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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 15, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> welcome to chasing news. i am bill spadea. we got a huge show tonight. how about daca? the dream, is it there? is it not there. the democrats in the senate. but not so fast. all of that, coming up, plus, you heard hillary care, oh bamcare, how about bernie care? miss new jersey will talk to us about the collision of entertainment and politics. all your headlines, coming up. but first, one of the big headlines coming out today is all about daca. the deferred action on childhood arrivals t. there were some on the democratic side saying we had din we're president trump and we got a deal. daca is going to be saved. one has to worry. president trump however started tweeting saying not so fast p.
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we don't have a deal yet. we was tweeting about how we want to do something to keep good people in the contri especially those that have passed background checks and served in the nil tar rain productive members of the society and here through no fault of their own. lets not jump to conclusions. we don't have a deal yet. >> this is what you see outside of the reform church of the highland park. but not the kind president trump has in mind along the u.s. mexico board. >> its the wall against wall. the pastor and the greens party candidate for governor in new jersey has been outbock in critics of the president trump ol sy and now working to protect dozens of families after trump afons are nonessed he would cancel daca. former president obama's deferred action for childhood arrivals. >> not only the daca at risk but all the families who have been
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veffing prosectorial and for many, many years. >> last week, gave congress six months to rework daca. on wednesday night, young immigrants got a glimmer of hope when democrats released this statement. >> congresswoman nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer wright they reached a deal to preserve daca to enhance border security but not fund the wall. president trump dismisses accusations on twitter thursday morning and told fox news, the wall is mandatory. in highland park, new jersey, diana black for chasing news. jort all right thank you, diana. i want to bring our political strategist. >> thank you, bill. >> you are lass political trajists. we're happy to welcome you. >> andre richardson, again, good you have here. >> i will start with you. heres the question. do you trust trump on daca? >> absolutely not. have not seen someone better
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than randall cunningham played for the philadelphia eagles. this gy's media strategy to say one thing take the complete action action on it. reverse it around and tweet something out. no one knows what it means. >> do you agree that? trump has been consist the. he didn't look the constitutional alleytive it. absolutely. thering this is about the exive order that barack obama put in place. >> i want a real legislative solution to this issue. to dakota, look, i am not the biggest fan of donald trump al the time. >> but right now, i think he is absolutely doing the rig thing, sitting down with democrats, actually getting something done. >> it didn't all right the democrat to say, hey, we got a deal when the presidenting away said no, do want doe. i don't think so. what i think shall is think the president is learning what we have been saying all along. the republican congressman impossible to view it. sew is doing what needs to do to
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get something done. a deal, so to speak. >> he wrote the back on deals. >> pragmatic. can you give him credit on this? he seems to three democrats fighting over the ground they covered for the last eight years. it is memorable of the muslim ban. i knew it would be. we are going to keep everybody out. oh, we are going to keep out certain countries. it was the idea. >> but the court held up the travel ban saying it was not a muslim! and perfectly find. do you atree i think this is compromise. this is without getting things done in washington which has not happened in a long time. the president talked about bord are security as part of the deal. democrats immediate to go along with that. >> we'll get it. we'll not get. >> i you have a fence. >> yeah. illegal border crossings on the southern board down almost 70% and have not put one brick up. >> if you want to look at that that way. they are down under president
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obama. the rhetoric wouldn't look that way, it would? i think is enough support in congress for more board security. >> i think that could be a part of a deal. they are active on that. there is 15,000 more board officers now. >> what are you healing from the constituents, though. you out there campaigning and are people worried. are they scared. so i think people don't dwell on the facts. there is 22 million dhaka dreamers here in new jersey and account for 1.8 billion. >> 22,000. i am sorry, 22,000. >> 22,000. >> wow. man. >> all right. 22,000. 1.8 million in gdp. 66 million in state and local taxes. do you then not support what the president said what he tweeted out today. we want to coop the people here. he actually said exactly what i think barack obama would have said. >> exactly. >> well, the democrats can't give him any credit, god forbid. >> keeping everybody here now. >> all right. so let's leave there.
