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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 15, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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flying, in a c17, as passengers, getting out of the way of irma. >> that is right. >> it also has a air medical evacuation capability built into it. so we're evacuating people out of the hurricane aftermath. >> it is 9:00 o'clock. you are always on time. >> absolutely, ma'am. >> everybody out here on market street, lets go to this shot there. everybody look down market, and. >> here it comes. >> here we go. >> i know they cannot hear us but let's cheer for them. >> here it comes. >> wow, look at that. >> general, will there be a noise. >> there will be a little noise. we call it the sound of freedom. >> let's listen. >> the sound freedom.
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>> so general, it will now make a left turnout over the delaware. >> it will, it is on a training mission it will go up and practice air to air refueling, and, fuel in flight and then it will go and do some transition training practicing take offs and landing. >> we are watching major tim goodwin. >> piloting it from our air force reserve, at maguire dixon. >> there is no way his last name is goodwilly. >> goodwilly, sir. midair. >> it can be refueled in midair. that gives us unlimited
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capability to go anywhere in the world. we can get behind a number of airplanes, transfer fuel, we do not have to land. that allows to us transfer the ocean. that makes our air force and our nation great. >> how much training goes into being able to fly that thing. >> your basic pilot qualifications, about a full year to get your wings, and then another three months to get your qualification in the c17. and then you upgrade all the way to instructor and evaluate or in the weapons system. so over your time it will take five years to get fully qualified. >> five years. >> hey, kitkat can you see it off in the distance? we can still see it from sky fox. that is pretty impressive. >> you guys pulled it out for special occasions like this. >> we do, we do. >> it is a wonderful weapons system. as i said, it can go low level , and has defensive systems on it that can get its way in and out. it takes our army and puts them into really hostile area.
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>> it makes a young person say i want to do that one day. kid, turn around. do we have here. >> this is the grandchildren of one of our world war two veterans, and he will be on the program in about a half an hour. >> these are his grand kid, yes. frank martin. hang around here. karen, was that cool or what. >> amazing. >> this is very important, i want to you pay attention. you talk about moving to gainsville. i will not say anything about the other branches of our military but i happened to be here with the coast gar. just take a look at these fine men and women who are serving in our u.s. coastguard right down the street here in philadelphia. people on gainsville don't have nothing we have on the coastguard. thanks for joining us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. you have people that are working right now in florida. >> from this area we sent approximately 12 members to support the response
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operations down in harvey and irma and coast gar sent an additional 2,000 people, helping in the effort. >> we are playing the theme right now, pretty darn fabulous. we love to have you here in our city. you brought us this nice boat what do you do when you take this out. >> this boat is a multi mission boat, it is for search , rescue, law enforcement and other missions and among others. >> people want to come out here today. they can come out. sign up. we have recruiting. are kid getting inside as well >> everybody can go in and look inside. >> is what your your favorite part. >> saving lives, my favorite mission in the coastguard. >> wouldn't you love to have these heroes save your life. what is best branch of the military not to be biased. >> they are all good. we all work together to support our, citizens, but obviously coastguard is the best. >> all these fine men and
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women. all right, guys, thank you for everything that you do we love you. bob, i will send it over to you. >> thanks, karen. good morning, everybody. i'm with the few, the proud, the marines. >> hugh ray.: >> major john, thanks very much. thanks for your service. tell folks what sit like to be a marine. >> well, it is an absolute privilege, honor to be able to represent such a great nation and be able to be ready when the nation is ready and and make sure we protect a brave thankful mission. >> my 17 year-old sonnies thinking about becoming a marine, what can you tell anyone who is home, that maybe has a son or a daughter looking to join the service. >> well, i can tell them we are looking for talented young men, women, and highest character and they are wanting to defend their countriy thought i was best dressed guy here with the shiny shoes.
