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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  September 19, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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and then cloud spreading beyond that. in your weather number today we will go with five out of 10 we will have a lot of cloud cover and we could see showers here in the city. 72 degrees right now. expect a lot of cloud cover, showers around and a high temperature of 77 degrees. we will have improvement in the seven day forecast, coming up but we also with have to check on hurricane maria because that has strengthened a great deal since yesterday, bob kelly, good morning. >> sister le vern would say there is always room for improvement, good morning, everybody, it is 4:00 he clock we are looking live, schuylkill expressway construction crew is still with us down to one lane from king of prussia all the way in , to approaching, gladwynn. so be ready for that this morning. downtown we will go, vine street expressway is still closed both directions, those crews are back, shut down until 5:00 between the schuylkill and broad street, so one of the local detours get off at 30th street, spring garden, and you can work your
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way also around, get off at south street. there is police active here centered around walnut street bridge. we will keep an eye on. that walnut street bridge at the moment is opened for business, burlington bristol bridge, opened for business but they have construction crews out there, limiting, one lane of traffic, alternating throughout the morning until about 5:00 o'clock or so. ninety-five out of northeast philadelphia, levittown no problems at all working your way in toward center city, mass transit looking good with no delays. karen and thomas, back to you. let's talk about jose. you where to see it is churning threatening the new jersey shore with rough surf, powerful winds and chance forstrom surge. >> there could be beach erosion and strong rip currents. we were seeing them yesterday, more today. lets get right down to steve keeley down in margate where they built those dunes to protect them from beach erosion. lets see how the situation right now, hi steve. >> reporter: we have moved to ocean city and travel south so
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every live shot we do will be in a different town and work our way to north wildwood. they have wild, already. i got water surrounded me, so, lots of beach has been eaten away already, this early and worries yet to come. greg will pan up here in the southern tip of the ocean city , look at that american flag, we are trying to show you anything that is lit in this darkness and you can see that flag, blowing directly south and blowing with a stiff , steady wind, and we will get those gusts in the 30 's, but it feels like we have, strong, steady winds in the 20's right now, at our backs, coming from the atlantic city direction, down south. this storm acting like a classic nor'easter as it comes up the coast and nor'easter always eat away the south jersey beaches, and this is eating away the last days of the summer shoulder season. so all of the sight seeing boats, fishing boats, nobody is riding them so those poor people are losing that last lucrative week of business
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here for the season of 20167. we talked to people here yesterday who had plans to go golfing, whale watching, but they don't want to ride on the boat when the sea is this rough. a lot of people as i predicted yesterday were told you can't even go ankle deep in the water, the ocean that is rough : greg will walk to the ocean. you can hear the ocean roar here. you can feel it standing here in the beach. those waves are pounding, the sand is here and the sand, again is in rough shape. when you walk on the beach in this darkness you have to watch out. karen, you know in avalon you walk on the beach and you could fall down a 12-foot deliver that just got developed overnight. we are being extra careful out here but there is a steep cliff every where. we will give you a look throughout our morning. plan toys get out of ocean city. next stop maybe strathmere, sea isle and look at beach situation, down there when we see you at 30:00. >> a great look at what we can
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expect, steve, thank you. we should mention free parking all week is what the new jersey casino reinvestment development authority is offering at the wave garage, it is in atlantic city. it is all in preparation for potential flooding from hurricane jose. free parking will last through thursday morning. jose isn't only concern in the atlantic right now we're talking about hurricane marie a taking aim at many of the islands already devastated by irma. people are getting ready as you can see by empty shelves there. maria made land fall on the island of dough minute contact overnight when it weakened to a, category four storm but still, a very powerful storm, it is now churning toward puerto rico where it is expected to make a direct hit sometime tomorrow night. the weather, we have got more breaking news been a earthquake in california, magnitude 3.6 quake felt in los angeles, particularly on the west side and also in the san fernando, valley. struck about two hours ago, so far, no reports of any damage.
