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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  September 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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right now we have got not one but two hurricanes causing problems right now. jose is making trouble down the shore and maria is a category four storm already devastating dominica. also a teen is shot and killed, two others wound when gunman opens fire moments after school lets out, the hunt to find the gun man this morning. there is a pregnant woman who overdosed seven months pregnant brought back by police only to overdose just a short time later, one horrific story in an epidemic. looking for a job this holiday season, why major retailer is looking for you right now. where they are looking to add tens of thousands of workers. i saw christmas trees go up in loews already. >> i can. >> summer's not even over,
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fall this friday. good morning, karen. >> good morning. take a look we can see winds whipping down the shore, rehoboth beach, delaware beaches are affected and in new jersey as well. >> lets head over to sue serio , good morning. >> wind will be biggest thing we will feel from jose, we will even feel inland. 5:00 o'clock update is in and has not changed in strength category one with 75 miles an hour wind is still on the northward track at a rate of nine, 240 milese northeast of cape hatteras in north carolina so that is on track to give us the effects we have been talking about, wind, little bit of rain and coastal flooding. we will talk about that in detail coming up but don't be surprised if you see a shower at new jersey shore this morning. steve keeley already has. we have a five out of 10 in your weather number mostly for shore points feeling effects of jose. bus stop buddy has just in case umbrella with him. temperatures still mild in the 60's and 70's, 71 degrees.
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sunrise time 6:46. we will top off at 78. temperatures will in the move a whole lot. stray shower, of course, is possible as a result of off shore jose. more on all of that we will check on maria 5:00 o'clock update on that as well, all coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> maria, good morning everybody. it is tuesday, 5:02, live look downtown schuylkill expressway , no problems or delays, all of the construction has pick up, gone , so we are good to go there. they have opened up vine street expressway after an overnight, construction project, and they are still working out pennsylvania turnpike right here near fort washington interchange. watch for speed restrictions and they are also working on the northeast extension north bound beginning at lansdale and that crew goes all the way up to quakertown, again all on the north bound side of the northeast extension. for gang down in wilmington 495 northbound they have been
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working near edgemore road knocking camera line out as well and then 95 northbound heading up toward new castle watch for a work crew until 5:00, thomas and karen, back over to you. lets get right to jose threatening our shoreline, down in new jersey, with very rough surf and powerful winds and even an opportunity forstrom surge. >> there could be beach erosion, strong rip currents over next two days. certainly dent want to mess around. you see steve keeley bouncing around this morning giving us a better understanding of what we can expect, steve. >> reporter: not even safe driving along the coastline, karen, you know this spot well , this is road into after license we are just pass the toll place on townsend inlet bridge and we will stay steady and be patient. this is sea wall i have seen break up during sandy these big rocks but this is a free salt water car wash are waves are crashing on the sea wall and blowing over this road known as ocean drive and it is
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living up to its name now because there you can see, we are staying back because you can see further up we would be drench completely past being half drench right now. look at that it is not even high tide yet, this is steady wind off the ocean now seems to be blowing west here in avalon. i probably lost all sense of direction driving down the coast because it is not just straight up and down. you can see this sea wall they have fortified after sandy taking another pounding right now. we are not standing on the sea wall. if you know this area we know every little thing is there a nice lit local out here. now you're looking at often troubled townsend inlet bridge just reopened recently after a lot of work on the pilings and it will close right after columbus day to put in a new railing. you can understand why that bridge takes a beating over the years in all these storms. by the way, karen, i got good news for you no driving out to
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the parkway if you want to avoid this because you know, they don't take e-z pass. they will get e-z pass on that bridge for the first time, when i was a kid this was a quarter toll. greg what did you just pay. >> 1.50. >> it is six times what i paid as a kid, went up to 30 cents in 1978 and now five times what it was when i drove down here for the first time in 78 with my driver's license. i don't remember driving on ocean drive-in this stuff. there is still a lot have people at the shore. you can bet once sun comes up there will be sight seers and this will look more ferocious later in the morning once tide gets in further if you can believe. that don't be surprised you might see this shut down for safety sake if these waves are crashing over the ocean, over the road and ocean drive again because that will they somebody off if they are driving on this road 50 miles an hour and we don't want that if you can still slide on a slippery road. greg, come out here, this road is like an airport runway you
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can see how they did this because of these storms and that keeps it from being more slippery but it is still, slippery even though we have sat walter down here. rought seas. before we get to the beach in after license we were give you a lot a main drag as we get hit with ocean waves and ocean spray this morning, thomas and karen. >> see what the day bricks. free parking all week, one thing new jersey casino re investment authority is offering at wave garage in atlantic city. it is all in preparation for potential flooding from hurricane jose. free parking by the way lasts through thursday morning. jose isn't the only concern in the atlantic hurricane maria taking aim at many islands already devastated by irma. you can see the shelf, completely empty. maria made land fall on the island of dominica overnight where it weakened to a category four storm still a very powerful hurricane that is now churning toward puerto rico where it is expect to make a direct hit sometime
