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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 14, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> welcome to chasing news. tame bill spadea. politics another day at the beach, right? so says one mayor who is run for re-election, that and jose, making the way through the atlantic. how this is storm going to impact you and your upcoming weekend, but first, between it start with a story that brings us lakewood, new jersey, where 26 orthodox jews are already under in dime for fraud ranging from fraud to food stamps. there may be more throughout. here is the story. it about the state of new jersey offering what some are calling amnesty to other potential crooks joust they can reign in
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this feeling. ashley, what do you got. >> more than two dozen people in lakewood, mc, predominantly orthodox jewish community are being rampant by the state and committing medicaid fraud and the big question is, whether the state offered offered this progt all. back in jun and july, federal state officials 26 people in lakewood including a rab biand teach we're a list of fraud counts and reportedly, individuals collected more than than $2.4 million in ben fits in total. now, it is open to all ocean county residents who can seek amnesty under the program. people would have to repay the benefittest from not eligible for plus a penalty. in addition, those in the program misagree not to receive medicaid for a year. those who participate would avoid prosecution.
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now, it is such a touchy subject here in lakewood that no one would speak with me on camera but a few people did share with me off-camera that many people feel that the people who committed the crime are getting off easy. in lakewood. ashley with chasing news. bill: thank you, ashley. all right. i with president to bring somebody in directly involved with this. as you know, there are now 26 people underindictment in lakewood for theft of government service and array of other charges dealing with the snap program, et cetera. the state government has done something that some residents really upset about and some are calling it amnesty. the state government not so much. the ocean county prosecutor will be prosecuting the case of the 26 folks already under indictment. >> great to be here. >> what do you say say though cents out there that are
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claiming that people in lakewood were let off the hook then what do you say to the other side where there seems to be little bit of a current event laboring the entire community as guilty. >> i don't think you can label the whole community. that is absurd. ok. there were individuals that were identified thatted a problem. i am not sure i understand the complaints s. may, certainly the state reasons all kinds of programs. there are gun buyback programs there is drug amnesty programs and programs with sales tax and 20 years and those things they have programs with regard to the taxes. >> how big this is problem? are we talking about hundreds more? millions in dollars what are we talking about in terms of the so-called amnesty. no i the state is not calling that. that it what it feels like for a lot of us out here. >> cannot telex ackley. i suspect there is more than 26 individuals and would be naive to think this is all it was. think that the problem is large
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enough. i don't think you can capture them all and by criminally prosecuting them. i think the intent here is to raise intention, and let the people come forward to collect the money. the point i, they f they come in, they do the amnesty program, the point the controller had, get this money. then give on the right people that deafer it. not the people who are abusing it. bill: thank you. appreciate. all right. want to bring in the eight-plus panel tonight. we are joined by advocate for education in paterson. corey, welcome to chasing news. good to have you back. you are author. a writer. a lawyer. let me start with you. put your lawyer hat on far minute. you know, this seems it is not out of the ordinary but residents are really upset. the only people that showed up a the meeting yesterday were from there to complain on this community. do you think that is what is going foon i think what is going on that is we have immature
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understanding of law enforcement. you know, not every law enforcement opportunity is like episode of will you and order. it is not all police and jail don't always work like that. there are pan ny come nones enforcing the law that involve programs just like this one. so i understand that some kind of appeal, our standpoint, you might have residents saying says ties soft. they are not getting the proper penalties t. the type of penalty involved in this program what is would happen there were criminals. >> let me ask you. why lake bad this do you think it reeks of anti-semitism maybe targeting one community over the other? >> well, what i heard today. i don't know if it would be that. if it continues further and more in depth it may be considered that in the public view. you know how the medias. they have to push a certain topic to get people interested in the stories from what i am hearing now. i don't think it that is. reach out to anyone that is here. >> do you think this kind of fraud goes on in place like paterson.