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it is an intensity that means light shake ago this could awaken some people, from their bed, disturb their windows and possibly cause some walls to crack. 4:05. there has been a triple shooting that happened in chester and claim the life of the teenager simply walking hoping from school. police are working to get the gun man off of the streets. lets get out to lauren johnson in delaware count which what we know, lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you. call came into police yesterday at 3:00 p.m. in the middle of the day and as you mentioned as kid get out of school. this all played out on the 1300 block, of seventh street in chester delaware county. when police first arrived though notice aid victim lying in the street and then they heard another one in the nearby house, both shot. nearly an hour after the shooting happened as police are working the scene they had to call for back up to help with crowd control there witnesses tell police they believe it was a drive by shooting and provided police a
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description of the car that they described as a silver, two door honda accord with possible green quarter panel, and tinted windows. car was last seen driving toward ninth street, and chester police tell us this is the 23rd homicide this year and they are asking anyone who has any information, about yesterday homicide, to call them, karen and thomas. >> if 23rd. >> trying to make sense of it. you can't. thanks, 4:06. sobering reminder of the opioid crisis our city is facing. last night police came to the rescue of a woman seven months pregnant as she was overdosing on the 1800 block of hilton street in kensington. she was revived by septa police officer using two doses of narcan the drug that reverses effect of heroin. officials say would the man refused to be taken to the hospital, instead, she went back on the street, only to overdose, again. she was found slumped over the steps of the kensington and allegheny septa stop less than 45 minutes later.
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>> it is devastating. absolutely devastating. heart break to go see this happen. i'm a father. i think about my own children something like this happening to my own children. it is a terrible issue. >> woman was taken to the hospital after the second overdose, still no word on her condition. septa officers just started to use narcan a few weeks ago. lower southampton township police are looking for the driver of that vehicle right there, white/silver suv they think the person inside tried to lure two young children on sunday afternoon. the mother of a nine year-old girl called this into police, claiming that there was a guy that asked for a nine year-old and her will year-old friend to get this that vehicle. those girls said no. he drove away. one of the girls said there was a woman in the car. 4:07. happening right now an ongoing strike has forced cancellation of the chances for a second day in montgomery county. teachers, in the methacton school district walk off the
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job, yesterday. they have been working without a contract since january. at issue here, salary, benefits, and class size. 4:08. it is a big day for our president who will be delivering his first address to the u.n. general assembly this morning. president trump is scheduled to speak about 10:30. he is expected to discuss north korea's nuclear threat, global terrorism and iran. during his first day of meetings at u.n. the president made his case once again for reforming the world body. >> in recent years the united nations has not reached its full potential, because of bureaucracy and miss management while the united nations on a regular budget has increased, by 140 percent and its staff has more than doubled since 2,000, we are not seeing the results in line with this investment. >> president trump also met with his french and israeli counterparts and hosted a
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dinner last night with several latin american leaders. new developments surrounding the president's former campaign manager, federal investigators reportedly wiretapped paul man afort before and after the presidential election, cnn is reporting a secret court authorized the wiretapping after f.d.a. started investigating. manafort back in 2014. he is under scrutiny over lobbying efforts with pro russia officials. he has denied, including with russia to influence the election, fbi agents raided his home in july looking for documents related to the election. time right now 4:09. great to have you with us. all right, sue serio, today will be a day where they will ask you time and time again, over and over, what exactly is jose doing to us. >> a little bit. part of it is coastal flood warning in effect in counties in green, coastal counties, including those that border the bay, delaware bay. this is for minor tidal flooding, and at this morning 's high tide, moderate
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flooding at this evening's high tide as a result of off shore jose which is a category one hurricane, 75 miles an hour winds taking this northward track parallel to the coast. by this afternoon it will be right off of our shores but 200, 250 miles away. thank goodness we are not getting a direct hit from this and expected to spin in place after it makes that turn. keeping a close eye on maria it really exploded in strength yesterday where it went to a five for a while, it is not a hurricane status of four with a 155 miles an hour winds taking this track that puts it right over puerto rico on wednesday, thomas a four or a five. it is strengthens once again that is projection from the hurricane center. our cone of uncertainty gets wider but i would add in the track of irma to show you it is similar and same island are affected but we are expecting more north wart turn instead