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check this out. come on. he has got me beat, right here , all right. now, what is this piece of machinery here that we're looking at. this is like something right out of the bag of army men that you grab off the toy shelf there. explain this to me. this fellow over here. >> okay. >> he is expert, name and rang >> where are you from. >> right here in philadelphia. >> what do we have here. >> this is m triple seven how litter, run by a crew of six or seven guys capable of shooting hundred and and pound projectile. >> get an idea, of how big this is. set up here on market street. how many guys does it take to operate. >> about six. >> six guys. >> it weighs 10,000-pound. >> wow. >> you pull this thing up, have you ever shot this. >> many times. >> wow. >> the projectile goes right here. >> you drop it tray, you drop the tray, you have a team of
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two men ram it up up the tube. >> close the bridge. >> make sure you are aimed where you are supposed to be, check your safety and when you get command, you pull it and fire it. >> this has got to make some big boom, i would imagine. >> quite a boom. >> yes. >> quite a boom. >> unbelievable. >> this is one of the many, pieces of equipment that is on the display down here along market street. again, between third and fourth. all part of our solute the military day. come on by, plenty of time. as we go round robin lets toss it over to jen, who is right up the street here, jen, back over to you. i'm proud to be here with my navy men and women because my dad served in the u.s. navy so thank you for your service. thank you so much for what you do every day. if people don't know what you're doing in the philadelphia area, down at the navy yard is what your main mission here. >> we provide support to navy service workers there down
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there. >> no audio. >> provide support for and of course our friends in the navy recruiting district here with to us day, they are also up in the northeast with us. >> i mentioned my dad. he was in the navy. he is also in florida. you are also protecting him there you have boats up and downe coast right now. >> we sent five ships down to provide hurricane relief around florida. we sent three ships down to the caribbean to help out down there as well to do what we can to support the civil support defense. >> it is amazing. is there a reason you why pick navy among all of the different branches of the military. >> well, it gave meehan opportunity to travel, so i decided, to go with the navy. >> the other thing it has done , it has provided you a chance... >> no audio. >> rom the united states army
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, i'm proud to introduce to you the pride of philadelphia, master sergeant tie ren. >> thanks for having us what do you think of this. >> thinks awesome. pennsylvania national guard is all community based organizations, and so it means a lot for us to be back in the community and to have so much support every year. >> we appreciate you all year long but with the news we have had this morning with terrorist attack out of london , with what is going on in north korea, you guys are always ready. >> that is our motto always ready, always there, these young soldiers you see here standing behind me, that is what we stand ready to do whenever our nation need us what made you want to go in the army. >> i wanted to do something, find a right path for my life and it work out. this is calling god put me on and i'm happy to do it i'm happy you grew up watching good day fill and bus stop buddy. >> yes, i did. >> you saw my daughter's first day of school.
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>> difficult. >> thanks for being a friend of the show all these year but most of all thank you for your service. >> thank you so much i have said it so much time today, but what makes today specialist we are seeing what you guys do. >> yes, thinks all really quip ment that our soldiers use , train on and deploy in the time of need here in the commonwealth or overseas. >> i know there is some competition between all of the different branches but at the end of the day we're all together. >> we all come together just like this. it is all unit. >> let's wave, everybody and say we're proud of the united states army and master sergeant, i'm so glad you are here this morning, i cannot even tell you. >> keep it safe.national guard >> mike and alex, this is such a special morning i'm getting emotional. >> it is hard not to be emotional on days like this when we do shows like this. what i love when we do these military shows people come out and they bring pictures. >> do you want to starty will start over here. >> tell me who do you have here, who did you bring.
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>> i have my son dwayne gray, gm three, in the u.s. navy. they are sailing as we speak on their way to japan. >> right behind you. >> who do we have here. >> this is my son air men lopez, just want to tell him i love him. >> thank you. >> what is your name. >> my name is my son, colin gill more in the air force going to school for air traffic control. >> four generation is four generations. >> madison family and smith family. my sister, myself. this is my dad. he followed my husband, my son , my brother, and my father , world war two, vietnam war and two wars since then. >> come over here i need to hug you. >> that was great. >> praise the lord. >> i'm tammy. this is my father. what he is in the marines in 73. william moy. >> little picture.