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tomorrow night. there has been a triple shooting that happened in delaware county, claimed the life of the teenager simply walking home from school. police want to get person responsible off the streets. lets get down to the scene with lauren johnson with what we have learned so far, lauren >> reporter: karen, that death is the 23rd homicide of 2017 here in chester and police are working to find out hoist responsible. triple shooting happened in the middle of the afternoon yesterday on the 1300 block of west seventh street here in delaware county, witnesses tell police someone driving a honda accord with tinted windows shot at the teenagers and sped off toward ninth street. police arrived to the unresponsive 15 year-old lying face down in the road. they heard an 18 year-old moaning, groaning inside a home who had been shot in the thigh. officers continued to process the scene and investigate they discovered a 16 year-old shot in his butt all three taken to a nearby hospital but 15 year-old died.
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police hope two surviving teens can help them figure out who wanted them all dead, right now, police say they are searching for that two door honda accord possible green quarter panel and tinted windows if that car sound familiar to you or you know anything about the shooting happening here yesterday afternoon, you are asked to call police, karen and thomas. >> can't say it enough, that is why we keep repeating this information, we want someone to come forward. lauren, thank you. not only do we have to deal with senseless shootings but a sobering reminder of the opioid crisis the city is facing. last night police came to the rescue of the woman seven months pregnant as she was overdosing on the 1800 block of hilton street in kensington she was revived by a septa police officer using two doses of narcan, drug that reverses effects of heroin but officials tell us would the man refused to be taken to the hospital and instead she went back on the street, only to overdose, once again.
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she was found slumped over steps of the kensington allegheny septa stop less than 45 minutes later. >> it is just devastating, heart break to go see this happen, i'm a father, i think about my own children this happening to my own children and it is a terrible issue. >> woman was taken to the hospital after a second overdose, still no word on her condition, septa officers say they started using narcan just a couple of weeks ago. 5:09 happening today ongoing strike forced cancellation of classes for a second day in montgomery county. teachers in the methacton school district they walk off the job yesterday. they have been working without a contract since january. at issue here saltry, benefits and class sizes. national news right now big day for president trump he will be delivering his first address to the u.n. general assembly that is happening this morning, scheduled to speak at 10:30. he is expected to difficulties all of the big issues, north korea nuclear threats, global
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terrorism and iran. during his first day the president made his case once again for reforming it. >> in recent years the united nations has in the reached its full potential because of the bureaucracy and miss management. while the united nations on a regular budget has increased by 140 percent and its staff has more than doubled since 2,000, we are not seeing the results in line with this investment. >> president trump also met with his friend and israeli counterpart and hosted a dinner last night with, several latin american leaders if you are just joining towns tuesday we will get out the door and lets get moving and started. we have a lot to talk about, sue serio, good morning. >> strength of hurricane help say has not changed, 75 miles an hour wind, still parallel to the east coast of the united states and we expect between today and tomorrow is when it will pass closest to
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us and that is pretty far away , two, 300 miles away. during that time it is expect to weaken, into a tropical storm. meanwhile, hurricane maria has restrengthened, it is back to a category five, packing 160- mile an hour winds just over the island of quad loop and now headed toward virgin island and puerto rico possible lip as a five, possibly as a four, it doesn't really matter because they are both powerful strength of hurricanes. that will happen over next couple days. by the end of the we will have to watch very carefully you see how it is headed toward thee coast and different track , once it gets to this point as irma was this was irma's track right here. we will keep an eye on all. that as a result of jose, we do have a coastal flood warning in effect for rest of the day and night, for times of high tide, moderate flooding, expected, outer band s, rain bands of jose are
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starting to effect the east coast of new jersey and delaware but not a whole lot. so 29, 30 maybe 40 miles an hour wind gusts expect from this storm. 78 degrees today. eighty-four tomorrow. eighty-five on thursday. so wednesday, thursday last two days of summer and then as we get in the first week end of autumn we will warm up even more, how about upper 80's, close to 90 degrees, by sunday there is your seven day forecast, don't forget about 101.1 more fm our radio partner and your forecast is available on tv, the radio, every place you like it. good morning everybody, 5:12. getting up and out live look at route 202 in king of prussia mall area near allen dale road kind of dry, no problems on the bennie. look at the window whipping up giving the flag a work out up and over from south jersey. we will go around town
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painters crossing at 202 and route one. in problems or delays there this morning. lets get up to montgomery county, good morning to warrington, pennsylvania, bristol road looking good there. as we slide down the cher we heard from steve in avalon. this is route 52 bridge that connects ocean city to the mainland, little shaky with the wind down there. mass transit looking good with no delays, karen and thomas, back to you. allentown good morning to you. we have a situation where college campus was put on will be down. >> still to come on "good day philadelphia" police car burns as a protest turns violent at georgia tech.
