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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 14, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> karen hepp is here. >> good morning,. >> i knew right off the top of her head she would noah very attractive philadelphia police officer. she knows the name. >> i think there is a lot of them. >> as reporter for so many years, you sit outside the station, like you just think -- thank you, men and women who serve our city and do such a great job, in the greater area, pleasure ac reporter. >> you have inside sources as they say? >> you want to do it now?
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let me get the run down out of the way here megan is that cool? >> why women are ditching men, if you've been waiting around for it, it is mom coming just go out buy it yourself. that's great trends. >> the real premiers monday, can't wait, been missing here, here on fox, but, we will see what we can expect, you know, they'll be liver. are they ready for this? can they handle it this? you know they keep it real. >> i like that show. we'll take the nighttime and make it daytime. you don't even have to get changedment take your pj's and make it street ready. new trends for the real, showing in fashion week, and we'll show you here how you can take nighttime look, look pretty darn great during the nighttime. stylish. >> okay. we'll see. we'll see. fashion show, coming up. >> yes. >> all right. ladies in their pajamas.
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>> okay, how about men? >> well ' see. so let's get it, gainesville police department down in florida, they have a lot of attractive police officers apparently, out helping irma victims, now want to do calendar, so we kept saying, there has got to be attractive law enforcement officers in the delaware val. >> i yes, we don't have to go to gainesville to see some attractive law enforcement people. >> so people, really are not coming in very fast. >> no. we've been asking this since 7:00 this morning. and some pictures, some people, just sent us. >> i even called out one. >> says here is two for you,& from joey, i think of himself. hey, joe. >> i there you go. >> very nice, tricia sent this one in, officer sean mccalister. >> no question. >> karen, you had a name were you trying to come up with? >> i just can't pronounce it, one of our brass, but grateful every single time he comes on with a situation he needs to update us, inform the pun, his name sako, all get a picture,
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every time he comes on, so many times, i remember sitting outside southwest detective, and just something about them, you know, they're fit, they work out, protectors, they got handcuffs, you snow. >> oh, handicuffs. >> you think. >> they sent in, but the actual philly application department didn't say anything. >> i'm surprise we haven't received develop. but i think we have indication of y there is social media unit, for the philadelphia police department. >> he sent in a reason. >> with a they have to say about this. he says: they say: putting up pictures of our fine looking officers would owner is to ever break the internet. aim sorry we cannot condone destruction of property. >> good one. >> that is a good one, my response to you, i disagree, i
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think of it as public service, or community re lakes cents. >> again i pointed one out, the female offers here works for temple university, in the k9 unit, we found out that she is married to philly cop. but could we at least see picture of her so i can show her to the public? you know what i mean? >> why put her up there? >> public service again. >> oh. good reason. >> now, i have a question for two. >> okay? >> you're single. you're married. with three kids. if a man met you, or you, and said gosh i'm really into you, but you're not into him. i mean, he is infatuated with the two of you, so he goes to a public park, he pumps out a piano, and he says i'm going to play this piano until you come back to me in the park and say you'll go out with me. >> well, with this case weren't they dating for a little bit? dating for four months. >> but she didn't want to continue. >> but at least she gave him four months. he had a taste how nice life could be. >> he liked that date.