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>> yeah, absolutley. how do you feel if paterson were under the spot light now. you know, this is a roundup and offer of amnesty and story line that is saying this problem is rampant? >> well, it would be a good idea, actually. there is many people who are struggling. they need the assistance maybe it would loosen up some funds for them, you know, for folks and seniors, the disached who really need, you know, assistance, they are not able to get. >> i all right. thanks. >> i want to turn to another story we brought you two weeks ago. a member of the new jersey state samebly parker space was at hank william's jr. concert. he and his wife stood in front of the hank william's jr. flag which happens to be hank william's jr. face his super imposed over this battle flag, the confederate flag as it iser frommed to. he tweeted out, he put on the facebook, a note saying, i hope this doesn't oh fen anyone, lol. well. came under a ton of fire. not only on social media but by his dem cract opponents in the rae re election race for
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assembly. well, now, he is thinking about bringing a lawsuit and his employees. i want to bring in assemblyman back to chasing news. welcome back. >> you know, i want to ask you the first thing i we got the panel here and going to talk about this. do you think now, at this point, mean you have a little regret on putting that post opp beyond the picture of the hank william's flag but also, the provocative tweet saying i hope it doesn't oh fen anyone, lol. any regrets oning that? >> no. i did nothing wrong. its with a hank jr. concert and lynyrd skynyrd. we talked about this before. when are people going to be tired? get tired of being phoned? >> what are you hearing from your employees up? said it in this whole idea, too. the people are being hurt because of a drop in business.
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>> what they are trying to do and bring forth here. >> why? i mean, is this not a formal course. didn't you just open this up to a social media discussion and you can't be not be surprised a the rereaction? why take it to the level of a lawsuit? >> well, i think, you flor obviously, you know, my anents, obviously shall nothing to offer. this is like their avenue and rally up people, you know, somebody that i am not, so for one, and i work every day of my life its not stop seven days a week i drove 24 hours straight. i am dropping her off after done with the interview and driving back home again.
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nonstop work and family. i don't have time. >> can i ask you, like what? what are you accusing the opponents of doing that is beyond the normal course of rough and tum pell? >> , one of the, the campaign manager, you know, when he checks in at 12 cron 30 in the morning. we get up. we run on the facebook page. you know, it is like, come on. you know, we are 90-year-old business. at least 35 people through the summertime and a lot of kids the first job and if there is nothing else to go after. it is like, you know, i don't, they should be running for. >> all right. parker, appreciate you joining us. thank you. all right. thank you, sir. bill: all right. well bring the panel in. let me start with you. are you upset, hurt and outraged by the hank william's jr. flag? >> oh, not so much. i hope no one would be phoned if
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i had the flag there taking a peck sure? what do you think of what the assembly is say mooing are you okay with the social media posts? think freedom of expression could be respected. if he is not making any remarks. >> they will take away everyone's freedom of expression. i is no longer america, to be quite honest. >> on the bandwagon on this. what do you say? offensive, stupid, valid lawsuit ho i think more than anything else. it is stupid. while i certainly respect anyone's rights to ready start lawsuit, they are the victim of criminal harassment or anything like that. well, i really think that what the assemblyman is ex peering now is called consequence for one's action. when one says things if the person is a public official there are consequences for all the talk about how everyone else is. perhaps he should consider toughing up. all right t. thank you, guys. >> all right. here is a look at the headlines we are chasing tonight. >> a student was killed and a
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suspect in custody after a shooting at high school in eastern washington state. three other students were hospitalized in stable condition after the incident at the high school. police are conduct the criminal investigation after eight florida nursing homes from the wake of hurricane irma. patients were found dead in hollywood on the atlantic coast and the other side. more than 115 cinemas were evacuated and believed to be. three weeks after hurricane harvey let the gulf coast, meanwhile, the flood insurance program paid out $11 billion for damage. that is second the $16 billion paid off after katrina and top the billion paid off superstorm sandy t. that is look at the headlines we're chasing today. >> coming up next, senator bob men nez dez on trial for corruption. new details about the girls at the center of the controversy.
