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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  September 13, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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grad, who is suing the district, taking him to task, saying, it wasn't fair the way they treated her whether it comes to her lacrosse team. she was discriminated against. >> also ahead this morning, here at 5:00. a political emblem, now the iconic afro pick with the fist is a art installation, has a lot of people talking. also ahead: >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, this song so good. you know, there is the commercial where it plays, they have no lyrics, we all know why they're playing it, we want to lends a helping hand, boy did they do. that will all of the stars coming out last night, wonderful performances, we will play more, tell you how much money all of the good people raise together, as those stars have that fundraiser. >> and you got little extra dough, about face, unlock your phone, just by looking at it, the new iphone's bells and whistles, but it does come
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with a hefty price. >> good day everybody, thank you so much for waking up joining us this hump day. halfway through the week. >> almost there. good morning, karen, i'm thomas, great to have you with us. on this wednesday. good thing i didn't call myself karen again! so one of those mornings where your brain is still waking up. you know how i feel. checking the forecast this morning, scott william, good morning to you. >> good morning, karen, toms see the picture down the shore showing you more clouds, moving, in humidity will be increasing, yes, few showers, but, we're going to give today a seven. so, still looking pretty good, not complete wash out. temperatures will be in check, as well, mid 60s, low 60s down the shore, inland sections every south jersey, mid to upper 50's, as you move north and west. and in fact we zoom in to sections every bethlehem, 56 degrees, doylestown, bucks county 56, downingtown, 56 degrees, west chester, 57 there this chester county, media, delaware county checking in at 60. so, the clouds rolling in, few showers, offer to the south and west. the renmant moisture,
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associated with irma, will head in our direction, over the next couple of days. bus stop buddy, has the rain gear handy, temperatures this morning, in the 60s, and that planner showing you 72 degrees by lunch, 77, the afternoon high temperature, we will talk much more about the rainfall, and the tropics, with hurricane jose, bob kelly, coming up. >> thanks, scotty. 5:02, good morning everybody, we are getting up, getting out, the schuylkill expressway, live look out here, picking up the cones from some overnight road warning, between king of prussia, and the conshy interchange, for the gang leaving northeast philadelphia, 95, by the way speaking of the great northeast, you can meet sue serio all day today, she will be setting up shop at the mayfair diner, in northeast philadelphia. here's a live look, 95 no problems at all as you work your way through the construction, mass transit looking good on the rails. >> just watch for vehicle fire, right near exit number 45, and they're working on the
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no of the east extension for the bound, just north of the lansdale interchange, which is exit number 31, and hello cherry hill, working along route 73 out there near the new jersey turnpike, otherwise the market frankford, broad street subway just started running trains, septa running with no delays, karen, thomas, back to you. >> we love to see that on time, bob, thank you. 5:03. federal class action lawsuit filed against the district every philadelphia, female student athletes claim they've been discriminated against because of their joined un err and raise, steve keeley live at district headquarters this morning, steve. >> lead plaintiffs, the first every what's expected to be by her lawyers, many, philly black female high school athletes, to join this class action lawsuit, claiming that she lost out on the division one scholarship, that the philly school district here discriminates against minority female athlete, what it says are the traditional white sport lacrosse and field
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hockey. >> would are fairly sure madea is not the only experiencing damage from these practice. >> it made me feel like we weren't good enough to play lacrosse, because we were discouraged so many times from not playing, and like not being noticed for the great potential that we have, even though we weren't great, we didn't have the long time training that other female lacrosse players got, i feel like we were still good enough to be able to play in the league. >> if you manipulate the schedule, you know, and you make the girls only have four teams, and they only play each other, and they don't play the better team, they don't have the uniforms, what you end up doing is you end up taking a team with 30 girl, down to 15 girls, down to five girls, down to no girls, because you're discouraging the girls action telling them, sending them the message this is not their sport, that they should go pick up basketball and go
