attributes the toxic comments to the fact that things were a little contentious during that time. for now, the name of the tunnel stay the same, from beverly new jersey reported for chasing news. >> it seems like the folks in beverly may need another hobby to occupy their time. a great show tonight. only tell you something about the story about hillary in the book. what happened? i think people know what happened. she ran arguably one of the worst possible campaigns in the history of presidential campaigns. focusing only on the negative of her opponent and forgetting all of the hard-working people out there that were looking for someone to speak for them about their jobs, but their families and schools, about big issues that affect all of us.
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it's a simple formula. if you talk to people instead of talking at them they are more likely to listen to you. why is she living in the past? is time to move forward as a country. we have the same thing with governor christie. governor christie slamming steve bannon for calling him out on why he didn't get a white house job. saying he is living his 15 minutes. seems to me christie, hillary, all clinging to what they once had. as a country, as the state,e,e,,
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. eight people dead, more than 150 injured an


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