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>> we have the weather. meteorologist: hi, bill. 36 to 46 hours of unsettled weather on the way. that is showers and thunderstorms and temperatures will stay on the warm side. we'll have a lact the forecast, coming up.
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bill: welcome back to chasing news. am bill spadea. we'll talk to one of the candidates. i am not so sure he has chance to win. let the you. he is making one interesting race. first i want to talk about mayoral politics in the garden state. jersey city mayor steve phillips the first politician in the state we know of is taking advantage of the beast debacle. take a look that video. >> and they used to say politics in new jersey is no day at the beap. sudden lit was. instead of more negative politics this is the way to show you. three new schools and farm ear markets in every neighborhoods. >> well, i want to check in with political strategists jennette hoffman. welcome back to chasing news. always good to talk to you. what is your take on this. this ads seems to abe lot more than the guy running for re-election. this is somebody who has ambition on higher office. >> well, it is funny you should
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say that, bill. everyone thought that people this year would be a candidate for governor in the democratic primary. but earlier this year, he said he was not going to run. he endorsed murphy, the am mass dorer to germany to be the democratic candidate. with that being said, you know, the young guy, four years old, charismatic. i do think he has the sights set on higher office. >> but jennette, does the mayor have a chance? i mean, he has backed down from one statewide race. s hoping that something happens with bob menendez and a dem threat governor's office and will get appoint. yeah. i mean, you never know in new jersey politics with the menendez trial going on right now, the potential for him to be convicted and resigning and it will need a new u.s. senator, so that spot is coming open. who knows. the democratic nominee and you know, should murphy be the democratic governor? he could appoint him.
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a whole bunch of different poxes that could happen. a lot of it hinges on what happens in the trial. >> well, let me ask you indo you think has bigger chance of being governor christie's legacy even more than bridgegate this the picture on the beach, worth $1,000 words, it is worth a leg? i i think it is hilarious photo and it has gone viral but i don't think that is going to. i think a lot of people like to poke fun of it. there is bigger things in that for governor christie. >> thanks. all right. let's check in with meteorologist who has all the weather. meteorologist: hi, there. i have a look at the weather forecast over the next couple of days. not such a bad day for wednesday t. we had some sun and some clouds. a few spotty showers around as expected, too. hopefully they didn't put the damper in the day. well, the big weather story continues to be the remnants of once powerful hurricane rm my and now a big blob of clouds and
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rain taking over the eastern united states. today's are in and cloudy weather was just appetizer and the main event cops in tomorrow with the best chance for rain and that is still not saying much, though. it is all light stuff with a few thunderstorms embedded downposser. by the way, on the right side of the screen is hurricane jose. still spinning around in the middle of the atlantic ocean. i think the best track takes jose out to he and out of the hair but continue to see rough surf and rip current concerns physical that happens. the forecast tonight. there could be a how we're and some patchy fog around. mostly cloudy skies. low temperatures fall into the mid 60's or so. a little bit warmer than we have been over the past couple of night. we have extra humidity in the air now. scattered showers and storms in the forecast tomorrow. i don't think it is a washout. but everybody prone to see at least some raindrops. an umbrella would be a good idea tomorrow. on friday, we close out the shower and thunderstorm chances eventually clearing away the sun and clouds and we should see goodshine and warm temperatures as we head to the upcoming
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weekend. the last weekend of summer. i am meteorologist reporting. bill: ok, thanks, dan. appreciate that. i want to turn to alex who has been covering the bob menendez corrupts trial. new details emerrilling about the girls at the center of the controversy. not everybody is giving details about this trial but it is that important. you know what? it will impact you. we'll be here four. alex, what do you got? >> the corrupts trial of the u.s. senator up in the air as prosecutors sprend ed of what they say are codefendant thriving democratic senator with flights on the private jet to and from the dominican republic. the pilot of those saying even stop the fridge onboard and with men mendez favorite during a trip in 2016 and tee fence retaliated by suggesting it was ridiculous or simple water to
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the evidence from the senator. now the family have flown up ap down on the proof vate planes along with men mendez who were on the plane occasionally the ladies and gentlemen girlfriend who testified on tuesday. now prosecutors have called the girlfriend since the 2015 indictment and the defense has not contested. however, kirk mel grn's lead attorney prepared the the jury thing sture are jurors on thing statement they are not to judge the relationship and relationship he had with his wife setting them up to fear and may not break the law. the trial continues on thursday. chasing news reporting. bill: thank you, alex. a look at the headlines we're chasing tonight. >> swarms of insects have been plaguing residents from connecticut to philadelphia and everywhere in between. experts say it is mating season for the flying ants. also known as labor day ants.
