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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 16, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> welcome to chasing news. on bill spadea. harvey, or me, you think you you have * 15 way to hear this. josé could be headed our way. we will have the details free. terror attacks in london. this one hits close to home. the question is, can it happen here? that in, ladies are you tired of year man not taking care of himself? were gonna show you place where you can send him. at first. there is a nasty storm, his name
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is josé. he may be headed our way. i will bring and achieve meteorologist, dan. >> the track of josé is uncertain as we go into the weekend. what is certain is that will have to deal with some rough surf concerns. moderate to high risk of rip currents. the waves may be rough. what happens with josé? will it pass close enough to the shoreline that we see weather impacts next week? >> most meteorologist we have heard from, the talking heads, it seems a lot of the talking heads talking about whether saint don't worry about this. it is not a factor. it is nothing. you have been saying there should be caution with the store that could get the spec. >> exactly. anytime there is a big storm between the east coast and the bermuda it degrees in eyebrow. now the track is coming close to our area, maybe within 100 or 200 miles, the other eyebrow has to go up. all possibilities on the table.
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it is still possible the swings out to see them we don't see rain and wind. the surf concerns will happen no matter what direction. >> were talking early to mid next week? >> i think tuesday and wednesday will be the epicenter of josé. >> we'll hear back from you later in the show. big news today. another terrorist attack, this time in london. i will bring in diana for all of the details. >> there's no no connection between friday mornings bomb attack in london and new york city. the nypd is still on hilar. i cannot say i am nervous. we went through grand central station i noticed more of a police presence. even walking around here i noticed there was more police. i saw some military guys. does it make me nervous? no. i cannot say it does. >> the homemade bomb exploded on the district line on friday morning during rush hour at the green station injuring at least 29 people. police quickly called in a
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terrorist incident making it the fifth attack this year. president trump reacted on twitter. it reads quote, another attack in london by loser terrorists. these are sick and demented people who are in scotland yard. >> think you diana. the big question is, can it happen here? one of the folks you need to hear from his former nypd commissioner, bernie who is there on the ground to for 9/11. how are you? >> i'm good. >> it cannot happen here? >> it can happen anywhere. it is happen in london numerous times. it happened in spain, we have had attacks here in san bernardino or boston. it is not if they're going to do it, it is when they are going to do it and how. anybody that doesn't get it are
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either just stupid and naïve or the have their head in the sand. >> what is happen with the nypd today? what kind of preparations are they taking? what are they doing now? >> the new york city police department unlikeness appellees across the country actually have detectives that work in these foreign countries, countries like england. they have real-time data that is coming into nypd right now in the intelligence division. it is getting sent out to the field. >> the president tweeted out today about scotland yard having potential terrorists, they don't know who they are. they have them on the list. you think it's time to get to profiling? >> i also always said we should profile. in circumstances like this if these guys are muslim and somebody mentioned profiling, they jump to racial profiling. it is predictive criminal profiling. you need to know where these people come from, who they are, where the hangout, who they
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associate with. where they live, the masks they go to, they worship him. that is where a lot of them will meet. >> it sounds like a science-fiction movie. i'm reminded of minority report. we will predict who will commit the next crime. is it realistic? is a controversy too much for people to swallow here in the states? >> it's about political correctness. unfortunately we live in a world today where the political correctness takes priority. that should be a backseat to national security and keeping us safe. >> thank you. i appreciate you joining us. i want to bring in our panel to weigh in. i'm joined by antoine, thank you for joining me. lauren is publisher no contributor of lana' good to see you. an attorney and a mom and to be personality. and wayne smith, has the mayor,
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talking to bernie, i tend to agree with him. i think it's very difficult what are we gonna do have metal detectors and soldiers at every stop and nta stop? it seems to me that were already at the point of profiling. >> we should never profile. police intelligence is a different matter. you have information or evidence that some group is doing something. how could you profile timothy mcveigh when he did the oklahoma bombing? you cannot take a group of people and arbitrarily put them in a particular category. intelligence and evidence should drive. >> to group that? the left invokes white supremacist and antigovernment folks. that reality is we have been under attack by muslim extremists terrorists since 9/11. before that 1993 with the first world trade center hit. what you say to this idea that we cannot keep yourself safe unless we know who the guys are
