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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> and busted. one person arrested in a drug sting that got $370,000 of heroin and fentanyl off local streets. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. all right. check out the radar. that is hurricane jose that big white swath there. it's hundreds of miles away right now. but we are already starting to feel its impact. live look at ocean city. take a look. my goodness. the waves already crashing. thank you for joining us at 6:0. iain will join us at 10:00 o'clock and once again we're tracking a hurricane. hurricane jose causing some powerful rip currents down the shore. in atlantic city, you can see the waves and the big concerns in shore towns in new jersey and delaware. you can guess it. it's floating, it's flooding beach erosion and rip currents. a lot of us will also see rain starting tomorrow. so what is the latest on jose? meteorologist kathy orr knows.
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some better news into the weather center, lucy we're talking about that surf building and those waves could be breaking at 10 feet tomorrow this is live from ocean city. you can see everyone getting at the mew sigh sick peer to look at this angry ocean. you see the storm right now well offshore it will stay offshore the outer bands making it to the jersey shore and into philadelphia as far as the clouds are concerned. not allotted of rain. staying offshore as well. the system is sill category one storm. this is the the latest 5:00 o'clock update from the national hurricane center moving north at ten. 250 miles east of cape hatteras, northerly carl. it will move to the north at 10 miles an hour. the off the coast of jersey by tomorrow afternoon and make this crazy loop again the second loop still staying off the jersey shore by friday. a lot of wave action a lot of beach erosion unfortunately and a lot of pounding waves. here's the good news. sustained winds trap tropical storm force will stay well offshore so the national hurricane center has dropped
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that tropical storm watch for the jersey shore and for the delaware beach. we still will have gusty winds though. by tomorrow morning, we're talking about winds gusting to 26 miles an hour down the shore. about 20 miles inland and then by the evening period, northerly winds at about 34 miles an hour. but not quiet hurricane or tropical storm force. so that is the good news. so here's what we expect. significant beach erosion. gusty winds down the shore. rough surf and tidal flooding at times of high tide minor to moderate flooding. so like a powerful nor'easter moving our way but it is tropical in nature. it will be warm. humid an little wet. we'll talk more about that in the latest on devastating maria that will hit puerto rico tomorrow. i'll see you laterred in brought cast. >> that one is a scary scary beast. all right kathy. to swimmers recovering after first responders rescued them from bradley beach in monmouth county new jersey. u.s. coast guard police and off duty lifeguard all teamed up to rescue the pair yesterday. they had jumped into an area
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that police had cut off. they're both going to be okay. the national weathe service has issued a high rip current warning that kathy was telling you about. this lasts through sunday. so let's take another life look at the radar. you can track jose on fox 29.c you can also track maria if you'd like as well. be sure to follow kathy, scott and sue on social media for live updates. now we've got a developing story out of montgomery county teachers in the methacton school district have walk off the job. students who should be in their first month of classes are not in school. the district canceled classes today. after teacher's union decided to strike. classes will remain closed tomorrow. this just in. many of the district's more than 400 teachers picketed outside methacton high school. here's their hope. that the district and the union can come to terms on a new teacher's contract. the two sides, they have been bargaining since january. the old contract expired at the end of june. also developing right now, charges against a man accused of hitting a 14-year-old girl with
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his car in abington montgomery county last month. now witnesses said that kelly williams was face time as she crossed the street in front of abington high school. that man right there 32-year-old james clark the fourth. prosecutors have charged him with aggravated assault and wreck bless less endangerment. police say she was driving 46 in a 25 miles an hour zone. williams badly hurt. but did survive. her family has released a statement thanking the da' office for its investigation. the community also for its support. happening right now, the streets of philadelphia are a bit safer after police make a major drug bust. they have seized 600 grams of deadly fentanyl and heroin and it's not the first time they found drugs on that street. fox 29's jeff cole in the stud studio. what's going on here jeff. >> reporter: a loft this stuff on the street. >> yeah. >> reporter: absolute taking lives. law enforcement speak of the deadly mix of heroin and fentanyl as a playing killing users crushing communities. this month alone drug agents and police have made two big busts.
