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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 15, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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what they heard at their front door, moments before being shot. and the world is on high alert, north korea launches another missle into the pacific. this one flying higher and further then ever before. the emergency meeting happening today, in response to this latest, provocation. and it is teacher verse students. >> i necessity that he wants to kick my tail and i want to kick his. >> doug pederson and the eagles battle former coach andy reid and the chiefs in kc dot bird have what it takes to slow down their offense. of course, we continue to thank those who serve. today, maybe more than ever, come join us at fourth and market, right now for fox 29 solutes the military.
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look at the day the lord has made. we thought it was going to be raining, a wash out, look at this weather. before we introduce our guests hey jared can you do a 360, we have more people here this early then any other year. thinks our ninth year doing this we solute the military just to say thank you, thank you, thank you. hello, family. we are all family today. >> i didn't see you standing there with the camouflage. old joke, old joke. let's introduce our guest. >> we have major general christopher pence good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having us. so glad you are here. >> master sergeant larry williams, sergeant, good to see you. >> thanks for having us good to see you. >> i mean today, just look at the news over the last 24 to
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48 hours. we need you folks more than ever before. we have had a terrorist attack in london, already. i know that all branches of the service, maybe not coastguard but trying to fight off isis. i don't know if they take responsibility but it looks like an isis operation. >> yeah, actually our thoughts and prayers go out to the family members and victims in london and all around the world and united states coastguard is involved, it is total u.s. government in the fifth branch, the u.s. coastguard does support off coastal waters all over the world. >> speaking of waters, over japan, and into the pacific, kim jong unlaunch another missle, 22 of them since the beginning of the year this one went almost 2,000 miles. navy on high alert. >> they are. everybody is. trained for whatever our nation may need. not only in that area of the world but all around the world we stand ready. we have the greatest americans air force is always there. >> how close is air force in
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north cover re. we have units north korea and guam, or south korea but thing about our air force is we provide global vigilance, anywhere in the world anytime. >> whatever we need, even here , at home, the united states with the hurricanes we have been dealing with, hurricane harvey and quick turnaround, hurricane irma you guys have been helping us out. >> yes, absolutely. we have had medical evacuation and contingent response forces coming in right through harvey and doing relief in texas, louisiana and turn right around. they went on the back side of the storm and came through st. croix, thomas as the storm came up. >> so you are helping other countries too not just u.s. territories. >> absolutely. >> saint martin. >> all around anyplace that what he need. one of the great things is our humanitarian and disaster relief operations. we are able to rove with our wrapped global mobility. >> this is a reminder of why we have shows like this and why we want to thank you guys.
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do you so much for us. we appreciate you all. we appreciate you serving us. thinks dedicated to you guys to day is for you. >> i know you know this song, off in the wild blue yonder. >> wonderful. >> perfect day for a fly over. we have never done this i'm so excited. it is a c17, describe that aircraft. >> i think you i heard you describe it as a big a airplane, it is a big, awesome airplane. >> awesome. >> yes. >> and it is a awesome show. i suggest everybody look really hard at it. great airplane. >> sometime between 8:30 and street from west philadelphia, right over fourth and market, down over the delaware river and take a quick left and go back to the base. >> that is right. >> what time do you think they will take off. >> they will probably take off 8:30, fly around to assure that we do what we do. we say where we will be on time. >> they are on time, mike. >> they are punctual.
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>> that is true. you have to sit by and get ready. >> okay, sue, your turn. >> we have a lot of folks here i want to make sure everybody gets a shout out including the folks in the pennsylvania, and , and, amazing work, and we have got so many more going on here this morning, including, i'm so happy to say a good weather forecast. lets look at our number of the day. it is great. only reason it is not a 10 because we have a slight chance of a shower later on but this morning just muggy. there is fog in the suburbs. bus stop buddy so happy it is military day too with his flag , also happy that the phillies are doing well. as far as that rain is concerned, yeah, we had showers last night. we see a few echoes. couple areas of reduced visibility in the suburbs. look at how it looks, fantastic out there and out here 67 degrees right now. as far as rest of the morning
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is concerned, we have temperatures that remain in the 60's but we will start getting higher in the sky. we will be at 72 degrees. and it is, it is humid as well and, weather and traffic because, folks are probably leaving their houses now, some of them bob kelly, and, to get here. >> some road are cleared, others are blocked. we have an accident 7:06. sun glare. this is eastbound on the 30 bypass right here near route 322, only right lane, squeezing on through coming into philadelphia. delays on the freeway and then there is a accident, southbound on 42 heading in to , south jersey when we come off of the whitman. watch out for that crash off to the right shoulder. hello to ocean city, new jersey, a live look at the route 52 causeway bridge, patchy if you go to start but it looks like sun starting to burn that off. we are in good shape. downtown as we mentioned our
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solute the military event, market street closed between third and fourth. you go around the block or park the car, bring the kid by for a little snack before we send them off to school but most lid here to say thank to you our men and women serving the military, mike and alex, back to you. lets get to london where police say an explosion and a fire on a subway is the work of terrorist. >> it looks like we have new video in the news room as we learn about what happened. karen, they are showing a bucket because they are calling it a bucket bomb. is that what was on the train. >> that is it, it is ied, improvised explosive device. thinks a picture of people being evacuated as this happened during the height of the morning rush. each train there contains about 800 passengers. they have aloft people that they need to get out of that situation. they have stopped the service there. we saw that bucket, ied, explosive device, they think it was detonated. split is. when it went off you can see the flames there from the scene, and it was that initial blast and explosion that injured the people who were
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inside of that car, most of the people who were injured had that flash bang burn is what investigators were saying at the subway station in southwest london during the commute. when it happened people panic, they ran, they ran over each other there, was stampeding injuries as well. in all 18 people were hospitalized. most of them, were from flash burns. none of the injurie were serious or life threatening which is good news, this was not deadly. they had services suspended in that area right now, and of course, we have had the fourth extremist attack this year, judge us in london. so they are concerned it could happen again, and all of the police investigators are there we will continue to break in with the very latest developments on this one, guys , back to you. keep us up to date. lets get to southwest philadelphia now, two women are in stable condition after being shot, through a door in kingsessing. >> so jenny joyce is at southwest detectives with the latest on what happened, jenny
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>> reporter: good morning mike and alex. live here at southwest detectives we do know detectives are talking right now with the two victims trying to learn more about the gunman who remains on the loose to figure out why these two women were targeted. because police say there is in doubt that they were targeted nearly a dozen bullet holes damaged a front door of the kingsessing home, police say multiple bullets flew inside hitting the couch, living room walls, ceiling and two female victims. it happened on the 5400 block of hatfield street just before 2:00 this morning month. man told investigators they heard banging on their front door. one of them looked through the peephole and then several gunshots landg out. forty year-old woman living at the home was struck in the abdomen, a 36 year-old woman was hit in the thigh, and both of them were transported to presbyterian hospital and both listed in stable condition there was a three-year old girl inside the home at the time. she's okay.
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>> entered outside of the property next to the front door. these 12 shots entered living room and dining room area striking these two female, striking the furniture, they went through the couch, and bullets went into the living room and dining room wall, bullets went in the ceiling and both of these females were shot one time. >> police tell thaws there are surveillance camera on the block. they will use that in this investigation, police are still working to track down the gun man and, as always, investigators would appreciate if you have any information for them to please, give southwest detectives a call. mike and alex. >> okay. well, people, in lets stay in south philadelphia here. not southwest but south philadelphia. they had enough of this. >> they are annoyed, they are frustrated, they are angry by young people whom they say are unleashing mayhem in their neighborhood. so steve keeley is live at south detectives with more on this, and what they are trying to do about it.