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of the turn toward cuba we will see what happens. we will have to keep an close eye on this one by end of the week but as far as effects on us are concerned, strong winds at the shore as steve is experiencing right now, rough surf, 10 to 16-foot waves and those dangerous rip currents and minor to moderate tidal flooding, that we just mentiond. so we will probably stay in the 70's again today, with a lot of cloud cover but then into the 80's for last two days of summer, tomorrow, thursday, fall starts on friday with a high of 83 and we are warming up over the weekend. it will be the first official weekend of fall. how about 87 on sunday and then 89, on monday, bob kelly. heating up. >> leaves coming down yesterday and said lets start gathering up and put them in a big pile. i said not yet, not yet, hold on. good morning. 4:11. we are looking live at construction, 95 north bound right here near route one in bucks county as part of the
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overnight projects, everybody is out there working on the schuylkill, the vine expressway, live look here at the vine closed again this morning. they are back to that routine of closing it from the overnight into the early part of the next morning. so until 5:00, the stretch here between broad street and schuylkill expressway closed to vehicle traffic. police activity centered around the walnut street bridge, so keep that in mind taking that detour, up until 5:00 o'clock, otherwise, south jersey hello haddonfield cherry hill route 70 road work out there not bothering anybody. one of the two lanes blocked on route 70 near the mall, market frankford, broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning. your travel times, turnpike, in problems, at all, westbound , they have an eastbound crew working right here near northeast extension ramps and then south on the blue route looking good from broomall down to 95. karen and thomas back to you. we know how quickly things
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can change 4:12 great to have you with us. there was a college campus put on lock down. >> still ahead here a police car burns as a protest turns violent at georgia tech. we will tell you why they were out there and how it quickly turn. also a man is pulled over while driving, a lawn mower? it is who this man is, and what he is holding in his hand s, that is making headlines this morning. i love you, droolius caesar, but sometimes you stink.
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welcome back. time is 4:16. fourteen years old, face tim ing as she crossed the street and this morning prosecutors charged the driver whom they say hit the teen in abington, montgomery county last month. three two-year old james clark faces aggravated assault and reckless endanger many charges police say he was driving 46 in a 25-mile an hour zone. the girl was crossing the street at highland avenue a can't bury road on august 23rd with her focus on the phone when clark struck her. her family says she's still recovering from her injuries. new jersey child pornography task force have discovered 76,000 files from one person, that suspect is now behind bars. his name is john defey and pled guilty to distributing child pornography, state has recommended that he serve seven years in prison. his arrest is part of the operation statewide a child pornography sweep by the new jersey child pornography task force, 39 other men were arrested in that sting
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operation. in west chester they need your help to find a guy, creep , exposing himself and touching himself someone tipped off police a couple weeks ago. police say this happened around midnight on north high street, the last place that witnesses spotted him was at kildare's restaurant and bar in the early morning hours of august 31st. west chester police just released this video hoping you might know who he is and call them. police after rested a man in connection with burglar iness northeast philadelphia, over the weekend here he is police arrested 34 year-old jason hillberg and charged him in six burglaries. he have is a suspect in nine more. he stole thousands of dollars in cash, cell phones and computers. he also stole allegedly four cars. investigators say mess of the burglaries have taken place in the very same neighborhood where hillberg lives, he was picked up after he allegedly broke into three homes in just an hour. >> they were all mostly overnight burglaries, screens removed, they entered the
4:18 am
house, person enters the house why people are sleeping in the house. >> police say they have arrested billberg on numerous occasions including five prior burglaries in the same area in 2011 abe 2012. anger and destruct, running rampant in st. louis days after a police officer was acquitted of a murder that happened in 2011 of an african-american man. police arrested 120 people since verdict came down on friday. for the most part, the four days of protest have been peaceful particularly during the day, thousands gathering outside police headquarters, last night many marched through the downtown area, but some other demonstrators, later in the evening have thrown rocks through store windows, and burned flags and thrown rub until to the street s. >> we're outraged by this. we can put our hands on this. this is sensational. >> people were peacefully protesting will be protect but people who engage in violence, vandalism will be metally
