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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  September 13, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> the school district of philadelphia facing class action lawsuit. we'll tell you why one recent grad says the way the school districts handle its athletic steams is just plane wrong. >> charges dropped. it was deadly derailment. but the engineer in the amtrak crash will not be held criminally responsible. >> it is a comb, hair accessary and political emblem. now the iconic afro pick with the pick, has a lot of people talking. >> also? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, sing it, stevie. so many people coming togetherment the big stars, lending a helping hand, and it
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wasn't just the big name stars that were there to raise money for the hurricane victims. >> absolutely wonderful. we need to do more. great to have you with us this wednesday, good morning, everyone. >> good morning, thomas. >> thomas drayton, karen hepp, good to be back, bob kelly, scott williams. little introduction for you this morning, how are you? >> good, doing good. >> wearing the purpose. >> purpose popping. >> you all have a purple theme going on. i got to go get changed. hey, guys. >> hey, how is it going? of course we've been keeping tabs of the renmant moisture associated with irma. it will come into the delaware valley, lehigh valley over the next several days, in pieces, not complete wash out, but we will have those increase chances for some showers, weather by the numbers this wednesday morning, scale everyone to ten, yes, we give it a seven. so really not that bad. we will see more clouds, more humidity, and as i mention, a few showers today, tomorrow, and perhaps into friday. but as we take a look at the wide perspective, see the
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swirl around sections of the the mississippi river vale, that's actually the center of circulation left with irma. you have some clouds. few showers headed right in our direction, and you can see, most of the region right now starting on dry note. we have 66 right now in philadelphia. temperatures across the area, upper 50's north and west, low to mid 60s into part of south jersey so the wednesday planner, bob kelly, temperatures in the mid to upper seven's with few showers, we will time it out coming up. >> sound good, 4:02, we begin with a disable vehicle on the schuylkill expressway; kind of scary scenario, officers putting down some flares, that's where the smoke is coming from. this is eastbound on the schuylkill near montgomery drive. something, i don't know why they just can't push the guy off to the shoulder, more than just flat tire, or generator, but bottom line is eastbound on the schuylkill, careful, we got the police and the flares downtown we go. they've been working on the vine street expressway, right
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here, eastbound, as you head over toward the off ramp for eighth street. again, most of the overnight crews will be out until about say 5:00, 5:15 or so, as we try to get the clicker to go, it is in the going so you know what we will do, we'll say mass transit looking good. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> i think that does it, sounds good, bob, 4:03, the school district of philadelphia facing federal class action lawsuit. some female student athletes are claiming gender and race discrimination, so what's going on here? let's get to steve keeley live at the school district headquarters in spring guard win more this morning, hi, steve. >> reporter: well there is has to do with a graduate hoping to clear a path and better path and better way for future student athlete. a class of 2017 strawberry mansion high school, black female student athlete. you see here, graduated in the spring; now the face of this class action lawsuit for lot of other girls here in philadelphia. you play what they call the
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traditional white sports of lacrosse and field hockey. the name and in the suit says those sports were first introduced in 2015 school year, and she fell in love with the new sports and had them experience much improved grades for her, and for the first time in her life, said, she saw a path to college. but, in her senior year last year, saw that path cut off. when she was not able to claim her division one full scholarship to the university of hartford because the philadelphia of school district keeps girls of playing color playing anyone than mostly other black high schools. >> as i played, i had grown to love the sport mower than i actually love basketball now. >> district has embraced the steriotype these sports are not for girls of color, they have actively blocked the opportunities for these girls. >> games cancelled, buses canceled, playing the same teams over and over again, which i named the negro league based upon playing girls of color. >> it made me feel that like
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we weren't good enough to play lacrosse because we were discouraged so many times from not playing and like not being noticed for the great potential that we have. >> well the complaint also claims that the philadelphia school district fired the coach there, because she complains about the situation. we'll have the response when we see you at 4:30, karen, thomas. >> thank you. we appreciate that, steve, see what happens with that one, a lot of people discussing it across this country even. 4:054:05, judge has dismissed criminal charges against the amtrak engineer behind the derailment here in philadelphia that killed eight people. judge determined yesterday that there was not enough evidence to warrant a criminal trial. back in 2015, brandon bastian's washington to new york train tumbled from the tracks after accelerate to go 106 miles per hour as it was entering 50-mile per hour curve. 200 people were injured. investigators concluded, that bastian lost his bearings while distracted by an incident with a nearby train.