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do something else. >> one of the core values increasing opportunity in the classroom and on the playing field, for all of our student, regardless, of their race or gender. >> probably a lot broader, 5:05, judge has dismissed criminal charges against that amtrak engineer, who was behind a derailment in philadelphia. that killed eight people. and injured hundreds. the judge determined yesterday, that there was not enough evidence to warrant a criminal trial. it was two years ago, that brandon bastian's washington to new york train came off the tracks, after accelerate to go 106 miles per hour as it entered the big curve, 50-mile per hour curve, 200 people were injured, many severely, investigators concluded, that the conductor lost his bearings, and was distract the by an incident with a nearby training. >> wreckless disregard of human safety, does rise to the
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level of a crime. >> he killed eight people, because situation al awareness was messed up. i find that disgusting. >> he's now suing, the engineer, amtrak claiming the railroad didn't provide the proper safety measures the night of the crash. >> the investigation continues this morning into the deadly fire that happened in wilmington, around midnight yesterday. family members say, archie monroe made it out of his west 37th street home. but he went back inside, when he thought his wife, donna, didn't make it out. turns out, she did, but archie never made it back out. donna monroe now in critical condition this morning, with broken bones, in her back, after jumping from that home. investigators are looking into what started the fire. >> and art, it is meant to provoke conversation, inspire you, maybe make you little uncomfortable. they make you think something. so, there is a new installation right near the controversial frank rizzo statue, lauren johnson here to explain all of the details. lauren? >> hey, karen, so yes, here at the thomas payne plaza, you know where we are, right
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across from city hall, the rizzo statue right here behind me, outstretched arm, recently resulted in outrage in our city, so much so, there are some talks to take it down, while that discussion and decision is playing out, new sculpture has popped up, just a few feet away. the statue titled all power to all people, 8 feet tall, 800 pounds, pick with a handle that showcases a black fist, a symbol of black power movement, of the 60s and 70s, that's also the time period former mayor rizzo served as mayor in philadelphia. his tenure has come into question, as of late, and sparked local debate about whether a monument in his honor should remain here at the plaza, few years back, cabbing last rolls, while all of that has been playing out, the mural arts program already had plans to do this monument lab, which is an effort to spark conversations and dialogue about the importance and relevance of monuments in our city. so, 20 different artist also
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participate in the program, which will feature public art, all over our city, the official kick off of that program, starts on saturday, runs through november, and also, this weekend, that deadline for a call to action on the rizzo statue's future, that ends on friday will like lick make its decision by october on what happens next. thomas, karen? >> we will know soon enough, lauren, thank you. 5:08. resident from the caribbean, right here in the southern state of the us, are trying to return to normalcy in the aftermath of irma. from the looks of it, right here, you can see, that it is going to take quite some time for a lot of people to get back on their feet, storm simply powerful, death toll from irma stands at 55 people, 12 of the deaths in florida. right now, more than 9 million people are without power and 5 million of those are in florida. much of the damage occurring in key west, feel estimates about 50% of the homes there are destroyed. >> the surge came to up at least here, which means, i'll be flooded inside there. yes, i can tell, flooding
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inside already. oh, my god. >> i've never been through anything like this in my entire life. i never want to go through it again. we love it here in the keys. so we will be back soon. >> so many stories. so much destruction here, irma, just destroyed the caribbean, saint martin where food and water are scarce, residents, tourists facing another problem. there are now report of looters, armed ganse, roaming resort, terrorizing people and stealing whatever they can. >> service to others, is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. those were the inspired words after hero of mine who was a champion in every way, the late great muhammad ali. in recent days, we witnessed all kind of american champions from across our nation, standing together hands in hands, facing real danger, stores of historic proportions, in doing so, these american heroes have saved lives and restored face,
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and in so many ways. in one way or another, we can all be of service. let's do our part, and pay our rent for our room on this plan that's we all share. >> tongue of stars out to raise money for the victim of hurricanes harvey and irma. just long list of others were there. hands in hand telecast, which was broadcast right here on fox 29, and more than dozen other networks, reportedly raised more than 14 and a half million dollars for the victims of the storm, coming together. >> speak he can of the storm coming together, i think coming together over top of our heads right about today. >> renmant of irma, later on this afternoon, scott williams. >> absolutely, over the next couple every days matter of fact, thomas and karen, the humidity already inch kree g 84%, temperature wise, mid 60s, philadelphia, low 60s down the shore, mid to up ear's, north and west, we zoom in, you can see, several of the shore points right now, generally, in the mid 60s, even 70 cape may point. so, here is that renmant low off to the south and west, so