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his name luke howard. and so he began playing the piano, this is about five days ago. in an effort to win back the love of his life. he says. so they dated for four month. like you said. broke up because he says life got in the way. she had things to do. he was hoping she would see this stunt and change her mind. >> i'm here playing the piano because i didn't know what else to do. pretty amazing girl, and fell apart. so rather than just give up, i thought i would come here and just play, and i'll play if it rains, if it snows, if i fall over, or if i get arrested, i'll n here as long as i have to be here. >> hey, megan, is this in the united states in it is in britain. >> it doesn't help that there
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is a concert going on right then too. >> gives it dramatic effect though when he was talking. >> so then he starts to play. he'll do this until she comes back to him. i have a question for you two. is this romantic, or down right creepy? >> i think it is a little bit romantic. i think men that play an instrument, i think that's real neat. every woman wants that person to come back running for you, to be dedicated, to do that, and there is something to be said for perseverance. so i did have a guy that he was so persevere end, that i just gave him a chance, then we dated, obviously it ended. but it was one of those. he hung in there. one of those things i admired, though, you keep coming back, like i admire that is correct he was charming, sweet, so this is like what every movie is b and music makes you feel like i love you. if that's what -- like what inspires great musicment even if he doesn't get the girl he'll still have great music. >> what did he do it break you down? >> he kept trying? >> he was charming, entertaining, and fun, and guy
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from text, a woe call me darling. >> oh, nothing like that southern hospitality. >> and we had a lot of fun. would go to all of the ballgames, just about town, had a lot of fun going out. waist good companion, good friends, and he kept trying to like make it little something more. and i was like -- >> so from texas. >> i gave up. >> you knew he wanted something more but you continued to go out with him? >> and he wore me down, i ended updating him for at least a year probably. >> a year? >> wow. >> yes. >> but it never blossomed into anything? >> it was something then left him and married my husband. >> did you leave him for brian? >> we would always break up with each other. we had one of those relationship would you stomp out the door and always break up. no one ever wanted to be the bad guy, so to be the one that broke up, finally one day he broke up with me, and then i met brian the next night. okay great. >> i'm broken up. great timing. no problem. >> that turn around time car glenn then all the sudden desperate, buying me stuff, buying me things, and jewelry,
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i don't need jewel ricky don't need a thing. >> i got a man. >> my theory for this is whether it comes to deciding it something is romantic or creepy, just how much the girl likes you. because if you're into a guy& he can do something ridiculous and oh, that's so cute. >> yes. >> but not into it, wait please stop because you're not feeling it. i had a friend recently dating someone being asking for advice; this doing too much, i don't know i said it depends how much you like each other. if you really like each other it doesn't matter as much. >> i a grow. >> only time whether it becomes creepy or weird, because you realize hey, i don't feel the same way but as you feel about me. so you're doing a lot. this is weird. i don't like this space. >> once i find out she is not into this, i'm out. i don't want to be -- i don't want to embarrass myself, that's why, a lot of times, i would ask a woman out, and she didn't have time, i would never go back. >> really? >> even if she said oh, my dad just died, and i have to go to the funeral. probably an excuse. >> oh, mike? >> second chance. one shot. that's it.
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>> never had somebody where you were -- >> low self esteem. i'm insecure. >> oh,. >> she said no, there must and reason. >> so never gone back, asked a woman out multiple times? >> no, i've had my spleen removed tomorrow. can't go out? okay. >> why are you looking at me that way? >> just trying to think about, that i think like if there is someone that intrigues you, snake bitten by, every time you see them, just that chemistry, that something, and you keep at it, like you have a flirtation, you have something, i think you would. >> isn't there a theory if a man is really into a woman, nothing can stop him? >> exactly right. >> if he really wants you he will go over the top. if you say i never ask a woman twice, i will, because you really want her. >> i only did this once, with lorna, only time i've ever done it, i pretended to be her friends, for like six months. you know, oh, you want to go a movie? >> that's what i am talking about. >> i pretended to be her friends and she never new i was interested in her. until one day we go to the movies, this is out in santa monica. and we went up, i park my car
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on the roof parking garage, you can look out over the pacific ocean. it was about 11:00 at night. and there was a moon, it was shimmering on the water. and i get in the car. she gets in the car. and does one of these. >> oh, she just leaned in? >> yes. >> that's your theory, you prefer. >> oh, yes, you put it off, put it off, don't tell him that you're interested until they make the first move. >> mike likes to make the women wait. kiss me all right. >> until they do it. then grr. >> as opposed to him initiating because he knows he wants to kiss her too. >> that's the only time i ever waited and manipulated. >> pretending tore her friends. >> i think if you wait long enough, like karen was saying, you can wear a woman down. >> that's good. >> if you're always there, then, you know, you show that you're interested, and consistent? i think eventually she might say give this a try. >> i don't want to talk somebody into being with me. >> it's not talking into. it is like showing, like a
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resume, you know? sometimes you have that probation period, at work,& when you get to work and you just want to prove you can do the job. say hey look, i can do this. >> i do that far day. i don't know why i'm still here. closing thought? oh, hold on a second. >> i want to know. >> we have an update. >> what? >> the guy in the park, who is playing the piano. >> uh-huh? >> how long has he been waiting? we have some new footage of him playing. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay. that wasn't a good joke. the ad is at the bottom didn't help either. >> i get 6% off, really happy, that department store sweater. >> the joke he's been doing this so long he had a beard. but i didn't realize the guy, in the original thing, a beard. >> oh,. >> so maybe you needed like a white beards, or older beard? >> maybe real long white beard? >> like father time or something. >> really old guy.