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on the the same philadelphia street. tonight, they show us their take and speak of the challenges ahead. >> there's a message to the owner on the board's nailed to 1118 rosalie street. have dee stent people next time. nine suspects arrested here september 1st and charged with packaging and distributing the killer mix of heroin and fentanyl. >> we had no idea that anybody in the area was doing that. you know, very quiet family oriented street. no incidents. and the neighbors are all shocked. >> reporter: philly police and agents from the attorney general's office say they hauled in drugs valued at $1.5 million and arrested the suspects all from the dominican republic. 13 days later, and the federal dea, police and the district attorney's office make their move on another house just a block away again heroin and fentanyl in bulk amounts. >> the poison that was removed from our streets, the poison
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that has been seized and contained by these officers is killing people. it's inflicting pain on countless families. and attempting to destroy our community. >> this raid is on a home in the 1,000 block of rosalie. 600 grams of heroin and fentanyl were found which included what they called 20 racks of heroin. arrested is frank ron don't, also of the dominican republic. he's charged with felony possession with intent to distribute. >> we are increasingly seeing these -- these heroin mills or packaging mills of heroin in our communities in residential areas. i can't tell you how dangerous this is. >> reporter: law enforcement says fentanyl much of it coming from china killed more than 2300 pennsylvania residents last ye year. and caused mayhem in neighborhoods. >> excited that they caught these people because a lot of people that are addicted to this heroin and they're releasing it now.
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>> dea reports the drug package they can found was marked od for overdose. they say it makes the drugs more desire rabb for users. jeff cole, fox 29 news. us postal worker from cape may county is in trouble with the law tonight. prosecutors say 59-year-old robert mcgee january stole more than $75,000 in federal workers compensation benefits. they claim -- he claimed he hurt his wrist in an on the job fall but investigators realized he was healthy when he posted photos on facebook sip link and repelling on rock wall. he faces fraud and theft charg charges. a shooting in chester, delaware county here's the early reports. one person shot. it happened right around 3:00 this afternoon on the 1300 block of west seventh street. we don't know the circumstances behind this or if police have suspects all just coming in right now as we get more we'll bring it to you. don't expect verdict in senator bob menendez trial any time soon. a trial that took two and a half
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years to make it to court is expected to last eight weeks so says federal judge william walls. walls played a large role in the trial selectively filter wagon evidence makes it to court, for instance, walls did not allow an e-mail from a menendez staff who expressed dismay at some of the new jersey senator's actions in secure agaves have a tour his friend's girl friend. prosecutors say menendez took bribes from wealthy friend of his, menendez says did no such thing. students on a local university class are back in class since one student a racial slur written on her door at cabrini university. she won't feel comfortable until that person is found and kicked off campus. fox 29's joyce evans is live from radnor. joyce? >> reporter: lucy, those who hadn't already seen it on social media this weekend certainly heard about it when they hit campus this morning. and some of them found themselves talking with university administrators and
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police detectives about it. >> i know that the students around me are not like that but i also know there is a student around me who's like that. >> reporter: sabrina freshman snia van surround beside classmates as she walks through campus. >> i get a lot of text messages and phone calls throughout date but it's worth it. because had i just coward away from the situation, this person would have felt like i won. >> reporter: that scrolling hateful message on her dormatory door would be enough to force her out. >> no it's 2017. you don't have to run. stuff tanned up against adversity. >> reporter: her big sister and her father met with university administrators some students are disgusted that this happened on their christian campus. >> i don't know. just surprised me. i was upset by it. i really was. >> people need to get the hell along, like, that's all i can say. >> we really would like to
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believe that it's a very small minority of students who might behave this way. >> reporter: university can punish from a warning to expulsion. but radnor township police would likely do more. >> want to immediately put this to bed as soon as possible. identify the actor or actors who participated in this make sure they're brought to justice. >> reporter: now, police say they're not aware of any other incidents on this campus. but there is a group of students who say, yes, there have been some. school administrators say there was one that they're aware of last year. everybody is looking into it now we will get more to you as that information unfolds. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, joyce. starting over. local family has lost everything in a fire. that includes their plans to open a business in their home. sean? lucy, we have update on the magic man john dorenbos. even when sick he's spreading love and joy to have one around him. see what he's doing now later in