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some of that energy over the next couple dave days will head in our direction, so cloud cover, few showers, from time to time, not only today, but into tomorrow, as well, perhaps, some thunderstorms tomorrow. how much rainfall? quarter of an inch to likely half inch, before all is said and done. higher totals south and west. hurricane jose, 75-mile per hour storm it, will do loop de loop likely head back out to sea. rip countries social security elevate today high over the next several days. seventy-seven today, 80 thursday. then looks like we dry out for friday and the upcoming weekends. hey, headed out don't forget to check out the weather authority forecast on 101.1 more fm. good morning, bob. >> good morning, scotty. 5:11 on this wednesday morning, up and out, live look, hey, headed to the airport, no problems getting there along 95, philadelphia international airport, looking good on the tote board, but, just double check, again, i know they started flights in and out of the florida again, but it is all hit and miss depending upon what airport
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you're expecting to go to, so just check ahead with the airline to play it safe. common in from south jersey. headlights, pockets of volume working your way in toward philadelphia. most of the construction, pick up, left over crew there on the boulevard, excuse me, the turnpike, from the boulevard over toward willow grove. looking good from plymouth meeting over toward valley forge. and hello to the shaders. checking in with you this morning, route 73, kind of quiet. no problems at all. oh, there you go, working your way up and over the bridges, and mass transit running with no reported delays. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> another place that's quiet, bob. nice and quiet. rehoboth. good morning to you as you're getting up here 5:12, great to have you with us. >> imagine the scenario, actually happened last week, we told but it, they found some drugs, some of the most deadly drugs at playgrounds for kindergartners, at one of our catholic schools in delaware count. >> i still a heed here on "good day" philadelphia: we will tell you why a mother is facing charges for endangering the welfare of not just her child, there she is right there, but the other kids, at the school, as well. >> and also: they were flying
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and the, attacking folks all over south philly, south jersey, out in bucks county, everywhere people report wag were they? the flying ants? why were they all attacking us? there is a reason. >> keep our mouth closed!
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>> welcome back, at 5:15, parents in delaware country in disbelief after woman dropped a deadly drug, near akin err garth end playgrounds, while
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picking her son up from school according to police. upper darby investigators say, 29 year old de linda williams from philadelphia dropped dozen every packets every phentinol in a parking lot, what happened when she was picking up her five year old from saint bernadette catholic school, drexel hill, phentinol is 50 times to 100 times stronger than heroin. >> scar toy think that someone would be in a school zone with all of that stuff, or just wacking around on the streets in general. >> it would be catostrophic event if a child had even opened it and a group of children had sniffed the stuff or had it got into the air. so, i mean, it is a very, very dangerous situation. >> she was released on $25,000 bail. >> and mercer county investigators, got big load of heroin and crack off the streets, there is our suspect. their task force search darryl rice's trenton home, after a two week investigation, they say, they found 70-gram of
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crack cocaine, 55 bricks every heroin, along with 2,000 bucks. they estimate the drugs are worth $15,000. prosecutors have charged him with possession with intent to distribute. >> time now 5:17. bucks county man under arrest this morning, after allegedly opening fire, at apartment or office complex in morrisville, employees were inside. authorities say they found 55 year old jimmy store man, right here, with a gun, short time after the shooting. just standing on nearby street. when an officer asked him to drop that weapon, he didn't comply. after a brief struggle, officers got him, got him in handcuffs, now facing attempted homicide charges. >> people in delaware county would like state senators to pass a domestic violence legislation that gets the person that's charged with domestic violence to not have a gun. state senators joined volunteer groups to call on law makers to pass this new rule, to better protect the victims of domestic abuse, here's what it would do. it would bar gun possession, by domestic abusers, and make