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>> normally when we talk about kid at school it is a positive thing. it is negative when the kid go to a school that they don't attend as students, and, and, and, and elementary is and some of the teen violence and vandalism has been captured on this surveillance video. but despite the cameras and the constant eyes on them, these teens continue to brazenly terrorize the neighborhood among those victimized a neighbor who parked far got his rear window smashed. the neighbor now feels compelled to get together with other neighbors, to take up the same school yard, every single day for hours after school hours, after dinner time hours to make sure it deters the kid from hanging out there. >> the person who came and broke my car window, he had something in his hand. whether it was a crowbar or knife i'm not able to say but
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he swung, hit the back, my back windshield and busted it opened. i finally saw the video. i was watching this. the first thing that was going through my mind is like no one , they broke the window and no one even stopped to like say oh, my god what did we just do. they just carried on with their day. this was not out of the ordinary for them. >> reporter: great thing about south philadelphia is neighbors look out for neighbors. you cab see them doing this on a knightley basis. they know each other. they care about each other. they care about their sidewalks, streets, safety and that neighborhood but bad thing lay lately is these teens, have decided for some reason to by sickle over to those safe south philadelphia streets and make them not so safe, alex and mike. >> a lot of kid/by sick unless 2017. >> 7:12. we have some sad news from the philadelphia fire department. they are mourning the loss of
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one of their own. we will show you engine number 37, firehouse where lieutenant kennett green, senior worked. the 60 year-old army veteran died at einstein hospital yesterday. he was rushed there earlier this month, while on duty, lieutenant green served the department for 23 years. his unit was honored in 2007 to helping to save two people from the fire in brewerytown. funeral arrangements are being work out so update you when that will be happening. 7:13. apparently pennsylvania is broke. >> say that again. >> yeah, it runs out of money to day. state government is preparing for the first known time to delay payments as a result of just not having enough carbon hand. we have a $2.2 billion budget gap. governor tom wolf's office has not revealed how he will manage through a cash crunch i believe his administration is unable to pay the bills on time. >> we still get paid, right? we're a company, so we're in the relying on the state. >> no but think about people
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relying on that. >> i'm sure we will update you on this throughout the day especially on fox and at five, six, 10 and 11:00. listen to these sirens. people in japan are waking up to that siren. japan is conducting emergency military drills after north korea fires another rocket in the air space. u.n. security council is holding an emergency meet to go day to discuss this latest launch. north korea's missle sailed over northern japan last night, splashing down in the pacific ocean, it went higher, further then similar miss that was launched just a few weeks ago and went far enough to reach u.s. territory of guam. the launch comes a day after they threatened to reduce the united states to ashes and darkness. those threats were the north's response to the new round of
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economic sanctions that came from the u.n., and kind of unprecedented amount of sanctions. >> i noticed, just a few hours ago south korea sent off a miss until response to that. where is north korea getting this technology that is moving them so fast? is it from russia? um-hmm. 7:15. president trump got a firsthand look at yesterday's recovery efforts there in florida. he and the first lady were joined by vice-president pence in fort myers where he met with federal and state leaders they also made a stop in naples. president trump then made his way on to naples where he and vice-president handed out food to those in need. 's shourd storm victims that the government has their back. >> we are there for you 100 percent. i will be back here numerous times. this is a state i necessity very well as you understand. these are special, special people and we love them. >> let me tell you about the power now because we have had
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9 million people without power right after irma moved through they have been working frantic ally the power co. it looks like 2 million home and businesses still without power, at lee 26 people in florida have died because of irma, eight nursing home patient that is we told but yesterday, they were found dead on what was it, wednesday wednesday after the storm. most of them died from heat- related injuries. >> even though there was a hospital right across the street. >> they who power and temporary air conditioning didn't work. >> so now, governor rick scott says that nursing home will no loaning receive state, medicaid funds. the governor direct the health care administration to determine nate rehabilitation at hollywood hills as a medical provider. workers at facilitate say irma caused air conditioning to fail sunday and they were struggling to keep residents cool with fans, cool tolls and ice. governor says that the state was in contact with the facility multiple times before
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the discovery and deaths and never indicated that their patient where is in danger. they never said anything. all patient have been since evacuated. it is 7:17. here is sue. >> i know we're suffering from hurricane fatigue but we have got jose now. it is a tropical storm. but it is expected to re strength men to a hurricane. this is why we have to watch it so closely. checking out the path of this storm, you see cone of uncertainty gets a lot bigger. this is official not hurricane center track right in the mid of that cone and it keeps it well off shore. how far it stasis the question because tuesday or wednesday of next week is when that storm could affect our weather with rain and or wind. but even with where it is right now we are expecting at the shore rough surf and rip currents this weekend. sunny, breezy both days. it looks pretty nice. seventy-eight on saturday. seventy-six on sunday. but, uv index about six and 73 e
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we do in the recommend you swimming, all life guard are not there anymore. it is looking like a nice september weekend. nothing showing up on radar, just some ground clutter there as we look into our future we will see a couple pop ups here and there, time of cloud cover not a totally perfect day but nice today and tomorrow as well. you see sun, cloud, pop up by end of the day. it is still summertime after all. 67 degrees in philadelphia we are headed to a high of 84 later on. lower 80es a. by the middle of next week lets say tuesday, wednesday, we will sianni watch for jose. and remember, 101.1, more fm is our radio partner and we have a forecast there, and here, all morning long, bob kelly. >> you got it, sue, 7:18. good morning everybody, southbound i-95 on the left there slow coming into philadelphia and right behind the sign there is a disabled
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and we could have an accident too, two guys over here, pulled off in the cattle shoot so northbound i-95 bumper to bumper from callowhill on up. southbound with the normal delays. forty-two freeway toward philadelphia, we have an accident on the southbound side of 42 down near the black horse pike and here in center city of course solute the military day, market street blocked third to fourth street we invite to you come on by. lots of good stuff. lots of fun, and to sigh exactly is what going on she's in the thick of it, lets go outside to jen, go ahead, baby , work it. >> we have already danced a little bit. lebanon this happens without the amazing volunteers. we will start with the v. good morning. >> good morning, how are you. >> hi everyone. >> how are you. >> you guys are literally signing men and women up for service. >> we are enrolling serve veterans for that are va health care. we cover community based outpatient clinic southern new jersey and delaware. this is our main goal, boost continue enrollment and
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talking about the great services we have at va. >> sometimes you can see things but other guys can't because you guys are working with veterans all the time. hi, how are you. >> how are you doing. >> great, great, great. other people that we're recruiting are people who keep us safe, day in and day out. good morning. >> good morning. >> state police is recruiting. >> we are looking for qualified people to become troopers you only need 60 college credits, we do everything on line. our web site is www dot pennsylvania >> do you have to be as adorable as you as we say that with all due respect. you know i love you guys. they are recruiting as well. good good day continues after this. our veterans have given us the rights
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and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today. ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
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so, when it's your turnt to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... bananas for mom...wait, what's a jicama? and at these prices, i can make it all happen. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. well, they are playing some good music out there. >> there we go. >> ♪ >> i heard of earth, wind and
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fire will be in town next month, but i'll let you know. john legend as well. >> that will be a nice show. >> it is not a concert per se but we will give you details when it comes up. >> okay. >> so, i didn't know, lauren simoneti that crayola needed another blue crayon. >> really, out of all of the colors we knew it was blue. >> but is that why you and alex wore blue. >> i'm in purple. it is reading blue. >> it does look blue. dandy line, they were retiring dandy line a couple months ago big deal. they never retired a crayon have the not only any box of crayon but iconic box of 24 what kid get for school. dandy line comes out and they say this blue color is going to replace it but you guys to have name it. so, these are some of the submissions: blue moon bliss, reach for the stars, star spangled blue and dreams come blue but bluetiful was the
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winner, 400,000 people voted, do you like it. >> yes. >> it is interesting on my monitor that is reading purple , the way beyond itself but that is weird. >> how many blues. >> blue crayon read purple and purple dress read blue. >> what, alex. >> i wonder how many more blues. some have different shade. i wand fur this raises the count to three or four, turf lot at box next time. >> i will to have look up all of the colors in that box i don't know off hand but i feel like i should because there is a lot of crayons in my house. >> do you say crayon. some people in our area say crayon. >> some people say crowns or crayons. >> i say crayons. >> i have never heard crowns what do you say. >> crayons. >> crayons. >> yes, is that what you sayy heard someone say crowns and k ran hiss. >> no. >> you never heard that in. >> i'm sure people are saying it like that.