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taking a live look at coastline we're heading up to asbury park, new jersey, good morning to you, all of the follow thanks ever visited that neck of the wood as well. >> do you remember the story we told but a month ago is there an update this morning. fourteen years old, face timing as she crossed the street, this morning, prosecutors have charged the driver whom they say hit that teenager, in abington, montgomery county. once again it happened last movement three two-year old james clark you where to see him is facing aggravated assault and reckless endangerment charges. police say he was driving, 46 in a 25-mile an hour zone. the girl was crossing the street at highland avenue and cantorbury road on august 23rd with her focus on her phone when clark struck her.
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her family says she's still recovering from her injuries. about to be 5:17. new jersey child pornography task force says they have discovered 76,000 files from one man, suspects now off the street behind bars. his name is john defey and pled guilty to, distributing child pornography. state recommends he served seven years. his arrest is all part of the operation statewide, 39 other suspects were arrested. west chester police need your though find a guy who has been exposing himself all over the place. there is a picture in case you know hoe is. they put this video on it to get him off the street. these incident some happened on north high street which is one of the main drags in west chester. last place, witnesses spotted him was inside kildare's restaurant and bar in the early hours of the end of the august. police put out this video hoping you may know hoe is and call them. this guy kept tonight his own neighborhood, targeting his neighbors, police arrested that guy in connection with
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burglar is in northeast philadelphia over the weekend police arrested 34 year-old jason pillberg and they charged him in six burglaries, suspect in nine more. police said burglar that guy you saw a moment ago stole thousands of dollars in cash, cell phones, computers and four cars. investigators say most of the burglaries have taken place in the very same neighborhood where he lives. by the way he was pick up after he broke into three homes in just an hour. >> they were all mostly overnight burglaries, screens removed, they entered the house, the person enters the house why people are sleeping in the house. >> not his first run in with the law according to police he was caught on a number of occasions, five prior burglaries in the same area in 2011 and 12. anger and protest continue for a fourth day in st. louis after a former police officer was acquitted of the 201 murder of a black man. police arrested 120 people since that verdict came down on friday.
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for the most part these four days of protests have been peaceful, specifically during the day, handful of agitators in the evening hours that created as you can see some problems there. and, that is breaking windows, that is part of the problem. so, there were a thousand people that gathered outside police headquarters in march and then we had these skirmish es, people throwing roxanne such, and windows, broken, so, there is this. >> we're outraged by this. because we can put our hands on this. this is sensational. we can put our hands on this people peacefully protesting will be protect but people who engage in violence, people engaged in vandalism will be immediately arrested. >> there is another round of protests set for today. another chaotic scene here police car torched, officer in the hospital, students sheltering in place, and several protesters in jail. it all happened late last night on the campus of georgia tech right here. lets take you out to the scene chaos broke out short love a a
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vigil for a student shot and killed by police on campus. there was a protest there it turned violent. you can see car set on fire, and this basically forced the university asking students to stay where they are. essentially a lock down. students once again they are upset about the shooting death of 21 year-old scout schultz, shot and killed by a school officer, on saturday night. violence happening once again overnight, georgia tech. good news, nothing happening in the weather department. >> sue serio. >> just teasing. >> yes, i'm just teasing. is there tons happening. >> five is the highest category we have had for hurricanes and that is what marie ace restrengthening just this morning and has passed over the island of quad loop with 160-mile an hour winds, maintaining that strength, pretty much down to a four as it head to toward puerto rico. unfortunately this is projected path of the storm. as it gets closer to the
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bohamas that cone gets wider but as we get toward end of the week and weekend we will watch very carefully projected path of very powerful marie a not as powerful but still enough jose, a category one hurricane, still with 75 miles an hour winds but thankfully remaining off shore, in fact, moving toward northe after it passes delaware and new jersey coast and then spin nothing place as it weakens to just a low pressure system. that will be out of here soon. we have a coastal flood warning in effect for our coastal counties, times of high tide, expect minor to moderate flooding in mess places, basically, usually flood where you live, you will see that today. it is also a day of rough surf and these dangerous rip currents and these effects will last for a little while even after help say passes. at the shore gusting to 40 miles an hour, inland we will see 20 to 25 miles an hour wind gusts and maybe a little bit of rain. have that just in case umbrella with you today, outer