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the for their? >> those of the wrong questions to ask. there has been terror attacks by various groups of people but when we start looking at the groups first and the crime second we are failing. the police can do better than this. the police can do profiling that is not racial or religious profiling but basically good police work. good intelligence. please can do better than rounded up groups of people in deciding these are the bad guys. when they do that they fail. >> certainly what the president said today, scotland yard, he is at least saying this. i don't know if he had a briefing that scotland yard knew something. how many times are we going to hear about somebody on a watchlist that commits a heinous act. why were they rounded up or
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arrested or questioned before it happened? >> because we have rights, civil liberties and we need to respect freedom. at the end of the day when you talk about terrorism, it's people who strike terror. that's happen in 9/11 and charlottesville. i disagree with bernie. do you compare a rally in charlottesville? nobody died -- i think we need to take terrorism -- >> see you think that's terrorism. two groups that should up to fight and a woman dies. you're comparing that to muslim extremists that want to kill americans and our allies? >> what i'm saying is that we have people in this country who are citizens and been in this country longer than some of us in the room. they're just as american as everybody else is wrong to profile the because what a small group of people do. what do we do with the terrorists who killed a young lady in charlottesville? >> do you feel safe on the new
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york city subways today? >> i would ride the subway. i would hope that we would have to write intelligence to deal their safety. >> a white former st. louis police officer was found not guilty of first-degree murder in the death of a black man who was shot to death in 2011. the officer face to life in prison without parole for shooting anthony lamar smith five times after high-speed chase. he said he saw smith holding a gun. prosecutors accuse the officer planting the gun in his car after the shooting. as protesters gathered downtown with police the prosecutor stood by her case. north korea has performed another ballistic melissa test sending a rocket over northern japan for the second time this month. north korean leader, kim jong-un said his country should reduce that united states to ashes in japan sunken into the sea.
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>> chris christie spoke at a school about progress that's been made in the troubled city. christie said that before 2013 camden was the lowest performing school district in the state with less than half graduate from high school. the governor did not take questions from reporters. that's a look at the headlines we're chasing today. >> coming up will talk about josé and the potential impact in timeline as the storm nears these close. we also have a weekend to worry about. the weather looks like it will cooperate. your local forecasters straight ahead.
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>> welcome back to jason's. i'm bill spadea. in a little bit will talk about josé. you think you have storm fatigue, burma, harvey, weight until you see what josé could be bringing to our region. but first, i want to talk about the town of a mile wall on the new york state line and they are considering an ordinance that would ban doorknocking. some are saying this is anti-
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somatic, it's designed to stop orthodox jews from knocking on doors and by your house me will bring in the mayor mawaw. how are you? welcome to chasing news. >> can i ask you something? how big of a problem is the doorknocking that the council needs to consider an ordinance? what you say to the charge of anti-semitism? >> let's be very honest here. the question you're asking is where we doing this? we have no history of of any objections by residents of people banging on their doors. no reports of the police department. so it's a good question as to why we choose now to implement an ordinance like this. >> are you going to push back on this? are you making public statements? did you tell the council what are you thinking and you agree with the accusations that this is laced with anti-semitism? >> i do want to say what are you
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thinking. we have two subpoenas from the attorney general pending civil rights violations from the hasidic community. we have a lot to deal with. so why in your wildest imagination would we try to implement it an ordinance that even has the smell of exclusionary? >> what you think about the folks that are saying we have a right to protect our neighborhood. we don't want to have this constant solicitation. there are some valid fear that there is a group of people who are trying to overly change the character of our neighborhood. that is pretty diverse right now. >> your speaking about the fear. listen, the fear is the reports we hear about lakewood and muncie and -- in your, it's documented and reported in the media, fear about a way of life that is much different than ours. that is not based in buys, race, religion. it's an understandable fear the community has.