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>> wreckless disregard of human safety, does rise to the level of a crime. >> he killed eight people because of his situation awareness was all messed up. i found that disgusting. >> bastian now suing amtrak claiming the railroad didn't provide the proper safety measures the night of that crash. >> time now 4:06. the investigation continues this morning. into that deadly fire that happened in wilmington, around midnight yesterday. family members say archie monroe made it out of his home, on 37th street, but he went back inside when he thought his wife donna didn't make it out. turns out, she did, but archie never made it back out. in critical condition with broken bones in her back after jump be from the home. investigators are looking into what started that fire. so we have big debate obviously in our city right now about the statue of former philadelphia mayor and police commissioner frank rizzo. should we take it down or not. new controversy from the cultural arts program with its latest sculpture. lauren johnson in center city,
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many people, lauren, think art is meant to provoke. >> reporter: hello, karen, so new display, you mentioned, behind me, all power to all people. situated from across the plaza, the sculpture stands nearly 8 feet tall, weighing nearly 800 pounds, it was created by artist hang willis thomas as part every public art intervention around identity and representation in philadelphia. the artist says the pick exists today as many things to many people. for some, that is political emblem. and for other, it is a signature of collective identity. some still wear it as adornment like phillies own quest love, one half of the grammy award winning group the root. the pick is steps away from former mayor frank rizzo and his statue caused some waves in philadelphia few weeks back, in fact, our cameras were rolling as someone was vandalizing that statue. now the artist says his work of art, highlight the lack of
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commemorative statues that address equal justice, belonging there is pick is not the only temporary statue you'll see pop up all over the city it is part of the mural arts monument lab project which aims to ask the question: what is a appropriate monument for the city of philadelphia? so again, this one here, right at city hall, and usually actually since that vandalize vandalized, sands liz agents happened over at the frank rizzo statue, but you can see there are some gates surrounding the afro pick, hopefully, they think this will keep anything bad from happening here, karen, thomas? >> direct question with many responses, lauren, thank you. 4:08, residents from the caribbean and right here in the united states, southern states, picking up the pieces in the aftermath of irma, and it is clearly that a lot of the resident will have tough time getting back on their feet. by the way president trump will travel to florida tomorrow to see the devestation first-hand. right now the death toll from irma stands at 55, 12 of those
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deaths in florida, more than the million people are without power at this hour, 5 million of those in florida. much of the damage in the state is in key west. fema estimates that a majority of the homes over 50% are destroyed. >> the search came -- the surge came up to here, which means i'll be flooded. yep, i can tell, i have flooding inside already. oh, my god. >> i've never been through anything like this in my entire life. i never want to go through it again, we love it here in the keys, so we will be back soon. >> irma wiped out much of the caribbean on saint martin where food and water are scarce, and facing another problem, there are now reports of looters and armed gangs roaming resort and neighborhoods just terrorizing people and stealing whatever they can. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> meanwhile, the stars were out last night to raise money for the victims of hurricane harvey and irma. the hands in hand telethon, which was broadcast right here on fox, and more than dozen other networks, reportedly raised more than 14 and a half million dollars for victims of the storms. >> 4:10. nut, sue serio said, it is nut day. so she will be along a little later, little nutty, to help other folks, children with cancer, right now weaver scott williams. >> what are we looking at walking out the door? >> weather not too crazy, talking temperatures right now north and west, thomas, karen, until the low 50's for mount pocono. upper 50s in pottstown, reading, berks county right now, 59 degrees. sixty-two wilmington, low 60s for sections of millville. the winds right now, relatively light to calm. but we will see winds more out of the south and west. that will pump in, more humidity, and those dew point will start to climb into the 60s, meaning, more muggy. so here's the renmant low associated with irma. high pressure, still off to