5:22 am
bands are getting closer to delaware and new jersey, couple sprinkles at the shore. if you go to the phillies game tonight they beat dodgers last night, 76 degrees, when the game begins, chance of a shower, cloudy, and on the windy side as well, so as we head outside the door, remember it will be about 78 degrees today and getting summery as we head into the first weekend of fall with highs in the upper 80's by sunday, bob kelly. >> it is crazy. we are off to a good start this morning, 5:22, live look at blue route 476, roll through delaware county starting to see volume pop here, in problems, up and down from pretty much mid county down toward the airport. looking good out of northeast philadelphia, i-95 here right here near cottman avenue we're in good shape. we mentioned toys-r-us, who remembers kiddie city. that is where we used to go. what was the name of the kid die city kangaroo?
5:23 am
it was jeffery the giraffe but kiddecity had a mascot in the form of the kangaroo. they are working on the northeast extension north bound from lansdale all the way up toward quakertown, crew s will be out until about 6:00, 6:15. be ready for one lane pattern in that construction zone. for the gang in delaware north bound i-95 they are working approaching new castle and then another work crew, actually here on 495, between edgemore and the claymont pike interchange which is exit number five, karen and thomas, back over to you. it wasn't lionel, was it. >> close. >> i'll get it, thanks, bob. 5:23. you may be involved in scandal right now but in the stopping kevin hart from doing good. >> he has been in the news for whole bunch of reasons whether he is trying to deflect attention. he is making a pledge to help kid from our area but first here's sean bell. coming up in sports in a ming also lack of the running game has a serious issue in
5:24 am
the first two games, head coach doug pederson addressed the problem and hear what he has to say next in sports.
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obviously not happy with that and yesterday doug pederson addressed his frustrations. >> i would be worried if he wasn't. you know what i'm saying, if he was other way if he was just matter of fact, ho, hum not caring it just shows his passion that he wants to play and be involved. i get that. it is not one guy. we have to focus entirely on the entire running game, quarterbacks included. they are part of it too. to the phillies and dodgers, until the sixth inning aaronal tear coming through big, two outs, bases loaded, anal tear with the grand slam, that is, the first time, clayton kershaw has ever given up a grand slam, the phillies, go onto win this thing four-three. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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hurricane maria picking up power, returning to a category five storm with the bull's eye on puerto rico. while jose stirring up trouble , along jersey and delaware shore. we have live team coverage this morning. we have three teens shot in the middle of the day just after school got out, one would not survive and now police are hunting for that
5:31 am
gunman. lighter note, crab fries please? how about in bulk for cheap. it is going down today for a very special reason. we will tell you why, coming up on "good day philadelphia". >> lets talk about the pirate day, good morning to you, thomas. >> good morning, great to have you with us on this tuesday morning. we have a lot to talk about in this news headlines but first lets check our weather forecast because it is churning. >> your pirate ship will get tossed around today with the category one hurricane just off shore. it is help say, minimal hurricane 75 miles an hour winds but still powerful enough to give us win, waves and some rain as it churns off shore about 250 miles away from the north carolina coast right now. you can see rain, spread nothing to new jersey shore, there is more headed toward delaware beaches, these outer bands will get closer as the day goes along. that is why we have a five out of 10 today, not the greatest, even inland we will feel wind and there is the umbrella with bus stop buddy, 60's and 70's
5:32 am
your temperatures but you will notice it is windy today and you can blame jose for that. 71 degrees right now. 16 miles an her wind sustained in the city, sunrise time 6:47 we have headed up to 78 degrees today, maybe a peak of sunshine or two but mostly cloudy skies with the breezes gusting up to 20, 25 miles an hour. that takes care of today. we will talk about two hurricanes out there and give you your seven day forecast, coming up, bob kelly. good morning, everybody, tuesday morning 5:32 we are zoomed in, disabled, southbound lanes of i-95, right here near academy road police just pulled off to the scene here. this guy is on what would be the far left shoulder, but partially blocking the left lane and that quickly we will start to see brake tap. south i-95 heading toward the city at academy road. coming on the 42 freeway from new jersey what a difference a
5:33 am