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♪ local family has a start all over again after fire destroyed their home and all they had inside. the flames actually broke out at a neighbor's home in southwest philadelphia, then spread to theirs. fox 29's bruce gordon has the story of the family's recovery. >> reporter: you could drive by the boarded up row house on the 2,000 block of south 58th street and barely notice the fire damage. >> starting all over again. >> reporter: but for felicia marshall the charred home represents a dream deferred. >> we put our all into that property. and we was trying to set a foundation for our kids, so i'm just real sad and hurt right n now. >> reporter: the smoke detectors still beep five days after the fire that spread from the home next door then gutted the place purchased just a few months ago by marshall and her fiance' jameel. >> the windows come out. all the stuff smoke, most of the
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stuff caught flames and stuff. >> the couple lived here with their four children ages five to 12. now little a left but charred ruins. >> my daughter bike, my sons bike all burned. >> felicia eight months pregnant rush the kids out of the house when her six-year-old son noticed the smoke wednesday afternoon. >> he's a chronic asthma patient, and he had asthma attack. they had to put him in the ambulance and then i went into active labor because i was so scared of what's going on. >> reporter: everyone got out safely including two family do dogs. the couple has insurance in fact the adjuster inspected the place monday but it's unlikely the family will be made whole. felicia at 30 is a night student studying to become a teacher. she had hoped to open a home dare kay at this place after marrying next year. now their plans are on hold. but not fell leisha's faith. >> it's just a bump in the road
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right now. >> report roar heck of a bump. >> it is, but you can't let something like this stop you from your goals and your dreams. >> reporter: one of her daughters celebrates a ninth birthday on wednesday of this week it will likely not be the happy occasion it might have been before this fire. the family has set up a gofundme page to help them recover from all of this. if you'd like to help gosh to, we will link to you the site. in southwest philadelphia, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> caught on camera a man threatening a gas attendant with a crowbar in washington townsh township. surveillance camera rah at the gas station on black horse pike caught it about 10:00 p.m. on september 12th. but police just released the images. the man took the cash from the attendant and took off in a ford taurus with new jersey license plate. got information, call police. fox 29's iain page is playing a little hookie today. he's got such a sweet swing, doesn't he? he's doing all this for good cause. i know. everybody in the studio going wow. uh-huh. he's not just talking when he's
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in here, guys. my co-anchor is playing golf as part of the gary wallace memorial tournament a fundraiser for the mull pell sclerosis association. just a great organization. as you can see from the video, looks like he just had terrible time playing golf in this really really nice weather. [ laughter ] >> poor guy. he'll tell us all about it when he returns at 10:00 p.m. >> all right. fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at rehoboth beach in delaware. all right. so kathy, iain clear hal bad time today. >> um-hmm. >> did you see him fake that injury. >> right. i can't come in. sorry. however you really are track something big-time stuff. >> we sure are. >> jose, delaware beaches and possibly in the sites as far as ramifications from it, right. >> absolutely. you can already see this rehoboth beach cam shaking a bit, and this is a little bit inland the ocean boardwalk right down the street. temperatures are pretty warm. you have that warm humid air sitting over us today. with those northeasterly winds. a ahead of hurricane jose still category one storm the next update comes in about 8:00 p.m.
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250 miles to the east of cape hatteras north carolina moving north at 10 miles an hour. at this speed it will be off the coast of the jersey shore by tomorrow afternoon. well off the the forecast has it making second loop keeping it offshore and in the vicinity as far as the latitude of new jersey till at least friday. now the good news is, those tropical storm force winds are going to stay offshore. they are indicated in the yell yellow. they'll move toward martha's vineyard and nantucket later on in the week for us that tropical storm force watch has been discontinued. the tropical storm watch for the delaware beaches and for new jersey. the winds just won't be that strong. we will be gusting to 25 down the shore. by tonight, tomorrow afternoon. gust to about 30, 35. inn lapped gusting to 34 in philadelphia but not tropical storm force and not sustained. so that's the good news. still a lot of wave action and also we do have that beach erosion i think those are going to be two of our main issues.