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arrested. >> another round of protests are set again for today. a police car torched, officer in the hospital, students sheltering in place and several protesters, headed to jail. it all happened late last night on the campus of georgia tech. the chaos broke out shortly after vigil for a student shot and killed by police. it forced the university to place what was essentially a lock down. students are upset over the shooting death of 21 year-old scout schultz who was shot and killed by school officer saturday night. you can see the violence. 4:19. a brush with the law for mayor of the south caroline, a small town near myrtle beach, mayor john gardener was stopped by police last night for driving his lawn mower with an open beer can. he pulled the old do you know who i am before apologizing. police did not arrest him and went say if the mayor was actually breaking the law. all right. we're almost at 4:20. we have so much going on in
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the weather department. we have a massive hurricane maria creating big problems. >> one right after the other. >> lets concentrate on help say and look ahead to maria, good morning to you, sue. >> we will start with maria first to mention it is a category four with 155 miles an hour winds and already barreled across the island of dominica which was spared from irma but is heading right toward unfortunately puerto rico as probably a four, maybe a five when it makes land fall just a powerful storm. and in contrast jose is a weak er hurricane, and nobody wants to be standing out in 75 d luckily we won't have to because the storm stays off shore and will probably get some tropical storm force wind gusts, maybe 40 miles an hour along the shoreline but that should be the worst of it. we have rain band and they are clearly on ultimate doppler radar. we will zoom in closer. those showers are extend to go our shore points but again
4:21 am
we're dodging this one because it is staying off shore. as we look at the future cast for the rest of the day, we have a few occasions where those bands will move inland and bring us a little bit of rain even as far west as philadelphia, maybe about noon or so, some of the rain bands coming in. you might get an isolated heavier downpour but, again, not a big deal when you have a hurricane off shore, i would say we're getting off a little bit easy. sun comes back out on wednesday and looking pretty good through wednesday, and thursday, once that thing is even further away from frustrat. 72 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixty-two in mount pocono. seventy down in wildwood. planning out your day? plan on cloud cover and temperatures staying in the 70 's. out to the west, you'll see some sunshine maybe around lehigh valley, and 78 degrees our high temperature today, and your forecast is available on the radio as well as tv, so once you get yourself dressed and get yourself out of the door and in the cartoon to
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101.1 our radio partner more f m, bob killie can't help you get dressed, you are on your own after that one. but when you get in your car we can help you. here's a live look at construction crews northbound lanes of 95 right here near street road, again, all of the construction zones are active again, that holiday weekend moped is over. they are trying to finish everything up as we get in the fall season. northbound 95 down to one lane heading up in to street road, downtown we will go they're back, vine expressway crews shutting her down between broad street and schuylkill expressway until about 5:00 this morning, detours either 30th, spring garden or south street, burlington bristol bridge, they have one lane alternating, again, with construction until about 5:00 o'clock this morning. for the gang down in delaware, wilmington, live look at i-95, road work as they helped up in to new castle and through wilmington they are working on 495 right here near edgemore road, all again until 5:00
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles coming off a tough loss against the chiefs so doug pederson and the crew have to make a few adjustments if they want to win this sunday. they have thrown the ball way too much until the first two games and yesterday pederson talked about sort of trying to balance out the o. >> i have to be critical of myself. i got to see if i'm putting our team, you know in a good situation with my play calling and decisions that i make during the game. i feel like too i'm still learning a little bit but at the same time i have a great feeling with the way alshon was playing yesterday, we had great throws down the field to ertz yesterday. i just felt like putting the ball in their hands at that time was the right thing to do phillies and dodgers in the sixth inning aaronal tear
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coming up big two outs, bases loaded, right there with the grand slam. that is the first time, kershaw has ever given up a grand slam, phillies go on to win this thing four-three. that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell.