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>> not that. >> see, i didn't see the original footage. i didn't realize the man had a beard. >> more than just the beards thing. >> lay was going therefore was extension. >> oh, we got it. >> okay. >> but there has been update on really what happened. because he got backlash from this, people can be little cruel. >> oh, no. >> deleted his social media accounts, since stopped playing. >> so no learning out there. >> seems desperate, thursday and stupid. >> mike? >> i believe in romantic gestures. >> guys -- >> no, hold on. provided the girl likes you and there is mutual. >> likes you why go to this effort? >> maybe he did her wrong? >> every romantic comedy, say anything, or everything. the guy running after up, chasing the train. >> they do, that karen, after they mess up. either she caught him and it look like he was doing something he shouldn't have been doing with another woman, maybe he lied about something about himself. always something that happens.& and then he has to come and -- >> not chasing no trains down a track. >> what about throwing rocks at heroin dough, playing music
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out the window. >> i've thrown few rocks at windows. who are you in there with? >> see, when this happens it, leads to this. women, they no longer waiting foremen to buy them diamonds and trying to see something that works out. >> good. >> just doing it for themselves. >> good. >> you know what, we'll do it, apparently doing this by the billions. not waiting on the guys. nope. not at all. >> okay, interesting. >> so, apparently no longer about romantic gestures, women buying jewelry to celebrate milestones, job promotion, or just see something you like, buy it. so diamond sales up $18 billion. >> oh, my god. >> the average female buyer over 35 years old, they spend average of $1,300, and the top seller in the u.s.? diamond rings. >> that's very interesting. i have known a lot of women who have bought diamonds for themselves to marco cases in their life. again, i'm so insecure, they have beautiful piece of jewelry on. oh, who got that for you? >> this is what i was going to say, not even with gullery i've had people if they see, oh, did somebody buy that for you? no.
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i don't think -- maybe in high school, my high school sweetheart got me little promise ring. but other than that, everything that i've had i've bought myself. never had a guy buy me something real expensive. >> really? >> never, never. >> but i think the women should buy things for themselves, to celebrate yourself, what you get. why wait? if you wait you could wait too long. i think that's more and more common. >> why do you have to wait? i do have ring from my grandpop. he got my nice ring. other than that, from a male, no. >> because why are you looking at me like that? i would say most of the single women in this building buy their own jewelry. they like jewelry. not like do you have deprive yourself of something you like. that's beautiful. i like it, work your job, work hard, you can afford it, tweet yourself. >> you're in shock right now. i'm trying to figure out why? >> you're got then far. you're beautiful, talented, smart individual you. >> can't buy her. you can't buy her. >> but i thought maybe somewhere along the line you would get a shoe or something? >> i think men are desperate.