couple minutes can make, pockets of volume heading in toward philadelphia, northbound on the northeast extension just north of lansdale, crews working from lansdale all the way up to quakertown. mass transit looking good, karen and thomas, back to you. lets get to this, we have coastal flood warning happening right now for new jersey, take a look at that live look, you can see why and also in delaware. that is all because of jose, threatening our shore. we have got problems down there with the rip tides, wind s, is your f steve keeley has been making a pilgrimage down the shore. steve what are we seeing. wow, good morning. >> we're on the inner sea wall now we are just on ocean drive and so now you are looking for another angle, is there towns end inlet bridge where vehicle coming over and see headlights as they come into avalon from sea isle, it appears to be a truck. don't be surprised to see wave s hitting truck high. look to the left. they are smashing in the sea
5:34 am
wall and then going over, ocean drive. so if you are driving up the coast today and a lot have people still are we have a couple days of summer left, you will get hit with salt water. be prepared, wipers going this guy is slowing down, wisely because he is seeing the waves crashing in front of him out his windshield. so you have to put wipers on and little rough going here, with an angry ocean and it is still dark. you can see waves crashing in the sea wall as he approaches them. clear sailing for him, for now , but you can see waves crashing against bread truck. bread will be delivered today. we will see how long ocean drive stays opened and see if they get more menacing. i checked the beach on the ocean side of the avalon and it is holding up good. they have for the need this beach and replenished it quite well and this sea wall they have also fortified with bigger rocks, taller roxanne they have them all together
5:35 am
with glue better known as conacres create here at the shore. still a few days left at the oceanfront homes for a lot of people here, and, good thing they are batted down as they say. so far, no damage down here. but maybe this is just a glancing blow, like a nor'easter and by the way if you are covering, this storm, greg i will take camera from you hold this mike out for a second. give me that microphone. look at this, ladies. sorry, he is taken but duck dynasty boots if i can get irish going. give me that mike, greg. that is a good ensemble there. i don't know if that is in focus because it looks washed out to me but duck dynasty boots a little bit of leg showing and then that way the shorts will dry off as they get wet. >> this guy is the reason i survived 20 plus years here he
5:36 am
started with me on day one. we will go to stone harbor next and we will look at the beach, but bob kelly, you are usually best dressed guy, i think greg has you beat today. >> he is photographer and you are not, it is a little bit washed out but he has kept you safe all these years. thanks, steve. >> all right. lets get you caught up on other top stories, 5:36. triple shooting in chester delaware county claims the life of a teenager. zoo one driving a honda accord with tinted windows shot 15 year-old and two other guys along 1300 block of west seventh street. it happened as school let out yesterday. a 16, 18 year-old who were shot are expected to survive. police are now searching for the gun man. president trump takes to the world stage today, will give his first address to the u.n., general assembly. >> which he has criticized quite often in the past. lets get down to washington d.c. and doug luzader with what we are expecting for this day, doug. >> reporter: good morning, big
5:37 am
address, big stage today for the president, his first address to the general assembly in about five hours or so, we know some of the things the president is likely to talk about, pushing the u.n. into action, in north korea, for instance, ratchet ing up sanction as begins regime there. also iran and keeping that country to the terms of the nuclear deal and then terrorism in general, with venezuela, there is a lot of international hot spots that the president may touch on. but he may also speak at length about the role that the u.n. should play in the degree to which it is living up to it's deals and whether the bureaucracy has grown out of control that kind of thing. we have heard president in the past very critical of united nations. he may temper that language somewhat today but push for changing within the organization. >> certainly be dissecting every single word, good point you bring up, we can expect a more moderate tone. >> reporter: it sounds that way. based on what we heard from
5:38 am
the president yesterday speaking at a gathering looking at just making changes in how they operate and paring back bureaucracy, yes, he agrees with just about everyone that the bureaucracy has gotten out of control with the united nations but he talked about the promise of the organization, and the role that it can play in the world and that is certainly a big change in tone from the president who really haled against the u.n., during the campaign. >> doug, thank you. we will have more throughout the morning. we will expect to hear from the president at 10:30. lets get you ready here at 5:38. what can we expect. >> i wanted to pay tribute to greg, our photographer, if we can page down here a little bit. >> wow, wow, wow. >> look at that. >> it is getting not here. >> dang. >> yes. >> these are my guitar socks i got in nashville. i'm all set for storm coverage , you need another helper you let me know.