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we are feeling impacts at the shore. we have two hurricane set to deliver punishing blows in different areas. hurricane maria is tracking through tropics while help say is already beginning to bring some strong winds, to delaware and jersey shore. we have live team coverage. >> hear wind right now 4:30. three teens shot in the middle of the day just after bell rings for school to let out, one would not survive. police are now hunting for the killer. and, it is all about the benjamins, check your lottery tickets, someone in our area, good morning to you, a million dollars richer. nice way to start off the day. >> just kill the music, it wasn't us. >> congratulations to you, whoever it is. we are still here at 4:30 in the morning. happy for you if you did win. >> i didn't check any tickets.
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>> we may be your new best friend. >> let's do it. >> he has six kid, he is not adoptingy can be seven, we can work it out. great to have you with us on this tuesday. >> we can laugh because jose is staying off shore. >> great. >> we will not get direct impacts from the storm but it will as karen mentioned we will feel it around here with wind mostly and a little bit of rain. 75 miles an hour wind was jose still a category one and it is about parallel to the north carolina coast at the moment. we expect it to continue that north ward movement and be parallel to our shores by this afternoon. you can see a couple showers sneak go into the new jersey shore, a few in the delaware beaches and maybe sussex& county, so yah, kind of the cloudy, rainy day, a five out of 10 and we will head to a high later on of about 78 degrees, mostly cloudy skies with a stray shower and winds gusting to 20 miles an
4:32 am
hour. so we won't feel anything like the hurricane but it is not going to be the most beautiful day either. we will talk about when things do improve in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> i have so many lottery tickets at home that i have never checked. that is my project for die. i will check all of my tickets i'm in the here tomorrow that is why. good morning, everybody. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, for, kop, all the way into, gladwynn, not a big backup but just a single file formation here. downtown vine street expressway closed in both directions between the schuylkll and broad street, until about 5:00 o'clock. you know the normal drill there with the detour and they are working on the burlington bristol bridge only one lane of traffic alternating again until about 5:00, karen and thomas, back to you. bob, thanks very much. we have a coastal flood warning n effect right now, from new jersey, and delaware, you can see what is happening, water sows rough, it goodies for surfers kicking up that
4:33 am
sea foam. lets get out to steve keeley and see where he is on his journey making a pilgrimage down the shore. steve where are you, what are you seeing. >> reporter: we are getting on and off rain but the wind is way stronger then 20 miles an hour and it is steady, greg will show you where we are. you can see lit up sea isle city gazebo at jfk boulevard or forty-second street whatever you prefer to call it flags don't demonstrate the wind as well ass sand is. this is beach erosion in front of your face here, sand is blowing, north and south, out into the ocean. so, we are watching the beach blow away, and it is also getting eaten away by the waves. you will notice something else blowing, we will walk down to the wave front and you will see that sea foam i talked about yesterday. so when these waves bring in some of the churned up sea foam you can see it to the right, it is blowing it, winds pick up the sea foam and blowing the foam down too with that sand. all this sand is heading to
4:34 am
the front door of karen hepp's condo in avalon. good thing she's not trying to get in this morning. look at the sand blowing down the beach even in the dark with our camera light, you can see it, i can hear it, and only good thing it is not being elevated and blowing in our eyes when we face it. it is hitting our feet. sea fom staying back so it is not hitting against houses yet here. but forty-second street is one of the longest beaches because this is center of the town in sea isle but i can guarantee you that the folks in townsend inlet up in the zero seven's toward avalon those houses and that beach is probably eat's way. that is where we will head next. so we will look to the right, and you can see with the lights, above the condos, you can see there is not a lot of cloud because you can see cloud moving and they are blowing south too but you can see clear sky, but we are getting hit with on and off heavy ran showers occasionally and foam showers to the left. speaking of foam, karen is there any ipa union in the fridge or is it all cleaned
4:35 am