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the north, but we will see some of the energy move in our direction. temperatures by the afternoon, talking 77 degrees in philadelphia. mid to upper 70s, down the shore, and also, temperatures as we move north and west, will be in the 70s, and we will watch for few of those showers. bob kelly will have a check of the roads, good morning, bob. >> good morning, 4:11 this wednesday hump day live look, not good start to your day here. more than just a disable, started out as disable vehicle, now police have the flares down couple police cars, eastbound on the schuylkill schuylkill, right at montgomery drive. >> folks are flying, first of all, at this hour of the morning, no matter what location, what direction you are going. but coming inbound be ready to hit the brakes, and quickly get over to your right on the eastbound side. also working out here
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eastbound on the schuylkill schuylkill cones are down for the interchange, and lower macungie, eastbound i78, watch for disable, right near exit number 45. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thanks, from macungie over to allentown, good morning to everybody out there joining us at this hour. good morning to all of you. we do need to tell but this. did you hear drugs frowned at a playground for kids at a catholic school? >> why a mother is facing charges for endangering the welfare of not just her child but the other kids at school, as well. >> and we were talking about calling the swat team. we had all of these nats. no, they were flying ants. what's bugging them? it turns out, maybe it is time for them to get it on. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> parent in delaware count any disbelief after a parent dropped a deadly drug near a playground while picking up her son from school. upper darby investigators say 29 year old delinda williams of philadelphia, there she; dropped dozens of packets of phentinol in the parking lot, 29 of them. we know how dangerous that drug s this happened when she was picking up her five year old son from saint bernadette of lords catholic school in drexel hill last we are, now, phentinol is 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin. >> scar toy think that someone would be in a school zone with all of that stuff or just
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walking around on the street in general. >> it would be catostrophic event if a child had even opened it and group every children had sniffed the stuff or got into the air. so it is a very, very dangerous situation. >> now facing drug charges along with recklessly endangering the welfare of children, she with a -- was released by $25,000 bail. >> mercer county investigators got load of heroin and crack off the street, they blame that guy, the county drug task force searched darryl rice's home in trenton, they two week investigation, they say, they found 70 grams of crack cocaine, bricks of heroin, 55 of them, 2,000 bucks in cash, they estimate the drugs were worth about $15,000, prosecute verse charged him with possession and with intent to distribute. >> bucks county man is under arrest this morning, after allegedly opening fire at an office complex in morrisville while employees were inside. authorities say they found 55 year old jimmy with a gun, short time after the shooting, standing on a nearby street.
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when an officer asked him to drop his weapon, he did not comply. so after brief struggle, officers got him, they put him in cuffs. he is now facing attempted homicide charge. >> new castle county, one person hurt in a hit-and-run that happened around 7:00 last night. the victim was taken to the hospital, no arrests have been made. >> urge being state senators to pass domestic legislation, joined volunteer groups to call on pennsylvania's lawmakers to pass laws to better protect the victims of domestic abuse, they call it senate bill 5:01, it bars gun possession by domestic abusers, and ensures that they turn in their guns promptly and securely to law enforcement officials. >> this effort is a great example of concerned citizens, and government leaders to come together to do the right thing for pennsylvania, women and
4:18 am
children. >> guns and domestic vie len are a deadly combination, and this is common sense to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. >> sounds common sense, that they should turn in their guns, right now they just have to turn in their guns to third party person, which could be just a relative or a friend. >> we now know this was the buzz the other night. >> yes. >> the bug infestation is and has a lot of people asking questions. >> so the swarms every insect are species of flying ants. they weren't nats after all, or mosquitos, which a lot of husband thought. we finally got the academy of natural sciences and they say the swarming every these kinds of ants, pretty common in the fall, turns out, they're mating. and the weather condition monday night was quite favorable for romance, experts say, it is possible this could happen again, with different species in the coming weeks. >> it is that time of year. let's head over to scott williams with a check of the morning forecast. >> i don't know if they've like the weather in the next