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the guy -- >> oh, that's not true. >> let me finish. >> not true. >> i mean it like -- >> you must have been buying some things? >> mr. texas, when we broke up, after we broke up. >> yes, mr. texas. >> he wanted to buy me some jewel ricky wouldn't take it. he wanted to buy me a car. i don't need a car. >> that's when men are desperate that's when they're into this stuff. >> i think sometimes men like to spoil their women. >> if that backfires because if you had accepted it, that means, ha. >> then stuck with it. >> you could be bought. >> well, i couldn't be. i wasn't interested. >> i admire that. >> stuff. >> so what you're saying, guy does something, tries to booing something extravagant, if you except it, then you could be bought? >> maybe saying this is how much you care because too long do something? >> do you really care about me or do you like that piece every jewelry? >> like the kobe bryant, like after he cheated. >> vanessa. >> got in trouble? and then -- >> bought her $4 million ring. still together. >> indication every his love. >> oh, there you go.
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>> serena williams. >> but later, i have to ask karen in the commercial break, what things men have bought you, but we can discuss that in commercial. go ahead. >> you got a car. >> i did not take the car. didn't want the car. >> but he offered a car? >> yes. >> you must be -- >> stop t do all of your ex's live in texas? >> the only one, so charmed. >> listen, i got win a paying owe i'm not using. what do i get for that. >> so serena williams. >> cute baby. >> adorable. the pictures are great. i love that she's revealing she posted video that is showing from start to finish, the precious moments, between her anal eggs is. >> we saw the photo yesterday. >> we saw the photo. talking about whole video she shut out. photo she put out yesterday. isn't she cute? >> is it an instagram? >> yes, that's on stain gram. but also revealing not just beautiful side of pregnancy, but says there were some complications. the family had to spends six days in the hospital after the birth of alexis, yes, complications. but, they still seem to be happy, everything seems to be
9:18 am
fine. what's the regulation, right, that you have to say? >> mother and baby are doing just fine. >> but she is an example, sorry, go ahead. >> no, no, no. so documented that nine months, she and her husband, and they put that on instagram in a video. here it is. >> it's been a long time, but we had a lot of cam case action, but look who we got. we got a baby girl.
9:19 am
>> two out of three. >> how sweet is that video. >> i love how it says grand-slam titles, won. >> so they got her an account, the baby already? >> one instagram account. so let's see the first.& >> oh. >> it says thinking about mommy and daddy. i love it. >> i like the thinker pose, hands under the thing, looks like she doing the thinking. >> earlier this morning, i checked, so might have increased by now about had like 14 and a half thousand. >> million. >> oh, the baby. just born. >> come on, pick up the pace, alexis. >> i want to do a thing tonight, about the third time, sugarhouse casinos, one of my favorite places, calling it the cook out at fishtown, hopes. it is a bunch comedians, i get to host the event, from 6:00 to ten tonight. i'll introduced these acts, ticket about 30 bucks, tony woods. chris wine and, dave temple, and donations go to the rowan
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elementary students school supply funds. >> i love it. >> so see you tonight at sugarhouse. >> plus, philly police now tweeted out video to me. so we will show that, because they've been hearing that we're talking about them. >> okay. hot police officers. jen, this, here we go. simon says dab. simon says we will do a surprise next, ready? we'll supply a wasting woman, come on back, joseph, ready? yes, he's ready. you go there. next time, i want you on my bowling team.
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[ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie! -yeah. -you're back from italy. [ both smooch ] ciao bella.
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>> we're real excited, amazing school, waiting for miss teen, a the school's director. and your favorite person, right? >> yes. >> so, this is joseph. when he was two years old, you wanted to bring him to preschool. and were you worried about how it would work out. because every kid is special, but he's got couple of special things going on, right?