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sure they turn their guns in promptly, give it to law enforcement officials. >> this effort is a great example of concerned citizens, and government leaders coming together to do the right thing for pennsylvania women and children. >> we now it is a deadly beginning, and it makes sense to keep guns out of the hands of deadly abuser. >> pretty much common sense, they shouldn't have guns. the way the law is written, they can just give their gun it a friend or relative. now they want it to go to law enforcement. >> a lot of people are bugging out the other night. they went outside, these little creatures flying around, started hitting them. they were asking a lot of questions, what's going on. >> specially people biking home from the city, we are covered, it is so gross. turns out after we did an investigation, they're flying ants, not nats, like we had originally suspected. so they called in the swat team. no, they didn't. anyway the experts over at the academy of natural sciences
5:19 am
says this kind of swarming until the ants is actually pretty common in the fall. and that actually what they're doing is getting a little love on. they're mating. the weather condition monday night, quite favorable for romance, expert say it is possible this could all happen again with a different species in the coming weeks. >> the weather may interrupt their romantic outing if you will. scott williams? >> yes, let's change the weather forecast quick, right? no cuddle weather right now or over the next couple of days. we do have that renmant moisture associated with irma, head in the our direction, in several pieces. we have low six's right now, atlantic city, 63, wildwood, 56 degrees right now in pottstown, as we move towards the lehigh valley, allentown, 56 degrees, reading, bucks county, temperatures checking in in the upper 50's. west chester, 57, media delaware county, 62 degrees, and bucks county this morning, temperatures in the mid 50's, so, here is a look at what's happening with the renmant moisture from irma right now. still pinwheeling far to our south and west. so some of that energy will
5:20 am
kind of property gate in our direction today, and also tomorrow, not complete wash out, 77 degrees for today, some light showers, around, from time to time. for tonight, temperatures in the upper 60s. that wednesday planner, showing you 77 degrees, center city, 76 down the shore today, and for the lehigh valley, temperatures in the low 70s, that's below average for this time of year. how are the roads on this hump day bob? >> hello, scotty. 5:20, actually not that bad at all. again as you mention with the rain on the way, thing could get little dicey as we move through the rush hour into this afternoon. for the gang over in cherry hill, route 73 southbound, new jersey turnpike, as we start to see some volume pop, freeway getting heavy as well, the gang on the campus, wok that pedestrian bridge, right by the stadium there, so watch for some lane restrictions, both directions, and yesterday, back traffic up on to the blue route. they're working on the turnpike northbound, right near the northeast extension, north of the lansdale
5:21 am
interchange, which is exit number 31. hello to the boulevard. the roosevelt boulevard. live look folks exiting here at broad street, three cheers to the bus drivers, kids are up early, i think it is the early, older kids get pick up early, the high schoolers, then we come back for the little ones later this morning. live look here, as you work your way down toward the schuylkill expressway. all the work on the schuylkill, pick up, and the cones are in the back of the truck, and we are ready for rush hour, one left over crew here on the turnpike, from philly bensalem over to willow grove, but then from plymouth meeting over to valley forge, we're in good shape. no problems on mass transit. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. we've got some really important news for women. there is a new hope for millions who have been told that hormone therapy would put their health at risk. but first, here's sean bell. >> coming up in sport in a minute: reportedly there has been little bit of tension between doug pederson and jim swartz. hear what swartz had to say about all of that noise. that's next in sport.
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>> seeing else reportedly had little tension behind the scenes between doug pediatric err and and jim swartz. yell swartz basically shut all of those rumors down. >> i'm very comfortable with my relationship with doug pederson, and, i know he's comfortable in his relationship with me. i work extremely hard to
5:25 am
execute the defense the way that he has outlined it for me. i can be brash. check. i can be in your face, check. it is the only way i know to coach defense. >> the lake remembers retiring kobe bryant jersey this year, but it was a decision on whether you retire eight or 24. well, guess what? they're retiring both. both those numbers ridiculous. one had three championships, the other had two, congratulations to the black ma'am hunks ba. >> nineteen game wing street, a lot of that because of cory. he pitched complete game shut out, eight strikeouts, yesterday, the indians got two to zip. their 20th win in a row. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> speaking every sports there is one went late. wild win for fighting phils last night battling in a 15-inning nearly five-hour game with the marlins. >> here we go. to the bottom of the ninth. look like ceasar hernandez scored the game winning run on a hit by kim.