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>> yeah. >> you bout look beautiful in blue. you are both beautiful. >> thank you. >> thanks, lauren. >> have a great weekend, lauren. >> people are send nothing great photos. raina says my sonnies serving and we could not be more proud of him. thanks, raina. tara lynn say we solute my awesome cousin command sergeant major sheldon gray. thank you for your service. and ryan davidson u.s. marine core, langhorne pa, third generation military. thanks to all who served and are serving. that was a great one. lauren says my father loved to volunteer at delaware veterans hospital he served in the navy , he passed judge thus april, rest in peace, daddy we thank you for your service. if you are just joining us and didn't hear about this we will have a fly over of a big plane, c17 between 8:30 and 9:30. don't miss that, it is a gorgeous day.
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fox solutes the military, as well, is well underway at fourth and market. man, did we get lucky too with this weather. it is perfect. we thought it was going to rain. not a cloud in the sky. it will be great for our fly over sometime between 8:30 and
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9:30. we do want to give a special shout out this year to our national guard members hoff been sent down to texas because of hurricane harvey. and, sorry, dietz and watson, just sent in some hot dogs to me. thanks, dietz and watson. yes, i know it is 7:30 but i can eat a hot dog anytime during the day. fly over between 8:30 and 9:30 and sue says picture perfect. >> you know, who was out with us this morning, bus stop buddy. this is mind blowing because he is here in fern with an american flag and we have bus stop buddy on the tv with an american flag. we will take a look at our weather real quick and we have a very special k-9 getting started with almost the same outfit. temperatures in the 60's and zero seven's. there is a little bit of fog out there but mostly in the
7:31 am
suburbs this morning and we are looking at, there we go, nothing on radar. temperatures, are mostly in the 60's and 70's. we have 67 degrees in philadelphia. and we are heading to a high temperature... >> i'll take it. live tv. we have a big block party out front. that will happen. beautiful weather, we have sun glare on 95 north bound. plus an accident at girard avenue. north bound i-95 we are jammed from callowhill into girard avenue. so, anybod leaving the city heading northbound you'll have delays. over in new jersian accident along northbound side of 295 right at black horse pike and that is causing a bottleneck on the 42 freeway for gang trying to come into philadelphia if you are coming into philadelphia some delays on the vine street expressway and we are in party mode. fox 29 solutes the military day one of our favorite days
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here at fox, market street blocked between third and fourth, so yeah, we will go around the block. better yet park that car and come by and join us throughout the morning. we will be here up until 10:00 r to you. again, this year we are giving special thanks to all of the military members hoff been sent down to help with hurricane relief, in the only in the caribbean but florida, and texas. and alex is outside talking national guard. >> yes, we are, mike. aim here with the major general tony. >> thanks for inviting us here >> thank you for what you guys do we love coming out here every year to support the event. it is great to have so many service members and so many people here in philadelphia. >> we really want to appreciate you because of what has been happening recently. we are reminded of how much you do when you serve and what you do for us especially with the hurricanes. we're talking about hurricane harvey and hurricane irma. as soon as you heard it was coming you guys were getting ready. >> that is other big mission
7:33 am
of the national guard is natural disaster. we knew they were huge storms. more than those states could handle by themselves. so, in concert with those states, their generals and they're mergecy planning managers, the national guard bureau started right away making contingency plans for other states to come and aid their relief efforts all throughout. so pennsylvania right off the bat, we're as heavily involved in the planning and we were able to send quite a few assets to texas and new to florida to help. >> when you say quite a few, more than 200 guard men were sent from our area we had more than 200 guard men go to texas for that effort. we have about 20 guard men in florida right now with our heavy lift, helicopters doing relief efforts down around the florida keys. >> that is crucial because i know we have video of the rescues but because of the water. we have not seen something like this in years, and years. but there is no way to get to these people. that is why it is so crucial to have these helicopter. >> lou at the extensive flooding in both areas, from
7:34 am
both of those storms, the only way to get in and out, to provide relief, to provide rescue was through rotary aircraft. so national guard of course has a huge helicopter capability. we were able to get those down into the texas area down in the florida area. we are able to get the relief where it was needed. some of those towns and solve those small villages cut off if you weren't putting a helicopter in there you weren't get anything kind of heavy supplies in there. >> or even just being rescued in general. >> yes. >> we have seen some of the videos of the damage and of the flooding, and it is just amazing to see, you know, what you guys are dogging out there sometimes you cannot tell if someone is there, or not and just trying to get to them. >> that is the, you know, it is a disaster, and, a lot of times it just whether it is first responders, police, fire , guard man, other service members sometimes it takes going door to door to make sure everybody is okay.
7:35 am
we will do whatever is necessary as long as it takes to make sure that our fellows citizens and our other communities are safe. >> when you say as long as it takes, we have been talking about some of the damage, they say it may take years to recover from this. for some of our guys sent from our area does that mean when you say as long as it takes do you mean as long as it takes. >> yes, we will be there as long as the mission requires us. and we are already doing contingency plans for other things. the rescue was first phase. recovery is part of the second phase. rebuilding f guard assets are needed and they need our engineers and equipment to help do that, we are ready to respond and we will there been for the fellow citizens of the united states. >> we are so grateful. thank you so much. we appreciate all that you do. we are thinking of you guys especially as you talk about another hurricane that is coming up. it is that time of the year, it that is season. >> it is hurricane season. a perfect example of that was two of our crew where is down
7:36 am
in texas and their mission there is there was just coming to an end when irma was coming on. we act aisle took those two crew from his texas and sent them directly to florida. they didn't come home in between they were doing rescue efforts in texas and right now they are down in the florida keys doing rescue efforts out there. i cannot be more proud of our guad man and families and sacrifice they wear this uniform whether performing federal missions overseas or helping our fellow neighbors here at home. >> thanks, major general. thanks for your sacrifice. please tell them we are thinking of them. >> we will do. that thanks for hosting, such a great event here in philadelphia. >> of course. >> mike, now back to you in the studio. >> we're happy to do it, great job there. i know i was out there a little while ago. a lot of eagles fans out there so doug pederson will take on his teacher in kansas city. we have a shot, kansas city is playing well. they smack around the world champion patriots. can our d stop their owe even
7:37 am
if. we will talk to our sports experts next. keep photos coming here of your friends and family who serve. brian, thank you for send ago this in we are proud of our son hoist a army paratrooper serving overseas, good job.