9:24 am
>> absolutely. and this happened ton the right place for him. >> so here is what's happening. waiting for miss tina to come in tina's mom is in. hello gorgeous. about to happen. surprise! (laughing). >> miss tina, common in! hi, miss tina! hi, miss tina! >> i'm jenn frederick, i work for fox 29. good morning. >> hi,. >> can i hold the balloons for me, buddy? okay, you holds the balloons. >> come here, joseph. joseph's mom told us about you. and she says you are amazing. what is so special about miss tina? >> she runs the school. >> yes. has she always made you feel awesome and comfortable in her school? >> yes. >> yes. >> mom says, she was a little nervous when this little guy was a little two year old, and you made her feel perfectly amazing, bringing him to the school, introducing him to
9:25 am
buddies ahead of time, you got there. and we're giving you, you go there, award. you get the balloons. you get a gift card from our sponsor chickie's and pete's' and a lot of love. do you notice any people that are here? >> yes. >> hi, everybody. >> they said you would be really talkative. it sound like you're a bit stunned? >> a little bit? i don't know what's happening. >> did you hear us, we were loud, in the kinder garden room, pre k's are in here, as well. >> i know, i see everybody. you can't hear anything outside. >> why was it so important to you to make sure that this little guy and his family felt so welcome in your school? >> it is not just joseph. it is everybody, there are no -- they're kids. there is no difference. they're the same. they're different. they're everything. they're short, very short, most of them. >> yes, yes, yes. >> he's just, he's joseph.
9:26 am
not to make someone special, they're all special. >> that's what we're looking for, right? >> absolutely l we came, he was one of the kids. that's exactly what we wanted. exactly what we needed and did you it. >> why did you want letter to be recognized? >> because she is so good for all of the kids, and i'll cry, but so amaze to go all of the kids. and she is so good to the parent and her staff just absolutely incredible. no better place for our kids. >> you can give her a hug. give her a hug. >> you guys are all her aunt, her mom. >> yes. >> what makes tina so special? >> the way she feels about the children here. >> she, everything is the kids, she doesn't care what goes on, it is kids first, and her staff. she lovers her staff. we have a very, very good staff. very good staff. >> all right, i'm coming back here because this place is
9:27 am
awesome. remember, by the way, thank you for going there. the world needs more of you. thank you for being awesome, joseph. you did great. will you tell people they can nominate someone else on fox 29 dodd come. say >> fox 29. com. >> guess what else? you know your teacher's birthday is today? >> yes. >> let's say happy birthday to her. a lot of kids we came in with the balloons, thought it was for your birthday. >> keep making every guy feel amazing. say bye! >> thank you, happy birthday. >> shoe was surprised. >> completely, we are tweeting, some people tweeted about it, tweeting. >> gray is the color of the day. how about that? 9:27. the ladies are going live. and you know it will be real. we are talking about the real. it premiers monday right here on fox. so, let's talk to them, and see, are they really ready for this? are they ready to go live?
9:28 am
who knows what they'll be saying. they always look so great. they wear the best clothes, so we will show you hot fall fashions what you should possibly be better, because you may be surprised because it comes from the berle, so we're going to be wearing our nighties during the day there is pajama trend all the rage, and we will break it down how you can do it, too. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing.
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you are wondering how do you get this off. >> don't get her hair. >> i'm missing the hair. >> here's the tutorial. >> okay. >> go under. >> you guys really do that. >> yeah. >> it is 11:00 o'clock in the morning. >> they keep it real. >> okay. >> as you know i follow jean m i and we have a pajama segment coming up. doesn't that look like she is 's in pajamas on the streets of insuring there. >> it does a little bit. >> she's sitting on the plant er drinking coffee. i was following on her trip to tuscany. >> she's always so fashionable >> she's on trend. >> i believe she was in the bikini, not that i'm obsessed with her, are they always on twitter. >> yes. >> listen, they can hear us. >> yes. >> oh, i didn't know that. >> we hear everything, mike. >> pardon me. >> mike. >> yes, good morning, mike. >> good morning, mike.