5:26 am
phillies, you're about to see it on the field. celebrating this one would have to be reviewed, later overturned, game would go on. people throwing gum on the field, the gum had to be obviously taken off. >> there you go. so then let's go, next piece of tape here, marlins taking the lead in the tenth, solo homerun. but how about this guy? we cannot say enough good things about phillies rookie rosins, continuing to come up huge, homerun two, others, keeps the game alive. second homer of the night. sixteenth the year. >> another phillies rookie comes up, rookie comes up huge here, nick williams rips a double to the left. aaron al tear scores the game winning run. phillies win eight-seven, in 15 since. we mentioned there is the game lasted four hours and 57 minutes. pretty cool. game on the west coast. i think it was still going on at this hour. that's how long it went. yesterday. going, going, going. how many hotdogs can you eat? >> people in the stands ten of
5:27 am
them all asleep by there is the people that never left. all right, lot of fun there with the baseball action. >> scott williams, let's get another check of the forecast. >> high there, good morning, of course, the peak of hurricane seasonment some renmant moisture from irma headed our way in the next couple every days. yes washings about jose? we're tracking it, where it will head next. plus bonn kelly has a check of those roads. a live look right now at wilmington, delaware, along the riverfront. we will time that rain hour by hour next. dad, we got the car...
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>> a lacrosse player say they discriminated against her and her team because of their color and race. >> we'll take you to the scene to explain. >> take a look at these guys being hoisted up. we call them gargoyles, but i'll let you noah little fact. i think they're actually grow test being, the real name for them, we'll explain, scaring up some good fun, good day everybody, good morning to you, thomas drayton. >> good morning, great to have you with us this wednesday, inch every ever so closely to the weekend. >> some people may be going down the shore, taking a look at wildwood right now for the weekend, but before then, i think we'll get some rain. >> it is coming, remnants of irma. scott williams, what are we looking at? >> little rainfall today and tomorrow, not complete wash out, headed down the shore watch out for the dangerous
5:31 am
rip currents, but the weekends forecast looks prep good. for today across the region down the shore, 76 degrees, few showers, noticeably more humid. seventy-seven in philadelphia, lehigh valley, berks county area, temperatures, in the low 70s, right now, we have 51 degrees, mount pocono. mid 50's, currently, in the lehigh valley. as you move toward lancaster, berks county, temperatures near 60 degrees. and here's the set up. high pressure, moving away, the renmant moisture from irma, that will head in our direction, the next several days. so, as we go hour by hour, you can see, some green, dotting the map, not complete wash out, then tomorrow morning, we do it again, into the afternoon, maybe some thunderstorms, before all is said and done, looks like quarter of an inch to half inch of rainfall, across parts of the area. jose, category one hurricane. it will meander out in the open waters of the atlantic, then it looks like it will head back out to sea, by early next week. so, that means, that rip current danger will exist for quite some time.
5:32 am
bob kelly how are the roads? >> that's right. head out to sea, see ya later jose. won't miss you. good morning, everybody, 5:31, roads in good shape, roads are diet rye now, as scotty said we have rain on the way, the schuylkill looking good, volume popping for the morning rush hour, all of the cones are up and gone, hello delco, live look at i59 here in delaware county headed down toward wilmington. coming in from south jersey, on the freeway, again, starting to seat beginning of the breaks tap headed in toward the walt whitman bridge. going to zoom on in to mt. laurel, new jersey, route 73, some construction right near the turnpike with those lane restrictions throughout the midday. for the gang up in kutztown, i78 eastbound, got disable, either car or tractor-trailer. but out there, right near route 843, which is exit number 45, so keep that in mind if you are headed over to allentown, and north on the extension, watch for disable, right near lansdale,
5:33 am
otherwise, karen, thomas, mass transit looking good! back over to you guys. >> bob, thank you. 15:32, investigation underway this morning into the death of mccrea williams, 19 year old freshman at lafayette college, not much being revealed, authorities are only saying that williams was involved in a chain of events that authorities believe began saturday and ended with his death monday afternoon. they responded to medical emergency sunday afternoon at a dorm on cam pulls. police are trying to determine if alcohol played a role in his death. >> the school district of philadelphia, it is also has to deal with lacrosse, it is now facing a federal class action lawsuit, because some of their lacrosse players are saying that they were discriminated against based on their race and gender. >> let's gerry the school district response, latest developments in this story. part of the response says this. one of our core values as a school district is increasing opportunities in the classroom and on the playing field for all of our students,