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welcome back, as we continue to solute the troops, we have to feed some of the troops. good morning. good morning. >> mission barbecue is here. we always love having you here because not only did we love your food but we love your mission. >> thanks for having us here. great day. beautiful out. >> people don't know what you guys do, every day you guys are work to go help police, fire, military, a portion of your profits go to them. >> that is direct. mission part of the mission barbecue toys step up, support those follow thanks keep us safe every day as police, fire and military. >> i'm coming back for barbecue are you cool with that. >> looking forward to it. >> another great organization we have. >> hi, how are you. >> good, how are you. >> we have cleared them out to see your food, lit lyle on.
7:41 am
what are you serving. >> we have our chicken thigh sliders, our most popular appetizer. we love bringing it out to showcase what we have got. >> i love that there is a pickle on there. >> yeah. >> every year, every single year, if you want to see where biggest line, it is always for chickie and pete's because of the crab fries. do you have enough crab fries for this whole crowd. >> i sure hope so. >> after you have all of your salty, things, i will move around here there is always room, for rita's water ice. as i come through here, hi, my gosh. >> perfect timing. >> how many flavors. >> three flavors. >> yes, we have cherry, we have man go and we have mint check late chip. >> thanks for being here. >> how late in the season does rita stay opened. >> rita will be opened, every stories different but some stores will be opened up until the third week of october.
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>> please keep concentrated so i can steel all of this rita's water ice. alex, thinks awesome stuff. >> yes, it is, if you come down to fourth and market because you still have time just lots of treat to come and have fun. i will go outside in a second. we need to talk about the eagles. it will be doug pederson verse andy reid, student verse teacher who will come out on top, alex smith verse carson wentz, there is that too. so many interesting match ups when eagles battle the chief sunday in kansas city. can we get another win on the road? let's break it down when we come back. we want to see pictures of your friend or family members who are served, malika jackson sent this in. roger jackson served in the u.s. navy. rest in peace, dad. thank you for your service. please continue to send them in. use the #fox 29 solutes.
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good morning we are out here live in front of our studios on market street between third and fourth. check out the signs. kid are on their way to school they have their signs for the military saying thank you for your service. folks are walking on by. we even have the parkets here. let me ask you ron from parx casino do you always travel. >> always, always it is a
7:46 am
pleasure, pleasure. we have lisa and danielle from our team. we are so excited to be here. part of the celebration. that is what it is, a celebration of our military, past, present and future. we are excited about the opportunity that we work with, particularly, and october 2nd we expect thousands of people will be there to honor world war two veteran at parx. >> thanks so much for all you do and thanks for being a big sponsor this year today. >> we have the parxets and veterans multi service center, with me is deb think year out here as a sponsor. folks watching us at home maybe they have a loved one who ace veteran they are looking for some help, is what best advice you can give them. >> we solute our military and veterans every day at veterans multi service center. if you are a veteran or no one in need of services whatsoever >> what type of services maybe give us an example. >> it could be helping, job
7:47 am
training, job placement, benefits, entitlement analysis they can come see us at vm >> and then also, if they stop on by you have pamphlets here for them. >> absolutely, stop by and see us, when we're soluting our military and celebrating our veterans. >> best advice would be no matter what the question or no matter what they need help with come by and ask. >> absolutely, visit us on line and support our veterans. >> thanks for being a big sponsor. >> thank you. >> 360 out here. market street between third and fourth, all members of the military as we say thank you to all of our military hero this morning. the forecast for your friday and the weekend, sueby has it in 15 seconds
7:48 am
we're at the peak of the hurricane season. here's tropical storm jose still churning in the west tern atlantic but in the eastern atlantic we have tropical depression number 14 expect to strength men to tropical storm lee coming off the african coast and this other disturbance which hasn't become a depression yet but probably will. first one we have to worry about is jose and you see project track of this storm. as far as any effects on our wet fur we get any it would be tuesday and wednesday of next week. big cone of uncertainty. it could be a brush by, stay well off shore or we could get some rain and wind because of this. it is one we will be watching it, tuesday, wednesday of next week. stay tuned. 67 degrees in philadelphia right now. lower 60's to the north of us, mid 60's at the shore. beautiful september weekend whether you go to the shore, mountains or stay here at home maybe a slight chance of the shower saturday and sunday but not a big deal 82 degrees both days. seventy's on monday and
7:49 am
tuesday. and then wednesday, of next week. mike and alex, what is going on out there? are we having a party or something? you can call it that. >> party or pep rally. >> that was kind of dull, just to start. we are trying to drum up some support for the eagles. >> yes. >> go. >> ♪ >> okay, that is good, i have a headache. by the way, carson wentz stayed in philadelphia to play drums right here, and then he will fly out to kansas city after this thanks, carson for being here. >> absolutely. >> you forgot your 11, it is double zero. >> matt's here, g is here. >> is what up, mike. >> cheerleaders are here. >> yes. >> do we have eagles fans.
7:50 am
>> yes. >> okay. the fans are here, that is for sure. >> alex, the eagles are in kansas city to meet andy reid. >> it is like we have been calling it this guys, the student faces the teacher. what do you think. >> i think that is a lot of it you know andy reid wants to win this game. he does not want to lose to doug pederson. on the other hand doug would like nothing better then to go out there at the end of the game and you give that cordial thing and wink and maybe elbow in the ribs for and i. it is a big game. it means a lot to both teams. eag would also love to get off to a two-zero start. it would put them in great position, this is a big game. it is a tough one though. you're playing down there. it is one of the loudest stadiums in the season. they are very loud. of course, you are playing an outstanding team with an explosive offence and outstanding defense. they will be tough to beat. >> mie, was talking about carson wentz here. it is carson wentz verse alex
7:51 am
smith. >> okay. >> matt, let's do the running game and the passing game, alex, great game against the patriots. >> you look at that game kansas city looked like a super bowl contender. they will have their hands full with kareem hunt and ty rick hill a lot of speed and weapons on that kansas city owe even if. where eagles have one advantage that is defensive line, four sacks, four turnovers with the redskins last week. fletcher cox, tim journigan, brandon graham, if they can get kind of pressure on alex smith then they did against cousins they will give them a chance to win. alex smith is more mobile, gets rid of the ball quicker. they have their handful. this team can play for a super bowl out of the afc. >> everybody hang around. feel free to cheer or boo the predictions, okay. >> okay. >> see you. >> turnovers is the different of the game, mike, whoever takes care of the football will win. team that turns the ball over will lose. thing about alex smith is, he
7:52 am
is very could be servetive. they call them check down charlie because he throws short passes. he takes care of the football. carson has got to take care of the ball. one of the things i see in him now as a young quarterback sometimes he is a little careless with that football. >> g, did you talk to nelson agholor in the off season. he has confidence. >> i wore my u.s.c. hat up there. >> yeah it gave him some confidence. >> nelson is in a great spot because if you think back to last year this offence funnel through zach ertz and jordan matthews. it is middle of the field. carson loves throwing in the middle. nelson agholor six catches on eight targets. zach ertz eight catches on eight targets. they are 29 focal point of offence. >> you have to take care of the football. it will be loud. the crowd noise, messes with the owe even if. very, very loud. i don't know if these people can be loud though. >> can you be loud.