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>> trav is. >> get back to work. >> this is my dad george smith he served in the u.s. naval construction battalion in morocco. >> handsome. >> yes. >> this guy looks like, well that guy. >> charlie branch. >> good to see you. >> what branch. >> the army, american legion right now. >> thank you for your service. >> anybody else, did we get him. >> that sounds good. >> are you ready for this? you where to meet a world war two vet. she's 100 years old, alex. >> wow. >> do you think this woman has stories to tell. >> i bet she has stories to tell. >> she likes to play a lot of golf. >> oh. >> she talk to fox 29's bill roar bit. >> let's meet her. >> am i looking at you, or these things which would you prefer. >> allison house or as she likes to be called norris about to give you a history lesson 100 years in the making
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>> january 25th, 1943. >> that is the day nor walked in the asbury park new jersey recruiting office and signed up for the army. >> we came from england when my dad was out of work after world war one and he looked in us as growing children don't you ever forget whatever you have, you owe to this country. >> she felt it was her duty to serve in the military during world war two so nor left her home along with 150,000 other women to serve in the women army auxiliary core. at that time nor could never imagine it would turn to a career. >> it started as a buck cry but i ended up as a lt. col., which at that time was as far as you could go. i got all kind of odd and end here. >> as she looks through pile of photographs these stories are as crisp as paper they are printed on. >> i was ant frayed to fight city hall if i thought i was
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right. >> you see while nor was in the army, she found love with the game of golf. >> oh, he was a full dull. >> senior officer told nor the golf course on saturday mornings was only kept opened for men. she took offence, for the battle and was eventually allowed to play too. >> we played nine holds of golf, we never went back. i never played again. my point was you cannot do this to women. of course, i was not beloved by that colonel. >> throughout her career at the army nor travel the world and held every john imaginable >> i also worked under people that i ranked which was very difficult but if you were a woman at the time, you just can't do that. you have to be second. >> she retired in 1970. >> that is merit. >> with award, accolade and life lessons. >> for me it was a way of life once i got in it, i loved the discipline. i loved the challenges.
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it is a beautiful book. >> it will give it to bible study group with card, well wishes on her 100th birthday makes the day a little more special. >> i can't begin to tell you how meaningful it is to me. >> book of memories. >> it was a lovely gesture. >> one hundred years in the making. in new britain, bill roar, fox 29 news. wow. >> that was wonderful. >> thanks, very much. >> that was a great one. >> we're on air. >> i'm sorry. >> that was a beautiful story. >> i can't believe. >> but look who we have here. >> i was going to suggest we put up a love match here, the vet is 100 years old but you are married. >> oh, yeah, 72 years. >> oh, my god. >> seventy-two years i have been married. >> you are 102. >> i didn't believe him at first, i will not lie. i said there is no way you are 102. >> he said i will pull out my
9:16 am
driver's license. >> i said do that look at this here, born in 1915. >> wow. >> you look good. >> yes. >> doesn't he look good. >> yes. >> when did you serve? >> in europe. >> in europe, in the eto. >> forty-three and 45. >> yeah. >> i was over there during the battle of the bulge. >> oh, my gosh. >> you have some stories to tell. >> yes. >> are you from philadelphia. >> oh, yeah. >> where were you born and raised. >> germantown. >> yeah. >> wow. >> russell, it is an honor to have you here. thank you so much for your service. thanks for coming out. >> thank you. >> great to meet you. >> is what your name. >> my name is leo, they call me smooth. >> you are smooth. >> tell me burr brother. >> my brother-in-law, donald troutman served in desert storm and he is dying from cancer, and he watches you all the time.
9:17 am
he wanted a shout out from you >> is what his name. >> donald. >> donald trout man. >> donald troutman, thanks for watching every day. thank you for your service and we're praying for you. good to see you, man. >> let's get to jen fredrick. >> hi, guys, one of the you go there segments we did involved an amazing woman who runs a hot line for veterans. she's nt affiliated with the government. she doesn't work for the va. she's an amazing woman. men and women now depend on her. so, first i would like to you meet her. >> you cannot fake what she does. >> twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, heather slowwinsky is woman many veterans call when they are in a crisis situation. >> it was so easy for me to open up to her because of her personality and how much i could tell she cares. >> do you think we're good? we're good format knew of? we first met heather when these guys and their families wanted to recognize her
9:18 am
service to veterans, as part of our you go there segment. >> hi, heather, good morning. she runs the honor and courage program, and -- >> oh, my god. >> andrew and his family drove up for for the surprise from virginia. he said heather deserves part of the credit for how great his life is going. andrew met heather, soon after his friend staff sergeant patrick liver was killed in action. >> i had just gotten out of the army, just got married, trying to figure out what we were going to do, and when he was killed in afghanistan i didn't have money to go to his funeral. that is how i connected with heather. i was hesitant about calling her. you can text her. you know, if that is easier. it is just hard just to speak with somebody over the phone that i didn't know. so texts was more comfortable. that eventually turned into a phone call, a couple minutes later. >> it truly comes from the
9:19 am
heart. i think she treats every person, every younger veteran that calls her like her son. she treats every vietnam veteran like it is her father and she just asked herself what would i want somebody tolls do for them and then she does it no matter what it is. >> where do you even begin with these guys. >> it is based on each call. every call is different. you have vietnam veterans. that is bulk of the calls i get from vietnam vets. some just want to talk. they are lonely. they are getting older now. they just want to have a friend to talk to. other veterans who truly are in a crisis situation you kind of to base it on it is a lot of listening, listening to what is going on, how severe the situation is and how you need to react and handle it heather has six kid of her own and yet she says that keeping the hot line going, always being there for these veterans and their families, is just as important as, making sure that her own children are safe.