5:39 am
we have got some delays on the 101, wow. it is getting chill any here, wind is blowing down on the boardwalk we will hook up with your forecast when we come right back.
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5:41 am
we have good news more jobs looking for a position, macy's is hiring 80,000 workers for holiday season. >> here are the details. most of the workers will hire at distribute warehouse toes prepare for on line order, mark your calendars for 28th,
5:42 am
29th of the month. this month. that is when all macy's calls, call centers, fulfill meant locationing will be holding hiring event. >> 5:42. lets check the forecast. one of the big headlines was hurricane maria new a category five. >> it is, question of course will we have to keep an eye on maria will she get close to us we will answer that question and talk about the latest effects that we will get from hurricane jose, as things start to get a little windy in rehoboth beach, delaware, we are watching it all for you. "good day philadelphia".
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good morning, 5:45 as i mentioned route 101 trolley running with some delays inbound because of some early morning switch problems, on this tuesday morning. outside we will go to a live look at the schuylkill expressway, all of the work crews pick up and gone so we're opened, ready for business for morning rush hour a dust cloud that looks like here mainly because of the building and paving, overnight , the flag getting a work out here, live look at ben franklin bridge coming into downtown philadelphia, no problems or delays here at least for the moment coming down 295 looking good heading in the construction zone as we have been showing you from our cameras, from the beach cameras, steve keeley down the shore there, the winds whipping. so put coffee cup down in the holder, both hands on the wheel when you feel that wind
5:46 am
kicking up. we have been talking about this one, ready with toys-r-us filing for bankruptcy i said who remembers kiddie city. i remember growing up kiddie city there was one at cottman and castor in the northeast and what was the name of the kiddie city kangaroo? are you red i casey. the winner. now northbound i-95, construction crews heading in toward new castle, out to about 6:00 o'clock or so, forecast for rest of your tuesday, sueby has tonight 15. jose is the name, category one is ranking. 75 miles an hour winds and thinks pretty much staying on
5:47 am
the projected path which puts it parallel to the east coast but as it gets further north it will move further away which is a good thing we have lifted the tropical storm watch for our, on shore counties, and for today, but, now we have to keep an eye on hurricane maria with 160-mile an hour wind passing over quad loop and now headed toward virgin island and then puerto rico as a five or a four when it hits. that is pretty destructive as we saw with irma. speaking of irma this is path of irma here. it is pretty close and then, maria is expected to die verge and move up toward the north instead of the staying west toward cuba. so maybe, florida can escape this one but i don't know about the carolina and, of course, about us if we get any effect is it wouldn't be until early next week. what are spaghetti models saying they are all over the place, some bring it on shore,
5:48 am
solve it turning away as he say did, basically too early to tell. 7:30 and 8:30 tonight, we have a coastal flood warnings for our counties, near these, major, bodies of water, so strong wind at the shore, gusting to 40 miles an hour, but even here in philadelphia, we will feel 20 to 25 miles an hour win gusts, rough surf up to 15 or 16 feet and of course dangerous rip currents that we talked a lot about, as steve mentioned people are still wanting to swim at the shore, tidal flooding, minor to moderate as we just mentioned with the flood warning. now, outer bands are starting to get a little closer to the coast so we will see a greater chance at the rain at the shore and further inland as well. heading to the phillies game tonight, they are playing dodgers at 7:05, cloudy, and windy with a chance of the shower, as they walk out the
5:49 am
door right now temperatures mostly in the 60's and 70's and they will move a whole lot with the cloud cover that is with us, 78 degrees, 84 tomorrow and 85 on thursday, those are last two days of summer, autumn begins on friday, but for the first week end of autumn it warms up for eagles game on sunday it will feel like summertime guys with the high of 87 degrees. >> isn't that so funny. >> yes. >> first day of fall and then summer returns, that is how it goes. >> 5:49. the nation's largest toy bankruptcy. toys-r-us is struggling with debt, they came as part of the buy out more than 10 years ago suppliers are reportedly refusing to ship any new items to stores and until they are paid for. toy store facing the same problems a lot of retailers are, competition from on line co. equifax hack attack that hit half of the u.s. population wasn't its first security breach, it turns out
5:50 am