7:53 am
>> yes. >> i don't know if that is a good thing. >> yes. >> today, eagles will have all of that noise, they have had split all week so they will get used to the noise because owe even if a lot of times you are trying to talk and communicate, and guys don't hear because of all of the noise, and it messes up an owe even if. >> i talked to torey smith about this. he said there are times you feel your helmet ringing out split is so loud and in seattle, that is notoriously one ofthe loudest stadiums in the league. kansas city beat that by 30 death bells. it will be loud, it will be a hostile environment. chiefs are good at home. >> i used to work in television in kansas city, arrow head is unreal. >> very loud. >> are you ready for predictions. >> yes. >> here we go. >> can our d beat their o, and vice verse, g. cobb, is what final score. >> i think you're looking at a tight game, it will go down to the wire, i think kansas city
7:54 am
is going to win. >> oh, come on. >> i want eagles to win but it will go down to the wire but i pick kansas city but eagles will have a chance to win it. i see a close game, something like 27-23. >> i think it is a close game. is there just too much talent on owe even if. i like the chiefs 34-27. >> the chiefs. >> both of you, really. >> both of you. >> i didn't mean it. >> all right. >> eagles cheer, do you want to start it. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> ♪
7:55 am
gus! nice job! gus! heyyy! looking good! (laugh) gus!
7:56 am
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specialist in as little as 24 hours. you'll meet with a physician who will discuss treatment options, answer your questions and recommend next steps for your personalized care plan. learn more about cancer treatment centers of america and schedule your appointment at
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breaking newt an early morning explosion in london rocks a subway station, authorities racing to the scene, what we're learning right now. >> here's wendy. >> we are talking hot topics with wendy williams. >> let's get down to business. >> what she thinks about the most recent hollywood split, fergie and josh duhamel. >> and we're saying thank you, this morning. join us as we solute brave men
7:59 am
and with men who serve our country. welcome down to market street we have shut it down, for our ninth annual now, fox 29 solutes the military, boy, what a gorgeous day. thank y'all for coming out. thank you for being here. this is one of my favorite part of the whole day. >> it is special. >> we have a swearing in ceremony, and you will do honors. >> major general, christopher back again. >> honor to be here with our fine young future air men. >> some high school, some just graduated and they are getting their oath oven list. today. >> are they all from the delaware veil. >> in the local area. >> in the count of three i want to you to say your high school. >> okay a lot of places. >> from all over. >> what will happen now. >> we will have them, raise their hand and say their names and dot oath, and that will officially make them an air force member. they will get their order to
8:00 am
get their basic training in lackland ir base in san antonio texas and follow on to specialize in whatever career field that they will do for the u.s. air force. >> big moment. are your parents watching tv. >> yes. >> because it all starts right here. >> parents are here too. >> yes, parents, raise your hand. >> proud parents are here. >> yes. >> well, will this young man to have shave his head. >> you will get a little tighter then that, yes, yes. >> how old are you. >> i'm 18 years old. >> where did you go to high school. >> bristol high school. >> did you grow up in the area >> yes, difficult. >> you are very strong.& >> hair will go. >> yes. >> sadly. >> yes. >> i guess it is a sacrifice turf make. >> this is your last day of this, okay, congratulations. >> thank you. >> should we do it. >> we're ready. >> everybody, raise your right-hand and repeat after me i, state your name,
8:01 am
stating names. >> do solemnly swear, that i will support and defend, the constitution of the united states, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and bear true faith, and allegiance to the same.
8:02 am
i willow bay the orders, of the president of the united states, and the offices appointed over me, according to regulations, and uniform code, of military justice. so help me god. welcome to the air force, family. >> air power. >> wow. >> all right. >> can i just say this, the general did that, without notes. it is all in your head. >> it is a big part of what we do. >> it is an honor to have this oath and be able to repeat it. >> do we have any crying parents. look around, is there anybody crying. >> check in with the parents. where are the parents. >> grandparents. >> are you a parent. >> yes. >> how does it feel. >> i'm nervous, and very proud
8:03 am
of him. >> very proud. >> your daughter. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> that is what it is all about. >> how does it feel to have mom here for this moment. >> pretty good. >> daddies here too, taking picture. >> congratulations, best of luck, so from one cryer to other, our resident cryer, sue serio. >> it is about humans it business k-9, i have three word, alpha, bravo, k-9, tell us why echo is such a special dog. >> echo is a special dog because we train service dogs specifically for combat- related disabilities for veterans, and we are based right here in philadelphia we are only philadelphia organization, that actually does this. >> this is amazing. echo is, making himself comfortable right now, but he is like a companion constantly
8:04 am
to these veterans that need them. >> these dogs are train to do a variety of different things, ptsd related, panic attacks, it is endless, any combat related disorder. >> so valuable to the quality of life. >> yes, most definitely. >> give them as much support as you can. >> lets get to that forecast. it is beautiful outside right now. we are giving eight out of 10. there would be some cloud later on and possibility of, maybe a stray shower but it shouldn't be a big deal. buddy wearing sun glasses today, because it is bright out here this morning. it looks like we will have temperatures in the 60's and 70's throughout the rest of the afternoon one thing bee don't have and so grateful is rain. mixture of sun and cloud, high temperature of 84 degrees and we are so happy to have everybody out here this morning. look, a lot of homemade signs, bob kelly, folks working real hard. so happy to meet echo the dog.
8:05 am
i hope traffic isn't too rough out there this morning. >> good morning, the gang there from winslow, and, winslow new jersey, and, and, come on down, live look at i-95 northbound, an accident between enterprise and girard point double decker, tough spot too because it is in the left lane. we have got wicked sun glare coming northbound, further north on i-95 jammed from center city up through girard. we had an earlier accident in the construction zone a crash on 295 northbound approaching black horse pike causing a backup on to the freeway coming toward the city. septa running with delays on three regional rail lines this morning, and downtown here olde city market street closed between third and fourth, couple septa buses on the detour nice and easy, go around the block as we solute the military all morning long, mike and alex, back to you. it looks like they think it was a homemade bomb, i'm
8:06 am
talking about a breaking news story out of london a packed subway train during their morning rush hour. it is in the early afternoon in london. police calling this a terror attack but has in the released details on any suspects, terrorist organization, or group has taken responsibility as of yet. if you know london this is parson's green subway station which is in the southwestern part of the london. the explosion sent commuters scrambling, there was a stampede at one point that is how people got hurt, some people got hurt by flash bang that went off from this bucket bomb. eighteen people hospitalized. they say none of the injuries are life threatening. more in a bit. we have some developing news out of kingsessing two women are in stable condition this morning. this was after they were shot, they heard someone banging on their door, they went to the door to investigate and they ended up being shot through the door. >> look at the peephole and
8:07 am
saw the guy so they didn't open up the door but the guy shot right through the door hitting both of them. jenny joyce at southwest detectives. any new details? >> reporter: no new details right now, a lot of questions, police are talking to those victims trying to find out who would target them and why. you can see several bullet holes decorate the front door. police say they penetrated the home hitting the couch, living room walls, ceiling and two female victims. it happened on the 5400 block of hatfield just before 2:00 this morning. women told investigators they heard banging on the front door one looked through peephole and then several gunshots, rang out. forty year-old woman who lives at the home was struck in the abdomen, a 36 year-old friend was hit in the thigh, both were transported to press presbyterian hospital and listed in stable condition. all of this was happening we are told that there was a three-year old girl inside of the home at the time. thankfully she's okay.