5:34 am
regardless of their race or gender. that response comes because not so, says recent strawberry mansion class of 2017 graduate, and lacrosse star, nadira mccrea whose lawsuit claims the school district dropped the ball by not getting the dock men ration required by the university of hartford, causing nadira not claiming the full division one scholarship. the suit also claims the district keeps black majority high schools only playing each other, in the traditional white female sport of lacrosse cents and field hockey. that keeps the girls from really increasing their skills, against the better competition, and so increasing chances of scholarships at top universities, the suit claims, nadira's coach also lost her job after bringing all of this to the district's attention. >> we do expect others are going to come forward, because we're fairly confident that nadira isn't the only girl who has experienced, you know,
5:35 am
some damage from these practices. >> it made me feel that like we weren't good enough to play lacrosse because we were discouraged so many times from not playing, and like not being noticed for like the great potential that we have, even though we probably weren't great, and we didn't get the long time training that other female lacrosse players god -- got. i feel like we were still able to play in the league. >> if you manipulate the schedule and make the girls only have four teams, and they only play each other, and they don't play the better teams, and they don't have the uniforms, what you end up doing, you end up taking a team with 30 girls, down to 15 girls, down to five girls, down to know girls, because you're discouraging the girls, telling them, sending them the message this is not their sport, that they should go pick up a basketball and go do something else. >> well, lawsuit claims, that when nadira ask for the missing paperwork they
5:36 am
responded by disbelieving she even got into the school like the university of hartford, advised her to get into a lesser school. and set her sites on less prestigious schools. well, i'm if the going to say chaney is less prestigious, but that's where she plans to go. >> guys? >> startling when you say, that i can't even believe the words coming out of your mouth, steve, thank you. 5:36. happening today: such a sad good-bye, they're going to be having the funeral today for the man shot to death right in front of his two year old daughter in front of their home in spring garden. thirty-eight year old gerald was shot thursday, during a robbery near his home, police say he was gunned down by 16 year old marvin roberts. his 21 year old brother has also been charged. he's from new jersey. he was with his car and his child was in his car and they wanted to take it and he said no according to police, then he got killed. his service is going to be held this morning, at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. >> another difficult morning. 5:36. washington is about to double down on debt.
5:37 am
>> a lot going on right now, because the pressure of course from all of the hurricanes, they have to deal, with with the hurricane relief, also tax reform proposals, let's get down to washington doug luzader with the latest on all of that, good morning, doug. >> good morning, national debt isn't the store at this used to be. we used to spends a lot more talk talking about it but it crossed $20 trillion this week, which is almost an unimaginable figure, but, it is about to get worse. for one thing, weaver all of this relief coming, for both harvey and irma, and none of that spending it appears is going to be offset with cuts elsewhere, which means it gets attack on to the national debt. >> bipartisan concensus to do this. the problem comes when future generations eventually have to pay all of this money back. and that's not going to be easy. and it addition to that we have this talk of tax reform, which is something that's long been banded here in washington, and it raises questions about what to do with tax rates. if you lower tax rates, how do
5:38 am
you make up for the loss revenue, or does it simply get piled on to the deficit at least in the short-term, and that appears to be kind of the direction that everyone is leaning in right now. >> there will be a lot of back and forth specially with billions and billions of dollars being requested. i know supposed to talk about the debt crisis, let's talk about the travel ban. what's going on here? >> the supreme court stepping in to halt a lower court's decision that would have constricted the president's ability to hold back certain classes of individuals, coming into the country, win for the administration see ultimately what the full court decides to do. >> so much going on, of course the president taking tour right now, tax tour, coming through pennsylvania as one of the states on the trip. thank you, doug shall appreciate it the. >> thanks, 5:38. let's get check on weather and traffic we start with bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning everybody, a 5:38, you mentioned downtown philly starting to see some volume coming into the city on the vine expressway. hitting the brakes little bit coming around the curve. and some construction coming
5:39 am
our way today in villanova. come on, open up that front door. let's say good morning to the board walk. nice and quiet. watch the tram car please. give me a slice of pizza how about some popcorn? scotty has your forecast when we come right back.