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i want to switch gears a little bit. >> senator bernie sanders back in the news not running for anything. he has idea to expand med dire everyone. medicare for all. health care for you and you. he has 15 senators lined up to support him including some of the local senators senator cory booker and kirsten gillebrand for the full story, ashley jon. reporter: former presidential candidate introduced a bill wednesday would revolutionize the health care system by expanding medicare and to the universal health insurance programs. >> today, we begin the long and difficult struggle to end the international disgrace of the united states, our great nation, being the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all of our people. >> so far, its a received the backing of 15 democrats and the
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system would be pay for by higher income taxes undersan's plan, everything from surgery to eye care would be covered with no copays and anyone under the age of 118 including newborns would receive a universal medicare card and people would be faced into the program over four years. officials say the details are still being worked out. private insurers would exist for people wanting surgeries. doctors would be paid by the government. several republicans have a tax filled wyoming senator who is said the bill is the test for the liberal left and that americans would reject an estimated $32 trillion bill for universal coverage. with chasing news, i am ashley johnson. >> thankthank you, ashley. >> i want to bring back the panel and ask you. all political strategists. andre justin jennette. this is ded on arrival? >> jennette into there is no wa this is getting through
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congress for having the president sign the. however, it is a great bumper sick this democrats much? everybody gets health care. everybody gets a pony so in realley at this time does it cost much they tried this in vermont. >> what do you think about this? i pane, this is just strategizing for the 2018 midterm and the party using paranoia in the midterm election? >> may he, that was what they would call midterm test another democrats so we like to see the two sides am we have more moderate side and the left leading liberal sid and see corey booker jump out on this. you know, it all depends on as we move closer to 2020 we. >> the presidential election has start. >> what do you think? >> should everybody get a upon ni well, i just wonder one thing that is necessary. i sort of's i guy. to answer your question. so i don't know. maybe that is ok. maybe its ok to introduce the bills and the ideas and just
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start the conversation. >> maybe not. >> let me ask you, though, as democrats the cost issue is not being addressed with this. it has never been dad is. you go back 25 years and pushing some kind of universal health cir and million ry care in 1192 why do they see, every time they push it. they get rejected at the ballot box in. >> right. one thing that is not being covered or mentioneds the two thirds of all that oh cord by health care costs and if this has any, any benefit, maybe it is worth the consideration. die not feel. >> didn't that make a point. >> yeah. there is not. i two agree with him. the problem i have with bernie sanders they promise everything president? is a false promise. medicares not going to cover. it is going to double and triple the taxes then government is in charge of the health care. >> isn't this what they hate, though? they throw out the ideas,
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though. everybody knows up? well not get this in this form i think. >> i think what people hate about politics is not action. and at least bernie sanders is picking up the torch on this and trying to get some movement done the road. >> all right. somebody has to pay for that pony. we'll leave it there. here is a look at headlines we're chasing today. the morning radio host received a week after he was arrested in a 5.6 million ticket and debt f. so the personality released a statement saying he didn't want the case to to be a distract. i am stood see this chapter of my life closed and allow know foe couns the family, well being and carry my maim. >> former white house communication's director anthony scaramucci has new gig. the mooch is taking over and hosting tmz live later this same day. levin joked that anthony scaramucci would have a shorter run on tmz than what he did at the white house communications
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officer. vitamin d could help spent ms. new research has discovered the ling between the vitamin levels in the blood andy sees. women who were deficient were 43 percent more likely to develop ms than women are adequate levels t. that is look at the head laps we're cheese today. >> coming up next, when politics collided about with entertain am. i will have the contest ands on the set to discuss it with us. dan czar row will have al the neither well, bill today was irma day. the remnants had nothing but a couple of spotty shower we're and thunderstorms throughout. we we stay unsettle for the next couple of days am we have to talk about tropical storm jose inching closer to the east coast. a look at the forecast coming up.