8:08 am
police say in addition to talking to the victims they are looking for surveillance video trying to get more information about what just took place in these early morning hours as she remains on the loose, mike and alex. >> thank you, jenny. just looking up, i mean how far is that you look at the people, think you will be okay and then unload the gun. >> think bit open the door maybe they will go away. >> he really wanted them. >> so karen's back outside, on market street between third and fourth, they have seeing a welcome home story, karen. >> you got it. so service members that are overseas they come back and we like to show up big time. that is what this is about welcoming home our service member and, and bucks county, they are wonderful, we have got staff sergeant brian. he is tactical sergeant. good morning how are you. >> good morning. >> you are from bucks county. >> i am from newtown you served overseas in afghanistan
8:09 am
>> yes, ma'am two times. >> your buddy in recruiting we have, another solder. >> good morning. >> upper darby, delco in the house. >> yes. >> thank you, to both of you. you work together. you served over in qutar. >> yes. >> so thank you, guys. we want to give you a thank you. these people have a surprise for you. we like to have a surprise good day style. >> my name is brenda heckland pennsylvania chapter director of a hero's welcome. maria, our national director of hero's welcome has a presentation for both of our heroes, a surprise presentation. >> guys, be surprised what do we got. >> tech sergeant ryan cross and staff sergeant hung, on behalf of a grateful nation we want to thank you for your service, your sacrifice and your dedication, to the preservation of our freedom and we'd like to recognize you as american hero. welcome home.
8:10 am
>> wow, wow. thank you. you have a further presentation. what are these. >> these are warrior bead. every color on the strand has a meaning. the gold bead are for gold star families, these who have who, blue stars are for blue star families, those hoff one or more currently serving. the black bead are the pow's and mia's, the red bead for the blood that has been shed, white bead for the purity of the cause and blue bead for the heaven above. these gentlemen are true american warriors, thank you so much. >> you have some stars to give >> thank you. >> they are from a retired american flag, they are things we pass out to our first responders and our military. there is a caption that goes with it that would i like to read bring present it to them. part of the american flag. i have flown over a home in the u.s. of a but i can no loaning fly. sun and wind have made me tat
8:11 am
erd and tournament police car i me as a reminder thaw are not forgotten. thank you for your service, sacrifice and our freedom. >> thank you, gentlemen. we honor you, we thank you, both of you are staff sergeant and technical sergeant. thanks very much. do we surprise you at all. >> of course. >> yes, that is our surprise. now back to you mike and alex. >> great job there, very nice. it ace loft fun here when we're outside, alex, what did you think bit me. >> my forehead started bothering you. >> this is one of the biggest by the i have ever seen. >> thinks story of my life. >> look at that. >> but it happened so fast. >> she got bitten orbit whatever it was by whatever that is, and instantly a wealth. >> we will zoom in on it, really. >> it is so big we should name it. >> what should we name it. >> maybe get a twitter handle. >> do you think it will go down. i'm trying not to scratch but
8:12 am
it does itch. >> only me. only me. if you see something distracting here, i apologize. >> at lee it is red, red, white and blue. >> can you go on. >> i do believe i can go on. >> coming up next we will trade some war stories over breakfast at a diner. this is so interesting, solder share their emotional battle scars. they all have ptsd and they meet at a diner. i will tell you where after the break.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
let's see the fun they are having. we have shut down market street. you know this is a big deal. ninth annual fox 29 solutes the military party. we are celebrating. we have food, fun, so, come on out, you still have time. come join us. you know who is joining us in the studio right now, aim excited, bob. >> kathy. >> kathy romano is here from 933 wmmr. you with broadcasting live right out front. if you want to meet cat any person, come by market street we will go on the radio. she's on the radio. >> let's do some traffic. >> we will work green screen, this is 95, and 95.
8:16 am
>> i used to do this. >> ninety-five northbound near girard point double decker bridge, give it a little wave. >> north on 295. >> and an accident near black horse pike do you like sam hunt? do you. >> what? >> do you like sam hunt. >> house party tonight. >> okay. >> party like back road you just don't do traffic. >> well, that will be a big jammo later on. >> we have a trifecta in south philadelphia tonight. >> yes, barry manilow and temple football. >> there is a lot going on there tell them sue will be up in 152nd. hey, everybody. say hi to the folks on tv. >> hi. >> it is a gorgeous morning
8:17 am
out here. soluting the military. i'm telling you, i was a little nervous earlier in the week because there was rain in the forecast. with all of the hurricanes we have had, we have to stay thank you to the national guard hello, everybody. so invaluable everything you do for us. we're a little close tore third street now. you can see you have a chance to go rock climbing, if you want to and you still have a lot of time because we are here until 10:00 o'clock. real quick look at the seven day forecast shows a great weekend ahead, ever so slight chance of a shower but don't let that stop from you going to the shore, mountains or maybe even climbing a mountain whatever you want to do it is a wonderful weekend for. that back to you in the studio i won't be doing that, by the way that is why i wore a dress >> it is a beautiful dress, thanks, sue. trading war stories over
8:18 am
breakfast. eggs and home fries are side dishes really to the main course. all of the stories share at garden state diner in wrightstown are not full of glory. joyce evans sat in the with the group helping heel the pain that they all say. >> reporter: garden state diner is popular eatery in wrightstown, new jersey but on monday morning they are serving up nourish. to the body and much more. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag. >> reporter: soluting the country out loud. silently remembering those who , defending her abroad and here at home on a solemn anniversary. >> we give you all of the glory, praise father god. >> not forgetting comrade on foreign soil and protectors and responders on city streets >> so now, i'll open this up to anybody who wants to share. then it is time to find out how every military veteran in the room, feels, they are
8:19 am
handling their ptsd. >> giant loss, i'm a fighter. >> reporter: little leavety is sprinkled throughout serious testimonies about the emotional battle scars so many of these retired, disabled warriors have been carrying from world war two to vietnam, to the iraq and afghanistan war. some, scared by multiple conflict as broad and at home this say i'm a nut. sometimes i think i am because i volunteer to go to korea to get away from fort bening georgia. >> in this room we don't have hispanics, blacks, whites, what we have in this roomies red, white and blue. >> reporter: it takes place in the shadow of joint base maguire, a socially therapeutic gathering all volunteer organized by the vietnam america peer support group headed by marine core
8:20 am
squad leader bill west. >> i was nervous. >> reporter: purple heart recipient army sergeant jim dick son says that they have green from a handful to 214 members. >> we stand behind all veterans. >> i do it because i'm giving back. >> reporter: retired va counselor tony capone, air force reserves feels victory helping veteran learn to forgive, not forget the horror of war. >> it is actually a rush for me, it is like scoring a touchdown. >> reporter: life safer for so many more. >> i come here, that there isn't female vet but just vets it is a unity thing. it is finally getting accepted >> i want to hug you. i thank you. i love you. i solute you all. >> reporter: in wrightstown, joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> beautiful story that they are coming together. we appreciate what they do sacrifices. that is why we are having days like today. fox 29 solutes the military we
8:21 am
are dedicating it to you for all do you for us an our country. 8:21. we will talk with wendy williams, we have to do hot topics. she's starting backup. it is time. i want to know what she thinks about the most event event hollywood split this took people by surprise, fergie and josh duhamel, after eight years, really? you know wendy has her take. keep sending in your photos you want toe to see pictures of friend, family members, currently serving, use the #fox 29 solutes. this is from tameika shipman. thanks so much for sending this in.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
you cannot. >> good morning. >> know that band people don't like to wake up early but i saw you guys at 4:00 in the morning you are doing it well. why do you want to come back year after year. >> we look forward to coming back after every year. you do such a fantastic job,
8:25 am
and it is nice to see in the city they take time to do this for vets that are out there and people that are active duty right now. >> you play at weddings and all kind of things and see a lot of bad and good dancers. bus stop buddy on a scale of one to 10, j being j lo what does he get. >> i will give him a 14. >> okay, yes. >> do you agree. >> absolutely. >> looking out at this crowd, it is great, we're talking about serious things. great commitment to this country. you guys make everyone feel really good inside. >> that is what we do best, we , we try to make everybody feel good. we're all about the party, all about the dancing and this is a perfect opportunity to get everybody together and show the city how much we enjoy being here. >> parx girls here. they have been having fun. question is do i get to pick the song thaw will play to go to break. >> you bet. >> so you pick it. what will it be. >> what do we want to do.