9:20 am
>> she was the friend that we needed during that time and she continues to be it is worth every second of my life. if i can give back and to these veterans, it my way of saying thank you. >> now, heather and her son who throughout of this whole idea when he was about 11 or 12 years old, they were supposed to be here today. why isn't she here? she's on the phone with the veteran as we speak trying to get him some help. also speaking with police to make sure that this individual is safe. so 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, she's sitting on her porch talking to veterans the men and women who need it most mike and alex she has a 5k, she has started planning that for next year. >> okay. >> thanks, jen. >> where are you going. >> i don't know where do you want me. >> you just gave me this rose. >> is what your name. >> pumpkin. >> i can call you pumpkin. >> are you out of your gored.
9:21 am
>> thank you it is almost my time. >> i don't even know what that means. >> she gave me this wonderful mug. >> we wil do more to solute the military, we have so many people coming out to fourth and market and we will be right back.
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new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier.
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good morning, everybody. of course, we have all of branches of the military here but we could not do to it day without all of our other organizations, and volunteers, that are out here as well w me derek from the travis manion foundation, tell us about your organization. >> sure, thanks, bob. we actually empower veterans and families of the fallen to develop character to the next generation. they are going into schools and teach what it means to live with character.
9:25 am
that same character that our fallen heroes and veterans live with day in and day out and employ in the own community. >> web site to reach out to you. >> travis >> lets go down to the next one here. we are along market street between third and fourth, with our ride to recovery guy. is what your name. >> jack shepherd. >> what do you have here. >> we have a non-profit that helps injured veterans in their recovery. we store hope, recovery and resilience. >> so this particular bike, here, it is made for who. >> well, it is made for people who have balance issues or leg issues, or, you know. >> it is your bike. >> tell me about the design. >> well, thinks a hand cycle, it is used for somebody who might have lower leg issues. like i do. so, i use a hand cycle so i can go out and ride with my fellow teammates. >> that is great. >> so anybody that may be wounded or hurt an opportunity to jump in with the fellow
9:26 am
bikers what is best web site we can get a hold off. >> project we have a big event in doyletown up at central park, honor ride philadelphia their of the riders will be recovering veterans and public can come out and help support them. >> well, thank you all to have your service. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> mike and alex, back to you guys. >> okay. >> very cool. >> that is great. >> okay, let me just say something real quickly here, don't move, we will go to commercial, then come back and meet a very special family. that is all i will say. >> that is all you need to say really. >> really don't move.
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>> we have a little timeless, maybe we saved the best for last. you know our purple to perfect contest here on fox 29, so we chose someone deserving. >> a veteran. >> to get a bathroom make over. we chose that man, right there, he's a veteran of worlds war it, his name is frank martin. we will take you inside his home and watch the transformation. >> and have a big reveal. here we go. >> and we're here to see mr. frank martin, 92 years old, he served in worlds war two. he believes, and he is, a finalist right in this contest. >> but we're going to tell him he's actually the winner. >> the winner. >> hi, we're looking for mr. martin. >> right here. >> you're not only a finalist, you're the winner! you won!