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bill: bell e welcome back to chasing news. i am bill spadea. just tin, thank you for sticking with us. andre richardson, another political strategists. i talked about this earlier this week. when poll texaco lieds with entertainment. that is certainly happens at the miss america pageant. questions on trump many negatives calling out the contestants on their opinions to everything to confederate monuments to immigration to climate change. we have one of those contestants we are joined by miss new jersey who was the second runner up. kaitlyn, welcome to chasing intos. >> thanks for having me. bill: first of am, congratulations, you performed excellently. i actually watched the miss america pageant. well, i went back and forth. i get it. it is fine. >> let me ask you. what is with the question? you got a question about statutes. think you handled yourself very well. he was good answer. i thought with its a moderate
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answer. actually they led you by saying the playoff americans think the confederate statues ought to be left where they are. what do you? i i think they should be removed but i don't think they should be erased from the history they should be relocated. i found out i had a new jersey accent the may i say museum. they madade fun of me for the railroads sy accent. thighs kay. am proud of. i think they should be relocateed if we don't know history. >> did you have any expectations of the questions this were going to be that political and weighted? we were told the questions were going to take a stand on plit casual shoe. he was prepared for it. >> what was it like when they made announcement, right you? are giving the political opinion. you get hit on twitter before you on stage, your look of surprise was den win. yes. oh my gosh, i was so excited. it was really the most incredible moment. it was out of body experience. i am still in the process of
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knowing what happened. bill: not all the time. >> not all the time. i love putting it on whenever i can. >> thanks for being here. all right. we'll thank the panel. thank you for being here. greet see you. thank four being here. all right. as you know, the cleanup from hurricane irma is underway. president trump and first lady melania trump with vice president independence in florida today surveying the damage and seeing what more the federal government can do to help the vick teps that prn the storm's path. then, dan has all of the weather we got it. dan. >> hello, there let's take a look at the weather forecast for the next couple of days. wewe have been talking about ira for forever. today was the big day. look at the raindrops that didn't fall. nothing left in the tank a few little spotty shower and downpours along the way. but overall, nothing impress.
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i our weather remains unsettled, humid for the next couple of days as irma kicks out to sea. we could see a if you more showers. a little bit more concerning is tropical storm jose out in the middle of the atlantic owes. we have been track it for awhile as well. it is done with the lop to loop maneuver now going to head to west before taking a turn to the north. now, the latest forecast models have pushed jose closer and closer to the u.s. coast. now time to panic yet but certainly, enough reason to keep close eye on jose and the forecast track and definitely see rough surf along the coast but we could have to deal with coastal flood fitting comes closer and poe tense for some rain and wind that would happen tuesday of next week. for tonight, it remains humid. we could see len ger showing we're or fog develop because of the humidity and i don't think lows will pal below the mid 60's at the coolest. tomorrow, back to the 80's for highs. a spotty shower or thunderstorm will be possible along the way. i think we'll also see some good
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breaks oftion by friday afternoon. i am meteorologist reporting. all right. politician in trouble. on thursday, court downs were released in the trial of former congressman anthony weiner in the case of the sexting with a 15-year-old. he did plead guilty to federal chap and now lateweight sentences in the documents that were released soon to be ex which have and long-time hillary clinton aide and a letter to the judge asking for leniency asking the judge to consider the young son when sentencing weiner. he did go ton say. she never expected or imagined to be writing a letter like this. but it was an emotional roller coaster being married to anthony weiner. another poll tings our area in a wol lot of trouble. senator bob menendez on trial anchor rups and brook ry charns that trial continues todaynd a lot of news sources are not take biting. i don't know why this trial and
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the ruth could impact you. we have the full story. >> $58,000 check from senator robert menendez intended to cover the costs introduced into evidence on thursday in the trial of with the senator. the democratic senator from new jersey is accused of accepting bribes among them, preflights on the jet. froms alleged the check written january 13th to cover the tracks after the washington post had reported about the flight and held it inside of folder marked bob menendez for the jury. the second week of the corruption trial comes to a close amid news there may be trouble for the senior senator outside of the courtroom. in a new poll he released thursday. 50% of new jersey residents think the senator should not be reelected to another term in 2016 and only 31% job approval rating to the lowest in 2008 and other bad news, governor chris christie if he is convicted, forced to resign and christie is