9:33 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> we're all here. >> hi, ladies. >> no, i love you all. >> this is what he does during commerce breaks scrolling, scrolling. >> do we have a picture from tuscany. >> were you drooling, mike. >> mike, i have two word for you, mike: follow that. see you on the gram, baby. >> yes. >> we are going live this season, mike. we're here, mike, the other three. >> the other three are on instagram too. >> i see you ladies, i was telling him that. >> adrian you were just in hawaii, you were just there. >> thank you, alex. >> i was, yes. >> i was. >> my goodness. >> sierra was in hawaii earlier this summer. >> sorry. >> lonnie was working. >> she was in hawaii with kevin hart last season. >> this will be a great season
9:34 am
for the real, because we're going to be live. >> wow. >> you know what, i want to ask you. >> in philadelphia at 11:00 a.m. >> are you nervous because there is in telling you keep it so real what is coming out of your mouth. >> we are nervous. >> i'm sure producers are nervous, and you're nerve bus we're not i'm nervous. we had a meeting yesterday with the fines that are involved if you do and say the wrong things. i'm very nervous bit. i prayed to just get myself together. >> i believe in you. >> i believe in you. >> i think this is a good fasting period to just kind of learn that. >> yes. >> it is exciting. >> it is a time and place for everything. >> it is exciting. >> i know. >> they have been actually showing bloopers of the things that have happened in the last season that you didn't get to see because we weren't live, and oh, my gosh it is so funny you have to follow at the real daytime on instagram. do you hear this mike, there is really good stuff there too jeanie is on there too. >> yes. >> if you follow us on
9:35 am
instagram showing the bloopers we just can't imagine the crazy fun stuff that is happening here live. >> yes. >> that is why we love you ladies, though because you keep it real, you don't worry about that tv stuff you just tell it like it is. >> and live, we can talk about more topical things. >> yes. >> great news segments coming our way called the l train which is like we pick three celebrities or people in pop culture and we will talk about the war things that they do and whoever is the biggest loser for that and gets on the l train. we still have take it. >> one of my favorites. >> yes. >> dance moves. >> yes. >> there is a -- >> unaudible. >> oh, my gosh. >> what is it. >> i grew up. >> is jeanie in it. >> i grew up were four sisters and this is what dinner was
9:36 am
like, just four people talking at one time. >> oh, really. >> i bet it was fun, mike. >> now you can join us here at 11:00 a.m. on fox 29. adrian teaching us spanish and we would call that family. >> so true. >> you know, lonnie, mike should apologize to you because when talking about other ladies and stalking on instagram over your break you came to philly and visited us. she should get props. >> yes. >> but no, he had a picture of jeanie. he has this thing for jeanie, remember. i had to show my picture that i took with him. he has to think that is okay, philly, it is all right. >> yes, adrian is hot. >> all different flavors. >> it is reason why the word asian is in persuasion. >> everybody please tune in, monday. >> monday. >> yes. >> monies first day we go live we're so excited we don't know what to do. september 18th, 11:00 a.m. >> real quick. >> real quickly, it sounds
9:37 am
like you are going to the next station we dent care about the other station, but, adam house ly is one of our friends, covering irma down in florida, were you afraid for your husband. >> i'm ready for him, yes, he was crazy. he looked like, yeah, that is him. i can hear his voice. he looked like he was go to go fly down the stairs. >> at least he didn't to have hold on to the light pole he is coming home. >> that is awesome. >> he did a great job covering >> he does an amazing job, fantastic job. he always does. >> yes. >> he loves doing that stuff. >> he looked like a prune down there. >> what is wrong with you this morning. >> you don't have to we're live, we're here. >> i know, poor alex. >> you handled it like a trooper. >> yes you do. >> we do love philly. hey we are giving away a ford escape so we need people to make sure that they tune in
9:38 am
monday the 18th, 11:00 a.m., we will be completely live, mike, we need to you come to the studio, yes. >> come vice it we have been asking to you come, come see your girl jeanie. >> we can be twins. >> please. >> calm down. >> yes. >> hey, jeanie, meet me at the airport. >> thank you, ladies, we will see you on monday. >> in the onesy. >> love you guys. >> see you on monday. >> they are so much fun. >> it reminds me of growing up good to see them live. >> i didn't understand one thing that was said. >> anyway, so make sure it comes on at 11:00 and q is at noon. it will be great. lets get to bob because he is having breakfast this morning and at holmesberg bakery my dad loves this place >> it is squirt something in your doughnut day. >> it is national cream filled doughnut day, everybody and if you have been watching me for 20 years you know i know spot
9:39 am
to go. we are here live at holmesberg bakery. we will go behind the scenes and show you how they make the world famous cream doughnuts. who wants a cream doughnut. >> yeah. >> we will go back in the kitchen when we come right back.