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5:41 am
>> in your health this morning, new study easing long held fears about hormone replacement therm. >> i relief to a lot of o. research finds the treatment thought to increase a woman's risk of death by cancer is
5:42 am
largely unfounded. the study by the american journal medical association, found 12 to 18 years, big group, and a long study. the women took estrogen for average of seven years, and the findings showed no increase in their risk every death, including from stroke, cancer or heart disease, instead, the treatment gave them relief from the hot flashes, night sweats, and sleep disruption. scott, do you know what a gargoyle does? kind of weather related, has a job, do you know that? >> scares the heck out of me, right? >> yes, also kicks the water off of a building. that's why you see that over there, at the cathedral, protect the building by kicking the water right off of t how about that? >> look up walking past that building. we do have some rainfall head in the our direction, the renmant moisture associated with irma. it will come in waves today and tomorrow, we go hour by hour, plus a check of the roads, live look at reading berks county, folks are up and
5:43 am
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>> thank you to all of the men and women who serve in our helping us out and disasters,, come on down, join the gang, we'll have food being being activities all of the cool military vehicles and equipment and huge special secret treat that we will unveil at fourth and market, seven to 10:00 a.m., come
5:46 am
down, join us please. >> always a great time. all right, bob kelly, a check on traffic. >> did you say food? then we will be there. good morning, 545th, on a wednesday morning. getting ready, with your food, your breakfast, packing the kids lunches, coming into center city, little volume coming off the schuylkill and 95 at both ends, then up to the bridesburg section here, this is 95, northbound, approaching the betsy ross bridge there. watch for disable. off to the shoulder, or i should say, the shoulder right lane area, again, on the northbound side, live look, at conshohocken, this is 476, between the conshy and ridge avenue interchange, again, no problems or dry at least for the moment, the ben franklin bridge looking good. as you work your way up and over in toward downtown philly. and then, over in new jersey, the 42 freeway, starting to see some volume, we got camera out there working your way in toward the walt whitman bridge. and then route 73, just watch for the crews today, right near the new jersey turnpike, kind of squeeze there, between 295 and the turnpike, otherwise, mass transit looking good.
5:47 am
your forecast for your hump day, scotty has got it in 15 seconds. >> nice weather, high pressur pressure, august lawing for high pressure from irma to move in and several pieces, now, it won't be complete wash out, but we do have increased humidity, and also, chances for some showers. right now, we're dry across the region, some rainfall off to the west, and some that far will kinds of fill in during the day, but once again, several showers, not a complete wash out, 60 degrees right now in trenton, we have 50's north and west, 56 degrees, lehigh valley, low 60s right now, down the shore. as we zoom in, 58 in hammonton, cinnaminson, camden right now, 61 degrees. so, hour by hour, here's 11:00 .
5:48 am
some of the showers, moving into berks county, moving into delaware increased humidity, win out of the south and west, tomorrow afternoon, evening, bet he chance for showers and thunderstorm, then i think most of the rainfall, it is out of here for friday. and also, the upcoming weekend, so the bottom line today, tomorrow, showers, around, quarter to half inch, higher humidity, and also, rough surf, with dangerous rip currents, through the weekend. down the shore. 77 degrees, atlantic city, 74 pottstown, 74 in the lehigh vale, low 70s, mount pocono. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you, some showers, around, few thunderstorms, likely, tomorrow afternoon, and evening, 77 today. 80 degrees on thursday. low 80s for friday, with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies, looking good, looking dry, for the temple game, and then look at the beautiful weekend. eighty-two on saturday, and
5:49 am
also, on sunday. back over to you. >> staring at faces of two people i absolutely a door, show you them in a second. >> coming together for hurricane relief. >> talking about people like oprah, cher, jamie foxx, george robert, george clooney just to name a few. >> ♪ >> what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪ would you stand up and walk out on me ♪ ♪ >> a lot of great voices, the program hosed out of la, new york and nashville, and aired here on fox, featured performances, taped tributes, whole lot of messages from a number of stars, you even got to watch the celebrities become g up the non-stop ringing phones. >> natural disasters don't discriminate. they don't see if you're immigrant, black or white, hispanic or asian, jewish or muslim, wealthy or poor. it doesn't matter if you're from third ward or river observation, we're all in this
5:50 am