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couple of days. chances for rainfall, all of the renmant moisture associated with irma. not complete wash-out, but we will see mostly cloudy skies, few showers estimate, whether in center city, down the shore or the lehigh valley. temperatures topping out in the low, mid, and upper 70s across the region. temperature wise right now, in the lehigh valley, 56 degrees in allentown, low 50's, currently in mount pocono, 61 in trenton, 63 in millville low 60s down the shore, high pressure will slowly erode, then keep tabs on that renmant moisture, kind of weakening right now will continue to send energy toward our area over the next several days. by 10:00 a.m., looking at mostly cloudy skies some showers moving out of the baltimore maryland area into sections every central, southern delaware, also, into lancaster, berks county by the afternoon, threat for showers, once again, not wash out, by
4:20 am
tomorrow morning, we will do it again, then tomorrow afternoon, and evening, we could have few rumbles every thunder so how much rainfall? quarter to half inch, humidity will be un comfortable dew point rise, moisture comes no play, rough surround every ahead down the shore so temperatures, reading berks county, 74 degrees, 74 in the lehigh valley, mid to upper 70s for philadelphia, into part of south jersey so temperatures flirt with 8 degrees in some location that is see little more in the way of sunshine. that weather authority seven day forecast showing few showers today, 77 degrees, 80 degrees for your thursday, maybe thunderstorm tomorrow chance, a he we move toward friday. friday could start off with little bit of fogment looking okay for the temple game, also, fox 29 salute the military. temperatures by the weekend, beautiful, in the low 80s, hey, if you are headed out the door don't forget to check out the weather authority forecast on more 101.1 p.m. m.
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bob how are the roads? >> good morning, not bad at all this morning, little problem on the schuylkill here, eastbound, on the schuylkill schuylkill. coming into the city right at montgomery drive, they can't push the guy off to the shoulder. so they're waiting for a tow truck. they got the flares down. again, coming inbound, into the city, again, look at this guy here, flying in the left lane everybody pushed over to the high right. see, when he sees the police and the flares, careful coming into town on the schuylkill, market frankford, using shut many buses until 5:00 this morning, hello cherry hill new jersey, live look, route 70, near haddonfield road, again, left over crew out there until about 5:30, also, still working here on the schuylkill, eastbound, with some cones down, coming out of king of prussia headed into conshohocken, again, the whole paving operation, that's underway. and in villanova, watch for delays along route 30, again, today as they're working on that pedestrian overpass, right there, on the campus of
4:22 am
villanova. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> of course with our check of the roads, not too bad. my gosh, did you see this? why is senator ted cruz trending on twitter? >> see, we got to go through the feeds, start hitting the like button? well, mr. senator, do you have some explaining to do. a lot of people are saying, okay, so you're conservative and you like what? we'll tell you what it was coming up.
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>> good morning, i'm sean bell, the eagles reportedly had little bit of tension behind the scenes between doug pederson and jim swartz, yesterday, swartz basically shut all of the rumors down. >> i'm very comfortable, with my relationship with doug pederson and i know he's comfortable in his relationship with me. i work extremely hard to execute the defense that he's outlined it for me. , check, i can be in your face, check. it is the only way i know to coach defense. >> lakers are retiring kobe bryant jersey this year, but decision on whether you retire eight or 24. guess what? they're retiring both. both those numbers ridiculous. one, had three championships, the other had two. congratulations to the black mama. to the indians and the tigers, 19 game winning streak, and a lot of that is because of cory, he pitched complete game shut out with eight strikeout, yesterday, the indians gone
4:26 am
the dub two to zip. their 20th win in a row. i'm sean bell. >> thank you, speaking of sport, there is a local student athlete who says, the school district did not give her the opportunities as some of her classmate, or people at other schools, actually, because of her gender and race and not the only one. >> also picked out hair comb going political? we'll explain that one. >> and, hey, bob? >> hey. good morning, everybody, it is, what is it, 4:26. right near the ft. washington interchange, open up that front door on your wednesday, and say hello to the state cap top, talking trenton, new jersey, knock on the dome there, wake everybody up. scotty has got your forecast when we come right back.