the credit reporting company was hacked back in march, two months before this latest breach, that is affecting 143 million people. bloomberg reporting this morning that two breaches are in the related, it did not involve the same intruders, equifax hired a security firm to investigate. still unanswered whether there is any connection between the march breach and the sale of nearly two million-dollar of equifax stock by senior executives, possibly looking into insider trading, karen. lets take a look at more top stories, streets of philadelphia little safer we had a massive drug bust, nearly $2 million worth of drugs taken off our street. that means 600 grams of the deadly fentanyl and heroin on the 1,000 block of roselee street there was a picture of evidence there according to police in oxford circle. they have found drugs on this street just about another month ago another massive hall taken in. we are predicting million and a half, two million-dollar, they say, 10 people have been
5:51 am
charged. >> the poison that was removed from our streets, the poison that has been, seized and contained by these officers, it is killing people. it is inflict pain on countless families. it is attempting to destroy our community. you saw that woman overdosed twice last night, drug packaging on this specific heroin says, od, four overdose, and then they say that makes the drug more divine for users. a man threatening a gaza tend ant with a crowbar in washington township, there is the image right there, surveillance, at the gas station, this is on black horse pike, caught the terrifying moment the night of september 12th. man took the cash from the attendant, took off in a ford taurus with a new jersey plate , if you know anything, give police a call. time right now 5:52 on this tuesday morning. philadelphia native kevin hart making a pledge to send 10 kid from his home town to college.
5:52 am
>> what do you think of this, is this one of those distraction techniques. we saw him take to instagram this weekend to a will guys for his wife and kid. now he is doing to help our kid, we are grateful. ten kid will be selected in order to get to college but short on the details. he didn't say how kid would be selected but a lot more information to come, and i saw first picture of his pregnant wife out there as well. >> more ahead here on good day check your power ball tickets, one very lucky person in bucks county could be a millionaire, they are a millionaire. winning ticket was sold at c and d deli in warminster for saturday drawing. it matched all five white balls not the red one, winning numbers, ready, 17, 18, 24, 25 , and 31. they always seem so simple. >> that is right, why didn't we pick those once. >> double-check your tickets because winner has in the come forward just yet. 5:52 dj khalid looking at blue mountain right there
5:53 am
pocono mountains it is a pretty terrific tuesday, that is attitude we will a drop we will be right back.
5:54 am
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remix there, 5:55, a live look along the parkway, always a beautiful shot, sure to change in a couple hours when the morning comes alive. great to have you here on good
5:56 am
day philadelphia true philadelphian you cannot get enough of the chickie and pete 's crab fries today is your lucky day because they are offering a special promotion where you can save on that eight dollars bucket and instead buy in bulk. for $40 you get a special card giving you a month's worth of crab fries at any chickie and pete's locations as part of the restaurant's 40th anniversary. there is a limited amount of card available be ready to order yours as they get live on the web site at 11:00 o'clock this morning. we have to talk about jose , because it has company in the atlantic. hurricane maria quickly moving toward puerto rico right month set to make land fall tomorrow night we will have a live update in a moment. pizza and beer monsters that is what the deaf community was warned about in the wake of irma the apology they are demanding when, "good day philadelphia" continues in two minutes. good morning.
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rain and rough surf, our immediate future folks, down the shore that is what we're bracing for is jose barrels through the atlantic. teens targeted on their way home from school, one of them who his life. we are looking at the radar storm affecting our neck of
6:00 am
the wood. here's a deadly incident that happened right after school got out these teens walking and someone shot them and new one of them is dead. and a pregnant woman overdoses before being revived by septa police, so how did she overdose again just minutes later? details, rough stories to start our day. good day everybody it is tuesday, september 19th, alex has, well, she's back tomorrow , hi karen. >> good morning. >> how about that, it is pirate day. >> er g. >> how about this a number expert claims a verse in the bible proves that the world is coming to an end, this saturday. >> september 21st my son's birthday. >> is there a quote that matches the date of the great american solar eclipse do you remember that? when american harvey heat and when flood came to texas. so saturday is pinpointed, using different


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