8:26 am
>> dancing queen. >> okay. >> ladies and gentlemen we're here until 10:00 o'clock so bus stop buddy.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
we have an hour and a half left for our solute to the military. great day. >> beautiful day. >> we were worried. we thought it might rain. sue came to the rescue. made sure things were all clear. >> did you see giant boat that the coastguard brought. that is new this year. >> wow. >> oh, by the way, between now and 9:30 a c17 ising to go fly
8:30 am
down market street. warn neighbors. when you hear this giant jet over philadelphia, nothing wrong, don't freak out, it is fly over, first one we have ever done. >> i can't wait, that will be cool. >> it will be impressive too. wendy williams fans, you know, give bus two minutes, wendy will join us live here on "good day philadelphia", okay. >> first let's check with sue. >> every day on this program we like to call good day philadelphia we talk about our partnership with more fm, 101.1. here is morey the monkey. we cannot thank you enough for helping us support the military and our solute to the military. are you having a good time. >> yes. >> yeah. >> he got an american flag. he has all of the spirit. lets get to bus stop budd hoy has his flag flying this morning with temperatures in the 60's and 70's. we are seeing decent sunshine to start the day. by the end of the day, it will be summery with a high
8:31 am
temperature of 84 degrees, back out here, on market street this morning, lets see, we have a lot of energy this morning. they are all full of free food and having a good time this morning, as the party, continues bob kelly on market street. >> joan i from port richmond was out there at 4:00 in the morning waiting for us. good morning. westbound on that schuylkill expressway police activity here, fire crews, westbound at montgomery drive. we are jammed up leaving center city heading west on the schuylkill expressway, north on 295 an accident approaching black horse pike that is causing for delays, for everybody heading in to philadelphia three of the septa regional rail lines running with delays, out of the gate here this morning and downtown old city in front of our studio market street blocked between third and fourth, come on by, plenty of good stuff going out as we have been showing you all morning long. two of the septa bus routes are on a detour, mike and alex , back to you. >> thank you to all of your wendy williams fan. wait is over.
8:32 am
season nine, nine, begins, monday. >> here's wendy. >> how you doing. >> let's get down to business, it is time for hot topic. >> i love it. >> hot topics. >> sometimes, is there hot topic for an hour, which i love. wendy, thanks for joining us from new york. i'm excited bout monday. >> hi, wendy. >> mike. >> yes. >> alex. >> um-hmm. >> yes, good morning. >> good morning. >> all hot topics on monday, don't ask me what celebrities will be here, you know, that is not the time, it is me and my people. >> we need to catch up. >> it has been a long summer wendy don't get mad at me, i have drawn a picture of you on
8:33 am
your vacation at the beach. we are not allowed to show paparazzi photo we have not paid them to show it but i'm imagine you are going to talk bit on monday. this is basically what it looks like you are on the beach and -- well, yeah. >> well, there were several pictures. >> yes. >> one i'm on a floaty in the middle of the ocean. and a few more where i'm walking around on the beach. >> yes. >> one where you see my flat behind and i have always said i'm shaped like a capitol p so i don't necessity why anybody is surprised that there was a little losenessness. ti said something bit. but he is little man that wears lifts in his shoes.& >> oh, no, you didn't. >> we have a side shot of you here. >> stop it. >> my party is in the front. >> party in the front.
8:34 am
>> there is nothing wrong with that. but i love how you fight back saying okay i always have floattation devices, it is cool. >> the thing is all is fair in hot topics, and you know, the world. i can dish it, i can take it. but my stomach is flat. >> it sure is. >> not everyone can say that. >> look at you. >> i was impressed, lou beautiful, wendy. i know, i don't know full's talk bit monday because of the old news by then but fergie and josh are breaking up. >> after eight years of marriage, they got one son. well, you know what, things happen. i don't have a lot to say about the story. i love fergie. i never met her before. she's within of those down ass white girls who just makes me
8:35 am
want to twerk and i like josh. i have never seen anything that he is in. i know his name but he is an actor, right. >> yes. >> and all of the women think he is hot. >> what was weird, she was just on the breakfast club and she said we're fine, two days ago. it is shocking. you were just talking about everything was good. >> she was lying. >> but fine could be fine like we're divorcing like we're fine, we're not fighting, he is not beating me, he didn't steel my money, he is a good father. fine is fine. i have been married for almost 20 years. i have to tell you something, every day is a challenge. >> sure it is. >> so, for them to have gone for eight years and they are both still, relatively young people in terms of they can move on. i forget how fergie is. i always think 33 in my mind but maybe she's 40.
8:36 am
aim not sure. >> wendy, can i tell you we are very proud of you here in philadelphia. >> thank you. >> we claim you. >> we still claim you, yes. >> well, you know what, when new york threw me away, philly pick me up on the turnpike somewhere around exit number four, i crossed over ben franklin bridge passed the boat house row, and into manayunk to power 99. and that is where i spent four of some of the best years of my life or three, because that is where i was able to really calm down and focus on family planning. i was not a married woman when i got to philly. i was not a mom when i got to philly. i was a mess. you helped me. thank you. >> thank you. >> are you getting emotional wendy. >> stop it. >> no, won't do it. >> we love you. >> but shout out to the whole nursery and the pregnant i
8:37 am
board at memorial hospital that is where my son was born. >> that is great. >> i bet there are stories. >> it is also where i had two, five month miscarriages but they were very gentle. they were very gentle. >> okay. >> five months, two, yeah. >> we will see you at 10. >> and then we will see you next monday. >> yep. >> so glad you are back. >> i love her. >> bye, guys. >> 8:37. >> she really opened up. >> you can tell her love for philly. >> for sure. >> thanks for photos. i wish we could get them all on the air but there are thousands of them. here's one for cool kate. >> i'm so proud of my not so little cousin in the u.s. coastguard, love you alex. send more, use #fox 29 philly. next time, i want you on my bowling team.
8:38 am
8:39 am
[ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie! -yeah. -you're back from italy. [ both smooch ] ciao bella.