together. >> fourteen and a half million the generous americans helping so many people from our communities that all needed, affected by these storms. >> harrowing stories of survival are coming to light as hurricane victims make it to safety, including one local radio dj who just made it back to philadelphia. >> so the us military air lifted dj touch at any and his friend from the devastated islands every saint martin, huddled together in rest rooms in the resort there, they road out the category five. add another on stack toll this mix here, touch stone is blind. >> didn't know what was going to hit me, or what direction it was going to come from. >> the winds stopped, the damage evidence here, so was the fact they were stuck on the islands with no power, no water, food running low, touch stone said he prayed, and his
5:51 am
friends, rescued along with when flew out along with other americans on c130 cargo plane back in philadelphia. >> how dramatic that? can you imagine going in the back of one of those? >> debate in our area, talking about the stature of former mayor frank rizzo, should it stay, should it go? the culture arts program, sparking some controversy, and at least some good discussion. mural watch philadelphia has put this piece, called, all power, to all people, outside of the municial services billing, which is right where frank rizzo statue s so it is temporary, after row pick sculpture, that stands 8 feet tall, ways nearly 900 pounds, the artist hang willis thomas said the pick was placed for ideas related to community, per severeness, resistance to oppression, he will be in philadelphia saturday to talk about the installation, also raised hand there, as well. interesting. i think it is interesting. >> time now 55:00; get ready here target teaming up for the
5:52 am
another of their uber popular collaborations. >> so, this time, it is working, with the host of hg tv, the show fixer upper, to help you decorate your home. it is a new line called heart in hand with mag noll y set to roll out the beginning of november just if time for the holiday shopping season. >> their company called mag noll y they're keeping it going. apple, unveiling its brand new iphone and apple watch. >> i like you're watching all of your hg tv. look at go. >> a lot of down time. apple debuted its iphone ten, which will go on sale in november. the company also came to an agreement with the state of new jersey, over a pricing information dispute. announcing it will actually display the prices on a hard copy instead of the digital copies they usually have in the stores. new jersey had protested apple's in store digital pricing system claiming, you know, there were few glitches, didn't continuously view pricing for its customers. >> also, break down the new features of the phone, pretty
5:53 am
darn cool, as well. >> facial recognition, turn your phone on and off, using your little mug. >> use your own face to use the emojis, i don't know what mean, i mean this. >> i'm singing you a karen. get ready to be scared. terror behind the walls at eastern state penetentary coming back. >> yesterday the popular attraction put the gargoyles in place, named frank and carson, on top of the prison. waiting to scare all of the visitors as they enter. >> this year always fun, come up with something new, new attraction called the bone yard. it is going to be running from september 22nd, so another week, on a friday, all the way up through november 11. >> right around the cornerment good day philadelphia comes right back. taking you top to the poconos, good morning.
5:54 am
♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
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>> good morning, never to early to research college choices, if it sounds like something you might want to do, you're in luck. national center for education statistics is creating a cheat sheet for you. according to its study, the best college in the country, is princeton university, in new jersey, more than 1800 colleges, and universities, are evaluated on up to 15 indicators of excellence, such as class size, standardized test scores, incoming student, and average graduation rates. so, harvard university massachusetts, number two on the list, while the university of chicago, and yale university, in connecticut, tide for number three. three schools are tied for number five, columbia university in new york, massachusetts institute of technology, and california's
5:57 am
stanford university. so now you know. school district of philadelphia's facing a lawsuit, why one recent grad says the way the district handles its athletic teams is just plane wrong. we'll have a live update coming up in just a moment. and it is supposed to be a magic moment. popping the big question to the love of your life. this guy did it on a bridge, and that's when things went, well, didn't go as he planned. the shocking end to this proposal gone wrong, coming up when "good day" continues in about two minutes. gps: faster route detected.
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>> the frank rizzo statue has a neighbor now, so, see it, it is a pick! what do you think? what's the message being portrayed here? and then, listen to this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> helping out hurricane victims, all of hollywood came out, how the stairs came out to raise money for people impacted by hurricane harvey and hurricane irma.


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