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>> the school district taking a look at that because local student who says our school district did not give her the opportunity as kids in other areas because of her gender and race, and she is not only one. >> also ahead, picked out, hair comb going political. we'll have a live report coming up from the scene in just a moment. >> they actually call them grow test being. gargoyles, yes, these giles,
4:30 am
we got frank, and we got carson, where they're getting ready to scare up some good fun. >> thought were you looking at us, our nickname, frank, carson, good morning, everyone, great to have you with us, almost to the weekends. scott william, how are you, good morning. >> good morning. >> not my shade of lipstick. >> it is mine. >> be proud. >> looks good on you. >> come on, i'll get awe re fail. >> little extra coffee this morning. >> i'm doing pretty good. tracking some of the renmant moisture from irma, take a look at ultimate doppler, turning down to the south and west of us, will pinwheel our way during the day today, not complete wash out, we will see more clouds few showers around, 66 degrees, winds are calm, in philadelphia, 63 in dover, upper 50's north and west into parts of south jersey, 56, sea isle city camden checking in at 62, good morning to you in moorestown
4:31 am
right now, those temperatures around 60. >> low mid 70s, few showers out there, bob kelly, mostly cloudy skies in the bridge more humidity watch about the roads this hum day? >> not bad, scotty, 43:00; half way there to the weekend. hello to reading, pennsylvania, live look, all the way out near the reading interchange, kind of quiet, no major delays, as we get started here on this wednesday morning. the problems on the schuylkill expressway, we had eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, disable vehicle, eastbound, right near montgomery drive, and that's putting the flares down working our way in toward the city. anybody getting ready to lever the house, common into downtown, just be careful again that eastbound schuylkill, the left lane is blocked there, as you work your way in toward philadelphia. market frankford, using shuttle buses until 5:00. looking good, up and over the
4:32 am
bridges. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> school district every philadelphia facing a case, she said she does not have the same opportunity because of her gender and her race. and she is not the only one, let's get right out to steve keel toy explain at the headquarters, steve? she is the only one, but they expect others to come, district in response to this, one of our core values as a school district is increasing opportunity in the classroom, and on the playing field for all of our students, regardless every race or gender, not so, says strawberry mansion class of 2017 graduate, and former lacrosse star, nadira mccrea, whose lawsuit claims the school district dropped the ball by not getting the right documentation required to the university of hartford causing adira to not get the full division one scholarship
4:33 am
hartford had offers her, and also says the district keeps black majority high schools only playing each other in the traditional white female sport, lacrosse and fields hockey, keeping girls from the previous skills that the best competition, so increasing their chances at scholarships at top university. and the suit claims the nearest coach even lost her job after bringing all of this to the district's attention. >> as i played, i have grown to love the sport actually more than i actually love basketball now. >> the district has embraced the steriotype, these sports are not for girls of color, and they've actively blocked the opportunities for these girls. >> games cancelled, buses cancelled, playing the same team over and over again which i name the negro league, playing only girls every color. >> made me feel like we weren't good enough to play lacrosse, because were discouraged so many times from
4:34 am
playing, not being noticed for the great potential that we have. >> well the lawsuit also claims whether nadira asked the counselor about the missing paperwork they were requiring, the council responded by disbelieve that she even managed to get into a school like the university of hartford, and advised her repeatedly set her sites on less prestigious schools. >> thomas, karen? >> certainly more to come on this one. steve keeley, thank you. 4:34. an investigation is underway into the death of mccrea williams, a 19 year old freshman at lafayette college. not much is being revealed. authority are only saying that williams was involved in a chain of events that authorities believe began saturday and ended with his death monday afternoon. officers found williams when they respond today medical emergency sunday afternoon at a dorm on campus. police are trying to determine if alcohol played a role in his death. >> there is going to be a funeral today for that man, that father, shot to death in front of his two year old daughter in spring garden by his home. thirty-eight year old jared, was shot on thursday during a
4:35 am