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good morning, everybody. it is my favorite day of the week we pick a different breakfast spot and we show up and show you how it is done. this morning we are coming to you live from behind the scenes of holmesberg bakery, never before has this many people been in the kitchen. get out of my kitchen, get out of my kitchen. i'm here with my man buddy, fourth generation owner holmes berg bakery. how many years have you been
9:43 am
here. >> 117. >> 117 years in the neighborhood. >> yes. >> frankford avenue just off of rhawn street. anyone who has been following me in this town for the last 20, 25 years you know i can find best jelly doughnut and best cream doughnuts. >> that is right you make the best, world famous, we're not just talking about regular cream, how do you do it. it is national cream filled doughnut day. >> we have dough, grab your doughnut, throw tonight there basic doughnut. >> yes. >> we get it all sugared up there. >> everybody loves sugar, right. >> um, um, yeah. >> we have to pat that out. >> yes. >> we will slice it. >> okay. >> you take this. >> i don't know if you can deal with the microphone. >> you hold the mike. >> you have to try to squeeze the cream.
9:44 am
>> squeeze. >> there it is you get a basic doughnut from the other guys they have it sticking out of the hole, here, bring them in, sir. look at this tray, slice that up, okay, they slice the doughnut in half and slide the cream in there, extra cream. >> extra delicious cream. >> we will send everybody home with cream filled doughnut today, how does that sound. >> wow. >> the world famous, cream filled doughnuts here at holmesberg bakery, guys, i will bring a few back to you in the studio as well. >> you know we already asked for them, thanks, bob. let's show you fall fashion you can rock in your pajamas in public, um-hmm, take a look, more after the break.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
looking at doyletown right now we will get an update on the weather from sue in, 15 seconds spotty showers now around the philadelphia area. remnants from irma moving through and that is the case for the rest of the day. we will see some sunshine every now and again, high of 80 degrees. chance of a shower tomorrow but more sunshine and cloud,
9:48 am
then rain. then we can end looks good with highs in the lower 80's both days staying seasonable through the first part of next week, alex. >> so how about we when it comes to wake up we stay in the pjs and wear them all day walk around in them. sound goods to me. apparently pjs are back especially on the runway but there are certain ways you need to pull it off. >> yes. >> this makes us think of rachel from friends when this is when her boyfriend's parents caught her in lingerie >> wow. >> see, and this is a real dress actually, they are wearing it in milan. it is part of my job to wear clothes and then i see how people respond and report back to my superiors at blooming dale's. >> obviously, in this case, i am going to report back, u.s.a. not ready. >> that was then, this is now.
9:49 am
we're ready now, we have our stylist alycia fredricko with dressing jane this morning. can we just wake up and walk out is that how this works. >> no, lets not take idea of the trend literally. i do in the want to see you in your flannel man jama, and slippers. we need to be more sophisticated bit. >> where did this come from how did we get here. >> we saw a lot of dressing, a lot of satin and slips that people were wearing this year we have bumped it up and going pull pjs but key to make it look put together and sophisticated, okay. >> yeah. >> you have me in pjs. >> sophisticated pj as. >> yours is a couple different versions. yours is more of the beginner look. you have got detail, in case you don't want to be as crazy as i am, you have got a really great velvet blazer and tie, which is we call that roving detail. it is a safe bet, embrace trend but not being too crazy you are showing it off girl
9:50 am
friend. >> i had to bring my game. i'm wearing a floral robe, pared witt satin pants and crop top so giving thaw totally over the top idea but it is a real shirt. >> let's show in between as we have our models here. >> our first model another safe look. she has a pj shirt on. >> what? >> under her blazer traditional looking button down, matching pants but we op ted to do witt great jeans, and amazing handbag. it business stepping it up and getting those accessories as well. that is safe. you can look on point in the office. >> i love that. >> pajamas in the office. >> next, we have a full on, again, a robe and matching set , absolutely love it. sleek heel. she has gold medic lays but this is a pajama set. >> how do you know which won are okay and what not. >> i like to tell people look for tone prints, sophisticated prints, nothing juvenile looking. >> no sponge bob. >> i'm going to say no.