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winds gusting to 40 possibly down the shore. those seas breaking at 10 feet at least maybe as high as 16 feet. and tidal flooding at times of high tide at least minor to moderate flooding. we have to talk about hurricane maria going across the lee lard islands crossing across the southern islands off of san juan or i should say puerto rico and then moving across the island of puerto rico cutting it in half. with about 150 miles an hour winds. that is not a very long or wide island and then continuing the track through the bahamas and making a turn. so our hearts go out to our friends in puerto rico. i was just there on family vacation such a beautiful island and right now we're looking at it's going to be seeing some rough conditions by tomorrow at this time. overnight low temperatures in the 60s. high temperatures will be in the 70s tomorrow. it's going to be a warm day. some showers are possible. especially down the shore. and after we say goodbye to jo jose, still windy wednesday
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looking really nice for thursday as fall begins friday. the weekend looks great. saturday and sunday monday 84 degrees. and mostly sunny. looking like a pretty decent seven day, sean. >> i like it kathy. i like it. john dorenbos we got an update on him. even sick still spreading love to everyone around him. check out what he's doing now while still in the hospital. eagles have to do something about the running game. they real dollar. hear what doug pederson had to say about not playing legarrette blount much that's coming up next in sports.
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i know, i know, everyone is upset about the eagles loss. but to keep it real that's as good as a loss as you'll get. i think the chiefs are actually a real team arc team that has real shot to go into the super bowl. they're that good and eagles were in it until the very last play on the road at arrow head. so just being that close shows that you they have a lot of potential and if the eagles could have found some way to win this would have been the play of the game. before they ended the half a hail mary right here and they can't get it done. it's a tough one but listen, guys, you didn't expect them to be this close. i know i didn't expect them to be this close. eagles lose 20-20 after the game the guys talked about taking this as what it is. >> we competed, you know, at the end of the day they made more plays than us but we fought all the way till the end and so there's a lot of good thing i think we did. again we just came up short and we'll get those things fix. >> we got to be better. we're not satisfied where we're at at an offense obviously.
6:25 pm
it's been a tough two games we haven't put it altogether w we finally to put it together it will be fun to watch. >> big get thing the eagles have to is the running became. blount came here to be the future back. he's not happy. so listen to what coach doug pederson had to say about blount being frustrated. >> i would be worried if he wasn't. you know what i'm saying f he was the other way. if he was sort of as a matter of fact, hoe hum not caring. it shows his fashion they wants to play and be involved and i get that. it's not one guy. we got to focus entirely on the entire run game quarterbacks included. they're part of it, too. >> on the bright side, john dorenbos had suck suss fell open heart surgery he's doing fine. check him out john being john decided to go around the hospital and do magic tricks for the patients. look at that. how cool is that? >> even when sick dorenbos spreading love to everyone around him. okay. let's get to the phillies real
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quick. in act tonight taking on the dodgers. team that was hottest in the league at one point. then the absolute coldest and the time span of about month. now they're back on their feet dan manager pete mackanin spoke on the challenge they provide. >> they've got real good team. they've got everything they need to b very successful. they sputtered along the way. i think it's a good thing they went through had when they did and not later in the season in the last week or two. they're always going to be tough and but on a given day anybody can beat anybody else. >> classic statement. >> all right. >> that's what everyone says. >> absolutely much the chase in san bernardino county, california, east of los angeles, it ended peacefully that's the good news. they arrested the driver. they arrested possibly one passenger. so nobody hurt. there you go. what was in the trailer? looked like storage unit stuff. we don know. that does it for us here at 6: 6:00. we're back here at 10:00. have yourselves a great night. look at that surf. >> um-hmm. it's building. ♪ fran grenier.
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