robbery at his house, police say, he was gunned down by 16 year alomar vin roberts, his 21 year old brother, also, has been charged, he's being head in new jersey, his service is going to be this morning, at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. >> as the city continues to debate whether or not a statue of former philadelphia mayor frank rizzo should be removed, a cultural art program sparking controversy this morning with it latest sculpture. lauren johnson in center city, in front that far sculpture. lauren? >> tomorrow, so here is a question, what's appropriate monument for the sit i have every philadelphia. that's a thought behind the new scape duran art project happening in our city right now. the project here, was installed yesterday, here it is, a 800 pounds, 8-foot tall, with a hand thal doubles as black power fist, new exhibit sit steps away from the bronze frank rizzo statue, which made headlines about a month ago in the midst of a local and national conversation about the relevance how we define
4:36 am
monument, that's the dialogue the monument lab hopes to create through it work under out mural art umbrella. >> this piece is called all power to all people by hang willis thomas, new york artist with strong times to philadelphia. the intent for this installation and the others that will pop up around the city, through november, is to spark conversations, 20 different artery also contributing to the project that will address issues of social justice, including race, gender, sexuality, class, and national belonging. and, back out here live, as a reminder, the call to take down the rizzo statue ends very soon, the city put out call for ideas for the future of the long standing structure right across from city hall, the deadline ends on friday, the final decision, will likely come in october, but until that happens, this statue is here to stay, as long as it program is in place. thomas, karen? >> interesting, meant to inspire, insight, make you uncomfortable sometimes.&
4:37 am
all very interesting, part every discussion. >> we have a lot of star power, coming together, huge names, rallying and answering the phonecalls, your phonecalls, to raise money for the victims of the hurricanes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> how much money the telethon raised, coming up a little bit later on good day. >> scott williams, good morning. >> good morning, thomas, it is the peak of hurricane season, yes, monitoring hurricane jose. churning out in the open waters of the atlantic, where will jose head? details next. but right now, taking a live look at cape may, the clouds are rolling in. we will time out those showers, hour by hour, plus bob has your traffic in just a few moments. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ i will never
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>> humidity on the rise, also some showers in the forecast, so grab an umbrella, keep it handy, not only today, but tomorrow, as well, as some of the renmant moisture associated with irma, finally moves toward our area. 77 degrees, the afternoon high temperature in philadelphia, 76, down the shore. more humidity, mostly cloudy, in the lehigh valley, 73 degrees, the afternoon high. those temperatures, by the way, below average for this time of year. temperatures right now, in the
4:41 am
up ear's, north and west. for lancaster, reading, also, as we move toward pottstown, 58 degrees, we have 62 in wilmington, now, low 60s from dover, to millville. and down the shore, temperatures, checking in in the low 60s, so here's that moisture, off to the west, head in the our direction, and you can see, as we go hour by hour, we are watching it head in our direction. jose, a category one hurricane, looks like, it will do a loop-de-loop and head back out to sea. much more ... >> good morning, as we get ready for wednesday morning, still got this problem on the schuylkill expressway. started out as disable, now, they're not able to push the guy off. so waiting for tow truck, this is eastbound, on the schuylkill, right at montgomery. look at this truck, coming flying, look at that. accident just wait to go happen here. eastbound, right at montgomery drive, again, everybody pushed over into what would be that one far right lane.
4:42 am
so, just be careful working your way in toward philly. coming in from south jersey looking good up and over the benny, got all of the lights lit up downtown, disable on the new jersey turnpike, tractor-trailer, the off ramp to exit number eight, hightstown, and for the gang in wilmington, they're still out along 495 between edgemore road and the philadelphia pike there in wilmington. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> looking good, keep it green. thank you, bob. >> back on the local airwaves, local dj now home safe after a pretty scary vacation in the caribban. >> well, hurricane hit him. what he says it was like to be in the center of this deadly storm. >> and we're having a big celebration tomorrow for all of the men and women who do so much for us. they serve our country. >> yes. >> oh, goodness, i was hoping, it is only wednesday. >> 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. please come out, join us, having great party, it will be right here in old city outside our studios.