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>> thank you for joining me. i want to bring in our a+ panel. that's bring them back. we have antoine, executive director for faith in new jersey. we have laura, a columnist at lonnie' and wayne smith, former mayor. wayne, you heard the mayor, does he have valley concerns? versus the right of the people in a local community to say leave me alone. >> that mayor has a pickle going. under the government in new jersey what he said is correct he is a strong mayor. he has the power to veto no matter what the city council will do. they could come and overturn the veto. we'll see what he does if the ordinance passes. >> from a legal standpoint, if some of the fears are well-founded, i doubt very much that every person wanting to stop solicitation at the door is anti- somatic. >> i doubted a lot. i don't want anybody at my
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doorstep. i understand that it's real problem. just like it was with telemarketers. there is a serious foundation to look at. on the other hand, gives me concerned if you're the mayor that there have not been formal complaints about this. that makes me wonder if this is a solution in search of a problem. >> what you think question i give a faith-based organization that you're the head of, does this make you uncomfortable? were talking about orthodox jews and people making comparisons to lakewood. they're painting with a broad brush when they're pointing the finger at the orthodox jewish community as if they're all part of the problem. >> i think the mayor based on what he said reza similars with me because he has concerns and he talked about the history of the township. what i want to say is that i think the council has to take the responsibility and leadership to ensure the jewish community and all religious communities that no policy
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should target them. i think they should make sure no religious institutions or rates will be violated. then they can move forward with any form of solicitation. >> what if this was happening in irvington? with our tax situation i can't believe anybody wants to move here but let's say they do. how would you handle this is mayor? >> how do you talk to your residents about fundamental affairs. people have the right to come in by your property. now how do you approach them is issue. i agree with the council that says if you say there's no complaints it somebody's complaining. >> it could be the politicians starting. >> but the made mayor has veto power. >> i will leave it here. good to see you. thanks for joining me.
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i appreciate your thoughts and interaction. have a great weekend. here is dan with a look at your weather. >> obviously we have to talk about josé looming menacingly in the atlantic ocean and headed our way. social media has been an interesting mix of height and apathy over the storm. it will talk about what we do know and don't know the second. let's start with our local forecast. wings are looking great for the last weekend of summer. my for tonight, low temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. mostly clear skies with quite weather. tomorrow is great, plenty of sunshine, warm and low to mid 80s to the highs. i can't rule out of shower at some point. sunday will probably be dry. clouds of building. probably sunny with high temperatures in the upper 70s stiller 80s. josé is currently about 800 miles south, southeast of us. it will intensify to a category one or two hurricane as it moves to the east coast.
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forecast model suggested will pass within one or 200 miles of us. not a direct hit. that is probably close enough to bring us rough surf and coastal flooding issues and maybe wind and rain. the exact impact is still unknown. once we get within 72 hours, that's coming up tomorrow, will have a better sense of the magnitude. the track, the size and the strength of the storm all planes what we'll see. were looking at tuesday into wednesday next week as the epicenter of the impact. we'll keep you posted. follow the forecast this weekend and follow me in social media. look for me on facebook and twitter. >> after 20 year mission, the kissimmee space craft went to space. it was launched in 1997 and inserted into orbit in 2004. it revealed new information about saturn's rings. a massive dna analysis of pregnant women identified six
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gene regions that influence the length of pregnancy and timing of birth. knowing which genes are linked to preterm birth could let doctors test to see who is at risk and prescribed medication to prevent premature births. >> we see this as an important breakthrough in finding solutions to end premature birth. that is leading cause of death for children ages zero to five. >> some restaurants are going cashless. >> it's easier faster. you don't have to rebut people counting a change. it's better for everyone. >> owner say it helps keep workers honest. >> if you order two drinks it's easy for the bartender to make two drinks, charge for two but only ring in one. that extra dollar amount for the second go straight into the pocket. >> coming up, ladies are you
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>> welcome back to chasing news. and bill spadea. you have heard of it, mel grooming, man skipping, call it what you will. i know you ladies are sick and tired of your guys not paying attention where you want him to. we have a place for you to send him. >> mel grooming. man skipping. hair products. salon, stylist, because of the beauty involved with the beauty industry. what happened to old barbershops are fathers went to. they seem to be
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. >> were talking about behavior profiling. they do it successfully in places like israel. we need to think about it here. you not going to be able to protect every train stop, airport, airport or bus terminal. you can't with budget and personal. when a more aggressive law enforcement. there should never be a time that someone is on the law-enforcement watchlist that is able to go out and do a terrorist act. we have to get them before they act. enjoy your weekend. i will see you monday. thanks for watching.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. stranger danger. threatening the safety of local children. now philadelphia police are on the hunt for a suspicious man. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. police telling us tonight a man is confronting ten year old little girls in the city's frankford neighbor. that's where we fine our shawnette wilson with more on the story. shawnette. >> reporter: well, dawn torque night police are working on 67 of the suspect. they're also looking at surveillance video of cameras in the area. this surveillance picture shows the car police believe a man has been driving while attempting to lure little girls in the northeast. philadelphia special victims union says so far there have been six incidents beginning tuesday the most recent ones happened this morning. around


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