out for winter. >> you do know me, too well, there might be a bottle or two left, thank you. we will follow your journey as we continue. thanks, steve. 4:35. life tragically taken too soon a delaware county teenager shot and killed shortly after school let out. to others recovering from gunshot wound. lets get to lauren johnson live in chester with more on the hunt for the gun man this morning, hi there, lauren. >> reporter: hi there, thomas police were busy from the very beginning, multiple victims in a very crowded crime scene this morning they are equally as busy trying to track down the gun man. here's what happened yesterday a 911 call came in from the 1300 block of west seventh street, here in chester and when police arrived, there was a lot going on. shooting victim was lying face down in the street and seemed unresponsive, at the same time they heard someone moaning, groaning inside of the nearby home, officers focused their attention on a unresponsive 15 year-old who suffered two gunshots to the torso. the victim was struggling to
4:36 am
breathe on his own, and other arriving officers focused on the other teen, a 18 year-old shot in the thigh and then a third victim was discovered, a 16 year-old shot in the butt. all victims were taken to crozer-chester medical center, that 15 year-old was pronounced dead, other two victims are listed in stable condition at this time, police believe the teens were victims of the drive by shooting, and investigators not releasing much more information at this time, and they are asking anyone with any information to give them a call, karen and thomas. >> lauren, thank you. hopefully they will come forward and get these people off of the street. 4:36 is the time right now. the city of philadelphia has to figure out how to pay for its new police contract, a new three-year deal, so the pennsylvania inter governmental cooperation authorities that oversees the cities finances will be vote to go day on i plan for city to use the 200 million-dollar in reserve fund toss pay for this contract. we will go in our reserves.
4:37 am
city finance director says other city departments will be asked to make budget cuts as part of the deal to pay for this. philadelphia will be getting a visit from hud secretary ben carson. carson is attending the grand opening of the vox big picture high school on master street. it is one of the cities new college prep schools, ceremony starts at 1:00 and fox 29 will be there. toys-r-us, well, there is some trouble in toy land there >> certainly a top spot for kid birthday, holiday gifts. well, they are in serious financial trouble. what the retailer is doing to stay afloat for the holidays. hi, sue. well, we're glad that hurricane jose will not be giving us a direct hit but we will feel effects including this coastal flood warning. we will talk about that abe more coming up. shawn evans: it's 6 am.
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south jersey and lower two counties of delaware we have minor flooding for this morning's high tides and maryland rate flooding later on in the day. little bit of storm surge as well and high surf all effects of, there he is, hurricane jose, off shore, off the north carolina coast right now, that northern movement will be eventually northeasterly and then expected to kind of spin in place after that as it continues to weaken and hopefully that will be the end of that but we will have continued risk of rip currents at the shore probably through
4:41 am
the weekend because of the track of that storm. of course, maria is a hurricane to watch as it strengthened so much yesterday , five overnight, now a four, we will see what the 5:00 o'clock update says but we are expecting strengthening back to a category five, catastrophic storm headed directly for puerto rico, and then, jobbed that we will have to keep an eye on it here on the east coast because there is a chance it could parallel the east coast as jose has. we will see what happens. is there track of irma, so it is similar but not the same, at least projections are not. effect is here in our area winds up to 40 miles an hour at the shore. we will have 20, 25 miles an hour gusts around here inland. ten to 16-foot waves, minor to moderate tidal flooding as we mentioned. today we will get to a high of 78. in the 80's again as sun comes back out on wednesday and thursday which is last day of summer. friday looks good with a high of 83, and we will warm up
4:42 am
over the weekend with sunshine both saturday, and sunday, so, figures for first weekend of fall, bob kelly, and. business person special, good morning, everybody 44:00 to two. right here in bucks county still down to one lane here traffic pattern in the overnight construction projects still out there like this one vine street expressway closed like this, this morning between schuylkill and broad street will be closed until about 5:00 o'clock, jumping off at 30th south or spring garden or work away across into downtown philadelphia talk about toys-r-us who remembers kiddie city. do you remember the kiddie city kangaroo, do you remember that one? pop something up on facebook and twitter for you pennsylvania turnpike eastbound work crew between morgan town and downingtown taking out one lane but this is an area that we had thick
4:43 am
fog, yesterday so we don't have the fog, but we have construction crews and down along 495 the crews are still out northbound at edgemore road. we will grab a cup of coffee and meet you back here in two and a half. comfortable you are in it.