9:31 am
so sure ' going to get your whole bathroom renovated. >> you'll have entirely new bathroom by september. >> okay, do the magic of television, it is one month later. >> let's go see that bathroom. all right. let's go. >> and you promise, you promise you haven't seen it? >> no. >> he hasn't seen it. >> you've been living somewhere else? >> i've not been in the house. >> then you better get in there. >> let's go. >> that's right. >> wow. that's a whole different ballgame. >> homerun? >> yes, right. beautiful. >> oh, my gosh. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> it fit all right. >> does that work for you? >> it is all right! >> great size. >> it is about safety, but it was also about comfort. so, we went the extra mile, and put in all of the new shower fixtures, they had one shower head. >> that square one is more like rain? >> you got a rain shower,
9:32 am
adjustable wall mount right there. and then we have your traditional wall mount, as well, but you can turn them on independently of each other or turn them on together. >> oh,. >> when mr. martin walked through, there was nothing to block his transition into the bathroom. that's zero threshold shower system that we put in. so he no longer has to lift a foot to get in. >> it is absolutely perfect. >> got taken down to the studs, all of the plumbing, all of the electric, all of the heat, everything new, all started with the purple dry wall. >> i'm thinking of just living in here. >> we used all of those amazing products from national jump zip, moisture and mold resistant, that original problem were you having, you don't have to worry about now. we gave you heating everywhere. you have beautiful heated towel rack right over here. it will be nice and toast when you get in. we wide ends your door jam, and we gave you a sliding barn door, so now it is a straight shot in. >> i can't believe it.
9:33 am
this is just so beautiful. i don't want to cry. i'm not one to cry, so -- >> and we have towels. >> i can't get over t i really can't. i never expected this. >> and we upgraded the laundry section, so that it is easier for to you organize. >> i'm going to do the wash? >> i ling everything. >> i don't know about you, but who needs a living rumor kitchen? i would spends all my time in here. >> i ought to stay in here. >> hey, frank. >> yes? >> coming in. >> no! >> okay, congratulations, frank, and your beautiful bride. >> thank you. >> been married, what, 40 years? yes, okay, hang with us here, because we have a lot of thank you's starting with national gypsum. way to go, chris. >> great to be a part of this
9:34 am
project. we partnered with purple heart homes, and heart builders, and just really grateful to put together such a great project for mr. frank martin. >> why does that national jim sum want to do this? >> we want to give back. you know, we're american made company. we've got 17 jim sum more plants throughout the united states. we're very proud of our veterans. than is a great opportunity for us to give back. >> yes, they ' worried about mold in the bathroom, and yours doesn't? not sus except tonight that at all? >> right shall national gypsum provides extra protection against moisture, mold and mildew, and really the preferred product for all construction project. >> so you teamed one that guy? >> yes, sir. >> he is a hero with alex. >> so, from purple to perfect to purple heart homes, this is kinds whatever you guys do, this is what you're about? >> yes, charity me and my friends start in the 2008 out
9:35 am
of north carolina. we've done about 300 project for veterans just like mr. martin and about 26 states. so this is what we do every day. just hon orders to have such a great partner slip with national gypsum and such a great product like the purple board to put in our houses. >> i have to ask you one of the founders every purple heart homes, what made you do this, start something like this? >> well, i served in iraq, boat legs in iraq in 2004. avenue lot of military in my family all the way back to the revolutionary war it, seems that iraq and afghanistan veterans get a lot, a lot of services that other areas of the service don't get. so we focus on veterans of every age, every era, because we're all the same l martin and me are no different, just couple every gray hairs separate us. our service is the same. and we feel that he's just as deserving of our love as us. >> you're retirement you guys take care every us when you're out there. so we should take care of you guys when you come home. wonderful your taking care of others. >> really about the community,
9:36 am
community and partners, all purple heart homes, can't do it without volunteers and partners to make project like this happen. >> it is so noisy out here, how did you lose your legs? >> in iraq, hit two anti-tank mons in a humvee. easy meat even for marines to do. but, you know, it was -- i'm not hurt any worse than many other people that i was in the hospital with. certainly no worse than any periods of service before us. we're all the same. >> yes. >> so purple heart homes focuses on safety, accessibility in the homes of our veterans. >> wonderful what you guys do. thank you for your service. thank you for your service. >> what's heart builder? >> residential design builds firm, do residential remodeling, first for us, project like this, with national gypsum, real schedule driven results orient dollars remodeler, sat well with chris. >> we need a designer. >> i'm the designer. >> hi, good to see you.