9:51 am
>> but, things traditional prints like her print how do you know it is pajamas or not. >> i don't know. >> exactly. >> our next model. >> next model this is allie wearing a one piece romper but i put it with the trench coat. she has gucci inspired sneakers. >> she looks like a editor at fashion week. >> she does. >> she looks like she should be per yousing the streets at the shows seeing what is going on but this is super sophisticated print in her option, and got great earrings , accessories and she looks polished. >> i like it. >> thank you. >> so next we're going to see an update on the idea i was just speaking about. >> a dress. >> she has got a nice little slip dress which we saw last year but what i did was take a vintage black that she has added in a belt to it and we gave her this updated elevated look. popped witt some red handbag which we talk about red this season and great stretch, boot y. >> i love those booty. >> when it comes to slip dress
9:52 am
solids are better. >> it doesn't have to be but when you feel like you add on element like the rose and stuff sallied is better this last look wow. >> if you really want to take it to the next level. >> um-hmm. >> this is what we're talking about. this is paris. she's wearing a three people, one piece lung wear set, we have dialed it up with gold heels, she got aviators, amazing door knocker earrings but this is statement making. we can see her walking in insuring fashion week right new wearing this outfit. >> i know you said we cannot wear these out in the streets but once we're walking streets we can just go to bed. >> if you want to but do me a favor but just don't rewear it key is to be clean, crisp. if you wear pieces, please don't have coffee stains or anything like that on them. >> any kind of stains. >> thank very much, paris. we cannot leave fellows out of this. >> we love this, wow, baby, who is this guy.
9:53 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> can you please explain what is happening here. >> i'm on the way to the office. >> this trendies in the just about the ladies, if you do it , you've got to own it. he is wearing literally a navy blue silk matching pajamas set >> lets see it, open up the jacket. >> i'll hold your briefcase. >> let me take my scoff on, hold on a second. >> purple stripe which is his favorite. >> yes. >> he has jacket. >> he has scarves moves there. >> let's she his great sneaks. >> wider shot here my straps are showing. >> that is right. >> baby. >> very nice thank you, lisa with dressing jane. >> is what your instagram. >> dressing under score jane and dressing >> ladies, come on in here. >> ladies, please. we will take a break. one last look at mike before we go.
9:54 am
>> drink it all in. >> my gosh, please, break
9:55 am
9:56 am
my challenge is to be in sync with my body, myself, my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. begin the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge!
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we have been looking all morning. >> and philadelphia police say they will in the do that but they have given in and we have a video. here we go. >> ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> it gets better. it gets better with me in the background there, oh, my gosh. >> they put it out, as well. >> so thank you philadelphia police. all right. >> they showed us, wrong, didn't they. >> they have moves. >> even better. >> that is great. >> remember tomorrow is solute
9:58 am
the military day we will see you at 74th and market. nice job! gus! heyyy! looking good! (laugh) gus! hi kelly. gus. hey guys! huh? oh, gus! we didn't see you there. yeah. we were just playing gus. gus. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah... with top prizes of a hundred grand. you know, you're much cuter in person. aww... (giggling) keep on scratchin'!
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? hello, this is the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. now here's wendy! [ applause ] [ applause ] >> wendy: yes. thank you for watching our show. [ applause ] say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. yes!


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