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so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors. time right now 4:46. good morning nation's largest toy retailer files for chapter 11 bankruptcy, toys-r-us, struggling with debt, it came as part of the buy out more
4:46 am
than 10 years ago. suppliers are reportedly refusing to ship any new items to the store until they are actually paid. toy stories facing a similar problem many retailers are facing, on line shopping sites the equifax hack attack that hit nearly half of the u.s. population wasn't its first security breach, it turns out credit reporting company was hacked back in march, two months before this latest breach that is affecting 143 million people. bloomberg reporting this morning that the two breaches are not related, did not involve the same intruder. equifax has hired a security firm to investigate, but still unanswered whether there is any connection between the march breach and the sale of nearly two million-dollar of equifax stock by senior executives, possibly insider trading. 4:46 is the time right now taking a lot our top stories, streets of our city a little safer after a major drug bust, two million-dollar off the streets, philadelphia police
4:47 am
seized 600 grams of fentanyl and heroin on the 1,000 block of roselee street in oxford circle. it is not the first time. earlier this month investigators seized another massive amount of those same two drugs nearby, and that street value a million and a half dollars, prosecutors the charged 10 people in both case s. >> the poison removed from our streets, the poison that has been seized, contained by these officers is killing people. it is inflicting pain on countless families. it is attempting to destroy our communities. >> the deo is reporting that the drug packaging they found was marked od, for overdose. they say that it makes the drugs more desirable, for users. caught on camera a man threatening a gaza tend ant with a crowbar in washington township. surveillance cameras at gas station, on black horse pike caught the terrifying moment the night of september 12th. man right here took the cash from the attendant took off in
4:48 am
a ford taurus with a new jersey license plate, take another look here, if you recognize anything or know anything about this crime you know what to do, give police a call. police also releasing these surveillance photos in hopes of finding a guy who robbed a bank in center city in the once but twice, first time was two weeks ago when a man armed with the knife stole cash, from the advocate federal savings bank on north tenth street. then yesterday police believe same man brandishing a knife got way witt again. police are offering an award for any information, leading to his arrest. and reward. bank robbery investigation in south philadelphia police are looking for woman who used a note to steel cash from the citizens bank on the 2500 block of south 24th street, she's considering armed and dangerous. pretty good image here, take a look an award is offered for any information leading to her arrest. police are asking for your help to find whoever it was who scrolled messages of hate on a sidewalk in west chester.