9:37 am
>> too. >> you've seen her on television, great tv designer. so we saw it. >> i don't know if we can roll the footage again. amazing job. how long did it take? >> took less than 30 days, and everybody just really came together to make this happen. we created a safe beautiful environment for mr. martin who deserves it, because the environment he was living in was dangerous for him, had tripped few times, had fallen, the family really worried about. that will so we luckily i'm with national gypsum and able to do this amazing renovation, really about changing lives one room at a time what we did here using these great purple products. >> they had to nominate, everybody had to be nominated so the kids behind, right, al next. >> so i want to; you guys weren't there when we had the big reveal. grandkids, what did you think of the bathroom, you like it? >> yes. >> yes. >> are you glad you nominated your grand pop? >> yes. >> everybody's happy. now who is spending the most time in the bathroom now, be honest? >> it will be grandpop. he lovers being very warm, there are lot of warmth in there. >> and we don't blame you. thank you so much, frank.
9:38 am
>> thank you. >> quick break, coming right back.
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9:41 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> my favorite. the marines, good morning. >> good morning. >> so you guys are looking for people that you think could potentially be marines? >> yes, that's what we're doing out here today. >> what do we have here? >> this is what we use in the marine corpse, all throughout the military. what we use it in the fleet, use it in afghanistan, our combat weapon. >> you want people to know what they're in for? so one of the things do you have do to become a marine, do couple of pullups.
9:42 am
>> yes, ma'am. >> so we have okay, from the coast guards, hi, how many do you predict you'll do? >> i'm hoping did. >> we have to make sure he has proper form and everything, right? so how many do you need to get into the marines? >> three, four, five -- now showing off. >> right? six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11 -- does he do this all the time? >> most days. >> okay, 13, 14, 15, 16, and he had to get up on that thing. how hard is that? >> hey, shot on top? what is that?
9:43 am
>> it is for protection. >> what's your name? >> leslie. >> leslie what? >> from filly? >> yes. >> thank you for your service. >> that's a big man right there. >> yes. >> no, no, no! go. >> okay, real quickly here, this is a striker. so i think al sex in there somewhere. turn around, jared. alex? >> here i am everybody. >> i can tell you, mike, the view looks great from up here. we have such a nice crowd out here. look who is here with me. >> did you pop one out? >> i popped one out, one is popping out with me. what's your name? >> ashlynn. >> ashlynn, and how old are you? >> five. can i get a high five from up here? adorable. having great time. we will take a break and we will be right back. fox 29 salutes the military. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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>> we're organizing selfies. >> yes, there will be lots of selfies after. >> this i just can't believe how nice the weather is. >> fantastic. look at this, oh, look how cute. >> such a cutie. >> turn around, look at the camera. who are you. >> i'm sharon. >> who is that? >> this is amiah.
9:47 am
>> hi, amiah. >> do you want to know what the weather is today? just say yes. >> yes. >> okay, you'll find out in 15 seconds. >> it is time to introduce from my friends, from winslow middle school. >> yes. >> winslow, high school, and they're all here as part of their student government class, learning about serving the military. and this is the best place to do it, right, everybody? >> yes! >> let's say happy birthday to caylee, right here, and phoenix, who is right here. so, we have got birthdays today, a lot of celebrations going on, the most important question, are you learning anything? >> definitely. >> definitely, let's get to
9:48 am
the forecast, learn about that as we get into the last weekend every summer today, high of 84 degrees, we'll have mix of sun and clouds. quite sunny right now, i might add. now, over the weekends, same thing, mix every sunday and clouds, lower 80s both days of the weaken. maybe a slight chance after shower. but thursday, tuesday and wednesday, of next week; when we have to start watching for the possibility of influence from tropical storm jose, which will be a hurricane once again. that's a look at your seven day forecast, thanks everybody from winslow, middle school and high school for being with us today. karen, what a morning it is. >> it is such a glorious morning. all of these fabulous men and women that have come out to help us celebrate our folks in the military. so many of just our personal lives think we just really appreciate what the military does for us, each and every day, whether it is abroad or here at home, and we think what can we do? there is a man from our area, his last name mr. stolefus, lives out in lancaster,
9:49 am