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8:41 am
chris, how are you doing chris wallace. >> hey, how are you. would i love to. i know you are soluting the military today. >> yes. >> lord knows we all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude y was trying to see what your producers are up to we have a london terror attack , we have north korea to talk about, we have irma, harvey, you have tax reform, health care, and the president 's comments about charlottesville, wow. >> sometimes with this president, and these times, it is not what your gonna going to cover it is what you you are not going to cover. we will focus at lee at first on national security with north korea launching yet another missle over japan,
8:42 am
yesterday. imagine what it within like to be in japan and get that air raid warning and you know, they have launched another missle. you don't know if it will go over you, real attack that will hit your community. of course, also the terror attack in london. we have a great guest to talk about it, make sense of it, to the degree we can. we will talk to the president 's national security advisor, general mr mcmaster about all of this. plus president is speaking for the first time at u.n. next week. we will get a preview of what the president will say to the world. >> okay. i don't know do you have time to talk about taxes and health care and all that, and charlottesville. >> what i think one of the things we will talk about is new balance of power here, in washington and what we're calling the chuck and nancy show, the president suddenly b ffs. >> he likes me. >> with the democratic senator chuck schumer and democratic leader in the house nancy
8:43 am
pelosi, particularly on daca and there was some question did they have a deal, don't they have a deal, we will talk to two congressional leaders and try to get an understanding of what the new balance of power here is in washington. >> we have to get back to the soluting of the military here but there is a number i wanted to throw out to you, drizzle, it is 3017, do you know what that means, 3017. >> no, i don't, it must be a longitude, and latitude, i'm trying to think where it would be. >> coordinates are, down in landover maryland, where the eagles demolished the washington redskins 30-17. >> um. >> you know, i really do think you need to go back to honoring the military instead of engaging, you know what made it worse, mike. i was there. it was horrendous. >> i knew you were. >> you know, you are describing a car wreck to the person who was run over. >> that is a great way to put
8:44 am
it how do you play this week. >> we play los angeles rams and normally would you think they are not a very good team but they clobbered the colts, and let me just say at this point these redskins there is no team that are a give me game. >> who do you play. >> we are playing kansas city and andy reid. >> you are in trouble. >> i know. >> they are smacked around the patriots with 46 points. >> yes, that kareem reid, he is, tough. >> kareem hunt, yeah. >> chris. >> hunt, yes. >> we will see you sunday. >> all right, let me simply say to all of the military follow thanks may be watching, thank you for your service, genuinely heartfelt from everybody here in washington and across the nation. >> we appreciate that chris, thank you, see you sunday. keep photos coming. do we have anymore, megan do you have a couple photos or no >> did we lose megan? is megan asleep? megan is not even in the control room who is it.
8:45 am
>> jes. >> kitkat kline. >> kitkat kline is in the control room. you know how pregnant this woman is. >> no. beyond. beyond. >> she will pop today. >> okay, break. not water, just break. we took legendary,
8:46 am
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8:48 am
quick reminder, sky fox is up. and we are looking for a c17. that is a big, plane. >> yes, it is hard to miss. >> it will be hard to miss. >> if you hear it rumbling big , four jet engines over west philadelphia that is what it is. nothing to be a warmed b it is our first fly over here at solute the military. it will come down right down market street over liberty towers, city hall and blast over the delaware river. we are looking for it. it will happy would say in the next 13 or 14 minutes. 8:48. >> i thought we saw it. >> you have better eyes then do i. >> either way we will see it very soon. >> if we would be quiet. >> see it and hear it. >> okay. it was, 9/11 that inspired a little boy from delaware county to join the army, 16 years ago. >> now that little boy is now 29.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> rusty carter has been honored by delaware county veterans memorial association. >> sue's with him right now. >> she's mc of their freedom medal dinner. >> i have been honored to hoe that dinner over pennsylvania couple years. is there another one coming up , which we will tell but. we want to you meet rusty carter. >> i'm a diehard philly fan, through and through. >> rusty carter comes from the military family so enlisting in the army only seemed natural. >> just for pop part of something bigger. >> his brother dan chose marines and graduated boot camp five days after rusty. rusty was sent to afghanistan near pakistan border, two months into his deployment he suffered a traumatic brain injury and was awarded the purple heart. >> it is an honor. not something you strive to get or achieve. people congratulate you on it. you just say thank you. it is just something that happens. part of the job.
8:50 am
>> rusty returned to afghanistan, months before he was set to go home for good, vehicle he was in malfunctioned, went off a& bridge and sent rossty and his team feet feet down the side of the mountain. >> i was dealing with non- recoverable injuries, thank god. basically i'm paralyzed from the chest down and limited use of my hands and fingers. >> through it it all rusty has remained upbeat, even grateful >> i knew what i was signing up for. you go over there, see things you see, you don't expect to make it back sometimes but when you do even when you have these injuries you have to keep going for guys that didn't get to one home. >> here he is, everybody, rusty carter, thanks so much for coming down and joining us >> thanks for having me. >> after we heard this unbelievable story, everything you have been through you do not want people to feel sorry for you. >> no, not at all. i have a great life, great
8:51 am
family, great friends. >> your brother is here with you today. >> yes. >> you go to eagles game. >> season ticket holder. i made it back alive, that is all i could ask for. i have in reason to be upset, miserable. i just got to keep living my life and do what i want, have fun. >> this is why i'm here to solute you, and freedom cast winners i have got so many people here, to give their time. let me introduce chief joe daily, u.s. marine vietnam veteran purple hard and billiken i hear, marine veteran from vietnam as well. we have tom mcginnly u.s. marine vietnam veteran, and, louie mans from the u.s. navy, jim done again from the marines. robert gibson from the u.s. army and jerry from the u.s. navy all honored by delaware county veterans memorial association. our dinner will be november the 16th, at the springfield
8:52 am
country club, bobby rydel will be there, i will there been and we hope you will there been too. for more information, just contact me through fox, more "good day philadelphia" and soluting the military after this.
8:53 am
from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future.
8:54 am
and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america.
8:55 am
welcome back. >> everybody look that way. >> so we think at about 9:00 o'clock this c17 will fly over philadelphia, and fly over fourth and market. so don't miss it, quick break. >> we were showing shot from the chopper because we are looking at it in the air. >> don't miss it. break coming right back.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
we have been doing this nine years alex holley. >> this is a first. >> our solute the military will be, well, star of the show, one of the stars is a c- 17, what is that, general. >> so that is our globe master two, it is our medium sized cargo airplane second to the c 5. >> in the control room, jessica, kitkat, can you see it from sky fox? >> okay, we have shot from sky fox. >> fantastic. >> where did it take off from. >> this took off from maguire lakehurst in new jersey, central part of new jersey this airplane can take off in short field, in dirt, in grass fields, and with heavy, outside cargo on it what is it used for. >> maintaining our capability of rapid global whether it is humanitarian relief. right now they are being used to provide reheave we need for our hurricanes in america and all around the world. >> i notice add lot of people
9:00 am
flying, in a c17, as passengers, getting out of the way of irma. >> that is right. >> it also has a air medical evacuation capability built into it. so we're evacuating people out of the hurricane aftermath. >> it is 9:00 o'clock. you are always on time. >> absolutely, ma'am. >> everybody out here on market street, lets go to this shot there. everybody look down market, and. >> here it comes. >> here we go. >> i know they cannot hear us but let's cheer for them. >> here it comes. >> wow, look at that. >> general, will there be a noise. >> there will be a little noise. we call it the sound of freedom. >> let's listen. >> the sound freedom.


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