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>> lar owing stories of survival coming to light as hurricane victims make it to safety including one local radio dj, who just landed back here in philadelphia. the us military air lifted dj touchtone and his friend from the devastated islands every saint martin. the dj and his friends, they were huddled inside resort bathrooms as they road out the category five. and another obstacle to this mix, touch stone is blind. >> didn't know what was going to hit me, or what direction
4:46 am
it was going to come from. >> when the wind stopped the damage pretty evident there, so were the fact that they were stuck on the island, no power, no food, no water, touchtone said he prayed and he and his friends were rescued when troops flew them and other americans out on a c130 cargo plane, once again, back in the philadelphia area. >> the us justice department is not going to be bringing federal charges against six police officers involved in the arrest and the in custody death of freddie gray. state prosecutors charge these officers after gray's next was broken in the back after police transport wagon, in april of 2015. five of those officers face internal disciplinary hearings, scheduled to begin at the end every october. >> a champion for gay and lesbian right has died. eighty-eight year old edith windsor passed away yesterday, in manhattan. helped pair the way for gay marriage nationwide when she won historic case in 2013. really laid the ground work for legalizing same sex
4:47 am
marriage. she is survived by her second wife, who she married last year. >> philadelphia connections, as well. 4:47. just another very small step, that's how president trump is referring to un security council sanctions taken against north korea, a the security council voted 15 to zero on monday, to impose new sanctions, against north korea in response to the country's latest nuclear test. president trump calls the council's banning of north korean textile exports, in capping accrued oil, quote, nice. he warns, though, the sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. trump also warned he may punish companies in russia and china that do not comply with the international sanctions. >> senator ted crust, blaming somebody else, after his twitter account, liked a pornographic tweet. >> the texas senator says number of staffers, they've access to the account, and the liking that far particular tweet was nothing more than a mistake. >> he says his team is taking
4:48 am
care of the matter internally, someone has a lot of explaining to do, addressing down, what can you do. >> , made light of the whole ordeal, gained ton of attention on twitter saying quote perhaps we should dabbing door in the indianna primary,. >> don't think that will happen again. >> no, no. >> one and done. >> apple, lots of buzz about this, looks really cool. the new iphone and the apple watch. one of the biggest gadgets come out. we new this already, pretty expensive price. >> big price tag. by the way apple debuted its 999-dollar iphone ten, which goes on sale in november. and get there is it allows you to unlock the phone, using your face, instead after home button. the company also came to an agreement with the state of new jersey over a pricing information dispute. announcing it would comply in place price wedges on each table, where devise z are sold, new jersey had protests at apple's in store digital pricing system claiming it did
4:49 am
not continually view price for customers, hard cop any place, you know will cost you the the nine -- $999. >> bob kelly grab about six of them. >> six pack for each kid, there you go, everybody gets a phone. you get a phone, you get a phone, we all get a phone. live look at i95, looking southbound, so the crews are set up northbound here, in delco, again, until about 5:30, always be careful, construction zones, like even here, on the 42 freeway, as you work your way in toward philadelphia. starting to see some pocket of volume along the way, both the market frankford and the broad street subway, using shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning. then, the trains kick in, the could the n vukovich on? villanova again today route 30 working on the pedestrian bridge, right by the campus, so be careful there. and for the gang over on the new jersey turnpik, northbound off ramp to exit eight, hightstown, sits disable tractor-trailer setting up shop. then north on 495 for the gang
4:50 am
up through wilmington, some left over construction at edgemore road. forecast for your hump day, scotty has got it in 15 seconds. >> 66 degrees on this wednesday morning, humidity, 81% and the win calm, sun comes up this wednesday, at 6:40. as far as temperatures, outside of the philadelphia area, down the shore, right now, low 60s, millville, cumberland county, 63 degrees, new castle county low 60s, as we move toward bucks county, lehigh valley, dew points, right now, in check. but, throughout the day, they'll start to climb into the low and mid 60s, because of some of the tropical renmant moisture, from irma, that will head in our direction over the next couple every days. not a whole lot of rainfall,
4:51 am
but wednesday through thursday, talking about a quarter of an inch to half inch every rainfall, before all is said and done. yes, the tropics still active. south of bermuda, a we have hurricane jose, category one hurricane, it will do a loop-de-loop then move toward the north and west, looks like it will head back out to sea, but over the next several days, the rip current danger will be hi, specially, down the shore, and those delaware beaches. temperatures today, below average, 74 degrees, in the lehigh valley, low 70s in the poconos, mid to upper 70s for sections every south jersey into delaware, 76 wilmington, for today. the weather authority seven day forecast, showing, mostly cloudy, few showers from time to time, but once again, not wash out. just keep the umbrella handy. 77 degrees today, 80 on thursday, and then, looks like, we dry out in time for friday, the upcoming weekends, temple game looking good, 82 degrees both saturday, sunday, the weekends right now
4:52 am
looks pretty good. so go ahead, make those plans. back to you. >> making them right now, scott, thank you. >> all right, how about this kid? talk about making the bell. the achievement that cutie pie, that fifth grader; now being honored for. >> ♪ >> ♪ shawn evans: it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette.