4:49 am
someone put the nasty word and sim bombs on the 400 block of south math lock street. public works employees from west chester noticed graffiti yesterday. police are interviewing people living in the area. if you have any information, you are asked to please call them. time right now 4:49. heading out on this tuesday morning, big question bob, what can we expect as we hit the roads. >> not bad right now, gang, 4:49 on this tuesday morning. we are still working 95 north bound right here near new castle. coming from delaware heading up north and into wilmington you'll find one lane operation out there they will be out until 5:00 o'clock. same deal here at i-95 northbound up near route one in bucks county, again, that paving operation so they are working on 95 and still working downtown here on the vine street expressway between schuylkill and broad street, closed until about 5:00. so use spring garden, 30th, or south street as your options,
4:50 am
and again, until 5:00 o'clock, we mentioned kiddie city earlier looking for the name of the kiddie city kangaroo. they are still working at the turnpike near downingtown interchange. that camera going in and out on us. mass transit market frankford subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. your forecast for your tuesday and rest of the week, sueby has got tonight 15 seconds. here we go with maria turning into a powerful hurricane, 155 d as this storm barrels through lesser antilles and headed toward puerto rico and that is a path of the storm, expected to slam in that island and then move in the bohamas and then big cone of uncertainty
4:51 am
but will bear watching for us especially when we get to the end of the week. jose is pretty much here and as close as he will get as he moves parallel to the shoreline, east coast of the united states and this afternoon off new jersey and delaware beaches. we have coastal flood warning continues through rest of the day to day and outer band of the storm bringing a couple showers here and there along jersey shore as steve keeley has been telling us and delaware coast as well, as far as predictions of wind gusts, well, this morning we will get to 30 miles an hour wind gusts , we may get as high as tropical storm force but mostly in the 30-mile an hour range. won't even feel wind with 25 miles an hour gusts and then things calm down wednesday night and thursday and that storm moves further away from the coast. as far as rain is concern, very little is expected from jose, again if we're lucky staying off shore and we will feel some effects but minimal
4:52 am
as far as hurricane is concern 72 degrees in philadelphia right now we have got wind 9 miles an hour here. 18 miles an hour in wildwood and 14 miles an hour in atlantic city, as we look ahead we will be at 78 degrees here in center city. down the shore 74 with wind, rain and flooding at times of high tide. sunshine in the lehigh valley. further from jose, more sunshine you will see, karen and thomas. >> sue, thank you. how about word salad? have you ever heard of that. new phrase added to the dictionary, what it means, when we come right back. >> before we head to break let's introduce to you our little friend looking for a forever home, say hello to steel, six year-old boxer bull dog mix extremely friendly, knows tricks and his trainer says he is very loyal and will constantly be by your side. to learn more about steel and other friend as veilable for adoption pennsylvania spca
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there it is, word salad just one of the new additions to the miriam webster dictionary. if you have not heard it is defined as a string of empty unintelligible nonsensical word or comment. people were using word salad
4:56 am
to describe the political debates last year. lets look at other word, f royo that has been around but made it in the dictionary, short for frozen yogurt. and srirac ha, hot sauce that you have in your cabinets. you use it on your eggs every day. >> i can smell it. >> and, the political word alt -right made the list as did troll which means to harass, criticize or antagonize social media or internet post and pre game happening before a game but it also means, you probably did it while in college to drink before a night out, you pregame. 4:56 is the time. we have good news bucks county listen up check your power ball tickets a lucky person hoist a millionaire, winning ticket was sold at c and d deli, in warminster, for this saturday drawing, the ticket matched all five white ball numbers but in the red won.
4:57 am
winning numbers are 17, 18, 24 , 25, 31. those could be birthdays. double-check your tickets because the winner has in the yet come forward. >> it could be you. >> 4:57. we are following several top stories, this morning, lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thomas crowded crime scene multiple victims police in chester county are busy trying to find a gunman behind their 23rd homicide in 2017, we will tell you about it after the break. my daughter is... ...studying to be a dentist and she gave me advice.
4:58 am
she said dad go pro with crest pro-health. crest pro-health protects all... ...these areas dentists... ...check most. immediately i felt a... ...difference it did an... ...extremely good job of cleaning 4 out of 5 dentists confirm... ...these crest pro-health... ...products help maintain... ...a professional clean. go pro with crest pro-health my daughter inspired me... make a change. crest pro-health really brought my mouth to the next level. crest healthy beautiful smiles for life.
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right now we have got not one but two hurricanes causing problems right now. jose is making trouble down the shore and maria is a category four storm already devastating dominica. also a teen is shot and killed, two others wound when gunman opens fire moments after school lets out, the hunt to find the gun man this morning. there is a pregnant woman who overdosed seven months pregnant brought back by police only to overdose just a short time later, one horrific story in an epidemic. looking for a job this holiday season, why major retailer is looking for you right now. where they are looking to add tens of thousands of workers. i saw christmas trees go up in loews already. >> i can. >> summer'


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