drivers a vehicle every day, not vehicle like this one, like what we call, this a mrathje think i was told? so he has his own vehicle, a tractor, slow moving. wait until you see what he decided to do to say thank to you all of the men and women who do so much for us. here is his story and meet him. >> a dream is like an engine. it just needs a spark. seventy year old ivan stolefus got that spark from his dad. >> he said one day out of the blue, ivan, from a dream, don't wait until you're too old and physically can't do it. just do it. >> a farm fresh lancaster, he always wanted to drive across the country and felt a calling to help veterans. >> it got to the point where i couldn't even sleep at night. >> stolefus decided to gwen dreams, drive across the country in this modified tractor raising money and awareness for wounded heroes. >> are you a veteran. >> yes, sir. >> all right, the navy? well, thank you for your service, i really appreciate that. i'm going across america for
9:50 am
program, doing fundraising for our veterans. >> in 2014, stolefus drove across the jersey shore all the way to the beaches of california. now he's back at it again driving all around this country, 14 miles an hour, at a time, in this 1948 custom john deer raising nearly $50,000. but he says, it is not about the money. >> each day to those veterans feeling in despair. >> in his cab where he spends to up 14 hours a day, few momentos to inspire him, photos, even a purple heart that a veteran gave him. it is a bumpy ride, through fields, that become highways, and dusty back roads, that lead right into maine street usa. and that's where he get to meet face-to-face with grateful veterans, like mike oldman, whose 23 year old son died in the iraqi war. >> somebody from above decided my route needed to come through today, and here. >> i am this veteran who paid out of gratitude his gas.
9:51 am
>> we have people that have paid for our freedom. and that's what it is all about. >> stolefus never served in battle, but on this mission where he can personally thank those who did. >> kinds of takes a toll, but it is all worth it, because it is always exciting, you never know what's around the next curve or what veteran i'm going to meet. >> how neat is that? so if you want to follow his journey, that's making continuously around our country, put a link right on our website so you can check it out. from here in the middle of all of the action, right over to mike and alex, see it back over there. >> thank you, karen. big finish, in two minutes, don't move. big finish.
9:52 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> family members all morning long, bringing by pictures of their loved ones, cheryl fry yeadon, who do we have here? >> my nephew, my brother-in-law. >> thank you. >> you can put the other two up. the other two. >> okay, final thoughts, everybody, we start with you? >> so many people here, weaver amazing people, who is this guy right here? >> that's my dad. it was taken 99 years ago. >> wow. >> marine. >> what's great about this event, you know, you hear from people here, but you also hear about the veterans impact services dealing with
9:56 am
homelessness, right? veterans court, all of the different affiliations trying to help these men and women. >> bob, final thoughts? >> so moving to see folks bring the pictures of their loved ones. >> i know it, i love that. >> god bless everybody. god bless america. >> sue crying yet? >> listen, i'm just happy to see all of the young people here, all of the student, like these kids from clayton, new jersey, learning about what it is to serve our country. >> and with everything happening recently with the hurricanes, what's going on now, just grateful. >> two words? >> thank you. i'll say it again. thank you. maybe one more. thank you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> reminder why we have shows like this, we want to thank you guys, do you so much for us. we appreciate you all. so this is dedicated for you guys. today is for you. >> more than 200 guardsmen were sent from our area. >> we had more than 200 guardsmen to go to texas for that effort. we still have about 20 guardsmen in florida. >> we say thank you to all of our military here this
9:57 am
morning. >> my favorite part of the whole day. >> special. >> is whether we have a swearing in ceremony. >> ilio bay the orders. >> ilio bay the orders. >> of the president of the united states. >> of the president of the united states. >> welcome to the air force family. >> (cheers). >> all right! >> i'm very proud. >> oh! >> what's your favorite part about being in the coast guard? >> i love saving lives, my favorite mission. >> wouldn't you love to have these heroes save your life. >> i'm with the few, the proud, the marines! >> this is the -- i run by crew of about six, seven guys. >> i'm proud to be here with my navy men and women. because my dad served in the u.s. navy. so thank you for your service. thank you so much for what you do every day. >> this is awesome. the community support, pennsylvania national guard, all community based organization, so it means a
9:58 am
lot for us to be back in the community and have so much support every year. >> here comes. wow.
9:59 am
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>> live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show! >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! ♪ [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you very much for watching our show. say hi to my co-host, my studio audience! how you doin? i'm doing great. this is cannon day.


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