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4:54 am
this is no place to raise a child." >> our every day heroes getting well deferred recognition. >> at the national liberty museum, 14 awards of vale or, were presented to first responders, in old city. these honors go to police
4:55 am
officers, and firefighters, k9 unit for their acts of bravery, and heroism, and compassion, for our communities. their stories go above and beyond the normal call every duty, and they're inspirational. >> we've got officers here tonight, who have run into burning buildings, save folks from car crash, and then we also have officers who have built bridges in their communities, started programs, or help special events to really connect with people in their community. >> nicely done. to all of those folks. this is the national liberty museum 12th year, hosting the awards. >> this is also impressive. can you imagine never missing a day of school? well, that kid, never missed an day of school. >> oh! >> he is an elementary school student here in philadelphia, getting well deserved recognition for doing just, that fifth grader his name nazik, first ever attendance hero awards, part of the nish nitch to push the importance of daily attendance, he hasn't missed day of school since starting first grade. >> nicely done!
4:56 am
>> some big things. 4:56. get ready to be scared, terror behind the walls at eastern state penetentary coming back. >> yesterday they brought back our friends, the big gargoyles were hoisted up into position outside the gates there. they actually have names. that's frank. you can recognize him. the other guy, carson, right on top of the prison wait to go scare everybody. casino every fun when raised up, oh, look at that. this year the new attraction called the bone yard. >> they'll start to hear drums, start to hear the chanting of the butcher, the empress, the warriors, that are waiting for you, with their weapons, the question s. will you be able to escape the blood yard? hunt or be hunted. >> terrifies me right there. >> i know, really freaky fun, truly, attraction will run from next friday, september 22nd, and will gully way up through november 11. >> i think we work with a kim of those gargoyles, don't we? time 4:56.
4:57 am
still ahead, after row pick making headlines, lauren! >> yes, that's right, thomas. frank rizzo, now has some company on the thomas payne plaza, but not all happy news for some people. it is a controversy stirring, brewing in the city. we'll tell you more about it coming up after the break.
4:58 am
what's new from light and fit? greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. real fruit and 90 calories... you'll be wowed! try new light & fit with zero artificial sweeteners. hey honey, practice? must've been hot out there today, huh? yeah. yeah. why don't you go put that stuff in the laundry room right now? ok. do your athletes bring home big odors?
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tide sport is super concentrated to beat even... ...the toughest stains and odors. hey, buddy! hey. woo! somebody ran laps. yup the new tide sport collection. it's got to be tide. >> good day everybody on this wednesday, half way through the week, the school district now facing class action
5:00 am
lawsuit, there is a recent grad, who is suing the district, taking him to task, saying, it wasn't fair the way they treated her whether it comes to her lacrosse team. she was discriminated against. >> also ahead this morning, here at 5:00. a political emblem, now the iconic afro pick with the fist is a art installation, has a lot of people talking. also ahead: >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, this song so good. you know, there is the commercial where it plays, they have no lyrics, we all know why they're playing it, we want to lends a helping hand, boy did they do. that will all of the stars coming out last night, wonderful performances, we will play more, tell you how much money all of the good people raise together, as those stars have that fundraiser. >> and you got little extra dough, about face, unlock your phone, just by looking at it, the new iphone's bells and whistles, but it


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