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in south korea, conducted the first live fire drill wednesday for the cruise missile. the drill would improve the capability to strike north core rowan the event and position as said the missile filed from a footinger jet traveled through obstacles of low altitude before hitting target. this year's finalists for induction into the national hall of fame include magic eight ball, matchbox cars, my little pony, a paper airplane, a game of risk, france former,. you know cards and wiffle ball. only two of the three will make the cut the winners will be announced in november. that is a look at the headlines we are chasing today. >> coming up next, wait until you see who is running for mayor of new york city. mayor de blasio and his bid for re-election none other than former nypd police detective and let me tell you. i don't know if he has shot, man
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is he making the race interesting.
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>> welcome back to chasing moose. i am bill spadea the race for new york city mayor is on. there was primary yesterday. one candidate pent who you may remember as former nypd police diving and a regular on cable news. this guy, i don't know if he has shot. let me till something. he is meaking this race interesting. diana caught up with beau for the show. what do you got? it was expected win for new york city's mayor bill de blasio on tuesday. he fought off challengers in the proim ary. now the real work begins with all eyes set on november general election. former councilman is one of the closest rivals in the primary. now, he is a candidate in the
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party. i met him at the law office in midtown where tells me is not ready to give up yet. >> he has not done a good job as mayor. he has not addressed major issues that are fashion new york. for example on the transit system and has melted down. >> also, in midtown, you will find another candidate. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that wassing aminutes. >> that was good stuff. >> wow. he adds color though race. he has been a cop, actor, private investigator, now he is running as gun-toting independent. but the better story is who is he seen running with ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i have hus cousin, big bird. got your cousin big bird here from germany. made quite a splash when he
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takes after de blasio with big bird and will likely continue as the race heats up. i know his game. i know how corrupt he is. i am going to expose him to what he is. who i am in bed with, the people of new york? i i want the candidate for the people of new york and that is who i am going to answer to. >> malliotakis is a republican candidate for major. de blasio made no mention of her tuesday. he won with more than 74% of the vote. only 14% of the more than 3 million registered democrats kim out to vote. in morning, chasing news. bill: thanks, diana. you know, i don't know if he can win or not. letlet me tull, we would be interesting may area cover for next four years. between it go back to starry we did, the show about lakewood. as you know, 26 members of the
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ort objection jewish community under indictment in the state of new jersey has offered what some are calling amnesty to others land that was town meeting in ocean county where people came out and were angry and upset that the government was going easy on these alleged stealers of government services. let me say that. there is no way to look that but two ways. one, let's stop all threat rick about the entire jewish come-twi this broad brush of feelings. it not everyone in lakewood that has committed a crame or accused of committing a crime. that is number one, number two, the real victim here. are you the taxpayer apes and the people denied service because somebody is gaining the system. won't do the government do something. not make so it easy for people to steal from all of us. all right. thanks for watching tonight. i will see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. news at the top of the 11:00 i'm lucy noland. we're following shooting in philadelphia's fair hill section. our dave kinchen is there so what are you hearing, dave? >> lucy we have breaking details from police that just came to us moments ago. let's go to video right now where right off of allegheny but it's really further down at second and lippincott in kensington. we know that four men were shot in a drive by style shooting while they were out enjoying the weather. mows say four men shot, two men are in their 50's they were shot in their arms and legs. the other two men are in their 30s. and we're told that that includes a man shot in the chest. his condition is unknown. the last man in his 30s is


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