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able to name a sixer, only 3% of respond dents think christie should name himself. the menendez trial continues on monday. for chasing news, alex zdan. >> thank you, alex. here are the headlines we're chasing tonight. >> pop superstar selena gomez revealed she underwent a kidney transplant from her best friend because of her battle with lupus. gomez wrote it was what needed to do for the overall health and there are not words to describe how i can thank my beautiful friend. she gave me that ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney and i am incredibly bless. jetblue is expanding the search this month. it is accepting applications from people who have little or no flying experience. application must have a high school diploma or ged and 2 years old by the time of program in completion and eligible to work in the united states. to who were accepted this the
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rigorous program will undergo four years and now study shows about one in five pearance say the child has a credit card kids age 8 to 14. 16% happen. 18% of 10 to 12 years old. 1% of 13 to 14 years old. that is a look at some of the headlines we're chasing today. coming up, you are going to meet a brave veteran who served our country and now needs a job. we are following him to see how he does.
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bill: welcome back to chase newings. am bill spadea. one of the things that so many veterans need after they serve our country faithfullifully is a job when they get home.
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rohan mohanty has it four. reporter: bill, recruit military told me all about it. recruit militaries the connection point between veterans and employers and educational institutions we do about 140 events a year. an event in new york three times a year. and 90 companies and over 300 veterans in there having conversations and making the connection on educational opportunities. reporter: that is so important in the workplace and why they are here. >> they ten to be more reliable. you know, they are easily trainable and you know, the fact they did great service for their country. >> i shadowed one amazing veteran. he told me about the service before taking to the booth really hard. he was on a mission. >> the most important training is we do have different
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terminology. we have the same thing. >> i asked rohan about turn are returning stateside after serving in the military some of the roadblocks he may have faced finding. >> well, coming back to the u.s. it was little bit so we're back to 24/7. get everything you want. fort knit railroad fo me, i came back to military base and revided a year mall of so i got used to the american culture again. once i did that, i decided to retire. that is a lot df rent than running in corporate america. it is a different culture. >> so any of the chasing news military veteran viewers check out recruit for the full schedule for the future and a ton of events cog up. should be a good one. thanks for serving. this is row rohan mohahty. i want to thank miss new jersey. what a bright articulate, strong-willed young woman. tell you, even though i don't
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agree her fully on issue of the statutes, we stalk about statutes whether they show be moved to museum or taken down. the personal thought is i stand with majority of americans who say leave them right where they are, moving a statites not going to solve the social ills you are throughout protesting against. with that said, she is an impressive young become and till you something much for a lot of young women out there. it railroad shows all the pageantry and the contests are way beyond just look. this is how strong and smart and confident some of the young women are. we gat great role mold for young women indicate lynn. than for watching the show tonight. always good to be with you every might. we'll see you again tomorrow.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. breaking right now. nasty crash in milford township, bucks county. three vehicles collided at rout. pennsylvania state police confirm that one person ended up choppered tout a hospital. it is a nasty crash. we do not know about other injuries at this point. but as soon as the details come in, we'll bring them to you. a south philadelphia neighborhood has had it. it is tired of the riff rav. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. the problem neighbors say is young people unleashing mayhem. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in south philly. dave? >> reporter: lucy, neighbors say that these kids are acting up are not from the neighborho neighborhood. police seem to agree and tonight both got together to take


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